... in which Naz has a quickie with a prince.

...raynaz Productions, INC presents:

starring, in order of appearance:

PRINCE BOLKIAH, not very impressed with any title but his own,

[Scam-o-note: There is a Prince Bolkiah. He is the Sultan of Brunei.
This scammer is not he. But you knew that.
The real Prince Bolkiah has a web page BTW:

RABBI TOUTOF D'HAHT, non-Muslim HolyMan.

Our little drama begins with an Urgent mail...

Prince Bolkiah

Received: ([])
From: "Prince Williams Fayed Bolkiah"
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 05:53:19

Assalam Malaikum ('naz-note:Properly spelled, "Asalaam Alaikum" I checked )

Dear Friend,

I got your reliable contact from my father diary and further explicit investment information about your country from my attorney in new york who has been of great assistance to my family since our departure from Brunei due to the human rights abuses in my country.
I am prince Fayed W.Bolkiah, the eldest son of prince Jefri Bolkiah, former finance minister of Brunie, the tiny oil-rich Gulf Island of Borneo. (Really? Borneo??? Do tell...)
I will save your time by not amplifying my extended royal family history, which has already been disseminated by the international media during the controversial dispute between my father and his stepbrother, the sultan of Brunei Sheik Muda Hassanal Bolkiah. as you may know from the international media,the sultan had accused my father of financial mismanagement and improperity of $1.8 billion dollars.
This was as a result of the asian financial crisis that made my father's company Amedeo Devlopement Company and government owned Brunei investment company to be decleared bankrupt during his tenure in office.How ever my father was kept under house arrest , his bank account and private properties including a crude oil export refinery were later confiscated by the sultanate.Futhermore during this unfortunate period,I was advice to evacuate my immediate family outside the sultanate to avoid futher prosecution from the sultan and his security operatives, but before i could do that i was arrested placed under house arrest by the sultan and not access to a phone but i have a Palm v hand held computer (Uh huh. That's sooooooo believeable--note the IP address!) from which i am sending you this mail.

[Scam-o-note: here's where:
inetnum: -
descr: Mida Hotel
descr: P.O.Box 26340, Dubai, UAE
descr: Emirates Telecommunications Corporation

Some of the guards here are still loyal to me so they will be my contact with you if there is document i need to send to you to enable you collect the box of money on my behalf.Before my in-castration, ('naz-note: WOW!! Those guys in Brunei are BRUTAL!) I went ahead to despatch the sum of Thirty Two Million Dollars ($32,000,000.00)under special arrangement in the custody of different private diplomatic liftings and security companies for safe keeping abroad. The money were splitted and kept in the following countriesin these proportion: US$ 7Million is in ghana, US$8 Million is in spain, US$ 5Million is in UAE Dubai, US$ 5 Million is in south africa
and the balance US$ 7Million is in malaysia.Hence i seek your good assistance to invest these funds into your profitable investment in your country to facilitate future survival for my family abroad.After due deliberation with my aid we have decide to offer 20% of these funds to you as compensation for your strong co-operation and we also mapped out these for both local and international expenses that
may be incured during this dispensation.Please i count on your absolute confidentiality,transperency and trust while looking forward to your prompt reply towards a swift conclusion of this business transaction.
Many Thanks & may Allah's blessing remain with you.
I remain yours sincerely
Prince F.W. Bolkiah

This is not a secure and private e-mail account. I will arrange another, and contact you again later today.

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht

Prince Bolkiah,

I have arranged the new mail account, , accessed only by myself. If you would be so kind, you may send me the particulars of the matter you suggest. As you can see, I am not of the Muslim persuasion, so any greetings in "name of Allah" would not be appropriate.

Will you please elaborate on your own personal situation, what is your family situation, do you have wife and children? If I am to enter this matter with you, I woul like to be assured of the nature of the person with whom I deal. I will also provide you with my family and my history. After becoming acquainted, it will be easier to conduct this business. I feel that it may also serve to ease tense feelings of many generations' duration, between our two cultures.

