updated june25

This is still ongoing, but it's gotten so interesting I had to share with you what I have right now. Part way through this scam, one of the scammers apparently has turned on the other one and now they are both pleading with me to ignore the other one. (There's actually three, I think, because the one acting as "lawyer" sides with the "new" Mrs. Acme all the time.) They've even gone down the "code-phrase" route, so eager are they to keep the rebel from making off with their fish, as you'll see.

There are six phony documents so far, too, some of which are cut off as if they couldn't be bothered to finish scanning them completely.

The story opens in some Internet cafe in Lagos, I presume.

the scammer(s):
The Second Ms. Acme

the good guy(s):

Ms. Acme (05 April 2004)

Return-Path: <>
Received: from []
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 01:57:08 -0700
From: avictoria <>

Proposal for fund management

Attention: Sir/Madam,

I am in desperate need of a reliable / trustworthy company/firm/individual who is in position to handle this very important business for my family.

I am Mrs. Victoria Acme from the Republic of Benin and widow of the late Brigadier General M. Acme, the Former Financial Controller/Pay Master General to the Economic Community of West African Peace Keeping Forces (ECOMOG) in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Democratic Republic of Congo.

My husband died fifteen (15) months ago in active service. Recently his lawyer decided to execute his .WILL. when it was discovered that his immediate family was highly favoured. My two children and I benefitted to the tune of US$11.5M (Eleven Point Five Million United States Dollars) liquid cash kept in a Private Security Operators in Europe.

My problem now is, this .WILL. has a standing instruction attached to it. That on no account should a cent be released to me without me presenting to the Security Operators a reputable Investor/Financial Manager who would manage the fund properly in the interest of myself and my children. I had visited the security company to verify things and I was told of the standing instruction attached to the .WILL..

I believe at this point you would have understood my problem and the reason why I am contacting you. If you are in a position to assist me please do so and if not, I will be very grateful if you can introduce me to who ever in your opinion is capable of assisting.

Upon your response, I shall introduce you to the family lawyer who is going to provide you with a detailed information. Also I shall intimate you on how you will be compensated for your cooperation and assistance.

Finally, I will be anxious to hear from you soon via my email address: victory2004@mail2world.comso that we can commence. This is because my late husband.s family members are on my neck being fully aware of the content of the .WILL.. Therefore making me and my kids very uncomfortable.

Best Regards.

Mrs. Victoria Acme

Me, Darkman (05 April 2004):

I am always happy to help a woman in need. What do you need from me?

Ms. Acme (09 April 2004)

Received: from []
From: "victory adams" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 09:36:47 -0700


Thank for your mail. In respect of what you required to know and how you can assist me, first and foremost, if you carefully go through my introductory mail to you, you will note that there is a clause in the content of the mail, that is there is a standing instruction from my late Husband why the funds should
not be release to me and my children. This reason was stated in his .WILL. for the Acme Family. I had seen a copy of the .WILL., which the Family Lawyer made available to me to peruse, after which I demanded explanations from the Family Lawyer on how this funds in question and properties bequeathed to me and my children in the .WILL. can be release to us, the Family Lawyer told me that the .WILL. has to be executed in our favour, only and if I can present a competent hand that has an in-depth knowledge on how the funds should be invested for me& my children. As soon as I am able to present a foreign partner that
can manage the funds, then He will immediately put some certain instrument in motion so that he can read the details of the .WILL. to all members of the Acme.s Family and subsequently the .WILL. as detailed in my late Husband Brief.

The area where I need your assistance is this, I want to introduce you to the Family Lawyer that I have seen a competent hand, so that I can win the funds in your favour and the funds shall be release to you, so that you can re-invest it for my children and me.

Secondly and very important, I am presently not too safe because of some key members of the Family and my in-laws that are insisting on what the Tradition says, which is contrary to the content of the .WILL. and at the same time contradicting what I and my children stand to benefit, but the good news here is
that, according to the Family Lawyer the .WILL. supercede both what culture and tradition says in events of the death of a member of Acme.s Family since his client (late General Brigadier M. Acme) was mentally stable and this was confirmed by a renowned Medical physician at the time of writing his .WILL.. So because of this simple reason I was restricted by members of Acme Family to stay indoor and wait till the final execution of their late Brother .WILL. but after several month indoor I have to move out with my children to the village where I am presently send this mail from. Though the Family Lawyer is aware of this move and in support of it. In this regards, the reason for my crying for your assistance is not farfetched.

I am still praying about this, are you a Christian?. Happy Easter holiday

Please endeavour to send a detailed mail about yourself,so that I know your status when presenting you to the Family Lawyer.

Greetings from my children.


Mrs. Victoria Acme

[NOTE: She sent this twice for some reason. And then:]

Ms. Acme (15 April 2004)

Received: from []


How are you today? i hope you are fine.I did sent you an email in respect of my first mail to you.did you get it? if yes. do indicate it in your response because of the fact that time of the essence in this project.

Mrs.Victoria Acme

Me, Darkman (18 April 2004):

No, I did not get it. Can you send it again please? Thanks.

Ms. Acme (19 April 2004)

Received: from []
Subject: Greetings from Acme
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 07:32:57 -0700

below is the copy of the mail i got from sent folder,

Hello, [snip third repeat of the email]

Darkman (20 April 2004):

Hello Mrs. Acne,

yes, I can help you. I already know a good lawyer in Nigeria that can help you. Do you want his number?

Ms. Acme (21 April 2004)

Received: from []


Thank you for your mail. I don't need a lawyer to assist me,the Family lawyer is my legal adviser. all i wanted is a competent hand that will manage the funds bequeathed to me children by late Husband for investment.that is all,i hope this few lines is self explainatory


Victoria Acme

[NOTE: once again, she sent the same thing twice. Email bug or just sloppy scamwork? Also, why does she assume I'm a madam? She hasn't asked for my name.]

