Updated Nov. 26, 2005

If you want to help victims of the tsunami, give to an NGO (non-governmental organizations) with people on location.
Not an e-mail scammer. But you knew that.


From: Mr. John Paul <>
Subject: tsunami disaster

FROM: MR. John Paul.
TEL: +27-83-929-1775
FAX: +27-11-507-5517


I am Mr. John Paul working in department of fund released order in First National Bank of South Africa, East Gate Branch, I know the letter might come to you as surprise, but take it like your own deal.

Mr. IMAN AJI SASMITO, from INDONESIA executed contract through Department of Work and Housing here in South Africa, the contract worth of USD12, 550,000.00 Million Dollars, but on the process of transferring the money to him, as you know that thousand of people have died after a violent earthquake under the sea near northern Indonesia he died with his family in Tsunami disaster that occurred recently, we involve you to authenticate this claim.

Meanwhile, his money has been signed for payment in my office before I will give order to the bank for final endorsement of his money.

Nobody knows what is going on except my assistance and I. This is the man

[yup it cuts off there. maybe they ran out of ideas or inspiration?]


Received: from unknown (HELO m1p0r3) (
From: "Damayanto" <>
Subject: Give me life again


This letter may come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we have not met personally. My name is Damayanto Wahyu, a business merchant in Indonesia. I was a victim of the TSUNAMI disaster that led over 174,000 people dead in Indonesia's Aceh province. Well, I lost all my family members and was seriously injured as a result of this catastrophe and currently hospitalised in Madrid, Spain. My illness has defiled all form of medical treatment and I only have about a few months to live according to medical report.
But there is however a last solution, which the doctor has explained to me, with conditions.According to the doctor, there is 50% chance for me to survive if I undergo a surgical operation on my Heart, which has the possibility of failing if the operation is not carried out within the earliest possible time.Unfortunately, following the disaster, I have lost everything and as a result, I am unable to raise the amount required by the doctors to carry out the said operation. The total estimate for this operation in US dollars is about $65,000.00. If I imagine the possibility of raising this amount from my hopeless situation, I get confused and scared the more.My innermost self tells me I have to give up everything and simply allow destiny to take it's course. Still, I have the conviction that a Good Samaritanwill not allow this to happen to me, simply because of my financial situation.It is on this note that I am writing in tears to seek your kind assistance towards my condition.
I have no choice, but to seek your kind heart,believing that you will open your heart to consider my plight.While I look forward to hearing from you, be assured of my goodwill and continued prayer of many blessing for your kindness and generosity and I shall definitely remember your kind assistance to me as long as I live..Please think upon my condition and just imagine how much you will be helping to save my live and restore hope to my soul, by your generous donation and assistance in whichever way your heart moves you.If your heart truly accepts to assist me, then, I would supply you with the doctor's name and contact number and where required, I will provide an account for funds remittance.
In fact, I am not imposing any particular amounton you as a levy but will gladly appreciate your voluntary and humanitarian contributions, however small this may be.I will be checking my email regularly just in case there is a response from you...The doctor has a laptop and it's at my disposal and I will be glad to hear from you soon..
Thank you and God bless.

Damayanto Wahyu.

[ combines elements of the Tsunami, Cancer and I'm in the Hospital themes ]


Dear Sir/Madam,


- Life In Full for Everyone (LIFE)

Life In Full for Everyone is a UNICEF Program aimed at the complete eradication of poverty in developing countries through the provision of basic amenities and life-saving infrastructure, easy access to medical supplies, drugs and affordable medical care, food and education for children. Tsunami Partners for LIFE is a direct response to the tsunami disaster in Asia. Thanks to the unprecedented public response to this tragedy, UNICEF's long-term projects for rehabilitation and reconstruction in the tsunami-affected region are nearly fully funded. While we look forward to achieving full funding for these long-term projects, we would like to shed light on the other, more forgotten emergencies around the world. UNICEF has a responsibility to all children in crisis and is currently working in over 30 emergencies around the world. Over $750 million is now needed to help millions of children including those struggling to survive conflicts, natural disasters, and epidemics around the world. The general emergency fund supports UNICEF's programs that focus on the survival of children - providing health care, clean water and sanitation, and adequate nutrition in emergency situations. Funds are also needed to support child protection programs for those who have been abandoned or separated from their families or have been exploited and abused. Your donation will go to where funds are most needed at this time and will help provide supplies and materials, train teachers and psychosocial counselors, build latrines and provide clean water, along with other activities.

