From a Kindly Contributor in India:

Love you Darling... Wana Have You.. But...

Below is the Chat Transcript with a Scammer. She talked to me first in MYSPACE, den gave me the Yahoo I.D to chat..

She started behaving nicely and den went wild in Sex...After chatting for one day, she said she was not OK, having fever and she had exams n Demanded money...I knew it was scam and wanted to have some Fun with her... so said her to demand more money.,, but she didnt...

Her I.D is queenlove_adu

And the play begins...

lonely_krishna_katt: hi sexy b****,, u ther

queenlove_ade: yes

lonely_krishna_katt: howz u..

lonely_krishna_katt: change ur pic darling,, wanna c u naked,,,

lonely_krishna_katt: hey i am travelling to my country tonight, n wil return after 2 weeks..

queenlove_ade: fine and u

queenlove_ade: ok

lonely_krishna_katt: i am f***ing gr8,,, bcoz of u

queenlove_ade: ok


lonely_krishna_katt: hey dear,, r u busy??

queenlove_ade: not at all y did u ask

lonely_krishna_katt: coz u r not replying my msg dats y

lonely_krishna_katt: wanna hav fun again..

lonely_krishna_katt: r u in mood today?

queenlove_ade: no

lonely_krishna_katt: y not in mood ,, dear,,

lonely_krishna_katt: wat happend to u dear.. r u OK

queenlove_ade: no

lonely_krishna_katt: y r u not OK

lonely_krishna_katt: pl tell me,, I am tensed

queenlove_ade: i am having fever

lonely_krishna_katt: oh dear,,, did u go to da Doctor?

lonely_krishna_katt: darling............. pl go to a Doctor,, n get checked,,,, pl......

queenlove_ade: yes

lonely_krishna_katt: is it mild fever, or is it somethig serious

queenlove_ade: i ve went to d doctor

lonely_krishna_katt: ok

queenlove_ade: thanx

queenlove_ade: i really feel like having u but

lonely_krishna_katt: but????????????????????????

queenlove_ade: yes but i am not ok

lonely_krishna_katt: gud dear

queenlove_ade: u are wellcome

lonely_krishna_katt: da moment i c ur pic,, i feel like f***ing u

lonely_krishna_katt: having sex wid u,, u llok so sexy

queenlove_ade: wow are u sure

lonely_krishna_katt: i promise

queenlove_ade: thanx

lonely_krishna_katt: u made me very happy yesterday

queenlove_ade: promise wat

lonely_krishna_katt: i promise dat i am sure dat u look very sexy n i want to fuck u

queenlove_ade: wat are we friends 4 i can do any thing 4 u or cant u

lonely_krishna_katt: wat. y can't I do anything 4 u..i know ur position as u r a girl, n studying.

lonely_krishna_katt: tel me darlinggg

queenlove_ade: are u really sure

lonely_krishna_katt: hey,, don'

lonely_krishna_katt: don't ask me again n again whether I am sure or not

lonely_krishna_katt: I told u many many times,, dat I am very sure dat I like u, u llok very sexy,,, I like u a lot

queenlove_ade: ok sorry 4 dat

queenlove_ade: i am having my exams on monday i need some change

queenlove_ade: are u there

lonely_krishna_katt: ssss

lonely_krishna_katt: change means,, do u want to go to some place

queenlove_ade: no i mean some money

lonely_krishna_katt: ok

lonely_krishna_katt: how much,,

lonely_krishna_katt: but... y do u require it

queenlove_ade: require it how plss explain to me love

lonely_krishna_katt: i didn't understand it...."require it how plss explain to me love" wat u mean by this

lonely_krishna_katt: hey, u ther

lonely_krishna_katt: darlinggg

queenlove_ade: u said y did i require it so i want u to explain the meaning of REQUIRE IT as u say

lonely_krishna_katt: ya pl tel me

queenlove_ade: yes

lonely_krishna_katt: how much do u want

queenlove_ade: hope $300 will be ok

lonely_krishna_katt: dat all.. u r worring only for $300.......so bad

lonely_krishna_katt: u know I earn $ 6000 per month......................

queenlove_ade: i dont ve so i ve to be worried

lonely_krishna_katt: If u want only $300.. den ok

queenlove_ade: ok

queenlove_ade: ok

queenlove_ade: how am i going to get it i will really apreciate it

queenlove_ade: are u there

lonely_krishna_katt: ssssssssss BUZZ!!!

