For a change, we get serious. [Don't expect it to last!]

I have found your website from Google and in August 2006 same event happened to me. Till 2 days I am looking to the conversations in your site and hate these scamers. You can find the mails from a man thats written from South Africa and they are attached.The telephone numbers and others are also real if you call someone answers you. I understtod it when they required money and also from an tricky internet adress of the bank ABSA.Many thanks to you and the person Mr. X in ABSA Bank in SA that told me that they want to rob me.

Please find attached the history thats similar to your website stories.

Thanks for preparing this website.

Kuhbeka Johanness - widow of dispossessed Zimbabwe farmer (yeah right)
Sabri - from Turkey - but not a turkey! (last name omitted)

Kuhbeka Johanness


My name is KUHBEKA JOHANNESS, the wife of Mr. INDLOVU JOHANNESS from Zimbabwe. This might be a surprise to you about where I got your contact address. I got your address when i was during a search in the internet AND COMPANIES profiles to find a liable person who will assist our family in this TRANSACTION. During the current war against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the supports of our President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white-owned farms to his party members and his followers, he ordered all THE white farmers to surrender all THEIR farms to his party members and his followers. My Husband is One of the best farmers in our country and because he did not support Mugabes ideas,Mugabes supports invaded my husband's farm and burnt everything in the farm, killing my husband and made away with a lot of items in my husband's farm.Before his death, my husband had deposited with the Security Company in Johannesburg, South Africa the sum of US$20 MILLION(TWENTY MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS).

After the death of my husband, we decided to move to the Republic of South Africa where he had deposited the money in the Security Company asvaluables. So I decided to contact overseas firm and companies that will assist me to move this money out of South Africa because as asylum seekers we are not allowed to operate any Bank Account within South Africa. We have agreed to offer you 25% of the total sum for your assistance,5% will be mapped out for any expenses that may be incurred in the course of this transaction while 70% will be for me and my family to invest in your country. All I want you to do is to furnish me with your entire personal phone and fax numbers for easy communication on my e-mail address above.
Note that this transaction is 100% Risk free and absolutely confidential.
Thanks and God bless.
Best Regards

[Your basic Son or Widow of Dispossessed Zimbabwe Farmer letter. But you knew that.]


I have got your e-mail.
For the Turkish government regulations, the transactions more than 50.000 USD per account is not allowed. On the other hand to be kept in an account of yourself, I can arrange 4 people so that makes 200.000 USD can be kept in your name. If you are interested and serious, we can invest this money to make production investments inside Turkey that will be %100 confidential with the regulations.
Establishing a company can be the first step.
Please write if you are interested. /Best regards

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006


Good afternoon, we have received your e-mail in assisting our family to transfer our family funds to your country for investment, we thank you for your advice and the monetary policies in Turkey. We are holding a close door family meeting with our financial adviser this evening for discusions regarding your e-mail, we will let you know about our decision based on the outcome of our meeting.

[Sabri helpfully replies:]


Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006

Dear Mrs.Kuhbeka Johanness/Mr.Thanbang Johanness;
You can reach me from 0090.xxx.xxxxxxx and my fax :0090.xxx.xxxxxxx

I am a engineer, working for xxxx Company (German establishment) and I speak English and German.

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Monday, August 14, 2006


Dearest Mr. Xxxx;

Compliments of the day and thank you for your e-mail which we received with details well understood. We wish to let you know after our close door meeting with our financial adviser, we have decided to device a means of transferring our total funds out of South Africa as we don't want to transfer as little as US$50,000:00 which will take a longer time for this transaction to be finalize as we want to leave this country as soon as possible.
Furthermore, we went to the security company this morning to settle our outstanding charges with them, we had a brief meeting with the chief security officer and we requested from him if the security company can move our consignment to your country Turkey, fortunately, he told us that they don't have an agent or affiliated branch in your country, rather, he gave us the list of countries where their branches and agents are, he explained to us that it is very easy for the security company to move our consignment through their diplomatic courier services to any of their affiliated branch in Europe or Asia if we are ready to pay the freight cost of our consignment, he told us that they have agents and affiliated branches in the following Countries :- 1. Malaysia, 2. Greece, we asked him to give us some few days to decide on which country we can choose, Please, there is no time to waste at this moment, we prefer it easy and better for our consignment to be moved to Greece or Malaysia, please we need an urgent answer from you as to enable us go back to the security company and give them immediate notice about the country we want our consignment to be delivered.
According to the chief security officer, a change of ownership will be made when we decide which country we are choosing, he told us that this change of ownership of the consignment will enable the receiving agent or branch to deliver the consignment to you without any hesitation, he explained that the ownership of the consignment will be changed to your name as you will assist us to receive the consignment over there in Greece or Malaysia, we have discussed this matter with our financial adviser and he is much eager and ready to fly down to Malaysia or Greece in assisting you to receive our consignment, then from there, you will arrange with him on his arrival on how to safe guard and deposit these funds in a bank, then he will fly back, while we arrange and fly down to meet you for our settlement and investment.
Finally, please take this message as a matter of urgency and reply quickly so that we can give an immediate response to the security as to enable everything to commence on how our consignment will be delivered safely to any of the countries you will choose among the 2 we mentioned above. Waiting for your immediate response.