Tsunami Partners For LIFE is a UNICEF-sponsored coalition of relief efforts for all child victims of the recent Asian Tsunami disaster. It is no longer news that the devastation visited by the disaster was as merciless in its spread and depth as it was cruel in its pattern. Whole family units have been wiped out while others either have lost all their children or the children have lost one or both parents. In the callous equation of the disaster, children are the greatest victims and their vulnerability will continue to be a reality for many years to come and, perhaps, for the life time of those affected.

The Tsunami Partners for LIFE is a total-package relief effort for children. This program will provide both immediate succor and comfort to child-victims as well as long-term care and education. This program is primarily designed to encourage business organizations, NGOŐs, charitable organizations and high net-worth individuals who wish to join the tsunami relief effort to do so as partners with UNICEF. We hope to raise the over $750 Million needed through the special contributions of 2,500 individuals worldwide. Under this partnership, projects are individualized to allow the individual donor organization or person the opportunity and choice of sponsoring chosen projects. Also, to make it easier for the donor to identify and relate with projects, partnership with UNICEF has been categorized into Bronze Partnership (minimum donation of US$10,000), Silver Partnership (minimum donation of US$50,000), Gold Partnership (minimum donation of US$100,000) and Platinum Partnership (minimum donation of US$250,000). We also have the G500 Partnership designed for a group of five hundred persons with single donations of US$1 Million. The G500 donations will build water projects in the remote areas of the affected regions. The aim is not to make this program elitist but to make it easier for donors to channel their charities in a way that suits their individual expectations. This will make the work of the Program easier. There are other programs for the Tsunami designed for general donations to take care of the charities not covered by the partnership.

The Tsunami Partners for LIFE is a specialized charity that will recognize donations and donors via monthly bulletins and by inclusion of donors in the UNICEF Hall of Hope (unless anonymity is chosen).

If you wish to join the Tsunami Relief Effort in special way, we invite you to become a Partner For LIFE now. The children are languishing in pain and misery. Please donŐt wait another day.

To receive our Partnership Form and information on how to make your donations, please write us NOW. Kindly send all inquiries via e-mail as below-provided.

Yours truly,

Eric Zuehlke
Campaign Development and Program Services

U.S. Fund for UNICEF
333 East 38 Street
New York NY 10016



What does RIPE say?

% This is the RIPE Whois query server #2. (snipped) inetnum: -
netname: SAHAM-NET
descr: EMAAR MARINA Project
country: AE
descr: Dubai Internet City

This "UNICEF" appeal "from" an organization based in NYC has been e-mailed from Dubai.

We look for info on "Eric Zuehlke". There appears to be someone with that name working with Note, no dash. has address
Reverse lookup fails. ARIN tells us: is allocated to providers INFLOW, UUNET and Kintera.
There is a website for, and it's not clumsy.
unicef-usa (with a dash) redirects to
What does the United Nations web site say?
We visit - their search feature leads eventually to
Yeah we could have guessed it, but wanted to get there from the UN's site itself.
So. What a ball of confusion. We have a feeling that whoever's sitting at that terminal in Dubai is not "Eric Zuehlke". Call it a hunch. These 419ers - who are happy to use the names of other people - really poison the well of charitable goodwill. We repeat our caution - if you want to help tsunami victims, do it through NGOs.


