"Ken" shares his experience:
"It started out about a month ago. I started my Yahoo messenger up and it said she wanted to be my friend or added to my messenger list. I looked at her profile and it showed a picture of her and had her age and that's it. I figured since she looked pretty decent I would talk to her. I didn't think nothing of it. ...
We talked for a little bit about me, if I had a girlfriend, what I do for fun, stuff like that. She said she was doing a modeling shoot in Africa or something like that. I thought that was kinda weird but I figured she was just lieing about herself to make her look better or something. she asked for a couple of pictures of me, which I sent, and said I was pretty cute or whatever...
Today she messaged me and said hello. then she asked me if I remembered her. ... Then, just to talk about something I told her I had been looking for a job. She then said that I could work for her.
... It didn't take me long to figure out what she was doing. I knew somebody that got scammed this way out of $3300 dollars. I wasn't about to let it happen to me. If it'll help other people not get scammed, I'll feel better. "

Tina eddy: hello
Tina eddy: am back

Ken: ok

Tina eddy: well i wanted to sk u something cuz i just a mail to some that is working for me
Tina eddy: he is not trust worthy and he cheats on me

Ken: i see

Tina eddy: well i was thinking if u can work with me

Ken: work with u?

Tina eddy: yes
Tina eddy: u know what and what u will do

Ken: what will i be doing?

Tina eddy: yes all u will have do is that i will trust u

Ken: would i have to move?

Tina eddy: no
Tina eddy: u will not move

Ken: ok

Tina eddy: well u dont have to move, cuz the money order that needs to me sent to me will be sent to u though my client and u will cash it and send the money to the client and u have u own pacentage

Ken: will he send the money to me first?

Tina eddy: yes so u can cash it and get ur pacentage

Ken: when's he gonna send it to me?

Tina eddy: yes first i have to give u a aggrement form that u will fill and we sign a contract with me
Tina eddy: ok

Ken: how r u gonna get it to me?

Tina eddy: yes i will attach it to u
Tina eddy: do u have a printer ?

Ken: yes

Tina eddy: cool
Tina eddy: i will send the form to u and u willprint it
Tina eddy: and fill and attach it again and send to me

Ken: ok
Ken: what's the form say?

Tina eddy: i will have copy and u will have a copy too

Ken: ok
Ken: what's it mean?

Tina eddy: that is we have a contract u are working for me
Tina eddy: and u get paid
Tina eddy: in 3000 u get 200
Tina eddy: give me ur phone number?

Ken: get paid for doing what?

Tina eddy: for cashing the money order
Tina eddy: u get it
Tina eddy: hello u get it
Tina eddy: ?
Tina eddy: hello

Ken: i don't understand

Tina eddy: so tell me what u didnot understand
Tina eddy: i have a woker that is working for me all the money sent by my client he cash them but right now i dont trust him any more so i want u to work for me
Tina eddy: u understand?

Ken: i see

Tina eddy: so u get ur pacentage for cashing the money order
Tina eddy: so are u gonna work with me
Tina eddy: ?

Ken: how do i know the money orders are real?

Tina eddy: yes sure
Tina eddy: its really
Tina eddy: u check it ok
Tina eddy: send me a mail
Tina eddy: ok
Tina eddy: and give me ur phone number

Ken: i'll have to think about it
Ken: give me your number instead

Tina eddy: send me amail when u make up ur mind

Ken: i'll call u

Tina eddy:
Tina eddy: send a mail fist ok
Tina eddy: then i will give u my phone number
Tina eddy: ok

[ Exit pursued by a scammer ]