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A Kindly Contributor with a strong literary bent shares his encounter with Yet Another Son of Savimbi. Kima's Angolan, supposedly hiding out in Togo, the imaginary money's in Amsterdam, the targeted Kindly Contributor is supposedly in Ireland, the provider du jour of the Lad's e-mail is in Korea.

First Contact!

Subject:	Request		

from: K.S. Savimbi 
This letter may come to you as a surprise due to the 
fact that we have not yet met. The message could be 
strange but real if you pay some attention to it. I 
could have notified you about it at least for the sake 
of your integrity. Please accept my sincere apologies. 
In bringing this message of goodwill to you, I have to 
say that I have no intentions of causing you any 
I am Mr. K.S.Savimbi, son of the late rebel leader 
Jonas Savimbi of Angola who was killed on the 22nd of 
Febuary 2002 . I managed to get your contact details 
through the internet myself Time is of the importance 
and I was desperately looking for a person to assist 
me in this confidential business. 
My late father, Jonas Savimbi was able to deposit a 
large sum of money in different banks in Europe My 
father is presently dead, and the movement of his 
family members (including me) is restricted. We are 
forbidden to either travel abroad or out of our 
localities. Presently our movement are monitored. 
Right now there is a rush for all my Father's wealth 
but home and Abroad by the Government who are claiming that 
most of the wealth was got by Arms smuggling and therefore 
illegal and by my father,s extended family and relations. 
You can know more about my father by checking his profile at 
URL below: 
His wealth has been estimated to be $500 million to over 
$1 billion and being close to my father I happen to be in 
possesion of documents and information of some of the wealth. 
Approx. $250 million and only my trusted mother knows that 
I have this information. 
Presently, the US$30,000,000.00 (Thirty Million usd
Dollars) cash my father transfered to Europe before his 
death is deposited with some security firms in Europe and Africa. 
Before you can get access to it I have to give you the 
password I am therefore soliciting your help to travel 
to Europe to recieve this money and transfer 
into your account before my government get wind of 
this fund .You know my father was a rebel leader in 
Angola before his death My reason for doing this is 
because it will be difficult for the Angolan government 
to trace my father's money to an individual's account, 
especially when such an individual has no relationship , 
I decided to keep that money for my family use. 
At present the money is kept in a Security Company in 
I am currently and temporarily living in Lome,Togo. 
with my family for my refugee status.I intend to 
communication with you as regards this transaction 
on a satelite phone to avoid intervention by anybody. 
Moreover, the political climate in Lome,Togo. at the 
moment being so sensitive and unstable.With this 
password and information and I will send you a 
power of attorney to the security firm, When you 
are ready I will give you the information needed 
before you can get access to the fund you will then 
proceed to Amsterdam,Netherland, where the US$30,000,000.00 
will be given to you as payment. 
Yours sincerely, 
.K.S. Savimbi. 

And the first reply from Oliver:
  Please let me have more information

X-Apparently-To:	oliver_j_flanagan via; 01 Oct 2002
16:22:58 -0700 (PDT)	Top of Form 1 && 	
Return-Path:		 <<...OLE_Obj...>>  <<...OLE_Obj...>> 
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<<...OLE_Obj...>> &&&&&&& 	
Received:	from (HELO ( by with SMTP; 01 Oct 2002 16:22:57 -0700 (PDT)	Bottom of
Form 1	
Received:	from unknown[] (envelope sender: )
; Wed, 02 Oct 2002 08:18:08 KST +0900		
To:	oliver_j_flanagan		
Subject:	Re:		
Date:	Wed, 2 Oct 2002 08:18:08 +0900 (KST)		

Dear Oliver,
Thank you so much for your email, I want you to assure me thank you will be
sincere to me in the course of this transaction because the whole of my family
has suffered lot since the death of my father Jonas. 
What I require from you presently to send to me your contact particulars
including your telephone, fax and cell numbers. This will enable me communicate
with you on telephone so as to maintain absolute confidentiality in the course
of this transaction. As you would understand, the amount involved in this
transaction is enormous and as such, I would require that you send to me
through email your scanned Passport so as to build trust and confidence.
You will have to go to Amsterdam to receive the funds from the security company
with the document and pass code which I will release to in no distant time.
You will have to transfer the funds to your nominated account in your country
pending when I am able to sort myself out here to regain my freedom so that I
can travel to meet with you.
I will also want you to state your compensation in your next email to me what
you think will be good for you as compensation for your assistance.
You can reach on this satellite phone no.874 762 922 993. While dialing this
number, dial your international access code and then the number straight as
provided here. 
I want to thank you once more and I am praying to God Almighty to bless you.
Kima Savimbi.

Oliver puts out some bait!

Date:	Wed, 2 Oct 2002 05:53:22 -0700 (PDT)	
From:	"Oliver Flanagan"
Subject:	Re:		

Dear Kima, 
Thank you for getting in touch with me. My neighbour Aine tells me that your
father, Jonas, was a man that did great work for Christianity in Angola. I'd be
happy to help his family in any way that I can. 
My name is Oliver James Flanagan and I come from Mountmellick in Ireland. My
telephone number is (757) 864-2198. Please let it ring a few times as it's in
another room and it takes me a while to get to the phone. I tried phoning your
number but all that I got was some strange clicks and buzzes on the line. 
Life had been difficult since my dear wife Mary Kate passed away two years ago.
We were married for 43 years without a single angry word. 
I've just retired from my post as managing director of my family building firm
and am looking for other business opportunities. Thanks be to God, I'm not
short of a few pound (I suppose I should say Euro now but it's hard to make the
switch at this time of my life) but I have fifteen children and 48
grandchildren to make provision for so your offer is a Godsend to me. 
One of my grandsons, Michael, has set up this computer for me but I'm still not
sure how to use it. Please excuse me if I make mistakes, the old eyesight is
not a good as it once was. 
I don't have a passport at the moment. The last one I had was when myself and
Mary Kate went on pilgrimage to Lourdes in 1956. Were you ever there, it a
grand place entirely. 

