From Capt. Slog aka Alex Wale, last seen in the tales of Billy Graham and Ben Blessed.

It's not very long but is unusual in that I was contacted by a second scammer using the same "dead client" whilst I was playing the first. -- Capt. Slog

Karl Newe, phony attorney du jour (, )
Alex Wale, a man who takes family seriously
Jakobus Flynn, mysterious new anti-scammer
Zhang Wu, another scammer, as Chinese as he wants to be

Karl Newe

Dear Friend,

I apologise if this mail message does not suit your personal or business ethics For the fact based on what is going on all over the world in the internet people do not seem to beleive issue like this any more but i assure you that if you can give me your garantee and trust i will be able to work with you.

I write with sincerity to seek your cooperation and assistance to enable me take an opportunity to make a life time proper investments in the economy of your country.

My name is KARL NEWE and I am a U.K based attorney.I had a client who was a German immigrant & property magnate but now deceased.He died with his wife and their two children in year 2000 in a New York bound Air France concord plane crash.For more information
regarding the crash please visit :

I have been in charge of managing his properties here in the U.K for a long time.There are some of his properties put out for sale before his death which I monitored and for which payment has since been made.The proceeds of the sale was deposited into his local account here.As his recognised attorney,his bank has issued me a notice to provide his next-of-kin within a short time.

The problem is that I have not been able to locate his relatives and which means I have NOT been able to provide his next-of-kin.The deadline is almost elapsing.I want you to collaborate with me & assist in repatriating all the money left behind by my client before it gets confiscated or the account declared unserviceable by his bank Therefore I am by this mail now SEEKING YOUR CONSENT to present you as the next-of-kin of the deceased so that the OUTSTANDING BALANCE SUM of this account presently valued at US$ 15.5 Million dollars can be paid to you.Thereafter we shall meet and the funds shall be shared between both of us.We can both agree on a mutually acceptable percentage to be shared between us.But I hereby propose we share the funds 60/40 percent ratio ( 50%-to me and 40% to you and 10% for charity ).

I can provide all necessary information that can be used to back up the process of this financial claim we are to make.All I require is you will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law in wherever you want the funds transfered to.Trust me, as his attorney I assure you that this is a risk-free business.A swift acknowledgement of the receipt of this mail would be appreciated.

You may please contact me in ( you are intrested.

Sincere Regards,
Karl Newe.

[Your basic Dead Bank Customer letter. But you knew that.]

I checked the BBC article and found the name of the poor guy that he was using as his 'client', a Mr Andreas Schranner who died with his family.

Alex Wale

Dear Mr Newe,

This is absolutely incredible!

The coincidence here is staggering, I can hardly believe it. I AM the next of kin!

I realise that the person you must be talking about is Andreas Shranner, or "Second Cousin Twice Removed Third Left Andreas" as we knew him. My old mum would often talk of Second Cousin Twice Removed Third Left Andreas when she'd had a little too much Absinthe at Christmas, Weddings, funerals and other family celebrations. A tear would appear in her watery eye as she spoke of her distant relative on the German side of the family, and wondered what became of him. Now to find out that he died comes as hell of a shock, no wonder he didn't come to her funeral last year.

Still, every cloud has a silver lining so they say, and it appears that I am the sole heir to the fortune. 15.5 million dollars you say? God Bless you Second Cousin Twice Removed Third Left Andreas.

Please tell me what I have to next.


Alex Wale

Not surprisingly, Mr Newe wasn't keen on writing back to me. I waited a week and then gave him a nudge.

Alex Wale

Dear Mr Newe,

It has been seven days since I wrote to you regarding my late Second Cousin Twice Removed Third Left Andreas' fortune of 15.5 million dollars. Please can you tell me what is happening?

I could really use the money at the moment, my business as a mirkin maker has hit a low spot due to the exceptionally warm weather this summer, and I am going to be in difficulties paying the VAT bill soon.

By the way, you say that you are in the UK but you didn't say where. It might be easier if I came to see you personally, then I could get the papers signed for the transfer of the money.


Alex Wale

This mail was returned as 'undelivered' by the mail delivery subsystem. The reason given was that the address did not exist; it looks like someone had closed him down. So I resent it to the original address. And...

Karl Newe

Dear Alex Wale ,

Thanks for your email.I really apprecaite your assitance to help me to received this money into your account as soon as the money leave into your account i will come over to your country for further investement.for security reason we cannot see.

But it is very important you let me have your

1.Full Names
2.Home Address or Office Address
5.Mobile Number

With this information i will be able to obtain all relevant information that we back up this fund.

