raynazProductions,INK, presents an early saga (wherein Hugh's ascent to attorney is explained--go-getter that he is, Hugh soon gathers many notable clients) for your perusal and consideration.

Starring, in order of appearance:

RAYMONDO NAZMANIAN: Handsome bachelor-businessman
and in minor roles:
HUGH JARDON: The driver, working his way through law school
MRS. JARDON: The housekeeper
MONICA GELLER: The betrothed bookkeeper
RACHEL GREEN: The loyal secretary

A quiet Sunday afternoon, with nothing much to do, so I check the Inbox...


Subject: Good Day.

Mrs.Amina Bare Mainassara
16, Rue of the gardens Cocody
Abidjan Cote d'ivoire.

I sincerely apologize for inconveniencing you with this mail even if we never met before, I firmly believe that a true confidence can be born from our communication and thus support a true partnership between us two.
As it is with a real pleasure as I contact you from ABIDJAN the economic capital of Cote d'IVOIRE(AFRIQUE of the West) where I live for some time with my three children, Nasser, Moussa and Samira.
In fact I am Mrs Amina Bare Mainassara, the legitimate wife of the former president of the republic of NIGER (WEST AFRICA) assassinated by a young soldier in April 1999. During the exercise of his presidential mandate, my husband had lodged a box with a security company in Europe containing the sum of Ten Million Umited States Dollars to allow him to conceive a project of investment at the end of his presidential mandate.
Unfortunately fate decided differently. few months after his death, I discovered in the will, this information and I automatically made contacts with the security company to assert this important legacy in my position as the legitimate wife and in comparison with the testamentary stipulations. Now my major concern is to ensure that the money is invested properly.
Considering my condition and that of my children, we have suffered seriously from the hands of my late husband's political adversaries.
It is from this point of view that I contact you so that you can help me to withdraw this consignment from the security company Because I believe that you can help me in this transaction. I can thus reassure you that at the end of the operation I will authorize 10% of the total amount to you as your reward for your good effort. while another 5% of this amount will be set aside forany expenditure that may be incured during the course of this transaction.
As soon as you express the desire to help us I will deliver you more details,with an agreement letter to guarantee my word and your engagements in this transaction. Receive my most sincere greetings.
Waitng to hear your positive response.
Faithfully yours,
Mrs Amina Bare Mainassara.

Raymondo to the rescue!!!



Let me express my most grievous sympathy for the loss of your beloved husband. What a heart-wrenching, pathetic ordeal! My compassion for you knows no bounds.

Yes, please do tell me more about this situation. I await your immediate response, and remain,

Raymondo Nazmanian, of Nazmanian Shortarm Inspections, INC.


From: Mrs. Amina Bare Mainassara
16, Rue of the gardens Cocody
Abidjan Cote d'ivoire.
To: Nazmanian Shortarm Inspections INC.
Attn: Raymondo Nazmanian,

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my mail, in order to facilitate the withdrawal of the fund from the security company in Belgium where it was deposited, I will like you to contact the company and inform them that you will like to collect consignment number: GFM/2347002 belonging to me as I instructed you.
Once you open communication with them, please get back to me so as to know the situation and also to provide you with a power of attorney and the document relating to the deposited fund.
The particulars of the security company are as follows:
TEL: 322485994204
I will like you to send me your private telephone and fax number for easier communication.
I will be waiting to hear from you.
Faithfully yours,
Mrs. Amina Bare Mainassara.


My dear Madame,

I have tried and tried to contact that individual, with no success. I get a series of bleeps, bloops, a long silence, then static, then a message, "This call cannot be completed, this number does not exist in our system".

Dear lady, I am at a loss. I looked up "Global Funds Management", and there is no such entity! I fear your money might be lost, if your beloved husband lodged his fortune with a company which cannot be found, perhaps it is already lost. Gone, like a cool breeze, or a knock on the door.

I am most distressed for you, dear Madame, and do hope this is not the case, but experience sometimes proves a sad end. Awaiting your reply, I remain your servant, Raymondo Nazmanian, Nazmanian Shortarm Inspections, INC


Attn: Raymondo Nazmanian,

I received your mail with happiness but I almost fainted to hear that nobody was there to attend to you. I will be going through the files of my husband immediately after writing this mail, I have called Security Company a couple of times and they assured me that everything is in perfect order. However I will get it sorted out tomorrow as my blood pressure is getting higher. I believe God will not allow such thing to happen to us, knowing fully what we are passing through.
I will get back to you tomorrow hence I will like to have your telephone number so as to talk with you if get the security company on line tomorrow.
Thanks and God bless you for your help so far.
Faithfully yours,
Mrs. Amina Bare Mainassara.


How are you today? I am sorry to inform you that there is a mistake in the number I gave to you which is caused by my bad sight.
I went through the files of my husband and it was there that the correct numbers are 32-485994204- 32-485994205.
I dont expect you to find them in a directory as they are a diplomatic security company. However I will be waiting to hear from you on the out come of your correspondence with them.
Faithfully yours,
Mrs. Amina.

Well, Raymondo is trying, and also getting friendlier...


My dear Mrs. Amina,

This is becoming a very stressful situation! I cannot get through to your security company in Belgium. There was a lot of noise from the numbers you provided yesterday, but there is nothing now on the line, I have tried the amended number several times today, and there is no success.

Perhaps you should ask your man at security company to contact me at my e-mail address r****z@***.*** to effect correspondence. Truth be told, I would prefer to see what he has to tell me, as then there is no question what are the particulars. Too often, people can become confused about the details, and many times, there can be misconceptions, arguments could arise, which would jeopardise the transaction. I would not like this to happen.

Kindly refer your security man to my address, dear lady, and we can commence this business.

In the meantime, do take good care of yourself and your children. You didn't tell me their ages, but I assume they are quite young. I should like to see a picture of you and them. I would also send you my picture, so you can see my face and know with whom you communicate.

I remain, your friend,

Raymondo Nazmanian, Nazmanian Shortarm Inspections, INC


Thank you for your concern towards my problems.I went to the office of the deplomatic courier company that my husband used in conveying the fund to europe and they have confirmed the particulars of the security comapany which is as follows:
0032 485 994 204.(DIRECT LINES)
0032 485 994 205 (DIRECT LINES)
0032 2 706 4717.(TELEFAX)
Please i will advice you to call them once again, they problem is from me because i lost most vital items at the heat of the problem.
I hope you will be able to help us get visa into your country when we get hold of the money.
Thanks and God Bless you for your help and understanding.
The pictures will be amde avaliable to you later today or tommorrw morning.
I will be waiting to hear from you on the development, please keep me posted.
Mrs. Amina.