Are you sure I would have to go to Amsterdam? I've heard it's a terrible place
full of drug addicts and strange people of all sorts. Do they speak English
there? I'm a bit nervous about the flying though. My grandaughter, Grainne,
says that flying is no bother as long as you don't look out the window. 
Looking forward to hearing from you. 
My best regards to you and your family. 

Oliver J Flanagan was a real 1950's politician in Ireland, I don't suppose the Lads would know this! The telephone no is in the USA!

Kima gets a bit confused

To:	"Oliver Flanagan" 		
Subject:	Re:		
Date:	Fri, 4 Oct 2002 14:44:41 +0900 (KST)		
Dear Oliver,
Thank you so much for your email, I need your sincere and genuine assurance in
the course of this transaction. When I think of my immediate past, the war
situation, the death of my father and the eventual displacement of my family,
all of these coupled with my refugee status at the moment, I have to be very
careful with this transaction as it remains my only hope to live a good life
again if actualized.. 
What I require from you presently to send to me your contact particulars
including your telephone fax and cell numbers. This will enable me communicate
with you on telephone so as to maintain absolute confidentiality in the course
of this transaction. As you would understand, the amount involved in this
transaction is enormous and as such, I would require that you send to me
through email your scanned Passport so as to build trust and confidence.
You will be required to travel to Amsterdam and meet with the officials of the
holding, to receive the funds from the Security Company with the document and
pass code, which I will release to you.
You will need to transfer the funds to your nominated account in your country
pending when I am able to sort myself out here to regain my freedom so that I
can travel to meet with you. I also tried to call you on the numbers you gave
to me but no response from your end. Are you presently in America or Ireland,
have you decided that you can travel to Amsterdam considering your disposition.
It was good to learn from you that my Dad was very friendly to missionaries
that worked down Luanda and Lububashi when he was alive. I am happy that there
are still some people that actually appreciate the struggle for equality and
justice which father fought for throughout his lifetime. I hope we will meet
some day at the end of this transaction.
I will also want you to state your compensation in your next email to me what
you think will be good for you as compensation for your assistance.
You can reach on this satellite phone no.874 762 922 993. While dialing this
number, dial your international access code and then the number straight as
provided here. 
I want to thank you once more and I am praying to God Almighty to bless you.
Kima Savimbi.

Oliver went missing for a week and Kima is worried

To:	"Oliver Flanagan" 		
Subject:	re		
Date:	Wed, 16 Oct 2002 16:28:00 +0900 (KST)		

Dear Oliver,
I have waited to hear from you but to my dissappointement, I am still waiting,
I hope everything is alright with you, I need to know also if you are still
ready to render me assistance to receive the funds for me from the security
company in Amsterdam. We need to talk and discuss in details procedures
regarding receipt of the funds.
Please get in touch with me as urgently as you can so that we can start
something. I have assured you earlier that there will be no risk in the course
of this transaction as the funds are already secured in a security company. I
have the deposit documents and we only need an attorney to prepare the POA that
will authorize you legally to receive the funds.
You can call me on tel#871 762 922 990, or you can send me your contact numbers
so that I can call you because the one you sent to me before does not have your
country code and I also want to know which country you are presently..
Thank you and God bless.

Now he is really worried!

To:	"Oliver Flanagan" 		
Subject:	Re: Request		
Date:	Sun, 20 Oct 2002 02:56:13 +0900 (KST)		
Dear oliver,
I uable to reach you on phone.
Plwease let me know if you are still intrested in this transaction and willing
to assist. 
Comfirm your tel. # and let me know when best to find you to talk to 
becos we need to talk regarding this transaction.
My tel. #: 871 762 922 990.Just dial your country's int.l access code 
and then dial the # straight.

But Oliver surfaces again, now with a passport

Date:	Wed, 23 Oct 2002 05:58:26 -0700 	
From:	"Oliver Flanagan"
Subject:	Re: Request		

Dear Kima, 
I'm sorry about not being in touch before now. I was down in Kenmare visiting
Alice, my fourth daughter. She is not feeling well since the twins were born. 
The telephones don't work as well in Kerry at they do in Offaly. I think it's
all due to all the rain they get in that part of the world. 
Anyway I've got my passport organised at last. Sergeant McGillicudy in the
Guards was very helpfull. He is a nice man even though he does come from Mayo,
I suppose all the years in Mountmellick have civilised him a bit! He was
telling me a strange story about letters from Nigeria but, to tell the truth, I
could not make head or tail of it. 
I was talking to Father Ted Crilly last night. He spent a lot of time in
Angola, in a town called Bailundo. I don't suppose you remember him? At any
rate he was very sorry to hear about your father's death and asked me to pass
on his sympathies. Could you send me your family photo so that Father Ted can
see if he recognises you? 
Anyway, now that I've got my passport what do we do now? I could go to
Amsterdam sometime in the middle of November if that would suit. I've to go to
PJs wedding in Cambridge on the 18th and I suppose I could go on from there
then. Can you arrange a hotel for me? 
PJ is marrying an English girl and has his poor mothers heart broke. She wanted
him to marry a girl from Portarlington but you know these young people, always
having to be doing their own thing. 
Anyway it's nice to hear from you again. Is that telephone of yours working at
all, I can never get through to it? 
With best wishes 

The guards are the Irish police force. Sergeant McGillicuddy (a mountain range in Kerry by the way!) might start getting interested in the case. Bailundo is a town in central Angola, Jonas Savimbi's headquarters for much of the Angolan war. Father Ted Crilly is a character in an Irish comedy series.