Please note that this is not a joke, i contact you based on the fact that you have the same surmname with my client.I got your contact from your country chambers of commerce.

My deadline TO PRESENT a next-of-kin of my late client to the bank is 28th of sept which is just a few days from today.That is why I want you to stand as a next of kin to my client. You dont have anything to worry about i will perfect everything from my side this project is 100% legal and 100% risk free.If I am unable to present anybody before that date the bank will confiscate the funds.I have to present a next-of-kin of the deceased to the holding bank of the funds latest 28th which is just a few days away.

Please note that i need your full cooperation as regard to this project and i do not want you to denied me of my share at the end of this project.we have to show our self love and trust withour trust no business can moved forward.

Please note that the information you send will be used for the process and procurement of the legal documents in your favour with which to back up the inheritance claim.Iassure you of quick processes and procurement of this documents from the appropriate authorities within 3 days When we are through with the preliminary procedures of processing / procuring the legal documents from the courts to back up the inheritance claim then it is going be a direct dealing between you and the bank.But I will guide you through the whole process of the transaction which will be concluded within a maximum of 2 & half weeks.
I want you to send to me your picture page of any officially recognised identity ( international passport & driver's licence or national id ) for the sole purpose of easily identifying you.I made it very clear to you that asking for your identity is necessary considering the fact that I am going to entrust entire so much money in your care prior to meeting with you. I am just waiting to receive your international passport ot Id card .Once I receive the requested information I can still process and procure the 3 legal documents before the deadline date.I will then forward them to you.And the funds will be sent to you either by


Please let me know the option that is suitable for you?

It will be arranged on how to send the funds to you through any of one out of the two options.I am sending my id ( international passport ) to you with this mail to prove my sincerity and seriousness of my desire to invest in the your country and I want you to be my partner.

Please let us take this once in a life time opportunity to make very good money together.I will guide you through all the process and I assure you once more that this is a real project.I am sending my passport to you first and you are free to verify my identity with the appropriate authorities in the UK even before we start. Am writing you from my personal email box please all forward correspondence should be this box only.

Once again i thank you for all your effort so far, May God help us.


Karl Udo

Alex Wale

Hello Karl,

You don't seem to understand. I don't have to stand as your late clients relative, I AM your late clients relative.

Of course this "venture" is risk free, how could it be anything else, people get left money all the time, there's no risk or illegality involved.

The only thing I now need from you, are the papers of my late Second Cousin Twice Removed Third Left Andreas. I can then pass these on to the family solicitor and he will sort it out from there.

When the money has cleared into my account, I will pay you a standard solicitors fee for the documents to cover your expenses, plus a little extra as a goodwill gesture; call it a "finder's fee".

It's taken you far too long to reply to my emails so far, I suggest you get your bloody finger out from now on.

Alex Wale.

And then this arrived. I've edited this and subsequent emails from Jakobus to remove any IDs that are not mine to give.

Dear Alex Wale...if that is your name.....I see you are having fun with Mr. Newe, too. I love playing the scammers. Maybe we should exchange some notes? Sincerely, Jakobus Flynn (nah, Fx in XX).........this could be fun and even funner and maybe funnest. If you care to exchange notes, feel free to write me at I smile.

Attached to this was the same letter that Karl Newe sent to me and a copy of the letter I sent to Karl ("It's been seven days since I wrote to you..."). The scammer had sent it to Jakobus by mistake.

Dear Jakobus,
Nice to hear from you, I take it we have the same greedy scamming little bastard on the go?
I too love playing them, this Newe chap is not really on the hook yet though, and I think he might drop me yet as I've told him that I AM the relative of his deceased client, and that his contacting me is a massive coincidence. (His late client happens to be my second-cousin-twice-removed-third-left-Andreas!).
If we do both manage to snare him, you might like to join with me in the "Tourettes Computer Virus Trick". In this we send a copy of his email that is liberally sprinkled with swear words and tell him that it is a virus on his PC.

All the best.

Dear Alex,
You know, there was a mirkin maker in my town several years ago. It turns out, though, that he could not longer get supplies because someone else was buying them all. You put him right out of business!! Mirkin maker, hey? Good one.

Hey, thanks for writing back. We do noble and fun things by wasting the time and jarring the senses of these scammers, most of whom don't seem to quite all there anyway.

Greedy bastard you called this Mr. Karl Newe. I agree.

So we might have something going here. Together on a few projects we could really spook some of these people. Thanks for the website tip.

I must go now, but thanks for writing back. I look forward to whatever comes of this. I smile sincerely.

