updated june 5

Mohammed Al-Sahid tries to recruit Dudley Doright into the 419 life. The word "trust" appears here eight times. Do you feel trusting yet?


From: mohammed al-sahid []
X-Originating-IP: []
To: Dudley Doright
Subject: URGENT
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 19:33:08 -0400

I am mohammed al-sahid ,am an engineer who works with one of the oil firm in Iraq.

As a result of the war which took place in Iraq and the present political uprising and looting that is taking place now in Iraq.I was able to secure a luggage with some valuables during this uprising which i was able to move this valuables out of my conutry throught a diplomatic security company in Europe. Now i need a reputable person with the fear of God and that will not disappoint me at the end of this business.

Please this highly confidential because even the security company does not know the content of the consignment,so this between me and you.I want you to understand that as soon as you accept to clain this consignment in Europe,it's a deal which both of us will share 50% equal.Be informed that the consignment in question is value at about $42musd(forty two million us dollars),which i will now furnish you with every detail on how to contact the security company in Europe and how to go about the consignment.Immediately you receive this mail,get back to me as soon as possible for further details.


Mohammed al-sahid.


Oh, how very smart of you to update your scam to include Iraq. I hope you are bombed next.


This is not all about been smart because we dont have any option,rather than looting when there is war dont we lost a lot things so if you are interested just let know so that will furnish with detail.


You're NOT fooling anyone.
You are NOT an Iraqi.
You are NOT in Iraq.
You are NOT the Iraqi Information Minister Al-Sahid (wait.... maybe you are!!! You lie just like him.)
You ARE a small time criminal, sitting in a Cyber cafe in Lagos, Nigeria.
You ARE more stupid than I.
Don't write to me again.


I also had his e-mail address canceled, but that didn't stop him from trying again:

look i an not the Information Minister Al-Sahid,i an engineer who works in an oil firm in Iraq which ofcause i have lost my job and i dont know Nigeria,you can call me what ever you feel like calling me,if you dont want to assist me plz dont reply my mail again because God will bring somebody that will help me.
Mohammed al-sahid.

[ScamO Note: the same IP address,, was used by one "Bello Waziri" on Jan. 20, 2003, to send out the "orphan of gold-cocoa merchant" story. It's being used in Abidjan.]


Maybe he'll listen if I shout at him?



and he's back, from yet another e-mail address:

I have come to understand you are not a mugu,now i will want to work with you and make million
if you are interesting pls confirm i will then tell you the roll you will play
awaiting your reply


Dear Mohammed Mugu,
You make me laugh.
I give you credit for your persistence, but you are far more stupid than I first believed if you think you can still get money from me.
Perhaps we can correspond on a different level? I would be very interested to know how you got into the scam letter business. How long have you been doing this?
Do you work alone or for a master scammer? Have you had any success? How much money have you made so far? How do you acquire e-mail addresses to send to? Are you in much danger of being caught by the Nigerian authorities?
I would be very interested to know these answers.
Your new friend,

More to come???


Mr.Dudley,good day.
These are the answers to what you asked.
(1)I have been into this business for more than five years and i have made money in this business.The money i have made in this business is at list $500,000,00 dollars(five hundred thousand us dollars).

I work with a master scammer when i enter this business new but now i work alone,and i have two foreigners(white guys)that gives me contact in there conutry because they have lost money in this business and i have made then to regain there money by working hand in hand with me and they also confire mugu for me over there in Europe befor payment and i will send then there own share of the money.

And again there is much danger in Nigeria if you have not made money in it,but if you have made money with it,the police becomes your firend because they always get money from you.

Now,dudley if you have lost money in this game,tell me,i will tell you the roll you play and if you can get me contact address and e-mail address over there,there is a roll for you to play and when money comes out of the business your own share of the money will be sent to you,if you wish confire this mail so that i will give you my phone number for us to discuss in detail how i work,so for us to work as one.

your firend mohammed.


Friend Mohammed,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I really didn't expect you to answer them and I am grateful to you for going to the trouble.

I have received many other letters like yours from other people in Nigeria and I am curious to know why it is such a common thing in your country. (I'm assuming I'm correct when I say you're from Nigeria?) Was I also correct assuming you use a [cybercafe] ? [possibly mangled in editing] It seems that it is worthwhile employment if you really make as much money as you say. Are other scammers as successful as you?

How old are you and how much education have you had? How did you get started doing this?

I assume that Mohammed might not be your real name. Do you do this using other names?

Maybe I have already heard from you before since I get so many of these letters. Many of my friends never get letters like yours and I wonder why I get them so often. That's why I wasn't fooled. I would have to be really stupid to believe so many letters that say the same thing. What you need is a new way of getting addresses of people who have never got letters like yours before. What type of people are more likely to be fooled?

I am sorry for asking so many questions, but if I am to work with you I would like to know more about your business and how you got into it. Is this the only job you have?

The economy here is not good and I have been without work for 2 months. I need to think about alternate sources of income. If I help you, what would I need to do and how much money could I make?

