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Captain Dumurra, last seen Sailing, Sailing in 2003, returns to grace this site:

Hello There.
Here we go again. Captain Dumurra comes out of retirement. I have forwarded this rubbish onto my other email address (ostensibly my cousin). Plain crash indeed ! I need a good laugh. Again I have been to Cotonou many times.

Mr Thomas Obi - Credit Officer Lad
Captain Dumurra - Valiant anti-scammer and experienced seafarer


From: Mr Thomas Obi <thomasobi2004@yahoo.fr>
Date: March 30, 2007
Subject: Dear Friend
Reply-To: thomasobi3@yahoo.fr

Dear Friend,
TRANSFER OF US$14,000,000
It is obvious that this proposal will come to you as a suprise. This is because we have not meet before but i am inspired to send you this email by the huge fund transfer opportunity that will be of mutual benefit to both of us.

First Let me start by introducing myself properly to you.I am Thomas Obi ,Credit officer TRUST FINACIAL COMPANY here in cotonou.I beleive that you will not betrayed me at last with the trust i intend putting on you now.

A foreigner,a Libyian,Late Engr.MAHMUD ALI IBRAHIM (snr)An iron steel company chairman with the Federal Government here in Benin untill his death some years ago in a plain crash and he Deposited with us some amount of money worth US$14,000,000(Fourteen million United States Dollars),the company now expects a next of kin as beneficiary of this money and Valuable efforts are being made by TRUST FINACIAL COMPANY to get in touch with any of the MAHMUD ALI'S family or relatives but to no avail.

It is because of the perceived possibility of not being able to locate any of Late Engr MAHMUD ALI IBRAHIM (snr)'s next of kin (he had no wife or children that is known to us).The management under the influence of our chairman and members of the board of directors,have made arrangements for the fund to be declared "Unclaimed"and subsequently be used to import amunations into our country.

However,In order to avert this negative development,some of my trusted colleagues and I,now seek your permission to have you stand as next of kin to late Engr MAHMUD ALI IBRAHIM (snr) so that the fund US$14,000,000 will be released and transfered into your account as the beneficiary.

All documents and proofs to enable you get this fund has been carefully worked out.We have secured from the probate an order of mandamus to locate any of the deceased beneficiaries, and more so, we are assuring you that this business is legal and risk free envolvement. Your share remains while the rest will be for myself and my colleagues for investment purposes anywhere according to agreement between we and your goodself.

we would furnish you with the necessary disbursement ratio to suite both parties on your receipt to this mail.

If this proposal is acceptable by you, do not hasitate to contact me through my private e-mail : thomasobi3@yahoo.fr
Looking forward to your urgent response.

Thomas Obi.

Kindly Contributor (aka Capt. Dumurra)

My friend Thomas.
I have forwarded you request with strictest confidentiality to my cousin (Captain Peter Dumurra ) who would you believe is in fact distantly related to a Mahmood Ali who was working as an Engineer in West Africa. His wife he met in Libya when he was working on the Ras Lanuf project. Do you think this is the same man.?

[Here we go. Think I'll have a couple of gin and tonics, makes the mind fertile.]


Date: April 4, 2007

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your mail in response to the proposal I sent to you.
I shall be expecting to hear from this cousin of yours and quickly too.
Have him contact me so as to enable us move forward without delay.

Thomas Obi.

[Self explanatory. He seems to have bitten. Top of the range BMW ! Sounds good for our greedy friend.]

(getting into character as) Capt. Peter Dumurra

Dear Thomas Obi.

I cannot tell you how excited I was, when I heard from my cousin about a 'golden opportunity'. I must apologise for not getting in touch earlier, I have been visiting my business's around he North of England. Its hard work driving in my country even with a top of the range BMW. I am supposed to be retired.

Please tell me more, I am taking a well earned rest for a few days. I am always looking for investment opportunities.

Peter Dumurra (Capt)

[ More to come? ]