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Involved (good guys)
Reverend Peter Stuartsonson
Brother Mark Knopfler
Brother Peter Gabriel

All from the Church of the Sultans Of Swing

Millicent Williams
Raymond Anan - "barrister"

This is my first effort at baiting and I picked the mail from a message boards and this was my enquiry to get the response

Reverend Peter Stuartsonson

Hello Millicent

WOW. You are in some really dire straits and its unusual for someone to give away money for nothing.
I have also passed on your details to my friends in the church of the Sultans Of Swing and am very keen to help you. What do I need to do?

Kindest regards and very best wishes

The Reverend Peter Stuartsonson
The Church of the Sultans of Swing

Millicent Williams

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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 05:48:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Mrs Millicent Williams" <>
Subject: Kindly, respond through this mail address for my easy accessing.

Beloved In Christ Peter Stuartsonson,

Love and Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for your mail which I received with thanks. Thank you also for your sincerity in this matter. I want you to devote yourself for this mission, to the Glory of our God in heaven. There is no special process on this matter, as much as you can co-operate with me. I will be very interested for this fund to be released to you for Gods work as much as you keep to your sincerity in this matter. I am rest asured that through you on this fund, God will save many souls and build Kingdom for himself, to his own Glory ( Amen ). There is no specific church for this money to be used in. Motherless Homes and also the less priviledged ones.

May you never run short of the glory of GOD. As you should be aware, it is very important that you visit me here in Abidjan if not before the completetion of this matter, immediately this matter is completed. This is very important to note please, as that will give us more opportunity to discuss more about the use of this money.

As a Christian the first thing I did before contacting you was to deny the devil, despart my condition I went into fasting and praying, After that, it occured to me to write you after all the contacts before me. I hope that you will not betray this confidence I am about building on you. I therefore want your maximum co-operation in this regard so that we can work hand in hand to make this objective a success.

I want you to be honest and work with me on this as I STAND in AGREEMENT with you in the prescence of God Almighty. So you are free to come down for us to see face to face, if you wish. Otherwise, that must be done, because even after getting this money to you, you must still come down for me to have some words with you. I pray that God will keep me alive until then.

Let me quickly tell you little about myself for I still hope that we shall someday sit down, discuss and digest my life experience by the special grace of God. I come from this part of Africa where a barren woman is treated and regarded as evil. My late husband and I were living happily till death struck him and his brother's decended on me and took all his belongings and are even after me up till now. But this deposit remains the only thing that my husband confided in me outside them.

My husband left South Africa where he was working, to Senegal and was actually killed by his peolpe who wanted nothing but his wealth. I did not see his corpse before burial as they have succeded in burrying him before I came home. They surrounded me and even accused me of killing my husband and took everything from me and I was rejected. THIS IS JUST THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER. Then I made this decision that instead of giving this fund to them for their selfish use, that I am going to release this fund for the work and the glory of God.

Again I will want you to always remember me in your daily prayers over my condition. I know that doctors has proposed but my faith tells me that God surely will intervane .But even if death should come now nobody will lay claim over this money, automatically the financial institution will claim it. Therefore, I will appreciate your effort in this matter to be a little bit faster. As for death, I will have nothing to regret for I have accepted Christ and He knows every thing about my life. Please, I do not expect any delay from you as my health condition cannot be predicted.

As I told you on my last mail, this money ( 15 Million Dollars ) is secured in a Bank here in Abidjan called NATIONAL BANK ABIDJAN COTE D'IVOIRE by my husband before his death. I have visited the Bank after my arrival in Abidjan, and confirm the deposit of this money by my husband. Meanwhile, the Bank Officials after my proper introduction, have presented to me all relevant documents, covering the deposit of this money by my husband. They have also told me that I have NO DIRECT ACCESS to this money because, my Late Husband deposited this money into a Suspense Fixed Account, and no name was given to the bank as the beneficiary. They are therefore asking me as the wife to the depositor, to foward to them the Beneficiary of this money before any transfer is made from this money

I have told the the bank that the Beneficiary will be contacting them soonest for the release of this money. Here is the bank website I have released this to you due to my confidence in you. Please do not contact the bank unless on the approval of my lawyer as he has been in direct communication with the bank. Meanwhile, Send me your telephone numbers. I want you to contact for now, the Lawyer I have contacted for this matter on telephone so that he can give you more details on this. The name of the Chamber is VERITAS CHAMBERS ABIDJAN COTE D'IVOIRE, and the name of the Lawyer is Barrister Raymond. Telephone / 0022507854851or 0022507141308. E-mail: or

Thank you very much and may God bless you abundantly. I will appreciate if you can call the hospital where I am for now so you can verify my health situation and possibly speak with me. It is Gideon Salvation hospital Abidjan cote d' ivoire 0022507936137. The doctor is Dr Ogaga. I will be glad to hear from you. Tell them that you want to speak with Mrs Millicent, a patient in ward A.

