scamaliciously updated july 15 with an angry send-off from "Charles Taylor"

Imagine my surprise when an ex-President contacts me out of the blue with all this money. Not sure who the Liberian government would use a warship against in a civil war.

He seems to have been scared off temporarily at the mere thought of providing a photo, but you never know.

He wrote under tutymoon@tatanova.com and tutymoon_marrio@yahoo.com.mx


Received 7th May

Dear friend,

> [Please keep this only with you just to help your
> fellow man]
> Call me with this number only in the night
> 234-8033382292

With full trust and confidence, I have decided to send you this Proposal, which I trust you, will consider profit oriented believing that With trust and mutual understanding we will achieve the success.
The whole World is completely Aware of the recent outbreak of war in Liberia, which the REBELS have insisted that my Government must step down from power to give room for Dividend of Democracy in Liberia.
I am President Charles Taylor the [former president of Liberia] you know am in exile in Nigeria because Nigeria is the only country that accepts to give me shelter and refuse to hand me over for trial, thanks to Nigerian gov. [yeah thanks]

I have in my possession now is the sum of $141 .5m (hundred and forty one Million, Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars) being the money I intend using for rehabilitation Barracks in Liberia and purchase of Military War Ship for Liberian Army these funds was diverted to my personal use when the REBELS hijack my Government.
However, these funds were muggled through the Boarder via a Diplomatic.Security Company and have the funds delivered in one of there offshore Payment office in order to work out modalities to have the funds moved to oversea Countries.

This fund was sealed in two Boxes as Family treasure and will move as a Diplomatic cargo. it is 100% risk-free I promised, all is needed is that I will give you all the info for the clearance and you clear it as the beneficiary. As I am in exile, I have No traveling documents with me and still under ECOWAS for protection, therefore, this Is the only treasures I have and the future of my Children depends on these funds since all my accounts and asserts has been frozen by the present government, I have nothing to boast for except this funds that has been Deposited with the Diplomatic Security Company. Based on your attention is highly needed to Execute the clearing of the fund. I will offer you 30% of the funds and we can as well go into JOINT VENTURE and the sharing ration can be 70-30%.
I would like if you can send to me via email your phone and fax Contact details, name and address, direct telephone numbers/mobile so as to reach you and discuss this matter with you and upon the receipt of your positive Response, I will commence negotiation with the lomatic Security Company to have the consignment Lifted to your very attention in your country of origin.
I will secure all Clearance Documents hrough Diplomatic Authorities, which I will send you the original copies when I receive your positive response

Thanks and God Bless.
With Regards,
Charles Taylor
[Former president of Liberia


Sent 10th May

My fondest Charles

Sorry to hear about your plight old bean.

You mean to tell me that you are willing to give me 30% of $141 million just to help you out? That's over $42 million. Are you sure?

I'm intrigued. Please tell me more. I look forward to your reply.

May the kisses of a thousand angels bestow themselves upon you.

With moistest regards

Atilla Th'Hun

P.S How is exile? Must be a bit lonely for you? Are you in a camp or do you have a lovely house? Is there a Mrs Taylor?


Received 10th May

Dear, (Forgot my name already)

I appreciate your urgent response to my email and your Concern to assist me and my family to secure our last Hope because of the present predicament in my country. We appreciate your concern and we want you to know That we are respected and honest family. Know other Person know about this transaction only me and you and I Wish you keep it highly confidential until we get it Concluded within some few days.

I thank God for my life today I Taylor and my wife and all the members of my family have given our live to Christ and I also believe that is God That is bringing us together now that I have a new life in Christ Jesus

Everything has become new and old thing has passed way

Like I have rightly introduced myself in my previous letter am sure you might know me , there is nothing that would have made me to venture into anything that will jeopardize my future now. I mean every word of main and please take it serious; I will give you what I promised period.

It will be nice and good to call me for I am not accessed to make calls out side the world, it's not being easy living in exile so please call me and then I will tell you more about this and my situation here. My dear my concerns first is for us to know each other first more and discuss over it and have a common understanding so that we will join hands together and achieve the success

I will also want you to send me your international passport copy or you take a picture written with this sign {That's over $42 million.} that would make have confidence and clear my fears and please keep strictly confidential if you know you really want to help Taylor and family.

The fund is in a consignment deposited with a Security Company. I deposited it as family properties And valuables the security company did not know the actual Content of the consignment and is none of their business to know Assure me that you will not let me down? Remember that this is all about money we need trust, confidence and understanding and prayers to actualize it just you and me.

Please tell me more about yourself, what do you think we would invest this fund in your country?

