Arnold Fannerman got a frank e-mail from an angry Lad. AF says:

I've received so many 419 letters that I gave in to temptation and toyed with one for a very short time, only a few letters exchanged. Eventually, I wrote to him and told him in no uncertain terms what a useless jerk he was, and that he gave his country (Nigeria! What a shock!) a bad name. My language was strong (not quite as strong as his!), and purposefully taunting, as I was hoping to receive just the kind of response I got. It's a beaut! Feel free...

Dear Whatever your fucking name is,

First, I want to say that I am not at any time convienced that you are not a criminal. Reasons being that I am a 419 guy and have riped the likes of you with the same technology that you stupid ashole evented to manipulate we african. What we do down here is nothing to make us ashame as we are only trying to get back what you fucking bastard took from us way back. I guess you people call it reparation.

Just for one fucking moment, you probably would have thought that we Africans are set of crazy fool that are no way near your self belief intellegence but oh no, you white monkeys(Micky Mouse if you like) are even more stupid for all we care as we are really moer original than you lazy white cheap and greedy beings that would want to claim what you are not part of just about the same way you bastards riped our continent. Let me tel you this for once, have you ever sat your ass down to ask yourself what colour is the devil? Must probable you like and the likes of you would say that He was a black man. But today be it know to your sorry ass that the devil was an angel of God that was thrown down to earth. What colour does the angels have? White right? Then cann't you see how you maniacs out there tried to change what we believed in? A wolf in sheep clothing is simply a wolf and nothing more.

Go fuck your mother fucking asshole that has being infected by the same atificiary beliefs that has beclouded your vision as a young man that is surpposed to be asking us how did we acquire our bank of knowledge. Be true to your self and give us a little tumbs up for our intelligence dommy.