A Play in Two Acts


Okon Henshaw - as the sensitive, verbose Ghanian legal/marketing consultant, financier, poet, philosopher

Lewis D."Lewd" Noogie , International Hotel Consultant

And making her debut appearance,
MORGAN LeFAY as the femme fatale, Lewd's secretary


Henshaw, who is more talkative than your typical Lad, wrote me and said that his client has $105 million that he wants to invest in my company; I responded with cautious interest and the scene opens with his response to my response.

Note: Act I tends to be a bit tedious in places; Henshaw can be like a magpie once he gets started.

The curtain rises...

Okon Henshaw

To: "Lewis Noogie"
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 17:14:33 +0100

Dear Mr. Noogie,

Many thanks over your well received response regarding my earlier letter to you. Contents are well noted and I do wish to confirm to you that my client is prepared to invest the deposit ($105m) in your establishment. Apart from the investment, he will equally be interested in going into Real Estate Development / Hotel management business in your country. I am therefore pleased to inform you that your name has been submitted to the bank as the authorized beneficiary.

In this regard, the bank manager has advised that it will take between three (3) to four (4) days to decide on the mode of release of funds into your lawful custody. I understand the bank will carry out exhaustive consultations with the security deposit commission to 'fine tune' the release date since his is a Cross-Border Payment. I therefore advice that we await the decision of the Bank in the meantime. It is equally important that we certify and authenticate this transaction between us by signing a Memorandum of Understanding or Terms of Agreement. I believe we should each protect our interest and in doing so the terms of co-operation must be clearly spelt out. I am pleased to learn that you are also proficient in legal matters, perhaps you can come up with an acceptable draft of the terms of agreement regarding this project. Kindly take note that I have the permission of my client to give you 28% of the total funds for your involvement and assistance. 5% of the total funds will also be mapped out as refunds to both parties for preliminary costs incurred while processing this transaction. I will be investing 62% of our share in your company as stated earlier. This points are essential guides for you to prepare the Investment Agreement/MOU.

Please note: Let me know on the two specified proposed Investments i.e. Real Estate and Hotel Management, the laws/task ahead of foreign investors in the United States. Kindly specify tax laws etc while replying me, it is very important.

While awaiting further update and directive from the Bank, I look forward to your response on the fundamental issues raised above.

NOTE:This email Address have been established for the purpose of this transaction only.Kindly contact me always through it.

Thanks and have a great day.

Best regards,

Okon Henshaw

Lewis D. Noogie

Mr. Henshaw:

There are a few points that I think need to be cleared up on both sides so that we both know what we're getting involved in.

First of all, it sounds as if your client desires to invest primarily in the United States. Our company only has minor exposure in that country; most of our business is conducted with hotels in Eastern Europe and the C.I.S. These are areas he may not be interested in investing in.

I don't know if I would be the one to draft the Agreement/MOU. This task is usually handled by our Mr. Dahmer; I am primarily responsible for the technical aspects of our work, i.e., structural matters, time & efficiency studies, that sort of thing. I would feel quite comfortable with any agreement that you would wish to put forward and if I have a problem with something we can always agree on an amendment.

You state that "...5% of the total funds will also be mapped out as refunds to both parties for preliminary costs incurred while processing this transaction". By my calculation this comes to $5.25 million. That seems pretty substantial. Might I inquire as to what sort of preliminary costs we can expect?

I would also be interested to know a little bit about yourself. I believe it's always a good practice to know a business partner socially as well as professionally. For example, where are you located, what is your marital status, do you have children, your age, what you like to do outside of work, etc. Please, tell me a little bit about yourself.

By the way, my friends call me Lewd (short for Lewis D.).


Okon Henshaw

Okon Henshaw
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 18:57:29 +0100

Dear Lewis (Lewd),

Many thanks over the receipt of your email dated May 19th 2004, quite an interesting email I must admit. I had gone through the contents very well and did require a day or two (2) to re-verify certain information before sending you a response. Equally of great importance is the fact that the Bank sent a notification regarding the preferred method of payment this afternoon. In course of this response, I will appropriately give you details of the payment procedure as advised by the bank manager.

Be informed that my clients' investment priority is not and never restricted to the United States. As a matter of fact a quick contact via discreet means revealed to him that any foreign funds movement into America on business grounds attracts a direct charge of 35%;a standard, United States Government policy. This fundamental fact has made my client to cancel the idea of U.S investments and focus on investing in Eastern Europe and the C.I.S .So as far as we are concerned ,the area of investment is settled. Also ,I?m in the process of arranging the Draft Terms of the Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding regarding our Mutual transaction .I will be forwarding it to you as an attachment in the coming days .Kindly review, make satisfactory amendments(where necessary)and relate back to me.

The percentage mapped out as refunds to both parties for preliminary costs incurred while processing this exercise is primarily based on the potential transfer charge the Bank may require /impose before the funds are transferred to your facility in Eastern Europe or the C.I.S. Unlike other economies, African countries do not operate on fixed taxation because their economies are largely unstable. A lot of these countries suffer from corrupt and inept leadership, mismanagement of funds, plundering of State resources, etc. These vices cause huge impoverishment on the people, attract inflation and make the leadership (citizens) perpetual beneficiaries of foreign assistance from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, etc. However, not all the 5% will be charged as transfer cost. As you will realize later in this email, the Bank has directed that you visit their office here in Accra, Ghana and receive the funds. The initial expenditure of this visit - Air Ticket cost, 2 or 3 nights stay in a Hotel, Personal expenses, etc will all be refunded to you through the 5% mapped out. The 5% in itself will be shared between us, i.e. 2.5% going to each party. So you realize that apart from the expected transfer charge (which may be substantial), these sundry expenses will also attract refunds.

As stated earlier, the paying bank in a notification issued today strongly insist on the appearance of the nominated beneficiary in the bank before payment will be effected. Moreover, payment will be by cash, lawful United States Cash dollar currency. The bank classifies this deposit as a 'cross-border deposit initiative' thereby putting it under cross-border payment category. Funds placed in this category as defined by ECOWAS laws/statutes, are funds transferred across sub-regional borders and sourced from conflict zones, war, devastation by Natural occurences, hostile political leadership/repression, etc. ECOWAS is a sub-regional West African Economic & Trade Organisation (Economic Community of West African States), made up of the 15 nation West African Countries saddled with the responsibility of maintaining and supervising trade, business, and banking activities within the West African sub-region. Amongst others, they are guided by a long list of charters which all the countries have endorsed. It is therefore imperative that you commence preparation to fly over to Accra, Ghana within the next twenty-one (21) working days.

On arrival, I will receive you at the Kotoka International Airport Accra and accompany you to the Hotel, at least for a face-to-face chat. The Bank Manager has directed that you come over with four (4) coloured passport pictures, requisite identification , etc to open a non -resident domiciliary account with Standard Chartered Bank, Accra. This account can be opened with a minimum amount of $500.00. Opening of this account is of primary importance because the paying bank is not permitted to allow beneficiary use its facilities for any transaction. Beneficiary is expected to receive the cash deposit from the Bank Manager and take it to another bank of international value and acceptance for lodgment. He has therefore recommended the Standard Chartered Bank for you. Also, on arrival at the Bank, you will be expected to pay a charge of $9,500.00 only for the use of a Bullion Van facility and Armed Police Escorts who will assist in taking the cash deposit from the paying bank to Standard Chartered Bank on your behalf. This Bullion Van charge will be paid by you inside the Bank and not to any body else.

Accordingly, as we make progress, I will notify you of any subject of importance, but so far on the banking side, all facts are as stated. In a forth -night or so, I will be given your date of appointment at the Bank, I will forward it to you same day.

I am a legal/marketing consultant of 47 years old, married with three (3) children and currently living in Ghana. Outside work, I am a keen lawn tennis player, avid reader and a lover of contemporary jazz music.
I guess I am a jolly good fellow careful in whatever I do and with a large heart to tolerate the idiosyncracies of other people. Perhaps as we interact further, other attributes may naturally appear in my correspondence much to your acknowledgement. It is good to learn that your friends call you Lewd, what else will you wish to reveal about yourself?

I look forward to your response, have a great day.

Best Regards.

Okon Henshaw

Lewis D. Noogie


Good to hear from you.

I was surprised to hear that I will have to be in Ghana within the next three weeks, but more about that later.

I'm pleased to hear that you're working on the agreement.

I certainly am glad to hear that your client doesn't have a problem with investment in Eastern Europe or the C.I.S., but as I feel that complete transparency is essential to an honest business arrangement. I certainly would not want future discovery to cause your client to later regret his choice of location for investment. To this end I think your client needs to be informed that his " through discreet means" is an idiot and that he has received some erroneous information regarding transfer of funds for business purposes to the United States. Who's his financial advisor? Slingblade? I know from my own experience with sums of up to $1.25 million that there is no direct 35% charge for moving funds for commercial purposes into the US. The government is made aware of the transfer, of course, but there is no standard US goevernment policy that imposes a 35% charge. Obviously this kind of policy would discourage foreign investment and they certainly don't want to do that. I certainly think that your client should be made aware of this fact and be allowed to reconsider his choice of investment location. He might also want to consider finding a new financial advisor.

But I think we should probably proceed on course with the assumption that he will still desire investment in my company.

Now for the banking arrangements. As I stated previously, I was a bit surprised to learn of the necessity of my presence in Ghana within the next three week, but not unpleasantly so. I've never been to Ghana but I always enjoy travelling to new places. I am a bit confused over some of the bank's requirements. The fact that a bank will not allow the use of it's facilities by a benificiary for a transaction seems highly unusual. And the fact that we would require the use of a van to move funds from one bank to another also strikes me as strange. Most banking anywhere in the world is done by online these days and I can handle my accounts in places as diverse as Latvia, Russia, Ukrain, Georgia, New York and the UK from my laptop computer

I think we can probably find a better way to handle this, and even if we can't, I think you'll agree that it's best to explore all possibilities. I am a member of a hotel consultants association and we have members who consult as I do all over the world. I have aquaintances who have experience in many part of the African continent and I will consult with them regarding their banking experiences there.

I think my making a trip there or meeting each other in an acceptable third location is still a good idea. I am anxious to meet with you in person and I'm sure we'll enjoy each other's company. Let me know if Ghana is your preferred location.

One thing I would ask - what is the hunting like in Ghana? I am an avid small-game hunter and if there are opportunities to do some hunting in Ghana then I'm there. Do you ever hunt? I'll tell you, there's nothing better than a couple of guys out in the forest with guns, steaks and a case of beer. Think it over and let me know.

I'm sure more issues to discuss will come to mind and I'll write as they occur to me. By all means you do the same.


Okon Henshaw

Dear Lewd,

Many thanks over your well received, albeit interesting letter dated May 21st, 2004. As you rightly stated in your letter, we will surely have more issues to discuss as time goes on. I have taken note of the matters you have raised and I will respond accordingly. The draft Agreement will get to you early next week, I am trying to find out from the Bank if there will be some deposit related issues that may find relevance in the terms of Agreement. If nothing of importance comes up from that 'angle' then you will have the draft earlier.

I believe we should be satisfied with the fact that my client is willing to invest in Eastern Europe or the C.I.S. His unfortunate predicament and loss of colossal assets in Liberia has not 'closed' him up from contacts with one or two credible financial consultants. Although I am also aware that some taxation are imposed on funds moved into the United States, along with discreet trail over the source (September 11th), 35% may sound ridiculous, but for funds coming in from Africa or the Middle East, you never, never can tell. The United States and United Kingdom governments are aware that several African leaders including big-time politicians, retired Military Generals, etc loot their nation's treasury dry and transfer billions of dollars to Europe and North America. The U. S. will surely like to have a 'bite' out of these 'apples' knowing too well that these monies were sourced from unconventional means. Funds from the middle East is a different matter entirely, if it gets into the U.S, first of all it may be seized, long investigation, released, etc all to prove that it's not coming in to sponsor terrorism. But who cares, I remain comfortable that my client has agreed to move the funds into Eastern Europe.

Ghana is a lovely country and my preferred location for the execution of the project, besides the paying Bank is situated here. I am really looking forward to meeting you. The necessity of your presence in Ghana is predicated upon the demands/dynamics of deposit release. Do not be confused about this. It is very, very important to notify (remind?) you that these funds deposited in cash currency has not been integrated into the Ghanaian financial/Banking system yet. No Government official is aware that such huge deposit is kept somewhere within Ghanaian soil (except the Deputy Director of the Security Deposit Commission). A very high powered contact was deployed to facilitate the lodgment of the deposit in the Bank. You can imagine the great risk taken by the Bank to get involved in this exercise. The Bank's Board members have put 'things' in order to protect/prevent any scandal bearing all statutory risks without recourse to the Depositor or the Beneficiary. Normally such huge deposit should be in custody of the Central Bank of Ghana, but they have decided not to involve that body. However, the bank has put all regulatory documents in place to legally protect their act in case of the unexpected, which will NEVER happen. Now, you can see why the bank has denied the use of it's facilities by the beneficiary for this transaction. Rather, through discreet Inter-Bank co-operation with the recommended Bank for your account opening requirements, they will integrate the funds through fluid measures in your favour. Standard Chartered Bank is a very big bank with enormous deposit base and extensive international network, etc. At no fuss at all, they will quickly receive you warmly, receive the deposit and carry out your orders. They understand the dynamics of inter-bank co-operation, you need not bother yourself over this. In this circumstance online banking cannot be effected in the primary stage, i.e. taking physical custody of the deposit, seeing the deposit, etc. But once you have lodged it into Standard Chartered Bank, you can go online from there if you so desire.

Consequently, I believe it will be improper for you to make contacts with your members over this issue. I bet you none of them are aware of this level of specialized banking service. No bank worth it's license will accept to carry out this exercise if 'confronted' or 'approached'. It's being done at the highest level, even beyond the knowledge of some senior management staff. I do not think the bank will be pleased to hear that the assistance they have offered at great risk to their operations is becoming a subject of discourse or enquiries. I respectfully urge you to keep these details away from your acquaintances in the interim. Allow for success and safe lodgment of the funds in your lawful custody. I understand that banks do offer these exclusive service to very, very trusted customers all over the world - Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, France, United States, Caribbean Islands, etc. But they never advertise such services. When you come over, you will see things for yourself in the bank.

So sorry, I am not at all interested in hunting. I love animals so much, I can't stand the sight of their being shot in cold blood. However, I find it interesting to read that you are an 'avid small game' hunter. I am sure by now even domestic pets will disappear at your appearance (just joking!). There are some hunting spots in Ghana, but it's far outside Accra, the capital. I will have to find out from the authorities if they will allow you fly in with your hunting gun. I like the steaks and a case of beer, but into the forest with guns ah! count me out. I will carry out exhaustive check on your hunting plans and brief you. Do you play golf or some other outdoor sport? Feed me back.

I will enlighten you about Accra in my subsequent mails. Be informed that Ghana is a small country, predominantly Christians and directly on the equator; temperature could rise quite high, sometimes up to 380 Celsius so you have to fly in with cotton clothes, good sunglasses and perhaps one or two baseball caps. I am still waiting to obtain the actual date of your appointment, perhaps it will be released next week. Keep fit.

Hoping to hear from you, have a wonderful Weekend.

Thanks and best regards,


Lewis D. Noogie


Glad to hear from you as always.

I have meetings and surveys that are going to keep me busy all day so I have to keep this short.

I still think your client has some major misconceptions about doing business in the US but as long as he is aware of our concern then if he still wants to continue on with us I'm quite happy.

Don't worry about my consultations with my African-experienced colleages. There will be no mention of our arrangements, I just like to be well prepared before I get into any kind of negotiations. I have no previous experience dealing with banks in Africa and I need to get a firm grounding. Believe me, the people I deal with have a tremendously wide range of experience in virtually all aspects of business and finance. You and I may both learn something new from this.

I have more to respond to but I must get moving. I'll try and find more time tomorrow.


PS - I'll have Ms. LeFay (my secretary) start looking into flights to Ghana.

Okon Henshaw

Dear Lewd,

It is my deep honour to respond to your well received letter dated 24th May 2004. I believe your meetings and surveys went on quite well. Other issues raised in your mail are duly noted. I am sure you will be pleased and pleasantly surprised over the conduct of business by banks in West Africa.

An appointment date has been released for you to visit the bank and finalize the exercise. Monday June 7th 2004 is earmarked for your appointment and the Bank Manager expects that by 1.00 p.m. on that day, you will be physically present in his office for deposit release procedures. In this regard you must be in Ghana either on Saturday June 5, 2004 or latest Sunday June 6, 2004. I really don't know where you will be flying in from but several European Airlines have regular schedule flights into Kotoka International Airport Accra. These include British Airways, Alitalia, KLM Royal Dutch Airline, Lufthansa German Airline, etc. Preferably, I will recommend you make your reservations with either KLM or Lufthansa. I understand Lufthansa now flies into their several African destinations with brand new aircrafts. I bet you will love to stretch fully in a brand new jet! Ms LeFay (your secretary) will undoubtedly find these information useful while making flight arrangements for you.

Furthermore, an Entry - Visa is required for all non-West African visitors coming into Ghana. You need a Visa. Do you have a Ghanaian Embassy in your country. If you do, kindly apply for an Entry visa right away, there should not be much fuss about that.