Darkman (21 April 2004):

OK, I understand that, but it sounds from your email like this whole situation would benefit from a lawyer's strong counsel. If you can handle it without, well, fine. What do you want from me?

Ms. Acme (26 April 2004)

Received: from []
From: "victory adams" <>

Dear Madam,

Thanks for your concerns so far.I am in receipt of your mail, i want you to contact the Family Lawyer with this details below:

Olawole Femi & Associates,


Telling him,that you have been contacted by his late client wife,Mrs Victoria Stella Acme in respect of the pending "WILL" of his late Husband Brigadier General Madudu Acme,that you have been mandated by Mrs.Victoria Acme to receive the funds on behalf herself and her children for the purpose of investing the funds in REAL ESTATE in your company.

Details regarding all relevants documents regarding the WILL shall be despatch to you by the Family Lawyer.Please contact him as soon as possible so that we can know the next line of action because I am finding things things difficult with the Family members. If this is done i will be able to get funds to process my traveling document for me and children so that we can join you over there in your Country.

I shall brief the Family Lawyer upon the receipt of reply to me.please endeavour to send me your complete details information,your full name,contact address,telephone numbers to enable me introduce you as the BENEFICIARY of the funds.

with this move,i am very sure that the Family Lawyer will convey a meeting in order to execute the "WILL"


Mrs.Victoria Acme

Darkman (26 April 2004):

Hello Mr. Fermi,

I am writing you at the behest of Mrs. Acne. See below for details--she explains it much better than I can. As for the details, I don't have a phone at the moment because I haven't been able to decide on the type. Can you recommend a good phone? What do you think of the satellite GSM phones, for example?

Anyway, let me know what else you need to help this poor woman. Thanks.

Ms. Acme (27 April 2004)

Received: from []
From: "victory adams" <>
To: Darkman
Subject: thanks for your mail
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 10:37:16 -0700


Thanks for your mail and concerns about me and my children. I had already send the Family Lawyer a mail instructing him to tell us the next step,that i am
comfortable with you being a Woman like myself.please i could not find the details about you,please endeavour to re-send it so that i can take my time to write a comprehensive mail to the Family Lawyer.

greetings from my children

Mrs.Victoria Acme

Darkman (27 April 2004):

Hi, I don't really have a phone number, sorry. What other information do you need?

Femi (28 April 2004)

From: "olawole femi" <>
To: Darkman

I am in receipt of your mail. first,i do not know your name or your person,however,Mrs.Victoria Acme has sent me a mail in this respect too. My name is Barrister Olawole Femi. J,legal attorney for Acme's Family.I have been mandated with a power of attorney by my late client,Brigadier General .M Acme to solicit on behalf of his Family(Acme Family) a competent hand that will receive the funds he bequeathed to his Wife,Mrs.Victoria Acme and his children for investment purpose.
Regarding your questions,i am not in position to ascertain the type of phone you need for this transaction.My concerns are details about you,so that i can start processing of all relevant documents in your favour as the Beneficiary of the funds,for this reason,you are requested to send to this Chmabers your complete name,postal address,country of origin,date of birth and your marital status.
I write in the strenght of recommendation given to me by my late client's Wife, Mrs.Victoria Acme as it regards you to inquire from you,your willingness to
assist Mrs.Victoria Acme in the completion of this transaction
As soon as I am in reciept of your response to this effect,further details will be passed to you accordingly while we hold your intergrities and reputations at a very high esteem.
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Yours Faithfully,
Barr.Olawole Femi(SAN)

Darkman (30 April 2004):

Peyton Westlake
914 Riverfront Drive
Delta City, IL 10870

I hail from Ireland, and I was at one time going to be married to my lovely Julie, but I had a serious accident which has caused me horrible pain. Most of the flesh on my body was burned off, but I was able to use my vast scientific knowledge to help contruct a sort of artificial flesh, which works temporarily to hide my many scars. Now my dear lost Julie will not have anything to do with me, and it makes me sad. So I am willing to help Mrs. Acne, because I can feel the pain of being alone.

Do you know what it's like to be alone, Barrister Femi? Do you know what it's like to feel your flesh roast on your face, to have your teeth showing through what used to be your cheeks? Well, it's not something I recommend, let me tell you. You haven't the slightest idea what I go through. No one does. I must live alone, in the darkness, always.

[NOTE: Needless to say, the address above is totally fictional. The name and basic plot should be familiar to fans of Sam Raimi.]

Femi (03 May 2004)

From: "olawole femi" <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 12:41:20 -0500

Your story is pathetic,sorry for the accident. though in your mail,you did not state your sex.thanks for your concern in respect of this transaction, I beleive because of your present position you may not be able to duely represent the interest of Mrs.Victoria Acme and her children because of the requirement of this transaction,and also your availabilty to fully take charge of these funds and manage it,since it will require out door commitment,but if you are sure that you are capable to handle the transaction for her,you can write to indicate your interest both morally and financially.and i shall put some certain instrument to work in order to execute the WILL of my late clients. Chief Olawole Femi. J(SAN)

[NOTE: *My* story is pathetic? Jeez, I thought it was pretty good.]

Darkman (03 May 2004):
Chef Fermi,

I do not doubt my ability to handle any such transaction. What I've been through, what I've suffered, has only made me stronger. In fact, sometimes I am too strong--sometimes all the anger and rage coursing through my frame fills my muscles with blood and makes me just have to destroy what has frustrated me. I've had an iron rivet driven through my hand when I was angry and I didn't feel it at all, at all. I've torn apart sheet metal like it was paper.

That kind of strength, born of will, makes it easy to handle a mere financial transaction.

Send me the details and I will see them through. I will shred any obstacle that stands in our way, shred it and shred it and shred it until it is nothing but confetti.

