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The promised millions are usually stored in trunk boxes. See anything familiar? Send us yours!

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You may have wondered how the Lads smuggle zillions of dollars across dangerous territory in two trunk boxes and so on. A Kindly Contributor offered the following analysis.

Reading "Greetings from JA" I was struck by this part of the initial response from Jame.

" I have one metal box contains US$10.5 and weighing about 26kg and all in US$100 Bills."

Thinking this can't be right ( How can you have Ten and half dollars in $100 bills ? )

I assume that Jame means $10.5 Million. ( And this is the figure in the orginial "Orphanans of London".

I became curious as to how big would the box be? Finding that the official dimensions of US currency are 2.61 inches by 6.14 inches by 0.0043, it becomes a simple matter to calculate the volume etc.

Piled one on top of another:

2.61 * 6.14 * 0.043 * ( 10,500,000 / 100 ) = 451.5 inches. That's 37.625 feet.

Packed in piles ( of roughly equal height ) in a 6x6 grouping ( 36 piles ):

2.61 * 6 = 15.66 inches
6.14 * 6 = 36.84 inches
( 451.5 / 12 ) / ( 6 * 6 ) = 1.045+ feet

or roughly the size of a small foot locker filled to the depth of just over 1 foot.

Even allowing for some wrinkling , still a reasonably sized box. ( Score one right for Jame )

Now we notice that a single US bill ( regardless of denomination ) weighs 1 gram. Hum...
$10,500,000 in $100 bills ( the largest bill in circulation - score another one right for Jame ) would be 105,000 bills or 105,000 grams or 105 Kilograms. ( Uh-oh, This is 4 times the weight given by Jame for the "metal box" and the loot. Sorry Jame, serious error here.)

But wait a minute, a box into which one puts material and the weight becomes one fourth of its original weight. Shipping companies, for one, would pay a fortune for this box. I think the Lad has something here ( or he has seen "Honey, I shrunk the kids" and is having us on. ) Hey, forget the money, the real value is this box.

Credit where credit is due:
(Facts and figures about US Currency from )

Another Kindly Contributor.