na na hey kiss him goodbye

From Sheila Bundee comes a complete bait of over 3 and a half months comprising about 250 or more emails - serialized in the grand detective tradition!

Hi Scamo friends.. in my experience the gold scams go nowhere...But when a gold-selling lad proposes marriage to me and tells me I am the only woman for him, I cannot resist... This bait of 3 and a half months is a Ghana-Aussie-Mexican love triangle with a cast of fake diplomats, fake lad websites, a trip to Cuba..a little of everything thrown in, even news ripped from the headlines..

There are MANY emails here, it's no fast read but well worth it. This complete bait ended pretty much just as I wanted to steer it from the beginning, and what a long strange trip it was...perhaps the first bait on Scamo where the BAITER is in rebel territory.!..and in the end the lad has the gold mine and I gave him the shaft...


SHEILA BUNDEE--age 47, owner 'Sheilas' Discount Koala Ranch' -- outback crawler..Shops at Wallaby-Mart. Has cousins living all over..Usually married to Ted 'Crocodile' Bundee but single this time..

DOROTHY WIZOFOZ -- age 29, demure parrot smuggler in southern Chiapas State, Mexico...and Toto too!

SOOMAH DRAYPINGA -- the Cuban connection for Dorothy. No emails, but a key player.


PHILIP 'PHIL' NANA -- Accra Ghana -- different ages and people in his pics. Daddy-the-King owns the gold company and he delivers the BULLion...a Rastafarian..dumber than a box of hammers.. His classic line -- ** i don't have any woman in any where you alone is the woman**...and this barely-literate lad absolutely loves to type, all hours day and night, definitely high at times.

**DIPLOMATE** PETER MACK -- -Accra...this is 'Phil' also. Pretends to be with a fake delivery company with a *websit* of their own..Emerges to both women a few weeks apart..
DIPLOMAT SULIEMAN KOFI -- Accra...Lad listed to contact at the fake website, so I did..He wasn't really involved with this basic scam, just tangentially, but I contacted him and got the info that I needed...
DIPLOMAT DOGBEY MCROBERT KWESI MENSAH -- on Facebook -- bag man/delivery boy..I call him DOGBOY.. he sent a passport.. He is the one supposedly delivering the 50kg of gold to Cuba... This is definitely a different lad called in on this scam after some difficulties...
PRINCE EMEKA/ EMEKA PRINCE -- -on Facebook -- name on an accidentally sent folder -- lame excuse given about it and this could be Phil..
GOTONI NIVAKA -- -lad in charge of deliveries at another fake website -- -and all I did was antagonize him from the get-go... I'm pretty sure this was also DOGBOY..
AZUBUIKE BRIGHT -- on Facebook -- -the 1st western union bagman for Sheila..
AMO KORSAH KWAGWO -- - western union bagman for Dorothy....
VICTOR ATALI -- another w.u. bagman, on Facebook, for Dorothy..
RICHARD BEDIARKO NKRUMAH -- on FB, w.u. bagman for Sheila....**grand son of President Kwame Nkrumah**.. yeah right

NOTE -- - the only punctuation that 'Phil' seems to know is the word *don't*, which he gets right most of the time... ..otherwise there's no other punctuation or paragraphs...aside from the opening scam intro, every email of his was just 1 long sentence...for clarity and sanity I've tried to break it up when times his syntax/ spelling are either atrocious or unintentionally funny...I lost track of how many times he said *ok* and *so dear*....


The kick-off

TUES SEPT 9TH 2014 2:42AM
SUBJECT: hello do you need gold we sale gold ok

WEBSITE rootmineinvestmentlimited that was it as written.!
PHONE +233272850179

Dear Friend
please I got your contact from a friend who know you very well and i decided to tell you more about our Gold ROOT MINE INVESTMENT LIMITED is an authorized Seller of Gold in Ghana to all other part of the world.

We do hereby state that we are Ready,Willing and Able to Sell AU Metal Gold Dust/Gold Bar/Diamond. We are looking for partners in Europe, Asia, USA, Swiss, Norway,Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Below is are the characteristics
Commodity : AU Metal Gold Dust.Quantity : 50 to 500 kilo=92s & above (option) with rolls and extensions.
Quality : 22 carat plus Purity : 93 %Price : is very attractive to you and we sell on bush price
Payment: By SWIFT Wire Transfer or as agreed between Buyer / Seller.Documents: All documents of ownership claims shall be provided by the seller.
Shipment: Buyers will be responsible for shipment cost. <-- THE BASIC GOLD SCAM DEFINED
Origin : Ghana, West Africa.