Femi (04 May 2004)

Date: Tue, 04 May 2004 11:49:31 -0500
Subject: Act as advised

Acknowledge the receipt of this mail by furnishing me with your particulars as stated below:
Endeavour to give me a call on my D/L 234-1-8121235,I shall use above data to secured sworn affidavit and subsequently prepare a POWER OF ATTORNEY in your favour before i shall put some certin instrument to work in order to call members of Acme Family to officially read the BRIEF to them,as i have been mandated to do in order to excute the WILL in favour of BENEFACTORS as stipulated in
the WILL.
Be informed that this stage of this transaction shall attract LEGAL CHARGES MADE PAYABLE TO THIS CHAMBERS.
You shall be advise by the account officer according upon the receipt of the above stated datas.
Olawole femi. J(SAN)

Darkman (04 May 2004):

Peyton Westlake, male
Ireland, 03/17/41
age 63

Femi (05 May 2004)

Subject: progress

Mr. Peterson,
I hereby acknowledge your personal data,I implore you to treat this transaction with UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY as the lawful Attorney to ACME'S FAMILY,i shall
call members of Acme Family for a meeting concerning the WILL of my late client,Brigadier General Madudu Acme to formerly read the Brief to them. In the strenght of above matter,I beleived i have your consent,and that of the Acme Family members in this transaction and as such the meeting shall be fix
on friday,7th of May,2004.The outcome of the meeting shall be avail to you. Also, i shall be going to the High Court to secure a legal document binding between you and Mrs.Victoria Acme,detail in the POWER OF ATTORNEY i shall send to
once again,I urge you to treat this transaction with all maturity as I uphold you as a Man of high integrities and your reputations in high esteem,because i shall as result of this transaction expose vital information of the person,of Late Brigadier General Madudu Acme in respect of his brief to his Family.
you shall be required to avail this Chambers with your;BANKERS INFORMATION/YOUR A/C PARTICULRS,BANK CORDINATES WHERE THE FUNDS WILL BE LODGE IN,POSTAL ADDRESS,Confidential fax number where you can receive fax messages,vital documents
maybe despatch to you by courier service.
TAKE NOTE: proffessional legal fees shall be pay by you to this Chambers when need be,as the Beneficiary of the funds bequeathed to his wife,Mrs.Victoria Acme by my late client.copies of all relevant funds release documents shall be send to you via fax,or courier service to your POSTAL ADDRESS,namely
(1.) copy of the WILL
(2.) Certificate of Deposit
(3.)Power of Attorney
(4.)Certificate of incorporation
With the above stated documents,you have the mandate to lay claims for the funds to be release to your nominated account as the BENEFICIARY. lest i forget,endeavour to state in your mail to this office,your Nationality,where are you currently base in? are you from IRELAND OR USA?

Olawole Femi.J(SAN)

[NOTE: He sent me the exact same letter, with "my" name wrong, THREE times in a row. Then, about 20 minutes later, he sent the exact same letter twice more, except with a different subject line and a different wrong name at the top! ]

[Needless to say, my character is made angry at this and replies to each one of the letters in a more upset tone every time. Here are my five responses, in the order I sent them.]

Darkman (07 May 2004):

I am not Mr. Peterson. Who is Mr. Peterson? My name is Peyton Westlake.

Darkman (07 May 2004):


Darkman (07 May 2004):


Darkman (07 May 2004):


Darkman (07 May 2004):

You know what? After sending me FIVE FRIGGING EMAILS that say exactly the same thing, except that you get my name wrong in every single one of them, I've decided that you're an incompetent nitwit who can't be trusted to handle this tranaction. I guess Mrs. Acne and I will have to do this alone, won't we? Because you're making me mad, and when I get mad I destroy stuff. Look! I just destroyed this stupid trash can by stamping on it and mashing it and mashing it and mashing it and mashing it until it looks like a goddamn piece of chewing gum. You're making me so mad I can't contain myself. Stop it!!!

Femi (10 May 2004)


The content of your numerous mails I received, were understood and noted. I had already printed each copy and I shall present it before the Family for them to peruse. I hope your age is not a problem to this transaction.

I will advise you consult a psychiatric Doctor to ascertain your present mental state

Good day!

[NOTE: Gosh, how kind of him to care about my mental state! Or is this an insult?]

Darkman (10 May 2004):

Oh sure, psych doctor, huh? That's what they said before, too. They said I was crazy, but I wasn't crazy, not me. I'm NOT CRAZY, DO YOU HEAR ME?? I'M NOT! I'VE BEEN THROUGH FRIGGING HELL ON EARTH, WATCHING MY FLESH BURN OFF MY BODY WHILE I WAS ALIVE!

When you've been through what I have, you tell ME who's crazy!

Now, let's finish this transaction, OK?

Ms. Acme (11 April 2004)

Received: from []

Who sent those five mails? Who did you sent those mails to? The Attorney or me? I am very disappointed in your person. For the fact that I am seeking your assistance in order for the Attorney to execute my late Husband WILL and win the funds in your favour. Do not abuse that rare privilege given to you.

I want you as a matter of urgency to tender an apology for the content of your mail to the Family lawyer, do this in order to save me from insult from members of Acme Family. Otherwise I will assume that you do not have genuine intention towards this funds bequeathed to me by my late husband.


Mrs. Victoria Acme

Femi (14 May 2004)


Dear Sir,
Madam has finally given me the go ahead to do this transaction with as her PARTNER.
Send me your Banking details where you want us to lodge the funds bequethed to Mrs.V.Acme.
Yours Faithfully,
Olawole Femi J(SAN)

Darkman to Mrs. Acme (15 May 2004):

You need a new family lawyer. He's an incompetent moron. We don't need him, we can get a thousand other better lawyers. In fact, some bum on the street with his finger so far up his nose he could scratch his eyeball from the inside out could do better.

I'm not going to apologize to that idiot. He makes me mad, and when I get mad I destroy things.