However, if there is no Embassy of Ghana in your country, I can contact the Immigration Authorities here to forward a cable visa to you. In doing this you will have to forward to me via attachment, the first three (3) relevant pages of your International Passport. This will be submitted to the Immigration Authorities along with an application to issue you a cable visa. Usually the cable visa will be processed and issued within 48 hours once it is ready, I will send it across to you. Once you receive the cable visa, all you have to do is to confirm your flight and come over. Let me have a quick response regarding this development.

As stated in the past, Ghana is a lovely country; a great tourist - destination. As a matter of fact, if you have to visit the Ghana Embassy over there for a visa and they most likely ask you for reasons of your visit, tell them you are going on a holiday and you will love to tour the rich gold regions of the great Ashanti Kingdom, the Botanical gardens at Aburi or visit the Elmina Castle (a Portuguese forte sadly reminding mankind of the inglorious slave trade practices).

Temperature here could go as high as 370 Celsius, so light cotton clothes are recommended. During official hours, proper dressing (formal) is advised. For the visit to the Bank, you will have to be in your business suit. You will be amazed to see most people well dressed during working hours, a 'hangover' of British mentality. Ghana was colonized by the British.

Attached herewith is a draft format of the Terms of Agreement. Please study it carefully and notify me of your observations which may require an amendment. The hard-copy will be endorsed here in Accra after your arrival. I hope you find it acceptable.

On a last note, Ghanaian authorities will not permit you to fly in with your hunting gun. Sorry. Any other sporting equipment could be brought in. Do you have an alternative hobby in mind? As a Hotel Consultant will you be able to come over with some magazines, publications, that will enable me read and understand what Hotel management is all about? I am aware that several wealthy Africans build beautiful hotels (3 star, 4 star, etc) but after the initial glamour and excellent service in the first few months, their standard suddenly drops considerably. You may offer your advice about this. Besides, my client is nursing the idea of building a four (4) star hotel in South Africa in the coming year, but before the year 2010. South Africa will be hosting the world as beneficiary of the FIFA World Cup Football competition, thousands of visitors from all over the world will pour into South Africa. It will be an eldorado for Hotel owners. What do you think?

I am making efforts to make a hotel reservation for you, I will let you know about this in my next mail to you. Keep fit.

Thanks and Best regards,



Lewis D. Noogie

Dear Henshaw,

Good to hear from you, as always.

I've gone over the draft agreement and have a couple of comments and recommendations:

1. It states that, " (b) That Mr. Okon Henshaw shall entrust THE FOREIGN PARTNER with the due execution of all and sundry matters emanating from assigned monies with the bank in Ghana....". I'm not sure exactly what falls under the definition of "all and sundry matters". Could you clarify, please.

2. Item 'd' states that, "...a shared distribution of 62% for Mr. Okon Henshaw involvement in this transaction and 28% for Mr. Lewis Noogie...". This comes to 90% of the total. With the 5% indicated in (e) for 'unforseen expenses', it only totals up to 95%. What happens to the remaining 5%?

3. It further states in item 'e' that:

(e) That the parties hitherto agree, that likely unforeseen expenses may have to be incurred by capable and solvent parties in the course of due claims of this funds. At the time such expenses arise in the course of due claims of these funds, such expenses shall be deducted from the total amount when eventually the funds are received and deposited in the foreign partners account before the disbursement are made accordingly to the representative parties involvement as stated in "d" above. In view of the foregoing, both parties have hereto agreed to set aside 5% of the total sum to repay such likely expenses incidental to the transaction aforesaid. Prior to disbursement, all expenses duly incurred for the purpose of this transaction, by each party shall be duly reimbursed as soon as funds are received by Mr. Lewis Noogie.

I believe that I queried before as to the nature of these 'likely unforseen expenses'. If we have mapped out 5% of the total for these expenses, that means that we're looking at $7.5 million! That's some serious centavos, my friend! I think our first step is going to have to be to request an advance payment from our client and I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 - 12% should be adequate. This is a common contractual practice that I'm sure our client is familiar with and should have no problem with. There is no reason why you and I should have to front money for this operation.

I need a few further bits of information.

I have no clue as yet who our client is. Could you please provide me with information about him/them.

I don't believe you mentioned the name of the bank where the funds currently reside. Please provide the name of the bank and the name of the manager we are working through

You mentioned in a previous letter that once the non -resident domiciliary account is set up at the Standard Chartered Bank of Accra, we can handle all transactions online. Can you provide me with the bank's website address please.

Can you provide me with the name of the individual we will be working with at the Standard Chartered Bank?

I realize that this is a lot to ask for but like I said earlier, I like to be prepared. I'm concerned that June 7 may be a bit ambitious to meet with the bank as we have a lot of things to get in place first.

Henshaw, I appreciate you offering to set up hotel reservations for me but you really don't need to go to the trouble. Ms. LeFay is fully capable of handling this. As a matter of fact, I'll probably be bringing her with me. She's never been to Ghana, or anywhere in Africa for that matter, and she's begging me to bring her. I may be able to get her to provide a few special 'favors' if I bring her along.

We'll probably be flying in on KLM as it appears that the nearest Ghanian consulate is in Amsterdam.

Later my friend,


Lewis D. Noogie


I need to correct something I wrote earlier.

When referring to the 5% for 'likely unforseen expenses', I should have used the figure $5.25 million instead of $7.5 million. Sorry about the mistake, but that's still a truckload of money!

Looking forward to our partnership more than ever.


Okon Henshaw

Dear Lewd,

Many thanks over your well received letter laden with several enquiries as expected. I have taken note of all your comments and I will address them accordingly. I believe my response will help you to be better prepared for your maiden trip to Ghana. At the moment however, you have not disclosed to me where you are presently located? Where are you?

The bank appointment fixed for June 7, 2004 is very, very important; it may be quite difficult, albeit impossible to shift based on the dynamics of this deposit. In other to ensure a smooth sail, I am informed the receiving bank is on alert to facilitate account opening procedures for you, while putting in place appropriate statutory demands authorizing their eligibility to conduct foreign exchange transactions. Ms. LeFay is welcomed to Accra, but I wish to know if she's part of this project ?on your side? No offence. Do make enquiries in earnest over Entry visa procedures at the Ghanaian consulate in Amsterdam. Have a wonderful flight on board KLM!

On the Contract Agreement, 'all and sundry matters' refers to the primary process of handing over the funds into your lawful custody in the bank. Perhaps we had a problem with the semantic content of that clause. In this project, you are the authorized beneficiary, the bank will meet with you, inform you of the manner of payment and assist you in conveying the deposit (with a Bullion Van/Police Escorts) to the bank where you will lodge the funds for onward remittance to your offshore account. It is because of this service that the Bank Manager asked you to come along with the service charge( Bullion Van/Police Escorts payment of US$9,500.00 ) You will pay this money while at the bank to the Escorts Policemen. Please it is very important All other functions inside the bank, to the best of my knowledge are purely routine and administrative. I hope you are okay.

Furthermore, the remaining 5% is retained by the bank for accepting to take custody of the deposit without question, thus putting their entire banking apparatus, image, integrity and license at great risk. Undoubtedly, any right thinking person will be wondering why a bank will lay upon itself such enormous risk? They have secured this funds over a long time and within this period, Federal Inspectors, External Auditors from World Bank, IMF, etc have been going through their books, vaults, etc. So, we cannot deny them that percentage. Our challenge is not to do the impossible, but to learn to live with the possible.

I believe I have talked about the issue of the 5% refundable funds mapped out for 'likely unforeseen expenses'. In my previous explanation, I informed you that when Standard Chartered Bank accepts custodian responsibility of these funds, they will put up a change to facilitate onward remittance to your bank in, perhaps, Ukraine?

Now, that will be negotiated, so nobody knows what it will attract. In order to eliminate exhaustive beaurocracy , due process and attention of regularly bodies like Anti-Terrorist Intelligence Units (Monitoring Movement of funds in all African Banks), Standard Chartered Bank will 'put on' its overwhelming credible image and deposit base to defend your transaction. They know what to do; but you cannot escape payment for all these services; b ut it's negotiable.

Lewd, this the major unforeseen, it may be huge, I can't tell. Do not be afraid over this, I assure you. Our client is not familiar with this procedure, but is aware of the 5% mapped out as refunds and 5% retained by the bank. For your information, the bank (paying bank) has complete responsibility in offering advice and directives suitable to the fluid execution of this project. We listen to them.

Our client is a Liberian Industrialist who controlled vast diamond mines in Liberia and Republic of Sierra Leone. At the moment he's on political asylum in Southern Africa. He is a target of elimination by two (2) Rebel groups who actively participated in the 14 years Liberian war. When we meet I will disclose his name to you, to do so through cyberspace will be improper at this time; besides he's a target of assassins.

Equally, I crave your indulgence to decline critical disclosures through this medium to you in the interim. Internet communication is not safe and secure, besides for a project of this magnitude, institutions and critical individuals involved (e.g Bank Manager), will be thoroughly upset if I engage in such unauthorized publicity. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson''the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude'' it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. We are all aware of computer freaks, hackers, US Intelligence systems, etc, I will not risk such detailed disclosures at this stage, one damn individual may be omewhere waiting ? perhaps to burgle the bank! When you arrive, you will see things for yourself. It is often said that the good things in life are like the birth of a child. Ninety percent waiting?.

Also, all contacts at Standard Chartered Bank Accra will be provided by the bank manager (Paying Bank). I have no knowledge of this individual at (SCB) at the moment, but the manager is in-charge of that. In fact he has perfected every arrangement regarding the account opening etc. Don't worry, you will receive credible advice and assistance. It is always possible to approach a goal by a detour, that is what the manager is doing. I hope you do realize that several millions of dollars is involved here, handling such an exercise is not done by lying on a feather bed nor under a canopy. All parties must be tactful. Please do not take offence over my blunt clarifications, it is due to the sensitive nature of the transaction. I have to give you the true picture of events, unnecessary attention is not desired. I need your full co-operation and I assure you a wonderful business ransaction.

Please as soon as your flight is confirmed kindly let me know your flight details, time of arrival to Ghana, this will enable me receive you at the airport, Accra.

I look forward to a wonderful, trusting, transparent relationship with you. My mind goes back to'' get her to provide a few special 'favours' if I bring her along? Lewd, you are damn lucky.



Lewis D. Noogie


I came away from reading your letter somewhat concerned. Though you don't actually come out and say it, I get the strong impression that what we are doing is illegal. Mysterious Liberian industrialist, target of elimination, rebel groups, 'dark' money being paid to an unknown banking institution (at least unknown to me). Henshaw, this is starting to get kinda kinky. Who's to say that you or I won't end up as a target of elimination? I'll try anything once, but the idea of ending up being fed to crocodiles by a bunch of rebels is not something I find particularly appealing. I hope you can see this from my perspective.

While I'm not yet prepared to back out of this deal, I am going to put arrangements in place to at least insure our safety. It's going to cost me a little, but I also have some favors I can call in. Believe me, there are advantages to working in former Soviet countries.

There are several issues I inquired about that you did not address:
1. The name of the bank where the funds currently reside and the name of the individual we are dealing through.
2. The website for the Standard Chartered Bank.
3. Have you approached our client and informed him of the necessity of an advanced payment yet? This is even more important now; as dodgy as this deal is starting to sound I think it would be extremely foolish for you or I to throw any money at it.

To answer your question regarding my location, I'm currently staying in a hotel I am consulting to here in Novosibirsk, a small resort town in Latvia. The hotel is small but because of it's location has great potential.

For now we will continue to target the 7th of June to meet with the bank, but let's watch this closely to see what develops. I'm having second thoughts about Ms. LeFay accompanying me. For one thing, I don't know that a tall Ukrainian blonde would blend very well in Accra. She's a pretty striking woman, and likes to wear clothes that show off her considerable, uh, assets. Is there maybe someplace there where I could buy a chador or an abaya for her to wear? Let me know.

Waiting to hear from you.


Okon Henshaw

Dear Lewd,

Far be it for you to be so scared of my last mail that you are already imagining' 'ending up being fed to crocodiles by a bunch of rebels'.' Oh no! Never you think like that. Although we have not met, I have taken you as a true friend; a true friend unbosoms freely, advices justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably. Relax your mind comrade, we are not in the dark ages neither is Africa a continent of cannibals. Gosh! Why do you rush to such far flung conclusion? Too bad.

Our client is not and never a mystery. His name is Philip Ahoua and for your information he is presently suffering from terminal ailment ? cancer. Specialists in southern Africa have given up, perhaps he may not survive up to 6 years. Well, that may not be important to you. What I believe you should bother about is' 'Okon Henshaw, do you have the power of Attorney to execute this project'' The answer is irrevocably ' yes. The bank is not bothered about him, all Philip knows is that the funds will be safely invested in a promising enterprise ' Eastern Europe. Our client was accused of being too close to the Ex- President of Liberia 'C.T', now on self-exile in South Eastern Nigeria. Several members of cabinet, friends, families, etc of the Ex-Head of State have secured political asylum within and outside Africa. If the deposit weren't lodged in a Ghanaian Bank, nothing would have brought us together. All men of means were hunted during the Liberian war. It is the usual occurrence during war; such attacks are not restricted to Africa, are you not aware? Thank God Philip was not hacked to death in Liberia. He is a good man.

Now, you call the project 'illegal', 'dark money', etc. I presume you should know better than to say that. Across the civilized world and indeed amongst humanity, there is no clean money. Behind every great fortune there is a crime. Even within the world's greatest banking institution, crime and fraud thrives. Recently a US Senate hearing was told that multilateral development banks, including the world bank, have misused about $200 billion meant for development projects in poor countries of the world. The world bank is an agency of the United Nations. An expert Jeffrey Winters, Associate Professor of Political Science at North-Western University in the US added that a probe into Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), European Bank For Reconstruction & Development, Asian Development Bank and African Development Bank, will shoot the scandal to over $40 billion. So Lewd what do you think? African Presidents and Heads of States both living and dead have looted their nation's treasuries dry. Are you not aware? Lewd haven't you heard of late Jean Bedel-Bokassa of Central African Republic, late Idi-Amin of Uganda, late Mobutu Sese-seku of former Zaire (now DRC), late Gen. Sanni Abacha of Nigeria, etc current leaders in Nigeria, Togo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, etc are more or less 'emperors'. All together over $3 trillion has been siphoned to Europe and North America by these 'Rulers', since the mid 70's. You can contact appropriate authorities for your individual enquiries.

Across Asia, South America, North America, etc several financial scandals of unimaginable proportion assault our sensibilities day and night. I am sure you are aware of the fact that Moscow has over taken New York as the billionaires' capital of the world. According to The Independent of London'' no other city in the world can boast of such a large number of billionaires, even New York. There are 36 billionaires in Moscow alone ? Elena Baturina (41 years old), Viktor Vekselberg (47 years old, Russia's third-richest man worth $5.9bn). The richest man in Russia Mikhail Khodorkousky, 40 years old former Chief Executive of oil giant Yukos, is awaiting trial in Moscow's Malaya Tishinskaya prison, accused of tax fraud and theft. Lewd, the world's richest man Bill Gates is still facing Anti-trust suits in America. Multi-national Corporations, Enron, Halliburton, etc are riddled with high scale corruption and fraud. US Vice-President Dick Cheney presided over Halliburton before becoming the US Vice 'President. While he was controlling Halliburton, an oil service company, he approved the payment of a bribe totaling US$280 million in order to secure a $4 billion Liquefied Natural Gas contract in Nigeria. These are facts. Now tell me which is 'bright' money and which is 'dark money'. Who has ever audited the account of the Vatican in Rome? Are you aware of the operational style of Banco Ambrosiano in Italy? Do you know the worth of the Vatican in terms of liquid deposit? In the words of George Farquhar'. 'Tis still my maxim, that there is no scandal like rags, nor any crime so shameful as poverty'' In my opinion Lewd, I will rather say there is no legal money on earth, especially in the capitalist world.

Accordingly, you have no need whatsoever to spend your money on hunky bodyguards, freaks emerging from dark alleys to monitor your movement or do whatever. It is absolutely unnecessary and ridiculous, to say the least. I am quite free here and I don't need any security cover. And while you are here your security is my security and all I need is your full cooperation to invest these funds in Eastern Europe. I am not inviting you in other to harm you, why, because you are coming to assist me to invest our funds. The advantages of working in the Kremlin may be useful in Iraq or Iran or better still Israel. But not in the sweet, little country where even kidnapping is not in their lexicon. Again Lewd, the idea of coming over with hunks should be eliminated completely.


1. I explained clearly to you why we should not peddle names of Institutions or Bank officials you will be meeting over a porous facility like the Internet. I really want you to trust me and see reason with me; moreover the bank manager has advised that such disclosures should be made when beneficiary arrives due to the sensitive nature of this transaction. Please trust me and exercise patience until you arrives Ghana where we will have time to discuss one-on-one.

2. Our client is not any way involved in these final stages of the transaction, we have no need to pester him about any advance payment, besides I wonder where you got the idea of advance / upfront payment from? I am only aware of the $9,500.00 sundry charge you will pay to the bank for the use of the Bullion van/Police Escorts. Where else are you making payment? At the time of lodging the Deposit, enough cash will be available to settle bank charges. From the 5% set aside we will refund any personal expenses that you are incurring e.g your air ticket fares to & fro, administrative charge, account opening, etc.