1_ Buyer or his representative have to come down to Africa and verify the evidence of the product, Inspect the gold before shipment commence.
2 _ Buyer will be responsible for the shipment of the gold to his refinery.
3_ Seller or his representative will follow the buyer with the consignment to their refinery for the final assay and payment
4_ All expenses incur by the buyer will be deducted from the total sales before the final payment will be made to our nominated bank account..
5_ After the first transaction, buyer and seller will sign revolving delivery of 50 100 Kegs monthly.

We are also asking that after the first sale of the gold,The buyer will help us use the part of the money realized to procure some mining equipment to enable us increase our mining strength and whatever we realized from the mining will be supply to you on regular basis. We are also looking for financial capable buyer who can invest in our mining site at the ratio of 60-40% of our production.

If you are interested by my proposal, please do let me know in order to deal officially with you. and our gold process is legal and legit please be wear of fraudsters and scamers OK and you can get back to me true my private email
thanks and Best Regards,
Mr Philip Nana

[...*true* for 'through'..a check on 'Philip Nana Gold Scam' shows this same one posted on, dated March 2014 using a hotmail are low on my list, so I sent my standard reply of "We have plenty of gold here in Australia, MORE THAN YOU HAVE, thanks anyway" -- -and he sent this again a week later..]




As I stated before we have plenty of gold here in Australia. I buy mine in person. I do not need to have it shipped, and when I buy it I can see it, examine it, and hold it before I purchase it.

There is no reason for me to buy my gold from you, nor any reason for me to travel to Africa to buy it from you. Gold is gold, the same everywhere. Sorry.

Sheila Bundee Owner/CEO -- Sheilas' Discount Koala Ranch
Itchynuts Junction Australia




Thanks very much for your mail and i thank you very well for your mail well in all am very happy to here from you so even if you don't mind we can still brings the gold to you even in your country Australia if you will like to see it before you pay for it we still do so okay just think about it and whenever you are true you can call upon me okay am here for you every time okay thanks and
God bless you

[..this lad just doesn't like being brushed off.....]



Now why on earth would you bring gold here to Australia? As I previously said -- we have plenty. I am a woman and if you know anything at all about women you know we like to shop for the best prices.

Sheila Bundee -- -owner
Sheilas' Discount Koala Ranch -- Australia


SUBJ: Dear Sheila Bundee how are you my dear friend how are you today

Dear Friend Sheila Bundee

how are you today my friend and your family i hope fine and how also is about your business i hope everything is moving fine

well is my pleasure to come in contact with you my friend and i will also like to update you more about way of sailing our gold
well this is our first time of knowing or this is our first time of doing business so for our gold we sale our gold very low price and why we sale very low price is because we have our mining conception and we have our workers here working in our site

so am imaging if you can come to our country so that you can see things on yourself but if you cant come dawn we can still do business with you very well we have our means to deliver our gold to our costumers from all part of the world

so my friend if you are very ready and serious to do business with us okay so kindly get back to me for more information okay and i will hope to here more from you okay thanks and God bless Mr philip nana

[...he's now got me doing business with him, which is where with gold scams I usually hop off the bait-train and stop replying completely...less than 24 hours later he is back...]



Dear Mrs Sheila Bundee

how are you my dear lovely friend how are you today and your family i know God of Heaven is still in watch of all about you my dear
well is time i open up to you and tell you how i have been filling ever sin i came to know you

and i will also like if you can give me that opportunity to just do gold business with you madam because am seeing that making you my business gold partner will benefit me a lot and at the same time it will be came an open door to me to do more gold business in your country and its will also bring you and i together for we to know more about our self very much

so my dear friend if this opportunity can be granted to me by you i will be very happy because we have been finding way all this why to see if we can have even if it one person from your country
that is why when i came to know you i was very happy very very happy so madam if you can give me this chance i will be happy because we have been asking God for such chance if we can get one costumer from your country it will be an open door to us okay

so madam i really need an positive respond from you okay i don't mind to sale the same price to the price of your country and we will deliver it to you to confirm it by you okay
so my dear friend i hope to here from you
thanks and God bless philip nana

[..all 1 run-on sentence, no paragraphs...I didn't reveal my marital status, and this lad doesn't want to give up....]



Gday Mr Nana,

Nobody here in Australia would want to buy gold from Africa with all the shipping charges and dealing with unknown people.

We all buy it here where we can see it and touch it and buy it without flying to any foreign country.
Australia is a major producer of the world supply of gold and has been since the mid-1800s.



