Hooray! A wordy two-month scambait from Alotta Fosters (a close associate of Jonah Varque and the Bundees)! Alotta is the heroine of such encounters as SOME DAYS YA CAN'T GIVE MONEY AWAY. Alotta likes to inject song lyrics into her baits. Try to spot them!

Hi Scamo friends,
This one harkens back to my chat here March 2013 RICHARD IS AVAILABLE. And further proof that the lads read Scamorama---just not very closely. In this instance after this new lad fell off the turnip truck he contacted me based on that posting here. I didn't know this at first but as you will see it took me just a few emails... This bait is what I am good at with the lads-- wasting time, asking 'alotta' questions, and using as much pop culture and outrageous humor as possible, to which he actually believed and responded about..I kept this going just over 2 months. It could have gone on much longer too, as you shall see.

23, Nigerian college student...Slacker..Orphan..Needs money for more college.. Might have a drinking problem..2 junior siblings Kenny Adams 19 and Sunday Chima 15. All 3 kicked out by the landlord, and other tales of woe...Granny Elechi mentioned a few times. Note---tho' he says his name is 'Martins', his inbox name and email address are both 'Martin'.
Starts out calling himself Kenny Adams.
[appears courtesy of Scammers Equity]


Wealthy Australian koala ranch owner..Likes working with poor orphans. Pub crawler. Gourmet cook--exotic cuisine. Goes to festivals, movies, casinos, church sermons.. Sister of Sheila Bundee--the wife of Ted 'Crocodile' Bundee-- both having posted here a time or two...


We start on what happens to be my real-life birthday:

THUR MAY 22nd 2014 5:54AM
FROM: KENNY ADAMS kenny_adams@outlook.com

Dear Sir / Mummy,

With due respect sorry to intrude in your privacy my name is Martins Elechi a student in university of Port Harcourt my parents died in a motor accident along Oshodi Badagry express road. Left behind myself and two of my younger ones and they are both in secondary school. Since our parents death life became very difficult for us we could no longer pay our school fees, talk less of feeding well and at the same time the land lord of our house served us a quit notice because we could not afford to pay the house rent.

Our country been what it is nobody cares to assist us when it comes to a situation like this so I decided to write to Godly spirited individuals, missions and organizations like you to please use the Spirit of God and listing to the cry of parent less children and assist us financially to enable us pay our school fees and go back to our various schools.

Finally we equally pray that God Almighty will bless you abundantly in your entire endeavor as you will be a helping hand to orphans. We will appreciate any amount from you no matter how small Please do not see it as a money making venture or indirect way of extorting money from you rather it is our present condition please implore the spirit of God to humanity and assist us.

God will bless you.
Martins Elechi [ORPHAN] <<<< [ his brackets, not mine..!]

[..another Lagos death-road...via google THE REAL MARTIN ELECHI is Governor of Ebonyi State in southeast Nigeria..I like working with moneyless orphans left that way by hapless parents and ghastly events. It's a breath of fresh air from the usual orphan/refugee-transfer-millions crap...and I've gotta love a lad who says this is not 'extortion'..it's not, but only an idiot would say something like that.]

[ Ghastly motor accidents are common in Scammer Lore. ]


THUR MAY 22nd 3:52pm

And where exactly did you obtain my email contact from?

And who is Kenny Adams?


FRIDAY 3:14am MAY 23rd

Dear Alotta Fosters,

I got your email address through your country chamber of commerce Australia you owns a koala ranch.
Kenny is my younger brother.
Please let it please you to assist us the little you can.

Thank you and God Bless.

Martins Elechi

[..hmmm...he knows I **owns a koala ranch**, which I have for many years in this alternate universe...I definitely want to stay with this lad and get to the bottom of things...it takes more than 4 sentences to get money from Alotta....first I'll overwhelm him and get this lad typing more..]




Well I am an orphan too and I do not go around advertising it but some zig while I zag. And speaking of advertising, yes I do own a koala ranch. Those meshuganahs at the chamber of commerce were told by me not to advertise that I am a wealthy koala ranch owner. Oh well, you've got to roll them tumbling tumbling dice when it comes to business.

So I ideate you perusing all the wombat and koala journals of Australia here and that tangentially explains all the nuances and bloviations. Your explanation checks out so far.

Interestingly noted is that your younger brother appears to have a completely different surname than you. But most perplexing is YOUR name---you are using Martin AND Martins. Which means I do not know what to call you. And since your email was sent from Kennys' computer, for a younger sibling in secondary school he must be doing quite well for himself to have a computer of his very own.

And you have told me very little about yourself except to say that calamities seem to be osmosing into your very fiber. I know pain, I saw my mother-in-law drive my new Maserati off a cliff..Talk about mixed emotions! You neglected to say what your age is, but you say that you are a university student at Port Harcourt. This is no surprise, your superior intellect shines on through.

You also neglected to say what country you are in. The world has many Ports. And Port Harcourt could very well be in New Zealand, or Lower Molduvia, The Isle of Gilligan, or even Hoboken..But since you did mention Oshodi Badgary Express Road I will take a wild guess and say Nigeria..Am I right? The question is redundant.

They obviously put my email contact and koala ranch in that wombat/koala journal you were reading about me. What was it about my profile that made you contact me? Was it my sparkling personality, good looks and sense of business? Or was it because I rescued that bus-load of nuns from that brothel?

I shall await your reply...Sincerely, Alotta Fosters

[..subtly I am showing him that Alotta is a 'writer', and that to get anywhere at all he is going to have to type a lot too..]



Dear Alotta Fosters

Once again thank you for your response first I must say sorry for been an orphan like me. Too I also want to let you know that I am not advertising the death of my parents rather I am seeking for help which any person can do when it come to my condition.

My junior brother bears the same surname with me the two names you saw are his first and second names giving to him by our late parents.

You call me Martins not Martin it was a typographical error please I am sorry for the mistake my brother goes to cyber-cafe to browse not that he has computer of his very own remember we've not been going to school for sometimes now because of nonpayment of school fees which is the main reasons I contacted you for.

I am 23yrs of age a student in university of Port Harcourt here in Nigeria my country not any other country like you mentioned. Oshodi Badagry express road is in Lagos Nigeria where my parents were living before they got accident while driving.

What made me to contact you is that you are a wealthy woman and comfortable after reading your profile I decided to contact for assistance.

Please implore the spirit of God to humanity and help us the little you can no amount is mentioned whatever pleases you to help us is 100% accepted by us.

Thanks for your understanding God bless Martins Elechi

[..so he says he stopped paying his college tuition in addition to the landlord.. ..this lad is a deadbeat slacker looking for free handouts, no matter how you look at it...and he regards me as his benefactor, silly boy..and from now on with me his name is Martin and I'll see if he corrects me on it...there was no typo, it IS his email address/inbox name.......]


MONDAY MAY 26th 6:03PM

Hello Martin,

You do not have a condition--that would be if you had malaria, shpilkas, Portnoy's complaint, etc.

What you have is a situation. You need money for school fees. What I do not understand is what the urgency is..So you are not in school, that is not a tragedy. Bill Gates was a dropout and look where he got.!

You still confuse me. Your first email to me was with the name of your brother with the different name. Now you say he uses the computer at the cyber-cafe. So why would you use his email name at the cyber-cafe? Are you at one too? Those cost money to use, they are never free. So you obviously have money.

And yes, I am a wealthy woman as you said. You contacted me just a few days ago, so could you please forward to me the website where you saw and enjoyed my profile? What was it in my profile besides being wealthy that you liked about me? Was it my red hair? My Rolls-Royce? My heaving voluptuous breasts? My dazzling smile and dimples?

I wish to see your picture please, and since it's a family affair, also your younger brother Kenny and the other one, gender and age unknown.

Sincerely, Alotta Fosters

[...Alotta always has blond hair, but as Eucharia Castle once pointed out--"we women like to change our hair colour"....of course she also changed ages, body styles, and even skin color,..LOL....my main purpose of course to see if he agrees on the red hair, which can help narrow down things...]



Dear Alotta Fosters,

Thank you for identifying my problem my problem is money to go back to school it is very urgent base on when you may wish to assist me otherwise I need it before Friday

You cannot compare the life of Bill Gates born and brought from a civilize country you may not understand how we are managing ourselves it is the lord's doing how my brother got in contact with the owner of the cyber -cafe that why I asked him to send the message through his email is since I am not there and his my brother and we are looking for a help so I have nothing to hide for him obviously we don't have money God knows the truth.

During my search I came across this message it is this message that made me to know that you are a wealthy woman and comfortable before I contacted you for a help you I did not get your personal profile otherwise I would have also let you know

Below is the message

Alotta Fosters--age 47, owns a koala ranch in Australia which looks like the desert ghost town of Shakespeare New Mexico USA (just saying). And she also owns a big python and looks sorta like Terry Irwin..and knows almost nothing of Nigeria..And has NEVER been on a dating site/sit!

[ This is straight out of another of Alotta's scambaits! -- RICHARD IS AVAILABLE ! Is this scammer really searching for victims on Scamorama? having a joke perhaps? or oxygen-deprived? ]

If not the condition I found myself which I have never dreamed to be a beggar I have no reason to tell lies to anybody hence I do not owe anybody.

Like I stated in my letter of contact I did mentioned to you that we are ejected from the house we are living hence we cannot afford to pay the house rent all our properties and our last born has been sent home to our village which is 9hrs drive by road myself and my brother are attaching ourselves with some friends to see if we can get something that is why I cannot send you any picture and we don't have money to snap picture I wish you will understand me better not that I am refusing to send you picture

Lastly find a place in your heart to assist us the little you can do not see it as indirect way of extorting money from you it is our present situation.

If you may wish to assist us please do let me know how much you are assisting us with so that I can direct you how we can receive it.

Sincerely, Martins Elechi

[..they all know who Bill G is, and they use his name a lot....]