Kima's back, and the subject of advance fee is finally raised!

To: "Oliver Flanagan"  
Subject: Re: Request 
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 03:18:53 +0900 (KST)         

Dear Oliver,
Thank you for your elaborate email, I was wondering what was wrong as at the
time I have not heard from you. I am happy that you know that I am not a
Nigerian but an Angolan. I am also happy that you know of my father and your
good neighbours have also testified to that.
To start with, I want to say congratulations on the numerous events taking
place in your household and also on the issue of your passport that is now
ready for use. I quite aknowledged the fact that you are concern and ready to
front for me regarding the transaction with the officials of the security
company in Amsterdam. 
Mr. Oliver, you know that presently, I do not have a father that would do all
things for me, I am here in Togo living a refugee life without the usual
pleasures and ultimate freedom I desire because I am in a foriegn land. Coupled
to all of the above situation, I do not have funds to organise myself. This is
the reason why I deemed it necessary at the moment to commence this transaction
so that I can live a good life again. 
I cannot lie to you because I want to take you as my father, I want to confide
in you on some vital confidential issues. This is the reason why I would not
want you to discuss this transaction with anyone else again. I want you to
promise me that because this transaction is not only sensitive but at the same
time confidential.
I want you to know from the depth of my heart that I do not have the required
funds to finance this transaction, and by virtue of this, I will plead that you
will have to finance it and also receive the funds in your account, assist me
in areas of investmenbt and also arrange for me to come and join you. I know
that the burden of all of the above issues are demanding but I am of the
opinion and belief that God in his infinite mercy will see us through.
I also want to let you know that the consignment has attracted dommurage since
its deposit, I am still trying to find out from the audit section of the
security company how much this dummorage is.
All of these combine with my present status are my worries.
I will ned to know from you exactly your position regarding the above issues.
In the interim, my attorney wants your contact address as this information is
required in the preperation of the Legal Document of the POA that will empower
you to receive the funds from the security company.
I will also request that you send to me your tel.# again. Please remember to
state your country's access code. Here is my Tel.# 871 762 922 990, dial this
number immidiately after your international access code, just keep trying even
when it gives some messages, in most cases, we experience network congestion
here in Africa. In due course, I will also forward to you contact particulars
of the security company in Amsterdam so that you can discuss your arrival with
the officials. They will assist you with issue relating to accomodation, your
arrival and departure. It is thier responsibilities to provide useful
information to client and beneficiaries .
I hope to hear from you.
Thank you and God bless. 

Kima Savimbi meets an Irish Countryman! Part 2

Oliver reveals some more details of his own, shady, background!

Dear Kima, 
Thank you for your email. I'm really honoured that you would come to think of
me as your father, after such a short exchange of letters. 
I've been very carefull not to tell anyone of our little business proposition.
All that I told Fr Ted and Sergeant McGillycuddy was that I had started getting
letters from a very nice young man in Africa. So you don't need to worry on
that score at all, at all. You don't spend 50 years in the building trade in
Ireland without learning how to keep cards close to your chest at times. 
Anyway you have been so trusting with me that I think that I should tell you of
my worrries too. You seem to be a young man with a good grasp of how the world
works so perhaps you could give me some good advise. 
I've spent all of my life working for the family building firm Flanagan
Construction and, thanks be to God, we made quite a lot of money over the
years. In particular we built a lot of houses around the Dublin area. 
'Twas real easy to make money in that area a few years ago. We would buy up
agricultural land cheap from some thick farmer. A few thousand pounds to a
politician and the land would be rezoned for residential development. Then we
would subcontract the building and throw up lots of houses on the land. If we
could manage to wind up the company before the estate was finished then the
local authority would have to take the costs of roads, lighting and sewerage,
which was a nice bonus. 
Well things were good like that for a good few years, then I had the misfortune
to come across that bowsie Ray Burke. He was a government minister and could
rezone land in minutes. He was good but greedy. At any way he overstepped
himself and caused all sorts of government inquiries to be set up. I don't
suppose you have heard of the Flood tribunal? Well that bloody Fianna Failer
could not keep his mouth shut and my name was mentioned in the report. My poor
father, Lord be good to him, was right when he said that you should only trust
a Blueshirt. 
As a result I've got the taxman and the Criminal Assets Bureau breathing down
the back of my neck every time I go near a bank. I've quite a lot of money,
nothing like your amount of course, sitting in a safe place and I can't use it.
Then the euro changover happened and all my savings are in old Irish pounds.
They are still legal but that will stop sometime next year. When that happens
I'll have suitcases full of waste paper if I don't do something about it. I
can't spend it and I can't move it! I'll be dammed if I let the government gets
its greedy paws on what I worked for so long and hard. What do you think I
should do? 