Dear friend Sheila Bundee

How are you today and your health i hope you are good
well i will like to have you as my friend so that i can be coming to your country with some of our gold here because i love your country and i want to be coming over to your country with our gold to sale just on your behalf
that is why am asking for your friend ship okay just sake of gold business
because i believe that your country is gold in buying gold okay thanks and God bless you
mr philip nana

[..on my *behalf*..he's got my best interests at heart..]

WED SEPT 24TH 10:44PM Well have a good time when you get here.


thanks Madam and may God Bless you
well please can you give me your phone number in case i arrive to your country
thanks and one love

[..we have now gone from business to love..Sheila is irresistable in her aloofness, or else this idiot thinks 'Well' means WE-WILL..]


THUR SEPT 25TH 10:01PM You are a gold seller. When you go to the store does the merchant ask you for your home phone number so that he can call any time he wants day and night? I don't think so.. [..doing my best to dump him but also playing hard-to-get....I don't care either way at this point, but I'm always at the ready to let some dumb-ass lad like this one try to romance me.....]



Dear Mrs Sheila Bundee

how are you today i hope fine so madam i will like to have your number so that whenever i get to your country i will give you a call as my friend over there that is why am asking for your number okay so kindly sent it to me now thank mr philip nana

[..I COULD say that my husband 'Crocodile' Ted would not approve of my receiving calls from strange Africans.. .but I'll play the single babe, fix the phone problem, and see how he works with an unmarried woman..]



You are a complete stranger to me. I see no real need to give out my number to a man I do not know. There are too many mouth-breathing pervos and convicts on parole out there in the world, I've had my share.

I am a single unmarried woman and I do not do things like this. I can't go for that, no can do..



Dear Madam

how are you today and your health i hope fine my dear beauty well is my pleasure to here that you are not married and this is also the same condition with me so please madam can you please just listing to me very attentively for am just making my time just to see if you will accept my plea to you

so madam i can understand that you are a very matured and most experience woman but for me peoples meet one day and they also can know one day so my dear i will really like to know you if you can accept it from me i will be very happy with you for that

so madam kindly consider it and get back to me okay i really need a woman like you in my life now please don't reject my plea ok i hope to here more from you
thanks and god bless you one love we

[..calling me *beauty* w/o a photo..I don't care what his *plea* is, he's trying to chisel his way into my heart..and presumably to my cash too....]



Gday Phil,
Well tell me more about yourself..

[..I already know he's barely literate and trying to scam me..]



Dear Freind Sheila Bundee

how are you today and how is your family and all around you my dear and thanks very much for giving me this oppotunity and i am very happy for you my dear friend so as to what you are asking me iam philip nana as to explane to you what nana means in our local minning is king that what is the minning of nana so my dear as am saying my father is king and he owns a gold minning conseption and we are two i and my younger sister but my sister is married so am the only man in my father born and my mother is also fine my dear

in my fathers business am the one around him i assist him in the gold business so my dear fo me i made up my mind that i will not marry a black woman just like as am black i never consider it one day that i will marry a black woman to me i dream to marry a white woman but my father never know about this he always tell me to marry

but am teling him i will but he hever know my mind dear that is why when i came accross and i sit dawn and imaging the way you always saund to me that why am insisting that i must come to your country and just to have a look of you first so my dear am very happy for this oppotunity from you ok

and i ask God to strenghting you every time until we mate together and see one another in face to face
then i will know that my dreams has come true
i thank you very much sheila bundee and may God bless you
thanks and one love

[..*until we mate together*..I hope he really meant to say 'meet"....]



Gday Phil,

Nice to hear from you again.

As I recall, you are in Ghana. You say that your father is a king, but I wasn't aware that Ghana is a Kingdom. So that confuses me a tad.

My parents are long dead, but I have a sister and 2 brothers. They are fine, thank you for asking. You say your dream is to marry a white woman, which I happen to be. But the colour of skin is a minor detail. What else do you desire in a marriage partner? You did not say. And please tell me your age, which might not seem important but always is to a woman.


[..whatever age he says, Sheila will be at least 10 years older..]