Darkman to Femi (15 May 2004):

Really? She just told me to piss up a rope if I don't get down on my hands and knees like a dog and beg your forgiveness. I'm not about to do that.

Anyway, here are the bank details. Go get 'em!


SORT CODE: 20-47-42

[NOTE: This is copied from the Scamorama Website; only the name is changed. Barrister Femi apparently does not care that my bank is in England while I am in America.]

[And this is because as you know, dear scam-o-readers, Barrister Femi has no immediate use for the bank account - his goal is a nice juicy money order by Western Union.]

Femi (17 May 2004)


Dear Sir,
I am in receipt of your mail. The Banking details that I received today will enable me expedite action and subsequently I shall secure a sworn affidavit in High Court in your favour as the beneficiary of the funds bequeathed to Mrs. Victoria Acme by my late clients, Late Brigadier General Madudu Acme in his last brief" WILL"
As the Beneficiary, I shall avail you with all relevant funds release documents for you to peruse.
(1.) A copy of the "WILL"
(2.) Power of Attorney
(3.) Certificate of Deposit
(4.) CAC Certificate.

I hereby demand from you, a confidential fax number where you can receive the above stated documents. I will advise that you buy a good mobile phone for this transaction so that I can call you from time to time to give you vital information when need be. Also disregards any mail or phone from any members of Acme, do not reply any mail from any quarters in respect of this transaction. I am the Lawful Attorney to her late Husband and I was mandated to execute his "WILL" for the interest of his immediately Family.
By virtue of the nature of this transaction, involving monies, estates and traditional rite regarding various BENEFICIARIES, of estates, personal effects, and monies in his BRIEF. I implore you are to observe the STRICTEST CONFIDENTIALITY.
Carefully follow law relating to the execution of this "WILL" I shall put some certain instruments to motion to ensure the "WILL" is successfully executed
in your favour as the Beneficiary of the funds. I create your indulgence in area of financing this transaction and you are to work hand in hand with me by giving me your support and co-operation because of Family pressure on me from the Acme.s Family. Sorry for any inconveniency that the mistake in your name has caused you, I hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive. I know the pains in your heart because of your predicament, but life is for the living,
you will be fine again when we have successfully transfer the funds to your account.
I stop here, have a wonderful day. Please do not forget to include in your reply the fax number that I requested for, secure a mobile phone too, or you can
advise me on how I should send those stated documents above to you. I await your urgent response.
Yours Faithfully,
Olawole Femi J(SAN)

[NOTE: He doesn't want me to talk to Mrs. Acme any more. A falling out among thieves perhaps?]

Darkman (17 May 2004):

You can send the documents to me at my post office box:

Peyton Westlake
P.O. Box 0914
1060 West Addison
Chicago, IL 67083

[NOTE: This is obviously also fake. The P.O. box is "419" in reverse.]

Femi (21 May 2004)


Find attached copy of hard copy of the WILL,ATTORNEY COPY,CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT.

[Lots of forms here - the Lads were hard at work on their inkjets]


Femi (21 May 2004)

Subject: WILL Executed

Dear Sir,

We write in the strength of attached VITAL DOCUMENTS regarding the last BRIEF of late client Brigadier General Madudu Acme, today been 21st of May, 2004 at exactly 9.15am our local time, in presence of Elders and members of Acme family the WILL was read to the Acme family and their hands I have on paper that minute proceedings in a meeting that lasted for 4hours, 45minutes that finally executed the WILL in favour of BENEFACTOR.

You are hereby advised to carefully follow all instruction and disregard any mail from any quarter irrespective of the person in question. Also you are to treat this transaction with UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY.

TAKE NOTE: I hereby hand original copies of funds documents today to you, as you assumed the status of .A TRUSTEE. today for Mrs.V.Acme and her Children

Find attached copies of all funds documents that you need as the BENEFICIARY to lay claims to the funds from the security Company pending on when the security company will avail my Chambers with the of AIRWAY BILL

find attached copies,of Power of Attorney,and Certificate of Incorporation.

You are advice to wait for further instruction.

Please acknowledge the receipt of these documents in response.

Olawole Femi J(SAN)

[NOTE: Again the admonishment about not talking to the "Mrs. Acme" scammer. This is where it starts to get interesting. ]


[NOTE: The references to "First Mrs. Acme" and "Second Mrs. Acme" are in terms of the email address from which I received each given message, even though Acme #2 claims to be the person that used to be Acme #1. My guess is that Scammer A was Acme and Scammer B was Femi, that A & B are now enemies, and that Scammer B set up the second Mrs. Acme to try to continue the scam while Scammer A using the old account is trying to keep me to himself. Note for instance how the second Mrs. Acme tells me how nice and brilliant lawyer Femi is!]

The First Ms. Acme (21 April 2004)

Received: from []
Subject: please i beg you do not contact any body or the family lawyer

good day.
how are you today i hope all is well, please do not contact the family lawyer again please i hard from a reliable souce that he going to run with my money, please do not contact him again i will get back to you soonest ok please call my son now john acme 2348033188916 he will direct you.
Mrs.Victoria Acme.

[NOTE: Hmm, now Mrs. Acme does not want me dealing with the lawyer. Very interesting...]

Darkman to Femi (21 May 2004):

I just heard from Mrs. Acne that I should not deal with you any more, she says you are a crook that is going to run off with her money. Is that true?

Darkman to Femi (21 May 2004):

Mrs. Acne says I should not go through you but I should go through her. She says you are going to steal her money. Why should I believe you and not her? After all, in my country, most lawyers are thieves. I thought you were the exception.

Darkman to The First Mrs. Acme (21 May 2004):

He has already sent me a bunch of documents. I don't understand. Is he a thief? Does he have power over your funds?

