Another Naz exploit, from the devious mind which brought you LIGHTS, KAMARA, ACTION, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON 419, and so many other adventures. When it comes to wasting the Lads' time, Naz is an army of one.

raynaz, INK, presents another saga for your consideration:

starring, in order of appearance:

BYRON WHIPPLE, Puppy Home Proprietor-Lad
AMANDA L'EGGE, who just wants a little puppy

Ladies and Gents, please turn off cell-phones and pagers, the drama is about to begin...

Byron Whipple

Received: from []
[Nigerian Telecommunications, Nigeria's main telephone company.
The Lad uses the same IP address throughout the two weeks of this bait.
Thanks AfriNIC!]

Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008
Subject: Byron Puppy Home

Hello Pet Lovers,

This is ByronPuppy store, we breed all kind of puppies in the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA our store is located in Adinson in Illinois and we ship to any state location in U.S.A .

If you are in need of puppy please write us back with the kind of puppy you are looking for and we will get back to you with the pictures so that you check it out yourself alright, please get back to us if you are interested in our Puppy and will come with all their registered papers,vaccination records and Health Certificate,Registered Pedigree Health Guarantee Certificate of Veterinary Inspection Current on all vaccinations Wormed. Our puppy make a loving and companion to your home and we want you to know that we don't breed for sieze only but to makesure we make a loving home to you.

And Lastly Our puppy are A.K.C and C.K.C Registered etc.

If you are really interested in getting puppy from us please get back to us with the kind of Pet you are interested in alright.

Thank you

Byron Puppies
Amanda L'Egge
Hi, Byron Puppy Home!

How did you know I want to get my own dog? My Gramma just died, and she had 3 really mean watchdogs, and I didn't like them. My Uncle Sam took them out to his ranch. They can be as mean as they want to be there. I don't care. They snarled at me all the time, even when I was feeding them! I really hated them.

A puppy would be really good for me, so I can raise it the way I want to. I really want a small dog, one that I can hold on my lap when I'm studying. I'm going to school, and a puppy would be fun to have.

I'm thinking a Pomeranian or a Bichon Frise. What do you have in the 7-10 pounds range? I don't care if it's a boy or a girl. And are you sure the AKC papers are valid? I would be interested in a good purebreed dog.

Thank you, Amanda l'Egge
Byron Whipple
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008
Subject: Pictures and details of Pomeranian Puppy

Good Day to you ,

Here are the full information of Pomerianian puppy and how it was founded so go through it and get back to us if you are interested in any of thes puppy..

[...Lad sends a loooooo-n-n-n-n-n-n-ng description (probly lifted from Wikipedia) of the Pom, and a few minutes later, one about Bichons--also, probly lifted--I won't include either of them, they're both wordy, Accompanied by several pictures of REALLY cute pups...]

The Attached below are the pictures of the puppy...And they are all registered

Byron Puppy Home.
Amanda L'Egge
Hi, Byron Puppy Home!

Thanks for sending the information on both breeds, and I decided against the Bichon Frises. I was watching TV and saw a dog-show, and the Bichons grew up to be kinda big. Not for me.

So, I looked and looked at those pictures, and I couldn't make up my mind between the cream-colored one, and the white Pomeranian. Will you send me a price for these puppies? I want to make a quick decision, because I want to raise the puppy from very young, so it will be easier to train.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Amanda l'Egge
Byron Whipple
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008

Good day to you Amanda.

Thank you for showing interest in our puppy and we want you to know that they will make a loving home for you .

the cream-coloured one is $1200 Including the shipping cost, and the white Pomeranian is $1300 and will come with all their papers .

If you are ready to purchase of this two puppy please write back to us with your full contact information and where the puppy will be shipped and we will get back to you on how to send the payment for the puppy and after 12 hours of payment the puppy will be delivered to you.

Please get back to us as soon as you are ready to purchase these puppy.

Thank you

Byron Puppies Home

[Scam-o-note: For the new visitor, the Lads' M.O. is to promise delivery of the (puppies, horse trailer, yacht, whatever) pending shipping and other costs. The victim pays with a money order. The goods never arrive. In the reverse version - the victim is trying to sell something, rent a room, whatever - the Lads send a bogus cashier's check for too much money and ask the victim to return the 'excess' amount in the form of a money order. The bogosity of the cashier's check will usually not be discovered in time. Sometimes the Lads have an in-country partner-in-crime who receives the bogus checks in bulk and re-mails them to the victims. The U.S. Postal Service has made arrests in such cases.]

Amanda L'Egge
Dear Byron Puppy Home,

When I read your mail, I think it sounds like you want me to buy BOTH a white one and a cream-color puppy! I can't have two, so I think I want the cream-color puppy.

"...that they will make a loving home for you.."

