A mysterious death, $55 million, a very confused Mariam Abacha, and an unexpected death.
All just another day in the life of the Unkindly Contributor.

[ The Unkindly Contributor dealt with another Mrs Abacha in DON'T BE DECEIVE ]


Date: Tue, 17 May 2005



I am Mrs. Mariam Abacha, the widow of the late Gen. Sanni Abacha former Nigeria Military Head of State who died mysteriously as a result of Cardiac Arrest, Since after my husbands death, my family is under restriction of movement and that not withstanding, we are being molested, policed and our Bank Account both here and abroad are being frozen by the Nigeria Civilian Government.

Furthermore, my elder son is in detention by the Nigeria Government for more interrogation about my husbands assets and some vital documents, Following the recent discovery of my husbands Bank Account by the Nigeria Government with Swiss Bank in which the huge sum of US$700 Million and DM450 Million was logged. I therefore decided to contact you in confidence that I was able to move out the sum of US$55 Million Dollars, which was secretly defaced and is sealed in two Metal boxes for security reasons.

I therefore personally, appeal to you Seriously and religiously for your urgent assistance to move this money into your country where I believe it will be safe since I cannot leave the country due to the restriction of movement imposed on the members of my family by the Nigeria Government. Please kindly send me your telephone number,fax number and also your full names,address which I will hand over to my attorney to prepare you on how to claim the funds from the security company.

However, arrangements have been put in place to move this money out of the country in a secret vault through a security company, and as soon as you indicate your interest my Lawyer shall send you the Air-Way Bill of the Luggage and other related documents so that you can help to claim the Luggage. Conclusively, we have agreed to offer you 30% of the total sum while 60% is to be foe me and my family for profitiable business investment which you will advice me on, in your country subsequent to our free movement by the Nigeria Government.

While 10% is mapped out for expenses as your government may demand for tax and it also coves your telephone bills. Please reply urgently and treat with absolute confidentiality and sincerity.

NB:Switzerland Bank has also agreeded to give back my family some of the money.kindly view the website:
Best regards.

UNKINDLY CONTRIBUTOR throws her off script immediately:


Thanks, but I have already arranged with your daughter to release these funds. Cheers.


Date: Fri, 20 May 2005



How are you and your family, hope all is well with and your home. My dear Thanks for your replied mail dated to me, Thank you once again for your willingness to assist me and my family to claim this fund on my behalf for a profitable business investment in your country which you may advice me.

Thank you again for your willingness to help a widow like me.I have never felt so happy since my husband died. I am so refreshed to understand that somebody I have never know before is so willing to help me and save my family from suffering in future.

As you have read in my proposal, I am telling you the truth nothing but the truth. The money was deposited as a consignment in a security company there in Holland but have their sisters companies in France,London and Dubia(UAE).

All I needed from you now are: (1) Your maximum co-operation. (2) Your full nama and address (3) Your private telephone and fax numbner (4) Your interest of going to any of there office for the claim of the consignment.

Immediately I received all these from you,I shall forward all your informations to my lawyer Barrister EDRIS BELLO, who will then send to you all the necessary documents backing-up this fund which will enable you and my lawyer to travel down to any of their offices pending where both of you may agree to travel for the claim of the consignment.

There is no risk involved, that is to say, risk free. I have also discoursed with my son about your percentage, we both agreed to offer you 30% of the total sum and 10% set out-side for any expenses that may come from both of us,and remaining 60% for me and my family which shall be use for any profitable business investment in your country in which you may advice me.

It is quite a pity that you are not opportune to be here in Nigeria to see the temptation and trials, the government of Nigeria is making me and my family go through. I know of a truth that one day, so many friends and relations whom we have helped in the past are today trying to bring this family down. If there are any risk involved in this transaction, I do not think, I could have started seeking assistance from you knowing fully well what I have passed through during these few years.

Sincerely speaking, at the end of this transaction, both your family and my own family are going to reap this fruit for the next decade to come. I have planned that the funds as soon as it is claimed out of the Security firm, it has to be invested by you, in a very lucrative business that will be yielding profit for both of us until I am satisfied that all is well here in Nigeria for me and my family to start traveling out of Nigeria, or alternatively, we can send our legal representative to come over and meet with you.

you are requested to suggest any of your interested country that you will best suit you to travel to, and I will instruct the firm to ship the funds to that destination. The one and only thing that is left for me to do is to obtain the necessary documents that the firm will request from you through my lawyer who I will like you to communicate with for this purpose,That is After i hear from you,i will give you his contact.