The Second Ms. Acme (22 April 2004)

Received: from []
From: acme victoria <>
Subject: Current position(NOTE)


I was shocked with the outcome of my late Husband .WILL. that was executed yesterday, series of events that took place at the meeting yesterday and the after effects, that has resulted to threat of Life and properties from my late Husband family members. Just this morning I wanted to send you an email regarding the final execution of the WILL, only for me to find out that I have been log out from my email box

Ma, remember the mail I sent to you, introducing you to the Family Lawyer, Barrister Olawole Femi J (SAN). Please disregards any person or institutions that is impersonating me, Mrs. Victoria Stella Acme and strictly deal with the Family Lawyer, He is the Lawful Attorney to my late Husband, Brigadier General Madudu Acme. He is the only person in this world that has the authority bestow on him by my late Husband to execute his WILL and to ensure that the funds is release to the BENEFICIARY. We had heart to heart talk yesterday after the hectic meeting that lasted for hours and he said that, he is working on a mandate given to him by his client, late Brigadier Gen. M. Acme and nothing can change his course to ensure his WILL supercede what the Family members say or want.

TAKE NOTE: Do not answer to anybody except Barrister Olawole Femi J (SAN). He has given us his support so work with him; he is a nice Man and brilliant

He did told me yesterday that he shall send copies of the funds documents to you, please do not avail the documents to anybody until you are further directed by the family lawyer, because of his statutory right being the Lawful Attorney to my late Husband. I shall contact the family lawyer on this new development. All other correspondence should be send to me via my new email box:

Finally, because of the security of these funds, my new email box was created with code, the 65 stands for my age, while 2002 stands for the year my Husband died. So in case of anytime you receive any strange mail from any quarters, demand from the person that sent the mail or ask for my age? When my Husband died? Below you can find the INTRODUCTORY MAIL THAT I SENT TO YOU AND THE FAMILY LAWYER.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

Greetings from my Children,


Mrs. Victoria Acme

[snip re-copy of original email about lawyer. Note that the "Reply-To" e-mail address in the headers is different than the "From" address.]

[Either the Lads' method of contact management, or used in case of being booted off e-mail address #1, or both.]

Femi (22 May 2004)

Subject: Be advised

Dear Sir,
I just received Mrs. Victoria Acme message reporting what she alleged that members of my late client family did to her mailbox this morning. Sir, what was your response to the mail that those unscrupulous elements sent to you? Under the disguise, that he/she is Mrs. Victoria Acme
In your response to this mail indicate whether you have avail those vital funds documents to the impersonator, because that is exactly their reasons for taking over Mrs.V.Acme mailbox. Do not let out any information concerning these funds to anybody. You are to carefully follow my directives so that the Law can take it course, which is what the WILL says
I just got a fax message from the Security Company informing this chambers, that the Airway bill is ready for collection. As soon as this is done I will avail the copy to you and further directives shall follow.
Once again, do not communicate with any person as a result of this transaction. By virtue of the fact that, we are talking of sensitive matters here and
I, Barrister Olawole Femi J (SAN) do not want any incriminating damage to my late client Wife, Mrs.Victoria Acme as a result of those vital funds expose to you. Let it be known to you only and nobody more. DON.T LET MRS.VICTORIA STELLA ACME DOWN IN RESPECT OF THESE FUNDS. SHE REPOSED SO MUCH TRUST ON YOU Olawole Femi J (SAN)

Darkman to The Second Mrs. Acme (22 May 2004):

Mrs. Acme,

YOur letter fills me with sadness and fear. I am surprised that someone is trying to steal your money. A woman alone should not have to face such a trial. But now I am confused. How do I know who is who? How do I know which is the real you and which is fake? Is this you, or is this the fraudster?

Darkman to Femi (22 May 2004):

Dear Dr. Fermi,

Now I am confused and don't know who to trust. Mrs. Acme says not to trust you but to go through someone else (she sent me a phone number). But that is not from her usual email address, so is it a fraud? Or are you a fraud? I am scared, I don't know who to trust or what to do. Who is the real you?

The Second Ms. Acme (22 May 2004)

Received: from []
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 16:20:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: acme victoria <>
Subject: Re: Current position(NOTE)


I am in receipt of your mail.what fear are you talking about? my first mail to you and subsequent mails to you has not change,Olawole Femi(SAN) remains the Family Lawyer and nothing is changing it.He is my late husband lawful Attorney for this purpose and i don't understand why you are i have the right to change my late Husband attorney??? answer me!!! before and after the execution of the WILL,he still in charge of Legal matters in Acme Family financially,morally or otherwise. this transaction cannot change his status,so you are strongly advise to continue with his directives.HE CANNOT CHANGE. DISREGARDS ANY MAIL AND ANSWER ONLY TO OLAWOLE FEMI.

I,Mrs.Victoria Stella Acme cannot change my late husband Attorney,because he is fighting for my course and he's protecting his client children interest too as stipulated in the WILL.

Mrs.Victoria Acme that was exchanging mails with you in has not change her word,my word is my bond.

In,i did introduced you to Olawole Femi J(SAN) as the FAMILY LAWYER and i am here again in saying that Olawole Femi J(SAN)he's still in-charge as THE FAMILY LAWYER.

one question and i will say goodbye! How on earth would somebody that has prepared all legal documents in the court of law in your favour as the BENEFICIARY wants to steal the funds as you claimed in your mail to Olawole Femi J(SAN)??????? does that make sense in your heart????? Before you answer this question,be wise and think objective.who did that in your name? It's not Olawole Femi J(SAN) ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!

i await your response.

Mrs.Victoria Acme

[NOTE: Whew!! Hey, *I'm* the one that's supposed to get mad and have an attitude, not the scammers! Why, the nerve of them bums!!!]

Darkman to The Second Mrs. Acme (23 May 2004):

You don't make sense. Everything was OK and then I get an email saying "Don't contact anyone or the family laywer." In other words, it told me that everything I thought was true was a lie. Now you say that the email I got was itself a lie. How can this be?

