Mr. Nottar Cloo takes up the literary challenge!

Hi, great website! I've been in contact with the Lagos Lads for some time, trying to string them along. Below is a copy of an email that I sent to on of the lads, 'Peter Bello'. I was just kind of interested to see if these guys had any sense of irony or reply yet...

From: Nottar Cloo

Dear Mr Peter Bello

Please could you spare a few moments of your valuable time to consider the following opportunity that I will propose to you.

I will introduce myself as Mr Nottar Cloo, advisor to the court of Sir Edmund de Villier-Peepes, Englands leading Baronet and heir to majestic country pile of Staines Westside Estate.

In November 2001, a new statutory ruling will come into effect in the English Parliment which will severely reduce the handing down of inheritance gains amongst non-immediate family members. As a result of this legal ruling, my employer, upon death, having no direct descendents, will be unable to transfer more than 10% of financial investment to his nearest family member; his second cousin, Count Harvey de Villier-Whelk.

With investments currently totaling some 26 million pounds, my erstwhile employer is most deeply concerned that the majority of his estate will pass to the British Taxation Authority and not to the rightful family heir.

I have been instructed by my employer to find a suitable and legal way of preventing this inheritance from being collected by the authorities. After months of careful research and analysis, I have reached a conclusion that a property purchase in the African continent, namely Nigeria, would provide a legal and secure means of keeping the de Villier estate complete and in control of the de Villier family.

I have been reliably informed, that you Mr Peter Bello, are most decent fellow and possess the integrity, formidable intellect and confidence required to assist with this delicate and important operation.

Before I can outline further what this operation requires, I would ask you first, Mr Peter Bello, whether you would wish to proceed in assisting the de Villier family. It is essential that you keep this matter highly confidential. Sir Edmund is a close friend of both the English Royal Family and the upper echelons of Aristocracy. It would be highly embarrassing if details of this proposal were leaked to the English Press. I can also say that you will be handsomely recompensed for your assistance, for which I propose a figure in the region of £47,000 pounds.

Please, by reply, signal whether you are interested in having involvement with this matter. I will of course furnish you with more information in how we are to proceed.

I hope to hear from you shortly.

Yours sincerely
Mr Nottar Cloos
Executive Assitant to Sir Edmund de Villier-Peepes
The Estate of Staines Westside Towers

From which we learn that all those hours spent reading gothic novels in the doctors' waiting room were not wasted! ... and, "Peter Bello" apparently does not see the joke.