A Kindly Contributor's cultural note on why Lad letters often come from a "woman" who then tells you to deal thenceforward with "men" (her barrister, her brother, her son, her dead husband's assistant, etc.)

I'd just read the Frankenstien letter and was struck by style of it. I lived in Nigeria, and know quite a bit about the culture and people.

Have you ever noticed how the letters are initiated by "women" and suddenly get passed to a "man" ( in the form of a lawyer, brother, friend, and (fill in blank)?

This is because Nigerian men HATE to impersonate women, it is beneath them. They are a very macho culture and women are second class citizens.

One scamm-o-letter writer kept insisting on speaking with the woman who started the letter, but the lads kept wanting to write as men. I was dying laughing at those letters, as I could image the lads squirming at the thought of writing as a women.

Just something to keep in mind!

Well, I have to go to the bank now and transfer $32,000 to a lawyer in Acra, so I can get my 25 million dollar cut of over invoiced petrodollars...or something. ;-)

All the best,

Kindly Contributor

P.S. I am still seeking the holy grail of the 419, to have the lads send me money (any amount!).