Because I want the fund be invested in your country I will be coming with my family over to your country as soon as I settle my differences with my Country. To give my family a new sense of living since my family that has not experienced living in exile is experiencing it now

IS NOT A CAMP IS a nice living home but you know exile is exile I am restricted of using of some certain things



Sent: 10th May

Dear Mr Charles Taylor

Please, call me Attilla....

Terribly sorry to hear about the restrictions that have been placed upon you by being in exile. I just hope that you are still able to do all of those things that God has blessed you with. I for one play the banjo and would be devastated if that was taken away from me.

I myself know how you feel. I too am restricted in what I am allowed to do. I am in a Witness Protection Scheme as I was a key witness in the Jelly Baby murders of 1978. It was awful. To see Virginia "Slasher" Bottomley biting the heads off those babies was awful. I just thank Jesus Christ and all of his apostles in heaven (bless his name) that I have been put into hiding

I am only allowed out of the safe house for an hour at a time, which lets me get to the Internet cafe to check my e-mails. Naturally this has made me very cautious of who I speak to over the internet. There are still a lot of people involved in those murders who are after me. These people are scumbags and murderers and have no intention of ever meeting them again.

Unfortunately I cannot send you any pictures of myself (you know what it's like when people are after you, eh? nudge nudge, wink wink). I too have to be 100% satisfied who I am talking to. After all if this is Rolf "the Hatchet" Harris I'm speaking to, I could be a dead man (Unfortunately after witnessing these murders, I was beaten up by Rolf "the Hatchet" Harris which has left me totally deaf in both ears. Can this all be done via e-mail? Do you have a text-phone in Nigeria?)

Perhaps you could send me a picture first? I suggest one of you wearing a shirt and tie holding up a sign saying "Bo-selecta"? It's the Hebrew word for "good faith".

I already have a secure bank account for "unofficial" transactions, so there would be no problems in coming to the arrangement you speak of (subject to your picture of course)

I must away now. There is a man looking over at my computer who looks very familiar. I don't want this transaction to get out.

Looking forward to your reply.

Attila Th'Hun
P.S Do you have Pop Tarts in Nigeria? If not, what do you eat for breakfast


Received: 11th May

Dear Attilla,

Are you a free person now or not. I can' send you picture of main you know who I am and is not good sending my picture through net is implicating.

Send me your full name and address I will send it to my layer in Liberia to prepare a memorandum of understanding M.O.U. which we will sign for joint venture and if you are free you will be getting ready to travel for the clearance. what do you say ,no time for kidding

And please try and call me [234 8033382292 TRY


Sent: 12th May

My fondest Charles

Rest assured I am not kidding. I am not the kind of person who takes things lightly. Remember in my position I have to keep things very quiet, and I don't appreciate your tone. I do like your up-frontness (is that a word? I don't know) and I feel with you a bond.
You are someone I can do business with. Someone I can trust. You are my fellow brother and together we can make a difference to each others lives.

Here's my address:

Attila Th'Hun
69, The Pondering
Little Felching-on-the-Wold
D01 782

Remember how I told you there was a strange man looking over at my computer? Turns out it was Rolf "the Hatchet" Harris. He followed me out of the cafŽ and was about to attack me. Luckily I had my shooter and I got the bastard before he got me. Right in the face it was. Blood everywhere. Had to throw him in the canal to get rid of the evidence.
You can't reason with these people at all. They try and take you for everything they've got. But I can see you aren't like that. You are a respected individual.

If needs be I can 'obtain' a passport but it could take a few days. I had mine taken off my by the authorities when I went into hiding.

Remember also that I am deaf in both ears and so would be futile to try and call you. E-mail really is better for me old chap. As the germans say: Sie sind ein Dieb und ein Lügner- "Trust in the power of reading" Actually means "You are a thief and a liar" I think.

I still require a picture of you. If I am to send you one, you must send me one first. I promise this to you as a Christian and a brother.

My regards to Mrs Taylor (is she, how we say, a hottie?). I can send you a picture of my wife if you like? I haven't seen her for so long. I ache for her with all my heart. You know what love is like don't you Charles? The yearning to be with the one you love. She left me because I went bankrupt. I hope that this transaction will make her realise what she's been missing. Then I can look after her (if you know what I mean...nudge nudge, wink wink)

I await correspondence from your lawyer. I presume he is to be trusted? We don't want this deal going pear shaped, do we? Remember this is between ourselves. No-one else must hear about this.

Yours with menacing intrepidation


PS: I notice that your e-mail address has changed from the first message you sent me. Are you in trouble? Perhaps I can help. I know a few people in Nigeria who may be able to help


Received: 12th May

Dear Attilla,

Sorry about your wife things will be fine again your wife will come back I promised.