I await your reply.

your friend



tell me your location and i want you to accept that you are going to give me contact of foreigners over there that has not hard this story and i will now tell the roll you play.And another i don't go to cyber-cafe i'm always in my office doing my business and i also deal on cars(sale cars)and also go to Europe to import goods and by next two weeks i will be in London for a business meeting so there is other sources of income but i started makeing money first through this scamm business before going into other business.

My firend dudley i have not even made money like my master and like wise others scammer that have made a lot of money more than i do in this game ,if more ,feel free and ask me if possible i will give you my phone number for more easy discussion and i also don't only work in Nigeria.Await to hear from you.



Friend Mohammed,
Again I thank you for your reply.
I am located near Chicago, Illinois, the 3rd largest city in the United States. I have many business enemies in that area that are not too smart. I would be happy to help you get money from them if I can get a percentage of the take.
How much money are we talking about?
Go ahead and send your phone number if you want, but I feel more comfortable using e-mail.

Your friend


My firend Dudley,

Now ,I will want both us to this business transaction so that you can see how we make money in this business transaction ,what I need from you is the strong assurance and full co-operation in this transaction so that you will make money and I will make money too.

Now in any business we do ,any money that comes out from the transaction me and you will share this money 50% , 50% equal in any transaction we do,Once you will not Disappoint me ,and I will tell you of other ways of making money in this business.

Let me explain this business to you now and what you can do over there and how you can operate over there, but before I go ahead i will want to ask you this ,do you have a telephone and a fax number over there in Chicago if you do better and if not I will want you to get yourself this communication facilities for this transaction, is very important in this business and make sure that when you want to get this communication facilities it should not be with your real address that is donŐt use your address where you stay so that you can not be traced with this telephone and fax number for this transaction ,I will now tell you what to do when I give any of my client your contact to confirm from you ,donŐt worry we will do this transaction and I will tell you the step to take when any client (MUGU)calls you for confirmation from us in Nigeria or any where in Europe.

Now it is comfortable discuss on mail just like you said, now I will want us to start this transaction with your business enemies in your area and get me other contacts in your area so that I can get in touch with them in there phone , fax or through there e-mail address then I will tell you the roll to play in the transaction when you get me this contacts.

Please dudley I will want you to get your self this phone and fax facilities as a separate communication facility for this transaction and make sure you donŐt registar this communication facility with your real name.I will stop here dudley and wait to hear from you as my good firend.




Fiend Mohammed,
As you already know, I am no mugu.
I am willing to help you, but because of the nature of your business I am concerned about your trustworthiness.
After all, your business is to trick people out of money. How can I be sure that you will actually give me 50%?
A wise Klingon once said, "Trust is earned, not given away".
I am unwilling to do anything at this point that will cause me any expense until I can be sure that you will share the profits of our partnership with me. Perhaps a small token gesture of your trust in me would set aside my concerns. What I have in mind is that you show me that you trust me. I have never seen Nigerian currency and would like to receive a sample from you. It does not need to have much value, a small assortment of coins or paper money would be interesting to own to show to my close friends. It would also make a nice memento to our arrangement. Please let me know if you are willing to do this.
In the meantime I will make arrangements to get a cell phone under a false name. Acquiring a fax machine might be difficult for me in my present financial condition.
I also would like your help in one other area:
Since our first communication I have received eight letters from other Nigerian scam artists. I have no idea how they are getting my e-mail address. Can you tell me how you got it so I can remove myself from this mailing list? It makes me angry when these people think I am a mugu like you first did. That is why I cancel their e-mail addresses..
Helping me to prevent getting more of these 419 letters would be to the advantage of your fellow scammers also, since I can't cancel their e-mail addresses if I get no more letters from them. They are also wasting their efforts sending their game to people who already have seen it too many times.
I await your response,
Your friend


Date: 20 May 2003, 12:21:49 AM

My,firend dudley.

Look i wouldn't decieve you and i can't do it to you and i don't even think of that,so cancel that out of your mind dudley,even if we have not seen each other or talk on phone,i enjoy you and i need your co-operation over there in this business.

Partenting to the 50%,50% equal share among two of us,apart from your contact over there which you will send the information to me here in Nigeria for me to proceed on the business contact here while you confirm over there and recieve the money there and send down my %to me in Nigeria and i can still send to you information of some of my client over there,that we are proceeding on,for you to confirm for me or recieve money for me or to see the client face to face and i will tell you what to tell the client or what to do and how to go about it.Dudley,i want you to understand that whatever thing i'm doing with you in this business is TRUST,so i want you to have that trust likewise the way i have in you,so as to do this business transaction as partner and with full co-operation,you know is not easy for one to expose himself in this deal or expose this deal to somebody he has not seen or talk with on phone and you know how we started exchanging mail from the very first day on how we can work hand in hand in this business transaction and an dudley,if there is what you don't understand partenting to this business transaction both of us is trying to go into as partners,please come ! out open and put me clear on the matter so that i will explain well to you.

