updated to include how it all started:

A victim ("Joe X") shares his experience:

I can give you a brief overview of the scam where I sent $500 for a plane ticket to a nice looking woman (yeah right) that had contacted me via which is an internet dating site that I had joined 3 days prior. I had never heard of internet dating scams since don't may much attention apparently to things of that nature. Anyway, after some emails back on forth I started an IM chat with "her" that went on for hours. I was suckered into helping "her" pay the difference on her KLM Airlines plane ticket since she needed extra funds to change her flight since wanted to leave Lagos, Nigeria sooner than previously planned after going there to attend her father's funeral. Connie Reed's photos were of an attractive white woman that lived in Pago Pago, American Samoa which is a territory of the United States. I was provided flight numbers for KLM (that I checked out and were verified) for travel to New York via Amsterdam on KLM. I reluctantly wired $500 to a Ghozie Ihiasota who (as the story went) is the KLM ticket agent at the Lagos Airport and was going to take care of the credit to Connie's travel reservation. "She" even sent me more photos of her (obviously from some model agency web site) before I sent the money. I then got an email of a scanned airline ticket that she had the Abidap Hotel manager make for her so that she could send me confirmation. We had planned on talking in person when she landed in New York and was then going to get a discount flight from New York to the West Coast of California where I live to meet me while on her way back to American Samoa.

I figured out it was a scam when a couple hours after making the wire transfer for the "plane ticket" that she contacted me again via Yahoo IM and said that in order to make her flight later that night that she found out she owed the Abidap Hotel $250 in balance and that I needed to help her otherwise they won't release her bag that is locked up with the manager. I was even given a phone number to call and speak with the hotel manager. I didn't do this since was pretty bummed out at that point after being ripped off.

I then did a Google search on romance scams, internet dating scams, and very soon realized I was a sucker.

A couple days later, Connie Reed had the balls to email me again to my anonymous account and the IM Chat I sent you is what happened after that.

Western Union was notified of the fraud as well as my bank credit card (I may get the money back it turns out) and has been notified as well.

That's my story,

Joe X

And now a bit of emotional revenge:

This was a reverse scambait Yahoo IM chat with my scammer...
This is a dating scam and the context is that I was already scammed by this scumbag then decided to have some fun a couple days later since just for personal spite. Enjoy.

[ Warning - some dirty talk, and completely insincere to boot. Danger of severe romantic disillusion.]

Contacted by "Connie Reed" by Yahoo Instant Messenger on May 15, 2006: user ID: ladyhappylove
Fake Name: Connie Reed
Yahoo Email:
Yahoo IM: ladyreedc

Chat starts at about 4:30 am 5/15/06 under a fake name one character off of my previous Yahoo IM name that I had started on 5/11/06 then had already cancelled on 5/14/06 for security reasons since was onto the scam and then established a new Yahoo IM name just prior to the start of this dialog chat for this reverse con on the Lagos, Nigerian con artist team:

ladyreedc: am fine are you there? BUZZ!!!

Joe X: hi Connie, are you in New York now?

ladyreedc: did you change your yahoo ID?

Joe X: Sorry for the mean words since thought you weren't trustworthy

ladyreedc: Joe...i missed you so much..........why do you call me a scame?

Joe X: I had a computer problem with my internet connection so had to make another yahoo ID that is very similar to the other one so you would remember me
Joe X: I didn't hear from you all weekend so figured you took my money and ran

ladyreedc: why won't i remember you have the heart to call names joe?
ladyreedc: why would i do such joe...
ladyreedc: let my mom use to is a deadly cost
ladyreedc: you've made feel so ashamed of myself
ladyreedc: i sent you my ticket...

Joe X: Did you get your hotel bill paid and was sorry I couldn't help you last Friday

ladyreedc: didn't i joe..

Joe X: yes you did
Joe X: Did you make your flight?

ladyreedc: then why all the insults on an innocent lady like myself
ladyreedc: ?

Joe X: one question at a time sweetie

ladyreedc: i told you to call the manager of the hotel i was putting up did not
ladyreedc: you've annoid me joe
ladyreedc: you don't deserve my love
ladyreedc: you don' much did you sent over to me?

