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I would like to submit my ongoing correspondence with Miss Binta, a poor Refugee, and her lawyer, Mr. Salami.

Please note that the part of Monty Kilgore is played by my brother, xxxxx.
My fake drivers license number is Michael Jackson's booking number.

BINTA WAHID - scammer du jour

WILMA FLINTSTONE - anti-scammer

BARRISTER SALAMI - Binta's barrister and alter ego (or possibly boss) (we did NOT make this name up!)

COL. MONTY KILGORE - Wilma's boyfriend


From: "Miss Binta Wahid." <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 5:30 AM

From Binta Wahid
B . P : 5244
Dakar Senegal

Dear Respectful,

I am pleased to introduce a business opportunity to you, i hope you will not be embarrassed receiving this mail as we have not had previous correspondences on this. I decided to contact you based on the clearance and assurance i got from source that linked me to you. I hope you will not impede the trust and confidence I repose in you. In brief introduction, I am Miss.Binta Wahid, an Sierra Leone National. I'm 24 years of age now, However i will not forget to ask you about your condition of health i hope you are in good health, Meanwhile i will like to ask you if your interesting to help me, because i will like you to take me as your Sister or adopt me as your daughter.

My late father was working in Gold and diamond company for 17 years but was killed during the crisis in my country, then i managed to escape with my father's important documents that wor th (8.3 million dollars) which deposited in my name for shipment out from Dakar city of Senegal to your Country. Meanwhile i am here with all the vital documents that covery the Money such as death certificate and statement of account,Secondly if i receive any positive response i will vividly forward all the related documents to you base on interest. Please, I await your very Urgent and Positive reply as soon as you receive this message. Please, Also send me your private phone and fax numbers so that I can contact you for our oral discussion and also fax you the related Documents to emiciated the claim. Have a great day and extend my regards to your family.

Thanking you for your understanding. I look forward to your earliest reply true my private

Your's truly Miss Binta Wahid.



Oh my goodness. What a sad story. Tell me how I can help you.

Wilma F.


Dear Mr Wilma Flintstone.

Thank you very much for your response to my proposal. As a matter of fact, i got your contact information from a business directory made available to me from Senegalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. What I really have in mind is your good cooperation and your best expert advise on how this money will be invested in your country legally and profitably

I sincerely believe that you have the capacity to help me by going into partnership and invest the money under your management under a written agreement between us. The most thing I expect from you is that you should regard this transaction as your's and put your best to wards our achieving set goals, but I must say I will rely solely on your advise and guide because this is my first business venture and I want to have a good start. What i have in mind in the area of business investment is Real Estate Investment but would be glad if you can provide me with a better and more profitable business plan in your country or any other country.Please i would like to know more about you

I deem it necessary to introduce myself in detail for you and the need for your assistance to claim and invest my inheritance for me. I am Binta Wahid, 24yrs of age, a Sierra-Leone Nationality and the only Dougther of Late Dr. Ammed Wahid, was the Director of rawnbow gold and diamond company in my country sierre loene and personal adviser to the former head of state before the rebels attacked my house one early morning, killing my killed my father and other peoples . It was only me that is alive and i managed to make my way to a near-by country called Senegal where i am living now

. For safety with the assistance of Red Cross people after the brutal murder of my late father by rebels and declared asylum. However, despite my hasty departure from Sierra-Leone, I was able to come with vital documents of my late father which includes the deposit documents of funds he has with a Diplomatic Shipping Company here in Dakar Senegal which i was made the next of kin
Unfortunately, due to my present status as a refugee, i could not do anything to claim the money hence my decision to seek for a trusted individual or corporate organization to stand as the beneficiary on my behalf I contacted you not only to stand as my trustee for the claims but also to assist me invest the Consignment. I would therefore like you as a matter of urgency to provide me with more information about your self such as your full Name and Address, Nationality, Age, your direct telephone and fax number also include a copy of your international passport. After your informations is recieved i will give you the contacts informations of Diplomatic Company i will meet a lawyer here who will draft application form and letter of nomination on your behalf which you will use and contact the Diplomatic Company in Dakar Senegal here as my trustee foreign partner.

Please be in mind that i am just 24years old i will not be able to handle any expenses in this transaction and shipment of the consignment to your door step or for the lawyer who will draft the application form letter of nomiantion because he have already inform me the before contact you therefore get back to me immediately if we can proceed
On receipt of the requested information, i shall contact the Diplomatic and introduce you as my trustee and also give you more information about the deposited consignment and how to contact them and initiate the claim. You can reach me through the Refugee camp telephone number 00 221 518 13 50 if you want to speak with me orally I hope my explanation is very clear but if you need further clarification, then send in your questions Inshaa Allaah.