Anyway to get back to our own business. My solicitors are Bolger White Egan &
Flanagan Lismard Court Portlaoise Co. Laois Tel: (0502) 21215 Fax: (0502)
Ask to talk to Mr Freddie Bolger who is a very nice man indeed and knows how to
keep things under his hat. Insist on speaking directly to him, I don't trust
some of these young whippersnappers in his office. If they try to put you off
insist that you are my business partner. Use the password POG MAHONE in the

I don't understand why the security company is charging you for damage to the
boxes, if they damaged them they should pay for the repairs. I hope you won't
take offence when I advise you not to let people take advantage of your good
nature, Kima. 
Anyway I've got to go, myself and Ted are going out for a round of golf, let's
hope that the evening stays fine. 
Best wishes to you and your family. 

The stories of the government minister, planning corruption and tribunals are well known. Fianna Fail is one Irish political party. The Blueshirts were an Irish fascist movement from the 1930s. The lawyers are real, but Freddie is not. POG MAHONE is Irish for 'Kiss my Ass' and is unlikely to get you past any receptionist!

Kima is back, not happy about dealing with lawyers, even imaginary ones!

Dear Oliver,
I must appreciate your great concern towards me and I must confess that I can
dream of a future of hope and love. Having been isolated for so long and driven
away from home, living in a strange land coupled to my financial difficulties,
meeting with you has push me close to the world again, just the way itwas when
my father was alive. 
I understand all of your analysis and your predicaments. I also aknowledge the
fact that you intend to involve your solicitors in this transaction because you
can trust them. But I still want you to look at it this way, we can do this
together independently without involving your advocates, you have my numbers
and you can give to me your direct access numbers so that I can call you.
Let me inform you that the funds are there in the Security Company. The
officials are waiting for your arrival in Amsterdam because I have informed
them that my partner from Ireland will soon contact them.
You will need to put yourself together and make arrangement on when it will be
convenient for you to travel to Amsterdam. 
There was onething I requested for in my last email to you which uptil now you
have not responded to. I did tell you that my attorney here want to have your
contact particulars so as to arrange the document of Authority (POA) that will
empower you to receive the funds legally in Amsterdam.
I will still request you forward this information to me. Moreover, in my last
mail I told you also that the the deposit with the security company has accrued
financial dumoragge this means to say that we will need to make some payment in
cash to the officials as dumoragge before the deposited consignment will be
release to you in person. It was only yesterday that the officials of the
security company told me that the estimate dumoragge as amounted to the tune of
$24,200 USD. This they said will be paid by us as soon as you arrive Amsterdam.
They also said that since the deposited funds will be paid to you in cash, part
of this fee will be use to set up an account for you in your name with a local
bank in Amsterdam where you can instruct for a wire transfer to your account in
Ireland. Everthing look set but I have to wait on you to make your arrangement.
I want you to understand the way I live here, I am barely living on charity on
here and also living in fear of being gun d!
own or kidnap by the enemies of my father. This is the reason why I need your
help urgently to see if you can take me out of this place. I will need you to
send to me a letter of invitation as soon as you have receive the funds in your
account, I will also require that you to send a copy of the letter to your
Embassy here to enable me secure a visa to meet with you.
Father, this is a crucial time in my life, I will definitely not forget this
gesture in my whole lifetime.
You need to stand up on this on your own without going through much protocols
to have you do this for me and God will definitely bless you in his infinite
Here is my, 871 762 922 990. Just dial the number after your
international access code.
I hope to hear from you.

And another email, this time offering good advice on Olivers taxman troubles!

  Dear Oliver,
I was also greatly touch when I learnt about your financial situaion with your
government, I will advise you to set up an offshore account to transfer your
funds to. In could be in the carribean, Singapore or Bahamas, all of these
countries are free market economy. I hope you know what that means. I will also
suggest that as soon as you receive my funds in Amsterdam, you could also set
up an offshore account either in your name or your company name to receive it
there if the Irish business law does not favour flow of cash and investment.
Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

Time to throw a small spanner in the works!

  Dear Kima, 
'Tis terrible shaken I am. 
On Friday evening myself and Fr Ted went for a round of golf on the Tullamore
course. What should happen but he was hit by a flash of lghtning just as he was
rising his 5 iron on the 12 hole! He is being treated in Birr hospital for
third degree burns at the moment. I'm almost totally deafened by the blast of
thunder. We could both have been kilt! 
I'll be back to you in a day or so when I've come back to my wits again. 
/ Oliver

Oliver has recovered and agrees to cut his lawyer out of the deal! He is looking for some practical details as well.

Tue, 29 Oct 2002 05:39:25 -0800 (PST)