Sent: Monday, August 14, 2006


I am willing to do some business for you in Turkey and I take it serious.
The relations between the Greece Government and Turkish Government are not so good.
It can create problems with two companies.
If it will be the process you can do it over Maleysia.
In any case we have a trouble, if more then 50.000 USD transfer per person is realised.
(Sorry for my repeating but I want to be secure ,and everything must be %100 confidential.)
I am always ready to meet you in Turkey in any of the Hotels, we can talk the rest of the investment that we will do.Afterwards a company established, we can buy areas,houses and flats with the name of the company. Thats %100 confidential.
We can talk the rst of the business afterwards
Hope to hear from you soon.

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dearest Mr. Xxxxxx ;

Your mail has been received with content well understood. Thank your once again for your urgent and immediate mail response. We have receive your mail and have discuss with our financial adviser, our financial adviser told us that there is no problem that other further matters about this transaction, both for transfer or investment will be discussed with you face to face in Malaysia, what we need from you is to let us know when you will be ready to fly down to Malaysia so that our financial will also get prepared in meeting with you and also proceed to the security company for final arrangements to move the consignment.
Sequentially, we are pleased and happy in doing business with you, we want you to know that we highly appreciate your kindest efforts and concern towards our family to archive our aim and obligation coupled with our investments and stay in your country. We have discussed your mail with our financial adviser and note down your points down with Greece government and Turkish government, he told us that him going to Malaysia is not a problem. We are waiting for your urgent mail coupled with the details needed from you and date you will be ready for your travel to Malaysia, we also want you to discuss the matter of establishing a company.
However, we emphasized that the only thing is for both parties to be transparent, build trust and mutual understanding. After our meeting with our financial adviser, we have agreed to move our consignment/family funds to Malaysia without your presence here, but Firstly, you will give us all your contact details, e.g., private phone and fax numbers, Home address and also scan your identification paper and sent to us as it will also be used in making the change of ownership of our consignment to your name for easy collection, please there is no time to waste now considering the mountain bill of security company charges every month for safe keeping the consignment, which has taken most of the cash with us, we must do everything fast now, you know that we can not take money from the consignment at the security company as it will create awareness and might jeopardize the whole process as the security company does not know that what is kept in their custody is money (physical cash), so please provide us with the above requested information's, so that we can finalize with the security company for immediate transfer of our consignment and also our financial adviser get prepared for his travel in meeting with you in Malaysia. Please call my elder son in receipt of this mail.
Thanks and God bless you.


Thanks for your e-mal.
First of all I must say that, I suddenly take a mail from a mail adress which I can do the necessary investments in my mind which I cannot effort to do with my salary. I see as a chance.
On the other hand, there are lots of criminal events starting with these type of mails. I want to believe you, so please make me believe that you are serious about this event. Also please send me your identification card that I can have the first impression.

My data :
[temporary mobile line from modem]
Home address : [Another adress of somewhere east in Turkey]

-->For the second issue I will be suitable to go to Malaysia whenever we can make an appointment, therefore I prefer to meet in Turkey.And secondly I am an idealist engineer but not a businessman.So I can not effort to buy a ticket to reach there.It must be arranged by you.
As I told you, by paying 5.000 USD to PricewaterhouseCoopers you can provide acompany iN Turkey.And I tell you y plans over this.