Your's truly,
Miss Binta Wahid


This is such a sad story. I -- can really relate to what you have to say because I, too, have lost my father under less than humane circumstances. You see, my father, Roy, was a famous animal trainer who bred and showed beautiful white lions at a large casino in Las Vegas. During a strange and unexpected turn, one of the white lions, Snowball, suddenly attacked him and drug him offstage like a limp bloody rag.

Two women in the front row, who were sipping rum & cokes and smoking cigarettes, had upset the lion with their big hair. They, of course, were shocked by what they saw and rushed onstage, only to be attacked by another lion, Coconut. They later sued. It was terrible. My father died on arrival to the hospital, and his partner, Seth has been forced to do the show by himself. Seth wants me to invest my large inheritance into his show, called "Curiosity!" to find a new partner. Frankly, I am pissed at Seth because he stole my gold lame pantsuit and won't admit it.

I would like to tell Seth that I don't have time, I have a new friend in Senegal who probably really understands lions and other jungle animals.

Tell me what do do next, my sister,




Dear Wilma Flintstone.

I am very sorry to hear your father story it's also like me because my oan father was killed by rabel during the government political problem in my country sierra loene,

I am just coming back from the Diplomatic Company to know the requirements to ship the consignment to your door step and the shipping company who will ship the consignment to your country made me to understand that before the shipment of the consignment will proceed and ship to your country that you have to contact them with your full contacts informations therefore you are advise to contact the diplomatic company with the below email adress and also send me your telephone and fax number with your international passport copy so that the informations of the shipping company will send to you for the process of the shipment

I am waiting for your informations as required above

Thanks and God Bless

Your's Truly

Miss Binta Wahid.


Yo Binta--

Good news from here! Seth has informed me that Coconut has given birth to twin lion clubs, both female! I have named one Mrs. Britney Federline, and the other Binta, after you!

So here's the deal. It will take several days to get you a copy of my international passport because I keep it locked up in a safe in my summer home in Las Vegas. It's a lovely timeshare unit at a place called "Tahiti" and I think the lovely palm trees and swimming pool with REAL sand in it probably looks a lot like Senagal. Please send me a photo of your homeland so that I might compare.

As far as my phone and fax number, here you go. You can call me at 1-(702) 791-7111. You can ask for me, and if I am not there, ask for my assistant, a very nice man named Ray Horn who will be very discreet.

Please advise: shall I contact my lawyer, Col. Monty Kilgore?

I have added a few pictures of my dad and Seth and the white lions. Again, please send me a photo of Senegal, wherever that is.

My best,



Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005

Dear Wilma Flinstone,

Thanks for your urgent respond to my today email,well there is no need of contacting your lawyer in this transaction because it required a resident attorney here to change all the deposit documents to your name as the next of kin to the deposit consignment to enable the holding diplomatic company to ship the consignment box to your position as soon as possible,

I will send you the details of the lawyer who will change the documents to your name as soon as possible is done by the lawyer i will send the whole documents to you which you will use to contact the shipping company for the shipment of the said deposited consignment to your position.

Contact the lawyer with the below informations and ask him to inform you how the whole documents will be change to your name as the original next of kin to the deposit

Email Tel +221 563 5018 Name Barrister Habib Salami Esq.the lawyer will inform you how to process the changing of the ownership to your name

I am waiting to recieve your passport copy as you said and your full postal and resident address where the consignment will be deliverred upon arrival of the diplomat in your country.

I will also call you with the nominated telephone number which you gave to me this afternoon.

However,please i dont have any picture of my self now because you know i am in the refugee camp i will send you my passport copy as soon as i recieve your full contacts address and your passport copy also as you promise.

The requested photo of senegal dakar i dont know how to send the picture of the countries because we only allow to write email from our camp computer but i will still search for it and send to you very soon.

I am waiting for your next email regarding the shipment and the passport copy for further comunication

Best regard

Your's Truly

Binta Wahid.


Dear Salami:

Is that your real name? Snowball loves to eat salami! I guess that's not so funny given the fact that Snowball mauled by father in a violent rage. I am sure Binta has told you my sad story, which is why I want to help her escape her sad life. I am 30 years old, female, living in BoiseTown and Las Vegas, and am trying to figure out what to do with my life now that I have a large inheritance. My father was a famous animal trainer. Here is a photo of one of my family's white lions. I really want a picture of Senegal because I want to see if it's beautiful. Please send me one as Binta has limited email access at the refugee camp.

I can't make a long distance phone call to you -- I only carry a cell phone and roaming charges are a bitch! You can call me at -(702) 791-7111. You can ask for me, and if I am not there, ask for my assistant, a very nice man named Ray Horn who will be very discreet. My passport is in Vegas. Do you really need it? If so, I will send Ray after it. I have also added a picture of Ray at work in the Las Vegas production of "Curiosity!"