Haven't heard a peep from Mrs. Amina for nearly 2 weeks, then this...


Dear Raymondo Nazmanian,
How are you doing? I have waited to hear from you but you never cared to write. Please let me know your position as I wouldn't like to loose the money.
I will be waiting to hear from you.
Thanks and God bless you.
Mrs Amina Bare
Love-struck, and relieved to hear from the dear lady...


Dearest Mrs. Amina,

How happy I am to hear from you! I have suffered a small, minor setback, and some of my mails addresses have been lost, alas, yours was among the lost addresses! Please do know that you and your family have been in my thoughts, and I am most concerned for your well-being.

I sincerely hope that you have been keeping up your spirits, and do not become discouraged at this delay. I still very much want to be part of your golden future, and my assistance is yours.

If you will be so kind as to provide me pictures of yourself and your family, it will be most appreciated by me. I would love to see you, and your fine children, and have your faces in my heart as I can be helpful to you.

You will recall that I was unable to reach your security company, their telephone numbers were somehow erroneous, this will be one of the primary objectives, that I am able to contact them.

Do try to send me your picture, dear lady, I long to see your face, and hope to meet you and your family very soon. My best wishes for you, dear one, keep up your hopes.

Yours, Raymondo Nazmanian


Dear Raymondo Nazmanian,
Thank you so much, My good God will surely bless you.
Fine attached the pictures you requested.
I will like you to contact them with this infomation. Please I have put my confidence in you.
I expect to hear from you tomorrow.
0032 485 994 204.(DIRECT LINES)
0032 485 994 205 (DIRECT LINES)
0032 2 706 4717.(TELEFAX)
Thanks and God bless you.
mrs Maima.
[These Global Funds guys "Amina" so badly wants Raymondo to contact might be the ones who give "Amina" 5% or whatever "her" take is of the scam.]

She sends several pics, one obviously taken in a furniture store (clue: tag on the sofa) I waited until Wednesday to send this...


My dear Mrs. Amina,

Thank you for the pictures, I love to see them. I am happy that you are in such a wonderful, full body. I was afraid that you would be some thin, scrawny bone-lady, with no soft flesh to touch. I love to caress and please a beautiful, full woman.

You are a widow, do you miss the touches and caresses of a loving man? Do you miss his gentle kisses on your soft, warm skin? Do you miss the tender words of love that he will whisper into your hair, as his fingers trace your name onto your shoulder?

I must pause here, as I am inflamed with passion for thinking of these things. I must continue in some later time.

Why do you sign your letter "Mrs. MAIMA"? This puzzles me. Do you have two names?

Yours, Raymondo


Dear Raymondo,
Thanks you so much for your wonderful mail, I am happy to hear that.
you have not told me i you got the security company on line? what is the position now. I will like you to introduce yourself further and also I will like to know the possiblity of coming over there as we will like to move out of here once evrything is through.
Can You help with the visas.
I am sorry to close my mail that way, You know I am with children and their problems.
Please get intouch with then and let me know. Thanks you once again for your wonderful letter.
I remain,
Mrs. Amina.


My dear Amina,
I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to read that you are not offended by my mail to you. I must confess that I have never written such a love-letter to a woman, but I was so overcome by emotions when I saw your picture, I cannot imagine such feelings could exist!
I have heard people speak of "Love at first sight", and I always thought that it was just a saying, but when I see you, and your beautiful full woman-body, and your beautiful face, I can imagine looking into your lovely eyes, and saying all the words of love that I have never said to any woman.
I have many lady friends, and have even been engaged to marry, but no, she was not the one. I have never been able to say the love words to them. Perhaps I am waiting to meet the woman of my dreams. I never married yet, and have no children, but I will love to have four kids.
All men have the idea of their "perfect woman", a beautiful and sexy woman, who does dress fine and like a lady, but under those pretty clothes, beats the heart of a passionate and sultry tigress, and a true and complete woman. I think I find her, my perfect woman, when I see your picture. I would see her as my queen.
I will not apologize for my feelings for you, dearest Amina, and I cannot wait to meet you in person! I would be most overjoyed to help you with visas for you and your wonderful children, I would hope that you will find me a suitable man to you.
If you will allow me, I will describe my looks to you, I am a man of average height and weight, 5'8" (173cm) and 160# (72.5kg) I have wavy, dark brown hair and brown eyes. My skin is color like warm chocolate, I have all my teeth, and my age is 42. I played soccer-football when at University, and maintain my body to the way it was then. I lift weights, and swim and walk for health. I do not smoke the cigarettes or the cigars, but sometimes a pipe, in which I use a special chocolate blend that is most pleasing. Sometimes I wish I would be a taller man, but then I remember how wonderful it is when I can kiss a woman's mouth, while I am making the love with her. I love to sing in my life, and people tell me they like to hear me. I have a strong baritone voice. I do not drink, except occasional champagne at a celebration. I love to cook.
Would you think I am a man you will like, and love? Please write back to me, dearest Amina, I love to see your letter in my mailbox.

Yours in deepest affection,



Dear Raymondo,
Thanks for the prompt mail. I appreciate our kind and emotional words you use in your mail. You have succeeded in arousing my dead feelings which happened as a result of the death of my husband.
You are quite a young man and your description is almost perfect, I am surprise you are not married at 42.
Could you please send me your own pictures so that I can register it in my mind? Most importantly, I would like to have your full address and direct telephone number where I can call you and hear your baritone voice at my convenience.
Have you been able to contact the security company? This is very important as my future and that of my children depends on the deal. The earlier you contact them and confirm arrangement to go over and claim the consignment, the better for both of us because the longer it stays there, the more demurrage it accumulates.
At the moment, I and my children are almost in a solitary confinement as we are being watched. This is why I am very happy that I am dealing with someone who feels strongly about and appreciates me. I hope that we get this transaction concluded soonest so that I can sneak out with my children and come over to your country and live with you for the rest of my life. That money can establish good business for us to take care of ourselves provided you mean what you say about me.
Please contact the security company and confirm your arrangement to go over to get it released (Demonstrate your love for me by ensuring that this transaction is completed by next week) Awaiting your prompt response to this mail.
Affectionately your, Mrs. Amina.


