From a Kindly Contributor in the USA who went looking for love and found "Jenny".
"Jenny" has a master's in banking from Oxford University, but banks with Two Trunk Boxes in West Africa.
Admission to Oxford apparently doesn't require much in the way of written fluency either.
Maybe it's time for Americans to let go of that sneaking inferiority complex.
Some personal details edited out or altered.

LonelyGuy:My name is Lonely. Where did you see my profile?


jenni_love29: Nice name you Have.

LonelyGuy: What is your screen name on Yahoo Personals?

jenni_love29: Jenni_Love29

jenni_love29: How old are you Lonely and where are you From

LonelyGuy: I am 45 and live in SomeCity. Grew up on the east coast

jenni_love29: Am 29yrs old single,USA okla Ardmore.

jenni_love29: Alright..How tall are you Lonely..?

LonelyGuy: 6-2

jenni_love29: Ok..Am 5.5ft tall 126lbs and all things about me is good ..am single Looking for soul mate who is caring lovely and honest

jenni_love29: Are you married? Lonely.

LonelyGuy: wasf

jenni_love29: ok.Are you single Now?

LonelyGuy: yes

jenni_love29: Tell me more about yourself Lonely..and tell me all what your looking for.

jenni_love29: Am new here online Lonely

jenni_love29: Whats your Email address so that i can tell you more about me.

jenni_love29:..or can we still talk for us to get to know each other very well?

LonelyGuy: It is tough to find that perfect woman

jenni_love29: Oh Yes it is touch..Cause your the second man i have talked with here online..the First man i talked with here came from India and his 85yrs old.

LonelyGuy: Do you have a photo online?

jenni_love29: Such i do...Do you have Pics?

LonelyGuy: they are in my profile

jenni_love29: Accept the file to view my pics

jenni_love29: What do you like doing for fun?

jenni_love29: I Like swimming Reading singing dancing and cooking..

LonelyGuy: Going to see shows, rollerblading, bowling, rollercoasters, playing slots

jenni_love29: Alright Lonely..Tell me all what your looking for in Woman.?

LonelyGuy: Thats tough, cuz I never seem to get it into words, but I will try.

jenni_love29: Same goes with me..Am Looking for a very Caring lovely and Honest Man..Who i can start a new life with..Tell me Lonely are you caring lovely and honest?

LonelyGuy: Someone that looks younger than me, does not take life seriously, not materialistic, faithful, trusting, loving, caring, honest, great smile, slim/ trim, easy going, very open minded

jenni_love29: Am Mixed Race..do you like woman thts Mixed?

LonelyGuy: Race is not a big issue with me.

jenni_love29: Whats your email address so that i can email you more about me and all what i want in man

LonelyGuy: my screenname @ here

jenni_love29: Well..Am Very faithfull trustworthy and easy going..Decent woman thatcame from a Good Home.

jenni_love29: How many woman have you talked with here online?

LonelyGuy: 20 or 30 i would guess

jenni_love29: Oh..thats too much..and you havnt seen your choice Yet.?

jenni_love29: Why

LonelyGuy: Usually they want to chat, we chat once, and find out we are looking for different things. Actively I am chatting with you and maybe one other.

jenni_love29: What do you do for Living? "work"

LonelyGuy: I work in xxxxxxxxxxx

jenni_love29: So your Talking with another one else on?

jenni_love29: Where are you now in your house bought or rented or at work..

LonelyGuy: I think she moved on, I caught her lying to me and told her I knew. Lying or cheating really pisses me off, and causes me not to trust that person

jenni_love29: Oh thats too Bad of her..Am a good Woman

jenni_love29: But i have been hurt before by my X boyfriend..Tell me Lonely Have you been Hurt before?

LonelyGuy: Two of my serious relationship ended because they cheated on me

jenni_love29: Oh am sorry..How did that Happened..Tell me how you have been hurt before and i will tell you all what my X bf did to me.

LonelyGuy: Yes, I have been hurt deeply.

jenni_love29: Oh am sorry thats too Sad to Hear and too Bad of Her.

jenni_love29: Will you like to know all what my X bf did to me.Lonely so that you can know all what am Looking for in Relationship.

LonelyGuy: My last gf broke up with me ... I confronted her that she was seeing someone else ... I am very smart, and knew her very well and figured it all out on my own. I had planned on marrying her!

