Yoda vs. Yinka George:
From a Kindly Contributor:
This conversation just recently started (10/04/2002).
Yoda - the all-knowing, all-powerful ass-kicker of the Star Wars saga -
wishes to make 20% of $7.5 million that doesnt exist. I foresee fun for all in the future, yes.
(I've removed my personal information from the headers)
OK, so my impersonation of Yoda sucks, sue me.

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First the fishing line:

Received: from Computer1 ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(5.0.2195.5600); Fri, 4 Oct 2002 18:38:45 -0700
From: "Mr.Yinka George" []
To: Kindly Contributor
Subject: Invitation For Foreign Partnership Requested.
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 14:38:34

Invitation for foreign Partnership Requested.
Mr.Yinka George
Lagos, Nigeria
4th october 2002


I am Mr Yinka George, I am acting for and on behalf of a close associate of mine {name withheld for security reasons, until later}. I got your contact from the Ecowas Information Center in Côte d'Ivoire when I was there in search of a safe haven. My sources of your contact gave me the courage and confidence to rely on you, I do not know his yardstick for determining your reliability.

I am writing you in absolute confidence primarily to seek your assistance to claim our cash of seven Million five hundred United States Dollars (US$7,500,000.00) in one trunk box under the custody of a SECURITY COMPANY here in Nigeria to your Private account pending on our arrival to your country.

My associate has just been released from prison for reason based on the activities of his late father when he was in power. His father was known to have siphoned over US$500,000,000.00 {Five hundred millions dollars} from the National Reserve and starched the loot in various account around the world. In the Governments bid to recover the stolen funds through the help of my associate, he was imprisoned and made to give up information to the whereabouts of most of the stolen funds, the Government has achieve a tremendous success in this regard.

According to my associate upon his release from prison, he withheld information about the US$7,500,000.00 that was the income accrued from a mining co-operation's over draft and minor sales that he deposited with the security company for shipment to Europe just before he was arrested and imprisoned. My associate is now released from prison but he is being constantly monitored by the Government with his International passport confisticated, hence he cannot leave the country as he is also under house arrest and restricted movement. I have thus been mandated by my associate to ensure the safe shipment of the money in the trunk box to its original destination, Europe, it's claim from the security company in Europe and for the money to be deposited in a safe account, hence I have contacted you. With our means of livelihood taken away from us and all our belongings taken from us, our only hope now is on this fund deposited with the security company as we do not have any means of livelihood nor can we conviniently feed at this time. My associate is presently under house arrest and we understand that the security company has an international outlet center in Europe which is the original destination of the consigment and you might need to proceed to and claim the money in person or as the case maybe.

In line with the above, I humbly solicit your assistance in the followings ways. It is simple! There will be no risk and no illegality involved. All we need is a willing foreign partner who will agree to help me. How?:
1. To assist in claiming this fund from the security company as co-beneficiary as neither my associate nor myself can leave the country to claim the funds.
2. To also transfer this money after claiming it from the security company to a coded account on your choice, as long as you have complete conctrol over the account.
3. To make a good arrangement for a joint business investment on our behalf in your country with you as the caretaker.
4. And to make arrangement for our travel to your country after you have transferred this fund leaving my confidant behind until he is certified free to go be the Government, presumably, after the Presidential election.

Please note that the whole documents issued after deposit with the security company are in my custody and I shall explain further furnish you with more information after I have heard from you in confirmation of your will to assist. For your assistance, I beg to consider 20% of this money to you for your assistance. I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards

Mr.Yinka George.

Now the bait:

From: Kindly Contributor
To: "Mr.Yinka George" []
Subject: Re: Invitation For Foreign Partnership Requested.

Greetings earthling,

Interested in this I am, more information will send you, please?

-- Yoda

A standard reply, except this lad actually wrote back to the green one,
not just my (original e-mail) moniker =)
I feel the presence of the schwartz in this one ;)
(Spaceballs, good movie, fun for the whole star wars family)

Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 03:56:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: yinka george []
Subject: please read carefully and understand.reply as soon as possible.

Dear Yoda ,

Thank you for responding to my proposition. Please bear with me for not being out rightly open to you at this point. This is as a result of the very sensitive nature of this pending transaction. We are as a matter of fact talking about US$7,500,000.00 and it actually exists for us to take up. But I would need you to do something for me. Could you please give a brief profile of yourself and an introduction, I need this bit of information before I proceed as I might have to divulge some confidential information to you.

This transaction is real and one hundred percent risk free and does not relate to any breach of law or proceeds from drugs. It was as a matter of necessity that I contacted you for this transaction without further investigation about your person, as I have compelled myself to regard you to be of a responsible personality. It is therefore necessary that you tell me a little about yourself.

As for knowing you, it is a given thing that trust is earned, it is not given out lightly. However, because of my dire need for a foreign partner in this transaction, I must give you my trust.As humans been what we are,we expect to know what is in it for us in any endearvour we get involve in,thus i have decided to give you 20% of the total sum as indemnity and an expression of my gratitude for your assistance and partnership.And as a further assurance that my share of of the sum(80%) will be remitted to me as at when needed/requested,when the transaction is completed.

All you need to do is just to give me your detailed profile including your address and identification and make yourself available as the recipient of the consignment and follow my instructions to the best of your ability. Upon receipt of this details and a brief profile of youself, I shall immediately begin the processes of documentation which will be done by a notaries public and a lawyer I shall appoint. This is to ensure that all documents covering you as the rightful recipient of the consignment,shall be properly and 100% legally obtained. As i will have nothing to do with anything short of this, as it has never and will never be part of my life itinerary.

I request your assistance as a foreign partner to provide the following:
Your full name and address;
A brief Profile of yourself.

On completion of this transaction, you will be required to hold this fund in your account until we come over to your country for the sharing of the money.

I would like you to make available to me your private telephone and fax number so that we can discuss. Please confirm your willingness to render the required assistance as seen in my proposal to you. All modalities for the successful completion of this transaction have been mapped out provided that you maintain absolute confidentiality and keep to the instructions that I shall hand over to you from time to time for a successful completion.

Once I clarify your willingness to proceed with the transaction, then I shall give more insight as to how this will work and furnish you with a copy of the certificate of deposit and all relevant documents for your conviction.

Please acknowledge receipt and respond to same as soon as possible. With further information about yourself before we proceed to the next level.

Yours sincerely

Yinka George.

From: Kindly Contributor
To: "Mr.Yinka George" []
Subject: Re: Invitation For Foreign Partnership Requested.
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 22:10:45 -0400

Greetings earthling,

Interested in this I am, more information will send you, please?

-- Yoda

The green one is interested, but not yet convinced. A profile is sent just to extend "reaching of the hand, for trust bear that I do" Whatever the hell that means. (and I made it up!)

From: Kindly Contributor
To: "yinka george" []
Subject: Re: please read carefully and understand.reply as soon as possible.

Greeting fair one,

Seeking your trust I am, need information more that I do. hmmm... Profile to you send I will, but information more is needed: photograph of money I do seek

Reaching of the hand, for trust bear that I do, and trust earned I want.

Dwarf that I am, english native tounge is not. Long ears I do have, losing white hair that I am. Old have I become. Walk with cane that I do.

Yoda my name it is, in full it has become.

Trust I hope you did gain.

May the force be with you always,


Yet to come, more shall be? Future to see, perhaps. Scamoramans admiring are.