Dearest Amina,

I am so happy to read your words, and know that you are willing to make a life with me! I know that I would make you very happy, and I would spend every day thinking of you, and thinking ways to please you.

I tried again to reach the numbers you provided, but there is no success, I am at a loss to explain this. Has there been some interruption of satellite service to the area?

Perhaps you will be able to give me the e-mail address, and I can be able to see all the details of requirements in black and white. This eliminates any confusion regarding exact particulars. I find that some people talk so very fast these days, and it is most distracting to have to ask them to repeat the message slowly and clearly. If the e-mail address is available to you, will you please forward it to me?

My darling Amina, how I wish I would be able to see you and touch you this very moment, I dream of how your skin smells, how your hair smells, the sweet perfumes of a woman that drive a man to DIE in passion. I love to kiss your mouth, to cover your lovely lips with a million kisses, to stroke and kiss your neck, your shoulders. To caress the soft skin of your beautiful full woman body, and to bury my love deep, deep in your heart, so you will never want anything again, only me!

Sweet Amina, I look lovingly at your photos, and imagine you lying next to me, speaking tender love words to me, and caressing me, holding me and kissing my lips that long for yours, that seek your lips, hungry for the food of love and not willing to ever finish the banquet! Darling, I dream of you tenderly accepting my love offering, and then we will soar to the sky in passionate embraces that will make you think that everyone else in the world sips from a tea-cup, while WE DRINK FROM THE RIVER!!

These words and thoughts I have, cause my heart to fill with desire for you, I cannot look at your beautiful pictures often enough. I must finish this letter now, but I do not want to. I want to hold you, my darling Amina, and love you and adore you forever. With love thoughts, I bid you remain my love, as I am yours, until again we write. Your Raymondo

These came Thursday afternoon, but I won't reply until tomorrow...


Dearest Raymondo,

Thank you so much for your mail,can I have your phone number?.

You have not told me what you are doing now for a living and I dont know why you have not called the security company.

Please send me your phone number, I dont feel comfortable with that money out there.If you are not interested in helping out,do let me know.

Mrs. Amina.

More mail from Amina...


Dearest Raymondo,
How are you today? I thank you for your kind words and I appreciate your love for me. I am also beginning to love you dearly. You have activated my love for the first time in a long while and I have suddenly become emotional about you. I wish we are together at the moment. Nevertheless, we shall be together very soon.
In your last mail, you did say you tried reaching the security company without success. There is no confusion regarding the particulars. I am not happy with this development because the earlier you establish contact with them, the better for both of us because as soon as you get the funds released, I am coming over to join you. Reymondo, I need to be assured that no lady will harass me in your house; I learnt that in your country, ladies could kill out of jealousy. I don't want to die now.
If you are unable to reach the security company on phone, please send them a fax message to identify yourself and let them know your readiness to claim the consignment next week and let them tell you the requirements. (I agree Europeans do speak fast).
Please do send me the things I requested in my mail yesterday.
1. Your private phone number.
2. Address
3. Your picture photograph
I hope that this transaction will be completed next week because it will make me happier and I will be in a better state of mind to show you my love. I hope you will not be tired of my love.
Don't you think we need to get that money out urgently, to take care of ourselves and invest in good businesses? Or do you have enough money to take care of my kids and me. Let me be frank with you, I am expensive to maintain and I wouldn't want you to stress yourself in other to satisfy my children or me, hence the need to get the funds out immediately.
My late husband spoilt my kids and me with a lot of goodies and he provided everything for us and we are used to that. Now I am suffering in agony and I want to get out of here as soon as possible please.
If you truly love me, please expedite action now on this project so that we can face and give each other full attention.
Awaiting your response.
Affectionately yours,
Mrs. Amina Bare.

Raymondo tells more...


My dearest Amina,

Darling girl, I am always overjoyed to read your mail. I am so happy to know that you think about me, too.

To answer your question, when I signed my first mail to you, I intimated that I have a small business, Nazmanian Shortarm Inspections, INC.

I employ only 28 people, and we do inspections of all natures, but our first preference is shortarms, it was our primary area of expertise, and we continue to consider this our main business. I have owned this small company for 13 years, I started it from nothing, but now our gross revenues exceed $35,000,000.00 per year, mainly from government contracts. After all expenses, we enjoy a net gain of about $19,000,000.00 per year.

Happy to say, the business is continuing to expand, and there always seems to be too much work! I may have to hire a few additional inspectors, but the training is rigorous, and I think some younger fellows feel this is too much for them, though we pay handsome salaries to trainees ($40,000.00 for the 8-month training period), some of them drop out of our training program.

Second, no, dearest heart, there is only one woman in my house, only my housekeeper, Mrs. Jardon, who is my treasure. She is a wonderful, jolly, and (at times) bossy older lady, (she treats me like she thinks she is my mother, and scolds me if I do not get enough rest!) She is a fine cook, and makes the best cakes and cookies, your dear children would LOVE her, and they will think she is their Grandmother!

Mrs. Jardon, too, is a widow-lady, and her son, Hugh, is my driver, who is engaged to my company book-keeper, Monica Geller. He is working his way through law school, and drives us all to Services every Sunday.

Sometimes, darling Amina, I think you like to be stubborn to me, and while I do admire and respect a strong woman, I must be the boss on this, I must have the e-mail address of the Security company, so that I may see ALL the details down "on paper" to avoid confusion. I will not contact them by phone until I am satisfied in all the particulars. You, yourself, even said that the Europeans talk fast!

And last, I want you to know this, and believe this, and know that this will come from my heart to yours. I do not want any part of money from funds that rightfully belong to you. I have plenty of money of my own, and my reward would be knowing that I have helped you and your children, and that you will come to me with a good dowry. This is your money, darling love, and you must keep it all. I will help you retrieve it, any way I can, and I will help you to escape your situation, but you must keep your money. I do not need it, and I want you to have it. Every woman needs a "nest egg" of her own money, and this must be yours.

My wonderful, sweet girl, when I think of us together, it makes my heart sing, and makes me to dance like when I was a young boy. My secretary thinks I am crazy, and I tell her, "Yes, Miss Green, I am crazy in love!" (You must not worry about Miss Green, she is one of those pitiful, thin, pinched old spinsters, but she is a wonderful secretary, and has been my right hand since the beginning of this company.) She can run my firm as well as I can, and most of the men are deathly afraid of her!! Haha. She also thinks she is my mother!