Toutof D'Haht, Associate Rabbi, Lehem-Beth Synagogue

Prince Bolkiah

Received: from []
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 01:50:53
Good Day!
Mr Toutof D'Haht,
I have just received your mail response and the contents are well noted,Before we proceed i will like you to answer some of my questions.
Lets say the sum of ($5m)Five Million United States dollars was released to you can you bank it?
What type of account do you operate? Kindly forward to me your telephone and fax numbers.
Upon receiving these personal informations i shall go ahead to contact the bank by informing them that i have nominated you as my beneficairy for the funds to be transfered to any of your nominated account for investment proceedings. I will also forward to you on my next mail very vital and confidentail informations and also giving you the bank's website.
Immediately these is done i shall now inform you on what type of investment should be looked into.
I will not hesitate to state here that transparency and sincerity should be your sole objective if you wish for the immediate transfer of the funds. I will prefare a suituation where every dealings with the bank should be made known to me.
I await your immedaite response.
Yours Sincerely,
Prince Bolkiah

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht

Dear Prince:

I have 3 bank accounts, and I'm sure my bank would have no trouble at all accommodating the money.

You speak of $5Million, but in your first mail, you state that I would receive 20% of $32Million, which amounts to $6.4Million. That's quite a difference.

Clarify this for me, will you please?


Prince Bolkiah

Received: from []
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 11:30:43

Dear Mr Toutof,
Thank you for your mail.Inresponse to your questions i did said that the monies are seperated in various banks and country and that i would like you to help me in recieving that in Dubai worth $5m .
If you've read my first mail you would have observed there that i did that for security purposes as i do not intend keeping all monies in a bank but to have them splitted out in various countries for security purposes.
You stated that you have three different account details ?
Can you make known what countries these account are operated?
These is quite intresting as with time all you need to know about me and my royal heritage will be made known to you.
I intend to compensiate you with a 20% intrest after the transfer of my funds to your account.
Note that the funds have already been insured with an insurance company before the time of depositing with the bank in middle east and also accepting the responsibilties for safe guarding th funds till is been transfered.
I will like you to be inform that i shall forward all necessary info on my next mail.
I now await your immediate response
Yours Sincerely
Prince bolkiah

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht

Dear Prince.

To answer your questions, I have 1 checking account, and 2 savings accounts. I would have no problem with the bank, as it is managed by my cousin, Oscar Mayer. He does owe me a favor or two, so he will maintain my accounts with no breach of confidentiality. He won't even have to know from where the funds come.

All my accounts are in the United States. I do not completely trust any financial institution that is away from my direct investigations.

Wishing you a good week-end, and I hope to hear from you very soon.

Toutof D'Haht

Prince Bolkiah

Received: from []
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 04:57:45

Dear Mr Toutof,
Thanks for your response.I have been quite worried if such funds could be transfered into a savings as you have mentioned there only one check account that you operate.
Well these is not to say that we will not move forward.
I will like to inform you that if we are to get these job done then we should apprecaite other peoples efforts in our daily lives and also applying transparency as a key.
Moreso,I would like you to forward your adress and phone number so i could have a more precise order when writting the bank later today.
Immediately i get the information i will give to you the vital banking info.
I await your response.
Prince Bolkiah

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht

Dear Prince,

I understand from your mail that savings accounts are not as appropriate for this matter as checking account would be? I do not know why that would be, what is the reason for this way of thinking?

As I told you, my cousin is manager of my bank, so there would be no problem whatever, to open even several accounts. I would appreciate your view of this suggestion.

My address: Rabbi Toutof D'Haht
9146 Remmacs Road
Shiksaville, Nevada 89419 or:
Rabbi Toutof D'Haht,
c/o Lehem-Beth Synagogue, 3 Gefilte Lane,
Shiksaville, Nevada 89990

Since I spend most of my time at the Synagogue, I do not have a telephone number at home. At the rare time I am away, they communicate with me using Short wave or Citizen Band radio. It is much easier than telephone, and costs nothing. (One will be wise to economize whenever possible.)

[That's a big ten four, reb. And now back to our regularly scheduled scam. Catch ya on the flipflop.]

I am teaching a class at the local family planning clinic today, so I will be away from my home for much of the day. I will see my mails when I return this evening, and will look for correspondence from you.


Prince Bolkiah

Received: from []
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 06:56:19

Dear Mr.Toutof,
Thanks for your response and informations therein,When i said a check account i was actually informing that it could be used rather than a savings.
I had expected a check account to be used for these transfer as it will be more recommendable by me.
Well since you said you can open a new account with your cousin just for these purpose then it's ok.
Well put in mind that if we have to transfer the funds then it has to be done now.
I will like you to give me informations on the latestdevelopment with the bank. I didn't quite get your residentail adress and would also like you to indicate a phone number or fax should the bank intend contacting you for these purpose. Also know that immediately you are been contacted by the bank i should be updated on every of your dealings.
Yours Sincerely,
prince Bolkiah

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht

Dear Prince:

My address at home:

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht
9146 Remmacs Road
Shiksaville, Nevada 89419

or at work:

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht, c/o Lehem-Beth Synagogue,
3 Gefilte Lane,
Shiksaville, Nevada 89990

As I said in my mail, I spend most of my time at the Synagogue, so there is no need for a telephone at my home. I have a short-wave/Citizen-band radio that I use for communication. It is just as efficient, and costs nothing. I am a very frugal person.