lonely_krishna_katt: donno

lonely_krishna_katt: give me ur bank account number,,, i will send u now

queenlove_ade: wat

lonely_krishna_katt: u got a Bank account?? I will Deposit da money in your Bank acount now

lonely_krishna_katt: hey,,,

queenlove_ade: can u send it through western union

lonely_krishna_katt: I never sent it using Western Union... Do you know the process??

lonely_krishna_katt: tell me how to send using Western Union

queenlove_ade: ok i will try and get my account number 4 u now

lonely_krishna_katt: ok, will wait 4 it

queenlove_ade: thanx u are a darling

lonely_krishna_katt: Love u

queenlove_ade: love u too

lonely_krishna_katt: f*** u.......................

lonely_krishna_katt: u slut............................................

lonely_krishna_katt: f***ing b****...............................

queenlove_ade: u started againg

lonely_krishna_katt: sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

lonely_krishna_katt: feeling very hornyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

lonely_krishna_katt: stroking my c***

lonely_krishna_katt: r u readyyyyyyyyyyy

queenlove_ade: no i vent got the account number yet

lonely_krishna_katt: okkkk

queenlove_ade: i ve got it now can i send u now

lonely_krishna_katt: yaaa

queenlove_ade: 4152030000355

lonely_krishna_katt: is it a western union a/c number?

queenlove_ade: dat is the account number are u sending it now plsssssssss help me out thanx

lonely_krishna_katt: ya i wil sed u...

queenlove_ade: no is an account number

queenlove_ade: when

lonely_krishna_katt: now

lonely_krishna_katt: f***ing b****hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

queenlove_ade: ok should i go and check at about wat hour

lonely_krishna_katt: i will send u/ ya,, check after 1 hr

queenlove_ade: yes

lonely_krishna_katt: i will send $ 800... is it OK

lonely_krishna_katt: hey,,,,,,,,,

lonely_krishna_katt: suck my cok

queenlove_ade: i will but i am not yet still ok

lonely_krishna_katt: ok..

lonely_krishna_katt: pl, slowly today,,,

lonely_krishna_katt: wana hav sex..like yesterday

queenlove_ade: yes

lonely_krishna_katt: start.. dear

queenlove_ade: ok darling

queenlove_ade: i will first kiss u

lonely_krishna_katt: yaaaaaaaa

lonely_krishna_katt: den..................

lonely_krishna_katt: french kissssssssssssssss

queenlove_ade: then romance u from ur head to toes

lonely_krishna_katt: aaahhhhhhh

lonely_krishna_katt: dennnnnnnnn

queenlove_ade: off ur shirt asing ur bootons

queenlove_ade: suck ur nipples

queenlove_ade: the 2 sides

lonely_krishna_katt: aaah.... i am sucking ur nippleesssssssssssss

queenlove_ade: sream into ur hears

lonely_krishna_katt: pressing ur boobssssssssssssss

queenlove_ade: woooooooooooow

lonely_krishna_katt: aaahhhhhhhhhhhh

lonely_krishna_katt: pressing,,,,,,,,,, sucking,,,,,,,,, wildlyyyyyyyyyy

queenlove_ade: yes

queenlove_ade: woow dats was a nice touch

lonely_krishna_katt: come on my top

queenlove_ade: is like u getting far when are u going to d bank to send me the money so dat i can get it today u know tomorow is weekend banks dont open on weekends pls now

lonely_krishna_katt: oh,, ok

lonely_krishna_katt: i will cal u in 10 minutes,, n den send u money

lonely_krishna_katt: ok

lonely_krishna_katt: bye,, now let me go den... ok

queenlove_ade: ok but did u ve my phone number

lonely_krishna_katt: ya, i have it

lonely_krishna_katt: +2348030707408

queenlove_ade: ok thanx

lonely_krishna_katt: how much do u want.. tel me correctly,,,, dont b afraid to ask/...

lonely_krishna_katt: dont shy.....

lonely_krishna_katt: coz i dont want u to suffer afterwards

queenlove_ade: dat is ok 4 now

lonely_krishna_katt: fine...

lonely_krishna_katt: i know u r gud.. u dont want to take un due advantage..

lonely_krishna_katt: u ther?

queenlove_ade: yes

lonely_krishna_katt: y u r silent .....

lonely_krishna_katt: talk something

queenlove_ade: i dont want to demand 4 wat is too much 4 me

lonely_krishna_katt: oh gud.. very Honest

lonely_krishna_katt: where in NIgeria r u from??

lonely_krishna_katt: which City in NIgeria..

queenlove_ade: lagos

lonely_krishna_katt: Capital City

queenlove_ade: yes

lonely_krishna_katt: ok.. gr8...