Between Miss Rachel Green and Mrs. Jardon, I am well-supervised! My lovely Amina, I must close, Jardon has just pulled into the parking lot, and I will transfer this letter from my laptop to the primary computer, to send this to you.

Remember, my love, what I say about your money. I mean it. With happy love and sweetest thoughts, I am yours all this day. You are in my heart. Raymondo


My dearest Reymondo,

Your mail makes my day anytimes. You have also captured me totally and I appricate that becuase you have given my life a meaning once again.
Even when I thought that I would never experience love in my life again, you showed up. I just cant thank you enough, just to assure you that I will love you passionately till death. I am relatively still young and active at 38. sharing the remaining part of will be worthwhile and eventful. I am already dreaming about it and hope you wouldn't let me down.
Your business by all standard is doing well and I must confess that you are quite modest, if you call it a small business.
I am sorry if I tried to be stuboorn to you, it is just that you dont understand my predicaments at the moment. You should know what it means to step down from a high and comfortable position, to a very low and solitary confinement position. Our government siezed everything from us as soon as my husband died.
But thank God that you Reymondo my dear has showed up and I have a strong conviction that you are my man and capable of wiping away my tears and bring back joy in my life. Happy to know that your business is continuing to expand but at the same time, it will do better with my money injected in it or an affilliate business to support, tem years of prudent management, we could catch up with Bill gates ( Who knows) dont laugh, I am serious.
I have searched through my documents but I am yet to get the email address of the security company. I will use this weekend to search more for it. But in the interim, you can use the phone and fax. Please the documents I sent you are very sensitive and should not be shown to anyone else. it is the only evidence to claim the consignment.
Reymondo, it is good to know that you attend service every sunday but do you know that I am a muslim now? though I was a christian before I got married to my late husband. Maybe God wants to bring me back to the original fold through you my darling Raymondo.
Why dont you want to give me your photograph and telephone numbers? I need them please.
Do you know that in africa, Love affairs are kept between the people involved? Our relationship should be between us untill we cement it. Ok. Some girlsmay be jealous and act funny.
Please do something fast as the situation is fast becoming unbearable here and the political instability here is making things worst. I intend to run out of here to join you as soon as possible. You have awoken my emotions and I dont think I can stay too long without you.
When I come over, we will leave my kids with Mrs Jardan and her son Hugh and go to a place we will stay together without interrupt for at least one month, it will be good to have you all to myself for a month. No business, No telephone calls. Just me and you, and I will demonstrate my love to you I hope the consignment will be out from the security company next week.
Take care of yourself.
Mrs. Amina.

Gotta let Amina stew for a couple of days, while I go out and try to earn a living. I sent this Tuesday morning...


My darling Amina,

As I must tell you, and you should always know, my business, Nazmanian Shortarm Inspections, INC, is one of the few of its kind in the world, and as such, at times we can be quite busy! Our inspections can arise at short notice, and sometimes, all we have time to do, is to pack a change of clothing! There is not even time to let anyone know of our departure.

Alas, this was one of those times, and I apologize PROFUSELY to you for not telling you that I would be away. I could not even tell Miss Green to contact you, as you have stressed that you wish our love to remain private until we are sure of ourselves.

I have returned (last evening) from a VERY difficult series of inspections, most of the members on the inspections list were quite long, and some of them were at the beginning stages, some half-way, some were almost at completion, but most of them were at a flaccid, almost-passive stage. It was frustrating to get them sorted out. We worked night and day! I will tell you that the secondary members were also satisfactory, but some were not up to our usual standards.

After greeting Mrs. Jardon, who scolded me for not resting properly (as usual), and taking a well-earned bathe, then falling into my bed for nine hours of uninterrupted sleep (but with wonderful, happy, loving dreams of my sweet Amina) I wake refreshed this morning at 5AM, and went straightaway to my office. For once, I managed to be working at my desk before Miss Green arrived! She, too, scolded me for not resting enough on my trip, but she knows how much is involved, so she was not very saucy to me.

Amina, darling Amina, I thought of you a thousand times, and each time, I smiled in my heart, as I think of your beautiful face, and your loving arms around me pulling me close to kiss my lips, to whisper my name, to draw me into your heart, and love me as no woman has ever loved me.

I dream of what you suggested, that we go away alone together, and be apart from the world. I will arrange a mountain cabin, and there we can discover each other, and give our love room to grow. It is warm still in the evenings, and we will go for long walks by the mountain lake, and talk a million words, learning each other, and planning a future together. To hold you in my arms at day's end, we will be together in slumber, as in waking.

I do not know if I can be away from my business for an entire month, but we can certainly be able to go away for 2 weeks. Then, should we marry, we will take a wonderful trip with our dear children, as a family, and travel to a good, wholesome family place where the children can run and play and have wonderul childhood memories.
Darling Amina, I know your beloved husband must have loved you beyond life itself, and I know he would want you to be happy for the rest of your days, with a good man who will adore you, and appreciate you, and help you raise his children to become happy and worthy citizens of the world. If he did spoil you (and I know you deserved it, my love) it will also be my great pleasure to treat you to the finest things that Life has to offer! Whatever you need, or want, my sweet Amina, is yours for the asking--though I would be so happy to surprise you from time to time with a token of my affection for you, just to see the delight in your beautiful, dark eyes!

I said it before, but I do not know if you are taking this seriously, my darling, but I want you to have and keep ALL your money. I have more than enough money to support us all for the rest of our lives. You must invest your money into a good, conservative bank that will be happy to infuse your money into their funds, and will pay you a fair interest. Even at 3.9% (which is LOW interest rate) your $10 millions of dollars will earn you $390,000 annually, which is a wonderful piece of money!

I am so pleased that you are gladdened by my mails. It gives me joy to write them to you, and to think of you as I write them. My wonderful, sweet girl, knowing that you read my mails gives my heart a peace, a contented and fulfilled happiness, that I was afraid I would never find.

I am yours forever, Raymondo

As I was composing the above love-letter, Amina writes again...


Dearest Raymondo,
How are you today? I hope all is well with you. Why have I not heared from you my dear, not even the lovely words that makes me feel younger.
Please I am still trying my best to get hold of the security companies email, however I will like to hear from you. I am beging to miss you.
Take good care of yourself,I am all yours.
Mrs. Amina.


Dearest Amina,

As I was writing my letter to you, your short note arrives! What joy I have, knowing you think of me, at the same time I think of you! We are truly of the same hearts and minds.