Prince Bolkiah

Received: from []
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2004 15:17:20

Dear Mr Toutof ,
Thanks for your response.I would like you to follow the instructions as stated below.
Send your response to Mr allin Morris moore through the info:website and request the informations for the transfer to be made to you.
I await your immediate response.
Prince Bolkiah

I checked the "website" , which is sort of impressive, but there are problems, problems...

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht

Dear Prince:

I tried to contact Mr. Morris at the Western Trust, but the mails kept returning to me.

Do you have an exact e-mail address for him? You know, if the address is not precisely accurate, the mail will not go through to the intended recipient. I fear this is what happened when I wrote to Mr. Morris.

Also, will you be good enough to address me by my title, which is RABBI Toutof, and not MR. Toutof? I should think that someone of royal lineage would be very concerned with proper use of title. I certainly have endeavored to accord you that consideration.

Regards to you.

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht

Prince Bolkiah

Received: from []
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 00:59:01

Dear Mr Rabbi,
Thanks for your mail response.according you with your first or second name is
not intentional as i do not know what you
name to adress you with since i taught that was name and not a title.
Well have taken to your informations and would act accordingly.I have no ideal
of what you've said regarding
sending mails to the bank as i have always been in constant comunication and i
get daily report if there is a
developement,I do not have any personal email adress of any member of the bank
execept there banks website which i use
in communicating.
Kindly send a mail to them to request for the transfer of the monies to your
account for investment proceedings.
Yours Sincerely,
prince Bolkiah

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht


My title is RABBI. Not Mr. Rabbi. Rabbi is the title, like "Prince", or "Sheik", or "Emir",

My given name is Toutof.

My family name is D'Haht.

I wonder if you are capable to handle your own affairs. You do not seem to be very smart.

RABBI Toutof D'Haht

Prince Bolkiah

Received: from []
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 13:27:50

who the hell are you ?How there you use such inpolite words at me.You seems so concerned about the name or title that was giving to you.
Do you prefare title to Allah?Answer me you bastard.

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht


I was right when I stated that you are not very smart. Your little note proves it.

You probably need help to get dressed in the morning, too, don't you? Does your mommy help you tie your shoes and button your shirt?

I'm not really a Rabbi, and you're not really a prince. We're just playing the fraudster game, and you are trying to get me to send you money, aren't you?

I've known all along that you are a stupid fraudster, a scammer. I just pretended to be somebody who cared to help you. I wasn't going to send you any money, I just wanted you to think I would.

Ha ha ha. I laugh at you, Scammer.

"Rabbi Toutof D'Haht" Look closer at it, "Prince"! Rabbit out of the hat, get it??? A magician's trick. I tricked YOU

Ha ha ha!! .

I wonder if that will irritate him...

It did, it DID!!!

[Naz has altered the item below to spare us the crudeness.]

Prince Bolkiah

Received: from []
From: "bolkiah prince" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 13:44:39

Yeah you are right for been an absolute scorn berg. you incompensable
Your mummy used to be a **** ******in brookyln and she was known to have ****
over a million ****s for three cents before giving birth to a muron that calls
himself rat.
ha ha ha. I trick you into believing i was going to send you five cent

Rabbi Toutof D'Haht

No, you didn't trick me. I knew you didn't have any money, much less millions of dollars. I knew all along that you were a scammer. Didn't you figure it out from the fake address I gave you--9146 Remmacs Road Nevada, 89419 --all the "419s"? Boy, are you stupid, if you didn't.

And read Remmacs backward--it's "SCAMMER", you fool.

You sure are dumb, you poor mugu.

It's been so much fun, "Prince", read all about yourself on You might be famous, you can tell all your scammer buddies about it, especially Oliver ADA, and Nenita Villa. Are you pretending to be them, too??

Gotta go. Bye bye...;o)

Then a kind remark from Naz -

By the way, thanx (and a tip o' the raynaz beret) for publishing my sagas.
What Great FUN!!! your fiend, raynaz

It makes us feel we are following in the footsteps of the great editors, publishers and booksellers - Shawn at the New Yorker - Sylvia Beach at Shakespeare & Co. - well maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. Shalom, y'all. Don't let smokey get you.

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