What do you mean by this? I'm the one who would make a loving home for the puppy! Gee, for an American, you sure talk funny!

By the way, where is Adinson, Illinois? It must be a really small town, because I couldn't find it on GoogleEarth. Are you near Chicago?

How do you ship the puppy? You can't just put her (I decided that I want a girl puppy) in a box, can you? You didn't say if she's had shots. Which shots has she had? And when was she born? I don't want one that is too old, and is yappy. I can't stand a yappy puppy!

Let me know all this stuff. I have a friend whose dog is just about ready to have her puppies, and I might want to get one of hers.

Sincerely, Amanda l'Egge
Byron Whipple
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008

Good day to you Mrs. Amanda,

Thank you for responding to our mail to you and we are very sorry for the mistakes it's a typing error, we apologies for the error.

Madam, the puppy is a female puppy, She is 12 weeks old ( 3months old) . Mrs.Amanda the puppy will be sent to you inside a box and will be shipped to you via delta Airline, Mrs. Amanda, the puppy will be delivered to your home address and if you deceided to pick it up at the airport then that's fine we will give you every detail you need to pick her up from the airport alright .

Once Again we are located in Madinson,Illinoise and is a little close to Chicago city.

Madam, the puppy will be shipped to you immediately after payment has been confirmed and you will receive the puppy in 12 hours time after you payment has been comfirmed and the puppy will come along with all the paper work alright.

Please get back to us as soon as possible .

Thank you.

Byron Puppies Home
Amanda L'Egge
Hi, Byron Puppy Home,

First, I'm not MRS. Amanda. I am only 19 years old, and I don't even have a boyfriend!

I had a boyfriend in High School, Jack, but he turned out to be a real jerk! He was also dating my friend Chiquita at the same time as he was dating me, and believe it or not, she got pregnant! So they had to get married, so I made a promise to myself not to date anybody who couldn't be exclusive to me and not cheat on me. Their baby is almost 2 now, and he's real cute! So, don't call me MRS. Amanda. You can call me just Amanda, OK?

Second, there is just one N in Madison, and the state of Illinois does not have an E --not at the end, or anywhere in the middle! It is not a little close to Chicago It's almost 300 miles away from Chicago--that's 475 kilometers!

Third, I don't want a puppy who is 3 months old! I want one younger than that. By the time a puppy is 3 months old, bad habits like yipping and yapping are already there.

Fourth, I could come to your puppy place, and pick up the puppy, so you wouldn't have to put it in a BOX!! that's just horrible, you can't take a baby dog and put it in a box and send it somewhere! I can get a car, and come to get the puppy myself. What is your address in Madison, Illinois?

I'm not kidding about this, Mr. Byron Whipple. I won't let you put my little baby puppy in a BOX!!!

Sincerely, Amanda l'Egge
Byron Whipple
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008

Good day to you Amanda,

Thank you for the mail and also thanks for explaining some certain things to me about yourself, i never knew you are not married,if i knew that you are still single, i wouldn't have address you as MRS.

Regarding the puppy, i have the the same cream colored puppy which, 2 weeks old, 4weeks old, 7weeks old, 8,weeks and 12 weeks old and they are all the same as the cream colored picture that i sent to you but now that you said you will come by yourself and pick the puppy there is no problem about that but i will like you to tell me the one you like if is 2 or 4 weeks old so i can keep it for you instead of selling it out to other buyers because allot of people come to my place to get puppy every blessed day.

Here is our address, you can come and pick the puppy up by yourself and please don't let it take so long before you come and if you know you are not interested please do let me know so i wouldn't want to make loss in two places.

211 W. Madison St.,Madison, Illinois

Amanda, I have never been to chicago before but since is within the state here so i guess Madison will be a little bit close to Chicago,it was just a guess okay.
Amanda since you have decided to come for the pick up, i want you to know that you will pay the sum of $450 for deposit so as to show that you are really coming for the puppy and also for me to start making arrangment of the paper work and other stuff okay.

Get back to me ASAP.

Amanda L'Egge

[In high dudgeon, I scold the puppy-baron-Lad...]

Byron Whipple,

What kind of a puppy place are you running? Are you crazy? You want to sell a 2-week old puppy? YOU CAN'T DO THAT! The puppy's eyes aren't even open, and it doesn't have teeth, I would have to feed it with a tiny bottle every 2 hours!

Shame on you! The puppy's mommy would be running around all over, looking for her baby! The same is true for a 4-week old puppy.

The earliest a puppy can be taken from her mommy is 8 weeks! You should know that.

You didn't tell me if the puppies have their shots, either.

I looked you up on Google Earth, and it looks like you're in a regular house! And there isn't even a telephone number for you, so I could call you.


[That'll do it for this scam. It's over.]

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