Go ahead and get your passport ready the security company told they have office in London, Holland, Spain, Italy, Japan and so many other places. My attorney is preparing the M.O.U. chose where will be better for the trip for clearance I will forward you all the clearing documents for the clearance and I have given your name to the security company as the sole beneficiary.

I want you to have this at the back of ur mind, the security company did not know the actual content of the tow trunk boxes, I deposited it as family properties and valuables such as jewels and documents and is none of there business to know anything about it

I have pay them for depositing it will only be attracting demurrages now and any other money to be spend will be on clearing and handling charges

As a partner you are suppose to know all this things and know where you are coming in to assist

Hope you will understand, and please don't contact any body for here in Nigeria remember my position here every thing must be kept confidential if you really want to assist Taylor

Thanks and God bless



Sent 12th May

My glorious Charles

Are you actually Charles, or are you Taylor? You sign off as Taylor, but I thought you were Charles.

I don't understand. I hope you are still the person to do business with. I wish you to send proof that you are my brother Charles. I have attached a picture of me and my wife. I would like you to do the same.

I am set to pick-up my passport but would like you to clarify:

1) What are demurrages?
2) How much will all this cost me? Money isn't really an issue to me, but I need to know for tax reasons. Perhaps I can write it off as a business expense?
3) Are you interested in an investment opportunity in my business? It is the Stringing You Along String Company Ltd- annual turnover $40million. As Managing Director I'm sure I can sell you a few shares on the cheap (nudge nudge, wink wink)

You have my word that I will not contact anybody in Nigeria.

Before I make any travel arrangements, I require notification from your Lawyer that the MOU has been completed, and a picture of you and your wife. As you can see from my picture, my wife is hotter than the Lagos sun (I'm the one on the left). I'm so lonely without her. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't get her back.

Perhaps I could retire to Africa with you? I could sell the company and buy a nice house in the middle of the jungle? What do you say Brother? Me and you living the highlife. I'm sure there would be lots of nice young ladies in Nigeria to entertain (if you know what I mean). You could leave Mrs Taylor at home and we could P-A-R-T-Y!!!!)

Yours in desperate loneliness and gullibility

Please answer all my questions. I am doing as you ask, now it is for you to prove yourself as worthy in the eyes of the lord

Yours in greatest admiration in all you're doing


PS Please be my friend

Picture sent of 'me and my wife' (Anna Nicole Smith and her sadly departed husband kissing like there's no tomorrow)


Received 12th May



Sent 14th May

Charlie Baby

It is I, Attilla. I've had to change my e-mail address. The feds were getting too close.

Please, you must answer my questions. When will I get notification from your lawyer?

You must hurry. Time is of the essence....



Received 14th May

Dear Jacques, WHO? Looks like he's lost track

How are you today my attorney just came back yesterday with the M.O.U. ready.

Sign the M.O.U. and send back to me as we proceed with the information that you will use for the clearance.

Reminder: You have not indicate exactly the country that will be convenient for you, because I will forward it to the Security Company and I will need your phone number as the company will require it to notify you on arrival. Don't think of coming to Africa if you want that we will rocking party together I need to go leave in one Island like Hawaii there in US.

Once again I'm so sorry about the predicament you are into now, take heart she will come back I promise, you know what money can do.

Man you where kissing deeply as if you are on a film making, you love fun that much? Laughter Ha!!! who doesn't like it.

I will be waiting,

Charles Taylor


Sent 17th May


It is I, Attilla. Please, you must send your messages to this e-mail address. I have no time for shilly-shallying.

In your last e-mail you call me Jacques. Who is Jacques? I understood this transaction to be confidential between ourselves. I am beginning to become a bit concerned and that you are not devoting your full attention to me.

I have obtained my passport and a big pile of cash for expenses, but I feel my trust is waning.

You must send me a picture of yourself to prove my trust in you is well founded. Please hold a sign clearly saying "Bo-selecta". Once received, I shall sign the MOU and make travel arrangements. This is crucial to the deal. I shall also explain to you the investment opportunity that lies in "my country".

I am sad that I cannot get a rocking party in Africa. I heard that Liberia was once the envy of Rio de Janeiro. Ah well, perhaps in the old days... You are right. We must go to Hawaii. I can get you a work permit and direct flights. Have you heard of the Big Pineapple Hula Hula Bar? Very famous. My grandfather owns it so I'm sure I could get you a job there. Ever made a Blue Lagoon before?

