"Donna Godchaux", last seen in TROUBLE AHEAD, TROUBLE BEHIND,
finds that Buthele Madinga just won't give up.
Now he wants to meet her in the chat rooms. See the chat transcript below.
Any mistakes in formatting are the fault of Scamorama.

Donna reports:

Here's the latest installment. I REALLY need to get another hobby.
... well shiver me timbers, I guess we are going to have Act III of
this little play after all. I really thought this one was over, and
can you blame me after the last few messages? But now is where we
start getting REALLY creepy.

Donna to Buthele:
  Well you must have a lot of time.  
We put together nearly 50 pages of messages between the 
five of us.  Or two of us.  Or however many of us there were. 
  How many people have you really gotten money from?  Actually, 
I find it amazing that people actually do send you Nigerians money, 
but I know that some do.  How much do you make doing this?  It must 
be a pretty good living if you have so much free time to engage in 
fake correspondence with an American college student just having a 
little fun.  Really, I'm curious how much you actually pull down 
doing this stuff.  It's gotta pay better than teaching undergraduate 
computer science classes, which is what I have to do to pay for 
school at C-M. 
  No animosity--we both had some fun with it--maybe we can learn a little from it? 

[Ed. Note-I started sending e-mails to all his
other e-mail addresses that I found on his computer,
just bugging him about all the fake names he had used.]

  From: Donna Dixon 
  Subject: Hee, hee! 
  To: louis.kotova@caramail.com 
  Hello again, Buthele! 
  From: Donna Dixon 
  To: htsala@hknetmail.com 
  Hi, Buthele! 
  To: buthelem@yahoo.com 
  From: Donna Godchaux 
  Subject: More? 
  Keep it up my little mugu! 
  To: buthele madinga buthelem@yahoo.com>
  From: Donna Godchaux 
  Ahmed Cole?  That's another good one. 

[I really figured this one was done a week ago,
but this morning, I got the following message!]

Buthele to Donna:
  From: buthele madinga buthelem@yahoo.com 
  Subject: Re: More? 
  To: Donna 
Donna to Buthele:
Really, truly?  Don't fool around now.  If you are serious, that's fine, 
but I don't want any more joking around.  I miss you, too, but how do I 
know you are not just continuing the scam?  I really am interested in what 
you guys do, too, but if you don't want to talk about that, that's fine.  
I know you work really hard at it because I know how much time it took me 
to weave my little stories for you. Are you really making any serious money, 
or are you just making enough to pay for your expressos and lattés at the 
internet café where you send these things from?  How would I get involved 
in doing it?  Just curious. 

Where should we meet, you devil, you?  Amsterdam?  Lagos?  How about Sandton?  
Maybe the Grace Hotel? Hee, hee.  Sounds like Zaire is out of the question, though? 

What's your real name, anyway?  I know all your fake ones from looking through 
your computer already.  By the way, your "hint" word for your password on your 
e-mail account "ahmed_cole2001@zwallet.com" is "Bingo", just in case you think 
I'm fooling.  Unless someone other scammer is using the same computer you are 
at the internet café! Wouldn't that be funny? 

If you have instant messenger, we wouldn't have to do e-mails.  How about it?  
And quit typing in all caps.  It's considered shouting! And I wouldn't sign off 
using the initials "B.M."  Here in the States, that means "Bowel Movement".  EEEW! 



Buthele to Donna:
  Is your name really donna? if not, what is your real name? 
  I can come on line for you either on MSN or YAHOO messenger 
  so we can chat. 
  Thinking of you, 
Buthele to Donna:
  get a yahoo or hotmail ID so we can chat online. 
  let me know when you will be online. 
  one more thing,are you black or white? married or single? 
  how old ar you?pls anwer these and any more you think i 
  should know. 
  thinking of you. 
Donna to Buthele:
  To: buthele madinga