Dear Friend Sheila

thanks very much my dear and may Great God bless you my dear well am very happy once more my dear
well you have a point there my there by saying that Ghana is not a kingdom my there but i have to put you true so my there Ghana as a country half of Ghana is a kingdom which we call ashanty kingdom so my dear i came from shanty kingdom here in Ghana and my father is a king in shanty kingdom ok so my dear you can search about it or if you have any Ghana friend around you can ask from that friend about shanty kingdom here in Ghana so my dear am very sorry about the incident of your parent

but in all we give thanks to great God because he knows best beside your parent have fulfilled there porpose here on earth by giving berth to you my dear as for my age am 35 years of age ok and i have told you this and will say it again my dream is to marry a woman to be Francklin speaking that the season why i have not getting married

i know colors does not matters but to me it matters a lot ok so my dear i cant wait any longer to know that my dear one is around me but i can say now that distance is my Barrie now as i cant be looking at your face and be teling you all about my filing towards you my dear but to me i believe that God time is best and i know now that this is God time for me by coming across you my dear

so my dear what i really need from woman is good caring and real respect from my woman and from me iam here for her i will protect my woman in every curse and i am will giver the best love from my heart to her

and take proper good care i promise i will never lies to her my dear this is my promise to my woman ok so dear am filing for you so much and i will like to have a look of your picture ok
and i will like to have your number so that i can give you a cal and here your voice ok my dear so thank very much for giving me this chance once again than and may Great God bless you and strenghtening you until we meet

thanks and God bless philip nana

[ guess is either good weed or cheap wine...*REAL RESPECT* -- he will 'find out what it means to me'..-
These W. African lads always talk down to women, in virtually every romance I've had with them....]



Hello Phil,

And thank you for the nice email. So I guess your father really can say "it's good to be the king".. And since you are his son that makes you a real prince of a lad..

You said >>> i will protect my woman in every curse <<< And that confuses me somewhat, are you talking about voodoo curses? Or just plain cursing with all the vulgar words?

You really did not say what you like to do. For me, I enjoy fishing, cooking, shopping, going to pubs and the movies. I am way out here in the remote Australian Desert where there is no telephone coverage. We use short-wave radio communications over the air and my international call-sign is KXS-0383. Just get to the nearest short-wave radio and we can talk across the globe !

I would like to see your picture first, my privilege as a woman. You are age 35, that's nice. I am 47, older than you. I will try and get one of myself to send to you.

Regards, Sheila

[..a Mel Brooks quote....KXS0383 my old CB radio call sign..there are kids in the outback still tutored by radio to this day -- -Alice Springs School Of The should shut him up about a phone..]



My Dear beloved Sheila Bundee

i am very happy with your mail my dear beloved and i thank you very much know i can see that this is God time do you know why iam saying is because whatever i love is also you as i can from here from you that you said you are on fishing i love fishing also my dear and am very happy with you just for having a lovely and good woman like you but you said you are 47 are you married before or you never married at all before my dear

well in all you are for me for now i can see it but spiritual and fiscal so my dear for me i never belong to know oracle no am for God Almighty i worship God in truth and in spirit

my dear so what i mean was in every case not curse please understand me very well my dear i never worship any thing than Almighty God okay so i hope you can fill at home know so i still insist for your picture so that i can see my dear baby then i will sent my own to you after i have seen you ok

so my dear for the king my father he loves me very well because am his only son he never jokes with me even my mother so for that reason i know and i believe that i will success my father as a king if he is no more but i never pray for is death now because i love him also

so my dear i came from a very good family we have no problem we are ok so just fill free with me ok so thanks very much and my regard to your family and all around you
thanks and God bless philip nana

[..Freudian slip -- *fiscal* for 'physical' we're at *my dear baby*..and the phone issue seems over..]



Gday Phil,
Well crikey you did say **curse**, so I can only go by what you say. But I am glad you did not mean voodoo curses. We had some Haitians here and you know how they can be with their chicken feathers, blood, and zombies..

As I said I am a single woman. I was married once many years ago, but it only lasted 6 months.

You were talking about your dear baby, so how many children do you have?

Regards, Sheila


Romance Deepens



My Dear Sheila Bundee
how are you today my dear i hope you are doing great well i thank God for all so how is everything on your side i hope fine
so dear i have not married before for my life due to my dream which i told you that i dreamed to marry a white woman so just sake of that i never have love for a black woman and i have not born i don't have any child for now but i know in future i will have as many children i want with you and that is why am very happy for you and i like calling my woman my baby so that baby you sow is you am reffing to as my baby ok

i hope you are not angree if i call you my baby
i like calling my woman my baby so for me that has been my torns ok so dear i will like to have a look of your picture and i will also like to have your phone number just to be caling you whenever i fill you ok i hope it will be better so i hope to see your picture on your next replying me back my dear one i so much like you for the little i have known you by our little conversation by email i hope to here from you soon
thanks and God bless philip nana

[...** i will have as many children as i want with you**...doesn't Sheila have any say about that? ...and another one a half hour later..]