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dearest Mr. xxxx,

Thanks for your mail that we have received coupled with your identification paper; we will proceed to the security company for the change of ownership as soon as we receive your urgent mail about the place the consignment will be move to. How are you, your family and work? We hope okay. We will scan our identification paper/documents to you by tomorrow for you to know the family you are assisting, we also want you to know/understand that this transaction is real and genuine and that is the reason why we want to move our consignment for you to see everything about this transaction that is real. We want you to trust our family as we do trust and bestowed our hope and future in your hands hopping and believing that you will assist us manage/invest our family funds proper and judiciously and also take good care of our family when we finally arrive in your country for our settlement/investments.
However, we are using this refugee paper as of the moment, our financial adviser promise us that he will assist us with the help of his friend who works in South African home affairs to secure our traveling passport as soon as he is back in meeting you, he told us that he have spoken to the friend about it that we should not worry about our traveling documents to meet with you. Finally, there is a suggestion our financial adviser came up with, he was asking if Dubai will be okay for you that if you find it difficult to travel to Malaysia, you and him can as well meet at Dubai, so if up to you to decide and write back to us immediately so that he will know whether the meeting point will be in Dubai or Malaysia.
Thanks and God bless you. Yours sincerely,


Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dear Mrs.Kuhbeka Johanness;
Thanks for your wishes, I am married for 3,5 years and effording to follow an honourfull life.So my wifeis happy with your communications because she told me that she is happy that I have the first step to realise my business dreams in life.
I am really sorry for your husband who is unfortunatelly killed.I hope you covered it.
I hope all the family is OKEY and has a good way of living from the deepness of my heart.
Meeting at Dubai can be a good idea but we must obtain the time and provide the flight details and tickets.Do not understand me wrong but this project is still an utophia and it is not possible for me to buy the tickets by myself.
I look it as start costs for our company.We must think that is a kind of expense financially.
So I will be waiting for your information on the identifcation documents, and will send you the bank account numbers for the consignment afterwards.
Every step I go ahead must be in a manner that covers principles and must be logical, also worthy of doing that.
Thanks very much and take care.
Best regards

Kuhbeka Johanness

Dearest Mr. xxxxxxxxx,

Good morning and how are you, your family and work? We hope okay ands in good health. Thanks for your mail coupled with your sympathy towards the death of my late husband, we really appreciate it and also happy for your wife happiness and you and your family accepting us/assisting us to archive our aim and obligation's for investments and settlement of our family in your country and also bring your out your time and efforts. We are hereby scanning our refugee identification permits to you, we want you to know the family you are assisting, please we advise you to hurry up with your traveling arrangements to Dubai as our financial adviser have already start his own process.
However, our financial adviser have made move to Dubai embassy for his traveling documents to meet with you in Dubai, what we need from you is to try your possible best to see how we can get this project done as it will benefit both parties/families involved, we also want you to know/understand that whatever amount you spend in this transaction, you will get it back, do not worry, our financial adviser is taking care of his expenses towards this transaction as we promise him that whatever he spent in this transaction that he must keep record of it as it will be pay him back all in full with some interest. Call us in receipt of our identification.
Finally, as soon as we know when you will be leaving for Dubai, we will then go to the security company to settle outstanding charges at the security company because without us settling the charges, the security company cannot move our consignment to Dubai, the change of ownership will be send to you as soon as is ready.




I got your e-mail.Thanks for your best wishes.I hope also everything with you and with your family. The possible time for me to go to Dubai can be 28.08.2006.Next week I will be in Germany for the company projects.Also I have got local contacts in Dubai because we have a production plant there. The only thing that I must search is the flight ticket and if the visum is needed.For the expenses of the visit I must look if I can pay for myself at the beginning.(I told you that I have got projects in life thatearns good money but I have money from my management of Turkey plant, a salary for living.)
For the transactions as I told you before, we must follow the secure way.First I must tell you what projects I have.Then your adviser really must really understand and believe what I mean.And we must apply an office to establish a company in Turkey.We can not transfer the money to a name in Turkey which is more then 50.000 USD.I can arrange 4 people and that makes 200.000 USD , that can be enough for one of my projects which can be amortised in 1 year.

And the transfers and investments which can be done to the name of the company will be 100%confidential and safe.
I am known as an honest person in my surrounding and please be informed everthing will be %100 transparent towardsyou.The methods of managing this money will be in your name, for my work we can negotiate.
best regards and god bless you

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006

Dearest Mr. xxxxx

Good day and how are you today, your family and work? We hope okay and in good health. We have discuss your last mail with our financial adviser and he told us that he cannot be able to fly down to Turkey to meet with you, he explain to us that he will arrange with his banker friend works in the bank to transfer the funds bit by bit as US$50,000:00 as you requested, he told us that you can prive the account details of the other friend of yours which you have discussed this transaction with, he also explain to us that we should be sure from you if you trust those your friends that the US$50,000:00 will be transfer into their account because he don't like anything wrong to happen after the transfer.

