This was forwarded by Kindly Contributor 'Bernadette Devlin', who noted:
"Hello Scamorama!

This one was short but sweet. I found this half wit on a cyber panhandling spot, offering his charity opportunity to everyone. Its the classic stolen or counterfeit check scam, I keep 10%, and send the rest on to other 'needy folks'. then in about 4 weeks, they pop up phony, the bank freezes your accounts, duns you for the entire amount, and maybe even has you arrested. to paraphrase you, 'but you already knew that'. lol

This one was simple. I took him up on his generous offer, ask him to send me the checks, and introduce my self as Bobby Mueller of 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20535 and wait for him to send them in. Giggling my ass off, because 'Bobby Mueller' is actually Robert Mueller, and that's the address of his office, as president of the FBI. Hee hee hee hee!"

Matt Lambert - philanthropist and scammer
Bobby Mueller - as FBI as he wants to be (when he's not being Bernadette Devlin)


Matt Lambart

I HAVE MONEY, AND I WANT TO GIVE, IF YOU ARE IN NEED, EMAIL _mattlambart001@yahoo.com_


Bobby Mueller


(I really dont. but you knew that! lol)

Matt Lambart

Received: from [] <-- SkyVision Global Networks

Hello Bobby,
Thanks for the mail.Well i will be willing to help you financially in any way i can cuz itz wat i do for people in need as u saw in my profile.I will need to know how much u need and where you come from and if you have an account so that i can wire the money to you.I have a wellsfargo account so i don't know if you have one or if you can open one so that i can send the money to u without problem. or i can send check. Below is my profile incase you havent read it.Awaiting your reply.Thanks.

I am a 51 years Old man,and also a successful business man from houston ,texas in the US but presently based in the UK.I own houses and estates willed to me by my late father who died 8 years ago as i was his only son.I was also married with a son.My wife died after suffering from cancer two years ago,then my only son died the following year after suffering from cancer too.So right now,there is no body to inherit my properties i have worked for over the years.I have now decided to assist the helpless families. I have been helping orphans in orphanage/ motherless homes. I have donated some money to orphans in Sudan, South Africa, Cameroon, Brazil, Spain,Austria, Germany and some Asian countries.I am also thinking towards setting up a foundation to help the people suffering from this disease.You can stand a chance of being one of my partners in your country in helping me send money to the people around u that are suffering from this disease and other problems and also people that are far away from you in other countries depending on where you are asked to send money to and you will be rewarded.You can get in touch with me through my personal e-mail address: _mattlambart001@yahoo.com_ ( . Thanks for your time as i am waiting to hear from you.

Matt Lambart.

[Scam-o-note: this is a variation on the classic Cancer letter. Sort of cancer-by-proxy.]


Bobby Mueller

Dear Mr. Lambert. that would be so great if you could help me out with some cash. I dont have cancer yet, but I feel something coming on, might just be a cold though. will you still help me?
Your Friend,

Matt Lambart

Dear Bobby,
v Of cors i will help you. what i need is your address and phone number, and bank accounts. wells fargo works best. I will send to you some money,or checks you keep some and send the rest to help others, i will call you after you get the checks an d telll you where.

Matt Lambart

Bobby Mueller

Dear Mr. Lambert
Wow thanks i sure hope someday you get paid back for all your work with people like me, you can send the checks to me at

Bobby Mueller
935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC

Thank you!

Matt Lambart

hi Bobby,

i have sent 3 checks please send me your tellephone info for further instruction. also your banking.

Matt Lambart

Bobby Mueller

Dear Matt.

You sent your checks to the director of the FBI. Maybe you can call him up and see if he will send you any money back, I'm sure he'd love meeting you. Oh, and a bunch of people on the internet are laughing at your stupidity right now. Thanks for playing our game!

Have a nice night, MUGU!