By now you know, that you have not heard from me because of my business, and I hope I will be able to tell you next time, when I will be away for a few days.

Do try to get the address of the Security Company, lovely Amina, I too, wish to get this whole business straightened out, so that we can be soon be together, forever and always.

Across the many miles, I send you my devotion, and warmest thoughts, my dearest darling. Thinking of you constantly, I am yours, Raymondo

I have to write to Amina this morning, I am thinking about her, and I must find out if her feelings are the same...


Darling Amina,

When I receive mail from you, I am always so happy, but I wonder if you feel the same way about me? You sign your mails, "MRS. Amina", as if to keep me at some distance from you. Dearest, you must know by now that you and I should be on familiar enough ground that we don't have to use our titles.

Are you "put off" or upset with me, thinking that I would ever try to erase your memories of your late husband? This is simply not true! I could not ask or expect you to do so, for you must cherish his memory, my dear one, always, and forever keep his memory alive for your childrens' love for him. This is vital for them, and also vital for you, Darling Amina.

Your life with your husband has helped make you the woman you are today, and his love has given you these fine children, you are forever linked to him by your children. For me to try to destroy that, would be foolish, and futile.

I only hope there is room in your great heart for me as well. A man who can and will love you, and honor you, and cherish you, and try to be as good a father to your children as they deserve. It will never trouble me to hear you speak of him, nor will it trouble me to tell your children of him. They must know of their father, and always feel that he watches over them. You must know this and believe this, Darling Amina, for it comes to you from my heart that fills with joy whenever I think of you.
Devoted, Raymondo


My dearest Reymondo,
Thanks a million my darling Reymondo for your mails to me, infact your mails makes my day anytime. That was why I was very worried when I didn't hear from you for days. I now understand the nature of your job and I am beginning to adjust my mind to prepare for the days your job will take you away from me, it will be painful but I will bear it provided it is for few days and the pay is right. I am still searching for the security companies email address, the difficulty is as a result of the fact that all my husbands' documents are heaped together, as soon as I get it, I will give it to you and I shall send mail to the security company introducing you and informing them that you will come for the consignment.
Darling Reymondo, time is running out and I am getting impatient to come over and stay with you. You have stirred up my feelings and emotional and I can't wait to meet you any longer. You may not understand my position because women are more emotional when in love than men. I have perfected plans to sneak out of our house here with my children to join you there; my mother is in full support of my plans with you. I will leave her behind but will send for her when I settle down with you; she is dear to me and has been staying with me since 1999. She is happy that my life has been bubbling again ever since you came into my life; she has given her blessings to the relationship. Find attached her picture.
With the plans I have on ground, I will sneak out with my children as soon as I have visas and as it stands, I can't go to the embassy for visas as we are being watched by both my our host Government and our home government. In one of my pictures, you could see one of the security guards attached to my husband residence where I am staying presently for our safety, they keep surveillance over us and monitor every of our steps and communications coming to my house, but this should not bother you as I write you from the comfort of my bedroom. They say it is for our safety but I don't trust them. Some of them are close to me and helps me a lot. As soon as I have our visas, I shall travel to a neighboring state by road and fly from there to US. Ghana airlines fly direct to New York.
I have arranged with a traveling agent who will get the US visas for us under a special arrangement without our appearance at the Embassy. This whole arrangement requires urgency and I need some money to carry it out so as to be with you shortly. I would want you to send me some money to take care of the visas, tickets and other sundries for me and my kids. My mother will take care of our house. The agent will provide a bank account which you will use in sending me the money via swift transfer so that I will receive it in few days. He will hand over the money to me as soon as it confirmed in his account while I pay him for the visas.
I hate to ask my man for money and never asked my husband throughout his time on earth but Reymondo, you are mine and I am pressed and can't go to anyone else. You are the only man on earth that mean a thing to me. Consider whatever you send as a loan as I will pay upon release of the consignment. My original plans was to see that the consignment was cleared this week as you can see that I was insisting that we conclude with the withdrawal this week so that you can send me money from there to facilitate this arrangement of traveling.
I hope and trust you will treat this personally and private my love and give it the required urgent attention.
Reymondo my darling, my heart is on fire and I can't wait to meet you, I feel like falling in love for the first time. I thank about you 24/7 and always dream of you though I don't have your picture but I see you from my minds eyes and I hope my mind is not playing pranks on me. I still need your telephone numbers, I really want to hear your baritone voice and tell you how much I love you and appreciate you for who you are. I would like to call you Rey, I hope you wouldn't mind my love?
Your darling,


Dearest, Darling Amina,

I have finally got the recent picture that was taken by a good friend, Richard Avedon, I apologize for it being so late, (this little photo took a week!) but Richard is an artist, and he has his own timetable. I am very pleased with it, as I think it shows you that now I smile with my heart, and my heart now is filled with Amina. My soul speaks to your soul, through my eyes. Look deep into my eyes, and see to my soul, overflowing with emotion and sweet thoughts for you!

('naz note : I attached a picture of actor/comedian Steve Harvey, with that great smile of his! ;o)

Of course, you can call me Ray, my dearest Amina, soon I will tell you the pet name that my dear mother called me, and when you say it, it will almost be like when she spoke my pet name, her sweet voice filled with such great love for me! How I long to hear you whisper my name when I hold you in my arms until the dawn.

I am so glad to see your picture with your dear Mum! She must be of the royal blood, to carry herself with such a regal air! It is no wonder to me, that you are such a fine and cultured lady, seeing your dear Mum to be like a queen! You are so right, dear one, to say that we must bring her here to America to live close to us!

My housekeeper, Mrs. Jardon, lives with her son, Hugh, in a small house on my property, and when Hugh and Miss Geller marry, they will move to a larger home nearby that I have bought them as a wedding present. I need him to be in vicinity, for when he must drive me, and he needs to be close by his mother, for when she needs him. He will be graduating law school soon, and will become my personal attorney. I do not wish to have to find a new driver, but I cannot stand in the way of young Hugh's progress.

This is something that I have been thinking about since I got your mail about your dear Mum. Do you think it will be a good idea for us to build her a nice home on my property, so that she will be close-by to you and your dear children? I have given this much thought, and I am hoping you and she will agree with this, as she is wise with years, and you must seek her counsel. Please talk about this genuinely with her, and assure her that her home would be her little castle, she will like to have her own space, as it is unwise for two women to live in the same house, under the same roof. Nearby is wonderful, but too close is asking for trouble. Let me know as soon as you can, what are her thoughts about this, Dearest, my Amina.