Joe X: I saw that after I had gone back to sleep last Friday then had computer problems

ladyreedc: there was an oil explosion here..that made all the international flights moving out from here that day to it has been rescheduled till tomorrow expect by wednesday morning
ladyreedc: joe you should learn how to respect people of my kind

Joe X: are you there sweetheart and still want to meet you?
Joe X: what kind is that?

ladyreedc: ?
ladyreedc: can you call the manager..i still owe then a little token so they will allow me to check out by tomorrow pls

Joe X: I heard about the oil explosion since it was international news and very sad for all of the people who died

[There are horrible explosions in Nigeria quite often, which of course has nothing to do with "Connie", who is possibly a woman but certainly a scammer. People tap into oil-lines to siphon off oil, then there's a spark from something and bang. A Kindly Contributor who used to work in the West African oil industry commented that oil workers have been mobbed in the past when trying to repair equipment. Militia are now systematically attacking oil companies, trying to shut down production until the locals get a meaningful share of the pie. But that's another story, and this is just a comedy site.]

ladyreedc: i beg of you joe
ladyreedc: i'm really scared of that's going on here baby

Joe X: it sounds very tragic and scary
Joe X: a beautiful woman like yourself stuck in Africa still must be very intimidating

ladyreedc: yes joe am so scared...wish am here with someone..but am all alone
ladyreedc: it's flight takes off by morrow

Joe X: I hope that you were able to reschedule your flight out of there

ladyreedc: yes it's tomorrow
ladyreedc: tuesday..i sent you an offline about it right?

Joe X: no

ladyreedc: yes.............i did in your other ID
ladyreedc: i kept sending you offline massages
ladyreedc: infact joe am very mad at you
ladyreedc: you shouldn't say all that to me

Joe X: at least I didn't get it...that other account had to be cancelled when I reset my internet
Joe X: send me your itenerary to:

ladyreedc: how much is money that woiuld make you sound so outrageous to me?
ladyreedc: ?

Joe X:


Joe X: you are sounding a little upset this morning my love

ladyreedc: yes..i should baby
ladyreedc: who won't be?

Joe X: at least your hotel must be on the beach or something so enjoy it while you can until you get a flight away from there
Joe X: work on your sun tan

ladyreedc: ? BUZZ!!!

Joe X: I want to visit Pago Pago sometime with you
Joe X: Do you have a house or apartment there?

ladyreedc: really.....?
ladyreedc: are you serious joe?
ladyreedc: yup....

Joe X: your profile says you like boats so would like to go scuba diving with you since I love tropical islands

ladyreedc: can you call the really worried about tomorrow
ladyreedc: i'll be getting out of here by tomorrow been tuesday
ladyreedc: can you?
ladyreedc: i need to settle thinmg with them

Joe X: don't worry honey...I want you to tell me more about yourself and what you like to do

ladyreedc:BUZZ!!! you already know all that

ladyreedc has signed back in. (5/15/2006 5:03 AM)

Joe X: no I don't since want you to tell me what you like in a man
Joe X: hello?

ladyreedc: i read your profile before
ladyreedc: am here

Joe X: what kind of music do you like?

ladyreedc: R n B,pop and jass

Joe X: do you like to go skinny dipping in warm tropical water?

ladyreedc: whatever.can you call the hotel and stop waesting my time
ladyreedc: am packing my things

Joe X: how about if you give me a call?

ladyreedc: giving you a call...?
ladyreedc: i told you sometime that i got no call card

Joe X: Then what is the phone number that I should call to say hello to you in person?

ladyreedc: are you alright...or are you some kinda sick or stressed?

Joe X: stressed with love for you since was hoping you would have called me from New York when you landed there on Saturday

ladyreedc: i have the manager's number...and he wants me to pay the hotle before leaving
ladyreedc: may if you call the you can ask him to speak to me

Joe X: ok

ladyreedc: 2348026014789
ladyreedc: call him

Joe X: hold on, let me write this down
Joe X: who do I ask for?

ladyreedc: k

Joe X: is that the Adipabap hotel or something...I forget


Joe X: please spell the hotel name and who I am to speak with

ladyreedc: yes..Abidap hotel

Joe X: i am need to buzz
Joe X: Abidap it

ladyreedc: thought i loose you
ladyreedc: yep

Joe X: Who do I ask for?

ladyreedc: k..Mr.George Koe

ladyreedc has signed back in. (5/15/2006 5:15 AM)

ladyreedc: the manager

Joe X: got it, Mr. George Koe, the manager

ladyreedc: yep

Joe X: ok
Joe X: sweetie, I have to take some coffee off of the burner and poor a cup, can you wait a couple minutes for me?

ladyreedc: are you calling.........
ladyreedc: yeah sure
Joe X: need some coffee, back in a flash

ladyreedc: got ya

Joe X: ok, I am back sweetie. I have to admit that was very sad that you didn't make your flight to New York since thought we would have met each other in person by now.
Joe X: I hope that the KLM ticket agent I sent the money to will take care of you on rescheduling your flight due to the delays from the pipeline explosion last Friday.

ladyreedc: it's noy fault...i told you what happened here that made all flight to reschedule operations
ladyreedc: i'll be on my way tomorrow tuesday

Joe X: Are you still going to fly to Amsterdam then to New York after the stopover?