WELL WELL I recognize it from my Scamo posting right away. ..This lad is a hybrid---half moron & half idiot--- to have contacted me this way....not only that he sounds a tad drunk too...Since his opening email was generic/ non-specific, I presume he guessed at my email address and just waited until he hit it--or anyone....no big deal...Well now I aim to be in this for the long haul..as I recall, that 'Richard' chat was posted by Scamo within about 4 days after it actually happened...
And I'll try and fit an Amaromacs into this one too. **God knows the truth!**



Hello Martin,

Well if you are not in a cyber-cafe, then how are you able to use a computer to contact me?

You have not explained to me just what it is that you do for money. You say the land lord kicked you out for non-payment, which actually is the right thing to do. If someone was living on my property and did not pay any more, I would evict them too. School costs money, but other things are more important. You can always go back later. But I still have not heard from you as to where you were getting money from before all the calamities.

Yes I am very wealthy, and it is now clear where you saw my profile, however I was unaware that my email address was included with it. But your explanation while tenuous and tedious should suffice.

You have not indicated how much in school fees you require, though it is water under a Brisbane bridge, as my dear sister Sheila Bundee--sharp as an echidna- used to say. Schooling IS important--and lord knows you could use an ample amount of it. You said nothing about what you study there. My guess is communications,mathematics, gibberish, chicanery, etc. So give me an idea of how much money we are talking about.

However--I will need to see some official thing with a picture showing that you are who you say that you are. When I help people I like to know what they look like.

Sincerely, Alotta

[....he wouldn't send a photo when asked the 1st time, so I have found his weak spot...]



Dear Alotta Fosters,

More thanks to your response and questions First I told you yesterday in the message I sent to you that how we are surviving is the lord's doing so do not worry how I write you God never back the needy more especially the orphan

I got a friend whom I do make use of his computer when he is less busy It seems you did not understand me very well through the first letter of contact I stated there that since our parents died we could no longer go to school because school fees too we were ejected from the house we were living with our parents when the initial money our parents paid expired because we can't afford payment we were ejected these are two major reasons we are soliciting for help both school fees and house payment did not come from me rather my late parents It was because of your first reply to my approach that made me to search properly to know whom you are otherwise I wouldn't have gotten the little idea of who you are it is also the lord's doing.

You cannot take all our financial problems and we are only seeking for financial assistance of your choice whatever pleases you to assist us with to enable us start from somewhere base on the pressing problems as I stated we will 100% accept it and give thanks to God and it will also be credited in your account in heaven because it is stated that blessed is the hand that gives than the hand that receives sister whatever please you to help us with please do God will continue to bless you in multiple folds

I STUDY ECONOMICS I have explained this to you yesterday in the message I sent to you that all our belongings have been sent home since we are homeless i don't have convenient place to keep any of them that is why I cannot send anything to you because my parents has never teach me how to tell lies and I cannot Because of my situation and start to tell lies in other get money from people Please let it touch your heart to understand my response even though I did not get the response well whatever you do to us is for the glory of God not to humanity

Thanks and God bless you

Sincerely Martins Elechi

[...**ejected** rather than 'evicted' is funny, I picture the landlord actually bodily tossing him out the front door and saying "get lost you deadbeats!".....**whatever you do to us**---music to the ears of any baiter..and he said NOTHING about economics previously, if that's what he means...or else he has this going with someone else too and he slipped up, possibly..]




And how much money are you looking for from me? Also please explain your method of receiving it.

I am always happy to assist the truly needy, but I will say again that I am going to need proof that you are who you say you are.

Alotta Fosters

[..well I've given him his chance to give me the transfer details...but nobody gets something for nothing..]



Dear Allotter Fosters,

Once again thank you very much for your acceptance God almighty whom we worship will continue to bless you abundantly every day of your life

Both getting apartment and paying our school fees, buying hand outs, school accommodation, buying some test books, feeding fee and some outstanding and present levy everything gives us a total of $8,000.00 whatever pleases you to help us out of the amount we will accept it in good faith Please I would want to know how much you are helping us with so that I can send you how we can receive it

Sister I am still repeating myself to you before God Almighty who sees in spirit and physical that the pictures you are requesting for proof are not with me I sent everything down to the village together with our last born hence we don't have accommodation for safety

Please help us you are God sent to our life May the blessings our lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit rest and abide in your life as you will be a helping hand to parentless children Amen

Sincerely, Martins Elechi

[...nothing stupider or more pathetic than a 23 year old referring to himself as a child...and getting my name wrong and this **sister** crap have earned him a mild slap...I hate when they get 'familiar'...]


FRIDAY MAY 30th 2:15PM


When you thank someone you should get their name correct. My name is Alotta, not Allotter. And do not call me Sister..You are 23 years old, I am 48 now and more than twice your age. Yet you are calling yourself a parentless child..Children are not 23 years of age.

You are telling me what you need, but you have told me nothing about the other 2 siblings. What are their names and ages?

You MUST find a way to send me proof that you are who you say you are. A driver license, college student ID card, etc but SOMETHING. So find it and send it.

Alotta Fosters



Dear Alotta Fosters,

Find the attach of my school ID card

STUDENT ID CARD ATTACHED--pic about right for age 23. It's on a scanned piece of paper with the P.H.U logo and done so as to make me believe it's the real thing, which it is not..It says the **nest of kin** are his parents [no first names] and the home address when I checked was spelled wrong by 1 letter. This card is 'valid from 2013 through 2017'. A bad fake a 12 year old could whip up in 10 minutes--this took 3 days.

I apologize for the miss spelling of your name and too I am very much sorry for the sister I called you here in Nigeria if a woman is your senior by one year or more we either call the person sister or anti if it is a man he will be called brother or uncle as a respect to person sorry for the mistake I will not repeat it again as far as you were born by your parents here you are still a child or children to your parents not to another person no matter your age that is why I stated it parent less children

I Martins Elechi 23yrs My brother Kenny Adams Elchi is 19yrs old My second brother been our last born is Sunday Chima Elechi is 15yrs old Our mother gave birth to us base on the instructions given to her by doctor because she gives birth through surgery and not safe delivery because of that she was advised to give birth after 4 years spacing

Looking forward to hear from you and remain bless

Sincerely, Martins Elechi

[..Wow, doctors' orders--1 kid every 4 years...now that's a new one on me...but true or not, it's not a bad idea, all things considered....and **our last born** sounds like something a father would say.. .even the dumbest of lads can spell 'aunty/auntie' correctly, it's how they try to infuse themselves...]



Hello Martin,

Well thank you for the Port Harcourt Identity Card. I see it says you study Economics, which is quite surprising considering your own economic situation. It also says that you are registered as a student from 2013 until 2017, which confuses me..Why would you need schooling fees when apparently you are registered for another 3 years? I went to the Sydney Harbour Institute of Technology and the South Canberra Alluvial Minerals University years ago and we always paid one semester at a time, not 4 years in advance.

[ good old S.H.I.T. and S.C.A.M.U. my old alma maters..]

What also confuses me is that it lists Mr & Mrs Elechi as 'your nest of kin'.. You told me that they were dead from that ghastly motor crash which seemingly was several years ago, so why are they listed on a card issued last year 2013?

I have no children, but I have never heard of a woman being advised to have one only every 4 years. Once a kid is born the garage is empty and ready for a new car, a very strange gynecological diagnosis indeed. And I see your junior brother is age 19, what does he do for money to assist you and the youngest brother Saturday Chima?

Awaiting your reply, Sincerely, Alotta Fosters

[ NOW A LITTLE BIO on the real Gov. Martin Nwancho Elechi--born Feb 1941-- he got his Bachelors' degree in ECONOMICS in 1966 from some college in the Congo..I was reading a Nigerian forum about him and here is a quote-- **The man Elechi has taken Ebonyi state ten years backwards, the white elephant projects he is embarking on cannot even be finished in the next twenty years**.. They accuse him of being a spend-everything/ do-nothing slacker, in so many words, but I saw nothing so far about out-right thievery....Seems like THIS Martin(s) thinks he's real clever for using the name and southeast location..]



Dear Alotta Fosters,

I have tried my best to answer several questions from you to prove to you whom I am and equally sent you my school id card as you requested still you are asking more questions which shows that you are not willing to assist us otherwise you would have decided either to help or not I told you from the unset that I was not trained by my parents to tell lies which I cannot try because I needed help from you if it pleases you to help with the little you can if it does not please you fine it is not a must that you will help us

You cannot compare Australia with Nigeria Australia is a civilize country with good governance and right to every citizen if Nigeria has such governance to her citizens what will make me to start looking for help outside my country It is up to you either help us or not

Thanks, Martins Elechi

[..seems like I rattled him a bit....but he is correct on one thing----parents generally do not teach their kids to lie, they easily learn it on their own....and ending sentences with periods seems utterly beyond him now..]



Martin dearest,

Of course I always ask many questions. I am a woman and it is what we do.!! And you did not answer any of mine in your latest email.

I am willing to assist you. The $8000 that you need is not a lot of money to me. Just early last month I donated $9000 to the local kerfluffery society. But if you wish my assistance you need to be nicer, your attitude is insouciant.


[..with Alotta, "willing to assist" is one thing, but promises are NEVER made except the "all you deserve /get what you have coming to you" classics we know and love...even when they don't quite know why Alotta is not happy with their 'attitude', mentioning it always gets results..]