3. I believe since it is the bank manager who recommended Standard Chartered Bank for you, it will be appropriate for him to respond and address all issues related to the SCB directly to you once you arrive. Do not take offence or rush into doing things on your own at the detriment of this project.

I am pleased to realize that you are in Latvia, I guess a small city state with a population of less than 3 million. I understand it shares boundary with Russia, Belarus and the Baltic Sea. How is city life in Riga and Daugaupils? Riga is allegedly home of the first decorated Christmas tree in the year 1510. The 'Riga tree' was burned after being used in ceremonies that combined Christian and pagan customs. What are their controlling laws over foreign investments or inflow of foreign capital?

Ms. LeFay is welcomed to this beautiful city of Africa. There are thousands of tourists arriving here from Asia, Europe and North America, she will blend very well in Accra. Well, her choice of dressing is unique, not strange out here, but if you wish, there are choice boutiques where you will be able to pick up 'Chador' or an Abaya' for her to wear. Moreover, we will present her with African fabrics for her to wear. She will look damn gorgeous, except that you will have to go underneath to 'check-out' her 'assets', wow!

Lewd, it is an age old African tradition to exchange gifts when an important visitor arrives. I am aware of the fact that the bank manager/Accountant, etc are arranging a beautiful work of traditional African Art piece for you. On your part, kindly reciprocate by bringing over some gifts for the bank manager, Accountant and two (2) officials of the Security Deposit Commission that will assist you. You may think of anything, but if you ask me, I will suggest a good quality Nokia or Samsung (Dual band GSM 900/1800) mobile phone. I suggest the latest in the Nokia or Samsung series with all standard features. It will be a thrill to these folks, a great thrill that will attract unusual favours to you.

Well, I guess I have talked a lot. I don't want grief, so I remain on the sunny side of life. Grief is the agony of an instant, to indulge in it is a blunder of life! Stay alive Lewd, I am looking forward to seeing you. Let me have your flight schedule once you are through.

Stay blessed.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and best regards,


Lewd informs Henshaw that he'll be staying at the Russian Embassy in Accra...

Lewis D. Noogie


Let me address a few items from your Friday email.

You mentioned not peddling names of institutions or bank officials over a porous facility like the internet. You've already mentioned the name of the receiving bank, why all the secrecy about the bank where the funds are currently deposited?

I absolutely do not understand why you are not willing to divulge the website of the Standard Chartered Bank. I just want to view the site and determine what kind of transactions will be available online. Henshaw, let's not leave everything to the last minute.

Regarding the comment that we have no need to pester the client about advance payment and that you wonder where I got the idea about advance payment from to begin with: Henshaw, I don't regard working out details to everyones satisfactiion as 'pestering'. If this 'pesters' our friend Philip Ahoua, then he's in the wrong business. And as far as where I got the idea from, why, it came from you Henshaw. Listen, you and Mr. Ahoua have determined that 5%, or $5.25 million has been set aside for "...likely, unforseen expenses". Just the magnitude of that estimated amount indicates to me that more charges are coming. Actually, I don't understand why the need for anything to be set aside, let alone $5.25 millioin. If you have power of attorney over the account then that's where money for any fees, charges, or any other unforseen expenses. Instead of an advance payment why not just migrate a percentage of the total to one of your own accounts for use during the transaction. After this is all over we really must get you out of Ghana to see how things are done in the rest of the world.

I believe you asked earlier the extent of Ms. LeFay's involvement in this deal. I give Morgan information on a need-to-know basis. Her primary function is to accompany me to any business meeting we have with the people involved there. I have found just her presence in a meeting to be invaluable in distracting and keeping those on the other side of the table unfocused.

Henshaw, you've either been reading too many spy novels or watching too many American movies. Nobody is talking about 'hunky bodyguards', as you put it. The people I referred to are somewhat more, shall we say, professional. And I'm not paying to bring anyone there; the people we will use are already there.

I will be flying from Amsterdam to Accra on Saturday. Ms. LeFay is in Amsterdam now taking care of visas and she may come a day or two earlier. We won't be needing hotel accomodations or pickup at the airport, but thanks for the offer. I don't want tyou to have to wait around the airport all day and you never know when a flight is going to be late.

The address where we will be staying is F856/1 Ring Road East, 13 Lane, there in Accra. I intend to spend Saturday renewing some old aquaintences and you and I can meet on Sunday. Please send me the address of your office and we can meet you there, say 10:00am? By the way, I don't think you ever mentioned the name of your company?

I am truly touched by the fact that the bank officials are arranging a piece of traditional African art as a gift for me. I considered your suggestion about the mobile phones as gifts for them, but I feel it may be more appropriate that I respond in kind. There is a terrific open-air market here in Novosibirsk where they sell some really interesting pieces of Latvian folk art, and I'm sure I can come up with something they'll like. I'll bet none of them have a 10-piece matroishka doll, or a genuine Ismailova laquered box!

Ok, old friend, please don't forget to send your office address and we'll see you there at 10:00am on Sunday. By the way, I can provide transportation for us to the mystery bank on Monday. We'll pick you up and we can all go together. Afterwards drinks and zakuska are on me, and I do hope you like vodka.


Okon Henshaw

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 19:29:39 +0100

Dear Lewd,

Please be informed that there is on going meeting with the bank over your arrival in Ghana on Saturday.Based on the conclusion of the meeting tomorrow Friday 4th June 2004,kindly await the report before you finally depart for Ghana.

This report will get to you on or before 2.30pm my time,4th June 2004.

Thanks for your Co-operation.

Lewis D. Noogie


Ok, I'll wait, but what's going on?


Okon Henshaw

Dear Lewd,

How are you ,hope your fine. So sorry I could not reach you exactly, it was due to the meeting with the bank officials which did not hold on time because there was external Auditors in their branch today.

I hope you are set to arrive Accra tomorrow, I wish you and Ms .G, SAFE flight to Ghana.

On arrival in Ghana, you can call me up on this phone no:233-244269257,so I can direct you on where we can meet to embrace ourselves.Always,do not discuss this project with strangers, remember what I told you and the condition of my Boss, Mr Phillip Ahoua, who now lives his life in Southern Africa.

Very important, do not forget to come along with the Bullion Van/Police Escorts charge of US$9,500 which is non-negotiable. Also do come along with your passport photograph for the opening of an account. We need to work together to actualise this goal .I have taken your advise and will discuss further once you arrive.

I look forward to meeting you on Sunday 6th June 2004.

Thanks and my regards


N/B;Please can you notify me of your cell number as soon a pssible.

Lewis D. Noogie


Good to hear from you as always but I really must protest at the way I'm being jerked around here. Your message to hold my departure caught me in Amsterdam where I had gone to secure a visa. When I didn't hear from you at 2:00pm on Friday I cancelled my flight to Accra and returned to Latvia. As a matter of fact I just got back a couple of hours ago.

I now must rearrange the flight to Ghana and that's not going to be easy. I don't see any way that I can be there by Monday for the meeting. The travel agent in Amsterdam explained that flight are booked up in many cases because of the summer tourist season; I even had to fly back here on standby, in COACH! I don't have to tell you I was more than a little upset. I'm somewhat ill today, and I suspect it is from the swill that was served to me on the plane. Please don't make it necessary for me to have to go through that ordeal again.

If you still want to complete this transaction then you and the bank are going to have to be a bit flexible. I can re-book the flight to Accra, and I'll set it up for as soon as possible, but I think we should not schedule a meeting with the bank until I'm actually in Accra. Let me know if this is acceptable and I will immediately set about making flight reservations for myself and Ms. LeFay for the first available first-class seats.

While I have had my mind set at ease regarding security of the transaction, I still have unanswered concerns regarding these 'unforseen expenses', but I guess this is an issue we will have to confront if/when it occurs.

By the way, you never did tell me your company's name and address. I would still like to have that for future reference

Awaiting to hear from you.


ps - regarding my cellphone number - I don't use one, my ex-wife broke me of that habbit. When I was married that damned thing served as a cow bell so she would always know where I was at every moment. As soon as I can dig it out I'll send you a number where I can be reached in Accra.


Enter Morgan LeFay, Lewd's personal and confidential secretary, stage left.

Morgan writes to Henshaw to inform him that Lewd has come down with a mysterious disease and that she'll be handling the modalities for him. The scene begins as Henshaw responds:

Okon Henshaw

Dear Ms.LeFay,

Many,many thanks to your response dated june 10th 2004.Very,very sorry to receive this surprise news of illness to the person of Mr Lewis Noogie-Lewd.I am very sorry and would appreciate if you can convey my heartfelt message to him,I wish him good health and safe recovery soonest.He remains the authorized beneficiary of this project.

Ms.LeFay,my friend Lewis has definied you in a more good manner to me and I have no regret whatsoever having you to represent him to receive these funds.You are hereby assured of our unflinching and warm receiption to you in this beautiful city of Accra,While here,your security is my security.

Right now I have made a Hotel reservation where you will be securely lodged on arrival to Accra.Please kindly remove your mind out of anything in connection of Russians,more especially this project remains discreet to our advantage.US$105M is not one cent,so we need to be careful and obey the banks directives to receive these funds.

On your coming,the major important thing is the US$9,500 TO BE USED TO PAY FOR THE BULLION VAN/ARMED POLICE MEN that will move these funds from the holding bank to Standard chartered bank where you will establish an account to transfer the whole funds to overseas.I will address more on this,and guide you on your arrival.I will receive you at Kotoka International Airport and escort you to the Hotel where both of us will have a private meeting,before visiting the bank.

Now,kindly furnish me with your arrival date,to enable me receive you and also book an appointment with the bank.I hope you confirm your flight soonest and forward it to me.

As soon as I receive that,I will guide you and furnish you with the weather here, etc before you arrive.

I look forward to hear from you.



Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

I was so excited to get your response so soon. Lewis described you as a very competent businessman and a real gentleman. It's going to be such a pleasure to work with someone like yourself instead of these rough Eastern European types that I normally have to deal with. I look forward to working with you very closely.

Lewis is still very weak, and not getting any better. There have been several cases of something called Congo-Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever here in Latvia since summer began, and his doctor thinks he might have caught it. Very nasty.

I need a bit more time for sorting through Lewis' email; he keeps it in such a disarray, and there's just oodles of stuff that needs to be gotten rid of. Once I've gone through everything we can get down to business. I've also asked our travel agent here in Novosibirsk to research flights to Accra.

Since you've been gracious enough to offer to meet me at the airport, you should probably be familiar with what I look like. It's a horrid picture [I sent a picture of a real knockout taken from a Ukrainian webpage - tall, blonde, blue-eyed, busty; I think Henshaw is gonna like her], taken for my hotel id badge, but at least it's recent. I promise to look better when I meet you.

Please do let me know what the weather forecast is when I send you my arrival time. Does Accra have any beaches? I need to know if I should bring short-sleaved blouses, shorts, bikini, etc.

By the way, I don't really like my last name. If we're going to be friends, please call me Morgan.

Yours always and hope to see you soon.


Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

I just wanted to update you on a few things:

Lewis' condition has not improved and if anything has gotten worse and his abdomen is terribly distended. I hate to see him this way. The doctor has made some more tests to try and figure out exactly what is wrong with him but no results yet.

I have gone through all of Lewis' correspondence with you, at least all that he has retained (that man is so disorganized!!). I do have a couple of questions to ask you and we can cover these items individually over the next few days.

I talked with the travel agent and we settled on a flight from London on the 26th of June, flight BA0081, arriving Accra at 20:00. I hope this isn't too late for you. It works best for me because I can get some things done here and also do some shopping in London before I come there. I'm allowing about 10 days in Accra to complete everything which should be plenty of time, right? Hopefully this will also allow some time to see the city and do the tourist thing. Will you be able to show me around? I'm sure you're a very busy man but everyone needs to have time away from work and I'm a fun girl to be with.

Henshaw, I hope to hear from you very soon.



Okon Henshaw

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 14:47:36 +0100

Dear Morgan,

Many, many thanks for your well received email dated June 13 2004. Calling you 'Morgan' is just nice, crisp and beautiful. I would never have known how to pronounce 'LeFay' properly, but thankfully enough your presence in Accra very shortly, will help expand my interest on Eastern European people, culture and tradition.

I deeply sympathise with Lewd over his sudden ill-health. I am really not too familiar with the 'Congo-Crimean fever' (although it bears an African name). Congo is a large area in Central Africa richly endowed with Rainforests and diamonds. Infact two (2) Central African countries derive their name from the Congo Basin- Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo. Whatever, I do wish Lewd a quick recovery. Although you are flying over to execute this project on his behalf, in future I am sure Lewd will still come back to savour the unique hospitality of Ghanaians and enjoy the warm African sunshine. In the words of Theodor Reik''It is always possible to approach a goal by a detour''

So far, I hope you have exhaustively gone through my correspondence with Lewd or 'what little of it he has saved.' Kindly ensure that you fly in with all the necessary requirements including the Account opening needs 3 passport photographs, requisite identification, etc, The funds required for payment for the Bullion Van/Armed Escorts provided by the bank must be brought in. This money will be paid by you in side the bank for the purpose stated above. I will be with you all the way, so don't feel you will be left alone to carry out all these assignments. As a matter of fact the bank does not require excessive publicity in this transaction because of the huge amount involved and in cash too. When Lewd planned to contact his Russian friends and all, I never approved of it because the bank manager, an experience gentleman said the exercise does not deserve public knowledge. Morgan, I am pleased to note that you have decided to keep off the Russian folks here and focus strongly on what you came for. After the bank appointments, safe lodgment, if you so wish, you can visit them, but by then the transaction is totally completed.


Ms. Morgan, you have an appointment at the bank fixed for June 28. 2004. It is of utmost importance that you arrive Accra on Saturday June 26, 2004, preparatory to the bank visit on Monday June 28, 2004.

Thanks for the flight information you have sent over. Our Airport is called Kotoka International Airport, a lovely Airport recently renovated by the Chinese.

As I said earlier, I will be at the Airport to receive you. I will depart early to beat the evening traffic. Well I am sure you are used to International Travels. While on board the Aircraft, perhaps an hour before landing, you may be given landing cards to fill, etc. In the column for Foreign Exchange or Amount with you, do not declare all the cash you have with you; just to avoid unnecessary delays. But keep your cash very safe and concealed.
I have secured Hotel Reservations for you at ERATA HOTEL, EAST LEGON ACCRA; perhaps this information may be needed in your landing card. Also out of courtesy, the immigration or custom folks may ask you reasons for your visit, wao' Tell them you are visiting Accra for holidays and tourism ' you will go to places like the ELMINA CASTLE at CAPE COAST where you'll savour the ELMINA beach, you'll visit the VOLTA LAKE at AKOSOMBO (Volta Lake is the largest man-made Lake in the World) and perhaps pick up Kente clothes at the Accra Main Market.

Now you did ask me about the weather in Accra. At the moment we are in the wet season, with bouts of sunshine coming in between. Temperature hovers between 31o Celsius ' 34 o Celsius. Come along with cotton clothes ' short sleeved, blouses, blue denim (jeans trousers). At the bank, you'll need to dress formal, maybe a skirt suit or a lovely formal dress. You can bring along Tee-shirts, a polo cap and sun-glasses. Latvia is competing at EURO2004 taking place at Portugal, pick up two (2) or three (3) pieces of base ball caps depicting LATVIA'S glory at the football competition, a gift to three bank officials helping us over this project. They are passionate football fans.

That said, I told Lewd that some gifts will be given to him by the bank manager as a tradition. He should reciprocate. He told me he will bring some 'dolls'. I don't know what that means. I did suggest to him to come along with corporate gifts for the bank officials e.g three (3) pieces of quality Nokia GSM phones ' (800/1900 band). GSM phones will be the best gift for them and advice you come along with three (3) quality GSM phones.Remember, each moment of the year has its own beauty, a picture which was never seen before, and which shall be seen again.

Well Morgan, it is said that the good things in life are like the birth of a child ' 90% waiting. I await your safe arrival. Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. Thanks for the lovely picture ' 'In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love'. While looking forward to your detailed response, I leave you with these words 'We must live through the dreary winter if we would value the spring; And the woods must be cold and silent before the robins sing, The flowers must be buried in darkness Before they can bud and bloom, And the warmest sunshine comes after the storm and gloom'. Your trip to Accra is a success. Welcome!



Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

I LOVE the way you write! And you certainly do know how to say all the right things to a girl. Really, I can't wait to meet you in person. I know I've said it before but it is really such a pleasure to work with such a refined gentleman.

Henshaw, let's get all this boring business stuff out of the way:

1. The meeting time for June 28 is fine with me.
2. I'll have the money for the transport charge with me when I arrive.
3. I don't know what Lewis' plans were as far as the phones you suggested for gifts, but I'll pick them up in London.

I think that about covers it.

Now tell me, is there any night life in Accra? I love dancing and going to clubs and I hope we'll have some time for things like that. Very little to do here in Novosibirsk and it'll be so good to have an opportunity to go a little wild for a change (I promise not too wild, though).

