Raynaz Productions, INK, presents another sad tale of woe, avarice, and disappointment, for your entertainment pleasure, starring, in order of appearance:

ELISABETH LAMINE, "Ashmatic" (sic) widow, and gold-digger extrordinaire,
and son DAVID (only mentioned, but never heard from)

JACQUES N. LEBAUX, Wealthy businessman and philanthropist
PENNY R. CAIDE, Travel Agent
TARA RABOUM, T.A., Loyal assistant, recently promoted to Vice President of LeBaux Industries, INC.

and in non-speaking roles:
HUGH JARDON, Faithful houseman, chauffeur, Law-student
IMUPON LEBAUX, Jacques' dear departed wife
SARAH BELLUM, Lovely neighbor, the heroine in this saga.

Take your seats, Ladies and Gentlemen, please turn off all pagers and cell phones...The orchestra tunes up, the curtain rises, the drama begins...

Elisabeth Lamine









Jacques N. LeBaux


First, let me express my deep sympathy for the loss of your beloved husband. It must have been so very painful for you. Please, accept my condolences.

Second, this sounds like a very interesting business proposal. Would my presence be required in Accra, Ghana? I would have to renew my passport, but I have friends in high places, and that would not be much of a problem.

Awaiting your reply, Jacques N. LeBaux

Elisabeth Lamine

Subject: response

Dear Jacques,

Thanks for your mail and for your concern over our welfare. Your presence will be highly needed in Ghana to enable you stand as my late husband's foreign partner that will help us retrive the consignment from the security firm and to sign some vital documents covering the consignment.

I will be sending you my photo and that of my son in my next mail. We want you to send yours so that we can easily recognise you at the Airport upon your arrival.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son


Elisabeth Lamine

Subject: Our Pictures

Dear Jacques,

We are sending you our pictures for you to view. You will see the picture of my late husband and myself including the one of my son David.

We would have love to send you some of the documents covering the consignment but it is not proper due to some unstrupulous elements of the society and for security reasons too. We will appreciate your presence for you to view the everything yourself and help us relocate from Africa.

Do send us your flight schedule as soon as you are ready to come down.

Yours truly,
Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son

Jacques N. LeBaux

My dear Mrs. Elizabeth,

Thank you for the pictures. I am so pleased to see them! I perceive your late husband to be a loving, kind gentleman--he certainly had a wonderful smile. I'm sure you loved him very much, and you miss him terribly.

I am also very happy to see the picture of your son, I notice he wears a wedding ring. Is he also a father? How many children? Truly, children are the delight of our lives.

I looked at my passport, and see the expiration date draws near, so I will need to contact my friend at the State Department, and ask him to "pull some strings", and expedite the renewal. Perhaps I will be able to come over to Ghana by end of the month, depending on when I receive the item.

On a lighter note, I will tell you that I am very excited about a journey to the exotic land of the ancestors. My parents are of the Jamaican nationality, but THEIR grandparents were immigrants from Africa, and the Grandfather became an overseer on the plantation, and finally in his later years, served as Judge in his district. The Grandmother was a teacher, and then Professor at University. I do not wish to sound boastful of my family, but you can see I am very proud of their achievements, rising from humble beginnings to places of honor and dignity.

My parents are great with many years, but enjoy good health while residing only minutes from me, in a lovely retirement home. They are both quite active, even if nearly 90 in years!

Enough about me, will you please acquaint me with your life? I would dearly love to know you better, and build a fine friendship as well as business relationship with you. Please write as soon as you can. Warm regards, Jacques

I send her a pic of "Jacques"... I found it on a w-site showcasing successful black businessmen. If memory serves, he is a retired preacher, but I thought he just looks like the philanthropic soul I imagine Jacques to be, but at the same time, a man who cannot be hornswoggled--he just personifies Jacques in my mind's eye.
And I think he has wonderful taste in Rolexes, too!

Elisabeth Lamine

Dear Jacques,

Thanks for your mail and for your urgent response. I have seen your picture. You are looking good.

It is true that my late husband was a loving man. I really miss him. May his soul rest in peace.

My son is not married yet he just place the ring for fancy. You know the youth of this modern age, they are something else. He is just 18years old and the only survival out of my four children. I lost the rest during the war in Liberia.

I am 47 years old and a citizen of liberia. I was born in Morovia the capital city of the war turn Country Liberia. But Ghana is peacefull and calm. We will wait for you since you said you will be coming by the end of the month. There is no problem.