My Dear Sheila
i will like you to tell me about your gold just the way they use to sale the gold and your gold current price now in your country i know you are into gold so my dear just do this and update me ok

and there is one thing i will like to ask you and i will like you to just tell me the truth from your heart ok because i know our relationship between you and i need truthfulness and real love from one another ok just do that and get back to me ok so the question is do you like African from day one in your life please get back to me ok thanks i love you philip nana



Gday Phil,
I shall attempt to reply to both of your letters as one.

The current price of gold here is $1450 an ounce. Now I do not know how that compares to your prices, but for me that is fine. When I buy it occasionally I don't mind if the price varies by a few dollary-doos. Remember--I only buy it for myself, I do not sell it. I buy extra and send it to a cousin of mine far away.

I am a little uneasy about you calling me your baby because I am 12 years older than you and it sounds like I am your possession or a child of yours. Let us not forget that I AM a grown woman and your senior. But on the other hand, if you want to be sweet, go ahead. Like the manure spreader here on the ranch, a little here and there is good, but just not in excess.

And I have explained to you--there is no phone service here where I am, the outback Australian desert. And as I said, I can be reached at KXS-0383 on short-sideband radio.

I don't quite know what you mean about me having African. I can tell you that I know nothing about Africa except that it's across the Indian Ocean from Australia here.

All women want to see what the man looks like first. So until I see your picture first, you will have to wait to see mine.

Warm regards, Sheila

[..that is the closing price per ounce today Sept 30th on the Aussie Gold market in Aussie dollary-doos..]



My Dear sheila

thanks very much i like the way you always sound you always sound to me very matured so i so much like that for me i like dealing with matured peoples so i believe thing must work out for you and i for better ok

so Dear what i mean was if you like African just from your day one have an African done anything rung to you my dear for me i so much love Australia right from origin but i never know that i will have somebody or a very deep friend from Australia your country but i pray always if i can have a business partner from Australia your country so that is why am so much happy for you just for been an Australian woman

so dear i can do everything just to have you as my wife i will also like you to tell me what you like or what you dislike from Africa so that i can know it ok so dear i will like to ask you one thing can you help and receive my gold in your country as my wife

am asking you this base on something so just get back to me before i will tell you more about what i have for you ok so dear please don't see this massage as an insult or don't take it too far in your mind ok so dear am saying all this because i have find my life partner this is what i have been missing for all my life i have not find it all those while but am very happy that at last i later get what i have been asking God to do for me ok

at list you can imaging my age a man of 35 year still single just because he has not getting what he is searching for even my father always ask me if i will not marry or not but i always tell him to wait a little time i will do that just because am still searching to see if i can see a real white woman just like you i can guest you are real ok so dear just get back to me ok
i have to stop here until i here from you ok thanks and God bless
yours philip nana

[ I'm to be his *wife* matter how I try and break up his emails, it's still the ravings of a lunatic....]



Gday Phil,
Thank you for the nice email.

I have never really been in contact with anyone from Africa in the past, so it is quite nice to be hearing from you in Ghana. I am reading up on it more and more now, and the shanty kingdom you mentioned. I see that 22% of all women in Ghana are involved in polygamous marriages, which I'm sure should make Utah feel a whole lot better.

Food is always a favourite topic of mine, I love to cook things up! You did not say what you like to cook or what you like to eat. I am partial to grilled jackalope in emu gravy but that's just one of my specialties. Sweating over a hot stove all day making good food is heavenly to me!

My brother Tessio is coming over so I have to get things done for now.
Regards, Sheila

[..I'll omit from him the fact I also read that a majority of Ghanaian wives are victims of spousal abuse at some point, and shockingly 2/3rds of them say they must have done something to deserve it...a jackalope is a seldom-seen western USA critter, half jackrabbit/ half antelope..]



My Dear Sheila Bundee

Thank very much for you mail back to me so my dear i have been putting it in considerations how to make my trip to come to your country so that it cant be that am waiting too long here in Africa

so is time i make the move to go out there and see things on myself so is not just making a business trip to go out there but is to visit my God giving wife and see things myself ok dear i just want to here from you if i will be welcome by you as my guest so dear i hope this will not be a worrying son to you that is why i have made it clear to you before i will start my coming ok

so Dear just get back to me and tell me how you fill about this ok is like am asking permission from you my dear am doing this just because you are person am coming to meet i cant just come to your country without your personal permission ok so my dear i wait to here from you and please send my greeting to every members of your family and great them all for me ok so Dear i hope to hear from you thanks and God bless your philip nana thanks

[..the 'letter of invitation' request a lad standard when asking my help for a visa to come sponge off me... usually good for me getting a home address and other info....and then another email 10 minutes later..]



