Here is a copy of a few exchanges I had with a scammer. I know it's a classic scam.
I tried to sell her/him the Brooklyn bridge in NYC but it didn't work :)
She/he took a little time to understand what I was doing though. No more answers after the last e-mail.

She/he contacted me from a personal adds website ( and first sent me pictures of a pretty black woman (the model type.)

This came from a (very hip) French Kindly Contributor (name changed). For those not versed in old American jokes, it may help to know that "selling the Brooklyn Bridge" is one of the oldest gags around. The bridge exists - it runs over the East River between Manhattan (New York City) and the borough of Brooklyn. It is, however, not for sale, or in any case, delivery is not provided. Nowadays people would say in reference to something unbelievable - "and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you".

Genevieve - scammer

Vidocq - it's a bit of homage. See:
Lettres de Jérusalem au scam africain
Revue d'escroquerie classique d'après la Révolution.
Reviews thieves' dictionary of Vidocq - Paris chief of police ca. 1830
(The Lads really are parvenu)


my name is genevieve i have gone through your profile and i think i am ok with what i saw there please there is something very important that i will like to discuse with you but that will be when you get back to me through my private email address as follows :
i waite to hear from you as soon as posible god bless you.


Hi Genevieve,

I have gone through your profile. It doesn't say much about you.

What is this very important thing you want to discuss with me? Maybe telling me a little bit more about you?

See you soon,


From: genevieve yormie
Subject: Please reply urgently.

From Genevieve Yormie Winpoe

Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire

Kindly accept my apology for sending unsolicited mail to you. Although we never met before, I have every reason to believe that you are a highly respected personality in as much as you have fear of God in you, you are qaulified as a reputed prsonality.

Though, I do not know to what extent you are familiar with events and fragile political situation in Liberia but it has formed consistent headlines in the CNN, BBC news bulletins, My name is GENEVIEVE YORMIE WINPOE from Liberia, a Country in West Africa. My father is MR JOHN YORMIE. WINPOE, former DEPUTY MINISTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY in LIBERIA. My father was falsely accused of plotting to remove the then PRESIDENT OF LIBERIA (CHARLES TAYLOR) from office. Without trial, Charles Taylor killed him. you can verify this from this international newspaper website below:

Before he was killed, my father instructed me to escape with some vital documents backing up a deposit he made with a security firm in IVORY COAST AFRICA, and he confined on me that he left some money in a Diplomatic Trust Company in Abroad, (name withheld for security reasons) he handed me over a certificate meant for a secret Deposit, which he made in the Security Company.

If you may ask why do I need a foreign assistance or why can't I take the cash transfer and myself? The answer is that there was an exclusion clause in the original agreement between the company and my father which states unambiguously that 'nobody, not even himself, can have access to the consignment in the company, and it has to be transferred to a foreign beneficiary outside Africa. This was done because he envisaged his arrest and this clause were inserted to prevent any seizure or infiltration of the fund.

In as much as you follow my instructions carefully, religiously and promptly my guarantee of a hitch-free success remains unshakable. I have contacted the Diplomatic Security Firm to confirm the deposit, which is worth $21.5Million,(Twenty-One Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars Only) which I presumed my father made from the purchase of arms and ammunitions for the Liberia Army. You will be given 10% of the total sum at the end of the transaction. If you will be willing to assist me claim the money and invest it in your country.

Kindly include your Private Telephone and Fax numbers where you can always be reach, Your Residential or Company Address. This proposal is highly restricted and should be handled as an urgent transaction requiring trust and Confidentiality.

Contact me on my private email address or phone

Thank you.

Genevieve Yormie


Hi Genevieve,

I would like to assure you that I am deeply moved by your letter and the situation you are in. I'm a little bit aware of the situation in Liberia or Ivory Coast, I am more familiar with Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria and Cameroon since I have close friends in all those countries but given my bounds with Africa, rest assure that I am very concerned by all the problems you have to face.

In this context you can be sure that if I have the ability to help you, I'll do it.

However you have to know that I have some economical problems. In my life I have travelled to several western countries where I have worked in real estate. While I was in New York City I took the engagement to find customers for a high risk affair that could reward lots of money. I am very surprised that the amount of money we need to conclude this affair is exactly that same amount as the deposit that was made by your father, $21.5 Million dollars.

I am pretty sure that you were so desperate in finding someone assist you to claim your money, that you must have found people who maybe able to lend you $21.5 Million dollars to invest in a bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Before we can begin the transaction, you will have to sign a paper stating that you owe me at least 50% of this amount (we must move fast, opportunities such as this one don't present everyday!)

Personally given the engagement I took to sell this bridge as soon as I can, I cannot take other monetary engagements before that transaction is over.

If you accept our transaction you will be the happy owner of 90% of a brand new bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn that you may sell back for billions of dollars!

Best regards,
Your truly,


Subject: Please reply urgently.
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005

Dear Joel,

Thanks for your mail, please i did not relly understand the content of your mail please could you simplify it a little to my own understanding.



Dear Gen,

I am familiar with events in Africa.

I am ready to help you but for me to help you, I need you to sign me a paper saying that you owe me 10.75 millions dollars.

You have to promess me that you will buy the Brooklyn bridge in New York City.

Peut-etre comprends tu un peu plus le Français?

Je connais plutot bien l'Afrique.

Je suis prét à t'aider mais pour cela il faut que tu me signes un reconnaissance de dette de 10.75 millions de dollars et il faut que tu t'engages à acheter le pont de Brooklyn à New York.



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005

I still do not understand, i told you what i want you to do for me how then am i oweing you 10.7 million dollars ? buying a bridge is it an investment ? how can one buy some thing belonging to the Government ?


Well, then if you have no confidence in me, forget it,

It looks like you don't understand what I propose you is of the same kind as what you want from me, a very good affair that could bring you way more money than what your father left you but you have to take risk!

In the world of international affairs you have to be smart, move fast and take risk. I can't help you if you don't take risk and refuse to invest in this bridge. Also if you look around you'll see this is something that is commonly proposed to people but generally it's a scam. This time, yes, I promess you, this is true!

Investments in government's building can pay back a lot.