From Barrister Habib Salami Esq.
Address Rue 22 x 33 Medina.
Tel:+221-563 1850
FAX:+221-826 9409
Attn: Mrs Wilma Flinstone.

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail Well Miss Binta Wahid already inform me that you will be contacting my Chamber on her behalf for issuing an CHANGING OF OWNERSHIP for claiming of the consignment box from Diplomatic Company on her behalf

The logistic arrangement to carry on the legal job have been made by me and your local partner Miss Binta Wahid. of which i have informed her the cost of the changing of ownership in question will cost the sum of $1.700.00.Dollars equievlent to our local currency

However,i am hereby informing you that this chamber have agreed to stand on your behalf infront of this transaction until when the consignment in question have Finlay transfered into your country because before involving my Chamber in this transaction i have verify and negotiate with the diplomaticand find your claim guinue and authentic before proceeding with you and your partner by agree to issue the documents,

Therefore be rest assured that as soon as the required fund are recieved from you today the whole documentw will immediately change to your name and the consignment in question will be shiped and deliver to your position witing the maximum of 48hours furthermore you are advise to payment with the below information through western union money transfer for quick comformation and urgent proceeding of the legal job as promised. PAYMENT INFORMATIONS BY WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER




Thanks for your patronage.
BR'S H. Salami Esq.


[Scamoramans, don't ever do this - at least, don't send your real info. It will be used to create fake documents to scam others, or misused in other ways. And now back to the scam-o-story.]


Mr. Salami Barrister:

Thank you for the quick reply. I must tell you, I am a bit confused. I thought I had to help Miss Binta with some document transfer, but that involves sending money? That seems like a lot so I need verification of how the money will be used. I once got ripped off on eBay, so I am very careful about where my cash goes.

How soon do you need the passport -- I have already communicated that i keep it in a safe in Las Vegas! In other words, it's in another state. Why are you guys in such a hurry?

My drivers license number is Nevada MJ621785. My mailing address (in Nevada) is Wilma J Flintstone, 3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109. My birthday is August 16, 1974, making me (you guessed it!) a Leo!

I am spending a great deal of my time and effort in order to help this poor girl and all I ask is a picture of Senegal. Or Sierra Leone. Whichever is easier. I know that your lawyer's office isn't located in a dirty old Refugee camp and you can actually send me one so please do so.


After I wrote the lawyer, Mr Salami, I sent Binta this one. I thought it would all be over, but they kept writing.


Binta darling:

By the way, did they ever find the person who killed your father?

To share my horror, I thought you might like to see an official police reinactment of what probably happened when Snowball took my father down. Please be advised that the lion is computer generated and therefore, not white.

Please let me know how you are doing, my adopted sister.


[ Wilma sends Binta an animation. It opens with a photo of Sigfried and Roy doing their act in glittering suits. A huge cartoon Tony the Tiger leaps on Roy and drags him away. It comes from another web site:]

Installment #3 -- Binta goes to Vegas

I heard from Mr Salami and Binta, even after the official police reenactment video. This is where Binta has called the phone number to the Mirage Casino. Now my lawyer gets involved, because frankly, this scambaiting thing is time consuming.


Dear Binta--

I have not heard from you today, so I think perhaps something bad has happened at the Refugee camp, like a plague or attack or a major loss of Internet service or something. Please let me know of your continued safety. I was a little confused by your lawyer's email, so I had my friend Col. Monty Kilgore take a look at it. He is a trusted, reputable attorney who not only has a timeshare next door to mine at Tahiti in Las Vegas, but he is a good guy who sincerely wants to help me help you. And he has only been disbarred in one state, so he is good at what he does.

Please email me as soon as you safely can


PS: I have not asked Ray Horn for my passport -- do you still need it?


Wilma --

Thank you for seeking my counsel in your putative transactual ratification on the Dark Continent. I will look into the deal sua sponte and conduct a full de novo review of the terms, conditions, covenants, provisos, and any disclaimers in the aforesaid transaction. Given the significant distances involved, the nefarious character of many native transactions, and the scurrious nature of the aforementioned terms, conditions, covenants, provisos, and disclaimers, I will need to review all documents before counseling your payment of the requested funds. I am copying the parties of the second part to better expedite my receipt of any and all documents underlying or otherwise memorializing the said transaction.

Mr. Salami -- When can I expect copies of the aforementioned documentation? Haste makes waste, so chop chop! Let's get this thing properly papered before transferring funds and getting the well-monied Ms. Flintstone involved in this deal.

Thank you,
Col. Monty Kilgore, Esq.