We are planing to leave our hotel room to rent an appartment since we do not have enough money now to continue to pay the hotel bills not untill we retrieve the consignment from the firm.

We will like to know the kind of business you want to help us invest our money in the US. I am expecting your response.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son

Jacques N. LeBaux

My dear Mrs. Elisabeth,

I can see that my family's accomplishments did not impress you, as you make no mention of them, but I did only want to tell you these things so that you will know that you are dealing with a quality man, a man of integrity and honorable. It is a comfort to women to know that there are people in the world who have no intention to take advantage of the widow and the orphan.

If your interest is investment in this country, there are any number of options available, from the conservative, to more creative forms of investments. When I come to Ghana, I shall bring a folio that will list just some of these, so that you will see what can be done.

I will talk this morning to my travel agent, Miss Penelope R. Caide, who will reserve for me lodging in Accra, Ghana, as soon as I hear from my friend who will expedite the renewal of my passport. I hope to hear from him today.

I send you my warmest personal regards, Jacques

The widow Elisabeth wastes no time, flattering, flirting, and of course, off-handedly tossing in the "demurrage charges" (Whatchoo mean "WE"?) Oh, and let's not forget the gift items. This was in Monday's Inbox...

Elisabeth Lamine

Dear Jacques,

Your family back ground do impress me a lot and I know that you are a Man of dignity from the way you responded to my first mail. You see we are really in a bad shape here and we want you to help us retrieve the consignment so that we can leave Africa as soon as possible. Do not be offended as I did not make mention of it in my last mail.

We are expecting you soonest. Since you will be coming with a folio I beleive it will be better. My son extend his greetings and he ask you to buy some gift items when coming like wrist watch and lap top. But for me you can buy anything that you know a woman will appreciate.

You are a Man that anyone will like to be in his awesome presence because you are a Man of action from the way you sound. We cannot wait to see you physically. I mean face to face.

The consignment was deposited as family valuables for security reasons by My late husband for a long time now and we will have to pay some demurrge charges to the security firm before the retrieval. I know it will not be difficult to offset that on your arrival.

Please send us your flight schedule so that we can welcome you at the Airport and move straight to the security firm and retrieve the consignment.

Mr. Jacques, we are so glad that we meet you.

Yours sincerely, Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son

Jacques, that frisky ol' rascal, laments the demise of his dear wife, Imupon LeBaux, and explores possibilities...

Jacques N. LeBaux

My dear Mrs. Elisabeth,

Thank you for responding so quickly to my earlier mail, I must admit that I was eagerly looking forward to hearing from you again. A man of my years (63) does not have too many opportunities to meet younger ladies of high quality, most of the women in my age group and social circle are still married, and are busy tending to an aging, sometimes ailing husband. As you may think, this takes a great deal of their time and energy.

Since the passing of my lovely wife, Imupon, I have been quite lonely for the companionship of a young, pretty lady such as yourself. When I come to Accra, will you do me the honor to dine with me, and perhaps show me about your city? I shall have Ms. Penny, the travel agency lady, to book a limosine for our use. (I do not care to hire taxicabs, as they are dirty, and the drivers often surly--I do not know if that is the case in Accra, but I avoid them).

If this is acceptable to you, I shall plan to stay for several days, I understand the La Palm Royal Hotel is very nice. If you know of better accommodations, please let me know.

You mentioned your son would like a wrist watch, of what kind? There are so many, I would not want to offend him by buying something he would not desire to wear. I think a lovely watch for you, my dear Mrs. Elisabeth, would be a proper introduction gift, as well. What preferences have you?

I shall await reply from you. My best wishes to your son. Is he continuing his schooling? When you come to America, my friend in State Department will arrange for a Student Visa for him, if he desires the American education. I hope you will discuss this with him. What is his name, you never told me.

My fond regards to you both. Jacques

Holy AVARICE, Batman!!! This babe gets greedy, RIGHT NOW! This may be the quickest love affair in history...

Elisabeth Lamine

Subject: You are welcome

Dear Jacques,

Thanks for your mail and for your concern over our welfare. My son's name is David Lamine and he is still a student. He will like to continue his education in the states. You can arrange for a student visa for him.

We can dine together there is no problem and we are ready to follow you to the US. I am a widow and my son will be happy to have you as a father. I have dicussed with him this evening. He said he will like a rolex wrist watch or any other that is worth and you must not forget to buy him a laptop computer too.

The hotel you choose is Ok and I will take you round the town when you arrive. We will hire a nice car here apart from limocine but if you insist that we use limo, there is no problem.