	Hello again Kima, 
	I hope that you and your family are well. I forgot to ask are you married and
do you have children? They are a great blessing and comfort in the strains and
tribulations of life. 
	You will be pleased to hear that both Ted and myself are recovering nicely
from our accident on Tullamore golf course. Mind you he does look more than a
bit funny with his skinhead hairdo, they had to shave off what little hair that
was not burned by the lightning. Not that he had too much hair left to start
	If that flash had come a bit closer it might have short circuited the old
heart pacemaker and then it would have been 'Goodbye Oliver'. Still thank's be
to God we live to see another day. 
	I'm a bit worried about not having my solicitor Bertie in on this deal. He has
done a lot of work for me in the past and has a good head on his shoulders. He
got me out from under the Quarryvale troubles two years ago and saved me a lot
of money. Not to mention that he saved Fr. Ted from disgrace and possibly jail
after that unfortunate incident with the altar boy and the nun in Sligo. 
	Still my near miss has made me think again of your situation and I'm
determined to sieze the day, there may not be too many more of them! You seem
like a decent young chap and Bertie has made plenty of money out of me over the
	Why in the honour of God are the storage company trying to charge you $24,200
for keeping a few boxes for a few months? What sort of chancers are they at
all, at all? Give me their telephone number and I'll sort them out for you. I'd
hate to think that they took advantage of you just because you were far away in
Africa and not able to stand up for yourself. 
	How is the storage fee to be paid? Will they take a personal cheque or do they
want a bank draft? Who should it be made out to? 
	How many boxes are there in total? How big are they? Do I need to hire a van
in Amsterdam to move them? I don't suppose you know whether there is a branch
of the Ulster bank in Amsterdam, I find Ulstermen are the most canny with
	Thanks for your advice on my tax problems. 'Tis all very well saying open an
offshore account but that is being very carefully watched here ever since the
Ansbacher affair. I'd not be able to get that done without attracting attention
I'm afraid. What I really want is some class of commodity that I could keep
safe for a few years and then sell on again. 'Twould have to be small in size
but valuable. Have you any suggestions? 
	I've got to go, it's spilling down again, but this is normal in Ireland. 
	Best regards, 

Lots of Irish political and business leaders had accounts in the Ansbacher Bank in the Cayman Islands during the 1980's. Quarryvale was a notorious shopping development in West Dublin.

Kima is closing in for the kill! We have other names and a website

Wed, 30 Oct 2002 08:41:58 +0900 (KST)

Dear Oliver,
Thank you for your mail, infact I am happy that you are strong again to write
me. You words to me are adding water to a lifeless soul. I cannot but explain
how much I value your presence in my life. You remind me of my father in so
many ways.
I am married with only one child. The only source of my happiness before I met
I hope someday at the end of this transaction, we can meet with you in Ireland.
I am looking forward towards that. My wife also extend her concern and she
joined me in prayers for your quick recovery.
How is Fr Ted, I hope he is better too.
I have also released to the officials of the security company your contact
email so that they can contact you as my partner in I reland and that they can
go ahead and be free to deal with you. But Sir, they will not release the funds
to you except I will have my attorney to prepare in your name a document of
authority (POA) and my attorney needs your contact address information to
prepare the document. I will also have to send to you the CERTIFICATE OF
DEPOSIT as these two documents must be in your possession before you can be
accredited for receipt of the funds.
Find below are the contact information of the security company in Amsterdam and
the officer to contact.: KAPITAL SECURITIES, 
Attn:Dr Richard White 

I will also want you to find out from them modalities for receipt and the best
possible means to make the payment to the security company.
I want to thank you once again for your concern and your entire feelingd
towards humanity.
I pray that God should bless you and keep you alive for us until we meet
together in your custody.
Thank you and God bless.
I think I will need to have more of your wits are interesting they are. My
little child will grow up to like it I think.
Kima. does not exist of course. The numbers are in the Netherlands, but not Amsterdam.

The mysterious Dr White shows up!

From: "Richard white" [] To: Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 07:40:59 -0500 Subject: TRANSACTION X-Originating-Ip: X-Originating-Server: COLLECTION OF CONSIGNMENT We wish to inform you of the arrival of consignment with your names and contact bearing as consignee.You are required to proceed to amsterdam for the purpose of retrieving your consignment from our security bonded ware house.Please advise us as per the exact time you will be available for this purpose and note that you should bring the following requirement . 1.Power of attorney,endorsing you as the legal consignee of the depositor. 2.A fee of US$24,200.00(TWENTY FOUR THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED UNITED STATES DOLLARS)being for demurhage and admintrative fees. 3.A valid identity(INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT OR DRIVER LICENSE) 4.Your Hotel address,telephone and room number to enable our protocol officer pick you at and bring you to the office . You can contact the undersigned officer with telephone number #31621486359 for more clarification. Dr Richard White(Kapital securities b.v.)

Outblaze is a reputable ISP (unlike Ecplaza) so I ask to get him kicked off!

Hi Outblaze people, 
This character is trying the Nigerian 419 scam using an outblaze account. See
attached email. Can you take appropriate action please? 
/ Kindly Contributor "Oliver"
Note: forwarded message attached.

But before I do Oliver starts to worry about people taking advantage of poor Kima!

Dear Mr White, 
Can you please let me have full details of the consignment? 
Number of boxes, weight of each box, packing details, waybill and customs
clearance details. When did they arrive in your warehouse? What are your daily
charges for storage? How are your administrative fees calculated? Are there any
other charges involved? 
How do you want to receive payment, cheque or bank draft? 
Please give me the warehouse address as I may have to arrange a truck for
Best regards, 
Oliver J Flanagan 

And the letter to Kima worrying about his boxes!