Dear Alotter Fosters

I apologize for my response yesterday in answers to the questions you asked me Yes I study economics It was in 2013 I got admission to read economics for 4years and I was registered as a student in university of port Harcourt when my parents was alive it was my parents that signed as my grantor and my next of kin for anything that might happen to me or any commitment I might be involve for

I was registered as a student does not mean that I have paid all the school fees for 4years NO we pay school fees per semester for each year which my parents were able to settle the one of 2013 and please bear in mind that this money I requested is not for me alone is for 3 of us including getting accommodation for ourselves It was my parents Mr & Mrs Elechi that signed as my next of kin and my grantor as the school law demanded in 2013 when I got admission before they got accident on 2nd January 2014 this is why they were listed as my next of kin and id was given to me in 2013 as I was admitted

You may not heard of a woman given such a space for child birth after given birth to the first child because in your country you have qualified doctors and good instruments for any eventuality during child delivery but here it is not, that is why some of our rich men here send their wives abroad for child delivery because we don't have standard hospitals and equipments and good doctors But if a woman gives safe delivery she is 100% free to get pregnant at anytime she is ready in my mother's case she gave birth to us through operation that was why the doctor advised her to take in after 4yrs so that the wound inside and the stitches will hill very well before taken in and she will not exceed 3 kids for her to be save she has to obey the instruction if not the accident that killed her

Myself and my brother has nothing reasonable doing to raise money rather we involve ourselves in some odd jobs to make living like I stated yesterday Australia is a developed and advanced country and with good governance where every citizen is given his or her entitlements as a citizen but here in Nigeria it is not like that, that is why most Nigerians struggle to get visa to any over sea country for settlement

Once again I am very much sorry for my yesterday's response I should have answered your questions but to God be the glory I have also answered you in fact your questions is still refreshing my memory towards some questions we come across in the school

Thank you and remain bless,
Martins Elechi

[..he got my name wrong again, but after an email like this I'll give him a free pass...he DID spell 'next of kin' correctly, leading me to guess someone else did that fake ID for him...**nest of kin** is a common lad mistake in enunciation, not so much a typing error...similar to 'massage' for 'message' or "border you' rather than "bother you'.. and for this lad in this email---**hill** for 'heal' ]



Hello Martin,

Thank you for the nice letter.

So you are saying your parents died just 5 months ago. Didn't they leave anything financial for you and your brothers?

What are these odd jobs you do and how much do they pay you? I hire people here to work on the ranch and I pay very good money. Why just last week I hired a new wolverine wrangler for $40 per hour. If you were here you could work for me and make great money too.!

Alotta Fosters



Dear Alotta Fosters

Thank you very much also for acknowledging my letter it is the lord's doing

Yes our parents died 5 months ago Sincerely speaking they left no money for us if they had left money for us we would have started from there

We go to out sketch Lagos city to do farm work for people like planting of maize, okoro, planting of cassava stems at the end of the day they will pay us $50 dollar equivalent because here in Nigeria as a country unemployment rate is 95% more than employment rate it is here in our country you will see a graduate riding three cycle machine to make living instead of staying idle doing nothing

Please we are expecting you will help us as you promised because it is the lord's doing for us to get in contact with you because whoever believes in God surely will not be disappointed

Please advise if I can send to you how we can receive the money

Thanks and remain bless in all your endeavor

Sincerely, Martins Elechi

[...**as you promised**..Bada-Bing, whoomp there it is..If I had a dollar over 12+ years of baiting for all the times I have heard THAT line...AND ANOTHER email from him 3 hours later......]



Dear Alotta Fosters,

Please in completion to question 2 of second paragraph about the odd job we do and how much do they pay Like I stated in my first letter the farm work we do in out sketch of Lagos is contracted work by some individuals from the community when the people need Laborers they will come to the city were we do gather to peak people and we are in group which each group might be lucky to get job once or twice in a week and it is a day job not per hour We start from 8:30 am in the morning and close by 6:30pm in the evening, the $50 dollar equivalent they pay to us will be shared into to two $30 dollar equivalent will be for the contractors while $20 equivalent will be for job man this is how we are managing to survive

Thank you once again for your understanding

Martins Elechi

[..I can't figure out how much this economics genius makes with his skewed math..but I do think that **out sketch ** means 'outskirts'...despite his charades, he does open up on life in Nigeria, but this email is just his way of being able to say that he's a trusty, thoughtful lad, answers all questions....and **peak** I presume means 'pick'..]



Hello Marty,

Well I am glad to see that you work when you can get it. Obviously no work today, since if you did have work today you would be out there labouring in the fields planting this, that, and the other thing.

Speaking of planting, I recently finished my sativa harvest, and this weekend we have the Amaromacs Festival. I have been busy preparing some roast wallaby thighs with a saucy minx glaze. Yum!

Last week you said that last Friday 30th May was important but you never explained the reason. Oh well it is past history now, but I am curious, so please tell me what that was all about.

Yes explain to me the details necessary for the receiving of the money and how much you desire.

Alotta Fosters

[..got my Amaromacs in..and he did allude to something which I decided to ask at a later time--like now..]



Dear Alotta Fosters

Thank you once again for your understanding Honestly I have never mentioned or said anything concerning 30th of May since the inception of our contact because I have no event no history of any kind that happened on that very date to be remembered or celebrate

Like I stated in one of my previous letters I did mention that the money is for getting apartment where we can stay and paying our school fees, buying hand outs, school accommodation, buying some test books, feeding fee and some outstanding and present levy in the school gives us a total amount of $8,000.00 it not mandatory that you will give us all but whatever pleases you to help us with we will accept and give God thanks for using you to help us MAY the Good lord be with you all the days of your life amen

Hoping to hear from you to send how we can receive the money

Sincerely Martins Elechi

[..brain dead..twice now I have told him to give me the details, including my previous email..]




On Wednesday 28th May YOU SAID >>>>> it is very urgent base on when you may wish to assist me otherwise I need it before Friday <<<<<<<<<<

So your memory appears to be failing you.



Dear Alotta Fosters

Yes I can recall that was when you asked me when do I need it yes I said so since we did not get any there is nothing we can do to get patience please I am sorry for not remembering you know I nurse a lot of things in my brain

Once again please, please I am on my two knees help us God almighty will pay you back in multiple folds.

Sincerely, Martins Elechi

[...sounds like he 'nursed' a few belts of some cheap booze too..and when they are begging on the knees, it usually means that you are the best or only prospect they have....and beggars can't be boozers..]



Hello Marty,

I had a busy day today at the Amaromacs Festival and all evening now I have been cooking up things for tomorrow. I am making some baked echidna nads in a spicy raccoon sauce, with some delicious jackalope fritters.

As I note your holy referentials and reverentials I wonder if you attend church, and what the name of it is. I go to Saint Charles of Manson-Chaplin. The Pastor Jonah Varque is giving a sermon tomorrow called "once you go vatican you never go back again".

Oh I have plenty of patience. This is the outback desert in Australia. We have an old saying here--- "when the platypus soars up high in the sky, the didgeridoo will tell you why". It means that we take life cautiously and slowly way out here.

Regards, Alotta

[Jonah Varque an alias I used and got posted here a few years ago..and I am subtly preparing him for there being no Western Union or Moneygram nearby..]



Dear Alotta Fosters

How was the festival I hope everything went well thank God for everything I am a Christian I do go to church I worship with church of God Mission it is a small growing church

I understand the Australia old wise saying you stated I also believe in that old saying it is very good to take life easy and slowly so that one can get to his destination

Please ALOTTA do I believe that you will help us? If so how soon?

Thanks Martins

[...'believability' is a 2-way crooked street....time to send a nice picture...]



Hello Marty,

Oh the festival went very well. My friends Greg and Marsha Brady from Darwin stopped by. They are brother and sister but act a little like husband and wife, if you know what I mean. We went for some frosty cold brewskis at the Snarling Emu Pub and then went out to the movies to see a military-type film called "Saving Ryans Privates". A good time had by all.

Yes indeedy we take things very slowly out here in Australia. Nothing else to do in this here weather I reckon. It was so hot yesterday that the echidnas laid their eggs standing up. And as noted scholar Paris Hilton has said--"That's hot!"

You can certainly believe that I will help you. But harkening back to taking it easy, I have to ask you what the rush is? Money for school is important, but not life-threatening. What is the urgency for something such as this?

I am attaching a recent picture of me and "Old Fuzzy". And since you are requesting money from me not only for yourself but your 2 brothers, I would like to see a photo of you with them too. I am sure that the Pastor at your church can snap one at no charge. I like to know who the people I help are.

Sincerely, Alotta

[...photo sent is the lovely blond Terry Irwin holding a koala...in literally thousands of emails over the years, lads almost never ask what a koala is, even when wanting to purchase a 1,000-koala shipment..]

[Who handles drop shipments of drop bears, I wonder?]



Dear Alotta

Thank God as everything went well during the festival and many thanks to your beloved guest that stopped over to grace the festival my regards to them

In fact you are a beautiful woman and pretty with your pet I love you too because of my situation I would have loved to watch the movie but we don't have the electronics to watch movie

The weather over there is hot while it is raining every day over here we hardly go out to look for something to do so that we can have some food to eat this period is a period of seven days raining non stop

I feel very much happy hearing you for the second time saying certainly you will help me surly God almighty will continue to bless you abundantly in your entire daily Endeavor

Certainly I have taken life easy since I cannot help the situation hence it involves money while it looks as if I in a hast is because of school and the place we are squatting is not okay and the owner of the place is planning to travel to his home town for election which might take him period of time which I don't know how we are going to manage for accommodation

Please do not see it as threatening NO from the inception I have never stopped using the word please and the word please remains my watch word the most important thing is going back to school so that I can follow the syllabus with them and getting accommodation where we can put down our heads at the end of the day

Alotta I have told you several times in my previous letters that I am not brought up by my late parents to talk lies never will I do that because of my situation I told you before that I don't have money to feed and feed my younger ones talk less of snapping pictures I am very much poor this computer I am using belongs to a friend I make use of it when his less busy I told you this before that life is not okay with us and all our properties was sent to village including our last born so I cannot guarantee that I will send you our picture

Too our church is a small growing church the pastor too has no money and knowing his financial situation I cannot go to him to request for money I will not do that please reason this with me how I wish you are nearer you would have understand me better please implore the spirit of God to humanity and help us as you wished

Thank you very much for your understanding Remain bless

Martins Elechi

[..WEATHER CHECK--sunny yesterday and today in Lagos....lightning tomorrow, Ogbumu must be angry... ..once he gets going,this lad is like a crack-crazed hamster on a wheel....he knows the word 'syllabus', but when he said *test books**- I am sure he meant 'text books"....and most surprisingly, this lad seems to be the only one in Nigeria not familiar with getting a friend/pastor to do a cam-phone pic for them, lol....]



Hello Martin,

Thank you for your email and I am happy you liked my photo.

There are 2 things you say thatconfuse me. You first told me you had no food to eat and that was 3 weeks ago. Now you say it again and say that the school fees are most important to you above all. This makes no sense. One can go without schooling for a lifetime, but not food. You most surely have been eating or else you would be in a hospital or the grave by now.