Henshaw, I think everything is ready, but please, let's stay in touch over the next two weeks. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your letters.


ps By the way, Lewis never mentioned...... are you married? Just curious :-)

Okon Henshaw

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 16:02:02 +0100

Dear Morgan,

Mmm! How do I start responding to such a sweet letter from Morgan dated June 15. 2004. I deeply appreciate your comments regarding my correspondence with you. Well, Morgan I really wanted to keep this to myself but...... your letters are equally terrific, luxuriant and a delight to read. I look forward to our meeting, I just can't wait!

I'm pleased to realise that contents of my last mail were clearly understood; hope I didn't bore you. I guess it was quite lengthy, so sorry I didn't want to miss out essential details which may appear a bit insignificant, but or prime importance here. Is this your first trip to Africa? The Bank appointment for June 28 is certain and confirmed, as adviced take good care of the cash funds you're coming with. I trust you. One thing though, when flying in from London, i.e. London ' Accra, just dress casual, perhaps a lovely tee-shirt over a denim (jeans) trouser. Yes, Africa is quite developed and all that but with your 'looks' (beauty queen) any ostentatious dressing will have Airport paparazzi flocking all over you! I'll be upset to see your face in the morning tabloids (all men are jealous). However Morgan be very casual. Furthermore, thanks over the acceptance to pick up the GSM phone gifts from London. I hope they fit in snugly in your suitcase.

Please note; the GSM acceptable here is band 900/1800.

Night life in Accra is simply awesome. We'll have some spare time to boogie, I love dancing too and you really need to let off steam. Novosibirsk must really be boring and you do deserve a change. Morgan, you see I've found in you the holy passion of friendship which is so sweet, steady, loyal and enduring in nature, I hope it'll last through a lifetime. Your beauty is perfect and whole! Philosophies fall away like sand, and creeds follow one another like the withered leaves of autumn, but what is beautiful is a joy for all season and a possession for all eternity. I'm proud of you, keep fit.

Well, I'll keep in touch, expect my mail this weekend, perhaps I'll give you a description of myself, features etc. Mmm! Am I married? You really want to know? Oh! Some snag there, I'll tell you more when you come. But be calm, no one will take me away from you. Are you aware that I'll be investing in Latvia?

Please kindly let me know when you depart London for onward arrival to Accra.

Cordially, Henshaw

Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

Like I told you before, you certainly know how to say the right things to a girl! Sometimes I forget that there is life outside this small city but your writings have given me hope for something exciting and different, at least for awhile.

I know I have to be careful - email is a more powerful medium than most people understand, especially in the hands of someone like yourself. Enough said for now.

I look forward to your promised letter this weekend telling me about yourself. Please don't forget!



Okon Henshaw

Sent : Saturday, June 19, 2004 11:27 AM

Dear Morgan,

It's my deep pleasure and honour to contact you this weekend as promised. I hope you're having a memorable time over there in Novobirsk. How's Lewd's condition? I remember him in my prayers and do hope that his health will be restored in the nearest future. Well Morgan, I guess I'm a simple person to get along with. I'm born into a middle class Christian family and thankfully enough my parents were able to take care of our educational needs right up to the University, where I studied Law. I spent more years in Monrovia, Republic of Liberia than Ghana due to my professional engagements there and the irresistible attraction of working with a Diamond firm. The 14 years war in Liberia thoroughly devastated and destroyed the psyche, well being, life and economy of that country. I'm glad to note that peace has been restored there, but of course I'm not going back.

Wao! My height is about 1.75metres and I'm a little on the 'beefy'side, blessed with an oval 'shaped' face. The flair for my interesting letters may have been influenced through the boarding schools I attended; they were all mixed schools i.e. both male and female in attendance. I have close interaction with the female students who'll always entice me to write a poem for them. Maybe that is why you find my letters interesting. I love poetry and I'm a voracious reader. Lewd once told me that I read too much of American novels etc. Oh! But I read any interesting book that comes my way, it expands my knowledge about the world and it's people. I equally love magazines on fashion, entertainment, information technology and sports. What's your hobby like? Deep down in my heart I believe in people and trust easily, so I get quite hurt if betrayed. An African adage says: a single finger cannot pick up a needle. It takes the cooperation of other fingers, this to me is the essence of this project. I'm pleased to have come over here to finalize the transaction. The entire process will be executed by the Bank just as I've been enumerating in my mails.

So Morgan, let me not bore you with so much talk. We'll have sometime to chat on many other issues after concluding the exercise. Again, have a nice flight to London from Latvia, and from London to Accra, my regards to Lewd. Take care, I'll await your arrival and receive you in Accra. Thanks.



Morgan LeFay

Dearest Henshaw,

I checked my inbox all morning waiting for your letter, and finally there it was! As always, I was so excited to see it there!

It's nice to know a little bit about you. You are the kind of man I've always wanted to meet - are there any more like you in Accra?

You asked about my hobbies - since I don't like most of the men here I spend a lot of time at sports instead of dating. I like to ski in the winter, and I do a lot of swimming and hiking in warm weather. Lewis has taught me to use different types of firearms and has tried to get me interested in hunting but I don't really like shooting things. You couldn't tell from my picture but I'm in very good condition.

I have everything prepared for the trip next week and can't wait to meet you in person! I'm looking forward to having a great time there in Accra, but I suppose, since you're married, that you'll be having to go home early every night, right? Be careful, I may be able to change your mind ;-)

Do let's stay in touch this week, ok??


Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

I tried to look up the hotel Erata on the web, but I find no reference to anything by that name. Henshaw, dear, you haven't booked me into a dump, have you? Nothing turns a girl off more than having to stay in some fleabag hotel :-(

Now I know you have some nice hotels there; is this one the best you can do? Should I reconsider staying at the embassy?


Okon Henshaw

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 07:59:12 +0100

Dear Morgan,

I saw your mail dated Sunday June 20th 2004 today and regretted how you regarded the Erata Hotel I recommended for both of us as a dump-why? The hotel is newly built in a good environment. Why don't you arrive first ,if you do not like the hotel ,then we can quickly make a change. Again this hotel is very close to the paying bank ,so it is the best place for us, even close to the Beach too.

Morgan ,I have many stories to tell you. I spent enough time glancing at your picture and without having seen you ,you have taking a position in my life already .I promise you that you will not regret this trip in your life .I will keep in touch with you until you finally arrive Accra.

Do other thing over there and do not bother over the accommodation issue .Rule out completely your thought of changing your mind to any Embassy here, beside I want you around me .You can't afford to miss the man Henshaw upon setting your eyes on me-I'm proud of you.

By the way ,how is LEWD doing? kindly extend my greeting to him. I'm praying for him and I wish him speedy recovering from such illness.

I wish to know when you will be leaving for London, I must follow up until you arrive Kotoka international Airport ,Accra. You are welcome .I will address issues of your Hobbies in my next mail.

Looking forward to hear from you, I love you too.


Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

I was upset about the hotel until I received your letter but your words turned the bad feelings off completely. I'll trust you on the hotel, Henshaw. I think I can count on you to take care of me while I'm there. You mentioned that you recommend the hotel for both of us; will you be staying there as well??

I'm leaving for London today and will arrive there this evening. I'm staying with a girlfriend there that I haven't seen in a long time and we have a lot to catch up on. And then on Saturday you and I finally get to meet! I have never looked forward to something so much! And I am so anxious to get out of here for awhile.

Lewd is not much better, if at all. He's so weak he can hardly speak. The doctors say we just have to wait.

Henshaw dear, I'll write you when I get to London. Can't wait to see you!!


Okon Henshaw

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 11:32:09 +0100

Dear Morgan,

Where are you now? Search, search.... ho! ho! There you are preparing to leave for London, wearing a pink blouse. Am I correct? If I?m wrong, no pain, I Guess I tried. How do you do? Thanks for your mail and also believing in me. I'll be the last man on planet Earth to take you to a flea-infected hotel. I'll rather die, oh yes. When you arrive I'll take you to a most exotic hotel. Don't worry.

I'm really looking around for that hotel with a 'midas' touch, where you'll have a vacuzzi. Be ready. Well, Erata Hotel is on the web-check [This is a hoaky-looking website. I'd be interested if a reader can tell me if this place really exists]; there are others such as Golden Beach Hotels featuring La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. Elmina Beach Resort and Busua Beach Resort check Volta Hotel Akosombo gives a memorable breath taking view of the Volta lake- the largest man-made lake in the world. We would have lodged there, but it's in the outskirts of Accra city. Don't worry Morgan, you'll stay in a great place. Based on your current profession, you are a hotel aficionado. You've seen it all and you have to settle for the best. Kindly get me some interesting hotel magazines showing picturesque view of great hotels like the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Lewd knows that part of these funds will be used to develop a hotel in Eastern Europe.

That said, you must be a great keep-fit expert, swimming! Hiking in warm weather. Now the shooting art is interesting. I don't like it myself because I can't stand the sight of blood-man or animal. Undoubtedly the shooting lessons will be useful to you in case you find yourself in the United States or South America. In Africa, hunting is not a sport but a source of livelihood. Hunters are found in far out remote villages killing harmless animals to earn a living. I Regard all life as a fairy-tale written by God's fingers. I'm happy you don't like shooting things because ... the hunter could become the hunted... But Morgan I'll really love to learn how to handle firearms. I'll tell you a story of what happened to me in Liberia during the early part of the war. About my marriage. I'll give you a hint. My wife and kids are not in Accra, but in Johannesburg, South Africa. Separation is in the offing due to irreconcilable differences. Her parents are quite wealthy and most of the time I'm being intimidated, disrespected, dishonoured, etc, because I cannot afford to offer her the luxury she demands all the time. I repeat .... all the time. They never wanted me to settle in Ghana, after the war in Liberia, but to head to South Africa and work in her father's company, oh Morgan! I was really humiliated. But I stood my grounds. One evening I got back home and she was gone, along with the kids. We're in court, so I know it's all over. Nobody can push me around because of wealth. Morgan, I'll have time for you, don't worry.

As soon as you are in Ghana,Morgan,your security is extremely my concern.We will be together once you're here, really.

So, you'll be airborne to London today. I wish you a safe flight. Remember, Ghana is cash based economy; credit card payments are not very common here. You'll have some cash with you. We'll visit nice places. Can you please pick a male cologne of your choice for me at the London duty free? Thanks, anyway , what's your height? Well, some special presents awaits you. I look forward to your arrival. Don't forget all the travel tips I gave you. So long!I hope to hear from you once you arrive London today.

I look forward to receiving you. Thanks.



Morgan LeFay

Good Morning, Henshaw.

I arrived in London last night and my girlfriend Natasha picked me up at the airport. I think I told you about her; she's an old friend who works at the Russian embassy here in London that I haven't seen in a long time and we stayed up most of the night catching up on old times. Lewis knew her back when he worked for one of the Georgian state security services and he introduced her to me. We look a lot alike and are sometimes mistaken for sisters. Maybe I should get her to come to Accra with me; you would REALLY have your hands full then :-))

Natasha asked me why I am going to Accra and I just said that I'm sitting in for Lewis in a business transaction. Natasha, ever the suspicious one (you know how these security people are), asked me a bunch of questions about this deal, most of which I was not able to answer because of the terrible shape that Lewis keeps his files in. Lewis also told me to keep any details confidential. One thing she asked that I didn't know was the name of your company. I have to admit that never occurred to me! I felt like such a dummy! Henshaw, what IS the name of your company? I don't see why that would be any kind of secret.

We're going shopping later today so I can buy some summer dresses and such. I want to look especially nice for you while I'm there. By the way, I don't wear pink a lot. Lewis says with my hair color I look best in white or dark blue.

Oh, you asked about my height - I'm 186 cm or a little over 6 ft. I hope you like tall girls.

I'm going to go back to bed (alone, darn it!) for awhile and will try to write again later this afternoon. Don't forget me!


Morgan LeFay

Henshaw, dear, we have to talk.

I just went on Natasha's computer to look at the website for the Erata hotel and all I can say is that this just won't do. Like I said before, nothing turns a girl off worse than having to stay in a dump and that place is a dump! And that website looks like something that my five year old niece threw together. I am really disappointed :-((

And VERY turned off!!

If I have to stay in that kind of place when Lewis and I are on a consulting project, that's one thing, but there's no way I'll stay at a place like that if I'm not working there. Come on, Henshaw, I thought you'd try to impress me at least a LITTLE bit. I hope you're not going to turn out to be one of those all-talk-no-action kind of guys.

What's wrong with something like a suite at the Golden Tulip? Or the Labadi Beach? Those both look nice. And if there's something like five million dollars available for expenses, why are we scrimping on a hotel? We should be renting an entire FLOOR at the best hotel in Accra!

Look, I'm going to have Natasha make a call this afternoon to have someone from the embassy pick me up at the airport and I'll stay there, at least over the weekend. You can pick me up there Monday morning to go to the bank. Most of the banks I've dealt with don't open until mid-morning, so why don't you pick me up around 10:00am. Lewis sent you the address but if you don't have it I'll send it again.

I'll talk to you when I get to Accra.


Okon Henshaw

Sent : Wednesday, June 23, 2004 4:18 PM
To : "Morgan LeFay"

Dear Morgan,

How do you do and how are you living it up in London? I'm thrilled to realize that you are having a swell time over there with your friend Natasha. Your very warm e-mail from London was well received and contents fully noted. At a little over 6ft, blessed with awesome beauty. I think you should enroll for the 'Miss Universe' competition. How about that?

On Natasha, well, well, well, I hope she's keeping you quite comfortable in London? It's interesting to note that she's working with the Russian Embassy there in the United Kingdom. As you rightly stated she's damn curious to know your mission in Ghana. To me, I would have just told her that I'm going on a private holiday to explore the lovely sand beaches of Elmina and the Volta Lake. But since she's your friend I guess you had to bring in the gist of Lewis transaction. However, please be careful over her inquires, as a security person, she may want to negatively influence the project. I don't think Lewis will be happy about that. All over the world people do not trust security agents because they could easily blackmail someone especially when you don't want to lead them into your private projects. I keep them at arms-length no matter how close they are to me ' brother, sister, father, mother, friends' etc. I'm sure you are aware of the horrendous conducts of the American CIA. KGB of Russia etc. Forgive me Morgan, those guys are heartless. So please, please be careful with NATASHA, she remains your friend, but you've got your life to live. I don't want to give the Bank any impression about you, because for a project of this cash volume, they don't want any foreign country to start asking them too many questions. The Bank Manager has seen your lovely photographs and is prepared to give you the best possible professional assistance. I'll keep the Natasha story out.

So much on Natasha. Our company was operational in Monrovia, Liberia before and during the civil war. It was called the Monrovia Mining Corporation, although the diamond mines were in the Hinterland. The blood battle gave no opportunity for production and we had to close down, especially where several workers fled to join the rebel fighters stationed in nearby Sierra Leone that time. The war ended two (2) years ago, about mid August 2002, but skirmishes are still being experienced. The so called peace in Liberia is like the peace of the grave yard. Morgan, when we fled into Ghana and put in great efforts to secure the deposit in a Bank, our primary interest wasn't in settling in Ghana, but to transfer the deposit overseas for investment.

So, to pass time. I picked up consultancy services for the West Africa Monetary Institute whose headquarters is here in Accra. I do Consultancy there. So Morgan, we do not have plans to incorporate a company here, but since you came up with that question; I'll probably initiate plans to incorporate a limited liability fire here. Lewis Noogie had advised earlier that we should incorporate a company in LATVIA or UKRAINE where the funds will be properly invested. But I'll look up incorporating one here while you are around, perhaps you'll be listed as one of the Directors or Shareholders. It will be a solid mineral corporation with the possible name ' Emerald Mining Services Ltd. Do you have a possible name to suggest? If time is on our hands, we'll visit the Corporate Affairs Commission together.

Oh Morgan! I hope I've not bore you with long history. Do not allow people to read your mails or do you? You know we've gone quite friendly in our correspondence, do you think Lewis will be upset if he reads your mails, particularly from Henshaw? Sweetheart please deletes the sensitive stuffs.

Now on the Hotel,come on Morgan,I expected you to arrive here and see the plans for our Hotel lodgment here in Accra.I have visited few hotels today because of you and I picked two best of them.I will make confirmation in any of the two you have choosen.The Golden Tulip is ok but I'm considering the distance to the Bank.So we can stay there.Morgan, Henshaw is a man of quality things.On setting your eyes on me on Saturday,you will go back and gist your friend Natasha.I am going to receive you,no two words about that.Do not make any other plan where you will stay.You have no problem as far as I,m concern.Why don't you believe and trust me-why?Anyway,I will address this matter in my forthcoming mail tomorrow morning.Await the mail.

That said forgives me if my references to Natasha were a bit blunt. I just want to be extra careful due to the sensitive nature of this transaction. I'm looking forward to your arrival.

How do you want me to appear in a suit, a tee shirt over chinos pants or in a denim, it's left for you to suggest to me.

Finally, do not forget any of your travel items. Be careful/watchful. I assure you, you will feel freely than Latvia, Ghana is a peaceful country in West Africa- WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep counting days to receive you.



Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

It was nice to receive your letter and I'm sorry I got so bitchy about the hotel. It's just that Lewis and I have had to stay in some terrible places in the course of our work and I promised myself that I would take nothing but the best when I'm on my own time.

Regarding Natasha - she treats me like a little sister and she only wants to watch out for me. She knows how easily I get over my head in relationships, especially by email, because she's seen it before. She doesn't care about this business transaction as long as she thinks I'm safe.