I will also want you to forward to me your private residential address which will be used to draft the Power of Attorney and also a photocopy of your identification, as mine will be sent to you today for proper identification.

Do all your best to see that we round up this transaction on time, hence the firm has being calling me to do something about claiming of this shipment.

By the grace of God Almighty, we shall have every cause to smile after this transaction. 6

Thanks and God bless you.

Hoping to hear from you soonest.
Give my regards to your family.

Hajia Mariam Abacha.

UNKINDLY CONTRIBUTOR notes that she failed to pay attention to the new script.


As I told you, I have already arranged with your daughter to transfer these funds. The transfer will be completed next week. Please check with her for details.

MARIAM ABACHA comes up with a new twist - another imaginary accident! :


Date: Mon, 23 May 2005


I must thank you for your mail, which is well noted, and your arrangement with my daughter on how to received our family inheritance fund on your behalf.

Am sorry to inform you that my beloved daughter has an accident and she was admitted at the hospital right now and base on her health condition I being the mother decided to handle the transaction directly by my very good self because she is seriously in coma she con not talk with you at this moment.

More so after her accident last week a cousin was appointed by my family to handle the transaction on my daughter's behalf due to the security network mounted on my family but she is not updating my family very well on the project, that is why I decided to contact you and to find out when exactly are you traveling for the collection of the consignment and your telephone no so that I will discuss with you on phone.

Lastly, I advised you to stop further communication with our cousin sister for now and update me your arrangement with her so that I will know if she is telling me the truth and being the mother and the depositor I will update you on what to do and the easiest way to conclude.

Your urgent response will bring the timely conclusion of the project.
Yours truly,
Mrs. Abacha.

UNKINDLY CONTRIBUTOR is of course shocked to hear this:


Mrs Abacha,

I am shocked and saddened to hear of this! But she and I had agreed that should anything befall her, should anyone try to prevent her from completing this transaction, I would go forward. So I will be meeting with the attorney next week to complete this business as planned and the funds will be transferred. The paperwork is all complete and the actual physical transfer is the only remaining step.

I haven't had any dealings with any other family members so I don't know what cousin you are talking about.


MARIAM ABACHA sees the money going to some other fake attorney:


Date: Tue, 24 May 2005


I must thank you for your response and your effort to receive our inheritance fund on our behalf, it seem you don't really understand me as my family has terminated the appointment of the attorney because he was working behind my family arrangement which I told you with one of our cousin as they are working to divert our family fund bout luck run against them and for that reason the attorneys appointment was terminated.

My dear we have lost fund from different people that we appointed to work on our behalf due to the security network mounted on my beloved family when my family were having problem with our federal government and everything is alright now that was why I decided to handle the transaction directly with my son Mohammed.

More so at this juncture what I needed from you is your maximum cooperation and support to enable us finally the transaction and I know you have gone far with our old family lawyer bout am assuring you that everything is in place and you have to stop what every you are doing with the attorney as is not longer working with my family.

Base on the documentation which have obtained on your behalf, I know it will be a little setback to my family bout my son will travel down to Abuja the nation capital and get another power of attorney on your behalf as soon I hear from you which will empower the security company to release the consignment to you when you arrived at their office for collection.

Lastly, Unkindly, for your information the consignment is right now in Holland and if you want to conclude the project with my family you have to stop communication with our lawyer as he has an evil mind towards my family and whatever you are doing with him is not for the interest of my family because is not longer with my family.

We have raised some needed fee for collection of the consignment.

I will put a stop here till I hear from you.

With regards and God bless you.
Mrs. Mariam Abacha.

UNKINDLY CONTRIBUTOR has no interest in her son:



Thank you for your kind note. I am not sure why you think the consignment is in Holland since it is in London. After getting your message I confirmed that with the bankers in London, so someone is maybe tricking you or something.

Regardless, the good news is that the transfer of the consignment will be complete next week and you and your family will profit well by it. I am sure you will want to encourage me in this endeavour rather than discourage me!

Please, what is the status of your lovely daughter? Please send me a photo of her when you get a chance. Please tell her I will keep my promises to her, that will surely give her strength in these trying times. We have grown quite close to one another.

My prayers go with you.


MARIAM ABACHA wants me in Holland, not London:


Date: Wed, 25 May 2005


Thank you very much for your response and base on what I told you regarding to our family inheritance fund the fund is not loner in London bank because after we terminated our attorney's appointment we quickly order the fund to be transfer to Holland bank for safekeeping because our attorney collided with some London bank officials to divert our fund.

