The Lads Take Up G a y   R i g h t s

How imaginative, and yet, how same old same old. The Lads are moving with the times. The NNPC theme is about dried up; widows of diamond ministers can't buy a feeling; heirless bank customers don't have the pizzazz of yesteryear. What else but this? He's no Reinaldo Arenas but he can spin a yarn. The sad thing of course is that being gay in Saudi Arabia can get you killed by the state. Which is the only true thing in this scam letter, every other word being a lie, including, as someone wittier once said, "and" and "the".

Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 08:53:27 -0800 (PST)
From: ibrahim al-mustapha
Subject: Urgent request

Dear Friend

The reason of my contacts is assistance, i am Ibrahim Azad Al-Mustapha a 54years and a gay from saudi arabia, but my authority are against and after me because of my feeling to be a gay. I was once arrested and tortured in my country before i was released, that is the reason i ran away to cape town to ask for a political asylum.

The reason why i am contacting you is that i need your assistance to help me secure my funds which was deposited to a security company in Saudi Arabia by my uncle Prince Mustapha Ibn Azad Al Mustapha the total fund is US$9,520,000.

The fund which is in the consignment was declared to the security company in Saudi as Government Reserve Materials / Personal Effects to avoid the eyebrow of the nasty Saudi Authority since they were after me because of my feeling before the funds was finaly moved to spain.

The problem is that i cant travel out because of my refugee status which is still pending here in Cape town and my government has requested south african government my extradiction but the case is on hold.

I wouldnt want to loose this funds that i have suffered for years that is why i contacted you and so that you can be of assistance to me and if you know that you are really reliable to assit this my situation please contacts me and include your phone and faxes so that we could discuss about the situation.

Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Prince Ibrahim Azad Al-Mustapha.

Oh behave!