This Kindly Contributor says he is a martial artist and just felt like seeing if he still had it in him. He assures us no Lads were sacrificed in the making of this correspondence, although they may feel a bit sore. Warning, rude language about people of black and white complexions.


Sez Kindly Contributor:
This one has been fun & going on for over a year! have a whole file on it!

Compliments of the season. I hope you are fine and your business is doing well. I write to inform you that my having not been in contact with you all this while is not because I have abandoned the transaction. I couldn't have abandoned the transaction because that money means life to me and I have invested so much to realize the money.

I have been doing some underground work to see how best we can receive this money without stress and at the earliest. My investigations revealed that aside the attorney's fee there is a huge amount of money (USD $520,000) that has to be paid before the bank could release the money to you. I have tried to persuade the bank through a lawyer to deduct the monies from source and then pay to you the balance, but they refused, stating that it is against the policies of government to do so. Hence I decided to find a means of getting the money to pay to them so that the money will be released into your account.

In my search for the money, I ran into a friend who linked me up with some overseas financiers, they are based in the United States.

I contacted the firm and they agreed to give us the money to pay for the charges so that the money will be released into your account after which we will pay back the borrowed money with interest but they refused to give the loan to me since I am not the beneficiary, they said they will only give the loan to you the beneficiary of the money.

The way they operate is this: you will contact them and ask for the loan, they will grant the loan to you without collateral. They will send you the cheque or draft through courier and you will pay it into your account, immediately the cheque or draft clears. You will remit the money into the account, the bank will give you and this money will be paid into your account. Then we shall give the financiers the agreed interest and the principal that's all and we shall smile after all the hard work.

Mr.............., you can see how hard I have been working to see that this transaction comes to a successful conclusion. You should appreciate, this money means the whole world to me.

Note that you won't have to travel to anywhere, just stay in your place the draft/cheque will come to you in your name and the bank will release the money to you after you have paid the required charges with the money from the cheque or draft that you will receive. This is a golden opportunity that cannot be wasted.

Please, reply urgently so that I contact the financiers and we conclude without delay.



Yes, have kept everything on file, i.e. all the correspondence. I knew from the outset it was a scam, however, I decided to play along with it. The play led myself & 2 friends to Amsterdam to confront these gents. These gents had no realisation that I had arrived with serious 'backup'. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they got what they deserved & I got a holiday visiting friends in Holland & Belgium. Reflecting back on it, if I hadn't taken my 'backup' I could have got myself into serious situation. However, having been personally involved in teaching & training martial arts, also the security industry & doing alot of personal bodyguard work, these guys were 'amateurs' to say the least, ....but I think we just caught them by surprise, as they were expecting myself, but not my experienced 'backup'. We also planned for worst case scenario.

The adventure was a great adrenalin rush, & I would do it again. The correspondence I have goes back & forth & there were also telephone calls. From the outset I knew the 'scam' as I had friends who had received similar e-mails. I just pretended to play dumb & naive until I could confront this guy face to face. He never fronted, but 4 of his mates did. They all shit themselves when we reversed the psychology & put it on them! If youre interested, I can e-mail all my correspondence if you can leave my name etc. out of it. The trip to Amsterdam is not documented & I would have to wright that up for you, as that was the fun part!

Stay safe!
Kindly Contributor


... they wanted me to fly to the airport, Amsterdam, where they would pick us up. I told them that I would make my own way from the airport to their office, which I had someone, a friend, over in Holland check out. I did not give them any info as to flights etc., just that I would contact them 'if' I arrived & I thought everything was legit (of course, I knew it wasn't).

My backups & myself caught 3 different flights from (Kindly Contributor's country) with the objective of getting into Amsterdam without anyone knowing, & leaving the same way. We met up at Heathrow, London & caught the train from Heathrow, under the tunnel, into Belgium then onto Amsterdam. Yes, our passports were looked at in Belgium & Amsterdam, but not stamped! They did stamp it in London. Once in Holland, I made contact, near to where I had located their office to be. An arrangement was made to meet them at a hotel/pub. I arrived with one of my guys, the other not too far away (ex-policeman), but within eye view. At the hotel, 2 black bastards (sorry for that but thats how I feel about them now!) stood there in designer, tailor made suits & gold bracelets, watches, necklaces all over. My first thought was 'drug dealers'.

When they saw that I had a 'handy looking sort of a fellow' with me, they looked nervous. One of them excused himself & went to a room around the corner, coming back with a 3rd person, but this person was a white bastard. He was supposed to be a diplomat! Anyway, my 2nd backup by this time, thinking that something was going to happen (3 Vs 2) came in on the scene, making it (3 Vs 3). This really did faze them. They had been check mated. They tried to convince me to go with them, but I said we would follow in a taxi. A big black bastard called Hemi came with us. He sat in the front with the driver & the 3 of us sat in the back. All our stuff at the hotel had been packed, ready to go & our contingency plan was to meet back in London, if the 'game' fucked up. Also had a couple of friends in Belgium, & if we couldn't get to London, we would meet in Brussels.

Anyway, I was eyeing the back of this guys head all the way in the taxi & nearly, very nearly was going to take him out then & their, but for the taxi driver. We arrive at their office & we knew they were going to put it on us & ask us for @ $6500-USD. We gave the taxi driver all our spare $$$ & told him to wait, as we would be out in less than 10minutes. The 3rd member of my party was to remain with the taxi driver. 2 of us walked inside with the guy who was with us in the taxi. He also was trying to convince the taxi driver to go away. However, my ex-police buddy had slipped his 'police ring' to the driver with the $$$. And the taxi driver was not moving!!!

Inside, pleasantries were said, then it was sit down & get down to business. (At the hotel, it was noted that these guys were not carrying anything as their suits were far too tight). Myself & my backup were prepared for worst case scenario, wore loose clothing, concealing some nice tools. When they put it on us & asked for the USD, we both changed tone of voice, posture & turned the cards, completely making them shit. This took them buy surprise, & 2 of them (black bastards) left the room very quickly. This left 2 of us in the room with 1 of them. My friend had him covered & I went to the door following the 2 that were going away. I did not want to get 'ambushed' in the room & wanted to confront them as they were coming up the stairs. My backup 'eliminated' the one left in the room, & sure enough I had to deal with 2 trying to comeback in, but they were taken out of the picture. This left 2 outside near the taxi, but they shit themselves as we jumped into the taxi & got our arses out of their. Stupid huh! but boy what an adrenalin rush!!!!!!! We got out of Amsterdam the same way we got in, hiding out in Belgium for @ 4 days before getting back to London, then back home.

Why did we do it? I know I did it to see if I still had it in me. My mates, well you would have to ask them, but they are great mates. Would I do it again? You betcha! but this time with the works!!!...but then maybe not???

Take care
Kindly Contributor