Finally, we want you to respond urgently and also furnish the account details as well together with their identification documents to us, please we want you to know that the hope and future of our family is in your hands, let us know whether you want the transfer to commence immediately or after your trip, but if we may ask, how long are you going to stay for your trip? Call us in receipt of this mail. Waiting for your urgent mail and phone call


Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dear Mrs.Johanness ;
I am just back from my trip to Germany.
As I could not get any answer from you I was a little worried about the history of my mails and thought that you are out of SA.
I will send you today my account and and one of my collegues' account for the transfer.
Do not worry about any issue from my side, I know thats really difficult for you.But 50.000 USD + 50.000 USDwe can start to doing the job.Or I can buy a house for you, when you come to TR you can stay in that house.
Afterwards we can do the job with another ransfer.I am really open for that.
You do not come across problems with me and you can check it with our Centralin Germany from the Company

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dearest Mr. xxxxxxxxx
Compliments of the day and how are you, your family and work? We hope okay and in good health. Your recent mail has been received coupled with your telephone conversation, we are very much happy with your kindest efforts and concern in making sure that everything about the successful transfer of our family funds went okay. We thank God that your trip was okay and you went and come back safely, we want you to know that we have bestowed our trust and hope in your and we don't have any double mind in transferring our funds into your account without you been present.
However, regards to your concern whether we are comfortable, we are okay our only worry is to get these funds transfer to your account, our financial adviser has discuss with his immigration officer about our traveling documents to meet with you in Turkey, everything is going okay. How many people are you arranging for the funds to be transfer to their account? You told us on your previous mail that is 4 people, but on your last mail, is two, please let us know so that our financial adviser will know how he will make the arrangements.

Finally, regards to our meeting with our financial adviser after your phone call, there was a suggestion made by him, he told us that he discuss with his banker friend here who will make the transfer to your account and the account of your friends, he told us that the bank manager told him during their meeting that the will make the transfer as an investment funds and documents will be use in backing up the funds and with the funds been transfer to your account and your friends as an investment funds, there will be no question when you receive the funds because the bank will also provide documents to your bank in Turkey about the transfer, so do not worry as every arrangements has been put in place. He told us that the bank manager explain to him that the transfer can effect US$500,000:00 (Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) or US$1,000,000:00 (One Millions United States Dollars) with the documents sent to your bank that the funds is an investment funds.

In conclusion, please let us know in receipt of this mail, if we can suggest with you, with the explanations from our financial adviser and the bank manager, there will be no problem at the course of the transfer to your account, if you agree with the option, after the transfer of the above mentioned amount, the rest will follow after we might have set up a company and other investments, with the help of our financial adviser, everything will go very okay. Do not forget to furnish us with the account information's of your friends and their identification's as well, call me immediately after you have respo0nd to this mail. As soon as we receive those information's from you, we will then go to the security company to finalize/settle our outstanding charges at the security company, we want the transfer of our funds to commence next week so that before the end of next week, you will confirm/receive our funds into your account. We want to assure you again that there will be no problem about the above amount to be transfer to your account.


Dear Mrs.Johanness ;
Many thanks for your your compliments and I hopethe same for you.

So I clearify the situation;
There are 4 people for the transfer ,
* * * *
and additionally our business partner Mr.yy.He will also quickly provide a USD account. But if we think more professionally and safely, with your first transfer we can provide an official company and transfer this money officially as a MAIN CAPITAL.Then o course we have to pay for the bokkeeper a salary and I must expand the business and aern money and pay tax.Thats the best solution.For the rest of the capital we can have the houses,shops and shopping centre torent and earn money with the name of the company.thats a good job.
So for tomorrow, I will send you the accounts and again do not forget we have to think professionally and act in the way with no risk.
Fo1 500.000 USD or 1.000.000 USD we will be able to do good jobs and earn good money.

With best wishes and god bless
Pls call or write if yopu ave any questions in your mind.


Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006

Dear Mr/Mrs.Johanness ;
I hope everything is OK.
As confirmed you yesterday, I am sending you the bank details of my wife and mine. If you give this info to the Bank, after the swift message is approved, we can see it in our account.
Xx xx xx xx

I have contacted my friends to have their accounts but there is a problem.
Two of my friends require 5% from the transfers because they will do a service and no money can be transferred to them in yearly period.
That totally makes xxxxx USD.For this point I am asking to you, if it can be or not?
Please give me an answer about this.If you say OK, I can send the account numbers tomorrow or on Monday.

As you told me please inform the result of your meetings with your adviser.With this start capital we stablish the company and you can transfer unlimited to the company accounts,there is no risk.As we establish the company, we must pay for the bookkeeper monthly for his service.

