Short but sweet. From a Kindly Contributor in the USA:
I think you will enjoy this one-response exchange between myself and a scammer looking for "violin lessons" for his "son." The fact that I do not play or teach violin doesn't seem to matter. However, as a music teacher who has recently had my email posted on the Web, I have received a sudden flurry of these scams...all from "good Dads" looking to send their children to me from England or Africa for the express purpose of intense music lessons totalling thousands of dollars. I finally got tired of them, so I sent this back this little proved too much for them, unfortunately. It was my first attempt at ScamBaiting...and I blew my wad too soon. I can't wait until my next opportunity.

Carrick Lambert - scammer du jour
The Music Teacher - 'nuff said. Practice your scales!

Carrick Lambert

X-Originating-IP: []
Subject: Urgently needs a music teacher
From: "Carrick"<>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007

Good day,
My name is Carrick Lambert, i found your email address while seaching for a music teacher.
I have two clients comming from west-africa to learn music by next month.Kindly get back to me with your charges amount per weekand the time/shedule. I also want you to know that i will be paying yo u by a cashier check/ money order. So get back to me if you're interested and capable of doing the job fine.

[This is in the vein of the Job, Hotel Reservation and Roommate Scams, digests of which appear on the right-hand side of Scamorama's main page. But you knew that.]

The Music Teacher

I am excited to work with you! I will accept any kind of cashier's check, money orders, bank transfers, Spanish Dubloons, beaver pelts or wooden nickels. It's all good! I just love teaching music. You may even send positive thoughts as payment in full.

Before we proceed I need to learn more about you and have you pass some tests first. Your first test is to find, anesthetize, and dress a Water Buffalo. Here is a picture:

By "dress," I am not kidding around. Something slinky and tasteful, preferrably by Prada, Gucci, or Tom Ford. And nothing too tacky or risque. I want lovely formal wear, something that makes your Water Buffalo "stand out" amongst the herd. If he/she does not wake up during the dressing procedure, extra points will be awarded for lipstick, eye liner, and earrings. Again, don't be tacky! YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR MUSIC LESSONS IF YOU FAIL TO DO THIS. I'm DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT MY WORK. I will NOT be denied a photo of your gussied-up Water Buffalo.

Failure to reply in 4 hours forfeits music lessons and access to the food pantry.

The Music Teacher

No treble clef sticker for the Lads!