ladyreedc: yes it's been done honey
ladyreedc: it's a general stuff
ladyreedc: yes..thats the flight schedule

Joe X: Maybe you can reschedule so that you can fly to San Francisco so you don't have to do another flight from New York to see me?

ladyreedc: really...i will let him know about probably he can do something about baby

ladyreedc has signed back in. (5/15/2006 5:26 AM)

ladyreedc: thats a great idea

Joe X: did I loose you?

ladyreedc: nope am here

Joe X: "me casa cest you casa" is a mexican/californian saying that means "my house is your house" which is a welcome for a friend who needs a place to stay

ladyreedc: hello

Joe X: I'm here baby

ladyreedc: ok..sounds good to me though we still need to sourt things out joe when i get there
ladyreedc: have you called the hotel manager

Joe X: of course...I will treat you like a princess in a very nice hotel until we are friends enough to share our love for each other

ladyreedc: thats would be great baby

Joe X: Just finishing my coffee, am calling now, hold on a minute

ladyreedc: k

At this point I wasted my phone bill money (for the principal of it and to f$%k with these a$*#&%es) so called and spoke to someone at the following phone number: (2348026014789) which was answered as "Abidap Hotels International" and asked for a Mr. George Koe "the hotel manager" and spoke with him for a minute who said he is familiar with Connie Reed and went to find her downstairs from his office in the "internet café". After another minute an African female with poor English came on the line that was obviously Nigerian and not a white resident of American Samoa so told her that "we have a bad connection" since didn't want to waste any more international call toll time on this reverse scam exposure project and said that I would send her the money she needs.

The Yahoo chat resumes as follows:

ladyreedc: joe

ladyreedc has signed back in. (5/15/2006 5:37 AM)

ladyreedc: that was lovely speaking you on the phone BUZZ!!!

Joe X: I couldn't heare you very well but you sound very nice and can't wait to meet you.

ladyreedc: did you hear the way the hotel manager was talking to me?
ladyreedc: i'm just scared baby

Joe X: he sounded very mean

ladyreedc: i need to get the hell out of this place

Joe X: I need to get you out of there as soon as possible

ladyreedc: yes...thats why am so scared baby

Joe X: hold on, I have to take a business call on my other phone line...wait for me a minute or two

ladyreedc: i don't need any other thing from you...apart from the hotel bills i owe them
ladyreedc: ok honey

Joe X: I am back now
Joe X: Mr. George Koe did not tell me what the hotel bills you still owe are and do you have enough money to get to the airport and pay for things like food and drink during your travel to see me in America?
Joe X: hello Connie, are you there?

ladyreedc: yes am here joe

ladyreedc has signed back in. (5/15/2006 5:48 AM)

ladyreedc: am crying....cos the way he spoke to me now am crazy about it

Joe X: that is not very nice to treat a pretty lady like yourself

ladyreedc: i mean the hotel manager

Joe X: I understand sweetheart...I am here for you

ladyreedc: he keeps screaming at me

Joe X: go out to the beach and take a breath and relax
Joe X: I can talk to you later

ladyreedc: i feel like going to the airport and sleep there untill tomorrow

Joe X: maybe that would be a good idea

ladyreedc: there are no beach around here..besides am not in the mood am just shaking

Joe X: what do you need me to do for you honey?

ladyreedc: i need to pay the hotel so as to have my peace and rest of mind

Joe X: peace of mind is very important in our life since it is often too short when bad karma gets in the way to mess with you

ladyreedc: i don't understand?
ladyreedc: expanciate

Joe X: I just meant that mean people carry bad karma and mean people like the hotel manager that is yelling at you will have a bad accident someday
Joe X: or some other bad thing might happen in their life that will make them sorry for all of the bad things they did in their lives

ladyreedc: am really scared here..
ladyreedc: yes
ladyreedc: i believe you baby

Joe X: that is why I am telling you this life lesson about how you are scared but to keep your nose up in the air and proud to be an American citizen and don't worry about people who treat you badly
Joe X: Since you are from American Samoa I assume that you are an American citizen since it is one of our territories?

ladyreedc: precisely..
ladyreedc: i love the way you talk
ladyreedc: are you too fat?

Joe X: In fact, I have an idea for you
Joe X: No way, am not fat at all, very tall with a little tummy from good food

ladyreedc: wow...that my man

Joe X: My idea is for you to go to the US Embassy or Consulate and explain your problem to them since they can give you the money to pay your hotel bill and will probably give you another place to stay if you are being yelled at by your hotel manager.
Joe X: They will probably even send a security specialist over to pick up your bag if the hotel manager is holding it until you pay your bill like you last told me on Friday.

ladyreedc has signed back in. (5/15/2006 5:59 AM)

ladyreedc: joe i don't need all that now...i'll be out of here by tomorrow
ladyreedc: so whats the need...?