I need some proof that you are really you. Please email me a photo of yourself holding a sign saying "Please belive me."

The First Ms. Acme (23 April 2004)

Received: from []
From: "victory adams" <>
To: Darkman
Subject: thank you for being there for me and my family.

dear friend,
that you for your response please take my words do not contact him again disregards all documents all calls please can you send the documents to me, i am
in charge of the money now please call my son he will tell you what to do, thanks for being there for me my son 2348033188916 the money will transferd to your account for us all. regards.

mr victoria acme.

Darkman to The First Mrs. Acme (23 May 2004):

Now you are confusing me. I have just got an email saying that the lawyer is NOT a fraud, that you are a fraud. Who do I believe? Please email me a photo of yourself holding a sign saying "Please believe me."

The Second Ms. Acme (23 May 2004)

Received: from []
From: acme victoria <>
Subject: I just found out the person


I hope you got my other mail? great!! i just found out that my Late husband'personal assistant was taking advantage of what i stands to benefit, so he wants to use it to beg you money.Don't mind him,he is a hungry man and disreagrds any mail from him and take directives from Olawole Femi,the Family Lawyer only and nobody else.

Thanks for your concerns.

Greeting from my children.

Mrs.Victoria Acme

Darkman to The Second Mrs. Acme (23 May 2004):

Now I don't know who to believe. I need some more proof.

The Second Ms. Acme (23 May 2004)

Received: from []
From: acme victoria <>
Subject: I just found out the person


I hope you got my other mail? great!! ...

[NOTE: She sent exactly the same letter again! That's not really proof, is it?]

Darkman to The Second Mrs. Acme (23 May 2004):

So the other person who said they were you is lying when they say the lawyer is incompetent? Please have him send me proof. Email me a photo of the two of you standing together holding a sign saying "please believe me." Then I will know for sure who is the real you.

[That's all for now, up to and including today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do so far.]


[NOTE: One of the message from a scammer expired before I could save it, but it was essentially more pleading for my trust by one of the Mrs. Acmes, I don't remember which.]

Femi (25 May 2004)

Subject: a word is enough for the wise

Your questions deserve no ANSWER and I cannot consent to that. Last time we had a little understanding that made me to put your mental status to test. I am stressing on this in order to leave you with a WORD.
Right from day one of this transaction, my late client.s wife Mrs. Victoria Stella Acme told you about the Family Lawyer, the person of Barrister Olawole Femi J (SAN) and as the transaction progresses that same Mrs. Victoria Acme asked you to apologize to me, IS THAT CORRECT? Which you stated in your mail, that you were not going to do that anyway, I quote.
A Man of your integrity and of your age should know that Mrs. Victoria Acme cannot change her late Husband Attorney, THAT IS A COMMON SENSE It.s very unfortunate that this transaction has gone to this stage, the AIRWAYBILL IS READY and the funds is waiting for clearance in CANADA, but your mental status is in doubt I have said it before, but Mrs. Acme told me that I should carry on with you, now you are proving me right. That is Mrs. Victoria Acme in question; you seem not to believe her again!! My friend I will advise you
visit the Psychiatrist Doctor to ascertain your true mental status ok. Well, regarding this pending transaction, I am nolonger comfortable discussing it with you because you made mentioned in your mail that you are corresponding with both of them. This implies to me that you shall expose the Acme
Family to danger and this has seriously damage your credibility and as such your
intentions to these funds can be fraudulent. If you are sincerely seeking to assist Mrs. Victoria Acme, I advice you demand from the impersonator to answer this questions as below
What is her middle name? What is her age? And Her Birth date?
Olawole Femi J (SAN)

Darkman to Olafemi (25 May 2004):

OK, I will do that, but I still want a picture of you holding the sign on your stationary letterhead before I proceed. Surely you can do that for a poor burn victim, can't you?
The First Ms. Acme (25 May 2004)

Received: from [] >
From: "victory adams" <>>
Subject: thank you>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 12:44:36 -0700 >

i will send the pic ok,>
please do me a favour can you send me his phone numbers his mail box he use to contact you let me know if he is my right lawyer i repeat do not do anything with him for your own good, becuase i am not a fraud start i do not want you get involve please send the numbers and his mail box to me thanks. regards.>
mrs acme victoria>

Darkman to the First Mrs. Acme (25 May 2004):

Once I have the picture, which will prove that you are you, then I will do that.>
By the way, what is your middle name, age, and birth date?>

The First Ms. Acme (26 May 2004)

Received: from [] >
From: "victory adams" <>>
Subject: i have told you>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 10:05:44 -0700>
my friend,>
i do have much to say if do not believe what i am saying, do not mail that you defrauded i will not be part of that before writing you i know what i am saying do not pay money to anybody or attorning i am very sure they are reaching >
you with mr name through another mail box i beg you i do not trust them do not pay your money out to any body i worn you, if you do not believe me go ahead bye mre victoria acme.>

The Second Ms. Acme (28 May 2004)

Received: from [] >
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 10:13:57 -0700 (PDT)>
From: acme victoria <>>
Subject: Re: I just found out the person

I hereby request the immediately return of funds documents sent to you by the Family Lawyer. I am sourcing for another partner.if you have anyway expose the De's Family to any danger as a result of your nonchalant attitude,the Family Lawyer has told me that he does not want to continue this transaction with you.


Darkman to the First Mrs. Acme (29 May 2004):

Once you mail me the picture as you have promised you would, I will cut off all communication with them. Until I have the picture I have no way of knowing who is telling me the truth. I will NOT send any money out until I have the requisite picture from the REAL Mrs. Acme.>

Darkman to the Second Mrs. Acme (29 May 2004):

Oh, sure, you'd LIKE to get your hands on these documents, wouldn't you? The lawyer has already told me to stick with HIM and to ignore ANY emails from ANYONE else. That makes me think that YOU are the fraud.