Sincerely yours,


Kindly, respond through this mail address for my easy accessing.

Reverend Peter Stuartsonson

Dear Millicent

It is with a heavy heart that I read your situation and you can be assured that the Church of The Sultans of Swing will be wishing your salvation during prayers this evening. We also renounce the Devil for he is indeed worthy of private investigations as a bad man. We believe in harmony to all people. The Church of The Sultans of Swing is unfortunately a silent order and our vows prevent us from speaking which is why we were most excited to receive your communiqué.

We are able to talk to each other via the wonders of email without breaking our vows of silence and I have also included another member of our order, Brother Mark Knopfler, in this email. We have our own Tunnel of Love which we like to communicate to each other with and you will for sure be in our thoughts tonight.

How fabulous that your hospital has such facilities as telephones but better than that, access to computers for you to contact with our order. You must be very well looked after there. As I am unable to talk to your doctor, is it possible that he has an email address with which we can enquire as to your health. Once I have informed the rest of the church of your existence Im sure that many of us will be very keen to contact your surgeon for regular updates on your well being.

I am glad that currently you are feeling able to talk to us without needing the telegraph road as you are indeed our Angel of Mercy.

We are keen to be making movies about the poor and underprivileged children of the world. We saw a report last night on the television news program which made tears come to my eyes about children who live on every street in the wild west end that have to resort to prostitution. They are so far away from me that I need to help them as soon as possible and your kind and gracious donation will certainly help us to do that.

I have also included your lawyer on this mail so that he can see our urgency to proceed with any chance of saving those poor children from further horridness and cumbobularity.

Yours with the best of wishes

The Reverend Peter Stuartsonson
The Church of the Sultans of Swing

Brother Mark Knopfler

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 10:03:48 +0100 (BST)

Dear Millicent

Follow you , Follow me as we like to mime to each other. I was heartwarmed to see your mail sent to me by my brother Peter. Oh mama how kind you are to want to donate such a large sum to the help of our children of god. In fact I went back to my laptop to turn it on again and feel the warm glow of your kindness. In the living years I have been delighted by the generosity of my fellow man but you are the most ontragenious of all.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. As my brother has explained, as a silent order, does your doctor have and email address so that I may enquire to your health

Jesus He Knows Me

Thinking of you

Brother Mark Knopfler
Church of the Sultans of Swing

Raymond Anan

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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 11:43:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Barr Raymond Anan" <>

TEL: 0022507854851

ATTN: Reverend Peter Stuartsonson

We have just received an e-mail message from you in respect of of the sum of $15,000,000.00 secured in A Bank here in Cote D'Ivoire by late, Mr Alfred Williams, from the Republic Of Senegal. Before your message, We have contacted the Bank and verified the Deposit of this money in the bank on 16th May 2001. I have been in the bank myself to confirm the deposit of this money, before allowing Mrs Millicent to Sign my Contract Agreement in our Chambers. She have told me that she does not want this money to be used here in Cote D'Ivoire as she want it to be controlled as the Lord Leads Her. She, as much as I have confirmed, is a true Child of God.

I have been consulted by this woman to Represent all legal procedure for the smooth movement of this fund to you

We have made enquiries regarding the smooth transfer of this money Internationally, and we have been notified by the Government of Cote D'Ivoire, that all necessary Approval Clearance must be made from the Government before any transfer is made from this money. This is because, as a Huge some of money, Full Governments Approval should be given to protect this fund on the process of Transfer, in order to make the transfer very effective. Not only here in Cote D'Ivoire, but also on the arrival of this money in your country.

Also, owing to the on-going political problem in Cote D'Ivoire, as you can find out in the World News, full approval should be obtained by the government, showing that this money is not to sponsor rebels. The Government will give all these Approvals. Immediately we secure these Legal Approvals, this fund will smoothly be moved to your care.

The Major Document to be obtained on your behalf is a Valid AFFIDAVIT WARRANT linking you and the Depositor of this Fund.

Now that I have received your communication on this matter, we will be in contact immediately with the Ministry Of Justce Cote D'Ivoire for an Affidavit as demanded. This Affidavit, must be made on your name as the Beneficiary of this money, so that other Approvals from the Ministry Of Finance can follow-up on your name, accordingly. As soon as we get this Affidavit done, a Copy will be sent to you by mail, through Scanning, or by fax while the Original Copies will be sent to the Bank, for final issuance of all Approval Documents that will warrant this transfer from the Bank here in Cote D'Ivoire, to your Designated Bank Account.

Alternatively, the bank have notify me that they can aswell move this fund to you through a Diplomatic Courier Company here in Cote D'Ivoire. Under this arrangement, this fund will be packed into a Diplomatic Luggage and will be transferred to you directly on your address through a Government licenced Diplomatic Courier Company here in Cote D'Ivoire. This is refers as Diplomatic Delivery of Fund. It is left for you to decide on which way you want to receive this fund.