Hello Dear Sheila

for me i like eating fish i don't eat meat am a vegetarian and like eating herb because herb is a nature and i also like eating rice and beans and yam here in Ghana my father have a big farm land where we planted all kinds of foods and so on so my dear am still remain nature i have not change and i never will change ok am still the way God the creator created me ok so dear just remain veture for me ok

you are going to be my empress and am going to be your emperor ok so dear let love lead thanks and God bless yours philip

[ doubt he smokes the herb too, in fact he sounds very much like a Rastafarian in practice-- they did originate in Africa/ Ethiopia, honoring Emperor Hailie Selassie aka Ras Tafari....time now to shake things up with 'Operation Toto'...

PRESENTING DOROTHY WIZOFOZ and her little dog too..not in Kansas any more....age 29.. to see how Romeo here is with a younger demure woman vs an older take-no-crap feminist... ..doing a 2-women-on-1-lad bait always proves interesting and revealing with a love-sick idiot like this...]


SUBJECT: Your offer of gold

Hello sir,

I have read your unsolicited email offer of gold.

I am a 29 year old single American woman now living here in Mexico with my aunt, uncle, and little dog too.
It is not really gold that I need, my overseas cousin sends me some. It is opals and turquoise that I desire and buy.

Thank you for your offer anyway..
Dorothy Wizofoz

[..Mexico is an ideal country to situate a has no diplomatic relations with any W. African country, so that puts the kibosh on any 'official diplomat delivery'....lads know absolutely nothing about the place...]


SUBJECT: hello do you need gold to buy we sale gold ok

Dear Dorothy

how are you today and your health so my dear i thank you very well for your mail so my dear i will like to know if you need gold to buy for i sale gold we sale and we do deliver the gold to you in your door step to you and you will receive it so dear kindly get back to me and update me more about what you need ok so i hope to here from you thanks and God bless philip nana




Hello again Mr Nana sir,

Thanks for the quick reply. Here in Mexico and many parts of the world the name NANA means grandmother.

No it is not gold I seek, it is turquoise and opals. And a husband, sigh..I am waiting for my aunt and uncle to pass on, in which case I will inherit $3million..

Sincerely, Dorothy Wizofoz

[..Too late I realize I should've left out the inheritance and gone another way, oh well it's done...but I did say I am looking to find a husband, and that should be noticed by him...the main thing now is to keep at least 2 hours between Dorothy and's too easy to blow it all with a wrong name or similar phrase...]



Hi dear Phil,

Once again I shall try and reply to both of your letters.

Of course you have my personal permission to visit me out here. We call Australia "The Lucky Country" because we are fortunate indeed to live in such a wealthy wonderful country.

What did you mean when you said >> so dear just remain veture for me <<<< ? Sometimes it is a little bit difficult to understand you.

Rice and beans sounds good, protein and flatulence combined. Your father must be quite a busy man with a farm, a gold mine company, and being the king. I smiled when you called me your empress, we have no such titles here. People are just people, no class distinction.

How far have you gone with your education? I am a graduate of the Sydney Harbour Institute of Technology, with several degrees in various fields.

My regards, Sheila

[ old alma mater S.H.I.T...and I think he meant to say 'virtuous" or something like that...]



Dear Dorthy

how are you my dear i hope you are fine so dear i sale gold that is my business so i was thinking if you are looking for gold to buy that is why am telling you about our gold ok and my dear am still single searching for a good woman to marry

but dear never you pray for death of your uncle and your aunt to die just because you are praying to inherit there $3 million dollars well dear this is not fair ok so dear just tell me more about you and about your family back grand and i will also like to have a look of your pictures ok so kindly do this for me ok

i hope to here from you and tell me if gold business is good in Mexico so that i will be sending you gold to sale in Mexico and for the meaning of my name Nana it mean king here in Ghana ok not grand mother ok so i hope to here from you thanks and God bless philip nana

[..wants the pics to see if Doro is a 'white woman'..he shall be rewarded..]