Secondly, you also said >>> all our belongings have been sent home since we are homeless <<< Explain to me please how a homeless person sends their things back home.

Sincerely, Alotta

[...I just love pushing lad-buttons especially with their own words.....]


WED JUNE 11TH 3:22am

Dear Alotta Fosters

Thank you also for acknowledging my letter how I wish I can see you in person

Understand me very well in my first letter of contact I stated reasons why we are looking for help

1] I told you that we are out of school because of nonpayment of school fees

2] we are ejected out of the house we were leaving with our late parents because we cannot afford to pay house rent all I did was to send our properties to our home town in the village with our last born since then we are homeless if not a friend we are squatting with which I told you in one of my last message that he will be traveling home very soon for a election

3] That we find it difficult to feed hence we have no money it does not mean that we don't taste anything like I told yesterday that it is raining everyday here that we find it difficult to out

Honestly I derive no joy if in this present time that I will grow without education I reject in my life what is food at worst I eat anything I see provided I get my education which I know that in mere future my education will fetch me a nice food

Please may I know why in all the messages you have been sending to me you all ways ask questions and even repeating matters we've treated does it mean you are not believing me? I repeat I was not brought up as a liar and ever will not be

Thanks Martins

[...only liars have to keep reminding you how honest they are....time for some happy talk, always a good standby, with this lad believing whatever I say....I presume this **mere future** means money he hopes to get from Alotta....I think he hit the bottle again from all the gibberish..]



Hello Martin,

Last night I went out with my brother Clemenza and we wound up at The Porcelain Throne Pub in Itchynuts Junction. He took a whiskey drink, he took a vodka drink, then a lager drink, then a cider drink. From all that booze he got knocked down, but he got up again because you'll never keep him down.

My dear I ask questions because I am a woman, as you know. Iam sure that when she was alive your dearly departed mother always asked you EVERY day "Where are you going and When are you coming back"? and other pertinent inquiries such as that. Well it is the same with me in the sense that I need answers when it comes to assisting people in need. I have to know that they are genuine and sincere. So that is why I ask.

I do not know what the food health inspection is like where you are, but it seems to me that it would not be too healthy to just eat whatever food you see. Speaking of food, I had some broiled possum in gopher gravy with delicious cassowary giblets for dinner after I got home from the pub last night. And some ooh-ooh bird eggs with tea for breakfast this morning. Eating good healthy food is always important.

Hoping your days are good and better ones ahead,


[....any Chumbawamba fan recognizes the lyrics.....and everyone has been nagged by their mother...]



Dear Alotta

First how are you and your health I hope you did not sustain any injury and how is your brother I hope he has regain himself? Please advise him to reduce in taken much of alcohol and you Alotta please you add more carefulness to your life because you are very much important to me now even though we are not seeing each other in spirit because knowing you is the lord's doing

Our communication gives me joy and make me remember how I do discuss with my mother when she was alive my mother too ask question like you so it is normal that is why in every question you asked me I will try my best to answer it and that is why too if I have any I will not hesitate to ask to be sure

Like I told you in one of my previous letters that Nigeria cannot be compare with Australia where everything is been taken care the way it is suppose to be as an advanced country Although it is not that we eat any how food what we eat here is our local food cocked with fire wood like Rice, Beans, and Garry with soup yam and other foods with eat you cannot know that it is God that is taken care of us because it is only God that understand our situation I thank you very much for your good advice it shall be well with you every day of your life

I want to also let you know that the person we are squatting in his house which I told you that he will be traveling home for election told me this morning out time that he will be traveling by next week Tuesday that we should be making arrangement of where we will stay

Once again thank you for your kindness and advice and understanding

Thanks Martins

[...Garry with soup yam??..he's trying to tell me he will soon be homeless...that won't work...and of course I am important to him as his golden ticket to riches....]

BEING THAT HE HAS A Tuesday deadline, I decide to use my 'back to nature' routine in which I'll be camping at a cartoon park for unknown days and far away from the computer...luckily too so far this is a no-phone-required bait, because if a lad begging for money from me could afford a celphone I'd rip him a new hole to whistle through..



Hello Marty,

Thank you for the nice email.

It is Friday evening and I am going camping in the Hills of Beverlee at Jellystone Park with my scientist friends from the Brisbane Institute of Technology Chicanery and Hubris.

Crikey it is always good to get away for a few days, life on the ranch gets hectic at times with all the michegas and bupkus. My computer will not be with me.

Sincerely, Alotta



Dear Alotta,

That is fine it is good once a while one goes out for a refreshment it helps a lot in a person's life time i wish you a happy good time together with your lovely friends please do not forget my approach so that i can also be happy and have a little rest of mind

Sincerely, Marty

[..aww, he signed it 'Marty'..sweet boy being nice until payday..that won't work either..]



Dear Alotta Fosters

Good morning from Nigeria

Are you back from camping in the Hills of Beverlee I hope everything went fine if so thanks to God?

I have not heard from you since we communicated last I want to let you know that we are getting out of the house we are attaching with like I told you that the owner of the house will be traveling home first thing tomorrow morning to his home town election to be honest with you we don't have any place for now to stay

Please I am once again reminding you of your promise to help our situation Thanks and God Bless

Martins Elechi

[..I could easily reply right now-- an hour later-- but I'll let him squirm and wait another day..this is the beauty of the situation, he is forced to wait...and once again I am reminded of The P Word-- my **promise**.]



Hello Martin,

Good evening from Australia.

I just got back from my camping trip..The sun set about 55 minutes ago, the days getting shorter of light because it is almost winter down here. I had a wonderful time in the Hills of Beverlee. My scientist friends were searching for the rare Australian Froad, a hybrid frog-toad, and the Wompus, a sort of a wombat critter mix.

Well here it is Tuesday night and I am reading your email..You said yesterday that you had no place to stay at, so here it is a day later. How did things go for you?

Warmest regards, Alotta

[ ..the Alice Springs sunset indeed really was/will be about 55 minutes ago, if that makes sense...I like to be accurate if possible on the little things like this, not that it matters to hapless Marty here, but it does to me... ..and I don't think he realizes that outback-OZ is 9-10 hours ahead of Nigeria...always an advantage..]



Dear Alotta Fosters

I am very much happy hearing from you I thank God for journey mercy

How was your trip? Hope everything went well? If so glory be to God you are well come

Truly like I told you that the person we are staying with traveled today's morning been Tuesday here since yesterday we left his house we have not gotten place to stay for now frankly speaking we slept with the street security men yesterday thinking of how today I will be thank God you are back safely please we need your assistant mostly now so that we can have a place to save our heads at night

Thank and God bless Martins

[...**your assistant** another classic lad translation error, but in an earlier email he did use 'assistance'... .I already told him about the trip but if he wants more he'll get more, glad to oblige..]



Good morning Marty,

Well here it is Wednesday, nice and sunny and I have a busy day ahead, I have a lot of cooking to do because my sister Sheila Bundee is coming by today from Kookamunga, an even more remote place than this. We are going to make some fried possum thighs and poached numbat for lunch for her 3 children Mona, Larry, and Shemp. They're a bunch of little stooges. I like children, never had any of my own. We have some real yummy asparagus flavoured ice cream for them too, their favourite!

Who and what are these street men you have been sleeping with? Is it just you and your brother Kenny? And if you are in the street, how are you contacting me by computer?

Oh everything went well on the trip. It was many hours away and on the way back we went bird-watching. And out by the Happy Savage Casino I saw a rare liver-spotted slotpuller.! Also made quite a bundle at keno. I also picked up a new de-beaker, some flanges, and a new Johnson rod for the ranch. My work rarely stops and it is always good to get away for a few days. Now I am happy to be back home here on the ranch.

I hope this Tuesday night was a better one for you, sleeping in the street with strange men sounds a little kinky but not without its charm and adventure too.

My best regards, Alotta



Dear Alotta

Thank you very much for wonderful question and caring because if you don't care and fill for us you wouldn't have asked this question just like our mother do ask us too They are not ordinary street men rather they are security men from Security Company deployed to our street for security guide at night they are given a security house for sleeping and changing of cloths so I begged them to help us sleep with them because they knows me

Yes it is me and my brother Kenny I have explained this several times to you that I have a friend who has a computer I make use of his computer when his less busy because I do visit him so that I can make use of his computer thank you

Please Alotta if truly you want to help us please do our situation needs help because you are not seeing us physically you would have understood everything I have been telling you much better I have given you enough explanations and answers to each question you asked me decide what to do for us so that we can rest our mind

Thanks Martins

[...if my questions are wonderful as he says, then why is he complaining?..and I don't care...]



Gday Martini,

Nice to hear from you once again. You confuse me however when you say **we** and **us**. I know you mean your 2 brothers and that Kenny is with you but who is the youngest Saturday Chima staying with meanwhile back in the village? And why are you not staying there too?

$8000.00 is not an unreasonable sum. Please send me a list of what the expenses will be for and how much. For example college fees, rent, etc. I certainly would like to know how it will be spent.

And I STILL want to see photos of your 2 brothers, I like to know who I help when I help them.

Sincerely, Alotta

[..if I'm going to keep him interested, it's gotta be for the whole $8000 enchilada, nothing less.]



Dear Alotta

Equally I thank you for your response I told you from the beginning that when we were ejected out of the house we were living with our late parents I sent all our properties to our home town together with our last born he is in the village with our grandmother of 65yrs Here in the city I am staying with Kenny only I planned to bring our last born back to city when we get accommodation so that he can start school

Like I stated in one of my previous letter that we are going to use the money if we have it for

1] Getting apartment where we can leave

2] Paying our school fees, Buying hand outs, Buying books Paying school levy and school accommodation

When I get the money at hand I will know how I use it to making sure I get these things done I am still repeating myself to you that I was not born and brought up by my late parents as a liar and I cannot because of the situation I found myself and tell lies I cannot do that I told you I don't have money to take picture or travel to my home town which is about 8hrs drive to go bring our last born to take picture which I don't have the money

Please save us from this very situation so that we can get a house to stay and look like human beings the you are not doing it to us as a Christian but to the glory of God for helping orphans

Please advice if I should send you how i can receive it

Thanks Martins Elechi

[..it is now down in 2 separate emails that I told this nitwit to send me the details..]



