updated Sept. 19

Dominatrix D is back! This time Lad "Raymond" is willing to cheat on his longtime wife, mother of his three kids, and marry D, on top of the usual scam. True virtual love in one week.

Dear Scamorama,
Another attempt of marrying rich. The ring is coming soon.
With love, Dori....

Sept 11: Dori

Dear Sir,
I read your letter with great interest. I am just curious where you found my e-mail address. If your proposition is still valid, please send me more detailed information on what I should do to get more involvement with the financial issues.
I remain with hope,
Dori Kuklinski, Poland

Sept 12: Raymond

Dear Dori,
Frankly,I got your address by trying to march the name of the deceased customer of my bank whom I worked for as personal accountant,with yours and got your address revealed,hence,I decided to mail you.This is in the view of finding the relatives of the deceased whom bear the same name as you.Could please resend the proposal I sent to you to be assured that you are the one I directed it to.This is very important because of the sentitivity of this transaction.
We shall proceed by hiring an attorney for you who will obtain the necessary documents which would present you as the next of kin to the dead customer of my bank.I shall also,give you all the personal information of the customer so that you can always be well informed about him.

Once the attorney obtains the documents,like Federal High Court Of Nigeria sworn affidavit of Claim and Death Of the fund,we shall have your application processed and within 5working days your account shall be credited.I shall give you 50% of the total sum while my own part shall be transfered to a location which I will disclose to you as we move on.Please,be very committed and reply my mails swiftly.
You can call me on 234-8033462436 anytime anyday.
I will entertain more questions from you in order to clarify you the more.
Thanks for your concern.

(I had to write to Trevor (How to become a Rich Dotcom) to get the original letter. I did, and so the letter writing is on)

Sept 12: Dori

Dear Mr. Raymond,
The letter with you proposal came to my computer at work. I will retrieve it on Monday and re-send it to you. I am very happy you wrote me back! I was awake last night thinking what I could do when this transaction is over. Most likely I will quit my present job as a chief accountant with my company (Life Insurance and Securities Brokers in Wroclaw city in Poland) and set off for Australia or New Zealand where I will settle down. I am a bit confused about this lawyer bit in your letter. How can I hire a lawyer in Nigeria? Do I have to go there? I have never been abroad and going on such a long trip makes me really nervous.
[The real D. has been all over Africa.]

Could you kindly write me few things about yourself? Are you going to help me in Nigeria? Is Nigeria a safe country? Do I need a visa if I have to travel there? Oh boy, it all seems so complicated!
I am impatiently awaiting your next letter.
God bless you, Dori K.

Sept 13: Raymond

Dear Dori,
You are a very kind personality.I will wish to see you and have to discuss matters concerning business with you.I am 45 years old, married to Rosemary and blessed with three lovely daughters.I became a manager in 1999 and has worked diligently for this bank for close to 10years.

On the transaction,I had a long deliberation with the attorney.He is the best for this business.His name is Philip aseke of El-Zabiri

Mr. Philip agreed to work for us on a service chatge of USD6,000 (six thousand United States Dollars).He stated that with that he will work to the Federal Ministry of Justice where Death certificate for the deceased Engr. Dyke will be released in your favour as next of kin.Also,an affidavit of Claim will also be issued to guarantee the transfer of the fund to your account.On the release of these documents,he will send copies to you and apply to our bank for the payment/transfer of the fund to you.Please,write him and forward your account to him for submission to the bank.I will come in when your application gets to the bank as I will use my discretion to get you settled.I hope you will not betray me when the money gets to your account.I will give you an account where my part will be transfered to when this is done.

Thanks as I await your mail.Sorry for replying you very late.I just finished with the lawyer and decided to give you to information.


Sept 13

(I accidentally deleted this letter to Dear Raymond, but it was "I'm single but ripe for marriage accountant in a big company, will you please marry me?" bit.)

