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A Kindly Contributor in South Africa describes how he responds to Lad Letters:
" I send this document as an attachment to my reply.
It is based on the probably quite well known hoax that encourages PC users
to delete a perfectly harmless OS file from their systems at their own confused
volition. It would be nice if I could add an applet or two; say a progress bar
stating that it was 'uploading' and that 'GPS Satellite tracking' had been activated...
It is my earnest hope that some mugu will actually try and convince the FBI
that they qualify for 'compensation'!"

UPDATE: Another Kindly Contributor, "Fred Flintstone", has done just that - sort of :)
See the links at the bottom.

Due to our legal obligations under both USA and EEU law, we are obliged to inform you that, by opening this attachment, you have installed SkamTrak™ on your system. You are hereby notified that SkamTrak™ will activate itself within 48 hours of this installation.

SkamTrak™ is Policeware sanctioned for use by both Interpol and the FBI, and is used to record and trace e-mail transactions which are reasonably suspected of being used in fraudulent operations on the internet.

By arrangement with the major anti-virus and anti-spyware vendors (Norton, McAfee, XBlock and others) their products will not alert users to the presence of SkamTrak™ on a computer system.

Evidence obtained by SkamTrak™ is admissible in both USA and EEU courts. Because you have now been informed of its installation on your system, your further use of the system subsequent to this notification is deemed to constitute consent thereto.

Due to our obligations under the law, we must also inform you of the procedures necessary to remove SkamTrak™ from your system.

1: Make a backup of the address book of your e-mail client.
2: Delete the contents of your address book.
3: Using a printout from your backup, manually re-enter the addresses you wish to retain in your address book. NB: It is insufficient to simply restore the contents of your backup to the address book. The code for SkamTrak™ is written into the buffer zones of the technical headings of the addresses and will reactivate if a restore backup operation is performed.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that SkamTrak™ is compatible with all software platforms, there is the theoretical possibility that damage and/or loss of data may occur on some systems. If you feel that SkamTrak™ has damaged your system or caused you data and/or financial loss it is possible that you may qualify for compensation up to, but not exceeding, the amount of $5000.00 US.

Any claims or complaints in this regard should be lodged at:

Please include all relevant details including:
The date, nature and extent of the damage incurred, your contact details, and the amount that you wish to claim.

SkamTrak™ hopes that you will agree that radical measures are necessary to combat the growing phenomenon of internet-fraud, and asks for your cooperation and understanding in this endeavour.

SkamTrak™ - Skimming the Scam Scum for Safer Surfing.


I saw the link on Scamorama about SkamTrak. The person who posted it thought progress bars would be nice. I made a flash movie that does just that. The URL is http:// The uninstall button will crash Internet Explorer on a Windows system. I also made a full window entrance to the page at this Message914airegin.html The button "Bank Information" opens the site into a full screen with the only way out of the site is to Alt F4. I believe the full screen version only works on Internet Explorer on Windows. The install movie lasts about 30 sec ending with a car alarm going off. The menus buttons all have functions some with unexpected results. The size of the whole site is 88k and should load fast.

"Dear (scammer's name),

My message is here"

We tried that. The web page pops up the text from the Kindly Contributor of SkamTrak, with a progress bar that tells you SkamTrak is being installed. You are given the option to cancel the install. If you try that, you get another interesting message :)

I have another idea along this line which I call "Get Police". This also has a full screen entrance to the page at this URL http:// The screen pops up with You are a Nigerian 419 scammer. I have a sound file go off after a few secs that starts with the car alarm then a woman's voice that says "Alert this person is a scammer call the police". The movie is 61 sec long with it crashing Internet Explorer after it completes it run. The only way to avoid the crash is to Alt F4 before the text stops spinning around

"Dear (scammer's name),

My message is here"

We tried this too. We visited Fred's page, then clicked on "bank info".
The link indeed opened up into a revolving Flash animation which reads "You are a 419 scammer". A voice says "This person is a scammer, call the police." It repeats and repeats.

Thanks for your page it's a great resource. I've got a couple of Lads doing projects with Fred right now. :)

Yabba Dabba Doo

Fred Flintstone