Lonslo Tossov is a pillar of the intelligence community. His recent exploits include THE WHEELS KEEP TURNING and IF YOU ARE STILL ALIVE, to name but a few.

Royal recognition came with his achievements in the classic Foreign Office operations A REAL CHARLIE and THE SCAMMISH ARMADA.

Now Tossov receives an appeal from an Orphan displaced by War. The course of action is clear. Along the way we learn a bit about Tossov's own tragic past.

Cyndy Ibrahim - 28 years old girl. Maybe.
LONSLO TOSSOV - Foreign Office agent and bon vivant

Cyndy Ibrahim

Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013
Subject: Hello dear, To:

Hello dear,

Please permit me to introduce myself to you. I am Miss cyndy, 28 years old girl. I saw your profile and i decided to contact you for a special reason. Please can you be my friend?, for more details about me kindly reply to my address ( i have something very special to tell you and also I will send you my photo. For me age, color, race or distance does not matter but true love is what I seek for, and i am ready to give in everything for a true love.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Lonslo Tossov

On Tue, Oct 8, 2013

Dear Miss Cyndy

I must admit your approach has come rather unexpectedly. I remember placing a small ad some months ago in the Smegaroon Field & Blood Sports Review but thought nothing came of it. I am not sure we would be right for each other though, as I am 67 and have some disabilities due to combat against the uprising natives back in the day. Do you have an interest in fine brandy, golf and blue chip investments, perchance? That would be a fine thing to discover.

Anyway thank you for writing to this lonely old rich CEO. I must go now as I am somewhat embarrassed at this contact and I have a restructuring to attend to.


Lonslo Tossov CEO
Tossov Investments SA
1 Yanker Ave,
123 Via Costeira - Natal
Phone/Fax: 44 (0)906 517 4050

Cyndy Ibrahim

Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013
Subject: Re: Hello dear, reply

Hello my friend,

Thanks for your message which I sincerely appreciate. Hope you are in good health today. I am honored to be your friend and I wish to tell you everything about me.

With respect and humility I write you this letter which I believe that you would be of assistance to me. I know this may sound strange to you but it is the truth and I want you to listen to me.

my instinct ask me to communicate you as I have been very much afraid to disclose this to any body with the fear of been killed or betrayed after my parents were killed . My parents were murdered during that crises in my country by the rebels and now i am in Lome Togo presently where I am taking refugee asylum after the brutal political war in my country and can't go back there again because i lost everything in that country.

I am contacting you for your assistance to transfer my only Inheritance Money (M$4.700,000.00 ) Four Million seven hundred thousand American Dollars, which my late father deposited in an escrow bank account with BSIC BANK here in Lome Togo while he was serving in the Ivorian consulate office here in Togo. I have been to the bank and was informed that I need someone to stand for me before this money could be released to me and I need you to help me stand as my guardian / principal partner so that this money will be transferred to your bank account then you will help me to come and meet you in your country and to start a new life then Continue my education career, you will help me to invest this money in your country. Please this is personal and i hope you will help me.

I am sure that you won't let me down.
Best regards.

Cyndy Ibrahim

Lonslo Tossov

Dear Ms Cyndy

My apologies for the delay in reponse. A flare up of an old war wound has meant I was laid up for a week or two and then pressures of business meant that I was too distracted to give your charming note the attention and sympathy it so obviously deserved. I was naturally very sad to hear about the death of your parents. My own, also suffered a premature end when they we trampled underfoot by stampeding gruffalo some years back. It took a while for the native boys here to collect all the bits and it was all a bit of a sorry saga I can tell you. We did finally get most found then it was just a question of a quick bag up and an impromptu service by the local parson at Smegaroon Baptist Church due to the timing and heat.

I don't think I have been to Lome Togo, is it a nice place? Has it got a Hilton? I usually try and stay at the very least where the towels are clean and there is a round of golf to be had after hours with a gin and tonic to keep the malaria away. Do you like clean towels? I hope you do.

Thank you for your picture and I must say you look very attractive. Would you like to see mine? I have one taken lately which gives a reasonably good impression of my unique quality which, though I do say so myself, sticks out a mile. I am not as young as you, alas, but I still manage to enjoy a slow one off the wrist every day. Yes, that initial, tee-off at the first makes the working day worth while. Do you like golf?

I have read over your offer several times and don't know what to say, it seems extraordinarily generous but I am not sure we know each other well enough to start off with such a business. After all, I could be anyone who might take advantage of such a sweet young lady via internet promises.

Any do write again, I feel that we have started something memorable here.


Lonslo Tossov CEO
Tossov Investments SA

More to come? Will Tossov find love at last?