Now for the important question, do you have a passport? I have spoken to a friend from my schooling days, who is presently stationed at Embassy, and I should be able to arrange for visas for yourself and your children. This may take a few weeks, or it may take only days, one never knows with government-people.

Now that I know what is in your true heart, Darling Girl, we must make haste to see that all our plans and dreams come true. My love for you grows with the hours that pass, and when finally I do kiss your sweet lips, and hold you in my arms, my heart must burst with joy! Then, you must, every minute of each day, gather together the remnants of it, so that again and again it bursts with the joy of knowing that it will soon be in Amina's soft, loving hands.

Darling Amina, imagine my lips resting so soft on your neck, whispering, "Amina, love me, love me, Amina!" Imagine my lips kissing your sweet face, kissing your tender lips, as my fingers slowly caress your beautiful shoulders, and baring them, so that I may kiss the smooth, warm, honey-sweet skin of Amina my love.

Sweet Amina, I must close for now, I am overcome with thoughts of you, and I must "cool off" before I do explode! You are my heart, Sweetest Amina, I am yours. Raymondo

Nothing all weekend, nothing Monday. Raymondo is concerned...


Dearest Amina,

I am worried about you, why haven't you responded to my last letter. I sent you my latest picture, and I am concerned that you might not have received it.

Maybe you are displeased with me? Are you disappointed because I am not a white man? Do you think a black man cannot be successful? Do you think I will not satisfy a lovely full woman such as you? Am I so eager that I frighten you? I am wracking by brain trying to figure it out.

I want you to answer my questions, and reassure me that you are still my Amina. As days pass, I find my mind and heart always going back to your letters to me, and being grateful that I have found such a woman as you.

Please, dearest Amina, reply as soon as you can, I am in agony wondering what is happening to you, and to us. Your devoted Raymondo

Wednesday, Raymondo is still worried...


Dear Amina,

I am so worried about you. Please write and tell me that you are all right. Yours, Raymondo



Subject: I am fine

My dear Rey,
How are you today? I am in receipt of your last two mail and I am most unhappy and don't understand what is happening. Ever since I sent you the mail of 29th in which I explained my itenary and requested for some money to carry out my plans to join you there, you seem to be avoiding the issue, or could it be that you have not been receiving my mails? This has made me to subscribe to another service provider just in case my old email has problem. I am still forwarding the said mail to you again and I expect you to act on it quickly please.
The past days has been horrible for me because I have concluded all plans and only waiting for you. My mother even become doubtful and asked me if am sure of your honesty and genuine love for me because I assured her that you are sending money for my trip. But your silence is not helping matters at this end. The worse is your compliancy in respect to my consignment in Belgium. You don't seem to be committed towards helping your love. It looks like you are married to your job and business only. We are going to deliberate on this when I come over.
Rey my dear, life is becoming uninteresting this days because you have won my love and now, you seem to be toying with it. This is what I am afraid of from the word go while going into this relationship.
My love for you doubled the moment I saw your picture because I had the fear you are white but thank God you are black like me and more handsome than I ever imagined. I have your picture by my bed side. What I don't understand is why you don't want me to make a voice contact with you, this is very important to me for emergency communication.
I am anxiously waiting for you to send the money through the account given so that I will set off with my plans. I want to join you as son as possible because the fire you have igbited in me is burning too much and I can hardly contain it.
If you are not ready to for me yet, do let me know, so that I make alternative arrangements for myself, my kids and my consignment in Belgium.

Yours affectionately,

Time to dangle a bag o' ca$h. My guess is that she'll want the moolah, (and lot$ of it, too!) so that she can "buy the tickets over there"...


My Dearest Amina,

I was so happy to receive your mail this morning! I am so relieved that you are still my Amina. I am glad you like my picture. I do. It is very much the way I feel toward you, my sweet, lovely Amina.

You are right when you say that I am married to my business, but alas, that is the way it is. I have to be, in order for success. You know, if a man trusts his employees to love his company as much as he does, when he has built the company up from nothing, he is just deluding himself! Even dedicated managers and employees cannot have the same passion and interest that he has. Believe me, dearest Amina, I know this from a bad experience several years ago. I nearly lost my company due to a manager not attending to the details as he should have done. It was almost a true catastrophe, and one that would have left me in a poorhouse!

I am sorry that I did not respond about the money, but you did not tell me how much money you need for your travel to my side. I do not know the ages of your dear children, so am unable to find the airfare rate for them. You must tell me how much your tickets will cost, and I can take care of it from my end. I hope that will be convenient for you to travel to me next week. That will give you time to make all your arrangements, and if you need to purchase items for your children, there would not be a rush. Tell me if this is good for you, my sweet girl.

I am anxious to have you in my arms, Darling Amina, I know that we will be so happy, and we will be a fine family all together. When first I see you come from the airplane, it will be with the joy that a bridegroom has in his heart, when he sees his lovely bride approaching him to marry.

I see that you address me "REY", is that an African word that has a special meaning just for me? If so, I am joyous to know you have a special name for me and me alone, my love, my Darling, my sweet Amina. Yours devoted always, Raymondo


My dearest Rey,
Thanks a million for your mail of yesterday and for being there for me. I feel fulfille once again knowing that someone like you is mine and mine alone.And I cant wait to be wih you. One week to me seems like one year.
Upon the receipt of your mail, I aleted my agent to put him on notice of my readiness to mobilise him to carry out the assignment and he assured me that all travel documents will be ready in 48hrs upon payment. He run a very big racket within the West African region.
As I am writing now,our luggages are being arranged and we are getting ready to leave but my mum feel I am getting crazy but she is happy about it because she has not seen me in such a good mood in five years. She is eager to meet her son -in -law to be. I promised her that we shall be back with you one day to visit her if she couldn't jion us.
My last child will be 5 in November 27th while the first will be 0 by march 23rd next year. They are lovely kids and I hope they will be enroled into a good schools there because love and the best education for them is my promise to them upon the death of their father. From the arrangement on ground, I need about $50,000.00 for all our travel expenses including BTA. I have notified someone who is reay to buy two of our cars, this will depend on how much you are able to send to me because I am ready to dispose of everything here but for my mother who is staying behind.
My Mum seldom uses any of the cars except for market shopping for food materials.
Ray My dear, pLease do try to send whatever you have for me today so that I have enough time to conclude arrangement for our trip. I will keep you informed of the flight schedule as soon as it is confirmed as already we have been booked on stand by pending our payment for confirmation. WEhat is your candid opinion on my intension to sell the cars?
I am making some african attires for you my dear, I hope you will fit into them. Dont laugh, afterall you are an African American and it good to identify with one's roots.Very colourful fabrics and I am sure you will love them.
I am grateful d for bringing you into my life and the way things are working is absolutely amazing. ours seems to be made in heaven. It is a fulfilment of Gods purpose in our life and I thank God.
For clarity, I am sending you the account again and I await your prompt response.
A/C NO:2000191191910