LonelyGuy: Have you seen any of my dating profiles online?

jenni_love29: Yes..I saw your Profile on Yahoo.

LonelyGuy: What did your ex do? how long had you been dating?

jenni_love29: Well..I dated him for almost a year, that was when am still in School..

jenni_love29: UK Oxford University

jenni_love29: So thats allwhat he did to me..he really hurt me so much..he sold everything and ran Away.

jenni_love29: I dont care about him again thats why i came online Looking for older age cause i believe older age will know how to handle Love with Care.

jenni_love29: Whats your Full Name.?

LonelyGuy: Lonely Guy

jenni_love29: Nice name you have Lonely.

LonelyGuy: I am looking for a woman that is 10 - 20 years younger than me because they tend to be less bitter, not as materialistic, more carefree, and better looking

jenni_love29: And How old are you again if i may Ask

LonelyGuy: 45. My last gf was 20 years younger, and most of my friends are in their 20's or early 30's

jenni_love29: Ok..So I think your 10Yrs Plus older than me

LonelyGuy: 16 years to be exact, does that bother you?

jenni_love29: Nope...its doesnt Cause thats all what am Looking for

LonelyGuy: How did you end up in the States after Oxford

jenni_love29: Well..I was Born in USA okla Ardmore studied in UK Oxford UNiversity..My both parents Came from different countries..my momfrom USA and my Dad he from UK

jenni_love29: What City are you from?

LonelyGuy: SomeCity, MyState

jenni_love29: Alright.

jenni_love29: So tell me Lonely..Does the distance matters to you?

LonelyGuy: Yes, distance does matter. Anything over an hour drive prevents me from entering into a committed relationship. I have no issues chatting with you, getting to know each other.

jenni_love29: Ok..But am Ready to Relocate..

jenni_love29: Cause all what am Looking for is a good man who i can relocate with.

LonelyGuy: We should get to know each other fairly well online first, even to the point of 'dating'; then if we think it can go to the next step, then we could talk about relocation. I would not allow you to move in with me - long story. But if you did move to MyState, I would enter into a LTR with you. I believe in a long (3 - 4) courtship. Marriage is too important to rush into (lessons learned from the past ;) )

LonelyGuy: Care to hear some of my down sides?

jenni_love29: Lonely..I need a good Man who i can trust..Lonely can i trust you.

LonelyGuy: I am not Mr. Perfect

jenni_love29: Yes..I Would Love to Hear Lonely.

jenni_love29: Cause i dont want to Get hurt again by anyone...

LonelyGuy: This is only to be honest with you. I smoke, drink, almost never swear, believe that the total sharing of mind/ heart/ and body all are required in a relationship

jenni_love29: Alright.Well i think that doesnt Bother me.

jenni_love29: All what i want is good Heart

LonelyGuy: I work varied hours, sometimes 20 hours a week, other times 80 hours. I am not looking to have another child. I do believe in God and Jesus, but have not gone to church recently

LonelyGuy: That covers all of the downer stuff

jenni_love29: Alright i Understand Lonely...You sound so good to me..And also sound like a Caring good Man.

LonelyGuy: I am very caring. Also a romantic, loving, understanding, able to share my emtions with you (even on times use your shoulder to cry on) I love hugs and snuggling

jenni_love29: Hnm Nice and lovely Lonely..I never Heard man saying all things to me..that shows that your totally different

jenni_love29: Lonely..i think Now i can tell you something Lonely.but that will be only if i can trust you and if your a good Listener.

jenni_love29: Are you.

jenni_love29: ?

LonelyGuy: Oh, I am different from almost every other guy. I credit my therapist and last gf for bringing out the sensitive side out in me; and my mother for teaching me that woman are special and must be treated so. BTW I have never hit a woman, even if they hit me first

LonelyGuy: Yes, I am a better listener than communicater

jenni_love29: Lonely..After all what my X boyfriend did to me that he sold all my parents Properties and Ran Away..All what i Have left now is only my parents 500acres of lands in west african which my dad wanted to use to build oil company before he died

LonelyGuy: I can just listen, or offer suggestions, comfort, or what ever is needed

jenni_love29: Oh thats nice.

jenni_love29: Do you Understand Lonely E.? thats why i need someone who is 100% Trustworthy.

jenni_love29: Do you Understand Me Lonely.