Dear Kima and family, 
'Tis terrible worried about you I am, I did not sleep a wink last night with
all the worry. I'm verry anxious about this storage company and whether they
have made away with your boxes. 
I got the email from Dr White yesterday. What kind of a doctor is he anyway? 
I thought that the price he was asking for storage and demurrage (whatever that
is) was outlandish altogether. It's not fair or decent to take advantage of a
poor family in your circumstances. ' Twill bring him bad luck in the future,
see if does not! 
Anyway, I sent off an email asking for details of the charges, where the
warehouse was and things like that. Then, as it was urgent, I decided to phone
him and give him a piece of my mind on his charges. His phone number was
31621486359 and I managed to write it down without the middle 4 so of course I
could not get through. 
I then called directory enquiries and they tell me that there is no record of a
company called Kapital Securities in Amsterdam! What sort of a company is it
that has an unlisted phone number? 
Conor, the grandson, dropped in on his way home from school then and showed me
how to get this internet explorer yolk working. He is a very smart young lad,
even though he is only 12 years old. 
So I put it the address
 in and and I could not get anything at all.
I tried it with 2 and 4 W's as well. It said something about there being no
such company. It it anything I was doing wrong do you think? 
I'm shocking worried about whether you have put your precious boxes into the
hands of a crook. Do you have an address for this Dr White or how did you get
in contact with him? 
My nephew, Paddy-Joe does a bit of the tunnelling subcontracting around the
Amsterdam area. Paddy-Joe is not the brightest, but then when you are 6foot
tall and weigh 19 stone that does not matter so much. 
If I ask him nicely he will take a few of his lads around to discuss things
with this Dr. White and we might be able to recover your boxes that way. 
Please get back to me as soon as possible. I'll not have any peace until I hear
from you that everything is allright.
Give my regards to your wife and child. What are their names by the way, I'd
like to send them a wee present? 

Maybe this is a bit strong, introducing Paddy-Joe and his gang! Let's see what happens!
The bould Dr White comes back.

From:	"Richard white"  
Date:	Thu, 31 Oct 2002 09:13:34 -0500	

Dear sir,
The consignment is two silver trunk boxes.The weighing about 70kgs each.The
consignment came in via a diplomatic baggage and there isn't no customs
document because it did not go through customs.
Our administrative charges is calculated as in handling charges for the
consignment,demurrhage fee,transportation,securities for the consignment.Since
the consignment contains valuables.There are no other fees to be paid except
our fees.
We cannot give you the whare house address as this is for security reasons.As
for transportation, our security firm we provide adequate securities and
transportation of the consignment.
As for our fees this should be brought in cash or travellers cheque.But we
prefer cash as it is easier,travellers cheques take time as you may have to go
the bank to change the cheque to cash form before coming to our office.
Your flight itinerary is needed in other for us to have our protocol officer
pick you at the airport and bring you to the venue of the meeting.
Richard White.

Charming character ain't he? Getting ready to rob a 70-year old man. Oliver shows a bit of his old steel!

Dear Mr White, 
As previously requested, please let me have the following information 
*	Date the consignment arrived in your warehouse 
*	Warehouse address and contact information 
*	Daily charges for storage 
*	Details of the consignment, demurrhage, transportation and security charges 
*	Contact details, police clearance and references of the security company used
by Kapital Securities (bv)
I have been in touch with the consignee and, to speak frankly, we are appalled
at what we consider to be the exorbitant charges levied by your company in this
Unless these can be reduced to a reasonable level then we will have no option
but to ask you to return the consigment to the sender, at your own cost. 
Best regards
Oliver J Flanagan 

I don't like this White character so I send an email to my friend Sg. McGillacuddy and 'accidentally' bcc it to Dr White.

For the attention of Sergeant McGillacuddy 
Dear Joe, 
This is the email I was telling you about. There is something odd about it, can
you get your lads in Amsterdam to check things out at that end? 
I hope I've copied it correctly, I'm still stumbling with these new-fangled
Are you coming golfing on Sunday? Ted says he will be back in action then. 
Richard white  wrote: 
	Dear sir,
	The consignment is two silver trunk boxes.The weighing about 70kgs
each.The.... [ rubbish deleted] 

I thought I'd scared them off but Kima is back! Looking for money to be sent to West Africa for lawyer fees.

Mon, 4 Nov 2002 06:15:03 +0900 (KST)

Dear Oliver,
Sorry I have not been able to respond to your mail, my son has not been too
fine due to some tropical disease infection.
He is alot better now. Regarding the operations of the Security Company in
Amsterdam, I will have this to say, I want you to understand that the funds
with the Security Company were deposited by my father and he alone has
knowledge of the Security Company's mode of operation. But because of the
issues raised in your email to me, I have also contacted Dr.White regarding the
existence and reality of the funds, I must confess to you that he assured me of
the funds. He said that the boxes are there and intant. According to the
officer, they have a security network which is peculiar to them because of the
nature of the services they render to their client.
I will also advise that you should not delegate any responsibility to anybody
as regard this transaction as they will not understand that the funds involved
were gotten from Angolan and the Security company assisted my father to move
the funds abroad for safe-keeping. They assured me that as soon as you arrive
Amsterdam with the Documents which I will arrange in your name . I have also
discussed with my attorney regarding the document of Authority (POA). I have
also submitted your company name to him to prepare the legal document in the
company's name. I hope this is in line with your suggestion. I want to assure
you that everything is okay. I think you should call Dr. White up or send him
an email and make arrangement on when you are to come. 
I also want to inform you that I have a situation here which needs urgent
attention, my attorney wants me to make an advance payment of $6,700usd to
prepare this documents. You know it is funny out here in Africa most especially
if you are a refugee because you are denied of the basic facilities which are
priviledge to all and sundry. I do not know how to have this kind of money for
this project. I will solicit sir if you can send this funds directly to my
Attorney in West Africa so that he can prepare the document on time. I cannot
receive funds in my name here because I do not have the required documents to
receive funds abroad. You can send the funds through western union money
transfer to the attorney directly. I will be glad if you can assist in this
My son's name is Jonas he is named after my Dad. He is a brave guy and he is
just Four. My wife's name is Onome, she is a Nigerian, also a West Africa
country. My attorney is also a Nigerian like my wife.
Father, I still want reinterate that we maintain absolute confidentiality and
also sir, we should adhere strictly to instructions from the security company.
If Dr. White agrees to meet with you in Amsterdam when you come, that means our
funds are intact, if he agrees to release the funds to you upon payment of the
dumoragge and administrative fee of $24,200, that means the boxes containing
the funds are intant. Sir, I have taken you as my father and guardian and it is
only you I can trust with this transaction. The issue of the security company
should be your sole responsibility and should not be delegated by so doing, sir
I will be confident here and assured. I quite understand how stressful this
task is to you considering your position, but sir, it is my sincere
determination to have you and you alone in this picture.
I sincerely hope that all the issues raised will be attended to .
Thank you and God bless.