From a Kindly Contributor in Kuwait:

From: tsunamidonation optimumlottery []
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Dear sir/madam,
DEAI TSUNAMI EATHQUAKE APPEAL Donate 200(euros) to support victims of tsunami disaster and win 50,000.(euros) This is a weekly program sponsored by Disaster Emergency Aid International(DAEAI) in partnership with optimum lottery uk. The lottery is to encourage support and donation to help women and children who survive but homeless as a result of tsunami disaster.Most of the dead in Tamil nadu are women and children. The tsunami has left a heart rending trail of children left without or separated from parents, including infants who are often left at the doors of churches etc. The relief camps are facing overcrowding and most have little or no sanitation facilities. Disaster Emergency Aid International/optimum lottery uk, is rushing to provide relief and support to tsunami victims through relief supplies, including tents, blankets, tarps, plastic sheeting, and hygiene can HELP,

FOR DONATION EQUIERY only call,447040112058


your donation qualify you for the optimum lottery program,where all donors will be selected randomly from email addresses from mail sent to, confirming your donation.Winner will be selected through a computer ballot system drawn from email addresses of donors.If you have made a donation through any Tsunami Releif Agency,send us a mail indicate the agency through which you made your donation so that we can include you in the lottery program.

Yours Truely,
mrs Naomi John

Note: Anybody under the age of 18 years is automatically disqualified


Subject: Personal Regards
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005
From: tumboonlai <>

SG Private Banking
Societe Generale
11/F CRC Tower,
All Seasons Place,
87/2 Wireless Road, Lumpini

Dear Friend
I am Mr.Tum Boonlai Manager Director of SG Private Banking Asia Pacific. In my Bank, we discovered a sum of $12,700,000.00 (Twelve Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only) in an account that belonges to one Late Mrs.Melodie Adolphin an American, who died along with his entire family, on monday 27th 2004, in dawn broke Monday across the Bay of Bengal,countries struck by tsunamis in the wake of the most powerful earthquake the planet has seen in 40 years.Since we got the information about her death, i have decided that i seek an assistance from a foreign partner/business partner who can asssist me in the transfer of this funds directly to his account since there will be no next of kin to come over and file a claim as next of kin over her money because we can not release it unless somebody applied for it as next of kin or relation to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidelines.

Unfortunately, nobody will come forward to claim this money since our bank is a private banking and our bank laws prohibits our customers relations to act as next of kin except when indicated. It is based on this that some officials in my department and I have decided to establish a cordial business relationship with you, hence by contacting you. We want you to present yourself as the next of kin to Late Mrs.Melodie Adolphin, so that the funds can be remitted into your account. Moreover, we do not want the money to go into the government account as unclaimed bills. The banking laws and guidelines here stipulates that any account abandoned or is dormant for a period of time,is deemed closed and all money contained therein forfeited to the government treasury account.Now, it is being speculated that the above sum will be transferred into the government account as an unclaimed fund on or before the end of this financial quarter of 2005, when nobody come forward to lay claims. T he reason for requesting your assistance, is occasioned by, the fact that the deceased (Late Mrs.Melodie Adolphin)wasforeigner,and we have access to her detailed bio data which you will hold as a weapon to present yourself as the next of kin to Late Mrs.Melodie Adolphin.

The mode of sharing after a successful transfer of the money into your account as you will prefer since our group has a trust company to aid this business in several countries in Europe and Canada,I shall agree to give you 20% for the role you will be expected to play in this deal and 70% for my colleagues and i, we have agreed to give you 25% of the total sum and 5% for the expenses we are going to encounter by the two parties in the course of this transaction. Therefore,you are expected to reply this letter indicating your readiness and interest to participate in this business. After receiving your reply, you will be communicated to with the exact steps to take. I expect your urgent response and I shall contact you for further discussion on this matter,to enable us conclude this transaction urgently without any delay or hitch. Please treat this business proposal as strictly confidential for security reasons considering my official position in SG Private Banking.