Martin dear,

Calm down there my little buckeroo. I am not saying that you are a liar. By no means.

But since a FAVOUR by me is involved there are certain things that I need to know. And the more answers I get, the happier with you that I am.

And one main thing was not answered by you. In my last email I requested to know not only what the expenses were for, but how much you need for each in monetary figures. You did not include this information. Please do. I wish to know this for tax purposes.

And what do you mean by **Buying hand outs**?? In all the rest of the world 'hand outs' means free stuff, so how can one buy free things?

Hoping your day is a good one, Alotta

[...and now he is introduced to the concept of 'taxes'..]



Dear Alotta,

I know quite well that you fill happy when you ask me questions I take time to answer them to the best I can thank you for that

To answer the question To get a 2 bedroom apartment here for 2 yrs and six months including agent and agreement fee we are to pay $3,500 dollars equivalent this how houses are been rented here My school fees will take 2,500 equivalents My junior brother's school fees $1000 equivalent

Buying books, hand outs, School boarding fee Outstanding and present levy, paying for feeding in the school Traveling to my home town to bring our last born and taking some properties back to city takes $750 equivalent While $250 will be reserve for any bill such as Electric bill, Water bill, Security bill and other little things we might need to use this is the break down

Hand outs in Nigerian universities are been sold it is specially meant for the lectures as advised by school authorities they take time to prepare it because handout is the lecture itself in case if you are not present when the lecturer is teaching a particular subject or if you were present there in the classroom when the teacher is teaching a particular subject and you did not understand it well it is from the handout book you buy will read for better understanding like myself it is the handouts that will make me know and understand what they have learnt all this period i am not in school

Alotta remember as a Christian given in humility and simplicity is to the glory of God and to reap in multiple folds Please help us it is raining every day here the place we are sleeping is not conducive much cold and mosquito bites sometimes rain will be failing with breeze the small security house will be flooded with water please help so that we can get out of the place before we get malaria sickness because of mosquito bite

Thanks Martins

[..2nd WEATHER CHECK--sunny and humid in Lagos, no rain...one would think anti-malaria stuff would be more important than money for books for a lecture you never attended...he learned nothing in school except how to itemize exactly up to $8000.....**humility and simplicity**-- little old me?? maybe every February 30th...]



Hello Marty,

There is something I do not understand. I thought you were in Lagos, which is your home town according to your Student ID Card.

Now you say it costs $750 to travel back there. So where are you now?


[ ...he DID say that my questions are wonderful and he likes it when I ask..]



Dear Alotta,

There is nothing there to confuse you NO 53 APA EJIRI STREET RUMUDARA PORTHARCOURT is my home town in south, south eastern country of Nigeria located in river state of Nigeria and it is a village near port Harcourt town with 5miles away from port Harcourt It is from my home town my parents left to reside in Lagos from Lagos to Port Harcourt it takes 8hrs drive before reaching my home town rumudara it cost $750 dollars equivalent by road transport I am now in Lagos from the beginning I always tell you that I am in Lagos

Let me repeat myself again we are in the raining season we are seriously having much cold due to unconducive house mosquito bites please save us from catching malaria sickness it kills without proper treatment

please advise me to send you how I can receive the money

Thanks Martins

[..googling shows the correct spelling is 'Rumuodara', same mistake I referred to on the ID card.. and I'm not sure if NO means NO or if he is using it for 'Number'.]



Gday Martin,

I checked. It is 618km from Lagos to Port Harcourt. That is not far.

You say it costs $750 to get there..How? In a chauffeured limousine with a wet bar? In your own private jet?

Start being honest with me please.


[..one complete month now..R/T airfare is $800 in those poorly-maintained Nigerian aircraft.]



Dear Alotta

I have earlier told you that I was not brought up as liar and never will I be okay like I stated $750 dollars transportation to my home town covers both going and coming back with my brother in the village including some properties we are going to use sorry if I have not explained to you to this extent It will involve me taking a mini pickup bus as hire

You said from Lagos to Port Harcourt is not far is it by road or by flight? By flight it is 45mins By road it is 7hrs if you are going with a private car and you must leave Lagos by 4am early morning if there is no hold up on the way because the road is not smooth there are potholes but by commercial bus it will take you 8hrs plus because of bad road and the area you are going

Alotta I have tried so much to prove myself for you if you are helping me please do I think I have answered enough questions from you to prove my Sincerness to you

Thank you Martins Elechi

[ a check on the bus fare shows it to be 3700 Naira one-way--about $23 when converted..]



Hello Martin,

Nice to hear from you. I was in church on Sunday, the sermon was "If Jesus went bowling, would it be a perfect game every time?".

Anyway I was talking with my financial advisor Swifty Madoff and he told me that with the first half of this fiscal year over on 30th June I need to donate at least $10,000 more for a better tax write-off by by the end of the calendar year 2014. It is not crucial that it be done by 30th June, just that I fill out my tax forms saying that I did. I have already donated over $40,000 to charity so far this year. A total of $10,000 more will lower my tax bracket and make me happy.

There are some other charities I could donate that extra $2000 to but I have you possibly in mind. There are however some things that must be further discussed.

I am sure that the bus fare can not be more than about $25 to $30 for that trip. And I do not understand why you have to hire one to bring your things when you said you already shipped them back to your home town..And since you are living in the streets there can not be very much for you to be traveling with at all.

I also was curious and looked at the website for Port Harcourt University, which is uniport.edu.ng They do not list the tuition fees nor any other fees for books etc. And you say that you need money for an apartment for 2.5 years PLUS you also intend to reside at P.H.U. Why do you need or want 2 places? And what school is your brother Kenny going to? You did not say. In fact you say very little about him, and if he is to need my help on all this too I WILL need to see his picture with you. Not right away, but it will be required for my tax purposes. I already have yours.

I am happy to offer more money to you in your dire time of need. But REMEMBER THIS--it is not important that I make YOU happy. The important thing is that YOU make ME happy. You are asking me for money and offering nothing in return..The only thing I would get out of this is a lower tax rate this December and maybe a thank-you from you. That is nice, but for legal purposes I need answers to my questions. I have got to have everything exactly correct when dealing with the bludgers at the Australia Tax Bureau.

Sincerely, Alotta

[...the offering of even more money usually whets the appetite...I can't imagine Nigeria even has an income tax and doubtful anyone would pay anyway...the concept may indeed be truly unknown to him.]



Dear Alotta,

First my brother Kenny is not well he is having serious pains on his chest and lungs and I am trying to see how I can take care of him

Two I so much believed that I have given you satisfactoryanswers that will make you help me if really you want to help me

Thirdly from the first reply you replied up till now questions upon questions if it in the court from my responses to your questions a Judgement would have been passed with the answers I have answered you since on the 23rd of may2014 till today 24th of June 2014 if it pleases you to assist me better if does not fine God will never let us die

Thanks, Martins

< class="afc"> [....sounds like this lad is 'practicing law'....getting snippy with Alotta is always a bad thing..]




Firstly, sorry to hear about your brother.

Secondly, I have explained to you that the tax situation is important. You are not a registered charity which means that I will have to explain to the Australian Tax Bureau what I did with the money if I give it to you. I need answers for them.

Thirdly, as I said before--you are having memory problems,now for THE SECOND TIME. On 29th May I ASKED YOU to tell me how the money should be sent. On 5th June ONCE AGAIN I ASKED YOU the same thing. And did you tell me? Not at all.

And lastly--your attitude has gotten bad now. I honestly am NOT a happy woman. So forget it all. Find someone else to help you and your sick brother. I have done what I could, and you act like this to me.

Goodbye to you. Take a hike.


[...I don't care if he bails or not but these lads are so damn predictable-- and honestly, I am not a happy woman....]



Dear Alotta

Please I am very much sorry it is just because of my brother's illness I wasn't in other please sorry for whatever attitude I must have been putting in my first letter as you know I don't behave rude to you Remember we are like mother and son there is a wise saying here that says if a mother beats a child with a her right hand she draws the child back with her left hand that shows mother love and care

As a Christian please implore the spirit of God to humanity and forgive me remember you have loved me and my younger ones even though you have not seen us physical but both spirit are working

Once again accept my apology it is just I was tensed up with my brother's illness up till this very moment no proper medication has been given to him he could not breath well because cold affected his chest and lungs But I have applied our local palm kernel oil on his chest after bathing him with hot water and gave him some to drink and pray for him forgive me whatever good you are doing to help people you are not taking the glory here on earth but for the glory of God and it will be credited in your account in heaven

Please permit me to send you how we I can receive the money Thank you very much for your understanding

God Bless


[ ...back like a maudlin dog, and full of love too..what a good son..it's fun to make them apologize whenever possible even when they're not quite sure why..]



If you say we are like mother and son, then I am like a mother waiting for answers to my questions. AND the photos I requested.

>>>>> there is a wise saying here that says if a mother beats a child with a her right hand she draws the child back with her left hand that shows mother love and care <<<<<<

And we have a wise saying HERE TOO--" If a mother beats her child with her right hand OR her left hand then she is going to prison and the kid taken away for good "..

So beat love into your children with EITHER hand you want in Nigeria, but not here in Australia skippy!

[...if nothing else, this whole bait is worth it to me just for that last line of mine !..]



