Short, but sweet - from a Kindly Contributor in Canada.

Hey there,

I'm sending you a copy of my correspondence with one "Esther Johnson," who sought to transfer her fortune to me as she was afflicted with CANCER OF THE LUNGS. She had no relations to give the $6.2 million to, as an evil relative had poisoned her parents. She hoped that i could take possession of her funds in order to help the starving children. I exchanged a few emails with her (under the name "Okershee Holdergrass"), but she has now disappeared... Alas, i fear the worst!!

Esther Johnson, cancer sufferer
( esther7007@myway.com, es303_anj707@yahoo.com, estherukk1@yahoo.de )

Okershee Holdergrass, a man of strong religious convictions

Esther Johnson

Dear Friend,

I am Esther Johnson from London suffering from CANCER OF THE LUNGS out of Ignorance. I subjected myself to chain smoker out of fun but never knew it will destroy me. This deadly habit has caused a deep harm to my lungs,my lungs now are destroyed and know more responding to treatment.The doctor checked/Confirmed that my immune is no more resistance and will pass away soonest. The most painful thing in the whole deadly situation is that I don't have a Child of my own due to reckless life I lived.I beg you in the name of God to help take possession of the funds $6.2m I deposited in a financial institution as my new beneficiary out there for legitimate claims for the purpose of helping the less privileged ones crying for help. This information will be needed from you to enable me forward them to the financial institution as my new beneficiary for immediate claims in your favor.


Thanks and may the good lord uplift you in all that you lay hands upon. Reply me alternatively through this email address: estherukk1@yahoo.de

Esther Johnson.

[This being an example of Species 419, Subspecies Cancer Victim, Genus Lungs. But you knew that.]

Okershee Holdergrass

Oh yes. I feel so sorry for you, Esther Johnson suffering from CANCER OF THE LUNGS. I would be so HAPPY AND GLAD to take possession of $6.2 m to share among God's deserving children... except that i also have many other opportunities to obtain millions of dollars. For example through the honourable Haryanto Tomo of Indonesia, who unfortunately died in the recent tsunami, and Mr. Suleman Muhamede, who works in the remittance department of the Bank of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. So you see, God's children will GET THEIR REWARD. Oh yes, they will SUCKLE on heaven's teat.

As for you, my dear sweet Esther, i hope that you will have faith. Place your trust in the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. With a little faith, perhaps you may be spared from the horrifying death that awaits those with CANCER OF THE LUNGS. As for me, my LORD GOD forbids me from seeking wealth. You may stick your money up the ORIFICE of your CHOICE. But please, when you meet our maker, tell him that Okershee is at his service.

God bless you, and may you find a deserving beneficiary.

Okershee H

Esther Johnson

Subject: Reply from Esther Johnson to Okershee H(I believe i have allayed your fear)

Dear Okershee H,
Thanks for your deep feelings toward my predicament that is fast eating me up, I will give up soonest as the doctor confirmed because my immune is know more resistance to treatment and there is know hope again than to die.I understand why you are little bit skeptical due someone you have not met previously seeking for your urgent and sincere hand in this blessed assignment to the glory of God and humanity.Alot of opportunity are outthere to make money for yourself and the family but one will be too careful due to evil people online working against one another to earn there living,so my dear you should be very careful in responding to proposal concerning money transfer.Be rest assured that this assignment is real and substantial not in anyway attracted to money laundry or to promote terrorism in your country with funds.
The main thing that i want you to use this funds for is charitable work to set the dying children free from untimely death that is erupting them everything,tears on there faces crying for God's intervention through mankind and likeness.I am a God fearing woman and not an evil woman who want to work against you but to make you feel comfortable in life and also affect the needy lifes.My relation that i am supposed to give out this funds to poisoned my parents and the same time tried to kill me but God secured my life that period but the sudden death of my parents led me to this deadly habit (CHAIN SMOKER) that i am suffering today.My health is seriously tormenting and will give up soonest that is the main reasons why i want you to take possession of these funds for charitable purpose.Kindly Send me this information, Your full name, your contact address, your mobile phone number to enable me forward them to the cargo company for release of the cargo in your favour.Thanks and may God bless you for being there for the poor children.


Okershee Holdergrass

Subject: Greetings and glad tidings

Dearest Esther,

I am feeling bad for your condition and especially your poor parents who were POISONED by evil relations. These children of Satan deserve nothing but slow and painful death, not unlike the one you are experiencing. May the LORD GOD strike them down like Onan!

But wait - THERE IS HOPE! I have in my possession an ELIXIR or potion of healing herbs and spices, given to me by a holy vagrant. I have saved it for my dying father, perishing of the crotchrot. But i feel God informing me to send it to you, my lovely sister in Christ. I sense in you a wonderful righteousness and titillation, while my father is a wicked man given to sex-sin and philately.

But you, i know, would use your moneys for the appreciation and enjoyment of little children, for the eternal glory of Christ (AMEN). So i will send this powerful potion to you my sister. Please kindly send your contact address and mobile phone number so we may arrange a delivery.

Endless blessings flow from my heart to yours,


Esther Johnson

Subject: Hurry to my aid pls.

Dear God sent Friend,

I am happy to see your email and thanks for your deep symapthy towards my deadly situation.Like has become an horror to me,i experience sleepness night all days and just have to die because the torment is much and i can't resist it anymore than to die to rest.My health is finished and can not respond to any treatment again,so i don't think that the drug is rellevant for me.I just need you to hurry to my aid to secure this funds for charitable work as i desired.I can not recieve your call due to my deteroriating health,so my lawyer will be in better position to discuss on phone with you okay.I live in channels island outside London.My dear kindly forward me the information i required so that the lawyer will help you get the legal paper for claims.Thanks and hurry to my aid to set the free from untimely death that is eating them up.


Okershee Holdergrass

Subject: Questions of Trust

NO LAWYERS PLEASE!! I believe them to be forbidden by God according to Luke 11:46, when the sweet Jesus says "Woe unto you also, you lawyers!" They are VILE creatures! I beg of you, let's keep this between Christians.

I am eager to assist you oh croaking one, and the sunny children too. However - forgive me - i must ask you for certain INFORMATION, so that i may know that you speak TRUTH. In the final days there are demons doubling as cyborgs, and tripling as agents of doom seeking to overthrow my soul.

So i ask you this: please tell me your happiest memory, and most favourite sports team. For you see, cyborgs have no memory and know nothing of organized sport. So if you can provide these, and also a photo of yourself, i can put my TRUST in you, my sister. This picture should show you chain-smoking, and perhaps with a doctor at your side. You may also be bald from the strange cancer medicines.

I continue to weep for the honey-eyed children.

O. Holdergrass

Okershee Holdergrass

Subject: Has your mortal coil been shuffled?

My love,

I have not heard from you for three days. I fear the worst - CANCER OF THE LUNGS may have finally done you in. If so, you are now dancing with the angels and sitting in the Lord's soft lap. How i envy you! Would that it were me!!

However, you may simply be too sick to send electronic messages. If you are alive and reading this, i have good news. I have decided to come to the Channel Islands, so that i may offer you comfort and UNKNOWN PLEASURES in your time of need. A close friend lives in Guernsey and has a fast boat. I believe it is a skiff, though it may be a pontoon. She has kindly offered to take me anywhere you might be.

Where is your hospital, my dearest Esther? I will feed you filbert nuts by candlelight. I will sing you Berber folk songs. I will bathe you with silken cloths and frothy goat milk. I will perform your last rites. And you will perish in agony, but also in delight. With rotting lungs but a soaring heart.

I await your coordinates, or your obituary.

Okershee Holdergrass

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