Personal Regards,
Mr.Tum Boonlai


From a Kindly Contributor who says: May Allah send another disaster to this guy....

It's a blend of the Tsunami and Cancer letters (see

Received: from []
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 19:40
Subject: Tsunami.........I want you to help the needy with charity.

Good day,
My name, Roger Jame Hankinsa, a merchant in Thailand. I have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer which was discovered very late in Vachira Phuket Hospital, due to my laxity in caring for my health. This desease has defiled all forms of medication and right now I have only about a few moments to live on earth, according to medical experts And also the tsunamis has done a big problem to my Life... Check it out.....

I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone not even myself but my buisness. Although, I am wealthy but not generous, I was always hostile to people and focused more on my buisness as that was the only thing I cared for, now I have lost my wife and children in this tsunami disaster, but now I regret all this, as I have now realized that there is more to life than just wanting to keep wealth to yourself.

Now that God! has called me, I want to will and give most of my properties and assets to you and as well as a few people because I want God to be merciful to me and accept my soul and so, I have decided to give alms to charity organizations in Thailand and the world, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I will do on earth but my health has deteriorated so badly, that I can not do this myself.

My money which no one knows of is a huge cash deposit of "US$8.3M" that I lodged as precious materials with a Security company in Europe. I need a God fearing and trustworthy person that will be able to travel to Europe, to collect this deposit from the security company and dispatch it to any notable charity organizations in Thailand and the world, in redeeming my vow to God.

I will be trusting to hear from you soon, remain blessed and God be with you and your family.

Kind regards,
Roger Jame Hankinsa

Pls reply me through my private email and Please don't worry if I don't reply you in time, I will get back to you Okay.


Subject: Please help me, I am an Indonesia...

S.O.S. S.O.S. S.O.S. S.O.S. S.O.S. S.O.S S.O.S S.O.S. S.O.S. S.O.S.

Dear Sir,
Please help me.
I am an Indonesian and have just survived a devastating earth quake which hit Asia very badly.

This was widely covered by CNN SKY News and BBC.( < >).
I am now survived by only belongings left which I am wearing. All my household properties have been washed away. I have lost many people whom I love. There are about 703,518 people left homeless.

Several hundred thousand homes have been destroyed. More than 25,000 people died within minutes. I am sheltered by my friends at the moment. The earth quake has been measured as 9.0 in the rector scale. The second biggest to hit around the world in the century.

The sea was washed ashore about a km into the island. There was tidal waves about 30 feet high. And all this happened in about 30 seconds. We did not have any time to move. The damage to properties would run to billions of dollars. The government has declared this as a National disaster and five days of mourning.

I need all your help now to put myself together, and I also wish to help as many other people here as I can who need help. The red cross and many other organizations and countries are helping us but most of the aids they are offering are not getting directly to the masses, and they are not yet enough to go round.

Your kind consideration regarding this will be greatly appreciated, no matter how little it is.

Thank you and God bless you.


Philip Mathew.


I get at least 3 scam emails a day. This one almost seems real, and the "organization" may actually be a real non-profit fundraiser, but I know better.


Please donate now to support GRISSMAA's work with people affected by the earthquake and floods in Asia.

Hundreds of thousands of people across dozen countries have been affected by the major disaster and devastation caused by the earthquake in the Indian Ocean and that Tsunamis followed.

We are an aid agency working to provide emergency relief building baby care Homes for the survived disadvantaged children without parents from the disaster and need your financial support.

On behalf of the tsunami victims we would like to appeal for your kind donation.

If you wish to make a donation please send a mail stating your intended cash material or manpower donations and we can refer you to our nearest collection centre.
For every penny that you donate will go towards our work in this appeal.

God bless
Mr.R.Daniel. or


Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 16:12:03 +0100
Subject HELLO


I am Mr. Raj Liman a native of Durban in South Africa and I am currently residing in town of Bawomataluo Nias Island in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia for 23 years. I am the owner of Bataks Resort Casinos.