My dear brother you have to follow my directive to enable us conclude the transaction the fund is presently in Holland bank as am discussion with you and every arrangement on how to transfer the fund into your bank account has been concluded with the bank officials in Holland, and all you have to do is to re-confirm your bank details to me so that I will forwards your details to the bank in Holland to commence application process on how to remit the fund on your behalf.

In conclusion, as I mention above you have to stop whatever you are doing with the London bank and our attorney if you really want to work with my family to receive our inheritance fund on our behalf, you have to give us maximum support and cooperation to achieve arm. My daughter is still in the hospital her pic will be sent to you when she discharged pls pray for her to recover quickly.

And you have to keep our new arrangement confidential to avoid government tracking down our fund pls.

With regards and God bless you.
Call me 234-8023173485

UNKINDLY CONTRIBUTOR refuses to relinquish control of the script:

Mrs Abacha,

I just received an email from your daughter so I trust she is well now. That is quite a relief since I was sure she would be hospitalized for some time based on your emails. She is planning to meet with me in London next week so I assume she is well enough for all types of travel now.

I am sure this news is a cause for great celebration in your family.

May I ask, what is the protocol for requesting the hand of a woman in marriage in your family? As you know, she and I have grown very close and have shared our most intimate secrets with each other and have planned our lives together once this fund transfer completes next week. Rather than just live together I would like to consider marriage as a future for us.


MARIAM ABACHA wants her daughter's email address:


Date: Thu, 26 May 2005


I must confessed to you that the mail you received is not from my daughter as you stated in your mail because my daughter is still in the hospital as I told you and her sickness is getting worse as she could not even opened her eyes talk less of written a mail.

Anyway, I told you earlier that my daughter handed over the transaction to our cousin sister to handle the transaction on her behalf when the sickness started newly and her e-mailbox and password was handed over to our cousin sister who claim to be my daughter and she was acting according to my beloved daughter instruction before she collided with our attorney and some bank officials to divert our family inheritance fund.

More so you know my family were having problem with federal government over looting of fund and that was why my daughter handed over the transaction to them not knowing that they have an evil character by trying to divert our fund before luck run against them.

Please the fund is not in the London bank anymore rather is in the Holland bank as I told you in my mail yesterday and every arrangement of transfer has been concluded with the bank officials in Holland, which required you to travel to Holland not London for conclusion of the transaction on our behalf.

Finally, forwards the mail you received from the person claimed to be my daughter because my daughter e-mail box password has been change as I stated above and it will enable my family to fight those evil people that trying to divert the family fund. Again she told me about your hands in marriage but that will be after her recovery from hospital.

I appreciate your effort and don't forget to forward the mail you received by those criminals. Thanks and be blessed till I hear from you and stop further communication with those crocks.

Yours truly,
Mariam Abacha.

UNKINDLY CONTRIBUTOR is happy to forward a pretend email from a pretend daughter:


Mrs Abacha,

I am stunned. The bankers in London have confirmed everything for the meeting, and your daughter has pledged her love to me. Now you say that her email was taken over? Your daughter has continued to write me. I asked her about the hospital and she said it was just a short stay so I don't understand. I will ask her something personal so she will be able to verify her identity.

This is part of the email from her:

>Date: Wed, 25 May 2005
>Subject: MY LOVE .
>To: xxxx
>Bless you for your prayers. I was only in the hospital overnight. My mother tends
>to overreact, she is not all right in the mind since my father died. But I love her and
>I am longing to share my love with you next week in London. Mother will come and
>join us there after we have a chance to "know" each other :)

NOTE: Mariam never wrote to the email address "accidentally" left in that forward. Probably because she has a problem we'll address shortly...

MARIAM ABACHA's daughter has now lapsed into a coma:


Subject: very urgent i hear from you.
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005


I must thank you very much for your forwarded mail, which you received from those evil people claiming to be my daughter as they collided with the bank officials in London to divert our family inheritance fund as I told.

My brother the mails is not from my daughter and you should stop further communication with them as I told you because whatever you are doing with them is at your own risk because my family has terminated their appointment also the fund is not longer in the London bank, the money is presently in Holland.

My daughter is in the hospital and she is still in the coma there is no way she can write a mail at this moment, that mail is not from her and stop with those crocks if you want to conclude the transaction with my family. Am the mother and you have to follow my directive to enable us finalized this project.

My dear, they are lying to you and I don't want you to make mistake in assisting my family to receive our fund on our behalf. Regarding to your hands in marriage my daughter has to be out from the hospital before wedding and that will be after we must have concluded the transaction because I will be happy to have you in my family.