  I already have a Yahoo ID I set up a couple years ago [xxxxxx].  
I have to figure out how to use the IM software though--I haven't used it.  
Email I'm comfortable with, but not IM.  Speaking of e-mail, my 30-day free 
trial of this internet provider is almost over, and I don't want to pay for 
the e-mail service, so I'll be going back to the yahoo e-mail.  Please use 
that from now on, because you might be getting bounces soon from this account. 
  I'm white, single, and 27 years old.  How about you? 
Buthele to Donna:
  Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 08:31:03 -0800 (PST) 
  From: buthele madinga <buthelem@yahoo.com> 
  Subject: come online now  
  i am online now.just log on to yahoo messenger 
  and invite me for chat.my ID is hakbacrier_airlords@yahoo.com. 
  i wish we met under different circmstances,other than this. 
  hope to catch you online. 
Donna to Buthele:
  Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 13:08:45 -0800 (PST) 
  I got your message, but I found out that C-M doesn't 
  allow instant messenger programs on its network!  They 
  block all the ports used by the IM programs because it 
  is so easy to send viruses via IM programs.  Sorry! 
  We could continue via e-mail, though? 

[Ed. Note-I was really stalling because I wanted to make sure
I could get on a computer that he couldn't trace back when I
was using the IM program.]

Buthele to Donna:
  what is your real name? 
  what would you like to know about me.? 
  i really wish we met under different circumstance.i really do. 
  its a pity. 
Donna to Buthele:

From: Donna Dixon 

Sorry I'm so slow to respond.  I'm carrying an extra 
class this semester, and I've got teaching duties for 
the undergrads, too.  Also working part-time for a 
software firm.  Busy, busy. 

Like I said in a previous e-mail, my real name is 
Donna.  What's yours?  How do you keep straight all 
the names you use in these letters?  Do you get them 
out of a phone book?  Seriously, I'm curious.  My 
uncle is an immigration lawyer in New York, and a lot 
of his clients are Nigerian.  A couple are sitting in 
jail right now for scams similar to what you do, so 
I'm really curious about how profitable the activity 
really is.  I mean, I'm sure you wouldn't do it if you 
weren't getting something out of it, but how much do 
you really make?  I literally get three or four of 
these e-mails every week, and all my friends are in 
the same boat.  I guess it's like the old adage my 
grampa used to say, "The wider the net, the more fish 
you catch." 

Anyway, I'm just curious about how the whole thing 
works.  I don't care about names, places or anything 
like that--I'm sure you have to protect whoever you 
work with, but I'd love to hear how the whole thing 


Donna to Buthele:
  From: Donna Dixon 
  I haven't heard from you in a little while.  I hope 
  all is well with you.  I heard there was a terrible 
  explosion in Lagos the other day.  I hope you weren't 
  affected by it. 
  Hope to hear from you soon! 

[...sad, but true. Something like 45 people were killed
in a bomb blast in downtown Lagos.]

Buthele to Donna:
  Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 06:00:07 -0800 (PST) 
  Give me a specific time when you will be able to go to a 
  cyber cafe and come online so we can chat. 
  i was not affected by any explosion anywhere. 

Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 06:03:48 -0800 (PST) 
From: Donna Dixon 

I'm glad to hear you are okay.  I would like to chat, 
but it seems like every time I get to a cafe, you are 
not on line.  Am I doing something wrong?  I haven't 
used these IM programs much, and I was using Yahoo 
Messenger the one time I sent you a message.  Is that 
the right one to use?  Do you know how much of a time 
difference there is between Pennsylvania and where you 

BTW, what on earth does your IM user name mean?  It 
sounds so intimidating!  What's an "Airlord"? 

I still don't know your real name, either.  Hee, hee. 

Also, I got a notice that my other e-mail address has 
been disconnected now--it was fun while it was free! 
You should use this one from now on.  Sorry for the 
switch, but I'm a student on a limited budget, and I 
have to save money where I can!  I wish I had money 
like my little character Donna Jean! 


[Actually, I do know a little about what an "Airlord" is-
it's one of a large number of fraternity-like organizations at universities
in Nigeria. Except instead of beer bongs and theme parties, these groups
go and kill other fraternity members during exams-read about it here:

http://allafrica.com/stories/199905110205.html?FACTNet This just
underscores that while we are all having fun with the mugus, this is serious
business. Let's be careful out there.]