Do make all necessary arrangement to come over here and send us your flight schedule as soon as you are ready to come to enable us receive you at the Airport.

We will appreciate if you can send us some money to enable us offset some of our hotel bills.

We will talk deeply about our affair when you arrive. Hope to meet you soonest.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son

Jacques N. LeBaux

My dear Mrs. Elisabeth,

I woke this morning with a song on my heart, thinking about you. I do hope that you and I will be compatible face-to-face, as we seem to be by the mail. That would truly make this gentleman's life again happy and exciting! You must trust me to know that I have not forgotten what puts the loving smile on a woman's face, nor have I lost the ability to do so!

I see by your mail of yesterday, that young David desires to own a Rolex timepiece. That is a fine quality item to be sure, but I need to know what style. Dressy? Casual?. There are several very handsome styles from which to choose, and I should want him to have the very one that will make him happy to wear it. Also, what brand of laptop computer does he wish me to present to him? There must be a dozen or more different brands, and many-score of different models. Please do ask him, and apprise me directly.

You did not say if you will want a wrist-watch for yourself, dear lady, or would some other bauble be more pleasing to you? I want you to know that I will plan to hand-carry the items on the airplane, that I may see the joy in your eyes when I will place them into your hands. What is the meaning of a gift, if not for the giver to see the happiness it brings?

I have just this moment, heard from my friend at State Department, who has personally seen to the renewal of my passport, and will dispatch it immediately to me. It should arrive by Special Delivery Messenger, by tomorrow LATEST! I shall telephone my travel agent, Miss Penny R. Caide, who will make my reservations forthwith. I should be in Accra, Ghana by week-end, depending on the flights availability.

Miss Penny will book me the Royal Suite at La Palm Royal Hotel for my stay, plus all the accoutrements. I do so look forward to meeting you, my dear! I am certain that this will be the trip of a lifetime.

Fondest regards, Jacques

Later that day...

Jacques N. LeBaux

My dear Mrs. Elisabeth,

Miss Penny has arranged my trip to Lagos! I regret to say that the very earliest time I can arrive is not until 27 October, (Monday) at 6:50PM, KOTOKA Airport, flight #0081 (British Airways).

The flight leaves London Heathrow airport at 11:50AM Monday, and with the security requirements, I will have to be there a few hours earlier. I can spend them in the Executive Lounge reading, and thinking about you and the delightful time we will spend together in Lagos!

This will, of course, give me several days to ready for my departure, and purchase the gift-items for you and young David. I must wind up a few details of some small business matters here, then I will be off to New York. I believe I will do the shopping there, as many fine stores are there. I love to travel to New York, it is so big, so exciting! New York is truly "The city that never sleeps!" I hope you will not find it too boisterous, after the calm of Accra, Ghana. One must always be open to new experiences, my dear, don't you think?

I have been fortunate in my business dealings, therefore I have made several very smart purchases, one being a nice apartment in New York, so I do not have to waste money on a hotel while I stay there. I have a house-man, Mr. Hugh Jardon, who lives there and cares for the place, while serving also as my driver and chef when I am in that city.

Hugh has been my faithful employee for over 6 years, as well as attending Law School. I am very proud of him, and I know I can count on him to represent me in future, but for now, he tends to my every need. I consider his yearly salary of $48,000.00 to be fair compensation for all he serves me. I am in New York several times a year, and at times have the foreign business partner, so it is well for them to have a lovely home to reside, rather than a cold hotel room. (Besides, it is a wonderful tax deduction, as it is a business expense.)

I shall leave my home, then, on Friday next, fly to New York, and on to Accra to meet you and young David. I am SO anxious to see you, dear lady. Jacques

Elisabeth Lamine

Subject: Cannot wait to see you

Dear Jacques,

Thanks for your mail and for concern over our welfare. We are ready to leave Accra and come over to New York. We like new experience and new enviroment. We will wait for you at the Airport on Monday. But we will appreciate if you can send us some money to settle are hotel bills. They are treathening to throw us out.

We are expecting you soonest.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son

Poor Elisabeth and David! They're being threathened by mean ol' hotel guys. Should I "send" them some moolah? Of course I "should"...

Jacques N. LeBaux

My dear Elisabeth,

I have had such a morning! My head-bookkeeper, Theodore Cleaver, has landed in jail on some very small charge, and I had to take care of his release.

I am very distressed about your predicament! Will the hotel people not wait until Monday? It is only 5 days, then I can settle the entire matter with them, and we can arrange for you and David to accompany me to New York. (You do have valid passports, do you not?)