Joe X: Oh, I thought you needed to pay your bill and the US Embassy or Consulate in Lagos will help you with a $2000 loan to get you home....just an idea for you that occured to me

ladyreedc: joe i told you i don't need all that what am supposed to balance them is $350 only...and thats what i need from you

Joe X: I can call them for you if you are scarred and I am sure they will send someone to pick you up
Joe X: I have some connections with the CIA and have a special phone number to call.

ladyreedc: why am scared it's the bills i've not paidf
ladyreedc: yet
ladyreedc: nope..they are not after my life
ladyreedc: just that i owe them

Joe X: I feel so stupid since forgot about this since an old friend from college works with the CIA and am sure he can get me a phone number to call in Lagos to help you out....what was I thinking....I should have done this sooner to help you honey

ladyreedc: i'll be fine joe..........i don't need all that now ok...i've stayed here for almost couple of weeks now
ladyreedc: by tommorow i'ld be out if here
ladyreedc: out of here

Joe X: Are you feeling better after a couple of weeks after the funeral for your father?

ladyreedc: i'm pissed about the whole bulshit

Joe X: You know I feel bad that I never asked his name and if your mom has already passed on which is why she isn't with you?

ladyreedc: i wish i never came joe...really!!!

Joe X: I believe you sweetie

ladyreedc: everything about this place is bored
ladyreedc: the weather is too hot down here

Joe X: I am going to sing you a song to make you feel better...pretend you hear my guitar playing as you read it:

ladyreedc: lol....
ladyreedc: i love the way you talk to me
ladyreedc: you make me feel like a woman

Joe X: Blackbird singing in the dead of night, Take these broken wings and learn to fly, All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise

ladyreedc: am proud you baby

Joe X: Blackbird singing in the dead of night, Take these sunken eyes and learn to see, All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free
Joe X: Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly, into the light of a dark black night

ladyreedc has signed back in. (5/15/2006 6:11 AM)

ladyreedc: sounds did you know the song?

Joe X: That is an old Beatles tune written by Paul McCartney
Joe X: I have it memorized since am an ameteur rock and roll musician.

ladyreedc: i love marvin gaye

Joe X: Me too

ladyreedc: are the man am looking for

Joe X: I love his song called Sexual Healing

ladyreedc: truely this is the love of my life
ladyreedc: wowww
ladyreedc: joe...really
ladyreedc: that my best track
ladyreedc: ohh my God...what am i doing here
ladyreedc: am gon crazy

Joe X: My other favorite Beatles song is called All You Need Is Love

ladyreedc: cool...i also love songs of lionel richie

Joe X: I don't know his music very well but would recognize his hits

ladyreedc: joe am so lonely here
ladyreedc: k

Joe X: Do you like Y'assu N'door...he is a famous West African musician that you might have heard since you have been in the country for a couple of weeks

ladyreedc: lol....i'm not used to african stuffs...never needed to know any either

Joe X: oh, I just thought you might have heard his music in a disco while you were there....whatever

ladyreedc: i have my apple mini disc player with me

Joe X: I wish we had a better phone connection when I spoke with you since would have liked to talk with you more but it is expensive to call from the U.S.

ladyreedc: i listen to songs i downloaded on it all the while am here
ladyreedc: i love the way you speak...i can't wait to see you joe
ladyreedc: am really thrilled on your voice
ladyreedc: joe i wanna know if you have any other gal(s

Joe X: I have the 3 photos of you printed out here and was wondering if I could ask you your size so I can buy you some nice Victoria's Secret lengerie, bath robe, and evening gown for when you get here to see me
Joe X: I wish you could send me some more photos of you that I can think about you

ladyreedc:promise me you'll not break my heart..cos most American men are not trust worthy
ladyreedc:baby thats all i have in the site the rest are in pago pago
ladyreedc:we'll see each by wednesday monrning unfailingly
ladyreedc:each other

Joe X: Why would I send you money to help with your plane ticket then call you and spend all of this time chatting with you on the internet unless I was trustworthy?
Joe X: I am hoping you are as sweet and nice as you sounded on the phone and the way you talk to me here on Yahoo.
Joe X: I also can tell a trustworthy person just by looking at photos since am a bit of a psychic and can read thru peoples souls by looking at their photos.
Joe X: What I see is a good soul that is falling in love but needs help
Joe X: Your eyes in the photo with the pink dress are all I need to see to know that you are a kind person at heart and in your soul
Joe X: I want to be your soul mate honey...please be mine
Joe X: baby are you there or am I boring you?
Joe X: I think I am having computer problems again or lost you.
Joe X: I will be back in a minute


ladyreedc: did i loose you?
ladyreedc: joe are you there
ladyreedc: hello
ladyreedc: joe
ladyreedc: are you there?
ladyreedc: what are you doing?
ladyreedc: joe
ladyreedc: hello
ladyreedc: talk to me joe am lonely
ladyreedc: what are you doing?