Buthele to Donna:
  Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 08:50:01 -0800 (PST) 
  dear donna, 
  i got your mail.what you should do is to PM me whenever you are 
online.if i am online,then we can chat.i am online now for the next 
30 mins.if you are online,click "message" then put in my ID and semd 
me a message,i will then respond.oki? 
  miss u. 

[Enough of the chit-chat.
Time to wave some money in his face.
For the third time.]

  From: Donna Dixon
  Subject: Re: come online 
  To: buthele madinga 
  Sorry for the silence--I went to Atlantic City with a 
  couple girlfriends over the weekend.  I was playing 
  the quarter slot machines, and I won $6800!  We 
  decided to stay a couple extra days because the hotel 
  paid for our room after I won.  I guess they wanted me 
  to put the money back in the slot machines!  NO 
  CHANCE!  We stayed out late, drank a lot of champagne 
  and generally had a wild time.  Back to the grind, 
  You still haven't answered any of my questions about 
  you.  My but you are so mysterious...  Why the 
  Still trying to figure out the IM.  I'll try what you 
  suggested, though. 
Buthele to Donna:
Dear Donna, 

I got your mail.I am happy you wrote to me.Its good to hear 
that you are having a nice time.I wish it was the same for me 
here.Life is like hell that why we delve into this kind of "business".I 
hope you will understand.No one plans to end up like this. 

In your heart of hearts,will you be willing to assist me financiallly.I 
am only asking you for a favour.Here,only the high and mighty( the mediocres) 
in the society reap everything.We the common men are left with little or 
nothig.If it is your wish to assist,please let me know, and i will furnish 
you with the details of how to go about it.Otherwise,lets still be friends. 

Forgive me for my actions as you have already told me that you are working 
with the law enforcement agents.How do then expect me to feel free about my 
identity?I am only being human to exhibit my fears.Wouldn't you? 

I really like you and once again, i wish we met under different circumstances. 

If you should know,I am 32 yeas old,6ft 3" tall and averagely built.I wish 
i could feel safe to tell all about my life.I miss you. 



[These guys NEVER give up. To quote Black Flag,
"Gimme, gimme, gimme, I need some more. Gimme, gimme, gimme,
don't ask what for!" Please excuse the retching sounds, too.
I think my little mugu has taken a genuine shine to me. If he
only knew. Time to burst his bubble, financially anyway, and
see if he really, truly likes me for who I am. Or who he thinks
I am.]

From: Donna Dixon 

Oops.  I just re-read my earlier message, to you, and 
iI forgot a period--I won $68.00, not $6800!  Can you 
imagine carrying $6800 in quarters around?  I'm not 
THAT strong.  As it was, $68.00 took up almost a whole 
bucket.  Gotta re-read my messages before I hit 

Buthele (that's what I have to call you since I STILL 
don't know your real name), I'm really not in a 
position to send you money, I'm afraid.  I mean, if I 
had it, I might consider it, since you sound like you 
are in a bind.  But I'm a student, and I can barely 
pay for tuition as it is.  C-M is REALLY expensive, 
and part of the reason I'm in school again is that the 
tech boom went bust, and jobs are hard to find now.  A 
couple years ago, I was working in Silicon Valley 
making a ton of money, but I lost my job in when the 
dot-com bubble burst.  Too bad I didn't save more, but 
all my very meager savings is going towards my 
graduate degree.  I'm teaching part-time, and working 
for a software company, but there's always more month 
than there is paycheck. 

For example, I live in a one-bedroom apartment with 
one other girl, and I sleep on the couch.  She pays 
more rent, so she gets the bedroom, but you can 
imagine that it's hard on my social life not even 
having a bed!  This past weekend was a rare one out 
for me, but I've been cooped up all winter, and I'm 
getting cabin fever--If you ever spend a winter in 
Pittsburgh, you'll know what I'm talking about. 
Atlantic City is a drive, but it's cheap 
entertainment, because all the drinks are free at the 
casinos.  We blew almost all the money I won on gas to 
get back!  I don't know how expensive gas is where you 
are, but it's climbing here! 