Dear Alotta,

Once again thank you for acknowledging my apology and for playing a mother's role be bless and have a son's kiss twice

First I must be sincere to you that I don't know if my brother Kenny will survive or not because there is not adequate treatment because I don't have money to take him to hospital and the sickness gets increasing Answers to your question

First I remember I told you in one of my previous letters that your country Australia is an advanced country with good governance that every activity is been controlled and monitored by government rule of law but here it is not like that we don't have control price in transport affairs more especially motor transport they decide what they will take because we don't have good road to operate and the cars and trucks they use here is fairly used motors being brought from oversea countries by individuals $750 dollars was mapped out from the money as you requested that I should explain how I am going to use the money, not that I have gotten a house already it will be when you give us the money after getting a house that will be when I will travel to get this properties like I stated

In oversea countries like I know when somebody pays for an apartment is likely every amenities will be in the house all what the person need is to enter the house with his cloths and other relevant things like documents but here it is not so here we only rent an empty house and provide yourself with properties

Not that I am going home to carry all the properties I sent home NO it is the important and necessary ones we will use before I mapped out $750 I have made an enquirers for it

Secondly I thank you very much for finding out from the school website why I needed to get accommodation in the school is that I cannot be going to school from Lagos to port Harcourt 8hrs journey everyday how will I coup with my studies that is why I needed to get accommodation in the school so that I can meet up with my studies and other activities The accommodation in Lagos is where we will leave

My brother Kenny is in ss1 in secondary school I have explained it to you several times that I don't have money otherwise I would have sent you the picture

Sometimes promises makes someone to be happy and hopeful and also makes someone to be more prayerful Alotta whatever I can do to make you happy apart from prayers I always pray for you I will do it to make you happy you are mother

Thank you very much for being an understanding mother


[.... the idea of him kissing me even once---ewww, makes me want to take a shower...and unless I am wrong, wouldn't EVERY car in Nigeria be an import?...is there a Ford Abacha or Toyota Mugu out there somewhere? ]



Hello Marins,

I was looking over the travel site www.9jatravel.com.ng and it is quite interesting. It says that a bus ride from Lagos to Port Harcourt is 3700 Naira. That certainly sounds like a lot of the elusive spondulix, but when I converted it on the money site thingy it's just a little less than $23. So going that way will save you a bundle of cash.

Yes Nigeria is not like a lot of countries. That travel site also says that all 22 major airports in Nigeria have not been internationally certified since 2006! And while we are talking about differences, there are STILL over 200 innocent school-girls being held hostage in your country for over 3 months now as of today. Do you think any civilized country anywhere else would tolerate this? Certainly not.

The P.H.U website did not list the tuition fees, so please scan and send to me the itemized $3,500 costs. I know you have to have that somewhere, to be able to quote methat cost. It will be for the tax people. Thank you.

My friend Hoola Hooper came by, she was fishing on the joan rivers and caught some Coney Island whitefish, which will be fried in a creamy bunyip sauce for lunch.

I hope Kenny gets better..And if he does,and can get back to school later on, I will need a photo of him for those pesky tax people too. I know you can do it. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Alotta

[....in the Land Down Under a bunyip is sorta like a yeti, sasquatch or bigfoot....as for the C.I.whitefish, uhh.. you'll have to google it or hail from Brooklyn to know....spondulix was what W.C.Fields called mazuma... ...and Hoola Hooper another old nom-de-bait of mine..]



Dear Alotta,

Thank you for your confirmation I hope you can now understand and believe what I told you about transportation here in Nigeria please I must be sincere to you that the items are not here with me like I told you that I sent them home and in this case I can not just go to any person's shop to snap those properties needed if I do they will see me as a thief and I will be arrested because of Boko Haram issue people are very much security conscious and careful unless you would want me to list them out for you Like you stated for 3 months now 200 school girls are being hosted by Boko Haram to unknown destination for you to know the level of crime we are facing here so everybody is careful there is no month we don't have bomb blast with good number of people dyeing

Honestly Kenny's recovery is in the hand of God because of lack of treatment personally I am not happy over his sickness it makes me remember my late parents I really do not know what to do

Could you please tell me when I will send the information for receiving the money to enable me take Kenny to hospital before he die

Thanks, Martins

[..this clown is amazing---why doesn't he JUST TELL ME the details?..I made note of Boko Harum last year with Eucharia, when they were just starting to get noticed by the world media...]



Good afternoon Martin,

Well here it is Friday afternoon and I have a busy weekend planned. I will be going out to the Bashful Gonif Pub for some frosty Shysterbrau brewskis, maybe a belt or two of some fresh Northern Comfort whiskey.

Tomorrow Saturday I have quite a bit of cooking to do for the church picnic on Sunday. I'm thinking of a nice wombat casserole with grilled caribou antlers in a zesty Norwegian sauce.

I did not say that I did not believe you about the transportation stuff where you are, I merely pointed out that rather than $750 to make the journey, it can be done for about $23 each for you and Kenny if he survives. This is quite a difference in cost and you really have not said anything about it that I can fathom.

You must understand that to get, one must give. I am requestng simple things from you which are absolutely necessary for my tax deductions. Since the FAVOUR is all mine, I must have proof of the expenses before any money is sent.

I have your picture and that will make the Australian Tax People happy. But if you can not get one for Kenny, that will be copacetic but I would not be able to pay for his secondary school tuition. And now that I think about it, this would mean no money for Saturday Chima either. This is the way it goes in the world of finance when it comes to charity. When old hatchet-face billionaire Rupert Murdoch gives a $10million donation to the Anti-Baby-Eating Dingo Association you can bet your sweet patootie that he is doing it for tax purposes. And I am sure the dingo-less babies appreciate it too.

Anyway I hope your junior brother Kenny gets better. You should have Saturday Chima come by to assist.

Well crikey the afternoon is flying by faster than a japanese beaver on meth. I must go for now.

Best wishes, Alotta

[..maybe it will dawn on this idiot that ANY picture sent claiming to be Kenny would make Alotta happy. ...and 'gonif' means thief in Yiddish..]

NOW MIGHT BE the perfect time to see how junior brother Kenny and his 'present condition' are.



Hello Kenny,

I heard you were not feeling well, so I wanted to send my best wishes.

Please tell me what the problems are, maybe I can help.

Sincerely, Alotta Fosters



Dear Alotta Fosters,

Sorry I did not reply your message it is unfortunate to me that Kenny my brother died on Thursday by 5 am it was around 2 mid night that same Thursday it was raining heavily there was too much cold I looked at him he is condition stated changing I called him Kenny what is happening he could not talk after a while he called me brother I answered he told me he will not make it at the end he died and was also buried that same day

Thanks, Martins

[ OH MY GOD THEY KILLED KENNY!..Holy South ParkBatman!..Well I guess with no photo it was bound to happen..Such touching last moments sound like the sappy movie 'Love Story'... ...and what is he thanking me about? ]



Good evening Marty dear,

I just finished a great meal of barbecued gopher ribs in Smegaroon sauce with spinach-flavoured ice cream and a nice frosty Duffenbrau. Then I got to my computer and read your email.

I am so very sorry about the loss of Kenny. He only had 19 years but I am sure he made the most of them. He is in heaven now, probably with a laptop of his very own because our church preaches that you always get what you deserve in life, so why not after life too? The sermon at our church on Sunday was "Moses could part the Red Sea but why not his scraggly hair"? meaning we are all only human..A nice picnic followed.

Take comfort in your loss and know that Kenny is probably dancing on the clouds now.

Sincerely, Alotta

[ ..in his time of grief I wonder if I will be asked for funeral expenses or medical bills to be paid... ..and a tip of my hat to a baiter par excellence here on Scamo..]



Dear Alotta

Thank you very much for your condolence message may his gentle soul rest in peace I wish we will meet again as brothers he is gone he is gone forever I have cried and wept out tears in my eyes and leave the rest to God

As you've seen it could you please help me as you have agreed to help me so that I can get out the security house since Kenny has gone and our last born is not hear with me and our grandmother vowed that he cannot come to the city until I come up financially

Thank you once again for your concern I appreciate


[..well the less-than-7-hours grief is apparently over....nasty old Granny Elechi one of those 'vowers', like the dying dad at bedside who vows to have only an internet stranger handle his millions for his poor child.....]



Martin dearest,

Well I am glad to see that you are back to normal now.

How much did it cost to bury Kenny? Was it a real nice fancy casket, or a plain cardboard box? Here in Australia in the old days we just used to put the dead in the forest for the wombats to eat, the circle of life and all that.

I do not understand why your granny made a vow that your last born Saturday Chima can not go anywhere until you cough up the geetus. Unless he is being held prisoner by her he should be able to go where he wants.

I am not sure how much money you need now. Please let me know.

Warmest regards, Alotta

[..with Kenny taking The Big Dirt Nap now I wonder if his school expenses will be deducted..]



Dear Alotta

Kenny's burial did not cost any money rather a man that knows him bought a nice casket for him to be buried and his body was taken to a burial ground by members of our church including some friends after a prayer lead by the pastor his body was buried

Like I stated Kenny died because of frustration in our life if we were having money and staying in a conducive house Kenny wouldn't have died being that my situation is still not fine and it is out of this situation Kenny died there is no way I can bring our last born to Lagos because I don't want him to die this is why my grandmother decided that our last born will not follow me to Lagos until I come up financially

With $5,000,00 I can get a house and go back to school to save me from dyeing like my brother please help if you really love me so that I can get a house and go back to school please

Thanks, Martins

[.....I get it--because I didn't send money sooner--with no details-- Kenny is dead from frustration and maybe Marty is next....and he did lower his price, or maybe forgot it was 8 big ones he needed...]



Hello Martin,

People do not die of frustration that I am aware of. If this were true then half of Australia here would be dead from trying to figure out these bloody government Tax forms.

Now you have me greatly confused. You say your home town is Port Harcourt, and you are in Lagos 620km away. So why would your church members be in Lagos? And why are you still in Lagos? If the church members came from Port Harcourt, then how come you did not travel back there with them?

We have an old saying here in Australia-- "When the schnauzers come home to roost at night, then the akubra hat will fit just right"..It means that when answers are given things get better.




Dear Alotta,

May be you did not understand me well I did not say my church members came from port Harcourt it is our church members here in Lagos we are staying Kenny is buried here in Lagos at Lagos state burial ground nobody came from port Harcourt for his burial all I did was to send message directly to my home town about Kenny's death besides we were not living in port Harcourt I am only schooling in port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is not my home town get me right my home town is Rumudara 3MILES away from Port Harcourt city, Port Harcourt is the capital city of River state

Thank you for your understanding

Alotta can I send the information on how I can receive the money?