Joe X: I am back computer had another problem...sorry sweetheart

ladyreedc: ohhh

Joe X: talk to me sexy

ladyreedc: did i loose you again?

Joe X: no I am here

ladyreedc: am here..waiting for you to talk to me my silly

Joe X: now you are my silly gal to
Joe X: I told you I was a psychic and was looking for a happy soul like yours

ladyreedc: i'm inlove with you've taken over my heart
ladyreedc: yep..i know we can get along with each other

Joe X: pretend you are with me in person and tell me you really love me

ladyreedc: joe... you have to send me the $350 at once..i wanna pay the hotel management the bills at once i don't want anymore bulshits from anyone

Joe X: I will after you tell me how wet you are getting for me
Joe X: what are you going to do to me when I see you that is a turn on?
Joe X: come on sexy to me

ladyreedc: am back now
ladyreedc: i went to the receptionist
ladyreedc: yeah honey am here my loly pop

Joe X: I call it my Ferrari

ladyreedc: i'll grab your heard
ladyreedc: common baby don't turn me on here k

Joe X: and it has a lot of Ferrari that is
Joe X: it is painted in Imola Red and needs a few minutes to get warmed up then is a very fast sports car

ladyreedc: ohh baby...i want to feel your warmness inside me

Connie Reed has signed back in. (5/15/2006 6:44 AM)

ladyreedc: are silly joe
ladyreedc: stop making me go crazy
ladyreedc: i think i love you joe

Joe X: Go to your room and sign back on with me so we can talk dirty to each other

ladyreedc: i wish they have computer inside the's a few computer they have here down stairs
ladyreedc: they don't have in the rooms

Joe X: then pretend you are in your room thinking about my Ferrari

ladyreedc: baby are you gonna make love to me over and over again if i see you?
ladyreedc: are you gonna dig me deep inside

Joe X: all night until you can't take it anymore

ladyreedc: am wet joe pls stop this
ladyreedc: lol...untill am pregnant huh?

Joe X: no babies for now...I want to have fun and travel with you

ladyreedc: just's gonna be fun fun fun all the days of our lives
ladyreedc: i can feel it baby

Joe X: me is destiny since like I told you am a psychic and can actually feel your soul over the internet

ladyreedc: we're souls mates
ladyreedc: joe do you have a big pennis?
ladyreedc: lol...

Joe X: please discreet...I told you it is my Ferrari
Joe X: yes is the answer and it is a high performance sports car

ladyreedc: ohh....what model is your Ferrari?
ladyreedc: lol

Joe X: lol

ladyreedc: is it a turbor engine powered

Joe X: at low revs the turbo does not kick in but once we reach higher rpms the turbo engages all the way to red line
Joe X: I am laughing at how funny that

ladyreedc: ohh are making soaked
ladyreedc: i have to rush to the baethroom k
ladyreedc: brb

Joe X: ok...I need another cup of coffee and will wait for you honeybunch

Connie Reed has signed back in. (5/15/2006 6:55 AM)

Joe X: are you back yet sexy Connie Reed?

ladyreedc: yes babylove
ladyreedc: lol

Joe X: I am doing a Tarot Card reading now and think that we are made for each other baby just by the way you talk and can feel your energy

ladyreedc: baby can you send the so it can be collected on time to avoid delays
ladyreedc: pls
ladyreedc: am really about it

Joe X: Uh Oh...I see a possible bad sign in the cards...hmmm this is interesting

ladyreedc: am really worried about it

Joe X: The cards say that you must get to me as soon as possible to get out of danger

ladyreedc: what?
ladyreedc: hmmm
ladyreedc: what cards?

Joe X: Tarot cards...I told you I was a psychic among other talents like sex

ladyreedc: joe..can you send the $350 pls
ladyreedc: we'll still be talking all day if you want to
ladyreedc: but i want it to be collected at once so i can pay that off ok
ladyreedc: pls

Joe X: ok honey

ladyreedc: am waiting..

Joe X: Who do I send the money to?

ladyreedc: do you still have the name of the guy in KLM which i gave you?

Joe X: Yes, do you trust him?

ladyreedc: yes

Joe X: Are you sure you will be able to transfer the funds to pay your hotel bill at the Abidap Hotel?

ladyreedc: you mean the guy?

Joe X: The hotel manager Mr. George Koe

ladyreedc: baby use the name of the guy in KLM i gave you the money will get to me

ladyreedc: i'll get him informed to get the money
ladyreedc: did i loose you?