Anyway, I know you are concerned about the police, so 
I won't pry.  I don't work for the police, but they 
sometimes ask for our programming help, since where 
else should you go to get a good programmer but a 
university?  Listen, too.  I'm not in the forgiveness 
business--you do what you have to do to survive, 
right?  I'm sleeping on a couch and working two 
jobs--you're scamming REALLY gullible people.  Both 
are means to an end, right?  It is what it is. 

A first name would be nice, but I guess Buthele will 
do, eh?  Is there anything you can tell me about your 
"business" that wouldn't reveal personal details?  I 
mean really, you said things are tough, but are you 
making enough to pay for your computer time?  It looks 
like you have your own computer to me, so that must 
have cost something--how do you get your internet 
access?  You know so much about me--it's not really 
fair.  It is nice to have some picture of you in my 
mind, though, which I now do.  Thanks for the details! 


Buthele to Donna:

Dear Donna, 

I am in receipt of your mail.I understand what you are going through 
right now because I have been through it and I am even going through 
worse conditions now.I have to meet up with my house rent in two weeks 
time.Thats why I asked you for help.Please do not be offended.I only 
thought that as we have become friends, I could use a little assistance 
from you. 

I pray that God finds a way for you to success and you will be in a 
position to assist fellow human being like yourself. 

If only you can give me a time when you will be online tomorrow,I will 
PM you and we can chat.I feel uneasy giving you my mobile phone number.Do 
you have a phone where I can reach you? Please send it to me so I can 
give you a call. 

My first name is mike.Thats as far as i can go for now. 

Thinking of you, 


[I figured out a way to do IM without a trace-
I did a little wardriving and found an open wireless node
that I was able to tap into for my IM session with him.
The text that follows is the IM session. I'm the italics.
For you who IM regularly, you'll note that there is some
disjoint in the responses-this is a function of the speed
of the typist. Sorry.

Donna:are u online?
Donna:I bought another cup of coffee, so I have another five minutes--they're watching, though. Are you there?
Buthele: yeah
Donna:very good
Donna:So, what should we talk about now that we have each other?
Buthele: can u get more time
Donna:Not unless I pay for it.
Buthele: and u dont have money there
Donna:Coffee is cheaper than internet time, but only in five minute blocks
Buthele: ok
Buthele: ah aha ha ha
Buthele: very funny
Donna:I'll be very wigged out with a dozen cups of coffeee
Buthele: You won't be able to keep up with my typing
Donna:try me
Buthele: lets see
Donna:Oh, a challenge!
Buthele: you are quick
Donna:of course
Buthele:where did you learn to type like that
Buthele: how often can u come online like this
Buthele: daily?
Donna:i just developed the habit of typing
Donna:Rarely, I'm afraid. It's the cafe prices that are keeping me off.
Donna:We can't do it at school, or it would be free there.
Buthele:why so expensive?
Buthele:i see
Buthele: Internet service here is controlled by monopolies
Buthele: i haver something for you
Donna:A basic high speed line is $50 or more per months
Buthele: wanna see it?
Buthele: for the valentine season
Buthele: this is it....

[he sent an emoticon of a rose-how sweet!]

Donna:If it's a file, they turn that stuff off here. Virus protections, y'know
Buthele: u like it?
Donna:Oh, that's cute!
Donna:How do you do that?
Buthele: i am happy u like it
Buthele: let me teach u
Donna:Is that one of the "emoticons?
Buthele: press @
Buthele: then }
Buthele: @
Buthele: oops
Buthele: then ;
Buthele: @;
Buthele: then -
Buthele: all together
Donna:I'll just wait till you're done.
Buthele: @;-
Buthele: }
Buthele: before ;
Buthele: @};-
Donna:I did it
Buthele: great!
Donna:OOPS--they're tapping me on the shoulder.
Lemme buy another cup of cofeee!
Donna:Hang on
Buthele: ok
Donna:This is getting crazy
Donna:give me 5 mins
Donna:i will be back
Buthele: Okay, meet at :00--top of the hour?
Donna:5 mins
Donna:hold on
Donna:hi i am back
Donna:kewl. Another $0.90 for coffee!
Donna:i am so sorry about this
Donna:but i love it
Donna:$12.00 per hour for just plain internet service, but cheaper with the cofeee-