Funny, the other Mrs. Acme also wants the documents. Maybe you BOTH are frauds. IS the lawyer the only one I can trust?>

But you can still prove to me that you are the genuine article. Send me the photo of yourself holding a sign saying "Please believe me" and I will proceed with you, not the other persons.>

Femi (31May 2004)

Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 04:42:36 -0500>
Subject: Have confirm which one is the real one?>

Sir, Have asked the imposter those questions? I await your urgent response on that matter. if at the end of the day I am satisfied with your outcome I will send the AIRWAY BILL so that can lay claims to the funds my client Brigadier General M Acme deposited with FC&A SECURITIES to you as the BENEFICIARY. Olawole Femi J(SAN)>

The First Ms. Acme (31 May 2004)

Received: from []
From: "victory adams" <>
Subject: good day>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 05:17:03 -0700

thank you for your consern,>
i will come dawn to nigeria to meet with my children, then we will take a group photograph that i will send to you, i want you to believe me, i do not want >
you to contact the wrong person please can you send me the mail address they are reaching ,i will know who is doing this to me please send the mail box to me i will send the pic of me and my family to you ok.

Femi (1 June 2004)

Received: from []
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 11:46:09 -0500
Subject: Are YOU ready to receive the funds on behalf of Mrs.V.Acme?

Are YOU ready to receive the funds on behalf of Mrs.V.Acme?
I await your urgent response on this pending transaction.
Olawole Femi J(SAN)

Darkman to Olafemi (1 June 2004):

I have asked both Mrs. Acmes the question. One of them was very rude to me and the other one said they would send me the picture I requested, which is the key to my trust. However, you can still send me the airway bill if you like. We can proceed without knowing right now which one is the fake.

Darkman to the First Mrs. Acme (1 June 2004):

It's funny that you are asking me for their mailbox and they are asking me for yours. Once I get the picture with you holding the sign saying "Please believe me" I will know that you are genuine and then I can trust you.

Darkman to Olafemi (1 June 2004):

Sure, send them to me.>

The First Ms. Acme (2 June 2004)

Received: from []
From: "victory adams" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 02:32:24 -0700

remember you reply through this mail box from the first time so you should know what i am talking about so if you are dealing with the wrong is at you own risk i will send the pic when i arrived nigeria
victoria acme.>

[NOTE: I guess "she" never got to Nigeria since I never got the picture, nor have I heard from "her" again after a couple of emails, though the messages don't bounce. Maybe "she" figures the other ones have a tighter hold on me...]>

Femi (4 June 2004)

Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 13:09:43 -0500
Subject: FIND A COPY OF THE AIRWAY(Accept our warm congratulations)

Today I hand YOU a copy of the AIRWAY BILL,which I, Barrister Olawole Femi j(SAN) was mandated
by my late client,Brigadier General Madudu Acme.Whereas the said "WILL" is executed in your favour
as the BENEFICIARY to the funds. On this note;
1.)I hereby request your UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY
as you receive the funds for my late client Wife,Mrs Victoria Stella Acme and her children as stipulated
in the "WILL"on behalf of Acme Family.
2.) Your absolute honesty,open hearted to Mrs.Victoria Stella Acme and her children.
3.) I uphold your integrites and reputations in high esteem,as such do not let my late clients Wife
down as a result of the magnitude of funds in question.
(d) Original Attorney copy of the WILL
(e) Certificate of Deposit

Disregards any further instructions,communication from any quarters concerning these funds.All
EARS to me,THE LAWFUL ATTORNEY and the SECURITY COMPANY. You are advice to copy this Law office with all your correspondence with the Security so that
we can advice you accordingly for record purpose.
Contact the Securities first thing on monday morning and demand from them your tracking number,just introduce
yourself to them as the BENEFICIARY of the funds and back your claims up with the funds documents
Sir,your integrities and reputations is put to test as the BENEFCIARY to the funds,
Accept our warm congratulatons!Greetings from staffs,associates and Partners from F CHAMBERS
We say here,it's our honour and obligation in this honourable services to our late client,Late Brigadier General Madudu
Acme,that with all due respect (in quote)"YOUR WISH IS DONE"s

Olawole Femi J(SAN)
NB: Find attached copy of the AIRWAY BILL

Darkman to Olafemi (4 June 2004):

OK I will contact them. What is their email address?>

Darkman to the second Mrs. Acme (1 June 2004):

The lawyer is indeed continuing with me. He just sent me the airbill receipt. I guess you might actually be the fake Mrs. Acme, then.>

Darkman to the first Mrs. Acme (4June 2004):

OK, I will be looking forward to it.>

Femi (7 June 2004)

Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 03:19:48 -0500
Subject: Contact as soon as you get this mail!!!!(do that this morning)
Carefully scrutinize the AIRWAY BILL for their email address and tel/fax number so that you call them and demand for the tracking number for onward clearance of the funds by you.
Stay intouch and observe utmost confidentiality,hence the magnitude of trust reposed on you on this transaction cannot be over emphasize by Acme Family and Mrs.Victoria Acme especially
Olawole Femi J(SAN)>

Darkman to Olafemi (7 June 2004):

Sure thing. I'll get an email right out to them. Did you get that picture done yet?>

Darkman to the "Security Company" (7 June 2004):

Subject: Hello I Want My Tracking Number>

The great and powerful, the mighty, yea, the near-invincible barrister Olawole Femi J(SAN) has commanded me to write you about the legacy of the late and
revered General Madoodoo Acne, scion of the enemies of ECOWAS and as fine a man as ever stalked the African continent.>

You are hereby compelled to send me the tracking number so the legacy can be claimed for his poor widow whose children hunger like the locust for one last piece of their father's remembrance. Set aside all thoughts of pecuniary remuneration and tender to me that which is his, for I am the beneficiary, yea, though I walk through the valley of the leopard I will fear no weasel, for thy ECOWAS is here to comfort me.>

Send me then the tracking number and discharge your responsibility!>

Darkman to Olafemi (7 June 2004):

I have demanded my tracking number from them. Soon we will see that justice is done, eh? Eh? Eh? Answer me!!!>

Femi (8 June 2004)

Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 05:01:50 -0500
Subject: Always send a detailed mail!!!