Joe X: still here am looking for my western union info

ladyreedc: k
ladyreedc: is that what you are looking for?

Joe X: Is it Gozie Ihiasota for pick up in Lagos, Nigeria since it can be picked up anywhere?

Connie Reed has signed back in. (5/15/2006 7:07 AM)

ladyreedc: yes Gozie Ihiasota,address lagos nigeria

Joe X: I mean any western union office or do I need to send it to a particular office....I forgot

ladyreedc: no just lagos nigeria
ladyreedc: thats all
ladyreedc: k

Joe X: See honey, I told you I had it written down but had to find my notes from last Thursday or Friday May 14th or 15th whenever I sent it since get confused on what time it is here compared to what time it is in Lagos, Nigeria
Joe X: What security question should I use since last time the question was "MY FAVORITE CAR" of which the answer was "AUDI"

ladyreedc: use the same question and answer

Joe X: Maybe we should change it to "MY FAVORITE CAR" and the answer is "FERRARI" just for fun

ladyreedc: MY FAVORITE CAR as question

Joe X: yes
Joe X: FERRARI as answer

ladyreedc: ok

Joe X: you got it

ladyreedc: thats good baby
ladyreedc: yes
ladyreedc: baby can you make it up 500 for me pls..i beg of you ok
ladyreedc: yes i do baby
ladyreedc: can you?
ladyreedc: ok
ladyreedc: pease

Joe X: Sure, why not since am feeling lucky today with my new sexy baby that is going to love me all night when I see her and treat her like a princess

ladyreedc: ty baby

Joe X: Ok sweetie, I have to call my bank and transfer some funds into the account I am going to use then will be back online in about 15 minutes to give you the MTCN number.
Joe X: I will be back in about 15 minutes so check back then honey
Joe X: Ok?

ladyreedc: you want me to be here huh?
ladyreedc: am gonna be here baby
ladyreedc: np

Joe X: I want to talk with your sexy soul and think about your body with the photos I put on my wall in front of the computer

ladyreedc: but you have to be snappy ok

Joe X: honey, I am doing you a favour so don't be impatient baby

ladyreedc: ohh that great joe am so flattered
ladyreedc: nope am not

Joe X: to you soon sweetie....logging off for now

ladyreedc: k
ladyreedc: 15 minutes huh?

Joe X: yes now have to go

ladyreedc: k..i'll be here baby

Monday 7:20 am Pacific Time:
I now called western union fraud department to follow up after already reporting the fraud during the weekend and wanted to report to them that a Gozie Ihiasota (same name as previous fraud) will be trying to pick up a fake MTCN wire transfer for $500 in Lagos, Nigeria with the security question "My Favorite Car" and the answer will be "Ferrari". The result of this phone call is that they can't do anything nor will they inform the Lagos, Nigeria western union offices that Gozie Ihiasota will be picking up a fake wire transfer.

Joe X: Are you there baby?

ladyreedc: yes baby am here
ladyreedc: been waiting for you

Joe X: Ok, just so I have this correct once again am making the transfer now

ladyreedc: ok baby

Joe X: Gozie Ihiasota, Lagos, Nigeria
Joe X: Security Question: My Favorite Car
Joe X: Security Answer: Ferrari
Joe X: Did I spell everything right?

ladyreedc: yes

Joe X: you have to promise me to sign back in and chat some more after you go pick up the money

ladyreedc: yes i promise baby
ladyreedc: i promise

Connie Reed has signed back in. (5/15/2006 7:41 AM)

ladyreedc: this time is not for flight ticket but for the hotel bills so i will be here to talk with you
ladyreedc: k

Joe X: I want to get inside your soul since can't have your body until I see you and you are going to be my new soul mate and the father of my children someday

ladyreedc: yes baby
ladyreedc: my silly man

Joe X: Since I am a psychic musician with magical powers of the body we just have to pretend for now until we can be together
Joe X: Am making the wire transfer now so wait until I get the MTCN number.
Joe X: Talk sexy to me while we wait for it together
Joe X: come on can talk a little dirty without anyone seeing you in the hotel
Joe X: I guess I should stop this transaction since you are not sounding very thankful....


ladyreedc: am here honey

Joe X: did you read what I a little sexy to me since am waiting for the email confirmation number...MTCN I think it is that we are waiting for

ladyreedc: tell me again baby

Joe X: now they want me to call them again to authorize the transaction....make my Ferrari get warmed up

ladyreedc: lol...joe common

Joe X: I said you should talk a little sexy to me while we wait since am being so nice to you

ladyreedc: we'll do anything we want when are together baby

Joe X: am on hold now waiting for the operator

ladyreedc: ok

Joe X: do you like Ferrari's between your finely shaped breasts?

ladyreedc: just immergine when am standing in your front stact naked....what would you do?
ladyreedc: lol...joe
ladyreedc: you are crazy

Joe X: make you feel like a natural woman
Joe X: I know I am crazy...that is what all of my girlfriends say but you are going to be the love of my life

ladyreedc: yep
ladyreedc: are going to be my heart forever

Joe X: tell me your sexiest fantasy while I wait for this stupid number from them

ladyreedc: i promise

Joe X: have you ever heard of the "mile high club"?