She made me promise her that I would stay at the embassy in Accra at least for the weekend. She said that she will arrange to have people escort me through customs and that they won't even check my baggage. It's amazing what diplomats can accomplish when they want to. It sounds like a good idea to me because I'll be tired after the flight and I really won't feel like going around looking at hotels right after I get there.

I'll rest there on Saturday and then why don't you come by and pick me up Sunday for lunch and we can go look at hotels then. Or maybe better yet, let's have lunch at the Golden Tulip, see what their restaurant is like, and maybe check out the place then. Wanna meet me there at noon? Since I don't know what you look like, be sure and use my name when you see me. I get hit on by strangers a LOT and I want to know it's you.

I like the idea of being a Director of a company. Gee, Morgan LeFay, Director. Sounds really cool! I'll try to think of some good names for a company between now and the time I get there.

Ok, Henshaw dear, I still have a few things to shop for today. By the way, do they allow thong bikini's in Ghana?

Potentially yours,


ps - There's no way that Lewis will ever read my personal email. If he needs to know something I will send him only those portions that he needs. My personal relationships are none of his business, so don't worry about that.

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Thursday, June 24, 2004 9:15 AM

Dear Morgan,

Iam deeply, deeply embarrassed and astonished over your comments in your mail of 23rd June 2004, regarding your visit to Accra. I'm a complete gentleman to the core. I apply knowledge and wisdom in anything I do. If I'm incapable of taking care of a situation, I'll not even touch it with a ten foot pole. Your comments were so unfair to me, tears gathered round my eyes, but as a man I have to brace up.

If you'll properly recall, I took note of your condemnation regarding Erata hotel. I never, ever insisted that you were going to put up there, I just said oh! They've got a website, just like other hotels. I never bothered to look at their website, but I know Erata is not a dump. Morgan, I told you that I'm still moving around the city to checkout an appropriate place that will at least meet up with your sartorial elegance. You never waited for me to come up with another hotel etc. I feel very bitter about this Morgan and I believe I do not deserve those statements.

It is important that I explain some basic facts about this project to you, Lewis know I can be brutally frank. Morgan, in as much as lot of money is involved in this project, the Bank Manager has CONSISTENTLY warned against undue exuberance or unnecessary publicity on the part of the beneficiary. I would have loved to express this to you face-to-face. You must be humble throughout the duration of the project, at least until Bank hands over the deposit into your custody. In all these Morgan, I obey the directives of the Bank Manager at all times. I have not shown any sign that such huge deposit is kept somewhere awaiting release. I have not disclosed this development to any person, friend or foe. I remain calm, quiet and discrete that is what the Bank wants, because no bank is willing to loose its operational licence if this matter is known to government of Ghana. Why would I display pride, arrogance or whatever just because of this deposit. No I will not, remember what I told you about my wife and her wealthy parents? I do not worship money Morgan, rather I see it as a means of helping the poor and the under-privileged. Do think about this in your quiet moments and observe your thoughts. You want us to rent an entire floor at best hotel in Accra? Think again Morgan. Why don't you just remain calm until you receive the money from the Bank. I think it's a better idea than to do things and be labeled a DRUG BARON.

There are several reasons why the Bank has placed caution on the conduct of the beneficiaries. I'll tell you just one. Morgan, the American Government has sent Anti-Terrorist crack intelligence units into many African countries to sniff out huge private deposits in Banks and question the account owners. All Banks in Africa are aware of this and they've cautioned their customers. If you are traced and questioned, the United States has the power to fly you out straight to Washington for sever interrogation; at once you'll be accused of working for or working with middle East terrorists. Morgan, is that not enough reason to be careful? When you go renting a whole floor of a 5 star hotel, you are only calling for trouble here in this little country, Accra. I am not blind nor stupid in not recommending suites at Golden Tulip or Labadi Beach or even Novotel. If you're coming strictly for holidays and you can afford to pay those rates, oh well, no problems. But for this projects Morgan, three, four or five nights in a decent hotel will not make you loose your worth. Let us secure the deposit first and all other things will follow- I promise you.

I did present your letter to the Bank Manager, and I tell you Morgan, the Bank folks were disappointed. Especially the accountant. Since you've decided to involve the Embassy folks in all these without even seeking my advice, the Bank has declined to honour your appointment. I'm still pleading with them to have you come over since I'm not too sure you've gone ahead to involve Natasha in all this. But if you've done that and the Russian Embassy people will be there to welcome you, forget it Morgan, I will no longer come for you and the project will be called off. You may fly back to Latvia from London, that's the way it is. Well, some weeks back, I told Lewd how sensitive the Banks here act over huge deposit related matters. It's no joke because western powers and the United States have spies crawling all over Africa to pounce on several hard earned fortunes. I tell you my dear lady, they are quite stern; believe me.

That said, sweetheart, I hope you've not acted out of impulse to involve the Russian folks. If you've gone ahead too bad, but if you trust me to keep you in wonderful place, I'll go back to the Bank and notify the Manager. Don't do anything that will make Lewd get upset with you. I'm really anxious to receive you in Accra on 26th June, 2004. Please be wise.

In the words of Thomas Kelly..... 'the life that intends to be wholly obedient, wholly submissive, wholly listening, is astonishing in its completeness. Its joys are ravishing, its peace profound, its humility the deepest, its power world shaking, its love enveloping , its simplicity that of a trusting child..'

Tell your friend that I will take proper care of you right from the Airport and to Our hotel.Ghanaians are not cannibals.This project means alot to us.You're safe,don't panic.Get a number from Natasha,as soon as you arrive Ghana you can call her to say everything ok,when you might have seen things yourself.Don't drag further,ok.I care for you always. Thanks for the Company's suggestion.I await the suggested name. Let me have a quick responsetoday to put things in order and await your arrival.



Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

I'm afraid you're jumping to some unwarranted conclusions. I'm not involving the Russians in this transaction, I'm just going to stay at their embassy for a day or two. I didn't even tell Natasha anything about the details of the transaction, only that I'm standing in for Lewis in one of his business deals because of his illness. She nor anyone else except Lewis and I knows anything about the scope of this.

Look, these people are friends of Lewis' and mine and are just offering their help. I don't understand what all the excitement is about. And you showed my letter to the bank?? What's up with that?? It's none of their business where I stay in Accra when I'm there!! I don't work for those people, they're supposed to be working for us! And you say that they're 'quite stern'? Listen, Lewis doesn't trust me with this kind of thing just for my looks. When it comes down to negotiating with banks I can be one mean mama!

And I have to say you sound a bit naive about the US sending intelligence teams to arrest people staying in nice hotels. I'm not going to end up in a cage at Gitmo just because I rent a room at the Golden Tulip. Puh-leeze! Listen, I think Lewis and I, through our friends and aquaintances, are a bit more knowledgeable about THAT subject than you are. Lighten up, Henshaw.

By the way, you might take a minute to check out the website for the Erata hotel. There's razor wire running along the top of the wall around the pool!! This is supposed to be Accra, not Falujah! You don't really expect me to stay THERE, do you??

I'll make a compromise with you: I'll tell Natasha to call her friends and tell them that I don't need them to pick me up at the airport and you can meet me there. But if I don't like the hotel you've picked out you take me to the embassy and I'll stay there Saturday night. We can look for a better place the next day. Do we have a deal?

I'm already set to come there. I hope you'll meet me there, but if you really don't want to let me know and I'll make other arrangements when I get there. I want so much to get out of here for awhile and I'm going to do it while I've got the chance. Write me and let me know this afternoon so I don't have to waste a lot of time waiting at the airport.

Henshaw, I am so anxious to see you. I get hot just thinking about tomorrow. I hope you're there tomorrow night.

Hugs and more, Morgan

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Friday, June 25, 2004 10:24 AM

Dear Morgan,

How do I start. Very happy that we have resolved this little confusion. Morgan, in Ghana tradition, women are highly respected. With your presence in Accra, you will be respected like Ghanaians. My duty is to make sure you do not regret your visit to Africa, for the first time. I will give you a befitting welcome and not only that, turn you around to places where you will find comfort. You will have something to write about this country when you return to Latvia. Give me that chance to do that, baby.

I thank your good friend Natasha over her special caring to you. On your arrival to Accra, I will like to interact with her on phone to say a big thanks to her. Please come along with her London phone number, who knows in future we may have something to do with her.

Morgan, please don't misunderstood me when I referred to American intelligence network monitoring funds transfer/transaction in Africa. I'm made this statement strictly to place caution on our part. We must be careful and follow the Bank's directives. When funds are already released to you on 28/6/2004, secured then we can fly over even to Sheraton hotel in Johannesburg ' South Africa to Cruz for one week and perhaps move to Southern Europe to execute plans for our project investments. Who doesn't like enjoyment!

Now, to save you time to rest as you will be flying a long distance tomorrow. I have accepted your compromise, and I assure you that you will be staying in a well conducive hotel. Let us leave this matter until you arrive. Ghana is a place I grow up and I know where good things are found here.

I have all your arrival details with me- British Airways of course. Special arrangement have been made with the Immigration to receive you. At least I will be at the Airport ahead of your arrival time. Do not worry, everything have been perfected.
Morgan, I am so anxious to see you too, cool baby. Like I said before, I can't wait to see tomorrow evening. How happy I am, God is my witness.

Do I need to read more from you ? sweetheart, if you can, please do but if not we will meet face-to-face in Accra tomorrow. I wish you safe flight, honey!

Cordially, henshaw

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Friday, June 25, 2004 9:03 PM

Dear Morgan,

Aaa! My Angel, I think I should let you know quickly that I cannot sleep! The fact that you're arriving here within the next 24hrs has made me so glad that I can't just sleep. I'm sure you know too well that Lawyers have great passion for 'words' You need to have a sound sleep. Are you flying out from Heathrow or Gatwick? It all depends on where Natasha resides in London; perhaps she's got to get you out early enough, to beat the London traffic.

So, have a great flight. When you arrive Accra, you'll be impressed with my arrangement to receive you ;its all part of my surprise package for you. Enjoy your night in London, but please don't go out dancing tonight and miss your flight'..I 'm jealous!!!!!!!!! Wishing you journey mercies and safe arrival.

So long my Angel, goodnight.


Henshaw makes trip #1 to the airport...

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Saturday, June 26, 2004 9:40 PM
Subject : RE: IS EVERYTHING OKAY???????????????????

Dear Morgan,

I was at the International Airport this evening to receive you,but you never came forth.I'm really worried over your fate in London,i hope all is well.Did you miss the British Airways flight,perhaps you got to the Airport late?Are you feeling a bit unwell?Oh Morgan,i'm quite disturbed.Did they disallow you from boarding at London because the Ghana visa you have has expired?

Please,please send me a quick mail at any moment henceforth,letting me know your situation out there in London.No matter what has happened please send me a mail.The situation here remains the same,the Bank is still expecting you.Take care,my regards to Natasha.Please give me a telephone number out there to call you.My earlier telephone number given to Lewd is no longer in use,do not call me with that number;i'm getting a new number soon to give you.

Take care,


Okon Henshaw

Sent : Saturday, June 26, 2004 10:04 PM
Subject : RE: CALL ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Morgan, I'm still very worried.Since my home is quite far,i've taken up a place a few distance from the Airport.Call me up with this telephone number within the next 12 hours- +233.21.402252 ext.301,after the indicated time,i'll no longer be there so do not call that number after 12 hours i.e after 12:00GMT on 27th June 2004. Take care!!!! Love,


Morgan LeFay

Oh, Henshaw, I am so sorry! I feel just AWFUL!

And I am so ANGRY with Natasha! Sometimes her trying to take care of me just goes too damn far! It's a long story and I'll explain it to you when I get there tonight. I just get so FURIOUS when I think about what she did, I can hardly type!

I'm coming in at 20:00 tonight on BA0081. I'm leaving for Heathrow in about 15 minutes, about 4 hours early, just to be sure that I'm there in plenty of time. And I'm not letting that BITCH NATASHA drive me this time, I'm taking a TAXI. I told her I'd bloody her nose if I see her anywhere near the airport!

Henshaw, I promise that I'm going to make this up to you. Think about what you'd like to have as compensation ;-)


Henshaw makes trip #2 to the airport...

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Sunday, June 27, 2004 10:15 PM
Subject : RE: Morgan,I'M REALLY,REALLY WORRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Morgan,

Now i really,really know that something is terribly wrong somewhere out there in LONDON.I've just returned from Kotoka International Airport Accra this evening.Before the British Airways plane landed,i was right at the tarmac to receive you.I placed most of the senior Immigration Officials on duty to look out for you.We couldn't locate you.

I received your email of today(27th June)and did take note of your complains against Natasha.As you stated,i know you were capable of taking care of yourself and heading out to Heathrow Airport(4 hours before departure)to catch the Accra bound flight.But apparently you couldn't make it.Morgan,i'm really,really scared.I hope NATASHA has not put you into any problem.Be careful.I love you;moreover do remember that Lewd has a lot of confidence in you although he is indisposed at this time.I know NATASHA has offended you;do brace up and face your life and responsibilities.

Morgan,try and call me at any time with this number-+233.24.803889 from tonite till tomorrow so we at least chat briefly over this unfortunate development.Better still,send me a quick email before 8:00am tomorrow morning-28 June 2004 regarding your next plan so i can inform the BANK.

Thanks for your offer of compensation,my prayer is your safe arrival in Accra and your safety in LONDON.I miss you!



Morgan LeFay


I'm not well today. I think Natasha may have put something in my food to make me sick and keep me from leaving. I got so sick in the taxi on the way to the airport and I had to come back to her apartment.

Henshaw, I'm sure she talked to people at the embassy in Accra and I think they had people there at the airport looking for you last night. Did anyone follow you to your hotel last night? Henshaw, these can be VERY dangerous people and you must be very careful. Please be careful; I couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to you just because of me. It may seem that they just want to talk to you but if they don't like your answers, who knows what they might do. I'm beginning to regret that I told Lewis I would do this for him and I should never have trusted Natasha. Why did Lewis have to get sick?

Henshaw, don't stay in one place too long until I can find out what she's done and please let me know you're alright. Watch out for strangers that you see more than once in a short period. I'll write again when I'm feeling better.

Your Morgan

Morgan LeFay


I just woke up and I'm feeling a little bit better. Whatever it was she gave me sure messed me up. I could hardly walk for awhile I was so weak.

Henshaw, I still need to see you. Desperately! I don't know if you're anything like I see in my mind but I have to see you. I am so sorry for all of this trouble, please don't be angry with me. I really didn't know any of this was going to happen. Most of all I need to know how you are.

You mentioned going to Johannesburg for a week and then to Southern Europe. Do you think it would be better if we met someplace outside of Ghana first? I'm still willing to come there to Accra but I want to know what you feel would be best.

Henshaw, I'm waiting to hear from you. Please tell me what to do.



Okon Henshaw

Sent : Monday, June 28, 2004 11:04 AM

Dear Morgan,

I'm in receipt of your email of today 28 June 2004.It's really unbelievable that Natasha can go that extent in planning evil against you.However,i'm okay over here and nobody trailed me at the Accra Airport last night.I've no goons looking over my shoulder or accosting me for any interrogation.But thanks for the advice.

At this stage,i think you should take care of yourself.It's so sad to learn of your illhealth.My advice is for you to return back to Latvia when you feel better.I want you to give Natasha the impression that you are no longer coming to Accra and that should effectively bring to an end her evil schemes against you.Now when you've returned to Novobirsk,take care of your health and re-plan your trip to Accra.

That said.When you are planning to come over,please fly through AMSTERDAM and not LONDON.Also you may need to visit the Ghana Embassy in Amsterdam to update your visa in case it has expired.These two processess can be successfully executed in Amsterdam without your having to fraternise with anybody.In flying out of Amsterdam,you can use KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINE.Your travel agent should arrange the KLM flight for you,tell him that's what you want.Please take your time and plan all these successfully without involving anybody,except your Boss,Lewd.

I'll be visiting the Bank in the next 30mins to notify them of your absence due to illhealth.Don't worry,i'll not show them your letter!I'll press for another appointment date which should be within 14 days to the best of my knowledge.You undoubtedly need sometime to recover from your sickness and to discard the memories of your unfortunate encounter with Natasha.

Henshaw is just fine and nobody is on the look out for me.Be calm.We'll still meet each other very,very soon.I hope you'll know how to present your case(experiences in London)to Lewd.I trust you.

Let's keep in touch while you're back to Novobirsk.I'll never stop thinking about you;all plans over here are still in order.Remember,do not blame Lewd for your London mishaps;you felt you had a good friend, opened up a bit too much to your trusted friend.Next time treat your matters- business,appointments,trips,relationships,etc with utmost discretion.



Morgan LeFay

Dearest Henshaw,

I received your letter shortly after I sent my last one. I'm so happy to know that you're ok. Just knowing that makes me feel so much better. I was so worried.

Henshaw, I don't want to wait weeks to come there. Waiting days is too long. I'm going to do as you suggest but I'm not going back to Novosibirsk; I'm going straight to Amsterdam. And you're right, I'll tell Natasha I'm going home so she'll back off.

I'll have my visa checked and arrange a flight to Accra when I get there. I'm NOT going to put this off any longer!

I'll write you when I get to Amsterdam. Wait for me!