THURS OCT 2ND 12:03AM SUBJECT: hello dear sweet heart sheila how are you today i hope great

Dear Sweet Heart Sheila

Thanks very much my dear for giving me this opportunity and once more thanks for accepting me in your mind and heart my dear and i so much happy my dear really now i believe that God time is the best ok

so dear do you know why i always call the name of God is because this is the lords doing in our life ok so dear my father and i we are too busy always because i always be with my father and we are always busy with our work if he is not around i do the rest of think and my father trust me very well

and to me he is a good king everybody love him because he is a justice man and he is a man who fear God likewise me i respect God and i fear God ok that is why am telling you to still remain velture for me

so dear the meaning of velture means a Heavenly woman like Sarah Rebecca and Ruth they are good and heavenly women of God ok i hope you can understand me now and for my education back grand am a secondary school finisher am not a university graduate but it is in my mind to attend my university when am fully free with business i will then attend my university ok so dear this is all what it is ok

so i pray for you always i dreams of you dear and i love you are the kind of woman am searching for in the whole of my life and i can see that you are a matured and experience woman so dear you are for me and am for you we one ok so i believe i will see you soon thanks and God bless you your philip nana

[...a secondary school graduate would be about 15 years old, which very much seems where his intelligence level is frozen at best....and then another one 20 minutes later...]


SUBJECT: hello sheila how are today

Dear Sheila
there is something i will like to tell you ok so dear am thinking so much to come to your county and this is my plan for now and i want to take my father unaware to come Australia first before i will let him know what is going on for now so my dear in this case i want to come to you with some gold

so this gold am saying now is in security company i mean 50 kilos of gold this gold is parts of my inheritance from my father he deposited it on my behalf so that whenever am married then i will make use of it as my inheritance from my father as a king this is our tradition dear so am planning to come with the gold in your country but i never want my father to now about it until i visit you and come back that is when he will now what i have in my mind ok

so dear i want to meet the security manger and talk about this with him then after that i will ask him to deliver the gold to you then after the gold have been delivered to you i will then be coming to meet you ok so dear this is just between you and i ok so i want to know if you can receive the gold for me as my wife because i will tell them you are my wife ok so dear kindly get back to me and tell me what you think about this ok am asking for your permission my dear you know i cant do without your permission my dear so i wait to here from you before ok thanks and one love philip

[..doing his best to push this gold on a security company involved...I'll sit on this..]



Hello Mister Nana,

I guess I sounded more sinister than I am. No I am not wishing my Auntie Emm and Uncle Henry to die. But they are both in their mid-70s, and at that age a person could slip on a banana peel and buy a 1-way ticket to Cloudville just like that. I would be donating most of the money to charity anyway.

I am in the parrot business, not the gold business. My cousins Jethro and Ellie Mae and I import parrots from down south, mostly Panama and Guatemala nearby. By the time the feathered cash machines reach us we have paid $300 per beak. We then sell them to wealthy Americans for $6000 each or more.

Nobody in Mexico bothers us about our bird business. But down here they have LA MORDIDA....It means THE BITE..Any shipment of gold here would be stolen and the gold person murdered or worse. Not only the Zapatista rebels, the Banditos, and the Nuevo Laredo Cartel get a piece of it, but the Policia Federales too. The motto of all these hijackers is "Oro o Plomo" It means if they do not get the gold from you, then you get the lead bullets from them.

Opals and parrots and turquoise oh my..these are the things I deal in, not gold.

Sincerely, Dorothy Wizofoz

[..I know this lad will try and win Doro over despite the fact that she's not interested.. I picture him as having the ego of someone who would never let a woman shrug him off, especially if she has money...]



Hello Phil,

You mention coming here to Australia.. Do you have a travel visa to get here?



Dear Sweet Heart Sheila
Thanks very much for your mail making my visa is not going to be much hard for me i know true your influence i believe i will get it very easy my dear

so what am thinking now is how this gold will get to you before my coming too you ok so dear i have meet with the security company manger to ask them to deliver the gold to you and i have dis cause is with them and i told them that you are my wife and that they shield do everything just to make sure the gold get to you and they have assured me that they will do as i said to them

so dear i have ask them to contact you so they will contact you as i have told them ok so dear just comply with them in case they get to you ok dear am just doing this to come to you and see you ok because dear i have to tell you this sheila am in love with you so i have to come and see you because am thinking so much about you so therefore i have to come to you before i will fill fine ok so thank philip nana

[..I don't like being 'contacted' w/o having been asked first....if this security *manger* is Phil himself or someone else the basic writing style should tell....*just comply*---giving me orders is never good....]