Dear Wilma Flinstone,

Thanks for your mail and your carring for me, well we are having our new year fistival yesterday and today all the muslims,also here in the camp we did not allow to move outside until this afternoon,I have been thinking that you have already send the payment to the lawyer for the process of changing of ownership and other important documents to ship this consignment to your position in u.s.a please understand my condition here been a refugee delaying is dangerious for the sake of my life please i will like you to contact the lawyer and follow his advice because he have contact the diplomat company and findout all the neccesary thing to secure the shipment without any problem,

Please tell me what is confusing you in the email of my lawyer??? I will like to know because the lawyer is a nice man also i dont see anything that will make you to be confuse as you said,

Mr Wilma so you issist to disclose this transaction to your lawyer which i stop you now understand that my consignment is going to ship and transfer to your country how can you assure me the safety of the total contents fund?? because your lawyer may arrange bad boy to kill you and collect the total fund from you this is burdering me aloy because i dont want to lose the consignment and the fund cos it's the only hope of my life also it's only thing that lift for me to further my education when i fly down to your country u.s.a,

Mr Wilma here are my conditions and suggestion now becuase my mind are telling me that you and your attorney lawyer will betray me when this consignment are finaly transferred to your position in u.s.a,

Below are my condition if it's ok for you then contact my lawyer and send the payment to him immediately without any more question or delaying because the little money that the lawyer is asking are very small amount why the contenst of the consignment are 8.3 million USDollars remember i will not put my self and my life into problem with my money but i will only offer anybody that is willing to help me percentage for his help and investment in his country,tell me are you going to send the money to the lawyer for the process of the documents or not???

If yes do it conditions are as follows

You must stop involving your lawyer or your friends in this transaction if you know that i will proceed the transaction with you,because i dont want people who will betray me because i am fatherless and motherless it's only you i know because i contact you and plead for help therefore if you know that you are out to help me you must follow the advice of my lawyer so that we can achive this goal.

I am crying waiting for your help the must thing that is worrying me much is that i called your telephone number and they told me that is hotel room why??? are you playing game with me or not? why you telephone line will be hotel room?? Please explain this in your next mail before any further comunication regarding the shipment and the payment involve

Your's Truly

Binta Wahid.


BINTA, quit wigging out.

Oh the phone number can be confusing. My sincerest apologies. That is my Las Vegas timeshare main number and the only way I can get to my voicemail when I am out of state, as I am now. The number goes to the The Mirage and they have both motel rooms for guests and the Tahiti time share with my Senegalian-decorated apartment. (WHERE IS MY PICTURE OF SENEGAL??) If you can't get to me, Ray Horn can find me. So can my brother Sigfreed.

So if you call again and can't get Wilma J. Flinstone, simply ask for Sigfreed and Ray.




Dearest Binta, I owe you an explanation. I am not worried about my Lawyer Col Monty Kilgore trying to kill me for we are lovers, and I plan to marry him as soon as his divorce is final and he's caught up on child support and out of detox and gets a decent size television.

We keep no secrets and he is a honest lawyer. But if you want him out of the deal, I will tell him I have lost contact with you and he will never notice the difference. By the way, you keep calling me Mr Wilma and I am a woman! I have the double Ds to prove it! I am Miss Flintstone as you are Miss Bintu, my sister.

I am still confused though, why do you need $1700 dollars -- will I get the money repaid somehow? And am I supposed to ask Ray Horn to fetch my passport?

I asked your lawyer Mr Salami for a picture of Senegal. Why won't he send me one? This saddens me deeply. Attached is a photo of what "salami" is in the United States.



This one goes to Barister Salami, at the same time.

Please talk to Miss Binta -- I have betrayed her trust by allowing my lover/lawyer know about this important transaction. Please be advised that I told him I had my email break down and I lost contact. He's been drinking a lot of Zima so I don't think he even remembers emailing you. I feel bad and want to help my new sister more than anything. In fact, I want to one day fly her to the Mirage and let her have free tickets to Curiousity! But Let's get her out of that camp first. I just Googled "refugee camp" and some people actually have to pick flies out of one another's hair and eat them! Or they poop in the yard! My goodness, even Snowball and Coconut know how to dig a hole and cover it up!

Do you need my passport?
Will I get my $1700 back?
How can I know that this is an honest, legal transaction if I am not to bring Col Monty Kilgore into the fold?

Here is the direct line to Tahiti. My official job there is Unit Manager. You can tell them you'd like to service your unit and they will transfer the call to my cell phone right away!



Attached is a picture of me and my salami -- ha ha.

Installment #4 -- Binta goes to Vegas

After the mea culpas, Binta reconnected.


Dear Miss Wilma Flinstone,

Thanks very much for your email of yesterday and how you are you doing over there,Well dont think of the lawyer will have chance to find senegal picture and send to you because he is a very busy man as you can see been a lawyer,please do not worry for the picture i will send as much as you need when i come out from the camp why i never come out from the camp and look for a hotel where i can stay is because of money if you can help me with some money i will use it to look for a hotel and pay so that i will be able to give you all you need but for salami please i dont think he can.