The December 26th 2004, Indian Ocean earthquake which triggered a series of lethal tsunamis wrecking unprecedented havoc within the immediate vicinity of the quake in Indonesia, leaving so many dead and homeless.

I was running and the sea was behind me, it was terrible. I dare not look back. More petrifying was the land ahead of me, which was breaking up every three feet and water was gushing out like a fountain. I lost my family and all that I possess, but I survived and was rescued to Medan Capital of North Sumatra.

This email should serve as an appeal to you to assist me in recovery the remains of my funds (Seven Million, Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand US Dollars) in Indonesian Central Gaming Office vault. This funds where kept for game rounds owing to Government Bank regulations on foreigners and Gambling houses in Indonesia. This is all I have to set myself on in life and business again.

I must transfer these funds now, that tax policies and regulations are less strenuous, owing to the tsunamis catastrophe. I will have an extensive discussion with you as soon as you assure me of your assistance.

I am currently based in Medan North Sumatra if you are interested in assisting me in this transfer; please urgently contact me on the following;

1: Satellite Telephone Number: 00 871 763 593 840
2: Satellite Fax Number: 00 871 763 593 841
3. Email Address

Further modalities of this will be given to you as soon as I receive your response indicating your interest to cooperate and assist me. Note I will duly compensate you.

I await your prompt response.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Raj Liman


[The name (changed here) appears to be the name of a real person, plucked at random from out there in Web Land - it turned up in a search engine almost instantly. Not very nice - but then these are the Lads.]

From: "Marco Polo"
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 8:56 AM

Subject: Earthquake and Tsunamis in Indonesia (how we were affected)

Dear xxxx

My name is Marco Polo; I am a victim of the recent Earthquake followed by the Tsunami that wrecked our whole society of Banda Aceh Province in Indonesia resulting in painful death of my Parents.

My Late Father Mr. Alfredo Polo is from Paramaribo in Suriname (South America) and my Mother from Banda of Aceh Province in Indonesia, they got married in Suriname because Indonesia like Suriname was a colony of The Netherlands, but they moved to settle in Indonesia when my Sister and I were born and because Indonesia has better economy than Suriname, but my Sister and I was away in School in the Capital Jakarta when this sorrowful incidence happened to my late parents and all other Families affected by the Quake and the Tsunamis all around Sumatra and Aceh Province.

My Father and Mother owned a tourist resort and grocery store at No 71 Panglima Polim Street, Banda Aceh in Indonesia, it was visited by numerous tourists from different countries on Holidays each year but this tragic and devastating Tsunamis took the lives of my parents and many others.
My Late Parents saved much of their money in a Bank in The Netherlands, not only because we were Dutch Colony but also because we speak Dutch as an official Language in Suriname, I contacted my Parents Lawyer in Jakarta and he has confirmed to me that my Parents has the sum of 3.2Million Euros deposited in savings in The Netherlands which will be claimed by me as next of Kin, but he also explained to me that because I was not nationalized in Netherlands after Suriname got Independence from the Netherlands I had no permission to settle there in that Country.

We have recovered the corpses of my Late Parents, although private, international and government aid is coming in, it will not be any where enough to settle our problems, please I am hereby soliciting for your assistance at clearing my Late father's money Euros 3.2Million in The Netherlands, I have asked the Lawyer to provide me with all documents, I shall have send them to you when you show sincere intentions to help me and my Sister, if you are business oriented with experience in Holiday, Hotel and Resort business or have some idea on how to run a groceries shop, I am willing to recommit the money for the full benefit of all (My Sister you and I) apart from that I shall be willing to give a negotiable percentage of the money to you otherwise or alternatively, please contact me on my email address as the telephone system is not functioning at the moment.

Thank you, I hope you understand our predicament and come to our assistance.

Marco Polo

[Scam-o-note: "Marco" may well speak Dutch, but probably NOT because he's an Asian tsunami victim - more likely he's a Lad in Amsterdam.]