Some email scammer actually got my work email and sent me an email asking for personal information..... I decided to have some fun with him. The formatting is kinda weird, so try to hang in there. Strangly enough, my last email scared him off - even though my criminal record and ties to the IRA did not.

Maadeu Folarintumo - scammer du jour
Todd Brown - helpful ex-con

Maadeu Folarintumo

From: maadeu folarintumo [mailto:maadeufolarintumo@virgilio.it]

Dear Friend,
I need your services in a confidential matter regarding money out of a family beneficiary deposit for investment in your country as such i decided to establish contact with you for assistance.This requires a private arrangement,as you will receive these funds under legal claims; all legal documents will be carefully worked out to ensure a risky free claim.

I am willing to pay a generous management fee as well as appreciation as soon as this transaction is completed.I have all the details,all correspondences will be via email, for now. The funds in question are quite large. I will expect a straight answer from you. Yes or No.If yes, Kindly furnish me with your personal information below. 1) Your Full Name. 2) Phone, Fax and Mobile 3) Home/Company Address. 4) Your Ocupation.

Please Send me an e-mail as soon as you receive this letter for further discussion and more clarification. Thanks and God Bless You.

Mr.Maadeu Folarintumo.

Todd Brown

Mr. Folarintumo,

I am overjoyed that you are providing for me details on a risky free claim. Risky free is my specialty! And the answer you are looking for is an overwhelming YES!!!

Todd Eugene Brown
623-xxx-xxxx home
623-xxx-xxxx fax
623-xxx-xxxx mobile
1xxxxx N xxth Place
Phoenix, Az 85032

I am a janitor for a large insurance company.
I look forward to hearing from you soon, I cannot wait to make me some money!

Todd Brown
Risky Free Specialist

Maadeu Folarintumo

From: maadeu folarintumo [mailto:mfolarintumo41@yahoo.com.sg]

My Dear Friend Todd Eugene Brown,

Thank you very much for your response which was duly received and also the requested informations too. Firstly, i must thank you very much for your willingness to assist Me, Meanwhile I have started proccessing the Documents Needed to Submmit to the finance Company were this Fund is beening deposited for the Claims.

yes I want you to understand that this Fund was Deposited as Family effects with the finance company and the amount involved is $20M but in a consignments and registered Family effects and contents decleared artas for exports This is to avoid much charges to Be attacted when depositing the Fund and, but never mind I shall give you all the pin Codes to open the consignments after Claiming the Consignments From the Finance Company,you will be requested to come forward for the Claims as the New Beneficiary, I shall furnished you with all Documents and all you need to Have For the claims, meanwhile The affidavit of Change of Ownership To the Consignments will Be approve Tomorrow From Court and I shall send you a copy after sending the Hard Copy to the Finance company to Contact you for The Modalities on the Claim and I will like to Continue to trust you that you will not cheat or run away with the Money after receiving it from the Finance Company.

Like as I mentioned in My proposal this transaction is risk Free I am going to Make sure that all the Documents For the Claims are Being completed without any Complain and Let Me Believe that you are capable to Handle this transaction 100% and you will be rewarded Handsomely.I shall Detail you more by tomorrow after I have Completed the whole arrangments Keep Confidential for the meantime.Remain Blessed.

I await your Reply Urgently Confirming this Mail received ok and Understood.


Mr Maadeu Folarintumo.

Todd Brown


That is a lot of informations you sent over to me. I am not a very intelligent person, so you are going to have to break this down for me in a very simple format.
Please answer the following questions for me:

Will I make lots of money?
Will it be easy?
Will I have to do a lot of work?
Will this violate the terms of my probation?

If your answers are favorable, I will do anything you require of me. I do not currently have a checking account, so if I will need to open one up and give you the account number, please let me know.

Also, as an aside, since you are obviously a very trustworthy person, I have a business venture I would like to give you an opportunity to participate in as well. It involves burros and balloons, and of course, human smugglers. It may sound slightly odd, but I assure you it makes lots of money. I can let you in on the ground floor for only $10,000.

Let me know your thoughts. My venture is also very risky free.

Todd Brown
Third Chair, Boston Philharmonic, Skin Flute

Maadeu Folarintumo


My Dearest Friend Todd Brown,

Thank you very much for all and your Mail and questions have been understood which I have to explain every thing to you in a short form.

Now all I am trying to Let you Know is the The Fund was deposited with the Security/Finance Company In a Consignments as family effects and was registered with the company so For any reason you should not allow them know that it is fund but art for exports and this Consignments will Be Delivered to you through diplomatic means to you through their joepolitical zone within america Terrotary which is canada because their Diplomatic Deliver covers only Canada not USA so now that every Documents Have Been Approved on your Name as the New Beneficiary and to Make Claims you are free now to pick the Consignments from There.

A Diplomat have Been Assigned to Go to canada with the Consignments to deliver it to you and the diplomat shall call you as soon as He Gets to Canada He will detail you on the Modalities to Claim the Consignments there in Canada you will Meet Him one on one and finish with their Modalities and charges which i feel you are capable to Handle every thing, meanwhile you can open an account over there and pay in all the fund before living for USA theres no need of opening an account and send it to Me all i needed from you is Sincerety, capablity and honest toward this transaction so i have trusted you so do i expects from you too.If the Copy of the Affidavit signed and approved from Court which Have Been submmited and approved also by the finance Company and it is Very imortant you Print it out Because the diplomat will ask you to present it For identifications when you gets to Canada so Lets give all the glory to the Lord for all HIS Help so The Consignments Belongs to you From Now On and I repeat theres no risk Here.

