Mr Johanna A. Abdullah: First Transgendered Lad?

Hey Ahmed, (says this Kindly Contributor),
Where and how did you get my email address?? I was born in Sierra Leone you dipShit, i will not be scammed by you.
your worst nightmare!!!

--- ahmed johanna  wrote:
 Dear Sir,
 I write to intimate you of a matter that requires an
 urgent attention. But briefly, I am Mr Johanna A.
 Abdullah, the first son of late Dr Ahmed Abdullah he
 was the chairman/CEO of the Sierra-Leone national
 Gold & Diamond Mining Corporation.
 It is my pleasure communicating with you for the
 first time and believe that it will lead to a better
 relationship between us. I hope you will not impede
 the trust and confidence I repose in you.
 I sent this letter from Abidjan in Cote d'Ivoire
 here I have an official refugee status with my mother
 after leaving our country due to an event that took place on
 Febuary 2001 which led to the arrest and detention
 of my father and six other men after a face off with
 the  Sierra-Leone government on allegation of subversive
 activities and treasonable offences which was
 nothing but a mere political persecution.
 After five months in the military detention camp my
 father was announced dead by the government special
 press release. Though I do not know to what extent
 you are familiar with the event and crisis in
 Sierra-Leone, however during the disturbance and
 prior to my father's death he gave me all the documents
 for the secret deposit he made in the security company
 in Abidjan. The deposit is US$ 18Million US Dollars, he
 made the deposit in one trunk box(cash), but the
 realcontent of the box was not disclosed to the
 security company officials as these were deposit as
 personal effect for security reasons.
 However I have gone to the security company to
 confirm the deposit and establish ownership, please I need
 your assistance urgently in moving this fund abroad
 for investment, when the fund is properly secured we
 will jointly invest in any business you consider
 I will be glad for your resolved assistance, I will
 kindly appreciate if we can talk and emerge words
 with action. With all honesty to the stated data in
 my message,i assure you of the genuity of this
 proposal. I will particularly be happy if you can
 handle this transaction in the most confidential
 manner since the rest of my life solely depends on
 this fund.
 It is the fear of betrayal from any one around us
 here  that informed my decision to contact a neutral
 individual like you, and I want you to educate me on
 investment potential in your country since I would
 not like to invest or stay in any of the African
 I will not hesitate to give you 20% of the total sum
 for your assistance, so if you will be able to
 assist me, please do urgently reply me for further
 clarification and confirmation and in other to stop
 further contacts.
 please call me at my private direct telephone number
 00225 07 96 12 24.
 Thank for your anticipated co-operation, May God
 bless you.
 Your Sincerely,
 Johanna A.Abdullah