LonelyGuy: Hon, my parents have assets that I have protect so far. What I have been given is mine (then my daughters) and what you have been give is yours and I have no desire to even know about it. I am not a rich man in money, but am happy, and have a loving family

jenni_love29: Wow....thats Nice to Hear Babe.you Good to me...

LonelyGuy: I am not a gold digger, and expect the same in my mate

jenni_love29: I want a man for who he is not for what he has.

jenni_love29: Oh Yes..Same with me..Am not a Gold Digger also...Cause i do care alot for my Mate.

LonelyGuy: Good, my pickup truck is over 12 years old, and looks it. But it still runs great

jenni_love29: Thats Nice..So Lonely..I want you to listen to me ok..

LonelyGuy: go ahead

jenni_love29: So i came down to west african to sell the 500acres of lands, and i have sold it now..Am in an Hotel right now but i dont want any one to know about it cause if people gets to know, i might get hurt by them...

jenni_love29: And the last time me and my Dad came for a Contract in west african i met a Lady then Called Susan...And now that i came to West African to sell my dads Lands. that is where i stayed "with susan"

jenni_love29: i sold it $2mill.And have been to many banks for me to tranfer the money from here down to UK, And i was unable to transfer the money by bank transfer,Due to there Undevelopment in Here...

jenni_love29: Shn.PLease i dont want anyone to know about it..Am telling you cause you sound good to me..thats why...Can i trust you Lonely...

LonelyGuy: Like I said, your money, not for me to care about.

jenni_love29: Ok Lonely..

jenni_love29: Same with me here Babe Lonely.

jenni_love29: So Lonely..I dont like here anymore..I want a Special man like you in my life..Who i can be with for the rest of my Life.

LonelyGuy: nothing wrong there. I love it here in the States, especially SomeCity - I do not think I would ever move

jenni_love29: good Lonely.

jenni_love29: Lonely..What are you thinking About me?

LonelyGuy: This is a beautiful state

jenni_love29: Oh Yes..it is.

jenni_love29: I love my Country Very well

jenni_love29: Have you Never been to OKla Ardmore Before?

LonelyGuy: No, and I have no clue as to where it is at

LonelyGuy: could you give me the link to your profile?

jenni_love29: http://profiles.yahoo.com/Jenni_Love29?intl=us&os=win&ver=7,0,0,437

jenni_love29: Thats it Lonely..Click on it ok.

LonelyGuy: I saw it. I was mistaken, I thought you had seen my dating profile

jenni_love29: So Lonely..I need Trust from you Lonely..

jenni_love29: Yes Lonely.I saw it.

LonelyGuy: You have my trust until you do something to lose it. That is not to say that I trust you as much I will years down the road - but I am a trusting guy

jenni_love29: No Babe..I will never do something

LonelyGuy: Just telling it as it is.

jenni_love29: Thats nice to Hear from you..

jenni_love29: Am a Very Caring Trusting woman

jenni_love29: You can trust me with everything.

jenni_love29: I mean Everything

jenni_love29: Lonely i want you to keep contact with me Lonely..And email me ok.

LonelyGuy: I will not trust you with my life for awhile, but few people have stuck around to get to that point.

jenni_love29: Yes for awhile but i have nothing to do with your Life..I will never hurt your Life..

LonelyGuy: and a side notr, I tend to take a tangent in a converstion for no apperant reason. When that happens, just ask me what in the world I am talking about ;)

jenni_love29: What in the world are you talking about.

jenni_love29: Lol

LonelyGuy: :D

LonelyGuy: I love to smile, and kid around. Even if I can get someone to laugh at me, then they have laughed

jenni_love29: OH Nice

jenni_love29: Same with me..

jenni_love29: I love Laughing

jenni_love29: What says your time Now?

LonelyGuy: 12:05PM, and you are at 8:05PM?

jenni_love29: You got it right..how do you know my time Here.?

jenni_love29: Lol

jenni_love29: Funny Lonely..Are you a Ghost?lol

LonelyGuy: Africa is all on the same time zone if I remember my schooling. One of the women that I have chatted with was in Nigeria, and we figured out that it was an 8 hour difference

jenni_love29: Do you Leave alone in your House.?

LonelyGuy: well, besides my cat and dog, yes

jenni_love29: Lonely Before i can come down to USA i will need to Clear my Boxes, but i think that cant take me more than 6days

LonelyGuy: That would be fast. I am interested meeting you f2f.

jenni_love29: But i dont know if i can trust you with it...if you can help me out,

LonelyGuy: You can trust me to be honest with you - for good or bad. A relationship must be built on honesty

jenni_love29: I will need to get something to eat now.

jenni_love29: Cause i have all the deposite details of my Boxes here with me.