Sept 14: Raymond

Dear Dori,
I am delighted to write you.I have just talked to the attorney who said you are yet to contact him at .According to him everything is fine and he has said that the high court demanded USD4,000 to have the death and claim certficates released in your favour.He said once he gets this he shall forward an application for the transfer of the fund to you.I have given him apart of his service charge.
I am working hard to raise the money but will like to that here that I might need a little assistance from you to be able to get this done.This will be the only place where we will be required to spend some money as I will work everything out when the appliction gets to the bank where I am the manager.
Please,let me know how much you can send promptly so that the attorney can have these certificates issued and sent to your mailbox.
I will wait for your mail.Please,stop keeping mute to me,try reply my mails.
Thanks and God bless.

Sept 16:Dori

Dear Raymond,
This is the original letter you sent me a while ago.

Dear SIR> > I am a Branch Manager with STANDARD TRUST> BANK(STB),My>  name is Mr Raymond Kuti a Banker. I am the personal> Account Manager to ENGINEER  A Dykes  , a National of> your country, who used to work with shell Development> company in Nigeria. Here in after shall be referred to> as my client On April 21, 1999, my client, his wife,> and their three children were involved in a car> accident along Sagamu express way.> All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost their> lives.Since then I have made several inquiries to your> embassy to locate any of my clients extended> Relatives, this has also proved unsuccessful. > After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided> to trace his last name over the Internet, to locate> any member of his family hence I contacted you. I have> contacted you to assist in repatriating the money and> property left behind by my client before they Get> confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank> where this huge deposits were lodged, particularly the> STANDARD TRUST BANK PLC. Where the deceased had an> account Valued at about ($6 million u s dollars) has> Issued me a notice to provide the next of kin. Or have> the account confiscated within the next ten> officialworking days.>

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the> relatives for over 2 years now, I seek your consent to> present you as the next of kin of the deceased since> you have the same last name so that the proceeds of> this account valued at ($6 million u s dollars) can be> paid to you and then you and me Can share the> money.60% to me and 40% to you An attorney will be> contracted to help revalidated and notarize all the> necessary legal documents that can be used to back> up any claim we may make. > All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us> see this deal through. I guarantee that this will be> executed under a legitimate arrangement that will> protect you. from any breach of the law. > > Best regards,> Raymond .>

I don't know exactly how you got my address, as Dykes is my mother's maiden name.
Anyway, here it is and I hope it will be sufficient.

I am very disappointed you're married. I was actually hoping that I might find a right man for me during this process. Are you sure you're happy with your wife? I guess she's getting older and after giving birth to three kids her body is getting quite disgusting. So what do you think about dumping her and marrying me instead? I am very eagerly waiting for your response to this.
I am ready to go to Nigeria, but only on condition I will get married there.

Please advice,
Yours, Dori Kuklinski

Sept 17: Raymond

Dear Dori,
I never knew you are a lady. I thought I was dealing with a fellow man.All the same I appreciate doing business with the opposite sex as they are very truthful and trust worthy.

I will be very glad if you can make it to Nigeria, but this be after the completion of this transaction, with the money transferred to your account in Poland. I can marry you because I have not had the chance to hold and caress a white lady in my life. I will appreciate it if you can really make it here.

On the transaction, please let me know how much you will be able to send to the attorney to enable him obtain the affidavits in your favour. This when released from the ministry of justice shall enable the attorney apply to my bank to transfer the USD6m initially deposited by Engr. Dyke to your account as next of kin to the deceased Engr. Dyke. The fees for the whole document is USD4,000 and I cannot really get all that money. Let me know how much you can assist with. You can call me on my number.I had already given it to you on my previous mail.

Thanks and God bless.
I now believe you were the one I sent the original proposal to.I saw the copy of it.


Sept 18: Dori

dear Raymond:
You wouldn't believe how happy you made me today with your kind letter to me. I am wondering, though, if you wife is comfortable with our getting married. Is it OK in Nigeria to have more than one wife? Are you a Muslim? I don't know anything about your country and I am quite curious I must say. Or maybe you're planning to divorce Rosemary and I will be a stepmother to your three lovely daughters? Please let me know your plans, OK? Also, my dear Raymondie you should send me your picture. It's only fair I know my future husband.