Your Morgan

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Monday, June 28, 2004 11:25 AM
Subject : WHAT TO DO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEAR Morgan,




Okon Henshaw

Sent : Monday, June 28, 2004 12:29 PM

Dear Morgan,

I've just finished having discussions with the Bank as indicated in my earlier email to you.I popped into an Internet Cafe down the High street and behold your quick loving response came up.

That said.I'm fully in support of your departing London for Amsterdam to fly out from there.Natasha has no choice but to leave you alone;so she'll be pleased to see that you're 'out' of London,perhaps back to Novosibirsk(sorry i misspelt it the last time).Just take your time and arrange your departure out of London properly.When you're in Amsterdam check out and update your Entry Visa at the Ghana Embassey there.If it's their business to ask why you've not flown to Accra all this while,tell them you took ill and you had to delay your trip.Proceed to secure a KLM flight to Accra at your earliest convenience.

As soon as i'm through with this mail,i'll head back to the Bank to notify the Manager that you are still giving the visit a top priority.In doing that there'll keep your appointment open to enable you come over once you've secured a flight.It's a tough decision for the Bank,but the Manager has become sympathetic to your travails in the UK.So my angel,'fire on all cylinders' and head up to Amsterdam.My prayers are with you always and forever.Do you have any update on Lewd's condition'I'm also praying for him.

It's good for you to conclude this project now than to postpone it,i agree with you.Please Morgan at your convenience put a call to me today.If time is tight on your part or the'aura'of Natasha is all over where you are, forget it.Now when you arrive Amsterdam give me a number where i can call you up before you come down.i'll really,really want to hear your sweet voice on phone.....!

My Angel,take care and have a safe flight to Amsterdam,do remain focussed,will you? I'm waiting to receive you into my loving arms.

Keep in touch.

Love you always!


Okon Henshaw

Sent : Monday, June 28, 2004 10:01 PM

My Angel,

How do you do?I guess you're on bed or perhaps flying out of the United Kingdom.Be informed that i'll not be heading to Johannesburg and Southern Europe untill we conclude the project here in Accra.As a matter of fact,after you've taken custody of the funds,we'll spend sometime together before you depart;guess what?I'll be flying out with you to initiate the investment plans with Lewd.We are satisfied with Eastern European investment.

Sweetheart,please,please take good care of yourself and plan your schedules in Amsterdam with utmost seriousness;keep me informed.If you're on bed have a goodnight rest.


Morgan LeFay

Henshaw! Why didn't you write me yesterday?? Have you forgotten me already?? I got on a computer at the hotel's business center, expecting to have a nice letter from you, and nothing! Henshaw, you have no idea the stress I've been under the past two days. I need a little comfort here.

Don't pay any attention to me, I've just had so much to do and so many things to get done. I've been running around to consulates, airlines, just all over the place.

I got to the Ghanian consulate yesterday and you were right. I had to get a new visa. I have to go back there after 11:00 today to pick up my passport. I did like you said and told them I had been unable to use the previous one because of illness. I made a flight reservation on KLM, which reminds me - I haven't used electronic tickets before, have you? I don't even know if they use them at all in Eastern Europe. Somehow it just doesn't feel right not having a piece of paper in my hand.

I also have to find an ATM today; I'm starting to run out of spending money. I'll have to get into one of Lewis' accounts which is not always the easist thing to do. For a man as wealthy as he is, he is so disorganized. He'd keep all his money in a shoebox if his partners let him. I don't know how much he has told you about himself but I'll tell you all about him when I get there.

Yikes, I almost forgot. I'm on KLM 589 on Friday and I'll be there at 19:10. Henshaw, I feel sometimes that fate doesn't want us to meet. I have been so depressed this past week, wanting so much to finally meet you. I want to call you but I confess I'm a little bit afraid of someone like you, of hearing your voice the first time. In all my previous relationships I have always been the one in control. From the way you write, the strength of your words, I know that I will have no control with you. I don't know, maybe it will be nice to have a man in charge for a change. Just let me ease into this, please.

Don't forget me.


Okon Henshaw

Sent : Wednesday, June 30, 2004 11:08 AM

Dear Morgan,

It is my pleasure and deep honour to respond to your lovely mail of June 30th 2004. How can I ever, ever, ever forget you! No you're always on my mind. I had to give you some 'space' to concentrate and tidy up all the nitty-gritties in Amsterdam after those horrible experiences in London. I knew you'll be pushed to the limit in running around the consulate, airlines etc. I'm so very sorry that you have to pass through all these, but! Morgan, I guess the good Lord is preparing you for higher responsibilities and unbelievable wealth. Do take all these with stride.

I hope you've picked up your International Passport with the Ghana visa pasted somewhere there. Well the 'illness' excuse attracted sympathy to you. I'm sure you're fit and trim to get on board KLM. I haven't used electronic tickers myself. I have faith in the time-tested, trusted ticket coupon laced with a boarding pass. I trust your instincts, those electronic paper stuffs will not put you through the mill. If you're bothered please ask the KLM folks how to use it. Eastern Europe should brace up to the new millennial realities before Africa will leave them behind! Please watch your spending, I don't want you to be in dire straits in Amsterdam. Do locate the ATM and make yourself okay with sufficient cash - Euro or dollars, whatever. I'll wait for your brief on Lewd when you touch down.

Morgan dear, I'm looking forward to your arrival with KLM 589 on Friday 2nd July, 2004 at 19:10hrs. We will surely meet at last. Fate was just playing little tricks and has exhausted his bag of tricks. Do not be depressed at all. Just take time out and rest very well, curl up like a baby and fade off to dreamland. But on Friday take time to arrange yourself properly and get yourself to Schipol Airport early enough, to board on time. Please Morgan remain focused, a lot of trust and responsibilities has been placed on your shoulders. I'll stand by you as always and I do love you deeply. You're unforgettable and you've already safe flight and I'll be out there in the evening to receive you.

I'll send you another mail tomorrow and on Friday July 2nd, before you leave the hotel. But let me know that everything is okay with you and that you're arriving here unfailingly by Friday 2nd July, 2004.



Okon Henshaw

Sent : Thursday, July 1, 2004 7:57 AM
Subject : WHAT'S UP MY BABY!

Dear Morgan,

How are you today?Hope you received my mail yesterday. Are you still on bed?I know you had a hectic schedule in Amsterdam yesterday.Let me hear from you via mail today and do have a wonderful day I'm sure you're fully prepared for your trip to Accra tomorrow,i'll be waiting to receive you;do get to Schipol Airport on time,do some window shopping at the Duty Free if you get bored.I'm looking forward to your safe arrival.I love you!!!


Morgan LeFay

Dearest Henshaw,

I probably won't be hearing from you again before I fly tomorrow, but I will try to check my mail one more time this evening.

I've got everything completed here. I don't have anything planned for tonight, just to find someplace nice for dinner and then to bed early.

You didn't say anything about when we'll go to the bank. I can't decide if I want to get that part of the trip over with, or if it would be nice to relax for a few days and then deal with business. I guess it's probably better just to get it over with, huh? It's up to you.

You know, the two previous times I tried to come to you, things were happening with Natasha that had my mind occupied and I never really had time to think about what I was doing. Sitting here today, a lot of thoughts come flooding in, mostly about you. I told you before I tend to get in over my head in relationships and this one seems to be no different. I'm a little bit afraid, Henshaw. Please promise me I can trust you with my feelings.

I guess that's all I have for now. If you read this before I get there, I'll see you tomorrow evening. Think about me tonight.


Okon Henshaw

Sent : Thursday, July 1, 2004 12:09 PM
Subject : WELCOME.

Dear Morgan,
Many,many thanks over your mail today,hope you are alright.I 'm set to receive you tomorow evening.Just take care of yourself untill you gets to me.Very anxious to see you.You will have no cause to regret knowing me-remain cool,baby.

Yes,we will be at the bank definitely by Monday,5th July 2004.Everything is set,awaiting your safe arrival.

We will be meeting at Kotoka International Airport, my Love-welcome.Promise me there won't be delay this time around,because I'm very hungry to see you. I stop here to meet you live.


Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

I just wanted to get a last note off before I check out of the hotel.

I didn't sleep all last night thinking about this. Fortunately I don't have a problem sleeping on planes.

We have so much to talk about. I'll see you tonight.

Your Morgan

Henshaw makes trip #3 to the airport...

Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

I know that you're very angry and you have every right to be. I just couldn't get on that plane. Part of me was desparate to get on but part of me held back. I know this is impossible for you as a man to understand. I hate myself for not coming to you yesterday.

I won't ask your forgiveness; I don't think this is something you would forgive. But know that I have been overwhelmed by you, and when I think about it I don't fully understand how, and it frightens me so much.

I don't know what to do now. I know when Lewis finds out about this he's going to fire me. I guess I'll stay here in Amsterdam a few days and try to sort out my thoughts and maybe go back to Novosibirsk to take my punishment.

I don't think you'll be writing me anymore, so I suppose this is goodbye. I would feel silly at this point trying to explain my feelings. especially for you. After what I've done it would sound so hollow. I'll think of you a lot. And I will always be,

Your Morgan

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Saturday, July 3, 2004 7:33 PM
Subject : NO Morgan,I'M NOT ANGRY WITH YOU.

Dear Morgan,

How are you today?Well,well,well....i've gone through your very thoughtful and emmotional mail and i do really sympathise with you over 'unexplainable' circumstances that made it impossible for you to board flight KLM 589 to Accra yesterday July 2 2004.Undoubtedly Morgan,you are certainly faced with a situation that seems to overwhelm you inspite of the confidence placed on you by Lewd.But i tell you my dear lady you must brace up and confront your is the only way you can succeed in life.

The grim reality of your absence last night made my heart to 'bleed';all the while i bestrode the arrival hall of Kotoka International Airport with tremendous joy and confidence realizing that at last i'll be receiving you in my loving arms.There were lots of tall,blonde,lovely ladies(some of them 6 footers)that came out of that KLM flight,but you were not found amongst them.Again Morgan,little drops of cold tears rolled down my face.I was consoled by the co-operative Immigration Officers who advised that i should quickly get in touch with you to know what happened.Infact Morgan,do you know that i was again given an exclusive privilege of going through the KLM Passengers Manifest twice,to see if you boarded the Airplane at Amsterdam.Baby,take heart your temporary difficulties will soon wear off and believe it Morgan,you'll still come over and we'll meet.

However,i really crave your indulgence to know the truth concerning your present state.I've been thinking all day about this and i don't want my imaginations to grow wild.So my baby,are you in any way confronted with the following:

1.Have you exhausted the funds Lewd gave you for the execution of this project(including the $9,500)?
2.Are you finding it difficult to tell me about this or even call Lewd up in Novosibirsk and inform him about what has happened?
3.Do you have some of the requisite funds left with you in Amsterdam or have you finished it all,perhaps on shopping,flight tickets,Hotel,etc?
4.Has Natasha unduely influenced you to act in a way that is totally in contrast with your loving,kind,considerate and hardworking nature?
5.In any manner or form has Mr.Okon Henshaw affected your conduct or preparedness to execute this project on behalf of your Boss?
6.Once the Divorce terms of Mr.Henshaw has been settled in South Africa(within the coming weeks)and consequently he's free to marry any woman he so desires,will you Morgan LeFay accept to marry Mr.Henshaw inspite of all...?

That said.Please let me have a response to these questions so we can make a headway.I don't want you to loose your job,that is why i'm very interested in knowing what has disturbed you this much.On Monday 5th july 2004,i'll be visiting the Bank to have some useful discussions with the Manager over your non-arrival.It will be absolutely preposterous for me to tell him 'any' of your unfounded fears,which you must overcome.We'll come out with a good plan to conclude the exercise,but i must get further directives from the Bank.

Now,you have a place in my heart completely filled with Love.I'll be exploring the possibilities of our meeting anywhere else outside Ghana very,very soon.Take note,i'm not saying you should remain in Amsterdam all the while.Infact i'll want you to leave there before next weekend. Morgan,take heart it's not the end of life.We'll sort this matter out and in the end Lewd will be very proud of you.I'm NOT ANGRY with you;i'll appreciate a quick response to this mail,remain calm.Take heart my dear.

So long

Morgan LeFay

Dearest Henshaw,

Against all hope I checked my email tonight, praying that there would be something from you, and my prayers were answered. And your caring, understanding response made me feel all the worse for the way I treated you.

I have to gather my emotions and get control of myself before I can write anymore. I promise you'll hear from me tomorrow. But just so you'll know, I still have plenty of money and I haven't touched the money for the bank. I know you were thinking that by now you would probably have to send me money to survive on but I'm much more responsible than that. Lewis pretty much gives me free access to his business accounts so money is not a problem. Thank you so much for worrying about me, though.

I'll answer your other questions tomorrow, especially number 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll dream of you tonight.
Your Morgan

Morgan LeFay

Dearest Henshaw,

I got a good night's sleep last night, woke up this morning, had a big breakfast and a long walk along the canals here in Amsterdam. I feel so good today!

Henshaw, let's get back to question number 6 (!!!) while my head is clear for the moment. I have so many questions that I don't know where to start, things that we've never talked about which are all of a sudden urgent and important. Where would we live? How do you feel about having more children? Do you care if I work? So many things.

I already know the my answer to you but I want to hear your thoughts on the kind of questions I mentioned. I think when you see something you want, and you feel you have some chance of getting it, you have to jump for it. Sometimes my biggest problem is that I hesitate too long before I jump, but I guess you already know that!

This is all so much new territory for me Henshaw and I need your guidance. With your last letter I feel I can put myself in your hands completely. Tell me what to do.

Your Morgan

ps - I sent an email to one of Lewis' partners asking about his condition. I hope to hear something back today.

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Monday, July 5, 2004 10:41 AM
Dear Morgan,

I'm very,very pleased and deeply honoured to respond to your well received letter dated Monday July 5,2004.It's good to realize that you're having a restful,meditative time in Amsterdam.Do not walk too close to those never can tell when the thoughts of a quick swim will grip you!,not my sweet girl.

1.Meeting At The Bank: At exactly 8:30am this morning,i sat with the Bank Officers to discuss issues related to your non-arrival over the weekend and what that could lead to.I was reminded of the fact that you were given a fourteen (14) days extension to enable you 'gather' yourself together before proceeding to Accra;this extension effectively expires on thursday 15th July 2004.Morgan dear,please between now and the 15th of July do make up your mind and fly over.

Equally,the Bankers informed me that a quarterly deposit reconciliation process is in session and this has affected Lewds'Deposit.I was given an extensive explanation about this and shown a letter from the Federal Bank Inspectors regarding statutory demands on all cross-border deposits.The Manager said he's at great risk over the deposit which should have been claimed by now,but your absence has stalled the release exercise.He however assured me that the best possible co-operation will be extended to Lewds' deposit;but a reconciliation charge imposed by the Bank Inspectors should immediately be paid by the beneficiary-Mr.Lewis.I questioned why this cannot be deducted from source and the response was-...Access to the deposit can only be effected in the presence of the Beneficiary or Authorised representative(you Morgan).The reconciliation charge is $1,000.00 only.If you wish,you could forward it directly to the Bank or send it across to me and i'll pay it to the Bank,then forward the receipt to you.If there's a delay,i'm informed the entire deposit stands a serious risk of seizure by the Bank of Ghana(it monitors commercial/merchant banking practices,just like the Federal Reserve Bank in USA).Morgan,please treat as urgent.

2.Question Number 6 !!!! Morgan dear,i'm prepared to go into a blissful,blessed marital relationship with you.Surely,you know too well that several relationships initiated through 'cyber space'has led many lucky couples to the Marriage Registry.For me it'll be double luck,b'cos our marriage is blessed with wealth.Money is not everything though,but my desire to establish a Foundation to help the less privilege will be accomplished.In deciding where we'll reside,i have three(3)countries in mind....Denmark,Canada or Ghana.I've never visited anywhere in Eastern Europe,so i can't think of any location there unless you advice.

I don't mind having JUST 2 more lovely kids.You're absolutely free to work,but as my wife you'll undoubtedly participate actively in the management of the huge financial resources that will be at our disposal.We'll be investing in various fields and putting up a lovely Hotel complex is not ruled out.Your experience will be of great importance there.Morgan,although we are yet to meet,i feel very fulfilled and happy exchanging these intimate correspondence with you.I do REALLY,REALLY love you.Feel free to ask many more questions which will enhance a better understanding between us.

Sweetheart,i know this is a new territory for you and i will certainly guide you along this path.Be confident that you have met a great and trusting person willing to live with you till death.

I await feedback regarding Lewd's health.I'll be off to Johannesburg,South Africa on the 25th of July 2004.My lawyer over there sent a mail over the weekend indicating that judgement in my divorce suit will be given on tuesday July 27 2004.Basically,that marriage is gone and i have no regrets whatsoever;the Court is to decide on issues of Alimony,Custodian Rights,etc.I'm pretty much familiar with the legal demands of divorce settlement.Perhaps,if we conclude the deposit release exercise on time,you'll fly with me to South Africa.It's a lovely,lovely country.

My dear,please take care and organise yourself once again to fly into Accra,at least to meet your Husband,Henshaw.Do not forget the BANK'S instruction on the payment;a quick loan i applied for is yet to be approved i could have taken care of the $1000.00 without letting you know.I've taken care of a lot of sundry banking costs without bothering Lewd;but now i'm exhausted.