Thank you again for keeping your friend lawyer out from this deal because i am afraid please there is notting to worry about cos the contents of the consignment is 8.300.millon Dollars i will give you the code number to open the consignment as soon as the diplomat deliver the consignment so that you can open the box and keep the money as a save account untill i come down to meet you face to face.

We Can disclose this deal to your friend lawyer when me finaly transfer this money to your country and you keep the whole money in save bank account then you can tell him as your own lover but i am afraid now because he will tell another people outside there then the poeple may even kill you please i am afraid stop untill we get this done as soon as possible.

I want you to send the $ 1.700.00.Dollars to the lawyer as soon as possible because it's only thing that delaying our mission and keep me inform when you send the payment so that i will know when the consignment will transfer to your country

I am worroied waiting for your respond.

Your's Truly Sister

Miss Binta Wahid.


So to clarify -- I get 8.5 million dollars, and all I have to do is send you a personal check for $1700? That sounds fair. What is the mailing address to the Refugee Camp?


Binta corrects my figure, so she must be reading this bullshit ....


Dear Wilma Flinstone.

Thanks for your urgent respond regarding to this tranaction,in issue of the payment you dont have to send any check to me because the require $1700.00.Dollars is not my personal use it's for the neccesary documets to ship the consignment box to your position in u.s.a

For quick confirmations of the payment and urgent process of the documents you are adviced to send the $1700.00.Dollars to Barrister Habib Salami Via Western Union Money Transfer with the below address and name as giving to me by Habib Salami

Name Prince Sunday Adams

Address Rue 22 X 33 Medina Dakar-Senegal

Country Dakar Senegal

With this informations you can send the money to Habib Salami after you make the payment via western union money transfer you will send the control number and text question of the transfer to Habib Salami so that he can pick the money and start the process

Please Miss Wilma i want you to go direct to the western union transfer office and wire the money direct and be in mind that as soon as the payment id confirm the lawyer will pick the money immediately today so that by tomorrow all the documents will obtain then he will send the document for you to contact the diplomatic company for the shipment of the consignment

Miss Wilma What i told you that is inside the consignment is the total $ 8.3 million USDollars not $ 8.5 as soon as you send the $ 1700.00.Dollars for the document the shipping company will ship the box to your addess in u.s.a

Send the payment immediately and get back to me

I am waiting for your respond after the payment is made via western union money transfer today

Your's Truly Sister

Miss Binta Wahid.


Binta the Sistah--

I would love to go straight to the Western Union office and wire your Salami the $1700 but today is President's Day in the United States, a national holiday of great importance.

All of the local businesses, schools, banks and post offices are closed, as are Western Union offices and most Vegas shows Perhaps I can send you a calendar from my father's Las Vegas show -- that way you would get twelve lovely photographs of my family's white lions and you could see all of the important American holidays. For this reason I would like your mailing address, not for the money transfer, but rather, for personal correspondence.



PS In honor of Presidents Day, here are some photographs of important presidents. Try to pick out which one is the president of Senegal!

(... I proceed to attach numerous high-res photographs of former US presidents, the president of Vietnam, the president of some local construction union who only has one arm, and these two beauties)

And the cards and letters keep coming!!! This time she adds her "mailing address" so I can send her the white lion calendar ...


Dear Miss Wilma Flinstone,

Thank for your respond,

In issue of holidays in united state which will delay the payment today,please when the holidays will finish then you can wire the payment as you promise?? let me know because delaying is dangerious??

In the pictures of the presidents the black man at the last position of the pictures are the president of senegal his name Abdula Wadi he is the president of this country,

I am waiting for your answer about when the payment will be ready because it's the only thing that delaying the payment,


Your's Truly Sister.

Miss Binta Wahid.

Note,the address of the camp are as follows

Rue 39 x 27 United Nation Camp Dakar Senegal .

[The president of Senegal is Abdoulaye Wade (as anyone could look up). We don't have the picture. We assume "she" was just picking a random face from the collection.]


Binky: Very good work on my quiz. I am confused as to why you can recieve photographs but can not send them. I really want a photo of Senegal.

Anywho.... I found an underground Western Union place in Vegas but the address you gave me shows no agent or office. I think your lawyer may be trying to screw you over for the 8.3 million dollars. I don't trust Salami as far as Coconut can throw him. So with that, are you sure I can't just send you a check or PayPal you?

