We've seen very few "I'm being persecuted because I'm gay" letters.
The first was back in 2001: THE LADS TAKE UP GAY RIGHTS

Any kindly but gullible gay philanthropists out there, count your silverware!

From: thompson <>
Date: February 13, 2005 9:03:55 AM EST
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Dearest Brothers /Sisters,

As i am writing you this letter ,i have with me $42,000,000.00 (forty two million dollars) and i am writing because you are myonly help and hope .

My name is Thompson Adeoye a lawyer in Terry Chambers and i was just made a partner 1 year ago in the law firm which already include Mr Terry,Mr Chiwuba,and Mr Anthony .Things started going wrong when i found out that i was gay.People started making fun of me most of my friend desserted me ,if not for my boyfriend who stood by me ,it would have being very hard for me.

Then eight months ,i had a feeling that my other partners where keeping something from me and then one day i overherad my other partners talking about a clients case worth $42,000,000.00,they tried to keep it away from me and they where looking for a way to fire me so that they can share the money for them self alone.

So i made plans to beat them to their own game ,i started gathering informations and i found out when the money will be transfered and ,the bank it will be transfered to .So a day to when Mr Terry was to go and withdraw the money .I went to the bank posing as Mr Terry(knowing that they dont know Mr Terry facially) and withdrew the whole $42,000,000.00 and immediately transfered it to two offshore banks and then i abscound with the necessary papers .I tried to contact my boyfriend but i learnt the police have already arrested him

I have no one to turn to, so that is why i am writing you this letter for you to advice and help me out .I dont care about the money but if i can give it out to any gay organisation who needs it more than me so that they can use it to fight the discrimination against us.
I will be very glad because it will be of a better use and then maybe i can turn my self in and maybe help my boyfriend get out of prison .contact me and lets talk.Looking forward to hearing from you

Yours truly


NOTE: Please when you want to contact me please reply to this email address because it is more secured .thanks