Sad news....unfortunately my wife, Mrs Th'Hun says that she will not come back to me. I explained that I will be coming into some money soon, but she didn't believe me. So you know what? Forget it!. From now on, it's going to be me, you,a house in Kon Tiki Bay and many, many ladies with questionable moral values (unless your preference is for gentlemen with questionable moral values). In Hawaii, we will both be kissing like a "film making", ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

And so I must fly. I have an appointment at the Jammie Dodger.

Please, I must insist I receive a photo as detailed above before the deal progress

Yours in culpable homicide

Attilla Th'Hun


Received 17th May

Dear Attilla,

I am sorry about that nasty mistake Jacques is my attorney who has gone back to Liberia and I was writing form Microsoft word after writing I will copy and pest on composer and then send I don' want to get a secretary now, I want to be doing every thing by my self concerning this transaction. I wrote and ask him if he has get home no problem before writing you am so sorry about that.

You no is not possible for me to take picture and send through Internet or any way is not security otherwise for me you know, you are my friend I know you will always understand I know you mean well for me, specify your trip to and send back the m.o.u

Be a friend pls



Sent 18th May


If you don't provide me with a picture, I will be forced to make other business arrangements. I have many fingers in many pies and was more than willing to finger your pie, but you treat me like I am simple.

I have a signed MOU waiting to be sent, $20,000 in cash burning (hopefully this'll make him take a photo) a hole in my pocket and arrangements in place to get air tickets.

But none of this will progress until you send me the picture I ask of. I have risked everything to stay in touch with me.

You must send me your picture with "Bo' selecta" on headed paper, otherwise the deal is off. I was even willing to reduce my cut of the proceeds to help you move to Hawaii for film kissing ha ha ha ha ha

Yours in rich, creamy goodness



Received 18th May


Do you you thing am a full to hell with you money if you thing you can tresses me to that extent
with regards,


Sent 24th May


What does this mean? I don't understand. I thought you were coming with me to Hawaii

Please, tell me what's going on.

Yours, in top hat and tails,


This includes the additional correspondence I've had with 'Charles' since 24th May


Received 24th May

tutymoon marrio <tutymoon_marrio@yahoo.com.mx> wrote:


If you wish we continue am not sending any picture rather you are the one who is suppose to send me pictures is my money and I am the one is to be sure of the person I am transacting with. Let me here from you



Sent 24th May


I do not like being talked to in this manner. I must insist you stop this Remember it was you who came to me with this deal.
I saw this as an opportunity to help someone in trouble and this is the thanks I get?

I have already sent you a picture of me. You have not given me any details of where we are to meet, what fax number to send the MOU to or a picture.

I'm ready to go. It is you holding up this transaction and it will be you who doesn't get your money.

I await your immediate apology. once I receive this, we shall progress with the transaction

Yours in flummoxed incontinence



Received 24th May


Are you confused have you forget you are the one who coursed the confusion, I still want to go to Hawaii with you ,just sign the m.o.u and scan it and send through my email and I will send you the rest info you are still my friend yes you are.



Sent 26th May


Bad news. Remember I was telling you about my uncle (the one who owns the hotel in Hawaii)?

Unfortunately he passed away last night. He suffered from pre-embolic mycofardiolitical emphesemioma all his life and it finally took its toll. I am having to fly to Hawaii tonight to sort out his business affairs and his funeral (trying to arrange 50 dancing hula girls for the wake is proving impossible from here). I hope to be back some time next week when I will send you the MOU.

I hope you understand. My sadness is larger than the big sadness of losing my wife.

Yours in grief stricken agony, but yet strange delight over my huge inheritance,



Received 26th May

Dear At,

So sorry about that,So what I we gone do now wait till you came back from Hawaii how long somebody gave me 500,dollars so I want to use it in shipping the consignment can't you go and get this thing cleared before going for burial so you will have money for expenses



Sent 31st May


What does this mean? I took time out from arranging the big funeral limbo competition to check my e-mails, and I get this from from you telling me to finish my business with you before I bury my dear Uncle?

Do you know how hot it is in Hawaii? You can't leave bodies unburied there. It's against the law. If you leave bodies around, the next thing you know his head is ending up in a tin of pineapple. Unacceptable in modern society

What is the $500 I am to send you? You have not mentioned such things before? If you can itemise what expenses you envisage then I will be more than happy to send it, but I want to know what I am paying for. Please be specific.

Also, I expect an apology for your insensitive e-mail. To expect a man of my standing not to grieve for my uncle is shameless.

Anyway, I must dash. I have an appointment with my Solicitor to sort out my inheritance. Uncle was always a kindly man. He always wanted his money to go to a good cause? Do you have any ideas what to do with it? It's about $1.5 million.

Once the office scanner has been fixed, I shall send the MOU.

I await your apology and still waiting for a picture of you with "Bo-selecta". It's funny how you won't send that, but you have provided me with your address (on the MOU).