My dear, You are my everything and there is nothing in the whole world that can seperate us. I cant wait to look into your eyes and tell you how much I love and cherish you. I will pay you back( for the love you have for me) with everything I have especially love, care. obedience and submission. I PROMISE NEVER TO HURT YOU ALL MY LIFE AND HOPE SO FROM YOU.
When I come , we will finalise on the issue of my consignment in Belium becuase I wouldn,t like to be asking you for money from time to time. Tis is very important to me please.
I rmain your forever, Amina.


My Dearest, my Sweet Amina,

You do not know how happy I am to get mail from you, and now you have made my day, with your excitement to come to me!! I find myself whistling and humming all the time, and the people in my office, (especially Miss Rachel Green) think I am also crazy. Tell your dear Mum that she is not alone in thinking YOU are crazy, so we will just have to be crazy together, my Darling Amina, and let our loved ones shake their heads at us!! I laugh to think of that!

I am busy this morning, going over my accounts of last month with my bookkeeper, Monica Geller (you remember, I told you that she and my driver, Hugh are going to be married, they will wed in late October, the 25th, and she is getting anxious for her big day!) and we should finish all these accounts by late this morning. This is a job that I do not like, as I find "shuffling papers" to be quite tedious. But if one is to have a successful business, one must oversee ALL aspects of the thing, and that includes the tedious jobs.

I would rather be out doing the inspections, and being a "hands-on" worker. (To do Shortarm Inspections properly, all the preparations must be done under cover, so as to achieve the beneficial final result). All parties must be well-satisfied, all the way, in every way. It is carefully planned from start to finish, the initial advances for the Inspections must be made by people who are the best-qualified to handle the members from start to finish.

I am thrilled that you are thinking in terms of us becoming man and wife! We should not want to draw attention away from Hugh and Monica on their big celebration, so we will keep our joy very low-key. It is perfectly fine to tell others of our plans and dreams, but we should not want to appear that we wish to upstage the Bride and Groom! That would not be kind to them, and would make US look selfish and foolish. We would like to do everything right.

As I am writing this to you, Hugh is driving me to my office, there I will send this to you right away. You should hear him chatter on and on about his Monica! You would think they are the only people on Earth who plan to marry! He can scarcely wait to enjoy married love--he has the highest respect for Miss Geller, and for the sanctity of marriage, and they neither one, have tasted physical pleasures, so they are nearly beside themselves with anticipation. How many young people nowdays will respect chastity until the marriage bed? Not many, I am sure--I cannot tell you how I admire them for their honor and obedience to moral law! This is only one of the many reasons why I value both of them so highly, they are young people of enormous integrity!

You must rest assured and not worry your beautiful head, my wonderful Amina, about money to travel to me. I will transfer the funds to your Citibank account this afternoon, so that you can get everything you need to come to my waiting arms. Thank you for giving me the information. (You wrote that you had sent them, but with all the stress on your mind, you must have forgot.) You will not have to endure stress from now on, Dearest one, ahead of us will be smooth and sure. By all means, leave the finer automobile for your dear Mum for her use, until we will arrange for her to come to USA to live near us. (she does want to live in America?)

About you making attire for me, what a wonderful and generous gesture for you to do this! I am honored by your thoughtfulness, and I will wear it with great pride, knowing is is from my Amina's loving hands! Tell me, is the garment a dashiki, that is what we Americans call the long, comfortable robe of many colors. I understand that when a man wears such a grand attire, he will not wear any underclothing, which is a very good thing, as I find most of them to be far too tight for my manhood. (I hope this will not offend you, dear Amina, but I cannot find any that fit me. That has always been a problem for me, it seems underwear is cut for "little boys". When we finally come together, you will see what I mean.)

My Sweet Lovely Amina, Hugh turns into the parking lot, and I will send this to you immediately I sit at my desk.

With fondest devotion, I send my love across the many miles, into your heart, Dear, Cherished one! Yours always, Raymondo


My dearest Rey,
How are you today? Thanks a lot for being there for me. You are really wonderful and it didn't take me long to realise the kind of person you are, that is why it was not difficult for me to make up my mind to spend the rest of my life with you.
Do you know what? you attitude towards the people around you attracted me to you. You have an amazing positive effect on the people around you and you are very considerate, yes I agree we shall not take the shine off the bride and groom.
I am not surprised to hear that Hugh and his girl are having a clean and decent relationship. I gaze they copied from you. I am not yet with you but I can swear even thousands of kilometers away, that you are a disciplined gentleman,I am proud of you. We shall attend their wedding together and i am coing with a special gift for them, an African artwork and I am sure they will love it.
Rey my dear, based on your last mail in which you promised to transfer the needed money yesterday afternoon, I did contact the account owner to expect the money in his account within 24hrs but he did inform me that I must present the transfer slip for confirmation before release. Please do send me the transfer slip if you have it now.
We are ready and will swing into action as soon as I get the funds. I am dying to be with you.
In your last mail you did appologise for use of foul language but you shouldknow that I never count such against you becuase i love you and love is blind. I will accommodate all your short comings.
where you find me wanting, I will be ready to adjust.
Waiting to hear from you my love.
Your darling, Amina.

Uh oh, trouble in paradise. Raymondo is jealous, but it takes several hours to prepare a reply. And, just what "foul language" is she speaking of? THAT issue will be addressed later. But for now, this message goes out Sunday morning...


Dear Amina,

I am perplexed. Why do you have me deposit money into another man's account? What is the meaning of this? Are you under another man's roof? Why do you not have your own banking account?

As soon as I received your mail, I contacted my bank and had them freeze the transfer of $60,000.00 that I had arranged. I added a few more thousand dollars, in case you needed additional items for your travel. I wanted you to have the best, so that when you arrive, it will be the vision of my beautiful Amina in splendor!