Connie Reed has signed back in. (5/15/2006 7:53 AM)

ladyreedc: am not really into clubbing..but will go with you'

Joe X: no...this is a special "club" involving that you become a member when you have sex on an airliner in the bathroom at 35000 feet.
Joe X: it really should be called the "8 mile high club"
Joe X: anyway, we will have to join the club when we fly to Hawaii after you get here to see me

ladyreedc: yep

Joe X: hold on the phone

ladyreedc: i agree with you joe
ladyreedc: ok

Joe X: tell me your wildest fantasy
ladyreedc: caressing my breasts
ladyreedc: lol

Joe X: tell me more
Joe X: ok...have confirmation and am getting the email in a couple minutes with the number

ladyreedc: k

Joe X: baby, baby, baby tell me more tell me more tell me more sweetie

ladyreedc: i love it when you caress my thigh
ladyreedc: ohhh joe common

Joe X: don't stop baby

ladyreedc: are you heard
ladyreedc: do you wanna come

Joe X: not until you get here

ladyreedc: do you feel like your ferrari is in my BMW?

Joe X: I like that race between a Ferrari and a hot sexy BMW

ladyreedc: cool..i like that cos it does not make sense coming while we are not together yet

Joe X: but we can warm up our engines

ladyreedc: lol...
ladyreedc: yup..the engines are one already
ladyreedc: ready to zoom off deep inside

Joe X: My Ferrari can take your BMW any time of day or night and your engine will be very hot and tired

ladyreedc: are you gonna run up 220km/ph?
ladyreedc: lol

Joe X: Only after starting sweet and slow to give you a head start on getting your engine warmed up
Joe X: ok hold on....I think I have the email

ladyreedc: cool...
ladyreedc: ok

Joe X: MTCN: 9xxxx23xxx
Joe X: Gozie Ihiasota
Joe X: Lagos, Nigeria

ladyreedc: k

Connie Reed has signed back in. (5/15/2006 8:05 AM)

Joe X: Question: Favorite Car
Joe X: Answer: Ferrari

ladyreedc: k

Joe X: How long do you think it will take you to get the money and talk to me again?

ladyreedc: Stephen X huh?

Joe X: yep

ladyreedc: about 15 minutes
ladyreedc: k

Joe X: ok baby, talk to you soon

ladyreedc: ok baby
ladyreedc: i'll miss you
ladyreedc: be good k

Joe X: ok safe and get your bills paid
ladyreedc: don't look into any other gal eyes k
Joe X: so you can see me soon

ladyreedc: yep i'll do that rightaway
ladyreedc: yep baby....i can't wait anymore

Joe X: bye for now

ladyreedc: i gotto run now baby talk to you soon k
ladyreedc: bye honey
ladyreedc: be safe and cool
ladyreedc: love ya

Joe X: ok, I am going to get some breakfast so talk with me soon honey

ladyreedc: make sure you take your breafast k

ladyreedc: (5/15/2006 8:10:41 AM): i'll be here with you soon today k

Have now signed back into Yahoo Messenger under the same temporary name after my "breakfast" at 9:06 am PST and have Yahoo IM'd "Connie Reed" to get a reaction from my fake wire transfer:

Joe X: hi sweetie did you get the money?
Joe X: I am back from breakfast now and can't wait to hear from you

ladyreedc: hi baby
ladyreedc: Gozie said that the western union people said that the money is not there

Joe X: what?

ladyreedc: hellooo


Joe X: hi am here

Connie Reed has signed back in. (5/15/2006 9:25 AM)

ladyreedc: honey pls can you check on it again

Joe X: what happened...I told you I sent the money
Joe X: I've been thinking about my precious BMW baby

ladyreedc: hello

Joe X: I hope you didn't have to go all the way to airport or is Gozie in the city at a KLM office?
Joe X: hello baby are you there?

ladyreedc: yes
ladyreedc: talk to me

Joe X: I asked you a question
Joe X: I have an email with the confirmation of the western union wire transfer
Joe X: did you write the number down incorrectly?
Joe X: hello baby?

ladyreedc: honey am here
ladyreedc: i got booted
ladyreedc: the western union people told us the money is not there
ladyreedc: can you call them again pls

Joe X: are you back at the hotel?
Joe X: I will call now....hang on a minute

ladyreedc: no am talking from a computer at the airport premises
ladyreedc: ok baby

Joe X: Wait a second...please type me the MTCN number so I can make sure you didn't make a mistake or god forbid I accidently did

ladyreedc: ok
ladyreedc: 9xxxx23xxx

Joe X: let me check my email again, I have to close this window for a right back

ladyreedc: they told is no match found
ladyreedc: which means all the information are not there]

Joe X: I am so sorry honey

ladyreedc: what happened?