I look forward to your grammatically correct reply.

Yours in ripping the piss,



Received 31st May

Dear brother how are you doing today I am not requesting for 500 dollars from you am saying that somebody give me 500 dollars that I want to use it in shipping the consignment but I have make inquiries from the security company and find out that the money I have at hand will not be ok for the sipping we need 15,000 dollars for the as shipment fee and I don't have that kind of money now and nothing to sell to get the money what do you say will you assist.

Apology am sorry about your uncle's dead that tradition in Hawaii is too bad . Sorry sorry sorry I apologized .

What about the m.o.u.

Picture is canceled long time ago

Thanks and take heart God is in control



Sent 7th June


I accept your apology.

Many thanks for your kind words. They have touched me in many, many deep places. My uncle was like a brother to me. I wish he were still alive so that he could have met you. I would have liked him to meet you. Perhaps when you come over to Hawaii we can visit his grave together and pray for him.

I had intended to send you the MOU today, but would you know it, the scanner in the hotel is on the blink. I can 100% guarantee you that I wish to continue in this venture, but you must be patient. Once the scanner is repaired, the MOU will be with you post haste.

The visit to my solicitor (to discuss my inheritence) went swimmingly. I am now the proud owner of a hotel, 400 acres of beach and 15 pineapple orchards on Gwakamoley Kontiki island. Interesting thing though. In his will, my dear uncle set aside $15,000 in his will, with the instruction "Use this to make a million dollars or you won't get the rest of the inheritence you low life nephew of mine". Any ides what I can use this money for?

I await your thoughts. Remember, the MOU will be with you once I get the scanner working

Yours in holy incontinence



Received 7th June

Were are you now in Hawaii or were have finished the burial

Sent 8th June



Do try to keep up. I am still in Hawaii. My Uncles affairs have taken a bit longer than expected to finalise, but everything is now crossed and dotted. Had to negotiate with the US Government about who exactly owns what (turns out they own everything, but will lease me the pineapple orchards for 25 years. Success!!!).

I have a flight home this evening so will be able to give you my full attention shortly. I shall open a bottle of champagne tonight to toast our success.

Good news- I got the scanner to work. Turns out I got the shredder and the scanner mixed up. Silly me, eh? When you get to a certain age, your memory starts to go a bit. Nothing you can do about it really.
Anyway, I have now attached to this is a signed copy of the MOU, as requested.

What do we do now? Can you explain a bit more about the $15,000 you mentioned in your previous e-mail?

Yours in increased anticipation of getting what's coming to me



Received 8th June

Dear friend I receive your mail and am happy also happy again that you are throwing a Champaign party tonight wish am there but no sheet,

So what do you want to do now and were actually are you now you know am an old man with all this tress at time I forgot what one just told me were are you now which country are you now. I want to know exactly were I will tell the security company to deliver and out of the 15,000 dollars they charged for conveying I have only 8,500 dollars because am discoursing with them to make home delivery that is delivering at door step so if you can send me the remaining balance for payment it will be ok for us and faster,

Nicely the pineapple orchards is still good at least we can expand it in to a big farm but you know we are getting older we need something that is not stressful

I want to hear from you soonest to finish this up to start a new life

Thanks and God bless



Sent 14th June


Are you sure you didn't get a copy of the MOU? I definitely scanned it and attached it. Do you know you need Adobe Acrobat to open it? Do you have that in Nigeria?

I'm a little confused as to why you insisted on the signed MOU being sent to you, and then as you say you haven't received it, it seems we can go ahead without it. Can you explain this to me as it's making me a little nervous. Either you need it or you don't. Which is it?

With regards to the Security Company, I am more than happy to pay them the remaining balance. Please get them to e-mail me a copy of the invoice, and then I can arrange with them directly the delivery of all the luvverly money....

I sense from your e-mail that you are not that keen on joining me in developing the pineapple orchard to its fullest potential. This is disappointing, particularly as I have already instructed my lawyer to sign over a 25% share of the business over to you. I thought you were looking for an investment opportunity. Don't worry about the "hard work"- pineapple farming couldn't be more simple. You just pay others to harvest the crop, while we sit back and toast our success on the backs of the working class.
So are you interested in a share of the business or not?

I am back at my home now, albeit briefly. I am heading to Amsterdam in a couple of days for a business venture. I can't really go into it at the moment, but it does involve the shipping of diamonds from Africa into Europe via 'unofficial routes' (if you know what I mean!!!). It just cuts out all this pesky paper work and fees governments insist on. All going well, I may be looking for a trusted associate in Africa to handle such matters, if you're interested. I can offer a 50:50 cut on any proceeds?