Sir, Please always send me a detail mail so concerning this funds, so that i can advice you accordingly. from your mail,you said you have contacted the Security company.Intimate me with the outcome.what is the position???? Olawole Femi J(SAN)>

Darkman to Olafemi (8 June 2004):

They have not yet responded, the weasels. They are beginning to annoy me.

Femi (9 June 2004)

Received: from []
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 05:33:46 -0500
Subject: CALL THEM NOW!!!

I was surprised when i got your mail this morning. Did say you have already mail them concerning the funds? have you sent them an email? answer me! contact the Security Company as soon as you get this mail.
Mr. Christopher Schneider
Telephone # 1 416-602-7759
Fax # 1 416-352-6098
Call Mr. Christopher Schneider and introduce yourself to him,that you are the beneficiary to Late Brigadier General Madudu Acme funds deposited by ACME GROUP LTD, that you have the funds Documents in your custody. Find out from them if the funds has arrived and they should avail you with tracking number so that you lay claims to the funds,$11.5M in question.
Do this urgently so we can work within the stipulated time we were given so that the funds can be release to your nominated account.
Call them and demand from them your remittance advice in this respect. Adhere to all instructions from them and endeavour to always keep this Law office informed.We are at your services,that is our obligation to you Olawole Femi J(SAN)>

Femi (9 June 2004)

Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 11:44:44 -0500
Subject: What is the position?

Sir, What is the position from your end? have you heard from them? keep me posted and act swiftly. Olawole Femi J(SAN)>

Femi (11 June 2004)

Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 04:26:02 -0500
Subject: VERY VERY URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just this morning i went to their affiliate company to demand explaination why my client have not been contacted by the security company in Canada,all to find out that they are having problem contacting you. They requested from me your telephone number so that they can reach you, this is very very urgent!!! you need to get a telephone line either mobile GSM phone or home line.act fast time is of the essence in this transaction. Where have you been???? no mail from you!! this Law office is not too happy with this development, as such you are advice to make yourself available as the BENEFICIARY of these funds bequeathed to Mrs.Victoria Acme by late Client.
Once again this transaction cannot be conclude on email, so avail this Chambers with a telephone number so that we can pass it on to the Security company
in Canada for onward remiitance of the funds into your nominated account as the beneficiary to the funds.
We look forward to your urgent response
Olawole Femi J(SAN)

Darkman to Olafemi (11 June 2004):

Yes yes YES I EMAILED THEM~! And they have NOT written me back yet, the bastards. Ooh, it makes me mad. I am going to hunt them down and give them a piece of my mind!!!!>

Darkman to Olafemi (11 June 2004):

They ARE ignoring me!!! I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE that!!!! I just put my fist through a wall, that's how mad I am!!! Oh I wish they were here right now!>

Darkman to the "Security Company" (11 June 2004):

Subject: Hey Schmuckboy>


I am the representative of the late Madoodoo Acne, and I have ALL the fund do cuments for the smooth transfer of all modalities relating to the trunk of family treasures you're holding on to. I already wrote you once and you ignored
me. Do NOT make the mistake of ignoring this letter, too, or I will become more angry than you can possibly imagine.

Now send me the tracking number for the truck deposited by Acme Group, limited. Now, do you hear me? Not tomorrow, not in a half-hour, but NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

Darkman to Olafemi (11 June 2004):

Unfortunately a gang of thugs blew up my old home, and my new home doesn't have a phone yet. I had to connect the power myself, and that was all I can do at the moment. Do you know how hard it is to strip cable without skin on your hands?>

Anyway, I've emailed the company twice now and I am waiting for a response. I do not wish them to ignore me any longer. If they don't answer me by tomorrow I will take matters into my own hands.>

Femi (12 June 2004)

Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 06:25:58 -0500
Subject: Call the security contact person

Sir, This chambers will not condole any further non chalant attitude of you concerning my late clients funds. As I speak call the conatct person as I directed
in my previous mail to you. I hope you are capable of handling a transaction of this magnitude? hence our many worries
Call the contact person as soon as you get this mail.
Olawole Femi J(SAN)>

Darkman to Olafemi (13 June 2004):

I have, I have! They have not responded! Am I going to have to go out there and shake things up myself?

Darkman to Olafemi (15 June 2004):

Screw these nonresponsive cockroaches. I'm sick and tired of being blown off by them. I have their address. I'm going out there myself to take care of them. They won't ingnore me when I'm pounding on their door, waving my burned fingers at them!>

Femi (20 June 2004)

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 09:21:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Call the security contact person

Your mental status is in question,when I told madam about,but she did not take it serious, now you are proving me right.

Darkman to Olafemi (21 June 2004):

Mental status? Mental status? What in the name of a flea-savaged dog are you talking about? I'm on my way to the airport right now. I'm going to track down those hyenas and show them why it's a bad idea to ignore me like they have. I've already bent a steel parking meter in half just because I was so angry. Now they will find out that it is unwise to ignore me!>

Femi (22 June 2004)

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 02:57:12 -0500
Subject: you are a mad Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: you are a mad Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

Visit the Mad Doctor to help you out>

Darkman to Olafemi (22 June 2004):

Me?? ME??? Are you calling me a freak? Are you? "See the dancing freak, see the dancing freak..." That's what they said about me in the hospital, you know, where I was recovering from my burns. But I'm not a freak, I'm not!!! I'm angry at being ignored, God Damn It, and when I get to Canada I'm going to let them have the full fury of my wrath. And then when I get to Abjua in Nigeria I'm going to do the same thing there.>


more to come?