I love you Morgan,take care.

Love, your Husband,


This is starting to give me the willies! I think one more trip to the airport and then it's time to scrape this guy off.

Morgan LeFay

Dearest Henshaw,

I spoke with my parents last night and told them that someone had asked me to marry them and that I was going to say yes. They are so thrilled! Both of them were so afraid that I would never get married. They asked me to send them your picture and I couldn't tell them I don't have one or have never actually seen you. Can you send me one today that I can send them?

Henshaw, I don't like to do this but my father insists that I tell you that I have a dowry. I told him that you are a very wealthy man and would not be interested in that sort of thing but he is so worried that you will change your mind about me and that a dowry will help keep you interested. It's only about $45,000, which would be a lot of money in the Ukrain but nothing to you. I'm somewhat embarrassed but please don't be insulted by this silly gesture; he's only trying to help us get off to a good start.

I would rather Lewis not know about this until this business thing is finished and we're actually married. Of course I'll have to resign from his employement. I think he'll be disappointed but I need to live my life too.

I have some things to do today (a surprise!) but I'll try to write you again this afternoon.

Wait for me,
Morgan Henshaw (I just wanted to see how it sounds!)

ps Mrs. Morgan Henshaw!! I like it so much better than LeFay!

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Tuesday, July 6, 2004 6:12 PM
Subject : MRS Morgan HENSHAW !!!

Dear Mrs. Henshaw,

It does sound really good that your parents have been notified about my desire to tie the nuptial knots with you.Aaah! You told them i'm a wealthy gentleman and the the dowry was raised to $45,000.00.Well, when the time comes,i hope i'll be permitted to negotiate.

At the moment Morgan,a lot depends on you over the conclusion of this project.Be informed that the Deposit is already assigned to Lewd and it is only when you come over that this project can be concluded.If you truly love me,you'll not hesitate to fly down at the earliest to visit the Bank.Please give this a deep thought.

I'm out of Accra at the moment;infact i'm over 500km away in a town call Kumasi.I have some consultancy matters to clear with a Gold Corporation here.I'll be returning back to Accra on Friday 9th July 2004.If i'm not too tired,i'll scan my photograph and send to you same day.But if i'm weak after such a long drive,you'll get it the next day saturday.On a serious note Mrs Henshaw,please try and confirm your flight to Accra in earnest.I did secure 5 days reservation for you at LA-PALM ROYAL BEACH HOTEL, Accra.Check out their,'s a beautiful place....not the Fallujah stuff.They have a Chauffeur Car Service that picks their guests directly from the International Airport as soon as they arrive.You can come in and head there straight without any fuss.

It's a National Kissing Day Morgan,i'm sending you a thousand kisses,please don't let any of them drop off! Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam! I'm looking forward to your 'surprise' package,but please be focussed.

Your Loving Husband,

Morgan Henshaw (nee LeFay)

Dearest Henshaw,

It is so hard to contain my excitement these past two days. I don't think I've slept 2 hours the entire time. Look what you've done to me!

Would I like Kumasi? Where do you stay when you're there? I hope you don't have a girlfriend there. You drove there? I don't even know what kind of car you have.

You actually have a National Kissing Day in Ghana? Maybe after I get there we can establish a few 'new' holidays ;-))

Henshaw, don't let this thing with the dowry worry you. My father is pretty hard-headed but I'll start easing this dowry thing out of his thinking over the next few days. I just have to do it so I don't hurt his feelings. Let me handle this one.

Still got a bunch of things to do today. Dream of me tonight. And don't forget that picture!


Mrs. H.

ps I'm working on a flight. Seems like everybody is flying somewhere this summer.

Morgan doesn't hear from Henshaw the following day. No way to treat your bride-to-be...

Morgan Henshaw (nee LeFay)

Dearest Henshaw,

What's the matter? Why didn't you write to me yesterday? Have I done or said anything to upset you? Was it when I asked you about having a girlfriend in Kumasi? Please forgive me. I'll never mention it again, I promise. Please, please write to me.


Okon Henshaw

Sent : Friday, July 9, 2004 7:49 AM

Dearest One,

I have been trying to send message across to you this past days but the server down here became problem,unfortunately a comprehensive message I wrote and which I have been trying to send to you got lost.Very painful.

Come what may,rest assured that you will read from me within now and tomorrow morning.Have a cool rest that your Husband remains intact for you,only you.everything is in good control. Await for my good news.

With love,
Your Husband,

Morgan Henshaw (nee LeFay)

Dearest Henshaw,

I was so worried about you!! I didn't know if I had said something wrong or you had been in some kind of accident or what!

I'm going to go down to the bar in the lobby and have a drink (or several) to calm my nerves.

I'll wait for your letter, but please don't take too long to write. Oh, and don't forget to send a picture. My mother has been asking several times for it and I keep telling her I forgot. She would never understand if I told her I didn't have one.

Mrs. H.

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Saturday, July 10, 2004 4:37 PM

Dear Mrs. Henshaw,

How are you today? Did you sleep well last night? I got back a bite late from Kumasi yesterday. I had driven there with friend's car- Grand Cherokee '4 x4'Jeep, one of the latest models. You asked what type of car I drive. None. Why? When I moved into Ghana from Liberia to follow up the deposit process, I bought a sleek 'burgundy' coloured Mercedes Benz 'E' class E240 for family use. With time during the divorce case, I had to sell it off to raise legal fees. South African Lawyers charge hefty fees for divorce suits. I've spent a lot on that matter and I'm happy to learn that the divorce will be granted. Car is not problem to me, because I know I can afford it any time I want.

I have no girl friend in Kumasi or Accra or anywhere else for that matter you are the only one that has brought joy, hope and love to me. Going by the words in your correspondence my patience for true love has been fulfilled by your amazing 'presence'. I love you Morgan, I really do.

Attached is my photograph copy on the steps of St. Charles R.C Church Kariskirche, Vienna -Austria. I really don't keep snaps, but I had to search all over this picture. Do you like it? No matter you'll see me in flesh when you come over.

On a serious note Morgan, please re-confirm your flight to Accra any moment from now. It's a shame that I've got to tell you this always. Call up La-Palm Beach Hotel and re-knew your reservation. Your flight plan has been a gruesome, tortuous experience to me. It's not fair at all. When you arrive, the Hotel Air 'conditioned Bus will take you straight there. I'll be at the Bank on Monday 12th July, 2004 to plead for a short time for the $1,000 payment. If they ask of your whereabouts, what do you expect me to say for the umpteenth time? We are dealing with Bankers Morgan and we must be forthright. Please take note of this and let me receive your flight confirmation.

Finally, as soon as you arrive, we conclude this project, I shall fly back with you to see Lewd and to conduct the marriage ceremony over there with your family. Are you ok?

Let me know about Lewd's condition, you promised to relay development regarding his health to me.

I await your immediate response.Please find my picture attached.


Morgan Henshaw (nee LeFay)

Dear Henshaw,

What a wonderful picture! My mother will be thrilled! I sent it to her today and I know I'll hear back from her tonight. You remind me of a star I saw in a movie but I can't think of his name, darn it! I have always been a big fan of Arnold Schwartzenegger and he was in a movie called 'Predator' and the most famous line of the movie was when he met the predator face to face. Your picture makes me think of that line! Did you ever see it?

My father is upset with me. I told him that you thanked him very much for the offer of a dowry but that in your country just having the woman as your wife is reward enough. This dowry thing is way too big in the Ukrain and he's very old fashioned. I told him I would be bringing you a little something from him and I think he'll get over it in a day or two. Just make a big deal of it the first time you meet him, ok?

You really want to get married in the Ukrain? I don't mind doing it in Ghana, but whatever makes you happy. We'll get this bank thing out of the way and then we can fix all our plans.

Don't be so gruff about my flight. Just tell those nasty old bankers to relax. I've been through a lot the past few weeks, and I've been taking it a little bit easy. It's all set up - I'm on flight KL589 and I get in to Accra Wednesday night at 19:10. For sure this time!

Henshaw, we do have one little problem. I know I was a stinker last time about flying to Accra but that was before I was coming to meet my husband. Now your bride is coming into your country to meet you for the first time and you want her to take a bus from the airport to the hotel? You're not going to meet me and escort me? I don't want to be riding around in a strange country on a bus! Henshaw, even Lewis doesn't make me take a bus! You know, there was a Ukrainian man who wanted to marry me a couple years ago and he was going to come all the way to Latvia to take me and bring me back to the Ukrain. This was from a rough, uncouth Eastern European, not a gentleman like yourself. Now I'm not saying you have to come all the way to Amsterdam to pick me up and take me to Accra, even thought this would be the most wonderful gesture. I'm just saying that a lot of men, especially the ones who REALLY care about their women, would meet their bride at the airport with flowers, have champagne ready in the back of a limo, and tell the driver to take the long way back to the hotel. Now THAT is what really turns a girl on! They wouldn't say, Morgan, go find a bus to the hotel, or, Morgan, go out to the road in front of the terminal and see if you can hitch a ride in the back of a pickup truck. Tell me, just so I'll have a better chance of catching a ride, does it help if I pull up my skirt a little when I'm standing on the side of the road trying to wave down a car? Should I wear jeans on the flight in case I have to ride a donkey into town?

Since sometimes I feel that all you really think about is this bank thing, let me set your mind at ease. I've got plenty of cash with me for taking care of that stuff. And I presume you have ATM's in Accra, don't you?

I heard from one of Lewis' partners and he said that Lewis is stable but still very weak. I guess he's lost a lot of weight, but he needed to do that anyhow. After all that heavy Latvian food he was starting to look like Jabba the Hut. They think the worst is over and that he just needs a lot of rest and time to recover.

I'm sorry I'm so cranky today, it's just that I want everything to be perfect.


Morgan Henshaw (nee LeFay)

Dearest Henshaw,

I just wanted to apologize for my note yesterday; I know I said some things I shouldn't have. It's just that I'm very vulnerable right now and I imagine I see signs in things you say and do that worry me so much. Like when you didn't write so much over the last few days, or when you talk so much about the bank, or when you tell me you don't want to meet me. I know it's silly but a voice in my head tells me that these little things mean you're not as serious about us as I am. Every woman at this point in her life needs reassurance that what she's getting into is going to be perfect and forever.

Henshaw, Let's get this bank stuff done and out of the way as quickly as possible. It won't take very long, will it? I just want our time together to be about us.

Please forgive me.

Mrs. Henshaw

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Monday, July 12, 2004 2:07 PM
Subject : I'M IN REAL LOVE.

Dear Morgan,

As always and indeed forever, I'm really pleased to respond to your letters both dated July 11 and July 12th, respectively.

Oh Morgan! The thrills and frills in your mails always have a tremendous impact in my life, anytime ' all the time. It's a booster. I love you so much. I never knew you'll appreciate my picture that much. Thanks! What did your mum tell you? Did she like it too? Well, well.... in the coming months she should get prepared to welcome her grand child.

We may 'sow' the seed of our 'baby girl' or 'baby boy' here in Accra, while 'delivery' could take place in Europe or anywhere that catches my fancy. How about that? Yeah Morgan,! I love Arnold Schwartzenegger too, especially in that bizarre futuristic role in 'Terminator' predator is a wonderful movie too. I've watched it. Men always feel threatened when their daughters are given out in marriage. I'm sure your dad will overcome this marriage blues and accept me as a worthy son-in-law. Time will take care of all that. In the words of Thomas Carlyle- Time... 'The illimitable, silent, never-resting thing, rolling, rushing on, swift, silent, like an all embracing ocean-tide, on which we and all the universe swim like exhalations.... cannot be RESISTED. I'm not afraid of the dowry, at least it's Ukrainian custom. I'll be quite honoured to meet him and you bet Morgan, he'll not want to leave me alone because of the excitement & pleasure I'll 'shower' on him- irresistible, first class African hospitality. You'll be proud of me Mrs. Henshaw. Meanwhile, we can get married anywhere, it will be fun to have it done here in Accra. But you'll need to have few folks from your family around. Will they love to fly over here? I'll really want you to savor the splendour of your marital ceremony. We have plenty time to talk about all that.

I've taken note of your flight details. You're scheduled to arrive here on Wednesday evening 19:10 (local time). Is this for real, my sweetheart? Oh! I'm so happy. Now, those Immigration folks will not make fun of me. No doubt when we meet, tears will roll down my cheeks, tears of joy. I'll be there for you my baby. Sweetheart, please don't change your mind on your way to Schipol Airport at Amsterdam, thrice you set my head spinning over your non-arrival. I can't wait to see you in flesh. However, do get in touch with La Palm Beach Hotel to re-confirm your reservation. Why? Morgan, if I go there again to re-confirm your stay, they'll not take me serious. I've done that three (3) good times; but you couldn't come over. At your leisure today, contact them via phone or e-mail and re-confirm your arrival. Champagne & flowers are all yours, just come over baby.

......And when love speaks, the voice of all the gods make heaven drowsy with harmony. I love you Morgan, I'm not misleading you, neither will I hurt you. On the contrary baby, go down on your knees. And thank heaven for a good man's love- Henshaw. On our first night baby, we'll need the tonic of wildness.... we can never have enough of ourselves.

That said. The few days I wasn't constant in mails was due to my Kumasi visit. Unfortunately, they didn't fulfill their promise, so I'm tidying up my briefs to sue them. I was quite upset after embarking on such a long trip.

Finally , I'm pleased to note that your presence at the Bank on Thursday July 15,2004, will bring the project to a successful conclusion. I'll be with Bank officials tomorrow to inform them of your visit ' within the time limit set. Do not forget the requisite demands needed. I advice you take your time today and tomorrow to arrange your baggage ' neat packing eh! Remember my perfume? Ok, surprise, surprise. Have you watched the movie 'Passion for the Christ' by Mel Gibson? If it's out there on video or DVD, pick a copy and bring it over. As always baby, I wish you a safe flight.

Take care, keep in touch..... I've forgiven you! This is true love.I look forward to welcome you on Wednesday evening in Accra.

With all my Love.
Your Husband,

Morgan Henshaw (nee LeFay)

Dearest Henshaw,

Oh, Henshaw, I'm giddy as a schoolgirl! I almost swooned reading your letter! It's going to be all I can do to control myself on the way to the hotel!

I do have to ask you, dear - you haven't forgotten about a ring, have you? I'm not looking for something the size of the Lipshits diamond; something tasteful, maybe around 1.5 carats. I think it would be a very romantic gesture if, when I come into the arrival meeting area, you get down on one knee and put it on my finger, in front of everyone there. Are you ready to do this for me? Will you be too embarrassed? And don't forget the champagne for the ride back to the hotel. I'm usually tired and tense after a long flight and a little champagne will help 'loosen' me up a bit ;-))

I've already started packing for the trip. I've got all your things - cologne, phones, and a little something I picked up for you from my father. I'll see if I can find your DVD in the duty-free area at the airport.

I've still got a few things to pick up today. Write me as soon as you get up.

Mrs. H.

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Tuesday, July 13, 2004 1:04 PM

Dearest Morgan,

I thank you very much over your acceptance for us to come as Husband and Wife.In my mind,you have special place reserved for you.I'm arranging the rings right away and this ceremoney will come first at the Airport.Rest assured,all I need from you is a firm promise that you will not disappoint me this final stage,BECAUSE MY HEART is set to welcome you-Honey.

I thank you for the gifts that you are coming along with,also that of the bank officials.This will calm them down to work on our behalf.Do not forget the Bullion Van/Armed Police Escort Charge-I know you are current.


I will look forward to hear from you once again before you board tomorrow.Please,please, please honey do not fail.I'm really involve in this affairs.

Kindly extend my regards to your parents and promise them that I will be flying into Ukraine with you to see them immediately the project is concluded. I await for your response.

With Love,
Your Husband,

Morgan Henshaw (nee LeFay)

My dear husband Henshaw,

I wanted to get off one last letter before I leave for the airport. No disappointment this time. I'm fully committed, realizing how close I might have come to losing you the last time. I have so many plans and ideas for us, I don't know where I'll begin when I'm finally with you. Isn't this just the most exciting thing??? I'm breathless just thinking about it. I know I won't sleep a wink tonight!

I've got another surprise for you. I got a little extra money from Lewis' account and we're going to live a fairytale while I'm there. Just wait and see. I've made some special arrangements that I know you're going to love! I hope you don't mind a woman who takes a little initiative on her own.

Are you really going to get down on your knee for me there in the airport? Hmmm??

Hope you got a lot of sleep last night 'cause you're not going to get much tonight.

Mrs. H.

Henshaw, I've got a stack of these hotel magazines that you asked Lewis for. Do I really have to bring those? We can always get more of them later, ok? They're way heavy, I'm tired of hauling them around, and you're not going to have time to read them while I'm around anyhow.

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Wednesday, July 14, 2004 7:22 AM
Subject : WEDDING RING !!!

Dear Mrs Henshaw,

How are you today?Hope you had a coool night rest and you're fully geared up for the flight to Accra tonight.I wish you a safe,wonderful and memorable trip to this exciting city of gold.

The wedding ring plan is of high priority,so i'm off this morning to the Cape Coast to order for a very,very good ring.I'll have to book for about 3 different sizes since i'm not too sure of your 'slot' in finger size.I'll come in straight from the Cape Coast to the International Airport to await your arrival.