I had a great last day in Hawaii. The toast to our success turned into a 4 day drinking binge. I flew some of my rugger chums over from Provence and we went on the rampage in Honolulu. At least I think we did. All I remember is waking up on a boat heading to Alaska, a massive headache, and a tattoo on my "gentlemanly parts" saying "Caution- slippery when wet".

Do you have any tattoos?

Yours in increased interest rates,

Attilla Th'Hun


Received 14th June

I received your m.o.u signed ok
I am broke I need money
when are you arranging to travel to Amsterdam I am dawn and shot of words now the only thing I want now is arrangement on clearing this fund


Received 15th June

Dear friend,

How are you today I hope you are fine
Why is it that if I write you mail it will take you one week to reply it is it good like that because you know that you are the one holding every thing, may be you have money with you enough.. me I don't have now I expect you to hasten up to help me out of this mess I expect you to ask me what do you want me to do to get this done once and for all.

You ask I should send you the invoices of the one I have paid, I can not pay with out seen your seriousness in you to go and clear this consignment I must tell you you are my friend and not happy any more so am waiting for your reply



Sent 16th June


I am fine today. How are you? I'm a little puzzled at your puzzlement.
Surely you must know by now that I am a very busy individual.
I can't just sit at my computer waiting for e-mails from you.

I didn't ask for an invoice for the money you have paid. You have told me that you have paid $8,500 to the Security Company, and that I should pay the difference (which works out as $6,500 to pay)

As I was to pay the Security Company the difference, I asked you to get them to e-mail a copy of the invoice for this amount so that I can arrange payment with them. Once I get this, I will then proceed with the next step.

I am now to ask you what I am to do next (as you so eloquently put it in your e-mail). However, you never answer any of my questions, or enquire how things are going with me. You haven't asked how dinner went with my wife the other night.

Nor have you asked about my trip to Amsterdam, or given me an answer about whether you want to head up the African end of my diamond venture.

I was also very generous to give you a 25% stake in the pineapple orchard. Turnover last year was $320 million (profits $180 million). Your stake would net you $45 million a year for the rest of your life. It's a lot of money to consider.

I suppose I could always tell my lawyer to cancel the changes, unless you want this. I can send you the documents to sign, and it'll go through straight away.

I know you are my friend, but friends answer each other's questions, and show a keen interest.

I await the invoice from the Security Company. After all, we need to keep this legitimate don't we.

Once received, we can make arrangements for payment.

Yours in continence,

Attilla Th'Hun


Received 16th June

they arested me to court today here in nigeria they saying they will hand me over to liberia i can,t write you now i will do that tomo


Sent 17th June


So where are you now? Are you in prison? Do they have computers in prison? What will this mean for our business deal? Where is the invoice from the Security Company?

I know a few people in Liberia, perhaps I can pull a few strings? Perhaps get you transferred to an open prison near the Pineapple Orchard.

Just remember not to pick up the soap in the showers

Yours in blissful ignorance

Attilla Th'Hun


Received 19th June

I have more two weeks to appear in the court in Liberia there is no time now Do you want to asset me now or not if you want send me the balance I am the person to pay is a conveying fee you are to pay a clearing fee at the final destination

Are you in Amsterdam now let feed the security company were to deliver

Please understand me now no time for kidden


Sent 24th June


Apologies for not replying to you sooner, but I had a bit of a problem with my house. However, problem is solved now.

So sorry to hear about your predicament. I have arranged for a top exile solicitor to fly out to meet you (at my expense) so that he can represent you. He's very good. He's got a lot of people off.
He is due to arrive in Lagos on Saturday 26th. Here are the details:
Flight KL587 from Amsterdam
Arriving in Lagos- 17.55

Could you please arrange for one of your people to meet him off the plane? He will be wearing a Mexican bandit outfit as he is travelling directly from a fancy dress party.

How am I to get the money that you need to you? You need to give me details of how best to pay this.

Unfortunately, my wife died at the weekend. I murdered her.

Please send me the payment information, plus an invoice for the money I am to transfer to you. Once done, we can sort out me meeting the Security Company in Amsterdam.

Yours in ever decreasing circles

Attilla Th'Hun


Received 24.6.04

Thanks for the lawyer but I don't need it I have five already.
The money I am talking about is the money I will use in completing the charge for conveying to Amsterdam which is 7,700 dollars the name to use in sending it is Mr. Godson Ayieki address is No 1 Lagos street enugu state Nigeria. send it through western union money transfer to Nigeria and send the info to this box and I will call godson to go and peek it up and I will proceed to the security company to pay them, assuming we get the money tomorrow and pay the nest day they proceed to Amsterdam before proceeding they will send you a notification letter as the beneficiary.