Hi Phil,
Nice to hear from you.

I am certain that you have never applied for an Australian visa before, so you can not say that it will be easy. They do not just give these visas away to any goombah that walks up and asks for one. And they do not issue them over-night either. It usually takes 5-8 weeks.

There is absolutely no sense in sending gold to me unless we both know that you can arrive here. I do not feel comfortable handling the wealth of others, just as I do not like strangers handling mine.

You were saying you owned a gold mine. Now you say the gold is with a security company and someone else will deliver it. I am so confused !!




My Dear Sheila

Dear you dont have to worry about how am going to come to you i can make but is just only if you will be with me just for me to accept you as your guest in your country that is all for me

i have been travel to many part of the world without no problem is just only if your business partner will receive you as his guest that is all i don't see it to be a big deal my dear is just only if you will accept me that is all my dear so for my gold dear please i will like you to understand me ok

i never told you that i have a mining company rather i told you that my father is a king and he owns gold mining company which i work on with him that is what i said my dear and for the gold am telling you about i tell you that i have gold 50 kilos of gold is for me but is deposited in a security company by my father as my parts of inheritance from my father and he deposited it for me in-case if i married then i will make use of it with my family ok

so dear that is why am asking you to present yourself as my wife dear this is what i tell you my dear and you presenting yourself as my wife will make things go very smooth dear and after that they will know deliver the gold to you very aesy dear and i will like to tell you this you don't have to be afraid you only have to just stand by my side ok that all then i will do the rest here ok

so dear try and do this for me ok i believe if you do this you will help me am only making effort to come to your country and i believe that thing will work out if only you will be with me dear ok so fill free and ask me any question ok thanks and god bless philip nana

NEXT EMAIL 2 PHOTOS ATTACHED..a gangsta-thug in a dimly-lit kitchen, sunglasses, hair and eyes not visible.. Appears to be about age 25-27...he has a green knit wool cap on. In one he looks fake-pious reading a bible or koran..He's wearing a horizontal b&w striped shirt, which looks like what you see in old-time prison pictures, quite appropriate...these 2 pics are not 'selfies', they were taken by someone else not visible..


SUBJECT: how are you today dear shila bundee

Dear Sweet Heart Sheila

how was your night today i hope you are doing great my dear well am very happy so dear i have attached my picture for you to know me in person my dear and see me clear so dear i will also like to have your picture so that i can see your beautiful face dear and please respond kindly good to the diplomat to enable him deliver the gold to you ok

dear am doing this just because i want to marry and be at rest with my wife and rule over my destiny that is why am doing all this my dear so i just need your help to assist so that everything will be fine ok and i have meet with the manger of the security company and they have assured me to do as i told them ok

so other ways left on you to assist ok am really dreaming of you always so i cant afford to wait any more dear
i hope to here from you
thanks and God bless your philip nana

[..he should be a used-car salesman or carnival I owe him a pic and he won't be disappointed..]


Hi dear Phil,
Thank you for your photo, you are quite a sharp dresser. And as I said I would do, here is my photo.. It's me recently with my pet gator 'Bitey'.. I'm thinking of giving him away to my friend Ned Kelly who owns a shoestore that also sells luggage, and Ned promises me he will take good care of Bitey...I just love critters!

Several things confuse me...You have indicated that this is something that you do not wish your father the king to know, but you have not really explained the reasons for this deception. This makes me uneasy.

Secondly, you are asking me to pretend to be your wife for some vague reason I cannot fathom. But that is water under a Brisbane bridge. If you know anything about women--and you are not one--you would know that no woman wants to be called a WIFE until that diamond ring is on the finger and the pastor 'now pronounces'....In plain English, I am NOT going to pretend to be married when in fact I am NOT married. I can not tell lies like that.

You said you *can not afford to wait any longer*...What is your hurry?

I do not wish to be responsible for the wealth of anyone, including your gold. Perhaps if you come here it can be transferred with my assistance. However that will ONLY happen when you apply for the Australian Travel Visa and send me the copy of it. THEN I will know you can come here. I presume that since you said you are a world traveler this should be no problem.

Sincerely, Sheila

[...picture sent is the lovely blond Terri Irwin holding a 1-meter-long baby croc..and 20 minutes later I've got to ask more while the topic is still relevant...]



Gday once more Phil,
Thank you again for the pictures.

I forgot to ask you what book you were reading. And also why did you hide your eyes?
They are the windows to the soul, and they say a lot about a person. I could not see your eyes with those sunglasses you were wearing.

Regards, Sheila

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