[.....this lad seems to think that 3 miles is a safari to the South Pole...and this makes for an opportune time to remind him how desolate it is here in the outback....how many times can one say P.H?? ..sounds like he might be back on the bottle ..]



Hello Marty,

YOU SAID >>> get me right my home town is Rumudara 3MILES away from Port Harcourt <<<<

Crikey, no need to blast a brown floater out the sphincter. You make it sound like 3MILES is a long long ways away. Jumpin' jehosophats, MY NEAREST NEIGHBOUR is 20km away and that is over 12 miles !

Just to go to pick up the postal mail and buy petrol and groceries is a drive of 96km by me over some very rugged terrain here and I do this nearly every day.This is more than your average wallaby hop.

Being that 3MILES is not a long distance, why is it that you need to live in both Port Harcourt AND Rumodara? A mere child can walk 3MILES in a day, or at least ride a bicycle or take a city bus. It seems incomprehensible that you need TWO places to live in so very close together.

Well here it is Thursday morning 3rd July, a new fiscal year and I now have to work on my semi-annual taxes. My personal finance co-ordinator Maven Aufdreck is stopping by later to assist me. I know that he will want me to come up with receipts for taxes for the past and present 6 months. And I am going to have to put it all down on paper for those horrible Australian Tax Department bludgers.

Assisting you is not much of a problem and I said I have twice reminded you to tell me the details. And I am also definitely going to need some receipts from you first. The main important things will be the official Port Harcourt University fees and also a rental statement from whatever house you pick out to live in.

I realize this probably can not be done in a flash like a goanna in a hot billabong, but it WILL have to be done since this is a charitable thing on my part and you are not selling or giving me anything in return. As I previously said--To Get a Lot, one must Give a Little. So I will need those official details.

I am going out to the movies tonight with my friends Bonnie and Clyde Corleone to see a new movie feature called 'Romancing The Bone", about a woman who loves her job digging up dead dinosaurs with lusty scientists. Then a few drinks at the Pouty Poofter Pub out on the Hershey Highway and back home.

Regards, Alotta

[...'maven auf dreck' means 'master of shit' in Yiddish...I expect now he will emerge from his coma with the details..]

FROM MARTIN THUR JULY 3RD 6:49AM Dear Alotta, Thank you once again for response If get the money to pay for my school fees definitely I will be given a payment receipt with school official receipt for prove that I have paid then I will scan it and send to you for perusal The same thing with house payment if I pay for house Bellow is the details of how l can receive the money BANK NAME: HSBC BANK. BANK ADDRESS1 QUEENS ROAD CENTRAL, HONG KONG, ACCOUNT NUMBER xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [ deleted by Alotta..] SWIFT CODE: HSBCHKHHHKH ACCOUNT NAME: PRESTON WAY MANAGEMENT LIMITED. BENEFICIARIES ADDRESS: 112 QUEENS ROAD CENTRAL HONG KONG If you make the payment please send the payment copy to me so that I can take it to the owner of the account for prove that you have send the money Thanks, Martins Elechi [...a bank transfer via China is NOT what I expected.!..this is more than just some dumb-ass lad trying out his begging skills, he's got connections..a check shows 'Preston Way Mgt Ltd' was incorporated in HK on June 10th, 2014--after this bait began!!!....NOW I REALLY HATE HIM !!! ...]



We had a great time last night, my friends and me.

Now I ask you--what the hell is THIS all about? You are a 23 year old orphan and living in the streets in Nigeria. So WHY do you have business with a bank in Hong Kong China?????

And you said you will go see the owner of the account. Well the owner of this account is obviously over there in China. HOW are you going to do THAT?


[...Things on an entirely new level now...If he had said WU/ MG I can accept that as a routine part of the baiting game..But penniless and homeless orphans with Chinese banking connections always make me mad.. ..so now I'm gonna toss his salad and crush every hope he gets....killing him softly with his scam..]



Dear Alotta,

Thank God for the wonderful time you had you are welcome

Please do not use the account anymore the owner of the account told me that the account is not working again and he promised to give me another account so that the transfer will be successful meanwhile the owner of the account is an importer here in Nigeria he goes to Asia to import goods to Nigeria he has an account in Asia for his business transactions

I know him through a friend of my father since I don't have account both locally and international where I can receive the money safely that is why I asked him to give me account after explaining to him where the money is coming from if he cash the money he will give it to me correctly If gives me another account I will forward it to you please

Thank you very much for your understanding and I thank God you have not send the money

Sincerely Martins

[ ..A lad thankful that money was not sent. .How often does THAT happen?? I think he actually believed I would run right out and send it within hours..And then 2 and a half hours later...pretty much the same except a new bank...]



Dear Alotta,

Thank God for the wonderful time you had you are welcome

Please do not use the first account anymore the owner of the account told me that the account is not working again and he promised to give me another account so that the transfer will be successful meanwhile the owner of the account is an importer here in Nigeria he goes to Asia to import goods to Nigeria he has an account in Asia for his business transactions I know him through a friend of my father since I don't have account both locally and international where I can receive the money safely that is why I asked him to give me account after explaining to him where the money is coming from if he cash the money he will give it to me correctly



Please I am sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you very much for your understanding and I thank God you have not send the money

Sincerely Martins

[....The popular Hang Seng Bank in no time flat...and this time 'below' spelled correctly. I looked up HF WORLD LTD and found one in Northamptonshire U.K...incorporated January 2013 with current assets listed as 2GBP--(!!!!).. ...Time to urinate on his happy parade...]



Hello Martin,

My financial advisor Maven Aufdreck came by to assist me with my taxes. I showed him what you have sent.

He pointed out to me some sub-sections in the Australian Tax Codes--



What this means is that it is not possible for me to donate $8000 when it involves a money-making company or person, which is your importer friend in Hong Kong. It will not help my taxes. There will have to be another way to do it.

You mentioned that you would scan and send me the receipt..Well since you have access to a scanner I insist that you scan and send me a copy of the Port Harcourt University fees that you request. You said it will be $3500, so you obviously have that information down on paper and I want to see it. Scan it and send it to me please.

Have a nice weekend.

Sincerely, Alotta

[...subtly got my '419' in...I also pretended I forgot he only wants $5000 now..]

ON LATE NIGHT JULY 4TH he sent a short inconsequential email which I replied to but alas deleted, and I also made the rare mistake of not keeping a copy for myself.. Essentially he accepted the tax reasons, bitched about 'can't send what you ask until the fees are sent', and he suggested Western Union. I knew my reply would be included in his next one.



Hello Martin,

Western Union might be possible. The postal way is another method.

But understand me when I say this--I do not want to hear you say that you will send me the copy of the school fees AFTER the money is sent to you. You are to do it BEFORE.


[ ..this lad is not being asked for The Crown Jewels...lads might be skittish about signs and such, but all that is being asked of him is to whip up a fake piece of paper with anything written on it. ]



Dear Alotta,

Good afternoon from here and how was the weekend, I will prefer Western Union money transfer than post because I don't have address where I can receive and besides the money can get lost or intercepted by unknown person

Secondly please understand me very well there is no way I can send you the payment receipt without me paying the fees first before the receipt can be given to me to prove that I have paid my school fees that is how it is done here

Please understand me very well and thank you for your understanding

Thanks, Martins

[..no, that is not how it is done anywhere..]



Hello Martin,

Yes my weekend was good, the sermon at church was 'Jesus Saves but Moses Invests".

Now listen to me and listen carefully. You told me the fees for Port Harcourt University will be $3500. Did you make up that figure out of thin air? Because if it is $3500 then there must be some kind of document that says that is what it costs.

And I want you to scan it and send it to me. I must have this for my taxes. And that is how it is done here. I doubt you have ever paid taxes in your life but I pay them and if I send you the money I have every right to get something for it first.

I can not possibly assist you with the $8000 unless I have that information IN WRITING on something that is official. And not AFTER but BEFORE any payment is to be sent. Let us not forget-- this is a FAVOUR on my part. And what are you offering me? Nothing.

I am willing to wait a few days for it but if you are not going to do that for me then I shall move on and you will have to find someone else. There are many other people I am willing to help and it will be no problem for me to assist other people who do not give me such difficulties and excuses.

So the ball is in your court.

Sincerely, Alotta

[..I don't care if he wants to end it or not, but this little squirrel needs a kick in his acorns..]



Dear Alotta,

Actually I am not doubting about your tax but strongly repeating myself to you that I was not brought up as a liar and ever will I be or are you expecting me to forge documents and send to you which I cannot it is when I pay my school fees first a receipt will be given to me proving that I have paid my school fees then I will scan the copy and send to you

For example if somebody go to a shop to buy some items will the owner first collect money from the buyer before giving receipt or will the seller give him receipt before he buys the items? it is left for you to help me where you find it necessary to help me but where you don't fine because I have made everything clear to you for the period I contacted you

The choice is yours


[..lads giving choices is never wise on their part..]




If you go to a shop to buy some items, you get something from the man and he gets your money. I agree. But this is NOT that situation because I am getting nothing from you and you are getting my money. So either it is done my way or else not at all.

WHY are you talking about forged documents? This has nothing to do with forgery. I am telling you that you told me the fees are $3500. I am merely asking for proof of this. That fee has to be written somewhere and I want a copy of it. No forgey involved. Either you have it or else you are not proving it to me and there is no real reason for this.

Crikey of course the bloody choice is mine. Your choice too, because if you want to throw away all your chances with me, then go right ahead. I can always help others and you can live in the streets if you want to take that attitude with me. I would not lose any sleep over it. And look at what you stand to lose.


[...no matter how I exit this, I am NOT going to tell him he was baited. This is the best revenge of all..]



Dear Alotta Fosters,

Thanks for being with me and your promises not to fulfilled In fact in the history of my life I can never ever believe that you Alotta Fosters will disappoint me after several question from the first day I contacted you up to the time my junior brother Kenny died how I took you like a mother still you have the mind to disappoint me why? I did not lie to you which I will not rather I will continue to speak the truth till death do me past

Your disappointment to my approach will never be the end of my life hence God almighty is alive even though my brother Kenny is dead God knows the best surely I must achieve my gold your wish can never be the wish only you don't know what it means for parent-less children to get nearer to you

Martins Elechi

[..petulant, somewhat sarcastic, self-pitying, morose, laying a guilt trip on me--yup, I've gotten to him..]