Best regardss and god bless

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dearest Mr. xxxxxxxxx,

Good day and how are you, your family and work? We hope okay and in good health. Thanks for your urgent mail and ideas on how this transaction will be finalize effectively without any problem, we really appreciate everything, your concern, efforts and ideas. We want to let you know that we have settled all our outstanding charges yesterday with the help of our financial adviser, he is very good towards our family, we must pleads with you that after the successful transfer of our family funds, we will like our financial adviser to come and visit us in Turkey, we did discuss this point with him, he agree to come so that he know where we are going to stay and also meet with you face to face.
However, we have agree in transferring our funds into your account and the account of your friends, we have no problem, we have discuss your mail with our financial adviser and everything is going okay even with the help our his banker friend, everything will go very well without any problem. He told us that the transfer will commence next week.
Finally, regards to the request from your friends, we have no problem with the 5%, please what we need is to make sure our family funds is out from here to your country for our settlement and investments in your country through your directives and idea, please proceed in getting the account from your friends and send it to us immediately as the transfer will commence next week and we want you to confirm the money into your account on or before the end of next week. Our financial adviser told us that the arrangements he made with the banker is to transfer US$500,000:00 or US$1,000,000:00 to each account that he have made proper arrangements about that, he told us again that the arrangements of the transfer at the bank here is that the funds is for investments and with that explanation's, there will be no problem, the banker have explain to us and our financial adviser about the arrangements, don't worry, the bank will also notify your bank via telex communication that the funds coming to your account's is for investment, so after the first transfer is done and company has been established, the remaining transfer will commence. We are assuring you that with the proper arrangements made by our financial adviser, there will be no problem with the above amount to be transfer to your account, your wife and your friend's account's. One more thing, we have agree to first transfer to your account and your wife account, the rest will follow latter, that is the arrangement made for the transfer, I hope that is okay by you?
Call me in receipt of this mail for further discussion.
Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr/Mrs Johanness ;
I hope everything is fine with you and your family.

I also speak with my bookkeeper consultant to do everything everything official and with no riskAnyway, I am doing the business plans of the projects and after my meeting in Turkey with your finance adviser we will clearify everything.

I have spoken also with my consulter that we will carry no risk if we transfer 000 USD to myaccount as you wrote in your mailbecause the regulations are a little changed in Turkey because we are a country that needs investments from abroad and transferring is let free by the government.
But if you do not trust me for the first time, you can send 00 USD and after the company establishment you can transfer the rest.
I am open with that point.The transfer to the company can be unlimited!
On the other hand ,you agreed to give %5 to my two frends and I make them believe about the safety of this money, you can find their accounts below.
Finally, for the start we will believe that this connection goes on and we succeed in everythng and enlarge the business in Turkey and maybe also in kkkkkkk.
I agree also with the idea in your mail that the first money transfer comes and the rest comes to the company account.
WE can also talk and confirm our mails on the phone this monday.