Your questions:

Will I make lots of money?
1)I will allow you to take 15% of the Total sum for your assistance and 10% for all the Managements and addmitration expenses and other on forseen matters, but you must make a lot of Money as asked.

2)Will it be easy?
Yes it will be very easy because I have already Make Very thing easy from Here and they will Be no complain in picking up the consignments from Canada with your co-operations and taking to the Diplomats Instructions or Directives when you are Contacted By Him.

3)Will I have to do a lot of work?
No you have no much work to do there only to Come down there when you are Called finish with their modalities as will be required and furnished to you when you are Called.

4)Will this violate the terms of my probation?
Can Never in any Violate all is backed up with Legal Documents and risk Free and all is being Take care Confidentially as earlier mentioned in My proposal and Most of My Mails to you.so please My Dear Friend If theres any other thing you want Me to explain very well for you that it is not cleared enough kindly Let Me Know you are moreless My Brother Now.

The Business Venture you are introducing to Me is ok but that of human smugglering is what you have to teach Me very well and if it is ok I will in as much as you said it is good and Can give a lot of Money When i trust some one it is forever I go Do what ever you tell Me because i know I must surely Be Good so theres No Problem at all.Pleasealways detail Me as soon as the diplomat contacts you any time from now.Remained Blessed.

I await your reply confirming this Mail received ok and the Copy of the affidavit received ok too.


Yours friend.
Mr Maadeu Folarintumo.

Todd Brown

My dear friend,

I fear I may not be able to help you.

12 years ago, when I was in the French Foreign Legion, I was considered a citizen of the United Kingdom. Due to some incidents involving an Irish separatist group and my compatriots, I had my UK citizenship irreversibly revoked. I believe I am still on a Wanted list in that country and would never want them to know where to find me. Given this fact, I am afraid I will be unable to assist you in your venture.

Please believe me when I tell you I am trustworthy and fully housebroken at this point. I have only relieved myself on my full shag carpet once in the past year. I do, however, have a strange reaction to silk linen which makes my sphincter much looser than it should be and have awoken to a few turd burgers in the past few years.

As to my venture, please have full respect and make duly noted my honesty with you in this operation. Since you have agreed to participate in my operation, I will expect a check within 7 business days in the amount of $10,000. The wheels have been set in motion, so payment is immediately required. I do not intend to be rude, and this is purely a prospect of last resort, but if payment has not been received within those 7 business days, I will have to refer you to my collections associates. Unfortunately, promises have already been made and burros have been acquired on your word. My generosity does not extend very far, due to a reputation I have acquired through respect and intimidation.

I will leave you with a proverb from the 3rd Provost of the ancient Han Dynasy, Ma Teng: "You want your horse to look good but you also want it not to have to eat grass."

Well, I have toilets to clean. You, too, remain blessed and don't pee into the wind.

May fortune be with you.

Todd Brown

Maadeu Folarintumo

My Dearest Friend Todd Brown,

Thank you very much for your Mail.Please i want you to explaine to Me what you Meant By Now Assisting Me again?if you are not Helping to invest or you are not claiming the Consignments from Canada any longer?please i want to know urgently Because already the Diplomat is in Canada Now so you have make thing clearer and if the precentage I gave to you is not Enough and you are Not happy tell Me and let Me see what I can do.I promise you you are save no one will harm you it is a promise
.Remain Blessed.

I Await your reply Now.


Yours friend.
mr maadeu Folarintumo.

Todd Brown

My beloved Mr. Folarintumo,

I am sorry my explanations were not adequate for you. I am wanted for questioning in the UK and therefore cannot do business through any UK related business. Let me also point out I hate Canadians, they are cowardly alcoholics with no strength of conviction. I would rather break the Canadian Diplomats knees than do business with him. I would advise you never to do business with Canadians as well. Or Romanians for that matter. Considering they were the country that brought us Dracula - they can all go to hell for all I care. I hope that explains why I will be unable to help you.

Let me also remind you the clock is ticking on the payment you owe me. The burros are getting antsy. In fact one burro, Pedro, is so antsy he began eating one of the smuggler's socks, his name is Jesus. Jesus almost shot Pedro three times last night. He ended up shooting another smuggler named Montie in the foot. Now, because of you tardiness in payment, I have to find another smuggler that can poop balloons upon command - not an easy thing to do I assure you. You will provide me with payment in 6 business days or I will be wearing your intestines as a hat. Even though I love you like a brother, I cannot have you going around making promises and not following through with them and thus showing me disrespect.

A strange thing happened to me last night that you might find interesting...I was watching the TBS movie of the week and I heard a large crash near my front door. It actually turned out to be a door to door vacuum salesman. I invited him in to demonstrate his product. When he wasn't looking I began urinating on his pantleg. When he realized what I had done, he asked me why I had done such a thing. I did not like his tone and I punched him as hard as I could in the solar plexus. When he was on the floor doubled over, I broke a bottle over his head. I proceeded to shave his head and let my dogs defecate on him. I tied him up and through him into the alley. This should be interesting to you because while the salesman did not remember it - he owed me $10 from a card game we played 8 years ago and never paid me.

Peace and blessing go out to you and your family.

Your brother,

Todd Brown
Maker of Fine hatwear made of pure intestines