This site, which began in a humorous vein, has apparently become Socially Useful.
Thanks to all for such nice comments, and for scam samples and observations sent by
Kindly Contributors from: Australia, Britain, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, the Czech
Republic, France, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Latvia, Mali, Mexico, the
Netherlands, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Nigeria, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal,
Romania, Russia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam, and the USA.

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Keep up this site - I think it will save many people from being betrayed...

I love your web page -- thanks for the service.
You know I got rid of the last lot of Nigerian scamsters by asking for more
contact details and signing off as Sgt _____, Australian Federal Police. 
I never got a response.
Best wishes from "Down Under"

Howdy from Texas!  I think you've got a great site!  Keep up the good work!

How can I thank you for posting "SCAM O RAMA" in the net. A friend of mine in
India got this mail and he visited Ivory Coast couple of times. They asked for
something called "Vault Money to the tune of $200K" to release the payment of
$30.5 Million US$. My friend was supposed to pay $36K and he called me for
assistance and offered a big return for the favor. I just thought let me check
the info web(My Sweet Internet) and saw your posting. Thanks, thanks and many
thanks. (USA)

You're doing a very good work keeping people informed... all information is
very important since for what I've read there's still people falling for those
419 Scams and some are taking a very hard fall losing lifetime savings. (Portugal)

I have now bookmarked your site and plan to send this link to some of our 
well-meaning, but "scama-challenged" friends.  (USA)

Thanks for the insight at your website...I had no idea. (USA)

Since severals months Ive received letters from Nigerian lads who need
help for transfer bigs quantities of money...Im very grateful for your web page. (from Europe) 

...I love the side by side scams. And with the growing number of such
instances, I'm beginning to wonder if sooner or later there will more people
trying to scam the Lads than there are Lads. If that day comes about, your
site will truly have succeeded. (USA)

Hi guys,
I greatly enjoy your website.  I get one or two of these emails each month,
mainly at home, but sometimes at work...
Thanks for your work in producing a most enjoyable site. (USA)

...I had never recieved one of these before,
thanks god I had the chance to call my older brother about it before I
accepted. Part of me still wants to do it, but it's too risky. I have no money,
I have no home, I am surviving off friends since the job market is dead. I
emailed this person 2-3 times... I thought it was
quite convincing, but my brother told me to search for one of these scamsites,
so here I am. I'd like to say thanks for helping me out, the facts you provided
here about these people shinned through that email and made me wake up. I would
contribute the $10, but I can't afford it, I hope a thanks will just do. (USA)

Below are two letters I received today from a "Dennis Mark".  After the first
letter, I wrote back asking for more information and this is what he wrote. 
His letter was scary so I decided to do a little internet research and found
your website.  Thank you for the information on the scam.  
It is sad that there are people trying to take advantage of honest organizations. (UK)

Here is another specimen for you. I received this today. I don't know if you
got this variant yet. By the way, I'm glad I found your web site. I knew it
was a scam, and a lame one at that, but I felt better knowing they are not
singling me out for some reason. (USA)

You guys are doing a great service!  Keep up the good work.  Until I read the
gov. PDF I didn't have any idea exactly how the scheme worked, or that there
was a real threat to safety if you got "pulled in . . ."  (USA)

Keep up the good work.  Your site is excellent! (Australia)

Love your web site, alot of laughs amongst the seriousness of the scams.  (UK)

I must say that your site made me laugh loudly yesterday...
You are inventing a new literary genre...
Scamalicieusement votre  (Vietnam)

What the hell! The best defense is a healthy offense!! (USA)

 I've never heard of this before and did a search on the internet 
and came up with your page.  
I can't believe all the shit that is out there on these guys.  
Seems almost believable when you read it.  Keep up the great work! (USA)

Dear Scamorama,
Here is what I rec'd in my box this morning. I knew it was junk, 
but had no idea what a large scale scam it was. Thanks for the site! (USA)

Aren't you glad you weren't pulled in, robbed and humiliated by this totally convincing, well written and articulate scam?
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