This process will not take any time as much as you co-operate accordingly with us. We are working on your File right now for the smooth transfer of this fund. Mrs Millicent who have consulted us is seriously sick in one hospital here as you are aware. She have informed us to communicate with you alone to facilitate this matter so that this money can be transferred to you. Therefore, your maximum co-operation is highly needed in this matter. As soon as these Approval are procured here, this money will immediately be transferred, and the bank here have told us that it will take 48/72 hours for this fund to be confirmed into your bank account, after transfer from the bank here. Also, the Diplomatic Delivery will take only Two Working Days and it will be delivered to you. Which method will you want us to adopt concerning this transfer?

Bear in mind that there is no way this money can be transferred or moved to you without this necessary Documents obtained and approved by the bank on your name. As soon as they are obtained and submitted to the bank on your name, this money will depart from Cote D'Ivoire to your country on your behalf.

We therefore need your full details for the aquisition of these Legal Ownership Documents on your name for the smooth transfer of this fund to you. Send to us on your next message the following information:

Your Full Name ( As appeared in your International Passport )
Your Nationality,
Your International Passport Number ( If you have any )
Your Company's Name ( If you have any )
Your Occupation
Marital Status ( Single or Married )

The above requirement will help us in processing these Legal ownership Documents on your behalf.

Also, I still will want you to contact me on telephone as you receive this mail correspondence. Telephone communication will more be welcomed as it will facilitate this matter. We receives so many mails from our different Clients on different matters daily. As such, we do not normally have more time to attend to all these mails. This is why you should always contact us by telephone. Through your total co-operation, it is expected that this fund will be moved to you within the next few days.

Also, I have just made an urgent trip to South Africa because of this matter. The bank told me recently that on the process of the movement of this fund through any means of your choice, that this fund needs to pass through its safe Transit through the Republic of South Africa. This is because, there might be some other control on the process of this transfer, if this money should be transferred directly to you from Cote DIvoire. I am right now in South Africa for all signing concerning this FUND TRANSIT. Therefore, it is very important that you call me now in South Africa before i leave to Abidjan for necessary discussion on this. Contact me immediately in South Africa on this telephone number
0027 83 758 0587

We hope to serve you through your co-operation.

I am waiting to hear from you. We hope to serve you through your total co-operation.

Yours At Law,

Barr. Raymond Anan
( Principal Attorney )

Reverend Peter Stuartsonson

Dear Barrister Raymond Anan

I thank you for your most informative response. Unfortunately you don't appear to have read the mail which I sent, explaining that we are a silent order and it is against my vows to the Church of The Sultans of Swing to speak to people. This is the reason why we were so excited to get the mail from poor Millicent (for whom we prayed last night and sent her an Invisible Touch) as we can pass our wishes and hope to her without breaking this vow.

I will pass this request for contact information onto Brother Peter Gabriel who deals with all our financial abacab as this area is a complete land of confusion for me.

Jesus He Knows Me

Thinking of Millicent

The Reverend Peter Stuartsonson
The Church of the Sultans of Swing

Brother Peter Gabriel

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 11:57:01 +0100 (BST)

Firstly, May the Lamb lie down on your broadway, amen.

Dear Mr Anan,

Many, Many thanks for the details below, it was only last week that Brother Tony Banks (fellow financial controller to the Church of the Sultans of Swing) and I where praying to the Lamia (Blessed is the Lamia released from the cage and bathed in the fountains of Salmacis, amen) that such a business opportunity should come our way.

We have been looking for a sign such as this, and many to many have slipped through our fingers. But now we have a warm afterglow that all our financial troubles are over and we can now call all stations to spread the word of the Lamia (Blessed is the Lamia, released from the cage and bathed in the fountains of Salmacis, amen) And now you Raymond Anan, have lifted us out of stagnation and brought visions of angels to this aisle of plenty. Although, I am saddened by the condition of Mrs Millicent, we will pray to the Lamia (Blessed is the Lamia, released from the cage and bathed in the fountains of Salmacis, amen), infact we have plans for a shrine to her to be kept deep in the motherlode.

But, alas, my heart is heavy like silent sorrows in empty boats, since the battle of Epping forest we have lived hand to mouth, only last week we received the final warning that we have to leave our humble home, "get them out by Friday" I can still hear them call, this is why these funds are so important to us.

Anyway, to business...

You have asked for details...

Full name Brother Peter Gabriel .

International Passport Number 6798412
Company's Name The church is registered as The Church of The Sultans of Swing.
Your Occupation Financial controller
Marital Status: Married to the Lamia (Blessed is the Lamia, released from the cage and bathed in the fountains of Salmacis, amen)
As a silent order we have no need for phones, we can only communicate by Email or if documents are required you may scan them and email them to me here in Preston. They can be signed and posted back to you if you wish.

I do hope this information is in order .

Jesus He Knows me.

Thinking of Mrs Millicent


Brother Peter Gabriel
Financial controller for the Church of the Sultans of Swing.

Its ongoing.......

more to come?