Donna:I'm sure they'll figure that one out.
Buthele: maybe you should save it for 2 morrow
Donna:Nah, I've got you now, and I'm amped from the caffeine
Buthele: so we can chat tomorrow
Donna:I've had four cups already!
Buthele: better stop it now
Buthele: Probably right!
Buthele: its not good when its too much
Buthele: health reasons
Buthele: ok?
Donna:I'm a graduate student-remember? I frequently abuse coffee!
Buthele: do u have a phone number?
Donna:Late night coding requires large amounts of caffeine
Buthele: whats coding?
Donna:Phone--no. Well, not really, but part of the little story
I told you is true--I have an unlisted number
because of an old boyfriend--he was stalking me, so
I don't give out my phone
Donna:Coding is writing computer programs.
Buthele: ok

Buthele: i will give u my mobile number
Donna:I know you even less than I know my old boyfriend.
Buthele: can u call me?

Buthele: whats that supposed to mean?
Donna:If it's international, doubtful--hey how do you afford a cell phone?
Buthele: its cheap here
Buthele: thats the only cheap thing here
Buthele: you can bet a connect card and make int' calls
Donna: Nothing personal, Mike, and I didn't mean to offend,
but things are not always what they seem sometimes on the internet.
We have stories all the time of guys luring women to meet them on
the internet, and they never return home. Just being careful, that's all.
Like you.
Donna: right?
Donna:I can look into it.
Donna:Oops. Gotta go.
Man, they really clamp down on the time here. Gotta find a better cafe.
Buthele: call this number abytime
Buthele: 234 8033302173
Buthele: got it?
Donna:Wow, that's a long number--where is that?
Donna:We only have ten digits here!
Buthele: lagos
Buthele: nigeria
Donna:Okay. Gotta run. See you! Buthele: code is 234

[Well, I guess he really does like me!
Worried about my health and everything! He sent this
next one unsolicited.

From: hakbacrier_airlords@yahoo.com 
Subject: Hi, I sent you an eCard from BlueMountain.com 
To: Donna

To view your eCard, choose from the options below. 

Click on the following link. 
http://www.bluemountain.com/(link to Donna's card)

[I'll admit it. I'm getting creeped out by this guy now.
I fear our poor Donna is going to shortly meet an untimely death.
I thought about a kiln accident, but who would believe that BOTH
Fawn Liebowitz AND Donna Jean Godchaux died under such circumstances.
If you didn't get that joke, go rent "Animal House". Shelly Dubinski
thinks he's pretty cute, though---EEEEEWWWW!

To be continued...

Buthele: hakbacrier_airlords [offline 8:58:34 AM]: i am here now;just keep trying to make the call as I really need to speak with you.thoughts,mike

donna [8:12:42 PM]: Mike--I found out why they don't let
calling cards go to Africa or Asia--it's part of the new USA Patriot Act. I guess
the Sept. 11 terrorists were using the calling cards to communicate so they didn't
leave phone bills showing their calls. As such, I can't get a calling card to most
countries in Asia (except Japan, Korea and Singapore), and all of Africa. Nigeria is explicitly listed. Sorry! Try e-mailing me.

[After much back and forth about getting on IM,
we had the following exchange. As you will note, it appears
someone is horning in on my little mugu, and he's not too
happy about it.

hakbacrier_airlords [offline 7:44:41 PM]: r u there?\
hakbacrier_airlords [offline 7:45:46 PM]: helloooooooooooooooooooooo
hakbacrier_airlords [offline 8:03:16 PM]: sorry,i fell asleep;i am now back online.mike

donna [8:12:42 PM]: Mike,--are you there? I have five minutes
before I have to leave for a night class, and I thought I'd check in on you with
another cup of coffee in my blood

donna [8:14:34 PM]: What time is it there? It's 8:15 p.m.
here--you must be in the middle of the night--what are you doing awake (if you still
are awake?)

donna [8:15:18 PM]: ARRGGGHH!! This is SO frustrating--we keep missing each other!

hakbacrier_airlords [8:17:18 PM]: hi there

hakbacrier_airlords [8:17:25 PM]: r u there?

donna [8:17:25 PM]: Ah! You do exist!

