Some letters from a Kindly Contributor who says of his Lad: No matter how hard I try, he still thinks I'm serious..


Mr.Williams Analao,
5 - 8 Milton Obote,
Avenue BLED Kinshasha,
Congo - Zaire,
Alternative e-mail address:

I got your contact from the Internet and I know that this letter will come to
you as a big surprise but don't ignore it. The profit will not only be for you
but for generations this matter is very important and needs utmost trust and

I am Mr Williams Analo.a business consultant and a close confidant of one
former most powerful first family in Zaire, now Democratic Republic of Congo.
The former first lady told me that they have lost their oil wells and their
gold mines have been shut down and confiscated by the new government and they
don't want to loose their cash again.

 The family wishes to move out of the country the sum of USD$26 million [
Twenty Six million United states Dollars] she wants to invest the
aforementioned sum in viable businesses overseas. My client does not wish to
place this fund with established financial nstitutions in the family's name for
security reasons.

It is her desire that the deal be handled as quietly as possible without
possibility of any leakage to the public or government. She has therefore
instructed and empowered me to look for a reliable foreigner who can arrange
and receive this money in his account overseas and assist to invest the fund
properly for the family. If you know that you are capable and have the
facilities to handle this large amount or knows a trusted friend or
organizations who can handle this project in strict confidence, my client is
willing to give you and such entity 25% of the total sum received on behalf of
the family for overseas investments. To act as a fund manager for my client and
her family in overseas I shall release the sum of USD$26 million [Twenty Six
million United State Dollars] to you if you meet my requirements.

The money is available in cash in a safe trunk deposited with a security
company, and upon a avorable response from you, I shall let you know how you
shall receive it. Your commission shall be 25% of the total sum, and an annual
10% of the after tax returns on investment for the first five years.
Thereafter, the terms shall be varied. Sir, if you are capable and reliable,
reach me by email address soonest OR:

Best regards,

Mr Williams Analo.

2: "MIKE"

Hello My Dear Friend Williams Analo!

How are you today my friend? Thank you very much for this wonderful
opportunity.  You are very kind to think of me and my family.

I will be in your country next week.  I would like to meet you in person.  As
you can imagine, I want to know the person who is being so generous to me.
Please give me your telephone number and tell me where to meet you. Shall I
come by your office address that you gave me? I prefer to meet in the lobby of
a large hotel if that is acceptable to you. I will do whatever you recommend. 
For some reason, I feel like I know you and I trust you completely already. You
are a wonderful human being and I am sure that good things await you in your

Your dear friend,



Dear Brother,

Thanks for your mail. I have contacted the First lady to brief her 
about our communication.

 She was very happy with you and has given me the go ahead for the 
operation. She hammered more on the confidentiality of the transaction.  
Please my brother due to the fact that I have been seen to be very close 
confidant to former First Lady we are believing that we will have to 
keep the whole communication about this business by mail to avoid the 
information passing to the government agent as the telephone are always   
monitored here.

We will be communicating by mail I will be in  Accra Ghana so that he 
can keep a good communication with you to enable the business to be well 
coordinated. While I will meet you later when you will be there.  This 
is imparetive as the consignment is in a security company in Accra 
You have to arrange  to come to Ghana so that we can complete the 
claims processes and to sign the necessray agreement  before the fund 
transfer to your care.

As I have told you the fund has been deposited with a security company 
in Accra Ghana . I have contact the director of operation to breif him 
about our coming. Please you have to contact him immediately . he has 
agree to assist in getting a cable visa  for you to enable you come down 
immediately by next week.I have informed the director of operation that 
he will be of assistance to make sure that the fund assignment and 
transfer is made very easy to us.

You are to  arrange and proceed to Ghana for the Claiming of the fund 
and for us to complete all other formality .

The contact of the security company is as below:

TEL: 233 24 381 688

Please you should contact them and  quote the consignment  number  
WACH/AM97/1773 ,

 So that they can give you more detail.

Please I hope that  you really has understand my situation and  will  
work in accordance with my guide line so that we can achieve success 
with out any problem.

You should go ahead and send your information to be through mail  as an 

Thanks  for your cooperation 

Yours Brother,


4. "MIKE"

My Dear Brother,

Thank you for your quick response. I will attempt to change my travel plans to
that I can travel to Accra, per your instructions. I understand that Accra is
simply delightful this time of year so I am understandably giddy with
excitement at the prospect of spending some time there (especially considering
the financial windfall that is to be mine, thanks to your almost saint-like

I humble myself before you and the First Lady. Please convey to her my utmost
respect and gratitude. I look forward to someday occupying a position directly
underneath her, God willing.