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006

Dearest Mr. xxx

Thanks for your mail, how are you, your family and work? We hope everybody is in good health? Your mail has been received coupled with your account information's details and your friends, my family and I really appreciate all your efforts and concern towards the successful transfer of these funds into your account for proper investment/our settlements in Turkey. We thank you once more for all your efforts, concern and idea of making sure that everything goes well, we want you to understand that there will be no problem at the course of transferring these funds into your account, our financial adviser has made necessary and proper arrangements with the help of other official in the bank as the funds will leave from A.B.S.A. BANK through South African Reserve Bank to your account, don't worry at all everything has been properly put in place, there is no problem our financial adviser is working very hard and he also promise that he will visit our family and your own family when these funds is finally transferred into your account so that he will know you and you know him as well.
However, we had a close door family meeting with our financial adviser yesterday and we have decided to collect our consignment from the security company for the transfer to commence immediately, this was based on the idea/suggestion of our financial adviser, he advice us to proceed with the transfer without wasting any time. We have gone to the security company this morning and have settled all our outstanding charges with them and get the consignment/funds out from Security Company, our funds are deposited at the bank. Our financial adviser advice you to please keep calm and do not worry as everything will go smoothly without any problem, according to him the funds are expected to be in your account within 48hours, so we are expecting to hear the good news from you that the funds has been credited into your account so that we can arrange for our arrival to meet with you and your family in Turkey for our settlement/ investments.
We are very happy at the moment, after settling our charges at the security company this morning, we went straight to the bank from the security company with our financial adviser and also the security company van that conveyed our consignment direct to the bank, everything went well, the money has finally been deposited at the bank, all your detail information's has been given to the bank as the beneficiary who we want the money to be sent to, according to our financial adviser, the bank will be contacting you before transfer our funds or they may not contact you and transfer the funds. Please just keep your eye on your account, keep checking the account and let us know about every development, we will be waiting to hear the good news from you and prepare our traveling documents in meeting you as soon as possible, please one more thing that is very important is, kindly keep this transaction very secret and confidential to yourself alone until we finally arrive as you know that people or friends might be jealous.Finally, we could not be able to take any Cent from the money as we planned because we don't have any money with us now, reason, the bank manager told us that due to South African recent financial banking act, that all huge amounts being transferred out of South Africa has been insured, as a sort of security that no Cent will be complained loss until the funds reaches it's final destination, the bank manager told us that we could have ask for a small withdrawal before the insurance documents was processed and signed and we have indicated to the bank executives to make the transfer US$500,000:00 to each account while the rest will follow after the company has been established in Turkey, our financial adviser also confirmed this information, we had wanted to at least take US$20,000:00 which will take care of all our expenses to your country, but the bank explained to us that the funds has already insured, we were a little bit worried but our financial adviser told us not to be worried, he said that it is good for us to have this as a sort of security so that we will be sure that nothing happens to our funds until it reaches your account, he said that we have to instruct you to send us US$20,000:00 or more as soon as the funds arrives your account and your wife account in Turkey, please keep checking your account from now, do not worry about our living here, we still have some money left with us to take care of the family expenses, we still have US$1,050 left with us which we cannot finish in the next few days before the funds will arrive your account, so do not worry and keep checking your account, we depends on you now, please do not disappoint us, all our family hope and future lies and depends on you now, please we love and trust in you.
Finally, our mind is not rested until we hear the good news from you, please always keep in touch, you are our family discussion at every minute and moment. We want you to look for a family house that will not be far from your house, as we will like to stay near you, and tell us how much it will cost, we want every arrangement to put in place before our arrival both our settlement and investments.
In conclusion, our financial adviser this morning told his lawyer to prepare a legal binding agreement which will bind you and our family, he told us that there is need for both parties to have a legal binding agreement, the lawyer told us this morning in his office that he will start up with the agreement immediately, we will send this agreement to you for verification and signing as soon as it is out from the lawyer.
Please call me in receipt of this mail for our confirmation that you did receive it. We are looking forward to meet with you in Turkey, we will flying down to meet you and your family immediately after you receive the money and send us money for our traveling documents and other minor expenses.
Waiting for the good news and please make sure you keep everything about these funds secret.

Thanks and God bless,

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006

Dearest xxxxxxxxxx,
Thanks once again for your phone call, my mother and younger are very happy, we are looking forward to meet with you in Turkey. Please there is something important which we must tell you, please note that South Africa and our country is very close and in good relationship and we don't want anybody here even your friends to know about this transaction and our family, you can let them know after our family and our funds leave South Africa, you can then let them know as we are safe and finally arrive in your country, please DO NOT let anybody know about this here as you know that people might be jealous.
We are okay at the moment and we don't need any money now, we still left with US$1050:00 with us, we are looking forward to hear good news from you. Regards to our traveling documents, our financial adviser promise us that he will take care of that, we will be going to take passport photo this week. We will send you the insurance certificate as soon as we receive it either today or tomorrow.

Thanks and God bless


Dear Mr.Johanness ;
I hope everything is OK and did not sleep well to do my future plans and your family implementation to the Turkish life and our surrounding.I have good plans for you as being the boss of the all investments I will direct with you in Turkey.After all these you deserve a good and a comfortable life.
Please be sure I will effort to do everything for you thats needed and necessary.
Please be sure , no Cent of your money will be wasted ,will be spent for your safety and comfort and for the investments for your next generations, linked to that for my labor , I would like you to obtain a value for my assistance.Thats something I want to discuss after we finish everything with the transacations.

Today I have checked my account and is attached, there is nothing available in USD account. Normally this afternoon it must arrive, unfortunately tomorrow is a national holiday,(banks are closed) if not comes today, it will possible arrive on Thursday.I am a client of this bank for more then 10 years and my history with the bank is so clear, I have no debts to be paid to my credit card or I did not take any credits before for my house expenses.If they call me I give them the answers that there is no risk about anything.thats an investment money, and for the company accounts I am willing to work with the same bank.
Finally I must go on working and will keep in contact with you,
Do not worry everything will be fine and you will arrive here with smiling faces, I will be glad for your wellcome.

