Dear Sirs,

It has been brought to our attention that you are publishing information regarding Some Bank in the Iddle Meast Ltd, now re-named to SBIM Ltd, ("SBIM") [and/or its Directors and/or its shareholders and/or its business operations] which not only is materially inaccurate and incorrect but it is also defamatory. This information is made available at the following website which, as we have been advised, is managed and/or controlled and/or owned by you and which can be accessed by the public at large:

We hereby request immediate removal from the above website any reference to SBIM [and/or its Directors and/or its shareholders and/or its business operations] as well as any other references relating to our Bank unless you have our expressed written and authorised approval. This request also applies for any other website that is controlled and/or managed by you and/or for any other kind of similar publication that you may have made.

Your above actions have caused serious damage to our Bank and a negative impact on its reputation and business. SBIM and its management team fully reserve their legal rights for compensation and for any other damages arising from your actions.

We also insist that you proceed at once with the publishing of an apology on the relevant website and ensure that it is clearly communicated to all the parties that may have access to it.

Furthermore we request an explanation on the verification analysis and procedures that you have taken to verify the accuracy of the said information before inserting it into your website and/or re-producing it taking into account the impact that such information may have on our institution as well as on third parties that are having access to it.

We expect a correction on your side within the next three (3) working days.