Hmm, Nigerian wife and attorney, do we see a pattern emerging here?
And another email from Kima

Mon, 4 Nov 2002 08:16:06 +0900 (KST)

Dear Oliver,
I think there was a mistake somewhere when I wrote to you regarding the website
of the security company . The correct site is
I also want to know how far you have gone with Dr.White.
I am eager because things are not alright here.
I want to thank you for your concern and your assistance. I pray to God
Almighty to reward you.
Thank you and God bless.
Kima. does not exist either!

Well, we got to the end and I'm half sorry, I'd gotten quite fond of Kima and his schemes! Thanks for introducing me to a fantastic sport. Now which scammer will I start on next? Oliver J has just gotten another offer, obviously he has been put on the gullible mailing list!

Oliver is not going to let his friend Kima be swindled by any blasted lawyer!

Mon, 4 Nov 2002 08:16:06 +0900 (KST)

Dear Kima, Oneome and Jonas, 
Thanks for writing back so soon and I'm sorry to hear about little Jonas being
ill. It's a real worry when they are not bouncing around the place isn't it?
Thanks be to God he is on the mend again. Please let me know what toys he likes
and your address so that I can send something on for him. When is his birthday?
Would he like a teddybear do you think? 
Your letter has reassured me a lot, though I don't understand a lot of the
details you gave. However it's your money and if you are happy that it's secure
than that's all that is important. So I suppose we can go on to the next step.
I'll contact Dr White again, though he has not replied to my last email. 
I'll try out that new web address you gave when Conor drops in on his way home
from school. 
What sort of buckshee lawyer do you have at all? Charging 6700 dollars for
preparing a simple power of attorney! I dropped into Bertie's office on my way
back from mass this morning and got the standard form that is used all over the
'Tis very simple and, according to him, totally valid in Holland. Don't worry I
did not tell him anything about out little arrangement, he would be looking for
his cut if I did! 
Can you just print this form , sign it and fax it back to me. Send it to
Charlies fax number please 0502 60707 and I can pick it up there. 
I hope you won't be offended Kima with this advice. You must be more carefull
of the people you deal with, remember you have a wife and family that are
depending on you. I don't know what you would do without me, you would be at
the mercy of every crook and villian in Africa and Europe. 
Best wishes to the family, 
P.S. Oh this is the form, I nearly forgot! 

Council of Europe, International Transactions Section
Rue De Versailes Brussels


Kima Savembi, the undersigned, hereby makes,
constitutes and appoints Oliver J Flanagan, 43 Toin le Gaoth, Portlaoise, Co.
Laois, Republic of Ireland his true and lawful attorney for him and in his
place and stead and for his use and benefit:

The said Oliver J Flanagan is appointed attorney for the specific purpose of
conducting Kima Savimbi's interests in Ireland, the Netherlands, and whatsoever
other European Union countries as may be necessary. 
This power or attorney expires on 31 December 2002 unless specifically extended
in writing by the undersigned. 
The undersigned gives and grants unto his said attorney full power and
authority to do and perform all and every act and thing
whatsoever requisite, necessary or appropriate to be done
in and about the premises as fully to all intents and
purposes as he might or could do if personally present.
Hereby ratifying all that his said attorney shall lawfully
do or cause to be done under the authority of this power
of attorney.

Wherever the context so requires, the masculine gender
includes the feminine and/or neuter, and the singular
number includes the plural herein.


I just picked up a copy of a power of attorney off the web and added the name and address to the top. The Council of Europe has nothing to do with trade and Rue de Versailes does not exist either.

Dear Mr White, 
I've been in contact with the consignee again and he is happy with the
arrangements you have made. Can you let me have answers to the questions below
as soon as possible please as I have to make travel arrangements. 
Oliver J Flanagan 

Dear Mr White, 
As previously requested, please let me have the following information 
 Date the consignment arrived in your warehouse 
 Warehouse address and contact information 
 Daily charges for storage 
 Details of the consignment, demurrage, transportation and security charges 
 Contact details, police clearance and references of the security company used
by Kapital Securities (bv)
I have been in touch with the consignee and, to speak frankly, we are appalled
at what we consider to be the exorbitant charges levied by your company in this
Unless these can be reduced to a reasonable level then we will have no option
but to ask you to return the consignment to the sender, at your own cost. 
Best regards
Oliver J Flanagan 

Richard comes back

Richard white wrote: 
Dear sir,
The consignment arrive om the 17th september,1998.As for the wharehouse address
we cannot give you any information as it is for security reasons.Your
consignment is not the only one we are dealing with and we must maintain utmost
confidentiality as requested by our clients.All consignment are top priority
and must remain classified.
The charges are calculated monthly since 1998 but i have asked my protocol
officer to bring all calculations of the fees,you will get it soonest.
You should be aware that all Grade A consignment come via diplomatic means and
we have our oown special means of bringing such consignment into the country so
this remains confidential.And all documents must keep.We do not have any
business with the police.
Richard White.