Best regards and god bless

[COMES A BAD COPY DOCUMENT FROM ABSA BANK and really understand it is not from a bank.
There is a name IVAN SCHOEMAN at the end and the telephone :0027.260.8781
Fax :0027.11.507.6687
I called the man and it is adirect line.The man says me that there is no rist to transfer Money to TR and he does it very often just needs to pay affical fee of 2.550 USD to the Money GRAM.
The mail comes from foreign_remittance_department@amalgametedbanksa.com and the absa bank mail adres is name+surname first capital @absa.co.za. So I understood that it is not from the bank.I found the internet adress from google and searched the telephone number of HELPDESK, there is not a man like that in the bank and the telephone numbers are different.So I am waiting fort he rest what will happen.Possible they will require Money.]

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dearest xxxxxxxx,
Good day and how are you your family and work? We hope okay and in good health. Your recent mail coupled with the documents receive from the bank have been received. We are very happy to hear that the bank have contacted you, we have met with our financial adviser and told him the good news you told us that the bank have contacted you, he immediately made phone call to the bank and confirm that the transfer of funds to your account and your wife account is in process and the bank is waiting for the official approval fees of US$5,1040:00 for both transfers.

However, he also finds out from the bank manager that you need to pay US$2,550.20 for each transfer, your wife account transfer and your own account transfer. Our financial adviser told advise us that you need to send the money urgently through Money Gram (Thomas Cook, Rennies Bank) so that he will go to the bank this afternoon and effect the payment and meet with the bank manager to speed up the transfer to your account and your wife account so that other account of your friends transfer can commence or proceed without delay, please you also need to fill in the form and return immediately to the bank so that this transfer can be made to Turkey tomorrow morning as soon as the bank opens or it can also be made today if we can receive the money you are sending and make the payment of official approval fees.

Finally, here is the name, which our financial adviser provides for you to make the payment immediately. According to our financial adviser, we can receive this money now as money is very fast and receives same time as soon as the sender sends.


Finally, our financial adviser said that you have to split the money into the above two names and scan the payment slip to us as to enable us see the reference number which will appear on the slip as it will be needed here in South Africa before we can receive the money you have send. Call me immediately after you send the money. Below is the Money Gram agent in your country which our financial adviser has furnish us to send to you.


Phone: 902242234049

Phone: 902242612610

[... and five more branches ... the Lads know their Western Union and Money Gram .. ]

Thanks and God bless,Yours sincerely,

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Dearest xxxxxxxx,
Regards to our telephone discussion, please we want you to follow instruction's and bear in mind that every arrangements about this transfer has been put in place, we explain to you that we have a meeting with the bank manager together with our financial adviser and the bank manager told us that the transfer will be made as an investment funds coming to your account, your wife account and your friends account, after the transfer of the four account, the remaining money will be transfer to the company's account we will establish in Turkey, we don't want you to go for further enquiry that will jeopardize this transaction and arrangement that have been put in place.
Finally, please kindly fill in the form and send back to the bank urgently while we wait to receive the information's of the money you are sending through Money Gram, we want to make sure you receive/confirm our family funds as soon as possible as we don't want to waste time. Call me immediately after the payment and also in receipt of this mail and the first mail we send to you with the details information's.


Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dear Mr.Johanness ;
I will fill in the form, no problem.

But to send you 2.550,20 USD is not so easy because I do not have this money, If you have told me before I could have arranged that.So I must search it.

So also what happens if I send the money and the bank does not transfer?Please explain to me, this amount of money and thats a real risk for me.

I will try to find it but maybe not today ,I will do my best.

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Your recent mail has been received, please we want you to trust us as much as we do, why are you having or want to have double mind now? If we know that this money will come up, we would have let you know, we want you to know/understand that there will be no problem after you send the money, we went to the bank ourselves for deposition of our family funds, there is no way you will send the money and we pay to the bank, then there will be no transfer to your account, you have to trust and believe is us as we do, this is no a risk, we bestowed our hope and trust in your after we receive your information's together with your identification, that is why we send ours to you as well so that you see and know our family.

Please we want you to remove fear in your or doubt in your mind, if you know that you did not trust our family in this transaction, please kindly let us know immediately, we are coming to meet with you in Turkey with all our whole heart, we have no doubt in you, your family and your friends account you provide for this transfer. Do you believe and trust us? This is a very important question we need an answer from you and call me in receipt of this mail. If you want to assist us investment these funds and also our stay in Turkey, let us know, my mother is very worried about this that you are doubting about to have doubt on us and our family funds. Complete the form and send to the bank.


Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dear Mr.Johanness ;

I undersatnd you and want to help you.
But also please understand me, I can not fnd this money in one day,I will try.