Now let me come down to what you said about recieving letters in your mail box,keep deleting them from mail box and check if there is any site in internet that you registared your e-mail address in,like wanting to meet people,remove it from there because some source there e-mail address from such site in net.Now coming to know about my currency,how do you want me to send the money for you to see?is it through wesltern union money transfer,is your bank over there pay you the money with my currency there,verify,or should i scam the money in my computer and send it through attachment to your mail box or should i send the money through express post service,if so give me address for that.

Await to hear from you.



I thought at this point it would be wise to tell him to expect to hear from me from a different e-mail address, as I intend to hand him over to more experienced anti-scammers or law enforcement. I'm stalling him about the phone. I had a relative set me up with a distant PO box for him to send the money to.


Fiend Mohammed,

Your soothing words make me feel much better about this arrangement. So far the road looks very good. I have applied for a cell phone, but because the network here is undergoing changes, I will not be assigned a phone number for a few weeks yet.

Thank you for the information on how to remove myself from mailing lists. I have received 5 more letters since the last time I wrote to you. Now perhaps I can stop them.

As I understand it, my role is to confirm to mugus that you are real and to receive money from them and send you . Am I understanding correctly? I am thinking I should get a new e-mail address for this business, also under a false name and from a free e-mail provider, since it would be unwise to have records of this business on my computer.

I would prefer that you send the currency sample through the postal service. I collect stamps and money from many countries and look forward to having Nigerian currency.
My address is:

Dudley Doright
PO Box 13732
Wauwatosa WI 53213-0732

Thanks for your trust and I look forward to making money with you.
Your friend


Date: 21 May 2003, 07:02:02 PM
Subject: Re: GOOD OF YOU


It would be wise for you to have records of this business on your computer,so that you will be up to date in any thing we are doing in this business transaction,because client(mugus)can call you on phone or send a message to you on mail or fax preferable so as to know where you stoped with the client(mugu)and how to go about it at any point in time because i keep records and allways at need a seperate e-mail account for this business transaction.i will need a new e-mail address for this business from you or a current e-mails address of business directories on CD ROM to down load it in my computer and i also want you to understand that any thing you are doing in this business should be under a false name and from a free e-mail can transfer into your seperate e-mail account for record this business.

Immediately i send the money for you by monday next week i will confirm the receipt to you in your mail box for collection.Remember that in any organise crime is trust.


[Did the money show up? Dang!]


My firend,Dudley.

Sorry for the delay,i tried if i could send my currency through one of this express post but i couldn't,the three express post i went to refuse,they said they don't send currency through express post that is only decument,letters and other hand package,it means going to the bank or a diplomatic security company and you know that it will intail me buying dollar because my currency is not in the international market,i felt bad about it,i decided to inform you,but as time goes on if there is any way of sending my currency to you ,which one of my firend directed to,a near by state in lagos or if i run into any of my firend who will be travelling to the near by conutry across lagos bounder or when i want to travell to any of the near by state in Nigeria i will do so, because it will be easy through there because lagos is too sensitive now due to this new political transition in Nigeria presently .But i will surely send my currency to you immediately i discover a source of sending it to you.Await for your respond.



Fiend Mohammed,
I don't understand the problem with sending Nigerian paper money through the mail. Just stick some bills and coins in an envelope and mail it to my address. The post office has no need to know what is in the envelope. Tell them it's a letter if you have to. I don't want it exchanged for American currency or Euros. I want REAL NIGERIAN MONEY. This is not for me to spend, It's for my collection. If you have a problem with a simple request like this, then how can we do business together?


My,firend dudley.

I told you is defficult to send my currency to you now and i said i will surely send it to you and i don't think sending my currency to you will stop us from doing the business we are suppose to do, unless may be you don't want us to do the transaction because now you are not going to do any with my currency and moreover we don't do post service the way you do in America and for you to know that i am out to this business with you can you recieve cheque of about close to $150,000 to pay into your account so that when the cheque clears in your account may be after two days you withdraw and send my % to me as discuss.If you can recieve it let me know so that we start with this first,so to tell my cliet over there to write the cheque on your name and sent it with your addess.if you can let me know,i will want to know if you have collected the phone you told me you paid for so that to let me know what we are doing.Await for your respond.


Fiend Mohammed,

Now your pissin' me off.
You still think I'm a mugu?
look here:
Go ahead and send your phony check.
I knew you were just jerking me around. I knew it the moment you made excuses not to send me Nigerian currency.
It was a test for you to see how serious you were and you failed.
I told you many times: I AM NO FOOL.
You need wise people like me to help with your business, so why do you still try to fool me?
If you are going to do serious business with me then START BEING SERIOUS!


Mohammed has had his e-mail address canceled. (not by me) Maybe he got tired of getting all those penis enlargement spams I "unsubscribed" him to?
Something tells me I'll still be hearing from him again though. He still wants to send me his phony cashier's check. I think I will let him, so I'll at least have SOMETHING to hang on my wall.