"Juan Perez" aka "Adrian Monk" aka "Anakin Skywalker" kindly forwarded this invitation from the Lads to join the Masons.

From : <>
Sent : February 25, 2005 6:41:20 AM
Subject : 2005 GRANT,VERY URGENT.
Received: from []

The Freemason society of Bournemouth under the jurisdiction of the all Seeing Eye, Master Nicholas Brenner has after series of secret deliberations selected you to be a beneficiary of our 2005 foundation laying grants and also an optional opening at the round table of the Freemason society.

These grants are issued every year around the world in accordance with the objective of the Freemasons as stated by Thomas Paine in 1810 which is to ensure the continuous freedom of man and to enhance mans living conditions.

We will also advice that these funds which amount to USD2.5million be used to better the lot of man through your own initiative and also we will go further to inform that the open slot to become a Freemason is optional, you can decline the offer.

In order to claim your grant, contact the Grand Lodge Office secretary David P. Owen.

Grand Lodge Office Secretary's email:

Paul Landy,
PRO Freemason Society of Holdenhurst Road,

Interestingly Bournemouth now appears to be in Surelere, Lagos State, Nigeria: is assigned to Timasy via Intelsat.
You can look this kind of thing up in a number of online directories maintained by the Regional Internet Registries: - Europe and North Africa - North America, Caribbean, parts of Southern Africa - South and Central America - Asia

Coming soon - AfriNIC, which will eventually take on the African listings.

This made us curious about Freemasons, who go back a long way and have included a lot of famous people like George Washington. We're not so interested in them per se, but interested in why the Lads would bother pretending to be Freemasons. However, seeking information on the web was just a time-suck. There are so many weird, bigoted and just plain sick web sites with crappy 'information' that we gave up. (Freemasonic Jewish Commie Capitalist Satanic Aliens control your Brain, etc. etc.) Books might be a better source. Books... what a concept.