Lastly, my son Mohammed the elder brother of your wife to be will takeover the transaction and he is the one to meet you in Holland by next week as you stated, please forward your telephone number to me immediately as my daughter is still in the hospital and she is the only person that has your number and her condition is too bad at this moment.

View my photo picture and consignment boxes before it was deposited at the company in Holland as a family treasure. Very urgently.

Mrs. Abacha.

UNKINDLY CONTRIBUTOR reveals he knows about Mariam's substance abuse problems:



I just spoke with your daughter; she is very concerned for you and when I told her what you said in your email she told me all about your drinking problem. Alcohol can ruin lives and minds.

We will be together in love next week. You did not include a photo as you said but your daughter has already sent me photos of you with her. I'm not sure who this Mohammed guy is as she assures me she has no such brother.

Please, I am very concerned for you given your alcoholic past. Please seek treatment. You will be in our prayers as we complete this business in London. My flight leaves in 3 hrs so I must go now.


MARIAM ABACHA warns against "crocks":


Subject: very urgent i hear from you.
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005


I received your mail and you don't want to listen to my instruction as I told you that the person you are dealing with is not my beloved daughter as she claimed.

Whatever you are doping is at your own risk and my family is not involved in that London transaction, I pray that you will come back home safety because those guys that claimed to be working under my family instruction are nothing but crock also what you are chasing in London is a shadow as far an concern.

More so, for your own interest and for safety of your life they will rob you in London, they are thief and I want you to believed me, how can my daughter call me a drunkard if she is really my daughter as she claimed, I want you to reason that I was a wife of former president of my country and a highly respected woman up till date and someone is calling me a drunkard and you are believing her.

Lastly, count Abacha's family out in this transaction if you insisted to go to London because whatever that happened to you is not my family business. They would rob you and kill you in hotel, don't die because of woman because they are not from us.

Asked anybody Mohammed is the first son of Abacha's family. Stop don't go anywhere yet my real daughter will be discharge in mouth time according to doctor and we can not wait for her to be discharge until we complete our transaction. View this website and read about my son Mohammed as those thief claimed that Mohammed is not from my family, read the agreement he made with my country and international committee also my second son Abba resent problem with German bank, this will stand as a proof:

Very urgently.

Mrs. Abacha.

UNKINDLY CONTRIBUTOR reports from the marriage suite in London:


Mrs Abacha, Mariam, mother -

Your daughter greeted me at the airport and we spent a wonderful and passionate night together. She tells me that you are still not well and I hope you get treatment soon. Please come to London and you can stay in the huge suite we have here with us.

You have a lovely daughter and I look forward to getting to know you over the years to come. She says she has forgiven you for being alcoholic and she wishes you a fast recovery from your illness. Please do not continue to keep making up stories about her being in the hospital when I can see her right now, waiting for me to bathe her.


UNKINDLY CONTRIBUTOR explains the circumstances of Mariam's daughter's death:


Mrs Abacha,

I write you in sorrow. As I expect you know by now, your lovely daughter died last night. I told the police what happened and they say there will be no charges pressed but still I regret any part I played in her demise. As you are her mother, I am sure you will want the full story.

As you know, she and I were passionate lovers and once we came together in London we could not keep our hands off each other. She told me she had never been with a white man before. We retired to my suite and made love every possible way. She was a stunning woman. Now, this next part is a little graphic but I think you should understand the details.

[...edited for public consumption. Basically, she died during energetic procreative activity...]

Unfortunately, she did not keep breathing during this and that is how she died - as passionately as she lived.

I know that that final image of her, laying naked, fully aroused will give you comfort in knowing that she died in ecstasy on her wedding night.

And the good news is that the fund transfer completed so there is nothing more to worry about. As she and I were wed in a civil ceremony yesterday, I stand to inherit her portion of our transaction along with my own portion.

Where do you want her buried?


UNKINDLY CONTRIBUTOR offers photographic proof:



I have just received my prints from the photos I took of your daughter on our night here in London. Please let me know if you want a copy of them.

Also, please let me know if there is some place where her valuables should be sent. And are you planning to come here soon? I am in the Four Seasons Hotel now but will be leaving London shortly if you are not coming.

I hope you have been successful in getting therapy for your illness. The fund transfer completed so let me know how to assist your family. I even consider Mohamed part of the family even though your daughter emphatically told me, "He is no brother of mine!" because of his attempted attack on her purity.

Kind regards

No reply! What kind of mother is she?!