When you say I do not know what it is like for parent-less children---remember I am an orphan too as I said and I have been an orphan for 35 years, longer than you have been alive on this earth. So that is enough of that nonsense. I am a loving and giving woman with no parents also.

Just this week I donated $6,500 to local orphans at the School of the 7 Bells. They needed new test books, desks, chalk, gherkins and other miscellany. The headmaster of the school put it all down in writing for my taxes and I handed over the cash just like that. Very simple. And now 25 orphan kids at the school call me 'Momma Alotta' and they made a really nice chocolate cake for me with genuine cocoa from Ghana.

YOU are only making life difficult for yourself and it is no fault of my own, no matter what you say. I asked you for something--ANYTHING--to show me what the school fees are in writing and you refuse to do that. This has nothing to do with lies or forgery or honesty. It seems to be an easy enough thing to do that seems beyond your stubborn frame of mind. To get a lot you must give a little.

Maybe you will wake up and realize that the person you should be mad at is in your mirror. If you want to end this and ruin all chances you have with me, go right ahead. I sleep well at night.


[..gherkins are pickles..School of the 7 Bells is a South American pick-pocket 'academy' for thieves-in-training... ..ring any of the 7 bells on the mannequin pockets and you have failed as a potential criminal...]



Dear Alotta,

How are doing?

Why have you decided not to write me again why?

I also want to let you know that if one road closes definitely another one will automatically open In my life time I will never believe that you will disappoint me my God is alive

It is better I stopped by the error than to be stooped by the error


[.. **stooped by the error**?? ..typical of the lads--they owe you an email but accuse you of not replying..]



Hello Martin,

I did not stop writing to you. It seems that you stopped writing to me.

Anyway I hope all is well.




Dear Alotta,

You stopped because you did not want to help me if not why have you not send an email to me?

Well all is well with me because God is with me always

Do you still intend to help me?

Martins Elechi



I think your memory is seriously failing you for THE THIRD TIME.

I emailed you on 11th July. And you did not reply again until 17th July. So WHY are you saying these things? It is YOU who did not write. I have always replied to every email that you have sent to me.

In addition, you want something for nothing and all I asked of you was help for my taxes. Apparently all I get from you are excuses when I ask you to show me on something official what the costs will be.

I did not say I would not help you. Basically what I said is what I have said all along--to get a lot, you must give a little. So think it over.

It is Friday night and here I am all alone, nothing to do. I just finished reading the classic Dickens novel 'Great Expectations' but it was not all I had hoped it would be. It was raining outside, so I must get out of these wet clothes and into a dry vermouth.

Regards, Alotta

[..no use saying 'dry martini' to this one....and luck with me, I can play for a 3rd time on the 'memory' angle.]



Dear Alotta

What exactly do you want me to give you knowing fully that I don't have anything to give you for now?

Could you please understand me very and help me if really you want to help me whatever pleases you to give me, give with Godly mind

Good news a woman from Canada gave me $2000 dollars just as I contacted you that is how I contacted her without asking me for anything I told you from the beginning that I was not brought up as liar never will I do that if by special grace of God I conclude with my studies I might decide to come over to stay with you in Australia since Kenny who is in the city with me is dead to enable to forget him


[..no doubt a ploy to make me think he is so wonderful that people hand him money w/o all the demands that I have the nerve to make..I certainly hope nobody DID send him money...if they did I am sure he would be out spending it like a drunken teenage Arab sailor on shore leave, with no time for Alotta..]


Hello Martin,

It's interesting that you mentioned Canada. I was in church on Sunday and the sermon was 'what does one say if the buddha sneezes'? Anyway, visiting here were Charles and Camilla Hoser from Eskimo City, Canada. We had a wonderful time and currently they are guests at my ranch. They come from a very large family, a lot of Hosers up there in Canada.

Well I am happy to hear that a woman in Canada sent you $2000..Was it via a bank transfer? I say this because there are no banks nearby here. I pay for everything in cash. I would not be able to send you money via any bank, the nearest one is about 800km away from me.

This money should certainly help you, no more sleeping in the streets. I am also sure that you can now pay for a semester at PHU.

Yes if you wish to someday make your way down here I do not think it would be a problem, and you can easily make a lot of money here. That is in the future, as you said.

I have explained several times what exactly it is that I need from you. I need to see something official that says what the Port Harcourt University fees will be for you, NOT a receipt after you pay. I can't make it any more clearer than that.

Have a nice day,

Regards, Alotta

TODAY NOW BEING EXACTLY 2 months, I decided to re-check the internet and I see the "martins elechi scam" has been posted on scamsurvivors.com. Same exact opening email sent May 22nd and the same exact subject too [ no further text about this on that website] but this time instead of being from 'Kenny Adams' it is:

Return-Path: robertpaul23@outlook.com
Reply-To: <martinelechi@outlook.com>
From: Robert Paul <robertpaul23@outlook.com>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 12:41:22 +0000

I'm tempted to comment on this to him, but won't. What this shows is that within a span of an hour or two on the same day-- my birthday--at least 2 different email names sent the same exact scam out with both routed back to Martin.



Dear Alotta,

Good morning from Nigeria I hope you had a nice stay with your friends from Canada if so thanks be to God honestly each time I communicate with you I fill like when I do discuss with my late mother when she was alive that is why I continued communicating with you

She did not sent the money through bank transfer she sent it through Western Union money transfer with the information I gave to her after she sent the money she forwarded the payment information to me for collection of the money in the bank Should I send the information to you?

Actually the money has solved a problem for me with God some other problems will also be solved

Certainly I am sure that you are there for me anytime I am ready to come over you will make it possible for me because I know that if I come over to Australia I will make it

Honestly there is no way I can send you any document from the university without paying my school fees first I told you previously our system of government is not like your own government

Thanks, Martins

[..at least the 2nd time he has used **fill* for 'feel'...and WU-- AND a bank?..very confused lad, meaning it was all a bluff..and **you will make it possible** means Iwould pay for the visa, passport, and airfare, naturally...]



Dear Martin,

Yes good morning from Australia too.

Here it is Wednesday and I will be fishing with my Canada friends on the rocky Bullwinkel river for some slogfish. They're fun to catch but not really edible, their oil is used for greasing stripper poles. I can use them back at the ranch. It's nice to be in the boat with good friends and their watered-down Canadian beer, eh? I'm sure it will be fun.

Well I was looking at a chart of various world economies, and it says that the average annual wages in Nigeria are about $2300..That's less than $200 a month. I pay $40 an hour for certain chores here on the ranch! What it means is that in a country as poor as yours is, that $2000 the Canadian woman sent to you should last you almost 11 months if you manage it wisely, you being an economics student. Food and housing no longer a problem for you, thanks be to God and Canada.

I am so very happy for you, are you staying in a hotel or have you rented a house? You also now have enough for your youngest brother to come live with you. No more working in those fields for 10 hours a day!

My best regards, Alotta

[..his dilemma now is that I'm saying everything is peachy-keen for him....he can't claim poverty any more... maybe some 'hudlums' will rob him, or some other catastrophic thing, but this is winding down...]



Dear Alotta,

It was clearly known to me that you will disappoint me so it wasn't surprise to me after all my explanation and series of questions you asked including the death of junior brother it never touched your mind to say let me help this person no matter how small

Alotta are you sure you a Christian? Do you really go to church and listen to word of God?

How do I believe that you help people according to what you claim that you help people?

Discuss my approach to you to any good Christian around you and see what the person will tell you remember God is alive

Martins Elechi

[....discussing his approach for any future reader is exactly what I am doing here..]




Yes I am a Christian and you can have all the doubts you want.

But I ask you this--how can I believe that you really need money for school?

How can I believe that your parents and now Kenny are really dead?

How can I believe that you were really living in the street?

Am I to believe these things just because you typed them?
And you sound mad now..Why? You have money, you should be happy.

If you want to be this way with me, go ahead. Remember--you contacted me.
I was doing good things for people way before you wrote to me and I shall continue to do so.


[..I have a lot more fun ideas besides taxes to use on this lad, but this bait is fading away..]



Dear Alotta
How are you today over there hope fine?
May i know if you have concluded not send me money as you promised?


[ I could tell this jerk to go back over all my letters and see where I ever used the P-word, but nahhh...]



Hello Martin,

I am always doing fine here. And I am sure that with all that money the nice Canadian woman sent you, things must be fine for you too.

May I know if you have concluded not to send me what I have asked you for?


[..I'm coasting now---no dog-fight unless he barks first or comes up with something new for which I can play some more.....]



Dear Alotta,

Yes I am making good plans for myself

I want you to understand that since I contacted you for help I took you as a mother to me that is why I vowed not to tell you lies hence I was not brought up by that

Sincerely the school authority cannot give me what you are asking me for unless I get my school fees paid otherwise I would have done that

But do you that Canadian woman did not asked me for any document what she needed from me was my school identity card as soon as I sent her the id, she asked me to forward the information for Western Union money transfer to send me money that is all

I am also expecting you to do the same hence you've accepted to help me whatever that pleases you give me I will accept meanwhile I have rented a mini flat apartment I am no longer sleeping outside

Thanks, Martins

[..yeah, Canadians are nice people but he made that all up, eh? ..]




Now you have an apartment in Lagos, money for food, enough to travel back to Port Harcourt and I'm sure enough to pay for a few classes at PHU.

YOU SAID >>> I am also expecting you to do the same <<<,

This sounds like you are ordering me to do this, making a demand on me and especially when it involves a favour requested of me.

And nobody--absolutely nobody--tells me what to do...Understand?


[.AUGUST 12TH--..I have now waited 2 weeks, it looks like this is done, but you never know..I did leave the door open a little...maybe it will dawn on this pious greedy idiot that he was his own worst enemy, any other lad would have bent over backwards for what I asked from him....to let them think about how-close they were to the big score is sweet indeed!...I have left on my own terms, time to get all this together and get it to Scamorama.. ]