I will send another email when I have made my travel plans.

Your Dear Brother,



Dear Brother,

Thanks for your e-mail message. I had a discussions with the First Lady 
yesterday evening and she instructed me to leave to Accra-Ghana first 
thing on monday morning beaing tomorrow.

Therefor,I will call you and give to you a telephone number where you 
can reach me in Accra-Ghana immediately I arrives to Ghana.

My Brother,The First Lady and the Members of the Family have reposed 
all they trust on you and  will like you to handle this business the way 
you can handle your Brother's Business.Meanwhile I have never seen you 
in Person but I know that we are going to see each other this week and 
build a strong trust on our selfs.

Therefor,I will not like you to do any thing which will damage the 
image of my Family because every Individuals in First Lady's Family knows 
that you are the Key to their Success,so My Brother handle this business 
as a matter of fact and urgency.

My Brother,make your travell arrangement to come and meet me in Ghana 
because I will be in Accra-Ghana by tomorrow so that we can conclude 
this transaction and say bye bye to to the transaction.Also contact the 
Security Company immediately with the above address which I sent to you 
and ask them to tell you the prosedures,also remember to quote the 
security number to them.

Contact me immediately you hear from the security Company.

Should I contact you on:310) 573-9659 ? Tell me if I can call you on 
this number,or do you have a mobile number where I call call you 
immediately I get to Ghana tomorrow.

You will spend only 2-3 days to complete this transaction in 

Therefor,Make urgent arrangment to travell to Ghana immediately so that 
we can meet together and conclude this transaction because I will meet 
some of the Honorable men and make sure sure that everything will work 
out fine and smoothly for us.

The First Lady promised to give to me a Gift which I will give to you 
when you get to Ghana,Also try as much as possible to buy any 
presentable gift of your Choice which I will give to Her on your behalf when I 
get back to my Country[CONGO]Also I will like you to give us a favour by 
Buying [4] Four wrist watches which I will give to the Honorable men as 
a Gifts to show our appreciation to them because of all the help they 
have been giving to us all this while.

Bear in mind that the First Lady wants this money to leave to a Foreign 
Country, your Country by next week,so make urgent arrangement to come 
and save this situation.

Waiting for your urgent response.

Thanks and Almighty God be with you and your Family.

Yours Brother,



Dear Brother,

Please let me know immediately you comes back from your trip.

Thanks and may God guard you!!!

Yours Brother,


7. "MIKE"

Dear Brother,

I was just thinking about you (and especially the
First Lady....).  I will let you know as soon as I can
travel to your wonderful city.  Can you recommend some
fun things to do in Accra?  Is roller blading as
popular there as it is here?  I also like go carts. 
Can I go cart in Accra?

Anyway, as you can tell, I can barely contain my
enthusiasm for my upcoming trip.  I hope you will
allow me to buy you a margarita upon my arrival.  Will
my hotel have a swim-up bar in the pool? (Sorry, there
I go again...)

Your dear brother,



Dear Brother,
 I have sent you an e-mail to know the situation and
 your travel arrangement.
 What is really happening ?
 Yours Brother,

9. "MIKE"

My dear Brother,

It pains me to send you this email.  It has taken me
several days just to compose myself sufficiently to
sit down and write to you.  I don't really know where
to begin.

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was planning to
travel to Ghana to carry out our business deal.  I
know that this was supposed to be confidential, but
you must admit, a secret this wonderful is simply too
difficult to keep to one's self.  I'm not ashamed to
admit that I sang like a canary on speed.

Anyway, my friend warned me that there have been
several business deals like the one you propose, and
that innocent people like me have been tricked and
have lost some money.  I told my friend that I am
dealing with someone I trust more than my own brother.
 I am dealing with Mr. Williams Analo, not just some
sleazy African scam artist from Nigeria who thinks he
can get me to wire him some hard currency based on a
semi-literate email!  My friend was not impressed.

I must tell you that I broke off the relationship with
my friend of 30 years, because he dared to doubt the
sincerity of Mr. Williams Analo.  However, my dear
Brother, I must ask you:  Are you sure this deal will
go down just the way you say, or am I possibly running
some risk?  You have probably guessed by now that my
idea of a risky venture is riding a go-cart without a
seat belt!  And speaking of riding, how is the First

So, my dear Brother, it is with heavy heart that I
must tell you that I am having some doubts about our
venture.  You know that I trust you more than Bill
Clinton, but I am not the kind of person who is
comfortable even with the slightest risk.  Please
accept my humble apologies and convey my lustful
greetings to the First Lady.

Yours in chicanery,