I have been doing a lot of thinking about you and your situation, my dear, and I have come to a decision. I want you to keep all of your money, and I will help you invest it wisely.

Should you only put all your money in Certificates of Deposit, and earn only a modest rate of interest, your millions will earn you a very tidy sum. This $52 Million dollars earning only 4% (most CDs earn a quite a bit more) will earn you $200,000 per year! That is more than enough for a woman's "nest egg", especially if you will do me the honor to be my companion. I do not need your 10%, as I am a man of a very good financial status, so I think it would be well for you to have your own money.

This does not mean that I cannot render my aid to you, when you need it now. I will leave my home for New York late Thursday evening, my driver Hugh will collect me at the airport, and I will spend Friday and Saturday in New York, doing some shopping. You did not tell me what brand of laptop will please young David. Nor did you tell me what kind of gift to bring you. I want to make you happy.

Yours fondly, Jacques

Elisabeth Lamine

Dear Jacques,

Thanks for your mail. We are ready to follow to Us and do help us invest the fund in a lucrative business that will profit us. Since you said it will be better for us to deposit the fund in a bank in US, it will be better.

Do buy me a rolex wrist watch that you will like your wife to put on and David said you should buy him a toshiba laptop 2003 model.

And a good rolex wrist watch too.

We will wait for you at the Airport. And do stay out of trouble please. We care for you as you care for us too.

The demurrage charges is $125,000 only and we will give you the certificate of deposit as soon as you arrive and you will do all the endorsement to effect the change of ownership.

Expecting you soones.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son

Jacques N. LeBaux

My dear Mrs. Elisabeth,

I do love to correspond with you, but I must admit to a great deal of confusion. I am having a very difficult time trying to find out from you, just exactly what kind of Rolex watch to bring for young David. There are many, many styles of watches for both men and ladies, from the "basic" man's watch, to a diamond-studded ladies timepiece, that has hundreds of small diamonds on the watch itself and also on the 18-karat gold watchband! It is magnificent, but hardly something a woman would wear everyday!

There are men's watches that are quite plain, and watches with many dials, and functions. Enough to make one's head swim! My dear, you must be specific on the watches.

And as for the laptop he desires, there is no "2003" model, but there are three series, the "Satellite" (the P25 model seems to be the best), the "Tecra" (Only one model, the S1) and the "Portege" series (either the M100 or the R100 seem to be suitable).

I will leave for New York late this evening, but will link my laptop device by satellite, with my primary computer, so to keep in contact with my E-mail. (I do not know how this new technology works, but it certainly does make communication easier and faster, doesn't it?)

You must find out from young David just exactly which Rolex watch he will like. And which laptop. And you must tell me which watch you will be pleased to wear.

As you can tell, I am very confused by all the watches and the choices. Fondly, Jacques

Elisabeth Lamine

Subject: In good faith

Dear Jacques,

We received your mail this afternoon. You can buy me the diamond studded lady time piece which has hundred of diamond on the watch itself and buy the same for David but it should be the Male type.

You can buy the P25 model laptop computer for David.

I will appreciate if you can include necklace and ....should I call it marriage or engagement ...RING!

You do not seem to talk about our hotel bills here, we are facing a lot of problem with the hotel but I made them to understand that my husband will be here on Monday evening.

We are expecting you soon.

Jacques, thank God we met and thanks to the modern technology that makes our communication faster.

We will not have enough money to pay the communication centre where we do write you. Please send us some money.

We are waiting for you. Hope to meet you on monday.v Yours sincerely,
Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son

Jacques N. LeBaux

Elisabeth, my dear,

When I wrote about the laptops, it was only to tell you that the P25 is the best of the "Satellite" series. The "Portègè" series laptops are lighter, and faster running, and seem to be of a higher standard (The R100 is the better of the two I mentioned). But, I guess David knows best what device he will be happy with.

As far as a man's watch being studded with diamonds, I'm not sure if that item is available, and it would, most certainly, be far too gaudy for a young man? Furthermore, it would be a temptation for some scoundrels to steal his watch and perhaps harm him.

I did not mention the matter of your hotel bill, as I thought I had made the proper suggestion, that the hotelier wait for his money until my arrival, but is that not an option? Are you still in peril of losing your accommodations? You did not tell me what the exact costs are, to settle that account.

Perhaps you should do so now, and also tell me about the communications centre dilemma, as well. We should have you free from all worries, so that we may enjoy ourselves upon my arrival. So let me know.