Until next time.....and may the scammers go down hard....


Alex Wale

Mr Newe,
I've just noticed that you signed yourself 'Karl Udo' on you email. Your original emails were signed 'Karl Newe' and your email address still says 'Newlly'. Please tell me which is correct.

Also, please hurry up and get those documents to me; are you working to a timetable in that office or a fucking calendar?

For a UK based attorney you don't seem to have much of a grasp of the legal profession. You don't answer emails promptly and you still haven't told me where your offices are so that I can visit.

If you loose Second cousin twice removed third left Andreas' money by inaction, you can rest assured that I will take legal proceedings and sue you for the full amount.

Now get your bloody finger out!

Alex Wale

And then I got around to reading this, which had been in the in-box for a couple of days.



Dear Sir/Madam,

Although, I do not know you in person, I have got your contact via personal search on the internet, Let me start by introducing myself. I am Mr. Zhang Wu a banker in the Hang Seng Bank Ltd, Hong Kong.

I have a profitable transaction for you.I was attending a business luncheon in September 1999 in china and I got introduced to Mr. Andreas Schranner, a renowned German real Estate/property magnate. He later employed my services as a banker and investment Consultant, Three months later he invited me and told me of his desire to open a fixed deposit account, he could fall back to on retirement, under my professional guidance and based on my advice he made a fixed deposit of $12,000, 000.00 USD(Twelve Million United States Dollars) in one of our branches.

This deposit was for 5 years and upon maturity I made effort to contact my client, l could not reach him. I was forced to travel to Germany and there I got the tragic news that, my client Mr.Andreas Schranner, his wife Maria, their daughter Andrea Eich,his son in law Christian, and their children Maximilian and Katharina, all perished in the Monday, 31 July, 2000 plane crash in western German city of Moenchengladbach.Please Click here and find out what happened to the Mr. Andreas Schranner :
After further investigation, l also discovered that Mr. Andreas Schranner did not declare any next of kin in his official papers including the paper work of his bank deposit. And l remember he also confided in me the last time he was at my office that no one except me knew of his deposit in my bank. So,($25,000, 000.00) Twenty Five Million United State dollars is still lying in my bank and no one will ever come forward to claim it.

What bothers me most is that according to the laws of my country at the expiration of a certain number of years the funds will revert to the ownership of the Hong Kong Government if nobody applies to claim the funds. Against this backdrop, my suggestion to you is that I will like you as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to Mr.Andreas Schranner so that you will be able to act on his behalf and receive his funds.Should you be interested please send me your full names and current residential address and I will prefers you to reach me on the email address below ( and finally after that I shall provide you with more details.
Your earliest response to this letter will be appreciated.

Mr. Zhang Wu
Shanghai Branch
G/F , China Development Bank Tower
500 Pudong South Road
Pudong, Shanghai
Shanghai Postal Code: 200120

Another scammer using the same dead client name.

Alex Wale

Dear Sir,

I don't know what your game is, and I don't know how you got hold of my address.

Andreas Schranner was my second-cousin-twice-removed-third-left, and I am already in correspondence with another gentleman who is a UK based attorney and who is also dealing with my late second-cousin-twice-removed-third-left's fortune.

I demand to know how you got my name, and I warn you that I could be taking legal proceedings against you.

I enclose the message I received from Mr Karl Newe regarding my late second-cousin-twice-removed-third-left.

(I enclosed the original letter from Karl Newe Here)

From this letter I conclude that one of you is not telling the truth regarding my late second-cousin-twice-removed-third-left.

Yours Alex Wale

And I send the same sort of thing to Karl

Alex Wale


Now what the fucks going on!? First you can't get your name correct and don't reply to my emails fast enough, and now I get this.........

(I put the letter from Dr Zhang Wu here)

It seems that Dr Zhang Wu also has access to my late second-cousin-twice-removed-third-left Andreas' fortune as well, he says that Andreas was his client too. How can this be? Are there two fortunes do you think? I notice that Dr Wu says he is holding a different sum, unless he's creaming something of the top for himself.

Please let me know what is happening and get your bloody finger out you muppet!

Yours respectfully

Alex Wale

I hope this caused them both enough confusion, I haven't heard from either of them since. Jokobus though, I have been in contact with, and he was quite happy for me to mention him here.

[There you have it folks, another slice of virtual life in the scambaiters' universe. If you aren't sure what you've stumbled into, if you wonder what's so wrong about "Karl"'s offer, or if you believe Zhang Wu is Chinese, you will benefit from reading the main page.]