subscriptions? what's up with that?
updated may 25 2008

Most web sites about this scam are angry. Scamorama looks for the laughs. To judge by the mail, it has also saved people from being scammed. Many generous Scamoramans have SUBSCRIBED. But enough about them.

Everything you need to know to fend off the typical '419' scam is on this web site.
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions now require a SUBSCRIPTION.
One wearies of answering the same questions over and over. [Except when asked by journalists, publishers, producers, or other fascinating people.]

- are they trying to scam me? should I answer them?
- how does it work? what is advance fee fraud?
- have you seen this letter before, or any letter like it?
- my letter is just a bit different - could *this* offer be genuine?
- they want to (over)pay me for something, is it a scam?
- why do they want my photo?
- should I give my bank account number to a total stranger? what if I did?
- how do I report spam?

The web site also contains many sample scam letters, and other information.
If you can then decide for yourself, so much the better.
If you're sure you're dealing with something new and different, do write.
If you send a scam e-mail, try to include a complete e-mail HEADER.
[In any case, ISPs won't respond to spam complaints without one.]

French also read.
If you want e-mails analyzed from two different scammers, subscribe twice.
If you need all your e-mail screened, put Scamorama on retainer. Or stop reading e-mail.

Scamalicious wishes and stay safe out there!


Q. How much?
A. $10 US, and multiples thereof. Credit cards and PayPal accepted. Wire transfers and checks for a zillion dollars taken with a grain of salt.

Q. Is this payment thing a scam?
A. No. If you send money, Scamorama will take it.

Q. Do scammers try to scam you this way?
A. Yes indeed. They make fake purchases for $10,000,000 or try fake credit card numbers, which don't go through. Ha ha so ha. Maybe they could find out something worth knowing in return for a real subscription, but probably not. We are everywhere. Really.

Q. Can I get a Scamorama T-SHIRT and whatnot?
A. You betcha. Lots of whatnot - t-shirts, totebags, mugs, mousepads, stickers.

Q. My{ relative / bank customer / employee } won't believe this is a scam. What can I give these scam-o-challenged people?
A. The Book, of course. Scorn may also work as a pre-emptive tactic.

Q. Our employees fall asleep in security training. Maybe a Scamorama talk would liven things up. Can you help?
A. Have PowerPoint, will travel. Contact: postmaster AT scamorama DOT com