I am also thinking that if your plans towards me are sincere, you should send me an engagement ring. I'd prefer diamonds, but emeralds or saphires will do.

My address is: Dori Kuklinski, 66-666 Wroclaw, Ul. Pocalujmniewdupe 23, Poland.

My mother is very keen on meeting you too. Since it's acutally her "relative" we'll be inheriting a fortune from, she wants to thank you in person for this favour to us. Will you come to Poland to meet her? You didn't answer my question in my previous letter - is it true that black men are wonderful and passionate lovers? I need to know before committing myself to you.

Regarding the transaction, I will in due time contribute a part of required lawyer's fee as you requested. I think the percentage should be same as with the funds - you should cover 60% and I will cover 40%. Do you think it is fair? If you give me your bank account number I will wire the money to you early next week. In the meantime please whisper sweet nothings to my ear.

Your future wife, Dori Kuklinski

Sept 18: Raymond

Dear Dori,
How wonderful it is to read your mail. I am wondering if you are really serious about getting married to me.I do not have any other option than to have you all to myself.I told you it is my dreams to really get to hold and touch you.I will be sending my picture to you. On blackmen style of love, I believe God made blac men very strong sexually.I think we hold this against our other folks.On the close of this transaction,I will ask for leave in my bank and travel to meet you in poland.I suggest you use part of the money when transfered to get a very good apartment in poland where we can stay.I am deeply concerned about you and will do everything to stay with you.I suggest I come to Poland with the engagement ring.This will be made with ivory with diamond stones.This stuff is obtainable here in africa. On the transaction,I suggest you write to the attorney to let him know who he is working for.He will give you an account for the payment of your own poart.I suggest you make the payment with western union.This is a sure way to receive money here as it takes long for monies paid into accounts to clear.You should know africa's poor banking system.Write the lawyer at:

Please Dori,tell me more about yourself.How old are you?Have you married before?What actually is your attraction to me when you are yet to see my face.I will like to see your mum.It is a great pleasure meeting you and believe Lord Jesus will keep us together.

I will write you later,


Sept 18:Dori

Dearest Raymond,
You have such a beautiful name, it always makes me want to write to you. I will explain why I want to get married soon. I am 34 years old, and since my biological clock is ticking I feel I am ready for marriage. It took me years to achieve the professional position and I neglected all options of marriage. I also need a husband who is relatively older than I, and can take care of me and a baby. I want to have kids with you. Beautiful little creatures running around and filling the house with joy. What a bliss! I think that you fulfill my dreams about a respectable and well-off gentelman I can trust and rely on. I promise I will be a good wife to you. One thing worries me, though, that is Rosemary. What will you tell her? Or maybe you're going to cheat on her and make her miserable? I wouldn't allow that. Maybe there's a way you can disreetly make her disappear? Think about it, Raymondie.

I am exhausted after a long day at work, so I will write mr. Aseke tomorrow from the office computer. What kind of details should he know about me? I am not going to give him any personal information, only things related to business. Is he married? (I don't want you to get jealous, this is just curiosity).

One more thing, about the ring. I think it would be better if you sent the ring directly to me. It will make my mother believe you're serious about me. It will also make me trust you even more...

I am waiting for your picture. Will send you mine as soon as I have one scanned.

I love you my darling,
Your love, Dori

Sept 19: Raymond

Raymond must be a very lonely scammer. Feel kind of sorry for him... He's divorcing his wife and disposing of the kids too.
Here's the newest
Best, dori

