wat are firends for

Another in a series of chat transcripts, in which scammers try to worm money out of strangers. Kids, learn from this. If the "teen" to whom you're pouring your heart out isn't a middle-aged perve, he (or she) might be out to steal your lunch money. Now that we've thoroughly traumatized you, proceed.

This is a chat convo between me [Milhous - name changed to protect the non-scamalicious] and a "lady" friend [Jessica - scammer du jour]. ... its $200 she is trying to get from me. Here is a link to her profile on yahoo, its http://profiles.yahoo.com/jessyjessy01 [it was empty]
Jessica Williams: hi hun
Jessica: are you there?
Jessica: are you there ?
Jessica: why are not talking to me
Jessica: it about last night
Jessica: i was been disturbed by my stepma
Jessica: so sorry hun it not my fault

Milhous: oh really kind of busy now let u know later

[one minute later]

Jessica: hi
Jessica: am not busy
Jessica: you know i told you about my wicked stepma

Milhous: i will let u know in a sec
Milhous: no u havent
Milhous: what happened?

Jessica: she is a big threat on me
Jessica: i will have to tell you that am about living hom
Jessica: home

Milhous:what happened?

Jessica: she has this hatred for me
Jessica: she calls me all sort of silly name
Jessica: and make me feel like poisoning mysefl
Jessica: myself

Milhous: damn

Jessica: so am confuse
Jessica: do know wat to do.............buddy

Milhous: i got a friend that has same problem

Jessica: ok
Jessica: so wat do you suggest .........buddy

Milhous: you could move out.....

Jessica: ok.....but i have to stop in hotel first

Milhous: what do you mean stop in a hotel first ?

Jessica: ok
Jessica: i will
Jessica: buddy

Milhous: that's the only suggestion
Milhous: i got a friend that is same situation

Jessica: but you know i have get a ticket

Milhous: she needs to move out, but she is working too jobs...etc

Jessica: right

Milhous: ticket huh ?

Jessica: yes

Milhous: hmm ??

Jessica: yes

Milhous: ??????
Milhous: ticket for ?

Jessica: i think that your friend can welcome a lady with him or can i come in with you hun

Milhous: btw, what were we doing last, till your stepmom came in?, my friend is is a girl, in TN, im in Tiny Creek, West Dakota living in a dorm, noone is allowed to live w/ me
Milhous: im sorrry

Jessica: ok
Jessica: but i need your help on something

Milhous: btw, what were we doing last, till your stepmom came in ?,

Jessica: i have to leave here first before
Jessica: i poison myself the stress too much
Jessica: ok.......buddy

Milhous: ok. i dont know how i can help
Milhous: i dont have any money if thats what your asking

Jessica: oh.....you think money is everything

Milhous: no i dont

Jessica: or wat do you mean by money

Milhous: money is not everything
Milhous: you got to get a ticket somehow huh ?

Jessica: so your means that lot to you
Jessica: so my life and happiness means nothing to you
Jessica: buddy

Milhous: money is just part of my life that's it
Milhous: excuse me?

Jessica: well i now know you never care for me

Milhous: what do you want me to do ? is what i'm asking? i'm confused now

Jessica: i have not even ask of anything
Jessica: so you can do like this in a short while
Jessica: oh......buddy


Jessica: so you mean i am just like nothing to you
Milhous: where did you get that idea??

Jessica: from your impression

Milhous: you mean something to me, or i wouldn't be talking to you.

Milhous: no i've never met you

Jessica: that is where you are wrong
Jessica: ok

Milhous: ok
Milhous: different subject what were we doing last that your stepmom started bothering u ? we were talking ?

Jessica: to me your happiness and good welfare means alot to me
Jessica: and also happy to see you fresh and the pretty smile
Jessica: i had smile now at home
Jessica: all since to me like hell

Milhous: you need to get a webcam so i can see your pretty smile, when you going back to school ?

Jessica: i think i will have to get myseld out of this mess first

Milhous: do you have a friends house you could move into ?
Milhous: yes

Jessica: that where the problem lies
Jessica: i hardly make new friends

Milhous: y not ?

Jessica: the only friend i have ur man who want to date me and i have refuse but we talk at times
Jessica: that is why i have to get place not too cost that i will be for the little time

Milhous: yes, exactly
Milhous: you need to start finding you some guys....need to start dating

Jessica: so.....i just need something little
Jessica: ok........buddy to get myself together

Milhous: find you an apartment w/ a roommate ?

Jessica: that is cost a lot of money
Jessica: ok......buddy
Jessica: here
Jessica: the logde will be better
Jessica: buddy

Milhous: yes i'm listening
Jessica: it save money

Milhous: lodge, hotel /
Milhous: ?

Jessica: yes

Milhous: ok
Milhous: brb i hope you dont mind if i shave on camera, but i want to listen to you while i shave...(facial hair bothers me)
Milhous: k back

Jessica: you have to come about with just 250 will be ok with the $100 i have with me here.....buddy
Jessica: so i have an internet connected
Jessica: ok...................buddy

Milhous: hmmm, should i know if this isn't a scam or something? i've had two other peoplle try to do this 2 me already

Jessica: mine it not a scam

Milhous: that's exactly what they said

Jessica: maybe people are trying to ripe from you
Jessica: i advice not to accept
Jessica: ok...........buddy

Milhous: plus

Jessica: cos scam rate is very high here

Milhous: i know someone from africa, or russia or something, and they wanted me to help them with an airline ticket over here
Milhous: i was like WOW