Joe X: When I don't have my reading glasses on sometimes I write things down dyslexically which means that I sometimes reverse numbers

Connie Reed has signed back in. (5/15/2006 9:37 AM)

Joe X: Oh shit...I think I reversed a number

ladyreedc: hmmm

Joe X: Please don't get mad at me, I am so sorry
Joe X: This is the number

ladyreedc: am all ears

Joe X: MTCN: 9xxxx32xxx
Joe X: I switched the 2 and the 3 accidently

ladyreedc: really

Joe X: Please don't get mad was an honest mistake

ladyreedc: now which one is correct

Joe X: you just typed me 9xxxx23xxx right?

ladyreedc: can you forward the confirmation slip to my box

Joe X: The correct MTCN number is 9xxxx32xxx
Joe X: I am so sorry to embarass you like this

ladyreedc: it was really unbelievable

Joe X: I am sure that Gozie will understand, tell him I am very sorry for the problem.

ladyreedc: he's here
ladyreedc: but not with me here

Joe X: I usually don't wear my reading glasses when working on my computer and wrote it down on my paper from last week with Gozie's name incorrectly
Joe X: I have to write down the number from the email since Yahoo chat is in a different computer window
Joe X: Please forgive me sweetie

ladyreedc:'s ok
ladyreedc: it's just a love carried away mistake
ladyreedc: i understand
ladyreedc: can i have the real numbers now

Joe X: baby where are you...please don't be mad at me since it was an honest mistake

ladyreedc: am at the airport

Joe X: ok, I will type them again

ladyreedc: am using one of the computers here

Joe X: ok

ladyreedc: ok
ladyreedc: be careful this time k

Joe X: This time I will make it absolutely perfect and have copied the numbers from the western union email and double and triple checked them
Joe X: MTCN: 9xxxx32xxx

ladyreedc: lol

Joe X: do you have it now
Joe X: You can't forget the security question since know you are thinking about my FERRARI

ladyreedc: k

Connie Reed has signed back in. (5/15/2006 9:50 AM)

Joe X: are you their my sexy baby?

ladyreedc: amount sent
ladyreedc: yep
ladyreedc: how much did you send

Joe X: I told you I sent $500
Joe X: for my new love

ladyreedc: you told me yes..but am trying to make sure everything is perfect this time
ladyreedc: k
ladyreedc: Joseph M. X?
ladyreedc: the name huh?

Joe X: yep

ladyreedc: k
ladyreedc: i'll have to tell Gozie so we can go back there k

Joe X: ok

ladyreedc: can you forward the info to me now
ladyreedc: pls

Joe X: get back to me as soon as you can baby

ladyreedc: i wanna have a look on it

Joe X: what info

ladyreedc: the western union info
ladyreedc: i don't like what the western union told us

Joe X: you want me to forward it to your email?

ladyreedc: yes

Joe X: should I send it to


Joe X: What did they tell you honey?

ladyreedc: they said the you gave me is no match
ladyreedc: info

Joe X: I told you I made a mistake on the number

ladyreedc: it's was written this way on the form NMF

Joe X: you have the correct MTCN number now

ladyreedc: ohh yeah...
ladyreedc: this right?
ladyreedc: 9xxxx32xxx
ladyreedc: ?

Joe X: yes that is correct now, see how I flipped the 2 and the 3 accidently from the first number you said I gave you

ladyreedc: i see
ladyreedc: we'll check back now
ladyreedc: brb with you k baby

Joe X: ok sweetie, lots of love and am thinking about you honey

ladyreedc: pls i don't want anymore midstakes
ladyreedc: k


Joe X: I am here baby

ladyreedc: u there?
ladyreedc: i don't want anymore midstakes

Joe X: yes am here, I thought you were going to go and get your money

ladyreedc: k..i will go now..brb in a gifay k

Connie Reed has signed back in. (5/15/2006 10:02 AM)

Joe X: ok honey

ladyreedc: be here am coming back at ya baby

Joe X: I need to sign off for a few minutes but will be back by the time you get back

[Oh no, won't you give me Samoa? Another brief, obviously doomed love affair with the Lads]