Fondest regards, Jacques

Betcha the hotel bill is WA-A-A-A-A-Y over $2,000. Let's sit and wait. Well, this arrives Friday, and surprise, surprise...

Elisabeth Lamine

Subject: Hotel Bills

Dear Jacques,

Thanks for your mail and for your quick response. I told you before to buy us a wrist watch of your choice. You can buy a simple male rolex wrist watch that you know is OK for David . You can buy the best kind of laptop that you beleive will be better for him and not heavy to carry. Any one that you choose to buy for us we will accept because it is a gift.

For the hotel bills, we are owing only $2,500 including the bills in the communication centre. You can send it accross by moneygramm or western union with my name Mrs Elisabeth Lamine Destination...Accra, Ghana.

Please send it immediately and furnish me with the control number including the question and answer to enable us settle all debt upon your arrival. I will not like anything to bother my mind when we are with you.

We are expecting you soonest. We really want to meet you.

Yours sincerely in progress,
Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son

Jacques N. LeBaux

My dear Elisabeth,

I have just returned from my morning constitutional (a brisk walk, about 3 miles) and I must say, the Autumn air is crisp and cool, the scent of fallen leaves that are heavy with dew, is one of the wondrous aromas from childhood that one never forgets. And Autumn in New York is just indescribable!

My man, Hugh Jardon, is at this moment, preparing a fine breakfast for me, I will take care of some routine business matters this morning, and do some shopping. I have a friend, Mr. Rothers, who has a very fine jewelry store here in Manhattan, and I will see what he has by way of gift items for a lovely lady.

I am going to the Metropolitan Opera Saturday evening, where the presentation will be one of my very favorite operas, "La Boh¸me", so it will be an exciting time. My dear, I do hope you love the opera as I do, the music, the wonderful voices lifted in timeless song, the costumes, the entire experience is just magical! I hope to share this wonderful pasttime with you, we must learn so many things about each other, when I come to Accra.

I tell you, this past week has certainly been a whirlwind! Anticipation of meeting you and young David has put lightness in my heart, and spring in my steps, my man Hugh has noticed it immediately, and comments that I am acting like a teenager in love! (I don't know about that, but I haven't felt this way for years, not since my beloved wife, Imupon)

I will write again when I am returned from my errands. Very fondest thoughts to you, my dear lady, my Elisabeth. Yours, Jacques

Elisabeth Lamine

Subject: Hotel Bills

Dear Jacques,

We received your mail and the content was quite understood. Why have you refused to send us money? We are waiting for you. I hope you have gotten all the gift items. We are facing hard time with the hotel here.

Mrs Elisabeth lamine and son

The curious reader will want to check out the Rolex w-site, www.rolex.com, our young "David" will get the Oyster Perpetual DayDate (in platinum, of course) and get a load of the Cellini collection, (the watch selected for Elisabeth is the REALLY sparkly one!) Nothing but the best for JACQUES' friends...

Jacques N. LeBaux

My dearest Elisabeth,

I have received your mail, and I am most disturbed by your words. I thought I had put your mind at ease, when I said that I will settle your hotel bill when I arrive there on Monday. Then I asked you if you were in peril of losing your accommodations (lodgings)? When I got no answer from you all day yesterday, I assumed that you were in no immediate danger of being made homeless, so I put the matter out of my thoughts, and went about my errands.

I was, of course, able to find the Toshiba laptop that I will bring for young David. I selected the Portègè R100, which is very handsome, and very light in weight. I am sure that he will enjoy to use it. (I even bought one for my vice president, Miss Tara Raboum. I recently promoted her, and this will be a perfect gift for her).

My jeweler friend, Mario B. Rothers, had to do a bit of work to locate the ladies' watch, as he did not have the exact item in his vault, but he has assured me that it will be in my hands this morning. I will go to his store as soon as I hear from him.

I have taken the liberty to send as attachments, the pictures of the man's watch, from the Rolex webpages. I hope they meet with your approval.

I am concerned that you seem to be very focused on the gifts I plan to bring with me, rather than thinking of me. This makes me wonder if I am jumping too fast, to become so familiar with a lady I meet on the Internet. I do hope not, dear Elisabeth, I hope you think more of me than of the trinkets.

Yours fondest, Jacques

Elisabeth Lamine

Subject: In good faith

Dear Jacques,

We received your mail and the pictures. Thanks, but you forget that I am a widow. You promise to come this weekend but you extended it till monday. I do not complain now you are telling that I am not thinking of you but always talking about trinkets.