I have poured out my heart to you, Lovely Amina, and now you say that banking account belongs to another man, and not you! I am overwhelmed by this news, another man will have your money?

You must immediately clarify this issue, and clear my mind of doubts, and disperse these troubling thoughts. Raymondo

Monday brings out the best in people, don't you think? Amina scrambles to explain things, and in the rush, sends this one twice...


Dearest Rey,
Please dont be perplexed. The account belongs to the agency handling our travel arrangements. It is a big agency and the arrangement is that as soon as the money is confirmed in the account, it will be released to me while I pay for the services as agreed. You dont have to be afraid.I am sure that there is one ot two of my mails you never received becuase i explained akll this on those mails. You dont have to be afraid or are you jealous? Dont you trust me? Do I need to lie to you my love? Let me inform you that all my life, I have been involved with only one man and that is my late husband. He was the first and only is a taboo in this part of the world to do such a thing outside marriage.
Now, I have accepted you whole heartedly and with all pleasure, be rest assured and cross my heart that the day I think of having any thing to do with another man beside you who is my husband to be, let God take away my life and that of my children. (I am not under another man's roof)God forbid. Rey, though we may be miles apart, but I expect you should trust me a bit as I have nothing to hide from you. I used the account of the agency becuase all our accounts were freezed by my home government after the death of my husband. That was even the reason why my husband used a different system to disguise and send out the consignment in Belgium as if he know death is around the corner. As I am writing now, my nephew has left to Ghana with some of our luggages, this is to make our departure from this place less noticeable. As soon as I have the money, we shall move out. Ghana airways flys to New York twice a week, tuesdays and thursdays. I will keep you informed even while in Ghana before our departure.
Rey my dear, consider any money sent to the account I gave to you as being sent directly to me, the only thing is to send to me a copy of the transfer slip for me to pick up the money from the office of the agency. this is because the agency deals with many clients and the only way to prove who owns what fund is the slip.
Please normalise everything with your bank and let me have the slip today. I am very sorry if this issue has caused you any troubling thoughts.There is nothing bad in your being jealouse because it only confirms your love for me. But there should be limits, so that you dont beat me one day just because you saw me talking with a man.
I am innocent and we will dwell on this issue extensively when I come. Without blowing my own trumpt, I am disciplined and a responsible woman and time will prove this to you my dear. Please rectify the transfer without delay to keep our plans on course.I await your quick response. Lest I forget, I want to thank you for the increase in volume of money you are sending. The truth is that I find it difficult to ask for money but you are very considerate and I appriciate that.I will pay you back with so many pleasant surprises and love.
I remain yours forever.I will see you soon.


My Darling Amina,

I am sending you another picture so that you will see in my eyes, the great love I have for you.

When you told me that the banking account belongs to a man, I was very upset. Even the spinster Miss Rachel Green told me that I was most unpleasant to be around! (This is just like her, as she thinks she is my mother, and can try to make me behave) My Sweet Amina, I admit I was very jealous, the thoughts in my mind of some other man touching you, caressing your beautiful, full woman body, kissing your soft lips and whispering love-words into your neck and your hair, caused me the greatest grief I have ever known! This must be the passion that only a few people know, and I have only read about, until you came into my life!

Darling Girl, since you wrote and told me about the travel agency holding the account, I feel better.

I must go now. Hugh is here with the car, and I have a very busy day. I will try to write a few lines when things at the office settle down.

Sending you my warmest thoughts, and deepest devotion across the miles, I am yours, Raymondo
A glitch...


My Sweet Amina,

The message I just got says the system was unable to send you the 2nd picture with my letter, so I will re-send it now. I will write later today. With warmest love, Raymondo

Another pic of Steve Harvey, this one from the official w-site, the one with Steve tipping the brim of his hat. I bet Amina will LOVE it!

OH NO!!! Busted by MOM!! How embarrassing for all concerned!


Dear Madam,

I was putting some clean clothing away for my son, Ray, and noticed a letter to you on his computer, that he apparently didn't save to his files. I know I should not have pried into his private e-mail files, but I did look at all the letters you and Raymond have sent back and forth, and now I am very glad I did snoop into his letters.

I am surprised and rather angry that he would tease you this way. And some of the love-talk he wrote you--I didn't know he was even aware of those kinds of things! He doesn't even have a girlfriend, yet! These days, we mothers have responsibility to see to it that our children do not get themselves into serious trouble--and the Internet makes it very easy for children or teenagers to become involved in potentially-dangerous situations. You understand, I am sure.

Apparently, you and Ray have been corresponding for some time, and I feel it is my duty as his mother to set you straight. Ray is NOT a 42-year-old wealthy American businessman, he is a 16-year-old High School Junior, who is in school at this very moment, and will go to his marching-band practice this afternoon (he plays trumpet, and very well, too, I may add!)

There is no "Nazmanian Shortarm Inspections, INC" but he does mow the lawns of some of our neighbors, for spending money, and he is a stock-boy at the Piggly-Wiggly grocery store.

There is no housekeeper (except me, of course) named Mrs. Jardon, and no driver Hugh Jardon, (just me again-- I will be glad when he gets his driver's license, and can drive himself. He is saving money to buy a car). And NO bookkeeper named Miss Monica Geller, ( just our tax accountant, Mrs. June Cleaver.)

My name is Rachel Green, and I am the mother of Raymond Green (NOT "Raymondo Nazmanian", as he wrote to you) and I am not "a thin, scrawny spinster lady, who thinks she is my mother" I am almost as fat as you are, and I KNOW I am his mother!!! And, by the way, we aren't Black, we're Caucasian, complete with blond hair and green eyes. And a few freckles.

The photos he sent you are of a very popular American actor/comedian, Steve Harvey. I don't blame you for being thrilled that "Raymondo" is so atttractive, as Mr. Harvey is a VERY handsome man. So is Ray, but he is just an intelligent and literate 16-year-old American teenager with a little too much time on his hands. (I plan to fix THAT!!!!)

I am sorry that he led you on this chase, you should know that I will give Raymond a very stern lecture about this. Please accept my apology for the inconvenience this must have caused you.

Sincerely, Mrs. Rachel Green

Will she write back? Does she still think she's going to score $60,000 from "Raymondo"? Will young Ray Green be grounded? Will HUGH JARDON pop up in another saga? (Count on it!!)

Nope, several days have passed, and still nothing from Amina the Widow. Poor thing, I "almost" feel sorry for her..........NOT!!!