hakbacrier_airlords [8:17:36 PM]: of course

donna [8:17:40 PM]: I've only got a couple minutes, though, and I have to run to a class

hakbacrier_airlords [8:17:41 PM]: ah aha ha

hakbacrier_airlords [8:17:52 PM]: really?

donna [8:17:52 PM]: So, how's business/life?

donna [8:17:58 PM]: We gotta chat fast

hakbacrier_airlords [8:17:59 PM]: how many mins?

hakbacrier_airlords [8:18:06 PM]: ok

hakbacrier_airlords [8:18:12 PM]: business is rough

donna [8:18:25 PM]: I was supposed to leave at 815, but I'll
< delay a couple minutes. If I wasn't the teacher, it wouldn't be a big deal,
< but I am

donna [8:18:34 PM]: What time is it there?

hakbacrier_airlords [8:19:09 PM]: 3:20am

donna [8:19:15 PM]: oof. That's early.

hakbacrier_airlords [8:19:18 PM]: sorry 2:20am

donna [8:19:18 PM]: or late.

hakbacrier_airlords [8:19:30 PM]: anyone goes

hakbacrier_airlords [8:19:38 PM]: whats ur time there?

donna [8:19:44 PM]: 820pm now

hakbacrier_airlords [8:19:53 PM]: i bet should be around 8:00pm\

hakbacrier_airlords [8:20:00 PM]: ok

donna [8:20:07 PM]: So we're what, seven hours apart? That's why we keep missing each other

hakbacrier_airlords [8:20:19 PM]: so why cant u call

hakbacrier_airlords [8:20:22 PM]: yes thats why

hakbacrier_airlords [8:20:37 PM]: i will be staying awake at nights
hakbacrier_airlords [8:20:43 PM]: to chat with you

donna [8:20:45 PM]: calling cards can't be used to Nigeria under USA Patriot Act--they won't connect the call--I tried

hakbacrier_airlords [8:21:08 PM]: lets have a fixed time for chatting
hakbacrier_airlords [8:21:15 PM]: is this time okay?

donna [8:21:20 PM]: If I had a land-line to use, I could do it, but the 9/11 terrorists used calling cards so they couldn't be traced

hakbacrier_airlords [8:21:36 PM]: do u have a phone number i can reach you?

donna [8:21:37 PM]: This time is not really that good, because I'm typically not by a computer at this time--

hakbacrier_airlords [8:21:54 PM]: so when?

donna [8:22:13 PM]: How about 11am-12pm my time, which I guess would be 6pm or so your time?
donna [8:22:32 PM]: Do I have that right on the time?

hakbacrier_airlords [8:22:32 PM]: thats fine by me donna [8:22:38 PM]: Is it six or seven hours?

hakbacrier_airlords [8:22:41 PM]: yes u do
hakbacrier_airlords [8:22:49 PM]: its about 6 hrs diff

donna [8:22:53 PM]: It's 822 pm here, and you said 2:20 a.m, so that's 6, right
donna [8:23:00 PM]: good.
donna [8:23:07 PM]: Don't stay up nights--get your sleep.

hakbacrier_airlords [8:23:08 PM]: yep
hakbacrier_airlords [8:23:14 PM]: i cant
donna [8:23:26 PM]: Can't sleep, or can't stay up nights?

hakbacrier_airlords [8:23:34 PM]: cant sleep

donna [8:23:37 PM]: Why?

hakbacrier_airlords [8:24:00 PM]: i am disturbed emotionally and financially

donna [8:24:19 PM]: You must have your own computer if you are on it this late at night, unless they have 24-hour internet cafes in Lagos

hakbacrier_airlords [8:24:31 PM]: there something i need to clarify with u

donna [8:24:35 PM]: I wish I had my own computer--computer science student and no computer

hakbacrier_airlords [8:24:40 PM]: i am at the cafe

donna [8:24:52 PM]: What do you need to clarify--I don't have much time--really do need to get to class

hakbacrier_airlords [8:25:07 PM]: someone I beleive from your class
hakbacrier_airlords [8:25:17 PM]: is playing games with me

donna [8:25:22 PM]: What's going on?