And Oliver looses the cool and makes a counter offer!

From: Oliver Flanagan 
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 05:13:17 -0800 (PST)
To: Richard white 

Dear Sir, 
Now what sort of bloody eejit do you think I am? 
You receive a consignment in September 1998, inform me about it in October 2002
and expect me to pay storage charges for four years! I'm not responsible for
your companies incompetence and have no intention of paying for it. 
Your refusal to provide a warehouse address, appropriate documentation or a
police clearance certificate does absolutely nothing to inspire business
confidence in your company. Neither does your spelling or grammer! 
I will now state the terms under which I will proceed with this transaction. 
1. I will pay total charges of 5000 USD in full settlement of all storage and
demurrage costs. 
2. This payment will be made in cash in Irish pounds at a rate of 1IEP = 1.25
3. We will meet in the lobby of a hotel in Amsterdam to be specified by me on
the morning of 20th November. 
4. You will bring the two boxes concerned to the hotel where we will exchange
5. I will take total responsibility for transport and security after delivery
of the boxes
Please note that these terms are non-negotiable. If you do not accept them
please indicate this by return and return the boxes, at your own cost, to the
Hoping that you will process this transaction in a more professional manner
than has been your practice to date. 
Oliver J Flanagan 

Richard, in turn, gets angry. How dare anyone question his professionalism!

Richard white" [] 
Tue, 05 Nov 2002 08:23:35 -0500
We are not interested in your termsand the consignment we be shipped back.

On the other hand Kima is still interested

Dear Oliver,
Find attached copies of the signed Power of Athoney document and the
Certificate of deposite for the funds in Amsterdam.Remember you need to take
these documents along with you to Amsterdam when you eventually travel.
Please, comfirm receipt and update me with progress.

Thanks and God bless.


The deposit certificate (quite impressive in it's own scammy way) is on

Power of athoney (whatever that is!) is on

And the END!

Fri, 8 Nov 2002 09:29:06 -0800 (PST)
Oliver Flanagan"  |

Dear Kima and Richard, 
I'd like to thank you for all the free amusement you have given over the past
month or so. It's kept me, my workmates, a large web site and three police
fraud squads rolling around on the floor laughing. You should really go into
the entertainment business!

Kima, you show some signs of promise in this area. If you were to keep at this
scam for, oh say, 200 years there is a possibility that you might con someone
out of a whole 10 dollars. Richard, on the other hand, would be better off
returning to his usual business, mugging old ladies on the street!

The start was a bit rocky. Why anyone would want to assist the son of one of
the nastiest war criminals in Africa? If you give a web address for your
father's biography be sure that the link works! Refugee camps in Africa must be
better equipped than they appear on TV if you have regular internet access from
them. The UNHCR issues satellite phones too I assume! 

Kima you have a nice command of English for someone whose home language is
Portuguese. On the other hand your knowlege of Angolan geography is a bit

The mid-game was not too bad. Adopting Oliver as your father was nice but I'd
have introduced the imaginary wife and child (let's hope that they are
imaginary anyway) as soon as Oliver started talking about his grandchildren. 

It's a good idea to give web addresses that work if you are giving them at all.
Kapital Securities (b.v) is an extraordinarily secretive company without a web
site, a company listing or a telephone line. 
Things really went to the dogs when Dr Richard white appeared. Why are you all
doctors by the way? You would think that someone with a doctorate would be able
to spell his name correctly! I might accept Kima having a free email address
but Dr Richard, never! 

Now would be the time to swamp Oliver with official looking documents,
invitations to dinner etc. Instead there were two emails that surpassed each
other in offensiveness and illiteracy! Entering negotiations about the price
would be an idea too rather than just making an exorbitant demand.

I'm sorry it ended at this stage. It would have been fun to have you meeting
Oliver off a 6:30 flight in Schipol airport! Sgr McGillicuddy's friends could
have arranged a nice welcome for you too. 

Richard, I'd be careful using that mobile phone in future, you could never tell
who has the number now. 
I'll finish by thanking you again for the wonderful entertainment. 
Bye now, and remember that not everyone on the internet is who they seem! 

Oliver, Ted, Sgt. McGillycuddy, Freddie, Aine, Paddy-Joe and a cast of

Oh you might like to know who Oliver J Flanagan was! 

(1920 - 1987) auctioneer and politician
Elected independent TD for Laois-Offaly 1943. Joined Fine Gael 1952;
parliamentary secretary for Fisheries 1954-57 and for Local Government 1975-76,
then Minister for Defence until 1977. Noted for his extreme right-wing views,
trenchantly and colourfully expressed. He was a Knight of the Grand Order of St
Gregory the Great, the highest church honour open to a layman. He was a Knight
of Columbanus, and urged politicians to accept the teachings of the Catholic
Church. Died at home on 28 April 1987, survived by his wife, three daughters,
and a son, Charles, who had succeeded him as TD in February 1987.