Best regards


Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do not worry about my trustfullness,
I have sent the form filled and faxed it to the bank.You can see attached.

I kindly tell you that I believe in you, love you and believe in your ID cards.
Only problem is that I must find 2.500 USD, thats all.
but pls know if somethng happens and I can not find the communication with you, I do not ever forgive you in my mind

Kuhbeka Johanness

Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We have received your recent mail, my mother and I is worried about all this and as of the moment, we don't know what to do this very moment, we advice you to write to the bank and inform them that you are arranging the money. Please we have try as much as we can to see if we can pay this money, but there is nothing, our financial adviser assisted us in completing our charges at the security company, my mother even sold her valuables and the money was not complete, please we are pleading with you to try as much as you can to assist us raise this money as there is nothing we can do now to raise the bank official fees, according to our financial adviser the money is ready for wire transfer to your account, the only problem is to settle the bank charges, please fight hard and see how you can help us, even if you borrow money with interest, we will pay it back as our funds will arrive into your account on or before the end of this week.

Finally, we have not rest after we receive your last mail about the disappointment you have today. Brother we are pleading with you with the life of our family to try your possible best, we don't want this funds to stay long in the bank, our traveling documents is in process and we hope that as soon as you receive the money, you send us money our traveling expenses and also settle our financial adviser for the money he borrowed or assisted us at the security company, if the money we have is enough for this fees, we would have pay it, but is not, and if our funds is not transfer into your account this week, that means we will not have money to eat for next week, please help us and fight as a man and also as if this is your own family issue or problem, we will highly appreciate it, we hope to arrive in Turkey to meet with you as one family on or before the second week of September. Please call me in receipt of this mail, we are very very worried over this after all we have done to make this up to here to finalize this transaction.


Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dear Mr.Johanness ;

thats very clear that I can not find this money,and therefore I have the following questions to you to ben clearfied;

The transaction adress that comes from the ABSA bank that it seems is ;
But the internet adress of the bank is in the official website (Name+First letter of surname@absa.co.za)
In this case I trust you but I do not trust this e-mail adress.
Also the telephone numbers and the fax numbers that wr_tten on the top of the papers are not corresponding to the bank telephone and fax numbers.
This is a document I can NOT trust.
I want to trust you but please make me believe in you with some arguments.
I have called yesterday my uncle who is the President of xxxxxx bank in Turkey and told the story as one of my friends' is in my situation.
He told me that for the last 6 months people from your region require some money with western UNION or Money Gram to go out of Zimbabwe or South africa because of the dictatic behaviours of MUGABE.I do not approve the situation there but please know I am not a rich guy to help you.
I can help you with the case if your story is really correct and if you want to come to TR with your money.I can not efford to help you with 2.500 USD.

Please clearify :
1st RULE :Who sends me this bank papers, make them to be sent by a mail adress( @absa.co.za)
2nd advise :Please require this money from your adviser, and the 2.500 USD I can send back the same day I receive 500.000 USD, with Money Gram, I promise for that.
3rd advise :I am not a rich man and can not find this noney (even I believe in you) so pls try to borrow and I send it by Money Gram on the same day I take the money.

This is the limit of my help, and after this mail if you cut the conversation I can understand you because I have read many articles on how Mugabe behaves you there.I pray god for you that you can get out from there in the nearest time.

If your story is right and really have money and want to come TR, I promise again that I help you in Turkey but please do not require money from me, just find it from some friends and surely I sendd it back after thats in my account.
Best regards and GOD BLESS you and Zimbabwe

[As he understand I don't do it, the communication finishes.]

[Scamoramans will understand that these guys have nothing to do with the situation in Zimbabwe, of course.]

Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Subject: Please look

Dear sir /madam ;

please look to the website www.scamorama.com.

You must understand , no free money can be sent to anybody that does not work.
Play is play and everything becomes a lie.


Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Subject: Next day in prison

I have given all the e-mails to the English Police service and everything is being examined from the beginning of our e-mails.
All the telephone numbers and Ip adress of your computers are listed in the police in South Africaand in England.
Yesterday I have sent all the bad copy documents that you sent to me to ABSA bank managers. In the very near future they will reach you and you will feel like fools that exists on the website www.scamorama.com
If you really think that I have sent you eveything original, thats really funny and I laugh it a lot..You were a real game for me , a realistic one better then I have downloaded. If you want to make believe such things you must work harder, but not press as yesterday. Sorry no good news for you BROTHER, your visual mother and your visual younger sister.

[no answer and communication finishes......]

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