At the same time, I fire off this nastygram to Barister Salami:


Listen, meathead -- I just went on the Western Union Web site and there is NO SUCH AGENT OR OFFICE at this address. After tireless searching, I found a single Western Union office that is open (illegally) on this important American holiday, called presidents day. It is in a secret location, near a Vegas strip club, for desperate gamblers to get more money to squander money on slot machines and watered-down drinks. But in looking into the matter, YOU HAVE PROVIDED ME WITH A FALSE ADDRESS.

Are you trying to steal money from Miss Binta, and use me as your unknowing accomplice???


Wilma Flintstone.

PS have a Happy Presidents Day

(I proceeed to add more high-res photos of dead presidents, ia picture of a white tiger using a litter box, and this one of James Garfield.

Binta goes to Vegas--final installmemt

Now "they" are getting impatient with me ....


From Barrister Habib Salami Esq.
Address Rue 22 x 33 Medina.
Tel:+221-563 1850
FAX:+221-826 9409
Attn: Mrs Wilma Flinstone.

Listen Mrs Wilma Flinstone.

The address i gave to you for the require payment is my Chamber address and not western union money transfer address,well if you fill that i am trying to get money from you and your local partner well i have noting to do not to stop any comunication with you.

Go back to the western union and tell them to send the payment to dakar senegal with the address giving to you if you cannot let me know so that i will terminate your files in my Chamber

Best Wish
BR'S H. Salami Esq.


Salami: Why do you call me Mrs. Wilma Flinstone? I am MISS Wilma Flintstone. Are you calling me an adultress as you know I have a boyfriend by the name of Monty Kilgore?

I thought the address you provided was for a Western Union office. You can see my concern in that it did not show up on the company Web site. All of this AFTER I have flown to Las Vegas for Presidents Day to see if I can find the underground Western Union station for your benefit, not mine.

Your last email was very rude in tone. Perhaps it is best you tell Miss Binta you are going to terminate my files in you Chamber and she can find a new adopted sister through business directory made available to her from Senegalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Another few weeks in the refugee camp should be of no problem.


Wilma J. Flinstone

PS "Curiosity!" will be unveiling Mrs. Britney Federline and Binta this evening.


Hello Miss Wilma Flinstone.

Please understand that i am in the camp and the photos you send was sent to me via email which i can receive via email,as for salami i myself trust him if you cannot trust him and he is the only one i trust here in dakar senegal been a lawyer therefore send the payment to him with the address it's his office address as he told me send with the address and stop think if anything may happen

Miss Wilma understand that even due i want to take money from you i will only ask you to give me if you can not to play game or anything against the law

Today is the last day of this transaction because i dont think that i will still waiting for you and dalaying in this transaction as you know that delaying is dangerious in this transaction i really want to fly down to your country as soon as the consignment transfer to your position so that the people that kill my late father will not kill too.

Please for the sake of my life do send the payment via western union and send the informations to the lawyer for his leagl job as promise

I am waiting

Best Regards.

Your's Truly

Miss Binta Wahid.

Send the little money that asking for documents urgently for the shipment because the diplomatic company told me that after tomorrow if the documents did not recieve their will not include my consignment for friday shipment for that i want you to send the payment immediately if you cannot please tell me so that i will cancel the shipment and start looking for another trust partner who will help me as i like


This email is very rude. After all of the time I have taken to help you and cheer you up with photos of presidents, white lions, and smoked meat products! You imply that I am playing a game with you??

Are you playing games with me?

Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


Wilma J Flintstone


Dear Wilma,

I dont mean that you are playing game with me but due to the contents of your mail about the payment the lawyer is very upset with your last email of which he said that he will not respond to your mail unless you send the payment informations to him via western union.

Please Sister Wilma i want you to stop delaying in this transaction send the payment as require and wait for good news regarding to the shipment to your door step in u.s.a

I am waiting for your urgent respond regarding


Your's Truly Sister

Binta Wahid


Your lawyer has insulted me, calling me an adultress and refusing my request for a lovely picture of Senegal. He threatened to terminate my Chamber and I told him to do so, and explain to you to go back to your business directory provided by the Senegal Chamber of Commerce and Industry to find someone else to adopt you.

This is between you and your lawyer now, perhaps you should terminate HIS contract, if you know what I mean.

Good luck getting out of the camp. I wish you the best.


PS Do you have cable TV there?


It nevver late as you said but you still not understand the urgency of the transfer,please i dont have any body to help again i still waiting for you please if i have offend you due forgive me becuase you are a famale like me you have to understand what i mean, tell me can i look for another lawyer?? so that you can contact him and proceed with him??

I am waiting



I have a great lawyer! His name is Col. Monty Kilgore and his address is xxxxxxx.

(This was sent earlier today.

I haven't heard back, but I will let my brother take over from here ...

Binta has been conversing with Col. Monty Kilgore.


