Here's an interesting situation. I received this plea for help in distributing excess funds from the Central African Republic.
Unfortunately for the sender, I just happened to have spent 10 years living in a village in the C.A.R.,
and I'm fluent in the tribal trade language of the country.
I don't think he appreciated my attempts to communicate with him in the tribal language, Sango.

first email from him

From: garaba jeanmario <>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 04:29:31 +0100 (CET)

My name is Garaba Jean-Mario, a national of Central African Republic. Though, we have not met before, and i consider this as an unusual way of presenting a business cooperation, i pray that you forgive me because i do not have any other option rather than soliciting your cooperation through this means. I got your contact while i was searching the net for a reputable company or individual with whom i can transact this business with. I was a protocol officer to Ange Felix Patasse, the former president of Central African Republic, who is deposed and is now on exile in the republic of Togo. In the event of the rebellion that removed Patasse from power, i made away with two well-sealed boxes each containing the sum of USD 25,000,000 from a secret vault in the presidential villa.With the help of my German friend, who was a diplomatic courrier to the President, he assisted me in transporting these boxes from central african republic to Cotonou, in the republic of Benin through a diplomatic channel. For security reasons, he assisted me in lodging these boxes with a security company in Cotonou and registerd the boxes in his name as ontaining FAMILY CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS AND FILES. He gave me the secret code and a copy of the DEED OF LODGE. Unfortunately for me while i was still in detention for political reasons, my German friend died 3 months ago of Cardiac complications. This may have been as a result of numerous matrimonial problems. Now that i have been released from detention, i have gone to the security company to raise claims to these boxes but the security company has refused to honour my request, saying that the boxes were not registered in my name but the name of my late German friend. Now, the security company has requested that they can only release these boxes to any of my late friends family members or foreign associates on provision of necessary proofs such as the SECRET CODE, PHOTOCOPY OF THE DEED OF LODGE AND DEATH CERTIFICATE of my late friend. All these informations and documents i already have in my custody. But i need a foreigner like you who can assist me in raising this claim by putting in an application as my late friends associate. I cannot treat this business with my late friends ex- wife for two obvious reasons:
1) if i treat this business with her, i may loose all my money to her because she may not understand that this money belongs to me and not her former husband.
2)i never knew her and never met her, but i know she was a major factor to my late friends death because he always mentioned how she was cheating on him despite all he had done for her.My late friend has a 9 month old baby which he had from a relationship with a Central African woman, he so much loved his daughter, now she is left without a father and adequate care. I have mapped out 10% of this money to be paid into a child's welfare account for her, immediately the money is released.
Before my friend died,i had plans with him to invest this money into real estate business in Germany as a joint venture with him, that is 70% for me and 30% for him. I want you to assist me in raising this claims so that this money will be released for both of us. We can invest this money in your country in a joint partnership, 65% for me, 25% for you while 10% goes to Anita, my late friends daughter's welfare account. If we have a deal, contact me immediately so that we can talk.This whole secret is shared only between me and my late friend, now you are the third person. No time to waste. Regards.

Garaba Jean-Mario.

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My Reply

How lucky! you selected someone who used to live in the Central African Republic. I lived upcountry at Yaloke.


Ita, mbi ma toto ti mo, mais mbi ye ti hounda mo. tenti nye mo ye ti mgbanzi ginza so kwe? mo hinga, a tanga ti ita ti mo na be afrique a ba mpasi mingi, na mbi pense ayeke njoni ti tene mo mou 65% ti nginza so, na mo bata ni pepe, mais mo mou ni na a jo so ayeke na besoin ti kobe, na yoro, na a mbeni ye nde nde. A yeke a mara ti jo tonga so, so a ye ti aide a ita ti ala so fade a mo lege na RCA ti djia lango ti bira na peko ti ala.

ita ti mo na Amerique,


(rough transalation of what I said: I hear your cries, yet I question why you are so selfish with such a large sum of moeny when your fellow countrymen are in such poverty? I encourage you to give 65% of it to the people of your country who need food and other things just to survive. It is people like you, with the power to help their fellow man who can enable the C.A.R. to leave behind the era of poverty and war.

your brother in America


his second email

Hello XXXXX,

Nice to know you used to live in Central Africa. Where are you from? Where do you live presently? What do you do for a living? Please respond in English.


my Reply

don't you know sango?

his final email

Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 2:15 PM

You are not under any obligation to beleive me. Forget it. Bye. --