Dearest Dori,
I cannot explain with words how you make me feel.At times,I do not believe a lady like you in poland can really cherish me based on only my couple of mails to you.I am very educated in the line of business.I studied accountancy in a famous nigerian university where I obtained my BSC.I went ahead and furthered my education with degrees in masters and PHD in business management in University of Ibadan Nigeria.
Presently,I occupy the position of the managing director,hesd office of Standard Trust Bank with office at Marina,a very lovely location.I have been in banking for close to fifteen or sixteen years.I had worked as personal bankers to numerous well known africans and business director to many firms and corporations in africa.
Seriously speaking,the problem on our path this day is how to get Rosemary out of the way.Though,she has been nice,I do no think there is any other thing I can do rather than start a good life with you.I suggest we can achieve this by me getting to Poland to have you all to myself.I cann take care of their affairs from there,just because of my daughters.With time,I can really get so used to you that my only priority will be to serve my daughters because I would not want to have a little creature from god suffer.
I hope I make a point to you and believe this is okay with you.
To the transaction,I suggest we get Philip,the attorney started with this transaction as this will fascilitate my transit to meet you in Poland.Write him and let him know when you will have your own part of the money sent.Please,inform me if you have located the westernunion office in your area.This will be the best way to have the money sent as to enable philip get on the transaction real fast.I will love to have the money sitting in your account and then,I will be pleased to meet you in Poland.
I really trust you so much and will love to meet your mother.I have the feeling you love her so much.Extend me warmest greetings to her.Tell her I will send some african textile outfits for her.It is called tire abd dye.It is very lovely.On the ring,I have ordered that it will crafted for me.I will let you know when iot gets to me.I will definitely scan and send my picture to you probably on the weekend.
Thanks and God bless.
I love it when you call me Raymondie.
Can you call me.My direct mobile number is 234-1-7755687.Call me anytime anyday.This will make me believe that you are for real to hear your voice on the phone.

Sept 19:Dori

Darling Raymondie,
I had a hectic day in the office and wasn't able to write to Mr. Lawyer. But will do it tomorrow. I am so happy receiving your loving letters. I am waiting for your lovely picture. I think what really counts in a relationship is a sense of value and inner beauty. The phisical beauty is just skin deep, and is not for real. I love you for the warm heart and the sense of trust and sincerity I feel from your letters.
I know you love your daughters, but maybe they will be too much a burden to us. Why don't you think of something to get them out of our way along with Rosemary? We can always have more children and I am sure you'll love them very much too. Ths is just a food for thoughts for the weekend.
I love you anyway.
I will write soon, your wife Dori

Sept 19: Raymond

Dearest Dori,
Sparing me time to just say I love you and delighted by the you have affected my life this few days.I will cherish your mails and relationship.I need to see you physically and get things started with you.Be fit for me.

Sept 19: Dori

Dearest Raymondie,
I am sitting in front of my computer, trying to write a comprehensible letter to Mr. Aseke. WHAT shoul I tell him?? Please advice ASAP, I don't want to waste more time. I love you and I need you and I miss you already. Maybe you can make a draft of this letter for me? I know I can trust you with my life... I cannot concentrate on anything else, I am thinking about you.
I am reading your letters over and over again. I can feel a masculine beauty and strenght emanating from them. Oh, how I wish you were here and held me in your strong arms. I cannot believe you made me feel this way my dearest darling Raymondie. I was afraid I would end up an old maid, but you made me feel like a young girl again. Thank you and bless you for that! Tell me what will you do to me when we finally meet. I want to crawl into my bed and pretend you're with me my dearest lover.
With warmest kisses, Dori

Sept 19: Raymond

I am glad to write you this evening.I just got back from work and decided to mail you.I am seriously thinking about leaving the kids.I know kids from you will be very wonderfull and I will cherish them so much.I would like to know if you will be able to follow me back to Nigeria when we eventually meet in Poland.I will like to take you to my village to meet with my relatives.
Please,try and write Philip tomorrow.He has already started making efforts to get the affidavits of claim to enable my bank work on the remittance or wire of the money to your account.Also,I need you to forward the account where the money will be directed to.This is very imperative.If we conclude this transaction next week,I will be coming to Poland to meet you.I really need to see your face.Can't wait to have your scanned pics.What are the kinds of things you like doing? How is your love life?What kind of work do you do?Please,tell me more about yourself.
Finally,did you find the western union office in your location.Philip suggested that that will be the best way to get your own part of the fees. I will wait for your mails because you promised to write me later.I urge you not to indulge in hectic duties.Get your nerves relaxed and think more about meeting me.I love you and can't wait to touch and feel you in my arms.