After paying this complete money they will issue me the invoice you are talking about and the air way bill which am going to send you immediately together with the certificate of deposit which I have already with me.

It seems like you are very hot tempered.. you murdered herÉ whow that is incredible the lady that just came back to your life again .mmm any way you no why

Take heart .
I am waiting your urgent reply so that we round up every thing now that you are in Amsterdam.

With regards.



Sent 28.6.04


Yes, I am hot tempered. I will murder anybody who gets in my way or double-crosses me. I do not suffer fools lightly.

Anyway, that said, how are you today? It can't be long now until your journey back to Liberia. Are you sure that my lawyer can't help you? Seems a shame for him to come all that way and not be able to provide you with any assistance.

I am a little confused as to who this Mr Godson Ayieki is. Why am I sending him the money? I thought I was sending it to you. Is he one of your chaps or what? Why do you need 5 lawyers as well? With the money you must be paying them, you must be able to afford the $7,700 needed for the shipment to Amsterdam?

You didn't really provide me with enough details in your last e-mail. I'm afraid that the address you gave wasn't convincing enough. It sounds like a "made up" address so I will need more details of the nearest Western Union transfer office to you. I'm a bit nervous dealing with more people so you must explain exactly:

1) Who is Mr Godson Ayieki?
2) Who are your 5 lawyers?
3) Exact details for the payment to Mr Ayieki (perhaps he can e-mail me so that I can ensure that I am dealing with him and that payment details are correct)

If these questions are not answered to my satisfaction, I have instructed my lawyer who is already in Nigeria to meet Mr Ayieki directly at the address you gave. Hopefully this will rule out any further delay to this transaction.

I have also killed my dog. He was barking. So I shot him.

Hope to hear from you soon. Please, you must answer my questions fully.

Slightly disappointing news- the Pineapple Orchard was hit last week by Hurricane "Higgins". I'm still yet to find out exactly how much damage has been done but hopefully it shouldn't be too severe. I'll let you know how it goes.

Answer my questions Charles. Transparency in our communication is vital.

Yours in hotpants and leggings

Attilla Th'Hun


Sent 1st July


I have not heard from you in a week now.

Are you still alive? Are you in Liberia? Have you been arrested?

Hope to hear from you soon

Yours in worrying frantically

Attilla Th'Hun


Received 1st July

Ayeke is one of me here in exile if you pay in the money in his name I will send him to go and get it and if you are in Amsterdam that will be ok for I will pay the money to the company and fill in your name in the vacant space of beneficiary and send you all the necessary document needed for the clearance there in Amsterdam.
I am free is only that I do have a lot of meeting this time
And am not happy again we are suppose to have finished this project by now and start another thing. Please help my situation here I need money to take care of all this problems.
Thanks and God bless. Taylor.


Received 1st July
REPLY THROUGH: taylor_liberia@fastermail.com
I am CHARLES TAYLOR, the Former President of Liberia. As you may be aware that I have been granted asylum in Nigeria by the President of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) and we are presently leaving in Calabar Eastern part of Nigeria.
Please I have what I will call my family last hope money of $ 75,000,000M which I deposited with a security company in LONDON.I deposited this fund in a one trunk box as personal savings.I here by appeal for your sincerity in assisting me in this transaction.You will travel to the security company in London to claim this box,after I must have issued you all the relevant documents in regards to the deposit of this consignment.I have agreed to give you 30% of this money after the success of this business.And you will invest this money into any lucrative business in your country,and arrange for the coming of my son to your country for a mutual business relationship ,so that we can live again. This fund is in a box deposited to the SECURITY COMPANY IN LONDON as personal savings before leaving for Calabar in Nigeria. The company is not aware of what is inside the box .
since we are not allowed to be attending to visitors in Nigeria. So please as soon as you collect the BOX, You will arrange for the coming of my son to your country for proper investment. There is no risk in this as you are aware that our family is now free since we left Liberia to Nigeria peacefully.
Note: I will send to you the Change of Ownership Certificate and Power of Attorney for the collection of this box, as soon as I hear from you .So please call me immediately you can reach me through my alternative e-mail:taylor_liberia@fastermail.com
Former President of Liberia. TEL: 234-803-395-6733.


Sent 1st July


What the hell is the meaning of this. I try to help you and it suddenly looks like you are looking for another partner?

Explain yourself.

I have done everything I can to try and help you, you never answer any of my questions.

Remember, I do not suffer fools lightly, and if I find out you've been double crossing me....
Remember, my exile solicitor is still in Nigeria. Perhaps he may have to visit you in the middle of the night..

