updated august 9, 2015

What is done with your submission

When you send a single e-mail to Scamorama, it is stored, with the data you included, such as email addresses, headers or other identifying information. It's generally not posted on the web site unless it is something new and different. If it's part of a correspondence, it will be considered for posting.

What it's used for

Lone letters are generally kept for analysis. Contents may be quoted and discussed in published media such as scholarly journals. This includes data identifying internet service providers, which are public data. Especially intriguing or funny material may be posted on the Scamorama web site or published in other ways. Other correspondence is stored.

What it's not used for

Personal data of people (non-scammers) who contribute material to the web site, will not be rented or sold for the purpose of marketing by third parties.

Your personal details

If material you send is posted on the web site, Scamorama makes a good faith effort to remove or obfuscate your personal information - e-mail, name, phone number, etc. - unless you instruct otherwise - and will try to fix any mistakes on request. "Personal information" means your "real" name and e-mail address, to the extent these can be distinguished from any literary persona you adopt in corresponding with scammers. Scamorama may remove or change posted e-mail addresses of "literary persona".

Material sent by scammers to Scamorama, or which appears to come from scammers, is fair game for anything, including and not limited to, posting on the web site or submission to law enforcement.


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No responsibility for other websites

What it says. Gory legal details at legal stuff.


If you have any concerns, contact postmaster AT scamorama DOT com .