May the good Lord bless and guide you all the way for a maiden visit to your husband,Henshaw.

See you tonight my darling wife!!!


Okon Henshaw

Sent : Wednesday, July 14, 2004 8:00 AM
Subject : RE: See You Tonight...

My Dear Wife,

Are you off to the Airport?Oh i'm so happy.I just had to stop over to inform you that i got your lat mail.You know i didn't acknowledge it when telling you about my moves for the wedding ring.

Well,well,well,we'll both have a fantastic time tonight....very 'wild' and really delightful.I'll allow you come up with surprises;your own initiatives!I appreciate your efforts in arranging for some extra expense funds from Lewds' account.

Again sweetheart,have a wonderful flight and i'll be right there for you.Don't miss your flight,please.Oh Morgan.....i really,really love you!

See you tonight.


Morgan Henshaw (nee LeFay)

Dearest Henshaw,

I came down to the hotel business center to take one last peek in my mailbox, and there were two letters from you!! I can't write too long because I really need to leave for the airport soon.

I'm thrilled to hear about the ring!! Will you have it with you tonight?? You need something to slip on my finger when you're down on your knee in front of all those people!!

I just know this is going to be perfect! It's what I've dreamed of all my life!! It's already like a fairytale, flying to meet my handsome prince in a faraway land!! Henshaw, I feel like I'm going to faint!! Be still, my thundering heart!!

I really have to go, my husband, to begin my trip to the place where I will become yours.

Until tonight,
Your Morgan

Henshaw makes trip #4 to the airport, and...

It's time to pull the plug on this. I've grown kinda fond of the big lug; after all, he was going to be the father of my children. I want to let him down as gently as possible...

Morgan LeFay

You scamming jerkoff, you asshole, you dickhead!

I know you're probably wondering why I didn't show up again at the airport again. Well, I have good news and I have bad news. Bad news first.

The bad news is that I'm back in Novosibirsk. I'm divorcing you, Henshaw dear, cutting you loose, kicking you to the curb. I'm changing my name back to LeFay, and I'm suing you for alimony. For a man of your means I think about $5,000 a month would be fair, don't you? Please send the monthly payments to me c/o the Hotel Bolshoi Shutka there in Tblisi. And as hard as you've been trying to screw me with this scam I'm probably knocked-up too so start saving up your money for child-support as well.

Oh, and send me that ring. After all I've been through I feel I deserve to keep it.

By the way, I spoke to your first wife and she tells me she dumped your ass because you spend all your time in the local internet cafe with that bunch of mouth-breathers that you hang out with trying to con money out of helpless, gullible people like me. For shame, Henshaw, for shame. That's TWO good women you've lost this year.

The good news is that I've come up with some names for the new company we talked about setting up. That name you suggested, "Emerald Mining Service Limited", sucks. How does "419 Inc." sound? Or maybe it would be better if we spelled it out: "Four One Nine, Ltd.". Is that more professional sounding? For awhile I also considered "Advanced Fee Fraudsters, LLC." but that sounded too icky! But go with whatever you're happy with.

I really hate to see our relationship end. You were the man of my dreams, you were the best, baby. Ah, what might have been....

I'll give Lewis your regards. It turns out his illness was just due to too many bean burritos that gave him a severe gas problem for awhile, and not Congo-Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (I guess the symptoms are pretty similar). He's feeling much better today; I can tell because he's starting to get all touchy-feely again and when I'm around him I spend most of my time slapping his hands away.

It's been a real Scamfest, Henshaw. No, more than that - it's been a Scam-a-Palooza! No, even more - a Scamorama! Do let me know how you're doing from time to time and if you're ever in Novosibirsk, look me up. I won't be hard to find - my name and phone number is on just about every public restroom wall in the city. Just look for the phrase, "For a good time call....".

Until then, I remain,

Forever yours,

Morgan G.

ps - (x| )

The curtain falls....

But wait!

There's an encore in the offing!!!

I was sure that I'd heard the last from Henshaw, but out of the blue this arrives. He still doesn't know he's been anti-scammed and I feel awful that he traded his mother's farm for the wedding ring:

Okon Henshaw

Sent : Monday, July 19, 2004 5:38 PM

Dear Morgan,

It's my pleasure and deep honour to respond appropriately to your well received letter. ...'I guess its time to say goodbye...' quite an interesting caption which bore no semblance to your treacherous allegations contained therein. I can hardly imagine that you can dream up such an avalanche of condemnation against me. Morgan, such audacious, demented, illicit, infantile caustic vituperations poured on me is totally misplaced. I never knew that at a stage you'll become a termagant or perhaps you were born a bad tempered child in a reservoir of evil.

Thankfully my dear lady, your non-appearance at Kotoka International Airport that fateful night of Wednesday 14th July 2003, never bothered me at all, fortunately my indifference led to the out pouring of the abundance of your heart. I guess you now feel accomplished, thumping your chest and repeating words like ... yes! I've got him. Oh no Morgan, you're acting like a fool and if its Natasha's script you've been playing all along, you've only ended up playing the fool or court jester. Natasha has put a lasso on your nose. Really Morgan, over time I've been wondering what your constant kerfuffle was all about, I kept my fingers crossed and alas! The jig-saw puzzle has fallen in place. I'm quite sure you never expected my response after words like 'Henshaw dear, you jerkoff , you asshole, you scamming dickhead! Cutting you loose, kicking you to the curb' ... Morgan, are these the right words to be used on a man you dreamt of marrying? Nature gave horns to bulls, hooves to horses, speed to hares, the power of swimming to fishes, that of flying to birds, and understanding to men. She had nothing left to give to women save.... bolting- hutch of beastliness. Such is thy audacious wickedness, thy lewd, pestiferous and dissentious prank, very similar to the prattle of infant pride. Morgan, we court disaster when we carry childish perceptions into the dynamics of life, relationship, business etc.

I'm not a fraudster neither do I engaged in fraud or take delight in being fraudulent. Your 'sick' and unfounded allegations of scams, '419' advance fee fraudsters, etc are well 'worn, common and very pedestrian. You think I don't know about the existence of 419 or I've not seen several, I repeat, several websites on 419 fraud on the Internet? Oh! Morgan, even primary school kids in some African countries are well aware of 419, so your accusations mean nothing to me because I'm not a fraudster.

As a Lawyer however, I'll give you a brief on this 419 saga later in this mail for you to be properly educated. You need that. At the moment Morgan, I'm in Kumasi and I'll be back to Accra on the 20th of July. I copied your mail ' 'the 419 mail' to the Bank Management. A decision has been taken on the deposit, this I'll inform you at the end of this letter. In the interim Morgan, I'm very hurt and angry. You are not worth another word, but my tongue will tell the anger of my heart. I will try hard to suppress these feelings, but where they burst out in fitful rage... please try to absorb the heat. It is not in my character to practice vengeance, I will not vent my spleen on you because inspite of all you've accused me of.. I still love you. I don't know how old you are but youth is a malady of which one becomes cured a little everyday. The villainy you've smeared and taught me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction. From the extremist upward of thy head to the descent and dust beneath thy foot Morgan, you are a most toad spotted traitor! How could you say such things against me? Your hard heart is buttoned up with steel.. pitiless and rough. You are not worth the dust which the rude wind blows in your face. In civility Morgan, you are absolutely empty. Do you really wish that your 'name and phone number' should be written on every public rest room wall in the city of Novosibirsk? Be careful of what you wish yourself baby! Looking at your picture (if is really you) you have an angelic face, but heaven knows your heart ' an evil soul producing 'holy' witness is like a villain with a smiling cheek, a goodly apple rotten at the heart. But we all know Morgan, even the devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape. If there is anything worse than the rage, the frustration, and the other negative things that come of us, it is the things that do not come out! Festering wounds are dangerous wounds.

THE '419' SAGA:
You called me all sorts. Okay. But the Bank doesn't call me any name neither does anyone in this country and overseas. We are all aware of 419 and it practices through cyberspace. Natasha is professionally competent to tell you all about the 419 scam and lead you to engaging websites, just to warn you. As an ex-Georgian State Security personnel and a current Russian spy in the United Kingdom, she'll go to the extreme to tell-it-all. That's none of my business because I'm not into that. But I guess you needed that tutelage.

Morgan, I'm versatile enough to know that the scam of 419 is a counterfeit fraudulent act by specialized syndicates all over the world to con money out of very gullible victims ' black and white. It has it roots in Nigeria, one of Africa's richest countries and the most populous black nation on earth ' population is over 150million.

Nigeria is the world's sixth largest producer of crude oil but sadly its huge fortunes earned through sales of crude oil, has been corruptly diverted to foreign accounts by successive political military leadership. This has brought so much impoverishment to the masses of that great country. Simply but Morgan, the impoverished populace rudely aware that for over 40 years after independence, the Western world including the United States have been benefiting from billions and billions of dollars stolen from the public vault by corrupt leaders without sanctions from those countries now devised the '419' formular to fleece off gullible citizens of the recipient countries.

Now, these westerners knowing too well that African leaders, politicians, retired Generals- big 'time Government contractors, civil servant (top most) all loot their treasuries and empty them into European banks, fall prey to phoney letters, prepared by fraudsters to send funds across to them. That is it Morgan, nothing more. The systems and styles are all in the Internet for all to read. So if you think I'm one of them then you need your head to be examined. I know change isn't cheap, it will cost you a 'death to the old' in order to experience a 'birth to the new' do recall your smear campaign on me at once.


In as much as the scare of '419' is real, daily, millions of dollars are being ferried off to foreign accounts by those that 'MATTER ACROSS AFRICA, leaders, (living or dead) such as the late President Mobutu Seseseku of former Zaire, late Idi Amin of Uganda, late Gen. Sanni Abacha of Nigeria, President Eyadema of Togo, President Omar Bango of Gabon, etc are well known looters of their nations vaults. Current African leaders are currently very active in this field. Members of the political class fully aware of this 'game' are not standing idle. Plush homes in Paris, Switzerland, London, Los Angeles etc Golf courses, amazing stocks in blue chip firms have all been taken over by Africans nouveau rich.

Nigeria is a front 'runner. Late Gen. Sanni Abacha, who died rollicking with prostitutes 'imported' from India stole about US $5.5billion in course of his governance between 1994- 1998. Quite often British Officials intercept big time Ministers of Government flying into London's Heathrow airport with brief case stuffed with cash funds ' up to $1million. On the other hand, Nigeria been a very resourceful nation fall prey to Western Multi-National Firms who fall over themselves to pay huge bribes for juicy contracts. The French Newspaper Le Figaro Parlier this year in Paris reported that a French judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke has warned that the United States vice President Dick Cheney could be changed over allegations that his former company Halliburton paid $180million in bribes to build the $4billion Nigeria liquefied Natural Gas plant in Bonny. Vice 'President Cheney was head of Halliburton for 5 of the 7 years during which the secret payments were allegedly made. Prosecutors are also investigating a disclosure by Halliburton that an official of Kellogg Brown & Root (Halliburton subsidiary) paid $2.4million bribe to a Nigerian official in 2001 in the return for lower taxes.

Here in Ghana, Ashanti Goldfields of Ghana bought over Anglogold of South African to become the world's biggest gold producer. Monumental deals running into millions of dollars took place to secure this seat. Anglogold Ashanti earlier this month announced that it has agreed to acquire a 30% stake in trans-siberian gold (TSF) through an equity investment of about 17.6million. The company golds mining and exploration licences in respect of its three (3) existing projects- Asacha, Rodnikovoe and Veduga ' as well as an exploration licence over an extensive area surrounding veduga. Illegal exports of rough diamonds from Congo, has been traced to the President of the Republic of Congo, by the CIA, Morgan, trade in illegal diamond sales anywhere in the world is worth billions of dollars. Arab fundamentalists and Arabian oil sheiks are flocking into Africa in droves to lodge huge oil proceed sales in African Banks. Although global anti-terrorist intelligence network is in operation in Africa; it's not so effective to crack down these huge inflows. African Banks are upholding the 'secrecy acts' to the letter.

Morgan, what about Russia? With communism dead, there are over 36billionaires in the city of Moscow alone. Do you know how they make their money? Ukrainian born Russian billionaire Viktor Vekseiberg worth over $4billion earned over half of this fortune from dealing in precious metals ' especially Diamond. He had stakes in some diamond mines in Liberia. He has visited Liberia in the past.

What about Mikhail Khodonsky the Urbane, dashing 40 years old billionaire principal shareholder in Yukos currently in jail. He is awaiting trial over a plethora of charges ranging from tax fraud to embezzlements; there is of course Elena Baturina. Her wealth is said to be derived from Inteko, a construction company. Is her husband Yuri Luzkkov (Mayor of the city of Moscow) not linked to her stupendous wealth? Do you know other deals they are engaged in? Yet, your desire is to see 'Morgan LeFay' written in the public toilets of Novosibirsk! How lovely! In the words of George Farquhar ... Tis still my maxim, that there is no scandal like rags, nor any crime so shameful as poverty...I suppose you are from a poor background hence the demand by your father for a dowry payment of $45,000. Ukraine, your home country suffered a severe famine in 1932/1933 under Joseph Stalin leading to the death of over 5 million Ukrainians (like the Jews during the holocaust). During world war II it was over run by the Axis armies in 1941 before being retaken by the soviets in 1944. Sadly in 1986, it was the site of the worlds worst nuclear power plant accident- the Chernobyl disaster. Generations yet unborn will still bear the scars of deformity, a fall out of radio active and toxic effect of that accident. Its not a good history. Morgan, beware of malignant poverty and face realities.

You made fun out of divorce experience. Well, thank God I've got 3 lovely kids. No matter what, age 18, they'll be free to decide whom to live with. I have no regrets in separating with my ex-wife and your brazen lie of holding a telephone talk with her makes you sick in the world's regard, wretched and low, acting like a poor unminded out law. Am I now regard your 'songs of love' to me as comfortless as frozen water to a starved snake ..' I'm for real Morgan and I'm proud of my pedigree. I can't tell about yours because you've failed to prove yourself and you're beginning to act like a loose canon. Its a shame; you are a disgrace to your family & or boss. Morgan, you are not married, your old folks are worried, you have no child 'Biological or adopted, perhaps you're basking in your demented state of beauty which is making you petulant. As a father, I have found that I have a ministry of hugs. When something happens, and I really can't fix it, I just hug them ... can you share in this great experience, no Morgan you can't. Each stage of life has its own challenges and potential. Somewhere ahead of me- in yet another stage is the smile of contentment that I will display if I have handled this stage correctly. The hand of God is warm and tender, yet firm & strong. It is there for every dark night, for every tainted secret and for every wounded marriage! God wipes away the hidden tears we never allowed to fall. There are several beautiful black girls in Ghana falling over to marry me, but I'm careful.

I'm quite exposed and I've visited great European cities including Paris, Monte-Carlo, Geneva etc. After this project, I'll have good funds to pick a wife in any of these cities. But I'll still keep your picture because it tells a 'great story' in future. The wedding rings are ready by now, on my return to Accra, I'll head back to the Cape Coast to pick them up. It's pure gold, whose hand it fits?. I'm not paying cash for it, but trading it with a farm land given to me by my mother. If your finger is not worth it, thousand of fingers are out there waiting.

Tell Lewd the Bank has cancelled the beneficiary status extended to him over the deposit- US$105m, he is no longer qualified to receive these funds and a power of attorney is thus required from him within 7 banking days, starting from July 20th 2004, transferring beneficiary status to Mr. David Shipler, Los Angeles California. I'm sure you have qualified Attorneys in Novosibirsk that will assist you in putting up a power of attorney draft of which Lewd will have to endorse at the buttom right hand corner. It should be address thus:


Once its ready, scan it to me as an attachment for submission. I'll prefer receiving this letter before I depart for Johannesburg.

Well, Morgan, its been nice interacting with you while it lasted, but sadly you are still a baby.

Grow up before the world leaves you behind.

Enjoy yourself.

Morgan LeFay

Dear Henshaw,

I came away from reading your letter feeling like I had pissed off Shakespeare. You really have to learn to lighten up a bit.

C'mon, where's that famous Henshaw sense of humor, that rapier wit? We had fun at this, didn't we? I know I certainly did! And I like it that you play the part right up to the end. Past the end, even! Aren't you even curious as to what point I caught on to you? It wasn't anything Natasha said, it was something YOU said.

I'm sure that Lewis will come unlaminated when he hears that the Bank has cancelled his beneficiary status, but I've got a few ideas on how to help him get over it.

I guess getting you Lewd's power-of-attorney is the least I can do. Now as a lawyer, you know that you're going to need a notarized original. Even the imaginary bank won't take a scanned copy. I think he has your home address around here somewhere; I'll get him to sign it, I'll notarize it and I'll drop it in the mail when I get back. Count on it. For sure.

Oh, and I'm afraid that you greatly misunderstood one other point - my father wasn't asking YOU for $45,000, he was going to GIVE you $45,000. That's how it's done in Ukrain, the father pays the dowry for his daughter. Silly boy.

Well, enough of this 'kerfuffle' (I like that word). I have to start thinking about heading back to Novosibirsk. I've spent way too much of Lewis' money and I guess I'll have to help him get over THAT too.

Take it easy, Henshaw.

Your loving 'termagant' (I like that word, too)

Morgan LeF.