I am ready to close on the deal, I have the money ready, you must answer my questions in my last e-mail. Why is the money in London? You told me it was in Amsterdam.

Yours in furious anger

Attilla Th'Hun


Sent 5th July

Well Charles, what do you have to say for yourself....


Received 5th July

My good friend,
You have gone through my proposal and see what I wrote there.I expect you to declare your interest to handle this transaction.And if you will handle this transaction,you kindly forward to me your confidential telephone and fax numbers for communication and briefing.
Iam waiting for your urgent reply.
Charles taylor.


Sent 5th July


You do not seem to understand.

It is I, Attilla Th'Hun.

We have been e-mailing for the last few months- Pineapple Orchards, Hawaii, murdering my wife.

Any of this ring a bell?

You must explain what is going on. Why are you ignoring me? What have I done

Yours in flummoxed exasperation,

Attilla Th'Hun


Sent 7th July


Why you no reply to me?



Received 8th July

I will like you to tell me what you have in mind about this transaction, I have given you name to send western union to complete this money to pay this company to convey to Amsterdam as you told me you are there now to make the clearance and nothing has been had from you since then till now, tell me what you think are we still together or not am I to find another person or not I want to conclude this I am suffering here no money with me.



Sent 9th July


Any hardship you are going through is your own fault.

You have not given me enough information to make payments. You must give me exact details of what to send and to where.

I also received this from you, from another e-mail address. When I replied it was like you didn't know me.
Repeated approach from Taylor Number Two

You must tell me exactly what the hell is going on. ANSWER ME YOU FOOLISH MAN!!!

I am a very angry 92 year old and if you do not answer to my satisfaction, I will come to Liberia and hunt you down...

Yours in sharpening my ninja stars

Attilla Th'Hun


Received 9th July 2004

But now I want you to use this name in sending the money Mr. DESMOND C. OKECHUKWU.address # 14 independence lay out enugu Nigeria.it is because of that forwarded mail you forward to me today I don't know in any of them who is impersonating I have even traced the phone number on it but I couldn't achieve any thing yet but I must find out, just tell him you are not interested. And please if you can send this money tomorrow that would be better so that by Monday they will convey to Amsterdam please. I am tired I need a help Thanks and God bless.
It seems like you did not get this mail Thu, 1 Jul 2004
Ayeke is one of me here in exile if you pay in the money in his name I will send him to go and get it and if you are in Amsterdam that will be ok for I will pay the money to the company and fill in your name in the vacant space of beneficiary and send you all the necessary document needed for the clearance there in Amsterdam.
I am free is only that I do have a lot of meeting this time
And am not happy again we are suppose to have finished this project by now and start another thing. Please help my situation here I need money to take care of all this problems.
Thanks and God bless.


Sent 12th July



First I am to send you the money, then to some person called Ayeke and now I am to send to this Okechukwu person.

I am getting a bit tired of this. I have told you that I have the money to send, but this is now a third different person that you want me to send the money to.

I am starting to lose my trust. You didn't answer my e-mail in enough detail. I thought the money was to be sent by Western Union but the address you gave (if you can call it an address) was a bit lame to say the least.

I have no option than to arrange for myself and a couple of associates to travel to Nigeria to meet you face to face and try and sort this mess out. This mess was caused by you Charles. YOU. I am VERY disappointed in you Charles. Words cannot express my DISAPPOINTMENT in you Charles.

Myself and my associates will be on Lufthansa Flight LH564 from Frankfurt on the 13th July. We will be arriving in Lagos at 16.30 your time.


If nobody is there then we will come looking for you. I HOPE I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR.

Yours in packing for my flight

Attilla Th'Hun


Sent 14th July


I am in Lagos. Nobody showed up at the airport to meet me. Where are you?

Yours in Lagos

Attilla Th'Hun


Received 14th July

Thanks you very much you mother fucking ass hole


Sent 15th July

My fondest Mugu

It has been an absolute pleasure stringing you on for the last two months.

I can honestly say that we've all had a jolly good laugh at your expense in the office

You should be ashamed of yourself. What is God going to say when you die? "Sorry Mugu, you have questionable parentage and you are such a small man. Off you go to hell with the rest of your Mugu scummy friends"

For your information, I am in Lagos and I am speaking with the Nigerian Police this morning and I'm sure they'll be speaking with you real soon. You know that I can trace your e-mails. All of this information has been passed on.

They have all of your details. They have been watching you and waiting for the right time to strike. You'd better watch yourself. It could be at any time.

So long, and thanks for the fun, YOU BIG LOSER

Attilla (if indeed that is my real name.....)

P.S You have a tiny penis