From: Kindly Contributor
Subject: a more elaborate scam... LADS 1 - Friend 0

My friend got in touch with these 419 scammers... check them out and brought
them to Malaysia. sometimes its the promise that of indefinite wealth that
makes you overlook a few minor details (minor??). Anyways i just wanted to
share my story. Well it started with an email my friend received..(I have no
info abt the email, but he was referred to by an astute bussinessman or some
shit like that) and ended up with him bringing them to Malaysia, he's lucky to
be alive... the scam really took off when they where here, everybody (even me)
tried to convince mr X (my close friend) that it was a scam.. he refuse to
believe anyone accept the scammers.. though he had reservation he thought he
could control the situation by bringing freelance bodyguards/bouncers to
accompany him when dealing with the scammers..

I'll just tell you what happen coz I hate writting emails..

1. Friend received help EMAIL.

2. After much persuasion (6 weeks) on their side mr.x sent tickets to come to

3.They arrived and asked to be taken to the local nigerian embassy

4. They took a luggage out from embassy (I wasn't around but I was told.)

5. Back in the hotel (which x paid for) where I was ask to join by x, They took
out papers from the lugage that they claimed were "black money" washed two
pieces down with "special solutions"and eureka two 100 USD notes. my friend who
was annoyed at me at this stage (because I'm constantly reminding him he's
being scammed) asked me to go with one of the bouncers to a moneychanger to
change the money... I was sceptical at first but.. I asked the dumb illiterate
bouncer to change the money because if its fake and the moneychanger calls the
police.. I can run away hehehe... but it was real.. and we got our ringgits.
Now at this stage I was confused because my friend was the one who picked out
the two pieces of "black money" from the lugage. I called him and went back to
the hotel, gave my friend the money, he had that smirk on his face, the one you
see on bill gates face. I left soon afterwards and my friend did not
contact/answer my calls for  months. I was still calling about a week after the
hotel incident, to tell him they might have switch the notes, but like I said
previously, sometimes you want the money so much, it clouds your better

Later I found out from his wife that he had sold everything, done everything
short of selling her, in the heat of seeking UDS100,000.00 to purchase the
"special solutions" to convert the remainder of the USD50.0 million into real
money. when he managed to get a portion of it, I think it was USD70,000 plus
cost(hotel expenses, tickets, entertainment), the guys went missing.. the hotel
belhop saw the fantasymillionaires taking a bus with their hand carries.. they
left the USD49,999,800 in the room.. yet to be converted (I think the "special
solution" is available over the counter in any drugstores on planet krypton,
however the air fare is too costly). They were never found, a police report was
lodge, but my friend has lost his job (he was making USD30k a year), friends he
borrowed from, and whole lot of trouble from the local loan sharks and the wife
filed for divorce because he has not been providing ever since and she can't
take the harrasment from the loan sharks. He calls her once an awhile trying to
explain but.... I guess its just too much for her to take. I do my bit to try
and help.

Moral of the story is..The scammers don't just take ur money... they take
everything if you believe them. It's no laughing matter.. not for my friend..
all they do is play on your greed. It's so sad because they were happily
married before it happenned and she was two months pregnant with their 1st
child. She has given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

[ Does that suck or what? Stay safe out there! ]