LonelyGuy: go for it. I look forward to either chatting or emailing you. You have a wonderful evening. If I do not chat with before you go to bed, sweet dreams and I am sending hugs

jenni_love29: No..Am not going now Lonely.

jenni_love29: We need to talk more before i go for it

LonelyGuy: Oh, thought you were going to eat

jenni_love29: Not Now Lonely babe.

jenni_love29: Lonely Can you Help me out?

jenni_love29: I also Worked before in State as Clothing Designer ....

LonelyGuy: what was your degree in from Oxford?

jenni_love29: Masters.

jenni_love29: Why asking Lonely.

LonelyGuy: Masters in what?

jenni_love29: Banking and Finance

jenni_love29: You?

LonelyGuy: XXXXXX, BS only but loads of on the job training over 20 years

jenni_love29: Oh thats Nice Lonely.

LonelyGuy: so you went to were the money is at? ;)

jenni_love29: I dont understand.

LonelyGuy: Fraud a bank, be set for life

jenni_love29: What do you mean.

LonelyGuy: Banks hold money, and you went to the money. Normally people talk of doctors as going for the money (high salaries) but the banks are where it is at

LonelyGuy: never mind, just my quirky sense of humor

jenni_love29: Alright Lonely.

jenni_love29: Do you know all what i want you to do for me, Lonely with Sincere Mind.

LonelyGuy: no

jenni_love29: Lonely do you Understand me.?

LonelyGuy: No. Please spell it out for me.

jenni_love29: How do you mean Lonely..Do you Want me to Explain Better ?

LonelyGuy: I do not know what you are asking me to do, or even if you asking anything of me

jenni_love29: Ok..I will explain ok.

jenni_love29: I Have my Boxes Kept in the security company for security safe

jenni_love29: And i didnt tell the security company that my Boxes is full of money.I only tell them that its only my Travel Luggages..and i also tell them that i will let them know when and where to send it to when time comes.

jenni_love29: And now that am ready to Relocate.I want you to help me write to the security company as the receipient of my travelling luggages and do not tell them that boxes contains money, just you are my fiancee and you want my travelling luggage sent to you

LonelyGuy: That is not too hard. What form is the money in? Cash, check, bonds

jenni_love29: Babe..its in Cash...

jenni_love29: i kept it in Two Boxes.

LonelyGuy: My suggestion would be to have it wired.

jenni_love29: Your suggestion is very Nice Babe..thats what i wanted to do Before.

jenni_love29: But all banks i went to here said that such of amount cannot be transfered from here to another country Due to they Undevelopment here..thats why i decided to keep it in Boxes and get it deposited in the security company

jenni_love29: Do you Understand Lonely Babe,

LonelyGuy: So I guess I would need the security company'd name, address, e-mail address, your full name, address, and what all I need to say in the letter

jenni_love29: Yes i will email you all the info now ok and all what you need to do.

jenni_love29: Hang on.

LonelyGuy: oh, do not forget your passport number and the numbers on the boxes.

jenni_love29: Lonely.Check your inbox now.I just sent the deposite details now

LonelyGuy: checking

jenni_love29: Not needed of my Passport...all what you need is the deposite details of my Boxes and how to contact the security company..which i have explain all in the mail

jenni_love29: ok.

jenni_love29: :-*:-*:-*

LonelyGuy: if the boxes are full of cash, then you can use that to pay for it.

LonelyGuy: Thanks for playing

LonelyGuy: night

jenni_love29: What do you mean

jenni_love29: Am not Paying..yesi can pay for it myself

jenni_love29: Even Come with it my love..

jenni_love29: What do you mean by thanks for Playing.

LonelyGuy: you are asking me to send a small amount of money so that you will send me 2 illion dollars in cash. Now how stupid do you think I am. Even if this was not a widely published scam, I could smell it a mile away.

jenni_love29: No Babe..Am Not asking you for that.

jenni_love29: Dont Get me wrong.

jenni_love29: Babe ok..I will get it myself ok.

jenni_love29: So Babe what are you thinking ?

jenni_love29: Thats why i dont want to tell you this,

jenni_love29: Hello Lonely...You There..I need to get something to Eat Now Babe..When will you be online again Lonely.