Good morning,

When I receive an email from an unknown source, I just delete it. Ahhh, that means I am safe from those who try taking advantage of me & my kind nature, right? WRONG!!

About a month ago, I was in a chat room on big deal, had been there many times before. During that stint, I received an IM, not from the typical 'bot', but from a flesh & blood human. Like with any of these IM's, I wondered if he'd have anything intelligent to say. He seemed nice, he was an "American" in Africa, so we talked for a bit...however, I was a bit curious when the dialect he portrayed was more British than the Tennessee 'drawl' I was expecting. As the conversation continued, he paused for a moment as he stated he had a phone call. After that "phone call", he stated he was in need of help from someone in the United States to clear a check for $8000, as the banks there could/would not have the capabilities of doing so. Instantly, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end...and I knew there was something wrong with this picture. Below, I will paste that part of the conversation.

The moral of the story: Let the chatter (not just the buyer or supposed winner) BEWARE!!

Thank you for your time,
A Kindly Contributor (USA)
[name changed to protect the chatful]

jaymevilla (10:34:24 PM): hold on please phone call

kindly_contributor (10:34:39 PM): ok

jaymevilla (10:37:22 PM): oh sorry about that

kindly_contributor (10:37:33 PM): np

jaymevilla (10:38:16 PM): its one of my client that called me he wants to pay me some money but wants to pay me in cheque and the cheque is a us cheque so it can only clear in the us

jaymevilla (10:39:06 PM): so i told him to hold on and not write the cheque in my name yet until i see someone over there that will help me clear the cheque and send the money to me here

jaymevilla (10:39:37 PM): i will tell him to write it in the persons name

kindly_contributor (10:39:50 PM): ohh...ic

jaymevilla (10:41:20 PM): he is paying me just $8000

kindly_contributor (10:41:38 PM): and...that's a good thing....right?

jaymevilla (10:42:04 PM): yeah but am a little unhappy now

jaymevilla (10:42:53 PM): i dont have much on me here and there is no way i can come over to clear the money cos i still have a lot am doing here

kindly_contributor (10:43:27 PM): that can be tough

jaymevilla (10:43:53 PM): i just dont know what to do now

kindly_contributor (10:44:14 PM): I'm sure you'll figure something out

jaymevilla (10:45:06 PM): can u please help me in some ways do u have a bank account?

kindly_contributor (10:45:19 PM): I'm not getting involved in that

jaymevilla (10:45:56 PM): why u cant help me clear the cheque

kindly_contributor (10:47:24 PM): look...I don't know you.....and I don't want any part of this.....if you're a business man, then you should have all that worked out

jaymevilla (10:48:44 PM): no u dont have to talk like this now u talk like u dont have human sympathy

jaymevilla (10:49:23 PM): if i had money on me i wont ask u to do this for me am only putting a trust on u thats all

jaymevilla (10:49:50 PM): u not happy with the trust someone who doesnt know u have in you

kindly_contributor (10:51:42 PM): that can work both ways.....I don't know you from Adam....and where this money is from & what it is for is anyones guess....and don't ask someone you just started talking to to do something like that....this seems a bit shadey to me

jaymevilla (10:53:21 PM): thats thru but when a man is left with no optopn he does some stupid things and takes some stupid risk that at the end he will sit down and rethink

jaymevilla (10:53:50 PM): there is always a reason for things that happens

jaymevilla (10:54:25 PM): well money is comming from my client and there is no shady thing about it put that trust in me

kindly_contributor (10:56:20 PM): look....sorry about your luck.....I need to go.....good luck finding the help you need

jaymevilla (10:57:09 PM): u runnig from me cos i ask for help well if u cant do it that doesnt say we should stop talking

kindly_contributor (10:58:11 PM): I don't like the fact that you put me in that position.....good night

jaymevilla (10:58:50 PM): okay sorry about that i only asked u for help thats all

keep the hairs on your neck in good repair! and stay safe out there!