Sept 19: Dori

This is just unbelievable! I got your letter just when I was sending mine. So we are already tuned into each other. It must be a sign from God that we are made for each other, a heavenly match!
Of course I will go to Nigeria with you. You know the Ancient Romans wedding vows: Ubi te Gaius, ego Gaia - where you are a master there I am a mistress. I will follow you everywhere!
You asked me about my love life, well I've been so busy pursuing my career that I haven't had a decent boyfriend or a lover yet. I am pure, Raymond, and nobody has made me a real woman yet. I was saving myself for that one and only, and finally I found you. So you must be gentle with me. I was imagining my first time many times, and now when the time has come I am ready for you.
About the other things you asked about: I am not very much into phisical activities. I read, I cook (I am an excellent cook), and I love to watch movies on TV and video. I don't have many friends, but I love animals and I have 7 cats and a little fluffy dog called Willis. Do you like animals? Do you have any pets? I also love classical music and I play a trombone. Do you play any instrument? Do you like music?
I cannot wait till your next letter.
I love you, your wife Dori

and then...

Hello, this is your most disappointed Dori. The marriage is off. Raymond got tipped (your site is surely becoming very popular). So this is the last I think, enjoy

Sept 20: Raymond

How delighted I am to write you after going through your previous mails.I am very sorry I left the system immediately I dropped that note yesterday.I have been busy in the office trying to sort a transaction.
How are you today?What did not eat for breakfast?I am getting much closer to you by the day.

On your questions,I love Rythm and blues.I use this to relax my nerves after a very hard day at the office.Recently,I am beginning to relax with these songs thinking about you.You have brought joy into my life.I will do everything to make sure we meet soonest.I suggest you send an invitation letter to the Polish embassy here in lagos inviting me over.I will be able to stand the interview with my credentials.I hope this will be done soon as I can get to meet with you.Im play what we call the talking drum, though I am not too perfect in it.

On the transaction, just write Philip Aseke.He already knows he is going to represent a lady by the name Dori.Just tell him that you have heard what is required to get the affidavits for the application to the bank to be file.Tell him the amount you will be able to raise and let him direct you on the means to get this sent to him.Barrister Aseke is very hard working and ideal for this transaction.I paid him part of his service charge before he could start on this.Let me know when you write him.

Finally,Honey I intend to be all over you the first day we meet.We will have alot to talk about and at the end of that show some good love.I really wish I can stretch my hands and hold you.I am already thinking about that day because it is going to be my first time holding a white lady.I will make that moment worth-while.I love dogs but only scared that they might hurt me because I had stay at home.I have birds (parots) and enjoy their talks.

I will wait for your more passionate mails to me.Thanks and God bless.
Dearest Raymond.

Sept 20: Dori

Sweet, dear Raymond,
Yes I miss you and yes, I'm thinking about you all the time. I pray to God we meet as soon as it is humanly possible. I am still waiting for your picture. Please, dear, don't make me wait too long.
Now I will tell you what my usual day looks like: I wake up about 7 am, have quick shower, get dressed, have a bite and drive to work. I work as a chief accountant at Life Securites and stockbrokers in Wroclaw, about 30 km drive from my little town. I finish work around 5 pm although sometimes I have to stay in the office up to 7 or 8 pm, depending on the amount of work. When I get home I walk Willis for about 30 minutes, then I feed my cats and I talk for an hour or so with my Mother. Sometimes on the way home I pick a movie from a video rental shop, and then I watch TV or video till I fall asleep. My life is not very exciting as you see and what was missing in it was a MAN, a masculine beast to spend hot nights with. Now I have someone to think about and dream about. As I told you before I love to cook. And of course I love to eat. I love Italian and Mexican food, and would love to try some African dishes. What are the main ingredients in African cuisine?
Darling, I was thinking I'd love to have you here before the weather gets really cold. How soon can you make it to Poland? Or maybe I should go to Nigeria, meet your relatives and get married there? What do you think is best? If I come to Nigeria, I could bring all money we need and sign the documents there. Do I need a visa? I can take a couple of weeks off for late holiday and I could be there in about 10 days. How does this sound? I only hope you'll solve the Rosemary problem by the time I get there. When will the ring be ready? I can't wait to see it. I have a little problem with ivory, as I think killing elephants for ivory is cruel and unethical, and besides importing ivory to Poland is prohibited. Make the ring gold or platinum instead.