I wish my husband was alive, My his soul rest in peace. The hotelier are treathening to drive us out this night.
We need the money imùmediately. You are my husband but you do not want to beleive that faith.

We are waiting for you.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son

Jacques N. LeBaux


I am well aware that you are a widow. If your husband were still living, there would be no reason for you to contact me, would there? Then, in the next breath, you state that you wish that your husband was still alive (--I can understand why you wish this, but it is not very considerate of ME, is it?) Then you say I am your husband. I do not know what to think of this. Most confusing.

If you will recall, I was not responsible for the delay of my arrival. I had NOTHING to do with the availability of a ticket. What would you wish me to do? Tie myself to a wing?? I think not! I prefer to sit in a first-class seat, inside the aircraft.

I am just now checking the mail, after a long afternoon shopping, the jeweler, Mr. Rothers, finally called at nearly two o"clock, so I had to go to collect the watches.

I am now on my way to the Opera. I am so excited to go. I have asked my neighbor, (she is also a widow-lady, by name Sarah Bellum) to join me, we have been friends for many years, and she is just now beginning to socialize, following a 2-years' mourning for her husband. A very nice lady.) I will write another mail upon returning after the performance. Jacques

Elisabeth Lamine

Subject: Very Urgent

Dear Jacques,

We waited for you at the airport and we couldnot trace you, I and my mother made an alternative reservation for you in Erata Hotel, We have also called Royal La Palm beach Hotel to know if you are there but we were informed that you are not there.

We are worried, so if you arrive, please call this number 00233-24-850243 to enable you speak with us.

Wishing you best flight.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Elisabeth Lamine and son

Tara writes with distressing news...

Tara Raboom, T.A.

Mrs. Lamine:

I am Tara Raboum, Vice President of LeBaux Industries, INC, and Technical Assistant to Mr. Jacques N. LeBaux. He has instructed me to contact you.

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you some very bad news. Mr. LeBaux suffered a serious attack Saturday night last, and is presently resting in Hospital, under sedation. Here is what I can tell you, from all the witness reports I can gather:

Mr. Jacques and his friend, Mrs. Sarah Bellum, left for the Metropolitan Opera shortly before 8PM, driven by Hugh Jardon. During the intermission of the opera, Mr. Jacques and Mrs. Bellum were visiting and enjoying a glass of champagne, whereupon Mrs. Bellum made some mention of her son, Mortie, who has recently been contacted by a widow-woman in Cote D'Ivoire. Her situation seemed to Mr. Jacques to be remarkably similar to yours, so he pressed for details.

Several other patrons of the opera overheard the conversation, and they volunteered that THEY, too, had had some similar experience, but had investigated the person who contacted them, and discovered that the individual was a con-artist, suspected of the famous "419" scams of Africa. Mr. Jacques asked, "How can my Elisabeth cheat ME? She is telling people that I am her husband!" The people told them that the scam-artists often cheat rich Americans out of many thousands of dollars.

Mr. Jacques shouted, "Well, they won't get any of MY money!!"

Then he clutched his chest, and collapsed. The Ambulance was called, and he was rushed to the emergency room.

Mrs. Sarah accompanied Mr. Jacques to the Hospital, and stayed all night. Mr. Jacques was so grateful to her for staying with him all through the ordeal and keeping vigil at the hospital till he was pronounced out of danger, that he gave her the MOST BEAUTIFUL watch I have ever seen in my life! You should see it, hundreds of diamonds all over it! It is simply exquisite. He is such a wonderful, generous gentleman, I am privileged to be in his employ, he presented me with a superb new lap-top computer as congratulations for my promotion.

I hope all this hasn't inconvenienced you too much, Mrs. Lamine, Mr. Jacques will not be transacting business for some time, though it is hoped that he will be released from the Hospital by next Saturday next.

Sincerely, Tara Raboum, T.A.

Elisabeth Lamine

Subject: Thanks and goodbye

Dear Jacques,

I wish you the best and I want you to please forget about us since you are such a lier.

Because I know that you are not in the hospital. You told me that you have booked a reservation with hotel royal la palm which they made me to understsnd that you are not existing.

You and Tara are fucking liers and stop writting us.

We wish you quick recovery and all the best of luck that you wish yourself.

Bye and stop communicating us.

Elisabeth and son

I'm pretty sure this is the end of the love affair--but not the end of Jacques N. LeBaux!

He'll pop up again, have no fear, accompanied by the loyal and capable TARA RABOUM, T.A, and of course, HUGH JARDON will pop up, too!