Dear Ms. Binta:

I write at the request of Wilma Flintstone in an effort to salvage the negotiations for a transaction you two have been trying to finalize. As I understand the terms, Ms. Flintstone will wire you $1700 to assist you in your troubles and, in exchange, Ms. Flintstone will obtain approximately $8.3 million and put into safekeeping here in a discreet manner and await your arrival. Ms. Flintstone has expressed dissapointment with an attorney Salami and notified me that the negotiations are currently at an impasse. I was not aware that she was making such arrangements, but nevertheless Ms. Flintstone has instructed me to contact you and, upon her instructions and my satisfaction that the documentation is in order, to wire you the sum of $1700. Please contact me to inform me whether you intend to proceed with this transaction so that I can start making arrangements with Ms. Flintstone's bank to wire funds to the appropriate place.

Col. Monty Kilgore, (ret.), Esq.


Dear Mr Col,Monty Kilgore,

Thanks for your email this afternoon, well i am so much appreciate your concern in this transaction been an Attorney Lawyer like you,Well i am trying to make Mrs Wilma Stone to understand my sitaution here in refugee camp well she do understood but she misunderstand the lawyer who will obtain those require documents from federal high court of justice as require by the Holding Diplomatic Service to ship the consignment to her door step in u.s.a,

However,i am still waiting for her to contact me regarding the payment of the documents because as i told her that i will not look for another partner to assist me in this transaction because i have change all the neccesary documents that covered this deposit to her name as my foreign partner and next of kin to the said deposit i cannot nominate or point another partner until the holding diplomatic company recieve a letter of withrawal from her that she have withrawal in helping me but since she did not do that i am still interested for her help because this is the only way for me to move out from africa as soon as the consignment is ship and confirm in her door step,i will give her the secret code of the consignment box so that she can access the consignment and open the box upon arrival of the diplomat and the consignment,

Furthermore,Please Mr Col,Monty Kilgore,help me to beg Mrs Wilma Flinstone for her to understand that i have repose my trust on you and her regarding to the consignment box because it's the only thing that lift out of all my late father's property's and it's my last hope in life please i want you to help her and open the consignment then you and her will lodge the total $ 8.3 million USDollars into her bank account pending my arrival in u.s.a to invest this money under her company and also to further my education in u.s.a

Moreover,all the documentaion will issue and obtain after 24hours that the lawyer confirm the fee as he promise because all the arrangement to obtain the documents and endorse it with the Federal Chief Judge have been made by the lawyer before demanding the legal fee to release the documents from high court and to endorse it with the chief judge be rest assured that everything is in order over here as soon as the require $ 1.700.00.Dollars is paid as soon as possible tomorrow morning, Please i demand a fax number from you or from Wilma Flinstone where i will fax all the documents to her as soon as she send the payment via western union money transfer tomorrow morning so that i will fax all the documents to you and mrs wilma so that she will use the documents to contact the holding Diplomatic Company for the shipment of the consignment

Be inform that she or you will not disclose the real contents of the consignment to the holding diplomatic company because they did not know the real contents of the consignment because my late father deposited this fund as consignment registered as family treasure for the sake of our family but my name appear as the next of kin to the deposit which me and the lawyer have visit the company with the documents and the company confirm to me and the lawyer that the consignment will ship to mrs wilma flinstone door step as soon as she contact them with all the require document,

I need help and trust confidence on you and mrs wilma stone to ship this consignment not only to ship the consignment also to help me for the investment purpose in your country u.s.a i still need help to study in u.s.a in a good school i have alreay made up my mind to offer her % 10 Percent for the expenses for helping me and % 40 percent of the fund for helping me in investing the fund in u.s.a because my most important thing is for me to further my education and live good life

Below is the payment informations which giving to me by the lawyer for the require fee





Please use the above informations and wire the payment to the lawyer and send me the transfer informations of the payment so that i will meet the lawyer and give him the informations hand to hand so that he can proceed immediately by getting all the documents

I am waiting for respond and the payment informations as soon as possible tomorrow morning so that by monday next week the consignment will be rolling to u.s.a

Thanks and my best regards to you and Mrs Wilma Flinstone please extend my greettings to her and tell her that i am expecting to hear from her very soon regarding the transaction because i have make her as my only Sister

God bless and hoping to meet you all face to face very soon

Your's Truly Sister

Miss Binta Wahid


B Wahid --

Dreadfully sorry, but I failed to give you the fax number to provide me the documentation. Here's the number (702) 791-7414

By the way, if you ever have the opportunity, please send my regards to Major Barthelemy Diouf, Senegalese Army.