I wonder if I get another letter from you today. Let me know what you think about me coming to marry you in Nigeria.

I love you with all my heart,

Sept 20: Dori

My love,
I cannot stop writing you since I am less busy.I just write to say I love you from my heart.

Sept 22: Raymond

No message from you for the whole weekend. Is something wrong? Get in touch, I miss you.

Sept 22: Raymond

I am very sorry I could not write you ealier than now.I had a meeting yesterday at the bank headquarters.Toay I went to church and there are very few internet cafes that open around here on this religious day.I was able to drive out far to get a place to write to you ,my love. I miss you dearly and read your mails with passion.How sweet it is to get your inspirational mails.
About myself,I am 6"6 inches and chocolate in complexion.I am biult and muscular and will very much love to hold you in my tight firm of love and warmth.It has been too long that I got this feelings that presently occupy my thoughts.You are indeed, someone to be with.It will be very lovely to meet you here in Nigeria.I can really arrange that and have you here.If you really want to be here just work on it.Nigerian consulate will freely give you an entry visa to this country.If your mum feels reluctant, you can make her speak with me on phone.I can assure her of the genuity of my love to you.I really love your with the write ups I get from you.i can't wait for take full charge of you in bed during the cold weather.Just work on this and my life will forever be fulfilled.

Back to the business.Just write Philip and tell him that he should work things out to have the money transferred as soon as possible,probably next week.I will certaily take care of things when the affidavits are sworn and application filed on your behalf to my bank by Philip.Let hi know how much you are sending and tell him I will get the remaining.Ask him for the mode to have the money sent to hm.I still suggest darling that you look up for a western union office.This is important because I will like this concluded soon to be able to meet with you.I will like you to come to Nigeria with part of the money for our goodtimes here.Jus do your best.I commend the efforts you are putting in this and I promise to be the best to you as long as you guarantee me of your transparency.I love.

Just do what I have told you and see what we will be able to achieve this week.

Sept 22: Dori

Dearest Raymondie,
I am so relieved after receiving your loving letter this morning. Your not writing me for a couple of days made me mad with worry. Why didn't you send me your picture as you promised? Also I need to know what you did about Rosemary. Is she still around? I am really determined to come to Nigeria and give myself to you but only when you permanently solve the problem with your present wife and the children. All my further steps depend on what you do about freeing yourself for me.
I talked with my Mother and, unfortunately calling you is out of the question - first of all we don't have a phone at home. Another thing is my Mom cannot speak English. So what you have to do now is to send the ring and get rid of your family. Then I will write to Mr. Aseke and send the money to him and come to Nigeria to marry you with the rest of cash. I am sorry to give you these strict conditions but I have to make sure you're absolutely sincere and devoted to me.
I am sending you my picture. Please, my dearest RayOfLight send me yours, I can't wait to see your masculinity in full glory.
I love you with all my heart,
Dori Kuti

Sept 23: Raymond

Dear Dori,
Why is my proceedings with you on the transaction viewed at the internet?I just opened a website as informed by my friend and found every things I have said to you on view.I am not happy one bit and needs explanations.
Moreover,I could not open whatever you sent to me in the meaning of your picyure.

Sept 23: Dori

Dear "Raymond",
If you saw the Scamorama site you probably know that a lot of people made a fool of you. You are a fool and mugu. You are also a scammer, a thief, and you give your country a bad name.
My name is not Dori, I don't live in Wroclaw. I will not marry you.
My juju is protecting me from assholes like you. I hope you'll get caught and rot in jail.

You may enjoy my other love letters on Scamorama. You are not the only one that stupid.
From Poland with love

another romance over...