Jessica: wow
Jessica: is that wat they told you

Milhous: yes
Milhous: they wanted to come and "meet" me

Jessica: buddy pls it a lie
Jessica: they are lieing to you

Milhous: so they are like why dont you help me with airplane ticket to get over there
Milhous: yes i know this

Jessica: just to get something from you but
Jessica: it ok now you told me
Jessica: i believe you know that are to be careful sometime when you chat online

Milhous: oh chit i hope you dont mind i got to do some freakin laundry crap it....yes i know, i've been online since age 14 so ive had some experience i'm 22 now

Jessica: the way you disclose your personalnity
Jessica: ok........buddy i believe you fast and pretty intelligent

Milhous: hold on i'm going to start my laundry, thnk you

Jessica: that why i care and have feelings for you

Milhous: hold on be right back
Milhous: want to talk to someone that's across the hall from me

Jessica: ok

Milhous: i'll be back dont worry
Milhous: im back

Jessica: ok.....buddy

Milhous: have not started the laundry yet was talking to a friend across the hall

Jessica: ok

Milhous: maye hittin up the west dakota state fair or something

Jessica: ok

Milhous: my rooms a freakin mes

Jessica: so are back completely

Milhous: mess
Milhous: while i do my stuff, lol u can watch me, i'll read what u say if u want

Jessica: ok

Milhous: im still here....

Jessica: but you are not ther

Milhous: im in my room and can read what u write if your interested in just talking to me while i'm busy workin my room...

Jessica: i will wait for you to finish
Jessica: ok love looking at ur face

Milhous: ok

Jessica: but you know i need help
Jessica: am worried

Milhous: yes i know, i'm not sure what i can do though, i just had just bought a car, and having to pay lots of money back so i dont have anything in the bank right now

Milhous: so i dont know what to do

Jessica: hun..........
Jessica: i know 200 is nothing to you
[Scam-o-note: "Jessica", who may well be a woman but is not Jessica, may actually think $200 is nothing to "Milhous", but regardless, would not care if it were the last $200 he had in the world. But you knew that]

Jessica: but remember it not fair
Jessica: i know u can do it now online if you want

Milhous: not atm, in process of switching banks, no debit card, check or anything i just started the sitch over last week
Milhous: but should be it this upcoming week or next
Milhous: what do you think your step mom is going to do to you anyway?
Milhous: have you talked to your dad about it?
Milhous: aren't you going back to school ?

Jessica: i minute
Jessica: brb

Milhous: k
Jessica: i will be surprise if you tell me that you can not send just 200 online buddy
Jessica: it not good

Milhous: have you talked to your dad about it?
Milhous: aren't you going to school?
Milhous: what do you think your step mom is going to do to you ?

Jessica:you know my dad is a contractor

Milhous:yea so ?

Jessica: and hardly stay in town
Jessica: is out the town
Jessica: on work

Milhous: hey give me a ring either by cell, or home so i can talk to you on phone while i'm doing laundry give me a ring, i wont answer so it wont cost you anything then i'll call u back or u can put it on this screen

Jessica: so think you can do me this favour .............buddy

Milhous: call this number xxxxxxxxxxxx or i can call u

Jessica: i have no phone you know that

Milhous:at your house


Milhous: at your house you dont have a phone???
Milhous: wtf?

Jessica: it for dad
Jessica: and it a cell
Jessica: for him alone

Milhous: no home phone?
Milhous: does your stepmom abuse u ?

Jessica: so much that
Jessica: that it has getten to the stage that i can take it anyone more
Milhous: why dont you talk to an agency around your area???? or talk to your DAD about that thats some serious shit
Milhous: or even the cops

Jessica: the know wat happened this morning

Milhous: next time she is doing something like that to you
Milhous: what ?

Jessica: she almost stab me

Milhous: call your dad about that
Milhous: i'm not joking with you

Jessica: that is why i need some money

Milhous: seriously you need to get help from someone in your area

Jessica: ok

Milhous: no you need to talk to someone around there

Jessica: u can help me

Milhous: call your dad
Milhous: no, it would be better if someone around there helped you
Milhous: even grandparents or family or something
Milhous: No, i can't help you, but someone around there should be able to

Jessica: no

Milhous: SOMEONE should be able to help u

Jessica: some you mean you are not the best person
Jessica: wat are firends for
Jessica: buddy

Milhous: maybe i'm not? but i'm telling you what you should DO
Milhous: i'm telling what you should do, you should listen to it

Jessica: am in this circumstance

Milhous: if not, then you will just have to deal with it

Jessica: to day does not mean it will not be over
Jessica: ok

Milhous: right right i know that
Milhous: but you need to file a complant with the cops or something
Milhous: seriously
Milhous: if she is at the point of almost stabbing you
Milhous: did you provoke it ?
Milhous: did you get her really mad for some reason ?

Jessica: that is why i need to get started
Jessica: but i have been taking her food for three days
Jessica: now
Jessica: i have nothing with me ......buddy
Jessica: imagine
Jessica: so just that little money
Jessica: 200

Milhous: where are you located ?

Jessica: ok.....buddy
Jessica: am in lagos

Milhous: lagos ?

Jessica: and my dad is in abuja
Jessica: on is contract
Jessica: ok......buddy
Jessica: i have to send it to a friends drivers licence
Jessica: i need this urgent

Milhous: what are you doing in lagos ???

Jessica: that is where my dad's aparment is
Jessica: i sold my watch on friday to
Jessica: get some food and things i need
Jessica: buddy..........i know is so small for you to do
Jessica: pls

Milhous: i dont know what to do i'm so confused right now

That was the end of the chat, i just stopped talking to her after that, didn't want to hear anymore.