Col. Monty Kilgore, Esq,


Dear Mr Col,Monty Kilgore,

Thanks for your urgent response regarding to the matter at hand,you should understand that i am in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal also i dont have any money with me to go out and make international calls as you know that to make international calls will cost alot of money,In regards to the documents i have the Deposit Certificate of the consignment which my late father use and deposit this consignment,I will be also happy if i fax it to you for your reference but the problem is that i am in critical condition even i find it difficlut to feed my self

Please if the documents will delay our operation i will like you to send $ 150.Dollars to me with the informations giving to you in my email today so that i will use the money to fax the documents to you also to make direct call to Mrs Wilma Flinstone,I realy understand what you mean by seeing the deposit documents but understand that it's not problem to see the documents or to fax the documents but the problem is my condition here as a refugee to make clear and to show my honest in this transaction send the $ 150.Dollars to me then i will fax the Deposit Certificate of the consignment box to you as soon as i get the $ 150.Dollars i assure you that

Please tell Mrs Wilma that this issue of documents will delay our operation please i will advice you to forget anything about this documents and go ahead and send the require $ 1.700.Dollars to the lawyer so that he can proceed immediately because delay in dangerious for the sake of my life i am tried of staying at the camp why i have something to start up my life

I will be very glad to hear from you very urgently today in what development maybe.please help me and give Mrs Wilma Call and tell her or you to respond to me urgently because i like to hear from her very soon

Thanks and God bless

Your's Truly

Miss Binta Wahid.


Ms. Blinka --

Thank you for the lightning-quick response. You must have a very good internet connection in your refugee camp! That said, I can certainly understand that an international call is expensive for a poor unfortunate soul such as yourself. However, I think you can make great strides in repairing your relationship with the affluent Ms. Flintstone if you give her a quick call. That's my advice, but I'll leave that decision up to you.

As for the documents, $150 sounds like an extraordinarily large sum of money just to review some documents. If you cannot fax them to us via international facsimile, perhaps your excellent internet facilities will permit you to scan them and send them as an e-mail attachment. Please advise whether this arrangement is possible.
On another note, your wiring instructions do not seem to reference a bank or Western Union agent. I will use my contacts in your part of the world to locate a reliable and secure location to wire Ms. Flintstone's funds.

Enough business though, I am still elated to be talking to someone from a part of the world full of great memories to me. Please tell me more about developments in Senegal! Have things quieted down in Casamance? Are those MFDC rogues still running about the countryside? I can tell you some of my greatest memories include helping my Senegalese Army friends "break" a Front Nord insurgent and make him cry like a child. Perhaps this transaction will permit me to travel back to your country and let me repolish some of my skills? But I digress again! Please update me on the political-military situation in the region!!

I must sign off for now. I look forward to your prompt and submissive response.

Col. Monty Kilgore


Good Morning Mr Col,Monty Kilgore,

Thanks for your mail and your efforts in this transaction,well i have borrow $ 50.Dollars from our security Man here in the camp so that i will be able to fax the require Deposit Certificate and Certificate of Ownership of the deposit to you which i will do immediately i send this mail to you,please i want you to check your fax number and get back to me regarding to the lawyer payment for the other legal documents that need to do with Mrs Flinstone Name as soon as possible,

In issue of the payment directions understand that bank to bank transfer will delay our operation because if you send the payment by bank transfer it will delay about 5 Days before getting here in Africa,that is why i direct you to wire the payment to the lawyer via Western Union Money Transfer for quick confirm and urgent proceeding of the documents so that by Monday next week the consignment will be rolling to your country u.s.a

Check your fax number and see those document that required from me

Thanks and Remain Bless

Your's Truly

Binta Wahid.


Ms. Wahid --

I have received what may be your proper documentation. I will discuss later today with Ms. Flintstone to confirm her desire to proceed with this transaction. I do have some concerns regarding the security and reliability of Senegalese banks, so I will be discussing other options for wiring instructions with Ms. Flintstone.

Thank You
Col. Monty Kilgore


Dear Ms. Wahid --

Thank you for your quick response. I understand that the shipment to the U.S. will be via diplomatic service. My concerns with Senegalese banks references the safety and reliability of wiring Ms. Flintstone's funds to a Western Union agent of unknown repute. I have contacted some former comrades from the 1st Infantry Battalion of the Senegalese Army and they give it to me on good account that a Western Union agent in Kaolack is of unreproachable reputation. Therefore, I make arrangements to have the $1700 wired and made payable to you, Binta Wahid, at the following Western Union agent:

Societe Generale de Banques
Avenue John F. Kennedy
Agence Kaolack

We realize that you may incur some costs as a result of this travel, so we will make the wire $2000 to defray any travel costs.

Since it appears we are on track to finalize this transaction, Ms. Flintstone has asked me to inquire whether you are able to obtain any exotic animals to add to her collection. She has a particular fascination with venomous snakes. Can you assist in this regard?

Yours lovingly,

Col. Monty Kilgore (ret.)

more to come?