hakbacrier_airlords [8:25:28 PM]: over my proposa; to you
hakbacrier_airlords [8:25:39 PM]: he says his name is jack breda

donna [8:25:47 PM]: I have no idea who that is
donna [8:25:51 PM]: What is he saying to you?

hakbacrier_airlords [8:25:53 PM]: ok
hakbacrier_airlords [8:26:04 PM]: he used one term
hakbacrier_airlords [8:26:19 PM]: and i know he must have seen our conversations
donna [8:26:34 PM]: That's possible--remember I told you I posted on the school computers

hakbacrier_airlords [8:26:34 PM]: he used the term "buthole"

donna [8:26:44 PM]: Oh, I'm so sorry!

hakbacrier_airlords [8:27:01 PM]: please tell them stop buggin' me

donna [8:27:06 PM]: Do you think Jack Breda is his real name?

hakbacrier_airlords [8:27:18 PM]: i know its not

donna [8:27:25 PM]: Can you forward any of the mails to me, and I will look and see if I can tell who it is?

hakbacrier_airlords [8:27:43 PM]: cos i asked him for his phone number and there is none he can provide
hakbacrier_airlords [8:27:83 PM]: i will do that

donna [8:28:22 PM]: Thanks. I'll see what I can do. I'm
< really sorry. I never expected to hear from you
< after the e-mail I sent telling you the truth--I never figured
< you would write back!

hakbacrier_airlords [8:28:27 PM]: do i send it now?
hakbacrier_airlords [8:28:48 PM]: i got so used to you

donna [8:28:51 PM]: Go ahead and send it, and I'll look at it in the morning. I really REALLY have to run! I'm so late it's not funny
donna [8:29:05 PM]: Send it to my yahoo address

hakbacrier_airlords [8:29:09 PM]: i want to see what u look like

donna [8:29:11 PM]: That's the only one I have left

hakbacrier_airlords [8:29:17 PM]: can i see ur pic?\

donna [8:29:31 PM]: Let me check and see if I can get access to a scanner at school and I'll send you a picture
donna [8:29:43 PM]: You, too, though.

hakbacrier_airlords [8:29:44 PM]: that will be really nice
hakbacrier_airlords [8:29:50 PM]: i will
donna [8:29:54 PM]: I don't want this a one-way relationship!

hakbacrier_airlords [8:30:07 PM]: i dont either

donna [8:30:09 PM]: Gotta bug out--talk to you soon!
donna [8:30:12 PM]: bye

hakbacrier_airlords [8:30:13 PM]: ok
hakbacrier_airlords [8:30:17 PM]: bye

[WHO IS JACK BREDA? Honest, it's not me starting another thread,
though that's a funny thought. Now my little mugu has two people callin'
him a buthole. And he's disturbed emotionally and financially. Well, I
can't do much more to disturb him financially, but I sure can disturb him
emotionally. And I sure plan to do so. Now, to find some more porn star
pictures, preferably with Carnegie Mellon clothing on-anyone any good at
Photoshop who can help me out here? Here's the "Jack Breda" e-mail Buthole got

[ScamO Note: Jack Breda is another Kindly Contributor.

here is a copy of the last email from the fellow. 
[ and here is what Buthele got from Jack ]

From: Jack Breda 
To: "buthele madinga" buthelem@yahoo.com 
Subject: Re: original email 
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 21:33:09 +0100 

Dear Mr Buthele Madinga, 

My apologies for misspelling your name. Please be aware that nor 
African names nor English is my native tongue, which increases the 
chance for typos. 
I am sorry that you do not want to proceed. I was looking forward 
to this opportunity and I actually applied for a fax number tonight 
as you suggested. I wish you luck and in case you change your mind, 
please do not hesitate to write again. 

Yours sincerely, 
jack breda 

Dear Jack, 

I am in receipt of your response mail.I have decided not to 
proceed with you as the foreign partner due to lack of trust 
from your part.You have mispelled my name.It is Buthele and 
not "Buthole" according to you. 

Have a nice day. 

Buthele Madinga. 

  Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 09:04:55 -0800 (PST) 
  From: Donna Dixon
  Subject: Re: Fwd: last email from "jack breda" 
  To: buthele madinga
  I don't know, but it looks like the e-mail is real. 
  The e-mail address is from the Netherlands, so I'm 
  pretty sure it's not one of my classmates.  I suppose 
  it is possible someone here could have spoofed a 
  Netherlands e-mail address, but I don't know.  I'll 
  ask a couple of my friends, but I wouldn't write this 
  guy off so quickly.  It might have been a typo like he 


Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 09:59:10 -0800 (PST) 

Dear Donna, 

I got your mail.I am sorry for being so secretive.I will try 
toadjust.Donna,if that picture you sent to me is really you,then 
you are very beautiful.I know a lot of guys will flock around you 
on a daily basis.Without seeing your picture,I was already getting 
emotionally attracted to your person. 

I will send my pic to you.I am online now.I will travel tomorrow to 
see my dad and will be back the day after(wed).I wont check my mails 
tomorrow untill i get back.Is there any number I can call you? I would 
feel better hearing your voice.I hope I am not falling in love with you? 
ah ha haha !!![she laughs]. 

I get more thrills whenever i see your mails to me. 

I am always thinking of you.Please remain my friend. 

I will always reach you by mail as much as i can. 

take care of yourself until the day we meet. 




Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 11:04:06 -0800 (PST) 
From: Donna Dixon 


Okay, I appreciate your situation.  I hope you'll 
appreciate mine.  Thanks for the kind words about me. 
I forget sometimes that I'm not just a computer geek 
and that people might like me for something other than 
my ability to string together apparently meaningless 
lines of programming.  The guys don't "flock" around 
me because I'm still very cautious about men after my 
last boyfriend.  Can you blame me?  Have you ever seen 
a dead squirrel after it's been in a car for three 
days?  Not a pretty sight!  I still get a cold chill 
down my spine every time I hear the phone ring because 
I'm afraid he's found me again. 

I hope you send your picture soon, since I really want 
to know what you look like, now that you've seen me. 
In the interests of TOTAL honesty, though, I'm not 
really a blonde, though my previous picture makes it 
look like that.  Look carefully, and you can see the 
dark roots.  I'm actually a brunette.  Sorry if you 
are into blondes!  I colored my hair last summer when 
I went to California for a summer job.  I wanted to 
blend in with all the beautiful people out there.  It 
seems like every other woman in California is blonde! 
It's hard being a blonde in Pittsburgh, though, so I 
don't even bother while I'm at school.  I'll bet there 
aren't a lot of blondes in Lagos, right? 

I've attached a couple more recent pictures so you can 
see my real hair color.  I hope you're not 
disappointed.  Say hi to your dad for me.  Does he 
live in Lagos? 

I'm going to take a nap now.  I'm REALLY tired.  I'll 
talk to you when you get back. 


[Ed. Note-Ashley Judd shore is purdy, ain't she?
Lotsa pictures of her on the internet, too. These two
were among the ones that don't make her look like a movie star!
Now, if Donna should have reason to head off to the Academy Awards,
I'm all set for more pix!

hakbacrier_airlords [offline 10:25:47 AM]: hi baby, i am back from my trip and my dad is fine.i will
be going back to my house to be with him in 30 mins

[Ed. Note-yep, he's fallen for me. Noboby calls me "baby" who doesn't love me.
If only I had a picture of him. And if he only had a picture of the REAL me.
Heh, heh, heh.

hakbacrier_airlords [offline 3:20:17 AM]: hi baby, i just checked on you and you are not online; i miss you so much,mike.

donna: I miss you too. So, when do I get to see what you look like? You've got something to hang on your wall, and I want the same!

  Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 11:55:45 -0800 (PST) 
  From: Donna Dixon  
  It's been several days since I heard from you.  I hope 
  you are okay.  Please drop me an e-mail when you get a 
donna: mike, I haven't heard from you in days. I don't know why you aren't writing back, but I'm sad because of it.
I don't know if I offended you, but if I did, I'm sorry.
Please let me know why you are being so silent!

[It's been over a week since I heard from him,
and he's not responding. I don't know how he figured it out,
but I'm left to assume this one's done. Third time's a charm,
I guess, but it sure was fun. Thanks for reading